OMF - Trevor Etheridge, 24, astrocytoma (a brain cancer), Brookline, with his mother, Connie Etheridge, 55, glioblastoma (a brain cancer), Newburyport 8-15-17

Trevor was diagnosed with brain cancer just about 6 months after his mom's diagnosis. Trevor had no symptoms at all until he had a very small seizure at work and went to the Emergency Room. After he was released, Trevor had a large seizure 4 hours later in his kitchen. He had the surgery to remove the tumor four days later. His cancer has responded well to treatment, and the tumor is basically gone. He is finishing his chemotherapy and will begin bimonthly MRIs moving forward. He says that it is surreal to think what he has gone through over this journey, and coupled with his mom, it has been a really challenging two years.He attended high school Maryland and then attended Boston University where he majored in Marine Science. He is currently working at a family business in portable housing development. For fun, Trevor likes exploring the city, going to concerts and movies, and hanging out with his friends. His goals for the future include sustaining a cancer-free lifestyle and working for a nonprofit in a full-time capacity that works to improve the Boston Harbor.

Connie and her family were living in Maryland in the winter of 2015, and planning to move to Newburyport. They were on vacation in Maine and her loved ones noticed that Connie was suffering from what appeared to be a stroke or small seizure. She was rushed to a local hospital, where an MRI revealed the tumor. Connie is retired from Brigham and Women's Hospital so she knew that she
wanted to be cared for at Dana-Farber and that treatment where she would get the best shot at survival. She is still receiving treatment 18 months from her diagnosis and has with no intention to stop treatment. Connie is married to Ben. Her son, Trevor has a twin sister. She also has an older daughter, Marissa, 27. Connie loves to kayak and bike. Connie wants to continue to enjoy life and travel.


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We're gonna talk to a lot of guests during the course of the day as we've been telling you nonstop here. And we're gonna have a lot of sports Gaston as well what we have another person who has spent some time over Dana Farber at this is Connie at church. Nice to meet you and her son is here as well Trevor great to meet you as well YouTube bombed you're gonna have to pronounce exactly what cancer you have here. Go ahead glee a restroom okay yeah and exploited to. It's a grade four tumor is in in the green. And I was diagnosed with. When I had the seizure. I think Maine and and it's taken to a small hospital and and they found the tumor. And then I had my surgery at bring amendments. So they brought you down here. We we found our way here and were able to to make contact with the surgeon at Brigham and occasional work there. I did you swear that a long time ago if they thirty years ago he knew where to go anywhere to go up I knew yes is it I knew how wonderful and let's. As a long time so you had surgery and what happened after that was the treatment like and then I was referred to doctor at Dana Farber and we. Initially we were going to plan to do it standard of care treatment which is. And chemotherapy drug and radiation. Some genetic tests came through that indicated that it might not. Be sick as successful that drug might not work quite as well for me so. I was just at a critical time. And I was happy to take it adamant about immunotherapy drug. And so I started from the very beginning with the did the radiation snow. Then it was an infusion every two weeks. This strike and down. The mark of a thing for me is that I felt well. I haven't had a very mild side effects. But you know in general it just need to do everything in one Q. And say did that for a year and every two weeks and no after a year it's just every once once a month that's great yet it it really is it to me. You get a diagnosis and you don't you do not expect that that. Suzanne you have to set. Yes we Clinton diagnosis Trevor so you hear the news of your mother. Six months after she's diagnosed him three or three months and she's diagnosed you're dealing with the emotional what your mom is going through. You find out the kind of have a seizure. There's little gap our network and I have a small seizure and then I end up going home cleaning my kitchen and have a huge grand ball seizure. So I am taken to the hospital and they do cat scanned and see a small matters the bank known for a but more extensive MRI and they can see here there's something in there that need to take out. Have a surgery which ends up knocking out. Full movement on my left side. So I'm in recovery and slowly figuring out groups of pathology and everything that that I have. Oh less aggressive. Staged very anti plastic Astros to Obama. So glad that's community here years and three months after you hit the news. We just an procedure. Given what happened to you was that like your first unfortunately safer only guys just happened to my son as well. Yeah I actually in my head that I hasten his brain tumors is supposedly rare may say just photo I have a couple friends who have children we've epilepsy and like I don't know. You know he has epilepsy and I I did not even go to think so that he attitude. And down when I I cut to the emergency room it was that happens. Mean here we were just talking indigent who's in charge of kind of like you know there'd be outside programs for the used to talk about how important is to having peers. Going through things and doing it together and how that really helps. How does that pertain to do to mother son. You know that's something that we actually really it's. You know it's not a good thing definitely but it's really nice to have kind of our own personal support group you know family and you know rely on and now. Will stay open night in you know talked about things where her afraid and you know things are going wild things are going while so it's really nice to have that support mr. if you close your thought oh yeah absolutely. It we understand we understand all the little things and understand forgetting. Them. Forget it alien. It's it's there's. At least we. Well you know I I I would it probably police him much more but I'm I'm. Getting it. Neither of us are perfect way to. I haven't each of us maybe learn a little bit more about the other as far as justice and what you mean your resolve and toughness means that something you learn about your summer you maybe. You billion dollars or something you learn about your mother that maybe you overlooked over the years and and based on dealing with the cancer it was revealed to you. I can say that watching Trevor win when you wake up from surgery and you can't feel yours your left arm and your left leg. Even when people tell you you're going to get that sensation back. It was very frightening for him and I think none and they he was so cute cute is most likely would get that with the fact that. It involved a lot of work a lot of physical therapy it wasn't just automatically coming back he had to work really. Really hard and we wouldn't be in the hospital room and he would be lying in bed trying to squeeze the muscles and trying to do that. He worked very very hard ticket and spends where he got his movement almost a 100% back me. So yeah. Yeah he was a. Mr. Obama yet and from a moment mean getting a diagnosis like that that nobody wants to you know being able to suggest you know process say it and you know keep the family together and be able to you know move forward with their data life and it just shows and incredible amount of strength. If you guys work I heard you we're working in the family business I want is war yeah I actually just recently two weeks ago got hired at non profit down in the sea port in Boston so I've been doing that for the past two weeks. And calling for you you use your children are hurt you know our kids anymore than parenting parts of their allies or maybe you're appreciating things that Israel is seen that your oldest is getting married. Soon. Not right now no longer islanders the Olympic list on its epicenter. Things. It's a great. I raised the appreciation of just everything Hampshire vote yes yes absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. It's an unbelievable that your family had to deal with this. All pretty much the same time it really is unbelievable. And yet you get great care of them. Oh I listen I and we can't I mean we are doing well we feel well we feel optimistic because of dean partner we because of doctor Riordan because of Jen subsonic and yet I have to say I don't think that we would be in nearly as good a place feeling as well as we aren't we didn't have such a great team over to it whatsoever and when Trevor was diagnosed an iris. Completely freaked out and sitting and waiting to have my own treatment. And Sandra came. That her doctor inserts and she looked at me insisted. We're here for you. And and she says no matter what happens we're gonna have a and it just you know it just comforting. So comforting and she didn't say everything's fine she you know because it wasn't nothing was fine at all but just the words we we have a we will have a plan. We knew it was. It was wonderful. And and that is that is hoping that as it. It's so good that things are working out for both of you and thanks for stopping by. Telling your story and we wish you the best of luck we're really do going forward thank you appreciate and thank you.