OMF - Trey Flowers on his near pick six, Patriots hate 1-22-18

Monday, January 22nd
Trey Flowers seems like a guy who takes everything in stride. It should come as no surprise that the insane level of Patriots hate doesn't bother him. After all, what are they suppose to do? Start losing?

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I thought Erin hall MF were alive today down here Gillette Stadium. Authority of New England Patriots head back to this youthful. And defense coming up big in the fourth quarter yesterday stock to one of defense players straight flowers joins us. Occupied apartment building supply and local Andersen windows dealers. I don't today Trent. Under our. Good Connecticut yesterday couldn't. Hear or happen. Actually the third now launched I was just thinking you know you muck. Here so own name instead of the Jewish vote that Churchill are. So earlier I was there in the end zone look at it and murder murder now. They have that touched down there and ill. So celebrate throwback game was was was crazy you know especially to start because it just it felt like like they were a step ahead. Of you guys don't like to maybe your little little passive wants their running game got going and then they are kept hitting the play action pass on top of and it seemed like you guys couldn't get much pressure maybe treasurer overly conscious of the of the run. One it changed you guys when it when it flipped when you said you know we kind of know they are doing now we have the damage. Osage is gonna. It. Didn't that are sick is the first certain you know point two of the other third quarter and then if you. In the fourth quarter you know what we well on camera networks and groups are so. Alone. Who knows his world gangs where volunteers there it's great and one of the and in order and a good scheme that would. As regret tanker force in the lucky city voting. No we mean without causes on Iran you know you know comments. Now that you mention the love play action in person you know as you know. You know kind of refers. These street hero worship bush. Know Washington is gonna understood what and one of the Czech. You know an astute you know you know scheme of things that it shall. In Egypt's if not for the on Russia to be more aggressive. You know wrestling show we will read you know an early part early you know lives in crunch for your street goes there. Nor on who can cushion there. Not in the shaking hands this you know couldn't download wanna choose your shall you know. Incurred losses and wishing and now you know the a lot more. They trade Thomas Tom Brady was on this morning talking about the incident -- Wednesday in the handoff that have worked at noon twelve stitches and he talked about getting from the state Dick we've done Wednesday you're practicing and you see. Tom Brady gushing blood walking off the field whatever the Wednesday before the gave C title game what's go through your mind. Oh yeah. It was. I was on it's do you should raised short in. You know actually you know lone singles singles there you know. You have these you know you're. In loans on our pharmacy or so you know I mean. Really had no reaction mention these. It is CD. Gushing below that whatever incentives god this might play not only certain window. I'm not that. You know I'm me you know those. You know I mean you know is it. You know doesn't interest Australia you know you can have a current. You know if you don't do that have gained being. You know we got a stable government some clothing. Is also and you know what are my more than. Or maybe not I don't know you know. You know her very own efforts to combat flu alert in the distribution and Garrett. In the future it's normal things that they're seeing you a little. Because. You motor vessel from Marshall school musical four. So we we talked it it seems like early he was still in bed is seems like yet I try to time my site so. Here after the game's over you celebrate your hat the teacher. He will you watch the Phillies game at all who got a call it a little bit reconnaissance. Personal boo fortune on food. In who've come in. Here are from the moment of your it was a trick and that it actually you know American people watching it should have actually of the Rutgers. Hear from you loan could definitely great to you isn't even in position. You know sensible. Thing you know there wasn't good which you so it will not reform. Yeah oh absolutely. It is different design play baseball it's like you you win the AFC title game of the well the chipped chipped it to a World Series this plastic in the locker rooms of people drinking beer poured champagne and everybody. So like death you guys have. I don't know. You know we see you intrusion of their work to do mr. Fell more than their funeral for singles. The big celebration. It's conducted so you know got a lot of work to do them. You know you allergic to. Well you'll France probably gonna hate you you know because it's like. Let's get back to the Super Bowl would mean definitely for a couple years and we can't get Super Bowls and you know some of these guys have been around for a long time and just never got a sniff of one true. In the year on the issue is that you blessing and you know just because of the organization you know where. In our interest of our wounds in love them on loan in western. You know I'm just. On this guy who looked on the in normal keeping dishonest in no little reluctant to prefer to have. You know quick remarking that it recognition through. In the future situation looking split in election is that you mentioned I don't know you know. Some got I got food there. Terry I do are you aware. Just how much hatred there is towards you and this new hooters tee and you obviously as the opponent but it. No I'm sure guys in the wrestling that he shouldn't they they they want to do you know watching the Super Bowl. And is that you guys talk about that or is it just. What looks like. Ashis singled every day you know. Marshall it's not that we conference didn't people who. Immelman troubles were far loans while sitting out there and Seagram's. In a few years Bullard loans canola and there. In all of these. In movies. Two today if you do from our affiliate. You know could really. You know. I mean what does weasels whose firm you know changed our Prudential's. And brazen just simply isn't yeah. Oh yeah got an impression. So you know. I mean I don't know whether they want us to do so lovely. You erotica if your work or shall. You know it is nothing that we take granite definitely. You know. You know there's. Club picnic on your own words you know. Treatment is not long in the only an organizational. Work all these years. It was an income of one thing that Colin you know. I've talked to you will next week we'll talk about Super Bowl next week with you so just haven't gone and our. Jerusalem's.