OMF - Trenni and Bradford finalize some Dino walk out theories 12-28-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, December 28th

HOUR 1 - OMF is enjoying their winter break so Trenni Kusnierek and Rob Bradford hold down the midday shift. Bradfo was party to the John Dennis walk out yesterday so we explore some final theories as to what prompted Dino to take an early day.


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On him when he. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Let's go to it doesn't do but he called last week we sure are and what you rehearsals. There. You know. James please do just go all the way F James Harris he's a bully and a jerk. Always has been still lives and always will be we don't care. With Glenn Lou and Christian if you don't like it. Usually Robin I can finish please don't want you without you this so baffling to me program update to and I will be doing the nasty go of mail bag it national what would we do by the way grant award here what would be happening. I went downstairs and bought his bacon for me it was and he left his neighbors here you have to break it here we don't care. On Sports Radio WEEI. Other by the lanes. Sad freezing cold weather was proxy by my pillow I'd rather be playing right now I'm on my pillow. In my warm bed. Than anywhere else thought if I had to pick the second spot and be with you Brad Bradford and I here's what I just read your tweet why would you undoubtedly have a problem with. Now as I was a spoof it was a spur of it was like is there SOB so random. As me leaving because you're from Wisconsin was like yesterday. Oh yeah. I dragged out of. Oh my insecure Wisconsin is fine. Buys by tweet was I'm going to be on from ten to 101227. Which lines of exactly when veto left yesterday. And. Because he just didn't like that you guys were like presents I was very confused by the yellow or get a surrogate to a lot of I have my theories I sent a lot of theories yesterday of beat beyond the in Iraq this Maximus into rapist. Which is. No this never happens you'll it's great radio for what great is granted don't you wait for you to send us today and all you get in right now. But that is he what you did that was literally what tomorrow if he was doing it was so innocuous. It was. Ridiculous. And so he wants. You you finish a bit. That's why kept saying point of order. We have to we have to actually define where we're at. We're gonna pocket now you stop W I like how is this. Going on and so might tweet with just twelve til 1247. Well undoubtedly leave because your from Wisconsin and only random reason but I will be back. For 145 for the crossover because you think Dina and across what. Oh he government here. I hope he comes in and I would say. DO OK tell me what what you did yesterday was right you've been in this business a long time. You did tell me how was the right thing to do I can't imagine and all his years of broadcasting he ever walked out the militia. Now we understood people walked out middle show before time we did and and and you know that they're probably if they insert in it. On that show that I was on now on the data they were going to talk about the issue that they had with the purse in and then they weren't able to incur a frustrated inside and part of a lock out yeah. So in this the other part about it. It you're brought in here Europe full time you'll are not a full time employ you are aghast. And so you're a guest you come in. And youth this is too I think this is also part of the equation when Tomas he came back at him he'd never been come back at before like that. They just earlier in the show an hour before. He did all you get out John and John that it is well you're probably mostly yeah. That was to go back to bed. No stock the bus line. And he comes back an hour later to you get out in tomorrow's his time comes back to new get out. And you can tell that he didn't know where to go because he gave the phone number. Like you rip it is Davis examines of them 97937. Identified these are putting Dennis Gartman an ounce of in this thinking this is so bizarre what is just. All right let's for people who may be yesterday were traveling back. From you know where they were for the holidays. And maybe miss this or our network already working out whatever let's let's play it would happen yesterday's steep putting some context. When the disposable income is in peoples who want to admit that it was rolling. I I know we are I'm gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finesse that so why don't you without you on the week on ministers show without art six Lebanese 7:7 lines and am I right. Short. I can I can do this we can finish this. All the people and and today I did so baffling to me. You're who. Interplay migrate line and we cats that by the way in a manner that so it just so to recap of the John is John Dennis is packing up his things right now up to leave this any valued at last and I don't have I don't know I don't get it now I'm not I'm not respond Bieber I don't get. It whether it's gonna take a break here and awareness and I think. With a scarf goes you have somebody great lines yes there and a I don't know what you would listen Arthur thought it must mean he's gone. He's I'll like hurdle I guess I got there was not a violence even if an annual fancy must acquit O two to set the seed because I was privileged to be one of the two other two people their room. We're we're sitting there looking at this this unfold after your phone number he gets up and he has you know I'd bought him his breakfast in view of the bacon everywhere and everything else. He's. All I saw I saw I I I heard this and then I saw the photo to a company does well great as it was great it was a pass although although the lead in advance I would literally into vacant eyed metaphorically and literally days when the star goes on and that means it's probably go off. He returns the. The there is no returns oh no no he put on the scarf. And he he put on his overcoat he picked up his satchel you know he did all those things. And he walked out there was no hesitation all there was though to bust he says at one point he thought he was gonna take a step toward him and used the we're gonna get a sweater rest fight by. Not that wasn't happening now he went out that the court so he went down that hallway I look in the Booth at Joey Joey comes in there like which way to go by. You can break stride like Dino did not break stride joystick and he walked that way. Do you think they did it because his hand gonna make this has been like that mainly people mad and walked out of the shower do you really I cannot always legitimately angry. So many questions why why don't. Sue is he really angry three core Europe from. Old enough shot not seizing nail hole. Ever of all the things I've heard about John Tomas in this includes like via Twitter critters. Might just light his you know past things that some things he's written I may think he's blundering liberal idiot. I had ever heard anyone who has met John to ask these day. Guys any hole. People like Jonathan must get me sick to my stomach. So that that's one theory like it merely everyone jumped to the Schilling this is a chilling thing. And I heard the fear of Dina says he's gonna bring on a special gases can be Schilling and if it is showing OK fine I'll let talking baseball is showing. But will this conflict. Whatever you know it's a you have two people in their later today who probably are big fans of John mossy anyway so all right you bring in another now. I would ask you this very wide you before I tell you why I think it happened why do you think it happens what what did you think it was just because he was an erupting in yet a bad morning art. What do you think pat. From a listener. As from a listeners perspective I. My interpretation of it why's that he is used to being in control he is used to it being Hayes show even when he was with Jerry he was the host he was he was the guy in the seat. And when that didn't go that way and when someone dare interact tame or maybe take the show and direction that he wanted to go. He got fed up and walked out that he thought he was gonna come back here and five back in the title role where he is the dominant. Alpha male in the room. And YouTube we're gonna treat him like he won the only John Dennis who is on TV Eric sees me on the radio for twenty years where that Gerry Callahan. Yeah I I think there is definitely a part of that and being here seeing it ramp up. For those couple hours but he was legitimately pest tonight three up the picture of him give us the finger at that last real like that was he pushed. Out away from the mighty can give us the finger and it was he senate is because it was in erupting but it was sort of ramping up. And I think part of it was we were doing the show that he wanted to earth and he wanted to do this show love on the top line what you did to mark the day before that's a show that he wanted to do. Now we're getting a little bit of debate. So that was part of it. But I think on other part of it was that. Everyone says that urinate goal to to mossy that you have to factor that he's there one who said that. Like John Dennis is not a John Tamoxifen and he hasn't been ever John Tamoxifen had to we don't why you act because he's he has. Friends in high places with a patriots. Made this is this is always been an issue art and then he would be getting texts from people on shows that. I would. Be doing with him and we retire about Hamas but this isn't a mystery this isn't. Is surprised. So I think that he doesn't really know Tomas do you like you and I notes mossy. He just knows them from afar and having Glenn sort of the same way and I the great line the mosque he sent us and well you know. Glenn price it might be one of these people to. And in the bus just don't know that campy he's always nice to my face that I can't be possible. So I just I think that there is that side of things. And and so. Do you know had that in his head. That he came in with a head TV was he'd be fine for awhile when Benny gets in the political stuff then you have the the losing Warren vs his guy. Jeff Jeff deal that is meant the guided wizard Jeff deal right the guy who Hedo is. Okay he's like kind of a communications net order or is campaigning for Sony just makes sense and yes so that's so now you're getting into the back and forth of of that. But at the heart of it Friday I think that it was just he doesn't like to Monty he got an argument with Hamas he was about politics he wasn't doing the show that he wanted. And there you go ahead nothing the erupting thing if that is the case then they even more shame on me he's been doing this forever. Howell works. And this components of arguments he's got into about things. Much more much more intense and important that an erupting which from us he wasn't even doing. And and yes walked out I can't imagine I would love to ask him if he if he doesn't crossover pricey and have you ever walked out of a show before. I also done I mean I guess I'm just surprised that. You could listen I understand that there are people on the patriots organization and I'm I'm I'm sure John knows them and there are things that they think about that piece that was written now coming years ago was announced that and yeah yeah ten years ago. That still you know irk them. Putt but also that's a professional. That's a professional thing right like that's Timmy doesn't timid person like to not it's my personal. I don't know why I guess I don't I I don't understand why because personally I could see if it Tomas he had once. Written a column about like after he laughed that he was glad to see him gone that he didn't think he was good at is jobs but all of those things I guess I just don't understand make. I don't like some. But yes sometimes and all of our colleagues write things or say things or have opinions like. I mean cherry Callahan and I disagree. Exe fundamentally. Disagree on almost everything in this world. I still like Jerry I guess something ease I don't know like he did Downey's in good human he's always nice to me I don't let though is. I don't let our political or philosophical differences color how I think of him as a person. It's surprising to me that John Dennis would allow something that happened ten years ago and some and it wasn't personal this is. Gospel as personal for the people that it's personal whether you once you should be personal. Have been personal for the people some people over there some people of power. And also when I thought winning no right I don't I look for at least where everybody else but trendy trust me when I'm telling you this. The pick they are hanging onto it and when you have guys for years and years and years yogi you beat the guys who say that the Dino being one of them. Who get information from and so forth and so on. And relied on so forth and so on to get stuff in everything else they are going to be on this or we all do you go right week we have our people. Right then and deep those people. You are the are the people who really really little light on the policy so this for me that was the inherently that was. The problem the problem that John diet has Judah dom are so dubbed all. Tourney this whole thing with dom. May mix something about this that wasn't dom. He blocked out of a show in the middle of the show because he said because Hamas he was in erupting. He walked out of a radio show. If I have a radio show every time I was interrupted perk particularly in the morning. Never get pure show car error. That's what I would love to hear from home and beyond look for in the coming before the show winds and hopefully does the state medium to tell me. Tell me why you walked out. And if his explanation was right here to show where I'm being in erupted. Then that you blocks mean that honestly you should as much as we love the drama as much as we love having him back in the story lines and everything else. And you shouldn't be sitting in this seat. You'll you'll wet but basically what he did yesterday. All the people that he hates. Mean we can't walk out you let everybody. Whether you agree with Hamas or you don't agree with the mosque with you agree with Turkey don't agree with you agree with Kelly interviewed Donald. Biden walking out yesterday even though he's gonna go on today for four hours. And and in our own got to fight well yeah I don't you you lost you glossed because. You can say whatever you want today by it lets you can be a better reason which you're completely guessing you lost in a lot out of the. They get. You know ifs. They want again if the reason he walked out was something very personal like if you guys product all of his struggles are started pushing a money war. Doubting the fact that he is remains so I'd get there again I can only see why you really start attacking some like we carried ten way locked out. I don't really blame them for watching like. That was that was over the line that was really personal that's really attacking somebody's credibility. And morality right. So I can see if it's going too far you get ticked off and like that's it I'm not to be a part of this anymore you're putting somewhat in a legitimately uncomfortable personal situation. I think that you have a right to say I need to put up with it. But because a great now I'm talking in Europe nation I expect that. But I have should we have to stay should stick that's probably just. Though that's what it's it's Sports Radio so expect the lowest form of name calling you. No I'll not me at an assembly hurting me there was but that was what was he you would push is today is chair away and I just. This is the guy who has done a lot this business we can agree on that and this is a guy eagle and earlier how dare you help build the station. And did all of that. And in what world even though like he may be not be accepting the change of the dynamic it might be bitter its people and everything else but what world. Starting at Kent State going channel seven all the way through here and what the world could he say what he did yesterday was right. Like what this this was this was the professional thing to do what. Also you know you to the option to say no. If they say you've you've really have personal issues with some eight if you really do not want to be on the radio with someone. I can tell students if it affects you can just say no. You can just say no I'm not participating and it paid Joey things for the opportunity to host on Wednesday morning. I really don't think I can do show it's on mossy so unless you can split since things out. I'm just gonna stick to my Tuesday Wednesday if Thursday afternoon Friday morning shift with people I want to work forces you to do when. Aiken I tele that it was actually you know it is like they were deep diving into the into the issues and policies in. And a lot of shows up beat the may be too much of a deep dive but these are two guys who. Who I think that had some sort of education on on the subject right and they were going back and forth. And then when he walks out at any time. When you walked out on an argument. You have to understand you'll. Asked especially when there's an hour and a half ago in the show me what you think we're gonna do sit around and say don't you know genome. He's having a rough day so you know I think that you just need some time alone. And it now now now because I -- out you know I've I've always been along with Dino you know I thought the show was fine you are right pulled him multiple times yesterday on the air saying do you know this is in erupting. This isn't a problem. So but that's that'll. I joke with a home. But once he left forget about it. Forget about it you'd you poke it and leave. And think that that was OK so when you leave and I am more than happy to do is show with John and I we had a good time about we had a good hour and a half. We atomic calls a lot of reaction. But still you get ripped for Lee thing. And and that is just you just you how. This is like Roberta bread Tomas. Knows that I toll dated myself I don't care. But this if it is how it and the support of the of Dina well I have heard calling since that. Have been number one involved an eighty years old number 20. Number two they they always privy to. Hey he was in erupting him and then they go to that from that that in a lead in the pol right that's not we're talking. We're not talking about this not make this a polarizing. Euro liberal or conservative position sparked you. Now this is about right or wrong that was he did and don't give me like show him respect. Oh yeah. I don't care what he did before I can acknowledged that he was one of the the founding fathers of this station he did a ton. But I don't have to when he's doing is showing you when he as you said Friday when he agrees to come in and get paid to do is show. Then I care and say no you I'll show you respect I would show you or anybody else sitting in that share. Are you wouldn't treat him many defining each reach hairy or Kirk. Or Lou or Glen or Christian we all we all go at each. Dare you do that you're not doing your job as if you say like this is when nearly Curt Schilling star started coming on the airwaves when he started working for a little bit. And it was it was bad it was it was like our current thanks thanks Kurt thanks for all the you do thanks for all the you do now if you wanted that that was a good radio he wanted I think he wants the arguments. And that's what I thought you know wanted. I thought you wanted the argument I thought he won the confrontation I thought you wanted to and do what we all know it's a lot of times could talk radio and and you can say well it was politics well that's what. That's O event. At mpeg I would say that he started that track. Meet at right and an ironic thinking that the trend towards not just straight sports stock. Started with when it weighs. Dino and Callahan ray agreed. They agreed along on almost everything. And and it comes back to. But you started that you come in and you know like it like has to know that tomorrow when he comes in if we talk politics Alex and I had very different political philosophies and he got. Yes so are. Did he I would like nobody expects to artists he collected two of us to sit there and let him say his piece and then I say your right to you know we're always been we've always Enron get caught. Cessation nobody will say as long as you know don't overlap through words on him. And also we are having a spirited conversation it'll change because at the heart of it training Arnold is gonna come in tomorrow he can answer that when he. As a show two to six today let me come paints it's why when he commons tomorrow. I don't know maybe doesn't want it maybe babies who exactly what he said what that what you said maybe tonight it's rather not to show them. That's his prerogative. Out of its earliest broadcasts by you know I mean neither Al Unser I don't think are just gonna sit there and let him. You know. To dominate the conversation and not say anything I mean we're gonna and discussed we're gonna go back and forth that them right. In and I would think in first fall because he knows that if he did it again it's it's us it's even worse. But also I don't think he has the the issues with your guys you know he does he know right. That's I think that's I think he'll be here tomorrow we I don't think there's any and a I mean I've never even met Tina it's on us and that there's any person he may not like my politics or whatever ailment as any personal issue with me you said at the beginning Chinese that. Why would anyone say that about a month like Tomas he has a Twitter trolls and. You know whatever but the people in the industry Nolan says that about however when ever I think when I heard him say that answered I was like where. I immediately got where do you hear that for. But that that tells me all you need to know I mean the fact that he he walked off that first law. Walking off the the show but one thing he knows that you were not supposed to say that. When he grabbed the Mike and this is another big what is. Going on I have to see it what is going on that this guy is doing that everyone's half the people are saying good job do you know yet you deserve respect. And here are a few hours later come on back did and and have the forum. In a safe place like this is bizarre to me. So you think you'd think the corn opposition is that you know what Dina I don't guys out go back and forth on outbursts against forget about I don't back and forth on it because. I understand this is of this we talked about this is a business this is scoreboard. And with beyond that this is going to be a listen to show so. And if you you would like to thank K you do something so unprofessional. That. Feel later right and there's consequences the ad buy it. It's it's it's it's become more scoreboard business snapper well you asked me this for years ago of notice that this is. I I use the example of I remember. Bob knew Meyer was doing a Memorial Day show in the morning. They're supposed to be with haggard. And hired show up old newbie. It's just sitting there by himself we used to consult a lot and oversaw its yes so he over arrow he overslept. So didn't show up so do me sitting there by himself. And then what made it worse was so last ten minutes of the show I duty calls up. And says. All sides can't and overslept. And okay well I've never heard that happening before we you just missed an entire show BF four hours of all asleep. And I think I was in the got a late dreamlike state closed all of asleep at the keyboard and. Yet he's he gets there you go I think that's why a difference. Different moment that I buy it but the next day the next day he's on the next day he's on the basis. And so that's what I understood this is this is the boat EG if I'm sure they get a lot of listeners like explaining yourself and everything else. So it so you asked that question it's a scoreboard business. And we're gonna get a lot of listeners today and they will make the most I'll make the most of it. Well we'll talk about it here I'd be happy to talk with the you know about it. I hope you some whoever he has on his I would love for it be someone to say a Dino. I knew you back then I commuted put up a fight how could you save the last hour and a half and it dale and Johnson now Thornton. Now. Yes yeah or India to our manager toward. So but it goes back to win they said when you say time when told me you were Natal. Mean that's tells me everything you know about the heart of the issue he's not walking. He's walking on and tomorrow seed beat it's you know first of all the boss he was getting the better of them. And second wall might easily go well you know I can't be around this anymore I have no word ago and this guy is isn't part of my current. Then I don't post very very weird in the whole thing is it. Eads has some aren't tomorrow massacring its they can out of it down there I know us notion that pitcher by the way says you. You're the one to Damon. And as I said it bought you know breakfast. And I was very very benefited more than anything else barely touched it I was I can believe at least take the breakfast with. But I I'm gonna eat that vacant and you in that photo that we had you had your year you were looking the other way like you want to be identified in the photo dogs laughing too hard I was racking up indicator to all of this dean offered by the breakfast. On Tuesday. All right let me rob. I'd free breakfast well did you meet your regret guiding us. That was nice though I was I thought a thought that counts I go along with you know up until 827 yesterday. I'll know they'll duke it out maybe. Whenever it's maybe a one party driver today if not Alex and I will try to get to the bottom of it tomorrow the thoughts on Chris. It. Are we got sent react to fill lines opened 61777979837. What do you think about everything transpired yesterday why don't really locked down T think he's gonna show up today to take on rob do you think he'll really come on them are already in go back out middle. So just be stuck with me and Reamer who apparently of the same voice accord and cam Laird that should be interesting 6177797937. More. We try and Brad are filling in for on Matt. You'll run in the mid day with the Bo van and a sport waiver Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. I back here at all let math. No I'm that they are enjoying the holiday vacation so rob Bradford trying to generics here with you until 2 o'clock. Net 2 o'clock filling in for dale and howling with keys. Is. John tennis. Dino and Gerry Ford and Jerry Thornton the for that we should say congratulations finally to show him. The other show at all yes congratulations on dominating B fall book dominating. The full. Good job lot of momentum ask you to go on you're welcome we're getting your your holiday bonuses. I was a figure you did you get all. On number I'm saying that we you're gonna get such great ratings today that they get a bomb that may get whatever bonus our country. And. I I am sure when they have a bonus should have negotiated a specific bonus for December 28. To. Idle in the countdown for this hour twenty says if you win. Then you get a lot of money you're welcome you're welcome foray Maloney. And Turkey Callahan. Yeah all understand about the Bosnia today register today for this week I was at the great Kevin Kennedy once said you can only I can only put them in position this exe. Was the ball leave there it and summoning enough the could. Eyed peas in a phone lines. Is there and colorful very colorful 617779793. Sad and we are talking about the the walk out notices how locked out to protest any sort of social injustice. No John Dennis AKA DL walked down on John mossy rock Bradford Esther yesterday morning about 827. H one area we guessed the toys. Because he was interrupted. It's Massey instructed mentioning other too many times apparently out Bradford and I are not buying that excuse no this is talk radio we interrupt people all the time I've made a match not discounting act and act would let people make it but people legitimately make us -- all the money shows right that we if I had I threw high lighter Gerry Callahan this year it. It why you throat and watched arrow now I just threw it is like. Wow I can't rest eating. Saying it was a weird dynamic the fact and this I would imagine this has struck the you know as well. That the guy that he's argue with a guy that fired back ultimately instead no you leave with the guy who gets this health benefits here. And he does not. Mean that that is that hadn't been the case years and years and years and years. Half and there I think that's a hard position I sort of empathize with with John and that's a tough place to be to come back and you don't quite have the same province cost that you had before right the same influence. So that's that's a typical place I think for it and he ended. His what I have to ask is so when Dino agrees to do business and first of all. I wonder I am fascinated if Izzy you know putting for the hour and a half for the part time. An easy you know they are filled up a contract if you still know we don't thought time cards so all the aid they keep track of every all right so I I would like to know is he gonna get credited for marriage. Now let's go right there's nothing ago that was our I don't like doing so out of town he did he did give us he could give us a lot of it was a pretty easy hour and a half ago it may. So lob. Yes a when he would be to Greece to come back does he think that I'm gonna have to do the thing with Kirk. And then after that I'm gonna just be able to do my shows because he did it would baloney that Thursday it yeah a lot of Dino talking in and then he did it would mod. And being here yesterday I felt like I felt this is the way it's I felt like he's trying to do this and when you're in that spot is tough. Because he's driving the ship. You know he can talk about mount Rushmore or are most hated athletes and everything else. My year's resolutions for sports teams or are at Butte meter and I did best the easiest job in sports we did that one I'd like yeah yeah but nobody else but. So I'm wondering did he do you feel like once I clear myself of Kirk that day and it is it is going to be like that it's. I got to imagine there's a part of that too right. Ryan you feel like you address the elephant in the room and then you can sort of take control again I can do my shows. I can do my shows. So I. That's how it felt it and when you win that when. When that went off the rails a little bit and him and yelling in the Mossad which still isn't sure he's been these shows before. But. Already wanna go where you wanted to on these calls is this your topic isn't even though I even though I'm in the the captain's seat today on non. Oh I like I like Mike McCullough. Of course you'll like Mike and our will certain positive and for our guys might welcome to the show. It. Run back out yesterday I got caught up in the middle of I let you guys sites that would. I start the call by saying. Opera. That due to so yesterday. I yesterday wasn't. An article. I don't want to listen. Yeah yes. Was O. A whole lot I. I got it got away. I don't know what else all the vote like yesterday he put it in and you did little. Work. You'll. Or you. You. Was awesome I like Google or not. Rarely I I. Know. Questions that the radio. On the ice or salt what was I believe that Joseph it's. Do it anyway you and I'd like NASCAR you're but it is good that. That's our goal. For wherever you work wherever it may be because one cooler to just becomes the whole day becomes wow rob Bradford Johnson mossy Rihanna really ourselves with. I endure the same age as them I mean this is I said it and Mike. I heard a further calls a lot of the calls since it happened. A lot of them are of the same demographic as John and yet that is fine. You Chrysler at the right. You guys right. Now. He should get I got additional edge when people aren't there as well things night Friday that up. Actually earned. Are all square. Actually yes it become. And maybe. I I can't get it without. Between. You'll slow them. Completely. Mike was on such a role. I feel like it is blowing right now that's darn glad we noticed that smoke a cigarette and. Well you've visited you've been in and I know since he started when he first started doing in the morning so. Not necessarily the weekend show that there's a lot of conflict there but when you would you do the morning show. In that first shot across the bow or that first. Obviously flat head outside Indiana but it had a verbal slap to the had a verbal well ahead he had in the report really thinking like this it's in the schism myself justice or criticism Comcast this isn't. NBC sports box this is it not this is our Cary tightly falling asleep next to me on the on the set. By you stood in there and you'd you get all right you'd. Yeah you put up in this as the brits are they actually end up talking Turkey after a little bit about this and well first and he said is like. We've been in arguments ten times worse with the team now than that only. Let's words it's. So that's where it comes back that the pilot Brian Eckhart as Brian seems to maybe not be an assignments mossy and Bradford Brian now welcome Michelle. I didn't face an idea so it was simple thing yesterday and I wanna Europe. An Indian it was along the walk now. But if you have a question for Friday so it sort of felt listening to a late they knew there interrupting was bothering him. And they just kept out right to poke in Polk and poke in the air. So if you wish you in the keynote chair and that secures. An error returned. Everytime something came back here whatever when he dove right. Yes that's the that's different you can't but and honesty rang you can't make that comparison because that would be a extraordinarily disrespectful and sexist. I can't say into rod did Dino and said you're just a day and I don't believe that this was how was raised at any point during the show. Dino you're just an old guy you are no longer you what you have to sees no longer important it was aegis. And that would be that would be comparable analogy but that those two things or are vastly different if I'm just sitting here. And and Bradford and higher arguing back and forth about something and he instructs me to make a valid points. It might be frustrating for me. But that's not that's not nearly the same Brad got out Macedonian and how you could possibly draw that line. Yeah. Like OK they call you what they call you a dumb idiot girl and would when Judy called every get mad but I also work with colleagues who would never do that and. Ryan and Brian even believe me you're not believe me. But being here I can tell you that that was absolutely not can I do I've done that plenty of times you know year you're getting an a summons in Newark or whatever in the year baiting him. I can tell you that that absolutely was not the case into mossy. I've sitting there and I said that the Dino aren't trying to tell him as someone who are used to get a lot of it and I hope maybe some data get along with them again. I'm telling him on the air say. This is not what your saying it is it's this is an argument this is the conversation. And yeah you're overlapping a few words and yet you're jumping in when you have a point. But there was never any of that. It even believe that or not I don't know but that for me that wasn't the case. It helped a little bit late he can't get loaded for bear all looking for that type of situation. Who'll. Bode you know. Yeah well I think you came loaded for bear not liking Tomas. I mean I think ultimately ultimately do last line the last words that he said when you walked out here after giving up the phone number. The last line he said was that they haven't that told that told you all you needed now. Eyebrow and banks that account. Yet you can't make that comparison of them. It's misogynist acting just interrupting now it is not a straight line there at all folks that's the overall point though trendy isn't it a news assistant. You mentioned Tang Wei OK time we walked out we can make the case we can make a strong case for him walking out there. Candidates on him like you and I guess it is it you know what Brian suggested happen I would have a every bride to walk I mean. Overtly disrespectful to me but it just interacting talking to other. All the time and I don't I don't slighted I don't care to admit that the top of the car because he's reaching. Today. A SP and thirty. It really play again play that one more time so I don't I don't want slighted I don't care to admit that the public a car because he's asking. Might like amnesty you know all my goodness you know. How dare you do that to me because that's exactly what was going on did exactly what he was about that was proof right. They are wrong. I'm I don't know I'd rob scar now trail because it should I could comedy take you stuck dull my I purposely brought in the top hat today and it's that compact goes on you know on my art phone lines are jammed 617779793. Cent load it's Morey calls to us. Fort Wayne Loney and for the Sports Radio W. I remember John Dennis. Being as huge realistic is anyone you know my I believe my third without mentioning the name yeah. My theory is they joined us very award go to some people they don't mr. lights on the mosque. Now back. Maybe some people and fox yet while law. As 100% truth are large phone lines at Jack's and mine as well just figure out. What what it is a tourniquet to the bottom of this let's start with. The kids David carcass seeping Stanley wasn't the victim when he walked outside here this is all about Dave without. What compact I don't I department what. Really or are you help explain it delta. You know without her and her yet and they jump in the regular sugar Atlantic. Good or you know couldn't take it. Flat out walked out there are sent. As I think that's a bit at little antenna and. That's not how I blocked it. Larry I love it but think that brought them or are you try these people not not that one outlet and it. I heard it by mr. I mean that's what people trade. At the back. Of that joke. Yeah. You actually own way I looked at it the summer help. Way. First call someone out a child all I watched there they turned around what. And then when an out let burst on the right now. You think picnic or. I'd do I'd just think it made requests. Or eighty pushed to a point where. We're so you can you can call or whatever he wants. And that some occult and he can walk out a lot. Well I have a big hit I would say that's what it 00. Dave I'll say this when you there's certain subjects in and not what was it asserts I'm athletic fitness fitness serves it out. Don't make. If you Europe yet again on the lockout on this call. That Dave they're certain subjects that are introduced. That maybe people are are the most uncomfortable are are a next level they currently weak and yes though. That was when we're talking about penguin situation. That's where that comes into play in that's why what happened yesterday is so. Utterly bizarre because. Yeah I thought it got really ought to watch a lot of help. An unknown unknown odd. I don't know I'm not I I agree I agree with part I agree with what you said but I think is different elements to it. Mean this light that did what we asked this. Lobbyists to. Now we're getting to thank you deal for a rolls growing and aren't gonna ruin I can't get a slight like L like a little heart all the B I tried yesterday yesterday I tried doing the point to Porter you introduced the Senate's racing point of water. Like in parliament. But Dave. When he dropped the everywhere and said years in a hole I mean that has that is in a bow. That in that isn't about like oh wait a better program. What a piece you know I am not. You know once you you said more than one I had. Urgent ship out some way to state. Yeah that we're even. I got an app and let me ask you this should it Dino should John Dennis B a lot of these Airways again after walking out yesterday. Are there things that pop. The Rio massage it a little low low low pool and that. Let's look. At. They have more post are we doing good morning rob forgive me I'm gonna put a reprise my calls from yesterday for attorneys benefit. Always good to hear you try to wherever you line. I thought I'd listen to the show when another certain other children out there were last week morning gauge what levels of bottles reusable a couple of excited to in the third man in paying cycle. Caught the advent of curtain and and coming on board now that began in play now. And I think at some point John sudden losing control of things that he slaughtered. During that time. I think he thought he was going to be back in the catbird seat and in control again because. And I didn't mention Jesse assert first four races we were like China forming chosen a little women but I. Kind of way you know just an easy do you legal guys back in the Seton you know the kind of formed on a little bit. And it wasn't out of ago yesterday even though that support you know. Trumpeted push button issue no question about it but. I think you want but he was going to be completely control and run the rules and it didn't go that way. Quick and. By the John. Sorry I don't know I think you know there's an element of truth to that he. This is the problem this is I think was separate unit part of the separation that he wanted to do was show a certain way they wanted to curt wanted to do was show a different way. By Indy and mutt in the defense of Maloney and mod. It is hard when you're sitting there as the other person and end it bought. I don't know nobody is saying it is difficult and he knew he UT when someone in Fred you're my probably both the situation someone's talking about someone who summons. Going on would probably like I have this morning and you thing argued like I have to be real this I know this is not interesting. And and that is a difficult situation I really. I'm posing as it's clearly interest in their phone lines job I was I wasn't genuine. Without us I thought on tans incidents not injure if you read an eight year. You try it you try to steer what he was talking about oh the Kirby Puckett thing abuse the show yesterday. And if you listen that I I injecting because I'm trying okay you know this sort of cut the softest of the soft it was sort of interesting now it's getting a little too long. But that's the difficult thing to do. And lastly about the resentment they write I don't think that they do to THR a but I am recovered hockey to a little over a long time and item and they got against Johns not beaten that's fine. But one thing that's talked about a lot of resentment and I get electrical room full force and overall build each a lot and that's kind of threw across the Boyden. Human endeavor but that's one of those many things it's easier said than done. I do not believe for a minute that he's. Quote unquote close the book on things whichever you occur and that he's done he's tackled resentment which he portrays and I think that's really at the heart of how things played out yesterday. John thinks that call actually deep. Well the its interest in it is at when he of the crossover indeed on the cross so Reid talked about everyone I talked to said it was more borrow. The talent and partner. That it was in you know and Kirk getting along probably better than most people thought. But he was really kept saying disappointed are you eight Terry. Not just disappointed disappointed union yesterday. Finally he basically said yet note you share. Beat in that that's fair for what happened that's fair. Let's see disappointed he's just and lot to ask and is there a chance to tomorrow. But I am I guess is he's disappointed that Jerry didn't go to bat for him all right that he felt like he felt like they'd Dino was retiring. And that he did Jerry latched on occur and that he that. Went to not talking and I said to him well did you try to talk now well OK I mean that's on you that's what you walking out he got to try. But yeah that's why he's disappointed he was disappointed that got the part of the he had so long this in his mind just took that hard right hand turn to the other. Greg that's been saying use disappointed at their wives into a cleaner break Horry mark amicable ending to either show or I. I can't imagine there's also part of a may be died. Which is he would have a little more forehand. For ode to Gerri yeah to keep to keep eight. Dennis encountering. A socket out. Yemen that by them it was so I said that Dino yes as bizarre media walked out. Hit the you know that was Dino cup I was Jerry calling and you walked out. Yeah anyway so he had the Dino and Gerry DiNardo along the hemmed in along doesn't think you'll ever talked to him again and that's unfortunate how does that past it's terrible it's like a brother almost. You would think so in that I don't know if you don't think but don't you think also. They weren't talking to each other for the last whatever how many months. At some point he at least try. And don't you at least try to talk to the other person. I mean for the good of the show because I honestly cannot talking summoning you're not friends. You know you don't feel like you have any great chemistry was some and it's just doesn't make for great radio. Oh believe me I came in I would coming here I didn't know they weren't talking. And I came in here in the pre show. Not talking breaks not hockey it was awkward at this is off bush about that Greg are Ellis and Stephen instructor. You're hurt or herb is wonderful. It is not want and it's time and you are. I honestly I'm you know agencies Walters art but boy I agree or disagree with the usual level shall. And yet again it wasn't I wasn't quite there you want to sits at night. I couldn't get there until about the conversation because it really wasn't a columnist Ellen. You know want to let it got to the point where I could understand you don't want them because you talk over each of much. On the anticipated event at the report which owns. And I cautioned receivers and the radio comes which we sit well off actually more important kind of looked a little bit of Gregory I mean it was that you'll ever want to offer that's on them. But I just wanted to say if there's nothing here and that was or two before. You will want to show. Eggs on it airs. Are now in ear irons parents. Which he won the truck one. Re earning her idea like ended baggage her car near the committees assembling a regular job that you like a thirteen hour drive somewhere and maybe he's only got Ford F 150 years. Now the simulated if you think you're calling you from the truck where we're assuming you have a track record your severe driving some guests even if you want. Our it let's go not everybody agrees with you in animosity shown to Xperia things Tomas is pushing me. All right John change very if you're not ready you lose your chance. Now I'm in Hampshire. Well hello. Alan New Hampshire you're on the nine. Yeah out Ankiel. I don't think it's good radio off the pick and I think that while I don't agree with John debt. It's politics. At our and a more allied with my feet I talked market with a complete dull. Egging charmed Amazon like that he knew that actually gonna come Adam. And so. I think raw I think you are idea of what could radio crux idea of what's good radio. With WEEI out of business in the next six. You see the ratings being happy it's not a god is not a good concert set argument yeah they won again being. That's right. Say you would rather a sentence you have what well what would you out right now and Robin I can talk about anything in the and a couple minutes we'll take unbreakable reset at the top of the 11 o'clock hours last words. What did you like about. I'm a bit like how many million thank god that I talked about is the fact that. You never talk about the Bruins are. And that just slight profit but that's skiing and hockey at this moment and did not even healthy fully. You don't talk about the fact that led up and coming up we got a got a pit oracle. It's an. Odd well why don't we have got to at lunch. We feel it every bracket talk about not so it's only about an hour an adults only manhunt. In that horrible. I tell you what if you have a fifty minute lunch break. That's that's the James Harrison once brake tapping you out. I do have to take a picture of the phone lines throughout the take a picture of Twitter to afta. You know go out to like the the previous caller says go to the water coolers every goal across that they're building the Celtics facility here. And climbed blocking and blocking our climate our walk out the scaffolding to tick tock of the construction workers. I mean that when something like this happens when you have an icon. Do something like John Tennessee did yesterday in the middle of a holiday season. Then that is going to be eight talking points and you're like Freddie said we're gonna talk about James Harrison what a weird. Does point by James there's an image to someone from Pittsburgh on the lions don't they are worried act at your every with James Harrison might talk about the bruins' third line. We are now because I don't whine about it. It. Do like Evan does this say it. Picket so poorly. Yeah I'd rather not committee on yeah seven not they get an Amy Brad manages to be honest or you could just do whatever ended in this say. How my supposed to pay attention the Celtics wouldn't book. Did you notice Celtics need to I know page a page into the Red Sox I will say that I was making fun of. What is at the writing. It I'll let him the polls so I am on Sunday it's on him when he's writ. I think yet to have it and again. But that's what we we did a show. And I did hear about is about how his his excuse for not knowing anything we must and to show it did when I forget what topic it was but it was the Celtics Celtics were going to be you're kicking off their show it's going to be about the Celtics. Because they are saying and so we caucus and he literally says if I don't I don't moaning about it on the air our our account I'm writing a book. So we did the light how little avid knows about Boston's sports. How little digging that part I didn't hear how little casino yeah it might it was done by an impossible choice it was just we had a collar college and we had you know went head to head and it was a fun little game gas at and in note doesn't need to know the Celtics owner was. It's just basic side you know everything an agent knows basics is as he gets by on his beard glasses. He gets and a Switzerland Maria. At its finest have stoic. Aren't we will switch gears we've we've we've probably had exhausted as Dino topic plus will be may revisit it in the 1 o'clock hour at some point BK is. I don't know when dean is gonna get here on Iraqis into a crossover may be he comes in and makes amends with rob Bradford becomes in an introduces himself to me because I've never actually told me that night and personal Oprah that tomorrow we have to work together tomorrow. Maybe just our product comes in and says he changed a plan skies. Teel will not be entirely human Alison just be Alex and tourney. Seeing and. Howland knows he did you know that don't divulge even know analyst and an army people listen nonsense and we want anticipation we wanna find out. People people sleep and answer them as regularly as of yet they think he's not react if he's on this afternoon painfully bad sort of takes and laity. Anticipation and against Rommel and wealthy and there. And were planned in a terrible terrible. Good thing well where we are still in his state 33 day of Christmas yeah. But what did you do. You guys are rock outcrop oh prop up the oh I know I we have futile break but I'll save that some question I want to ask folks for irony OK you need is about your holidays because. Through friends of mine and went out you go with a high school friends a couple times a year I saw growth coupled my high school friends. And what they did and Chris receive. Quite baffled me I Cali and her out there so. I it'll look he's a Ferrari plus yes old fox sports there's an anger at Pittsburgh's is Asian manage Eads are you stated. We'll talk about that in the eleven. The go. Yeah.