OMF - Tony Romo gets criticized; Where is Dion Lewis? 9-29-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, September 29th

Hour 4: What happened to Dion Lewis's playing time? Lou believe Lewis is the Patriots best back. Tony Romo gets crushed by a former play by play broadcaster, The World Series MVP gets a name.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Some one vocal get this test and find out they have CT and they'll get one of those parking that's. And you're asking people walking. This has made available these city Glenn because the way too much you could Detroit is up with Glenn flew in Christian it will give you guys the right to do what you want to do. Here program there alerts you there are certain period of history should it charter. It was more YW work for a company yearn employees who ever they. On Sports Radio WEEI. A must tell you. I've really enjoyed Tony Romo again listen I know. It was Sheikh last week it was the cutting edge thing to do and everybody is that there. For a for Tony Romo via an apparently this week to week later. You hear people like oversized. Obviously defending his buddy Phil stands he's taken some shots above Brent Mossberg I mean angry rant. Prosper and hit no hater like man Jim Nantz was just trying to give us if we like to watch the K okay. And you're not going to be hit here's a memo to all of you people lost right. It's not gonna happen. And the further the more years you spend away from the league get. You're gonna no less from less about the personnel. That's out on the field so on employing a stop the heightened OK right now. Well. As well. A little cluster of us until it generated I'm taking a look at that I was taught what's wrong with that. With with Ford now while he knows extra stuff to share it. It is a big deal I I think it's great he voted to sing it like. I don't know let's just for example. People critical of adjustment goes up. Okay below fan who is critical look at the odd jets Mendoza. OK and people come to her defense like it is and people to business right defend her she's a woman. Nam that most that's it right as the reason to Shepperd good he's a woman. This actually mobile goes on and the fans like him and people in the media bashing going right through really should what is going on jealous jealous yeah. Until these government at all we could let water balloon flies like a place to build the stuff not gonna do it wanted to choose not to want to. Well yeah it's a national. Because look at the fans wanna listen to pick all the Tony Romo Tony Romo last night called the bears' first touchdown Madison keys circle where he was called identical. What is it is it is no wait a minute or limited that it viewed that I want a no no way out of Austin gimmicky called a sport that one. He set to roll out there and he's like a because Randall Cobb was like that was the full back yet and he's not a fullback so obviously I'm not gonna run it with air with Randall Cobb. Lead blocker is theirs and here's the other thing that these guys which is weird because any guy that does analysis college pro whatever. It's you want to try desks or figure out what they're going to do you wanna call here's what happens I saw this past weekend. That these these guys will will call plays and will be wrong 8% of the time you're wrong but it's glossed over like it never happened and it's like. It's not like the play by play guy is going your your offer then you saw you have a cold one right yet know. It's the one that you get an eagle eye at a boy part no way to call it out you know cult like to see it. All there and doing all try to do the fact that they would be like to spew hate now overall is this year. It's a weaker old guy mentality young guy new guy on the block. Just retired didn't pay his dues and Eddie given your job all right Dr. Phil and he's what are that's this quality is. I'll let me I was only. Not all new generation kill the plus side boomers Isaac took a snap a new generation Glenn are you seriously what it was in 1989. I don't understand why there'd be so offended. What is he's on there to share information cursing you even say it's easy OK I get it but you know what for people out there watching. If he can sit there says this is that definitely thrown at because they're gonna have Randall Cobb the lead blocker as a fullback or yeah data called this right now didn't do that watch out for this insight fade everything else again it happens like that. Or here's why should I should here I think I should say it's easy because in order to be able to do that. You really need to do a lot of work. And look at their tendencies. Watch you know and watched their practices. And you get to see it it takes you to see all the reds on routes that they're gonna run so you see you practice that eagle three by one. That you and the you know they throw to look at all the routes are all scripted for success and practice. And you know locals and Randall Cobb when you see it. During the game go you know what Randall Cobb at the end you don't say all types audit practice all I talked to Aaron Rodgers that we really love the matchup with with -- op. You don't give away a magician never tells the secret there's. The interest in part about this from you when you hear the principles Berger complained. He's he's kept defending the play by play guy in a totally missing this was OK listen to donate. Get off okay. You're intruding on your play by play man units we'll ridiculous that we like to watch the OJ. Kennedy. You don't last year which I don't what is play it needs what Nancy have to do continuously how times did we sit here and for Fred Nance because he had to do both play by play and color but trying to second half adjustments do you think regardless of your I don't know what they do. Yeah get energy or have you ever heard that. In any broadcasts taking a back shot up anymore O'Bryant leaders and I like all be glad to see the color got to eight shutout. Because they hear more from the play by play guy. You mean like. What's color try to add some color. To the broadcast yet. What were like deal with the weather through parade for a it was key to the city where New England in Vicksburg miss this OK let's start at home. But signaling. He Nance had to cover up he's made Romo has made dances like I element that easy I would say they did the transition. It's harder for me it's this may need to keep it Romo and the way his personality. A little bit more. Thank you very much he does get. I know you say they're not old. But it's ours don't turn over those late they are. Pastor do or past eleven months ago so. They generally but it colored guys gonna be quiet. Because got to hear the play by play guy I would say this though. If you listen to Romo was playing a little grab ass with Jim Nantz he's complimenting him on the fact that he had this debt new Vegas pharmacy told fox he yeah he's torn. John I mean two big developing some chemistry. There it's pure gels and that's what it comes to acts outside the numbers. I thought I was terrific again last night I get Jarvis who. That said I don't that your guys I've let. She did you guys watch Randall Cobb good round going back here. Right yeah way. I hate to roll mole. Watch intelligence coming on. If you do exactly so duck yes. The more more the more appreciation or people like to gradually to produce a good job. More filth and again Chris emphasis on bloomer if they're boys. They're the same age from the same error. Assumption there you know buddies they're playing 88 commiserate together but yeah the more and the beard it's yes. That the rave reviews. Guys last a while you know normally we've been we've been rag you know Phil sands and with the ref read these that have gone. Mike Pereira known might. We got received a letter like here I carried I might care yeah. Sterile guide is terrible every cabinet gave kill going well he'll look at always wrong never right when it's like right front of his face. Yeah we're getting tons of positive reviews. I don't ever want murder it's like it not because he is still Jones the on roll them like nineteen year old it's like an out of your dirty old man. It's such a role reversal it was great to fan bases are the ones that supposed to answer it right that relate. Fan base is like Tony Romo just like there's apportion it though like test Mendoza. And up in me and it's like well who cares what the fans think of Tony right now Tony Romo it's short lived but that's from inside the business people. Were just inside the business people like. He's an outstanding. Obama thoughts and Tony Roma saying. I'll tell you quarterbacks and kill a good look no. There. These days. Asia too I don't like Tony Tony would be best if an entity you're drooling over the player's wants and the it will professional round. Really people love that I think you vetted but he's gonna get this done and it should indeed the Brent most murders of the boomer site since the world. It gets to be coaches who say those things. And a lot live and to their practice on Saturday and several well we don't hear dude in you dude you're giving all of our stuff way. On Sunday after we you know open up the door and allow you with. That's this the this the only people that should be pissed about it. And I'm not one single word that well not very Smart that's the word. Think. Back and that. Happens is written but he wouldn't say Smartphone culture into. Okay yes OK but the out years Mike in Framingham. Oh absolutely but most organized political doctor Richard. And not a fluke. But I'll give us that those. It's a global capital originally if you are. It would let the Mets lost the people talk tropic immortal. Had utilities particularly to. It l.s that apple are more guarded about the token check in your market. I got okay but it dumb he started to take anything in the run. Yes a couple of options. And Bolivia quote carpet in order to strip it is is little point was pleased to top one black convertible note particularly. No I think people talking about it I think it's just got caught attacking us Doug what the other night at CNN and he talked extensively about it actually had some recommendations they usually good at those outstanding lets it appears talking actually now it's ago. Racial equality. Everything police files it's all encompassing almost romp. But Hillary just Donald Trump the president at states. The hatred for him I mean it's. Let's just say that's just that's a big point that and that the thing is that camper and make all he was doing was. The symbolism. I'm gonna Wear the pink socks that was that beneficiary to a benefited me in my. Didn't mean anything by cushion that something about it. You put the socks on for a specific purpose you know that we're gonna be media out there they're going to be taking you know video if you if they can. I don't mind that if somebody's gonna talk about a lesson there are problems right now as some of the police are treating people. That that that have a different color skin than they do differently and we have a problem that we elimination but let's trust that. Let's figure out what gonna work out how you look how we got to deal with that work with the police that's what Baldwin said. And eight he to me is making far more sense than anything Kaplan said that we don't hear from Gabbard again. Don't uniform he's disappeared. How is that possible guys and people pushed this on purpose. I understand some purpose because so it's so you keep it solid at Austin always suffer she wants a gig right now and he knows he's not. And now he hasn't he does he go in there and why is he silent. All week we talked about it for a year now. He knows that he's better serve not saying anything cute he's able to get away with anything if the if he comes out he starts talking about in politics import job. That you could say hire somebody that your your forced to hire you not gonna happen. So he let everybody else peak form but it doesn't get a job now well it's because it's it's it's via an appeals fall. Makes more sense for him not to say anything you re tweet he stays out of it and Ollie says I just. Anything out stir the pot outlets and causing trouble I was getting people stop all it it was work out train try your job and it wouldn't let me see it. He wants it some or if he doesn't get a job get that would get the job candidates and I did I get it but I think. What Japanese say he said very little. He's shown some symbolism but the socks and the shirt some other things and the people are writing now or re writing or making up what they think. He's all that activity within Borges column that I mentioned earlier were said if NFL wants to show unity start by giving Colin can't predict a job and I'm so they don't. Once again symbolism will what are we talking what do you what do you accomplishing here. But in the peace. Borges writes this isn't much. The issue and he's figured out what the issue is the issue is that some Americans have to instruct their children how to. Active approached by a policeman to avoid getting shot. A conversation I've never felt the need to have with my own children and no white person I know has either. Not gonna sit here and tell you that it's the same with Mike Chilton that it is in some. Rough neighborhood where. Darryl lot of effort young African American kids living in that would I'd get that I know too much different there's no question about it. But you can't tell me that I've never instructed my child how to deal with the police I have. You mentioned the question yes sir you take a license your registration. You answer all the questions that. Like that all are talking about because I'm a grown up and there's always have option in the classrooms and things like that when you always want to pay more comfortable now out I don't know if tackles on. Always say and we need to resurrect some of the programs where there's great communication between the police offers is in the communities so that the first time one of these black kids sees a police officer is not when he's driving on a highway a running down a street. Because he's the cops. Baldwin makes sense they're the they're nice they're. I suppose that that analogy a while ago right few weeks back. That removal we're discussing all this and I met a guy that's that just. The way I'd look at a cop you saudis is African American the way I look at a cop. Is the way you might look at me at 10 o'clock at night walking down the street the same side to side walked towards you. You've seen me what he says they can you get nervous. That's well look at a copy every day because they don't earn so Heidi the rent that right that let you set for the in the schools have interaction but it is there interaction Patti doing that. I. Think they've you know maybe there are solutions I don't know I'm not smarter but they're good they're people that off and instead of symbolism instead of yelling and screaming. And you've got to find some answers to it that's what some of these players have the have some. Some ideas you know on the senate total solutions put they have ideas that are worth testing out I'm sure the count Kapanen has done any what does it. What does think how polishing up the situation out at Kennedy is that picture on and on Sports Illustrated now even though he started all of this. I'd 6177797937. That's immoral to jocks I like working with Josh as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. So we get this week who scores first single Logan. That's why not make them. Right now I just don't think she's. It October that was last week I would go with. LeBron. He did say it was easier much Tony Roma's during the summer season created it in the first solidarity day holiday Petersburg and the weak the Pulitzer. Yes they did fire slams yes. Meanwhile it a move eliminate between Allen for the rest of the season and LaMont pick him. I do love that guy was scratched. Oh boy he doesn't yet yet I do. Although again we go again and again Chris don't go teams light. All of stay. The first things the right of the on I'm going Dion Lewis Lou I'm still you know what I'm doing and they're gonna beat them I'm trying to push this doesn't turn Pristina on especially because Billy talked about that the whole. Lewis is again you used in any situation at any point forget about first exploit every. Amid including encoding and everybody I hit there's a method. Eight Dion listen we can use anywhere. Not or does. It usually are noticeable. You ready yet reversal multiple right position but. What happens yep it kind of makes you urges. Like ethnic and unfortunately I think we're a week away from that I don't know I don't to suitable to his authority as you know on the you know I don't know if that's founded sheer numbers does not the only scores going to be for another team. A monologue. You have market downward more and imperial ruler of the of those that went on Omaha Oklahoma this means that I'll flip flop. These start of the tournament where they sit in the season set to get deals Lewis will not being in a patriots uniform on opening night yes and suddenly he wants to with a pre season games this Boroff as the great I'd like he does them there's always a good Rudy lowest in Florida here. I didn't and the guy I was right and and now you go to your flip flopping and go and the only way you're saying he's only gone. You call flip flop it by -- from me I did not think I accidentally initially initially I think that you look after seeing increasing somehow is that there's a waiter get rid of that kept him now. Your CNET they're not using them at all. So okay no we're not going to be there and the defense is terrible they need help solve one guy they can use which is what they originally. Went into the season they idiom loses an enemy team. Now. It's why didn't make the team does its blade is way on. The team yes he played it that a lot early. And usually it's like you play a lot early not a good sign. Well it is when you look that good yeah in the like okay he's back in and and yes he looks that good he's the best running back they have. I don't understand it he's better than James White James way to great suitable. Because deal Lowe's got hurt energy is it good game last week you know he's got like I know he's probably by nine idols auto. Loses job does what I'm saying is Nikki goes because he's a deal lose a better runner than him all of a first down running back. Great he can catch the ball we all know that young Lewis in cash to mobile we decide to run. Dion Lewis when healthy. Is the best running back they have I don't understand why he never plays you do somewhat. I don't much know he knows that and get him back on the field goes in the media like Gator yet not I don't know it's going to be Rex market. Rex Burkhead. Who just left on just the way he's going so far even you know in the beginning of camp has been hurt the whole time. Him being hurt an expert at the outline on a consistent basis. And I would think would allow them to create. Soul Rex Burkhead place and Dion Lewis. So that should be something in me to Eckerd publishers now look at you're going. Okay Eagles rocket goes two goes. And dole eco you know all these guys he's like geez why you know take him in if he's right after you write a forward Dwayne Allen. Who. Which is insane to think that guy so talented. QB Jews nonexistent. In the game plan that their ultimate strategy to light. Cable what a deal as well you know we got to get it and build his touches draws his touches to keep promising our company gave him some markets noon. It got a wide receiver who was a first round pick surgical percent to. You know spot would you hit a ball also. I it's it's it actually if he's on the team and make some plays angles and a wildly playing earlier. And so we gave you our choices for the first touchdown of the game K and the official frank sausage of the New England Patriots is allowing you to do the same thing. With a KM touchdown contest fans can guess who will score the first touchdown the patriots. You can catch it on the promotions page. At KM dot com that's KM dot com you get strike your entered to win tickets to a patriots game and you get an autograph football. From the patriots star quarterback. That guy who wears number twelve we can say is their policy matters or others are tied and they won't do a museum and Dunkin' Donuts commercials and it's not U 87 of Haiti says. Why don't you Juan. One that you have like a human we used to have the burning chef got you super glad and so on fired up noted the deployment the flaming the flaming sheath right voyage of its importance I don't think that's when her family that is different resident are guided Denver area. Why did you have like some sort of like you know. Jersey burning ceremony at the tailgate party out of an idea I mean maybe some of those people will have on fire and people can light pollution New Jersey and Zoellick Jersey and yes the vast a lot of a lot of unused Jersey ugly ones ones that never editors ever news packages and a mile or so we could burn out there and actually just a lot of low. Oh yeah. A blood is that I nonexistent with the there was no that's added burned don't know yes it's a lot of good cheated and he lights himself on fire as a light. As an additional five to a flight we can die. We'll stick. This. She's like this community edition of oil iron he had a TV show Laura and the networks and a liability issues here we're gonna ask Bermuda on. Let's get some of the Fed gentlemen here to do it so far. I don't as athlete in any of these of the symbolic stuff these these guys that we're doing it last night apparently. In the morning Waltz came out today and maybe comment about the fans who were burning the injured at least consider it everybody's got a hot spot and let. It I don't buy the symbolism and I don't think we've seen and it's. We're talking about it. And tiger era you'd they will be back. But back slowly so it again and all you do is look at their commitment level. By looking at what they're actually burning. But not burning jerseys they're burning old T shirt that would normally used to like pain how's that idea and he mocks orchards like Natalie the pain on me. But the thing for kids Wear when they're like in kindergarten and they'll get paid all of you click of Tom rate 2000 Tutsis and T shirt. I mean stopped squish the fish teacher act that I was a lot rougher that's what I said. No I never I have some movement here that is your own time and it's such as this situation but it's like I'm done Abdullah the NFL. But they don't fired Goodell not lots and gain this year righted Iraq Robert Kraft they hate the way he handled Cadel. Watson to gain this year right after this ones or your memorabilia really get I'm now watching to gain this year it's night. Yes you laugh that you know what Lou the TV 457. Dead and 25 they'd love this stuff they go up there was a group last year that was refusing to go to the game suddenly can remember that woman fogleman government actually because of yes it is ever votes and made some article there. And they'll pay begala wilder did she wrote some story actually used a little group of friends to represent all of the nation they were pissed that. Yes Tommy Tommy Brady would have bet to expect. Spent half that that I live makes America great again brings me to my family together have food. That's what football is to me symbolism tells symbolism. Yeah him electable. Let me go to this guy is done in a car Donnie Darko. Hey guys do. Over my dead body they earned electronic arts and share yeah look you know how it is. It will saying this whole thing came out with the and actually have them it would go out of pocket you democracy you get your outlook this listen you. Chris Rock via an America and our democracy. He had to keep that up to be allotted bleep it out but he just hit. The nail on the head you guys are protesting. For minorities. Protest. In the United States and they just going to be. Stepped on by white people I mean it's just it is a market boxy and I respect sectors and an accomplice so on its projector that expectant that are call it into the flag and of course is. Archery bear rain washed to diet where political agenda. But did not the only ones calling up and sing a lot of people say. They should show respect for the flag I. I've I realize that I respected veterans in and put what you guys. You know you know the same respect the flag respect the flag means of a course of action to gonna say that these guys there. 20% of approach medics stressed yet. Or 20% of committing directly to a de committing suicide and these poor guys you know they're they're trained to die for our country in ice it ice international. I would I would say that's O says that's the sacrifice who would you. Sacrifice he's a unique. That's why I'm glad that you'll back than I'd I'd almost you know that. Well well let me put it this it yeah I mean this the tough thing to to close that you guys are saying you're free because I bought war. I mean I feel bad because. Plan won't last what we want. Yeah I mean these guys go to war there fighting for political agenda they're not fighting for. Whether we win or lose the war it has the worst last few years and had nothing to do it. Might actually in the speech I'm sorry but that's it if you think otherwise decline in. I think otherwise I do I do think otherwise and I hear what you're saying about winning not always what is this is a war totaled fifteen years ago and is Patrick Swayze was up in the woods who's fresh. And Edwards who is a good observable it was just a rush mystical with a two hours ago in Europe the years ended supreme wolverines. Estevez was unit that you might have been in a million Yahoo! and you know. Red dawn. Yes isn't what it's that was the that was born with a room yes that's Freddie they there was an editor we lost and we were taken over liquidity we now speak Russian. And so that that's not true it's been a one in the last four years. You know you're going on you win some you loose some some good news everybody in revenge us right knows it zones imposed in. Of events via avenge man. Age 23. 100 hours that move I ever was in that movie dude that's like The Breakfast Club everywhere I got a little girl Ella Patrick Swayze. Who's the women in this thing is to women in acting dirty dancing Garland hold. It is in turn back the clock to any of the others. Lea Thompson gets her Patrick Swayze tolerate all Jennifer Hudson Charlie Sheen hi Jennifer Grey Brad savage. Whole problem is we lost that war asked and we would have been taken over we would have been here. We would have absolutely no reg it on to. Came back again audio lost I think this week and yeah and the southeast. They can't go back to god it's real big footed a heck yeah. I said. I develop and I want to. We return to more of or we Merck moaning and Fauria you. Forget it sure you have the audience and I had these. And his put the Sports Radio WEE. We'll talk. You know it's. Fail at feet horizontally. What a great movers on. I here's C a deal to nothing now yankees' top of the third in good. You wanna know when anyway Erica Joan wants you did did you get did you go to the celebration yet to do after you win tonight and I think it's I think they want the perfect night here. You know they want the Yankees to win to sort of celebrated for thirty and then you we win today if you lose tonight. You don't care house. But the one guy you want to do your way now we have two minutes left and we'll check in with that deals with those guys are doing I told you if or my way. And I have a right to Gillick does is due Harrison back that are right I would have left at 1145 today and Friday and actually lead and I'm gonna ask the boss is if we illegal in forty foot lingo as calorie sauce and Greg cook congratulatory you know eventful hold a special would Lulu gets the first shot letter ago. Lower my thought yup some. So Major League Baseball has announced that they're gonna name the World Series and BP. Trophy. After Willie Mays are pretty and Pete Abraham is past won't because you said Willie Mae sorting it to thirty night when he World Series games bigger tease. The anointed hero and I hit it Ortiz eat it for 55. Fourteen World Series games. He says Willie Mays may have been amazing player not a World Series odd choice for Red Sox lose a solution David David Ortiz award one of the Willie Mays is. What arguably you let somebody that is seen him play because I can't I haven't grab somebody 75 it whatever glass jars that they don't let those guys deadline. Arguably the greatest. All around baseball player of all time I'm gonna get an item you've Abraham is upset that you Gideon VP would pay him. And not name and after di did or he oh he's a five tool guy. Okay Ortiz are motivating her team and raised five pride old guy out to its name and asked him price. Probably we got this Korean men and enough. And often enough that I got an allergist and in the survivors were excited utterances are haters say yeah there's a congratulations a job about looked for a while. About William Hurt. Now when our guys have not heard you gotta thank you cards via. So current account and great job by those guys again number one terrible right and I think we're all well and thanks for money to. Yes from oh actually that's where you know respect your right not to include the records of the seed bagel stepped on the peninsula at the second thing he said. Well you know that you yeah we now have. Second second book in a row where we are the number one sports show in laws because grocery yes congratulations. This legislation that is job amid the usual weekend but the U but it is that you're trying to tell us that a cordless that follow right now it's already nobody. You guys have the power plant chest. All modest course would get beat by the polka station but that's necessarily candidate and Italy and they will get it doesn't in the next book will get them the next mr. I sort of couldn't you read English attrition alone think guys wanna thank you well know when I was I try not to think them. My right now the victim and give all the stricken with dale it's the crossovers you by far this money done capital of it. Thank you guys I appreciate you guys you welcome your energy and ultimately if you because you're you say that each and every day. I think and please cite it goes without saying but thank you guys I can't thank you guys enough not welcome appreciate it. We're gonna be all over the place on Friday as we normally are will talk some football Michael Irvin will join us he's on his way to duke. The watch these kids play for the University of Miami against duke today so we'll talk to in the North Carolina. And doubt we'll talk to baseball I'm I'm I'm kinda with you won this when Lou a kind of want the Yankees to win this afternoon via now. If on the other hand the Red Sox lose like tonight and tomorrow I'm gonna hate even suggesting that and I'll hate you for saying it because a lot of the assailants on gas if that well then he got Saturday to give you one of them. You either win again on Saturday at Palmer ends Monday looms on Saturday at the end of the show Suffolk have to collect it and they're going to be in the plans. What frightens me again before this game tonight known how big is it when mister wolf what frightens me dale is if you watched that lineup last night that Houston lineup and they supposedly struggle against left handed pitching why now well known they struggle against good left handed pitchers took money. Plus I don't yeah how was he last guys last fall let's see I. He located well the department as far as anybody while I I could also hey we're standing as he went off that I noticed that night the second inning and he put ball in flight I thought with there was some late life you don't want to react hand there's the he's got no control was all recruit and re enact in getting hit hard. I thought he looked pretty good and he should of got a standing ovation. The next Christian allies have a great hello I am just tell us state. And there where I.