OMF - Trey Flowers joins the show; Duron Harmon discusses why he knelt yesterday 9-25-17

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Monday, September 25th

HOUR 3 - Matt Light was on with Kirk and Gerry and was less than thrilled with the Patriots who chose to kneel on Sunday. Duron Harmon shared his reasoning for kneeling. And Trey Flowers joined the guys at Gillette following the Pats win over the Texans.


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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Here. Comes. The clip. Expect a with wind blew in Christian would you love to see one of these NFL owners. This they get that son of a pitch off the field right now our guys. I got pissed off I'll be honest with you and I'm reading these comments and it it's it's appalling to me yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he says if you know thought it was just. Divisive I know for a fact an unknown something. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Nobody ever say anything much and let your mom and all you've been. We are coming close from Colombo. Almost as good as my social my mom moment you know don't be around for us. I just had been etc. there are put Obama joked we're gonna talk about the president's own yeah they have the same type of effect. Trey flowers joins us live down here at Gillette Stadium patriots Monday. Go to Syria we have viewed as it is to you what did you would no problem is a cellulose to feel yesterday did you and dehydrated out too hot for you. They knew it was but your nose is one of those days you know losing ground out there you got to chase a guy like. It's now wasn't around and you know some pretty good of Islam. Noses when those guys in we are now. Were you love it when you guys you know start that game. We surprised that how good a passer he was going to be. Oh yeah I mean we we know me you know without a very easy you know deadly able to make plays his days you know also capable of you know can total bothering. You know he doesn't good procedures in noted that kids is live so. You know I always say surprised. You know just. You know we just images knew we had you know make him throw it from a party rather than. You know making plays and breaking contain and you know thrown it on the run things like there's so. Those kind of it's the Christopher. Amount of time general view that the film yet enough on the times sentenced him that we did everything we want to do with contain and it did it in you still live. Got out of it may place yeah. If this is play time zone. You know is just blows them is in a live so you got a lot of great players on the other side of the ball. And he's won on this able to make those federal plays so you can probably. Do things this just is perfect you know you defeat do you note office and on at the effective way. You know legacy he's a great player and he made it made great plays so. You know it there's there's no benefit live in the days and. I cherry tree weeks now and your defense has given up an awful lot of points we've seen the defense give up yardage before. But not big chunk plays like you're giving up right now. What does it is a communication and what is the problem here what do you think the problem. You know I'm not you move. They experienced enough to just sit there and dictated a problem with things like this boy that should talk to your other teammates you can use. You got to figure out and you're trying to make it better yeah I did it says yea you know Dublin Rome. You know I think use. I think in a lot of guys. You know as far as on the you mean we in the right positions and you know in the right. You know areas to make plays that they used is you know about making his is about making those that was beautiful views. Coax it through to hold down you know residences. You know at the beginning yeah you are my had a right dead right coverage bush. You know we've been facing a lot of you know scrambling quarterback and things like that so you know. You know so. Is forcing you to be disciplined. You know rather innocent rulers you know as far as in the Russian life wasn't to be disciplined. And if you're makeovers to stay which are man things like this so. I think Jesus you know did BF focusing and finished in the plays and commissioners are screws. You know you probably have have guys in third down situations where you know you're not able to get out the field could. In whom you know you duo plays here and there are so in I think he's just about focusing engines continue to work numbered. You know Lou we'll get back to working with a we keep our doors and. So yeah also there you know who your position. It is justices specifically do you you know he licked a movie around. You know and try to get into it it was an advantageous you know situation personal situation. It's their deserved one position that we just wishing you just. Stay at the right and let beds and I mean. You figured you did you kind of like you know yeah. I mean you know me is this. You know I'm just happy being out on the field advantage has been able to be in position to make the plays so. You know I think there's more to went to rookie year would we not planned. You know Rogers came back with. It no matter where you could yet downloads is fun way to be productive so. You know I was like us are positioned better than others you know I'm Zia may be more matches to one thing and the bottom. You know you know the more you can do so in judges got to find a way to. Salute to deal at all sultan may not be strong near right now and just continue to work on him. So Terry Friday night president trumped themselves some ridiculous comments that universally people are kneeling team to come together you guys had sixteen players kneeling you'll one of them and skiers. In year month for you personally why did you need. Rome. You know verses you notice in the mutinies. And in. You know 01. Make use of by oh trump or make it about oh you know. You know the situation going known you know seek to spores bullet you know what I would say is. You know the there are spic have for. Demeaning women therefore what is countries. You know. Salute him for almost a spit because you know you're not only ages. Dying for him you know put your life on liable to put your life when I left somebody prior don't even though so. You know win. You notice more occurs to anybody can ever had you know there is a reason why I'm not in the military. I don't think I will be it was sort of my life left with some I don't know enough for my family okay bullet. You know the in you know also is of utmost respect for. Those guys who put their life on and and you know as far as nearly was no disrespect. Doom or go to people who bit. Quite critical issue order fled or disclosure. What you know it was just. I think you lose a lot of guys you know will for me it was a fruit juices big as far as the comments boom. It was just about I think you it is one of those days and I told noted media you know if you your brother's keeper. You know say I got a brother and I got to you know home or whatever and I'm not doing you know up to my standards. You notice that we to a higher standard so if I'm not to my standard is let me know. In their tail me and you know kind of make me to be better in net and that's what thing you notice could you shoot. What should be is beat bit and continue to be better in. You know so you know unified and things like this so you know we we just gonna keep trying to get better and you know the full watching we'll keep trying to get better so long long. Assume I chose to click cut reaction to what the Donald Trump said on Friday night like that I understand why you would be pissed so. I would ask this question then. Why is it. A symbolic gesture towards the flag and toward the anthem. If you were any other player is pissed off Donald Trump you can't afford to get a form here every Monday and then you could sit there and say what the president said on Friday night was discussing we're not some of the pitches and he's sorry you know do we we do a lot of good things in the community and so. Why because I don't look at the flag or look at they have them and seen it you know an orange wig I know she strikes lacy stars. Do you not understand why military people like people what they would look at the same men that they're making it about truck but they're there they're treading on the fly. Yeah I definitely understand it and you know is. As a lot of different opinions out there and people have those rights and opinions and you know I was doing once just a victim from a prior accident board when it came to. You noted news thing usage and things like this it was this. You know I guess he can attack his self went through it as far as. You know he is it just was there a disrespect to kind of stay mean and is kind of like you know. Output it is you know he he he won control promotes. You know a lot of things. You know dead. You know book you see here you know you read on these and the reason. In or vice and in a room full of optimistic to full blown. Things like this bullet you know you they got a politicians. And Gretchen and seven no owners what to do. I know I get it I totally understand that I'd be pissed off of funding on you as well. I just an and I heard player after player saying it's not about the military and I guess that it's not about the moment but the military viewing it that way noon and you can understand it because they look and the flight and they look at the at them and they say what the president we're we're not Donald Trump who made those comments that and you know he's he's. He's never king is out of his own they're crazy Condit in enacting this that's who we got a whole room to a standard but we do this next week. Will any of your players do this to Indy next week. I mean you know I think we we can. More coats unification. You know with the players it is like do we know of who wanna do something as it changes. A statement you know there's a distinguished made directly to you noted in a and you know players that days like this so in just think he's obviously you know those come together. You know dual dual or something just kind of symbolizing that you know most if produces big pretty much like you know you and your net. You know I felt like he'd lose you know making a statement as though he's something their ages. You know controlled it pretty much everything in you know it you know we only we only got one guy then you know then. You know I think Jews. So you think you'll be something again next week a statement made by this team do you have you guys talked about I don't know if we haven't talked about in you know I'm usher. Is the you know from looking for. We we we are working on. You know we'll work on care in Ireland so you know is not so much energy put it it is you know as a lot of people make the you know we we spent an someone knows that you know who we're complete fool bonding. We understand we've got a job to do we headed towards so. You know in you know but this is deafening loud they've blown his word and you know he's also live in his world it was will soon. It is there you know. It is there point worry suggest the about football Lou I would love were to do to that point so it to you you you old enough or you didn't I guess credible enough you know modified enough. Few citizen to voice your opinion. Oh am I mean I don't do too much talking you know anyway but you know guys got a pain in you know active. So might as in my opinion I can have are to voice it blew it. In you know I'm not want to. In O'Connell pull my opinions on a lot of a lot of the people you know because everybody's different in and I think this. A lot of these Bono would we do situation everybody got different opinions so. You know so you see colleges. You've got to Kansas got let everybody had their opinion in those additional world. The spirit of love all the players and Nancy you know if you write bring everybody together but there's somebody watching this island hernia that you see sixteen guys needling each other guys standing. It didn't look like unity you know Houston's everything in her locked who do you guys it looked. Different but it do you. Was there still unity ordered that sort of looked like your team wasn't gonna split in what you wanted to do. Yeah I mean who is unity and understanding of the issue in maybe a different as far as opinion four of what to do. You know win a national Apple's play book the unity understanding and knowing and it you know you've got sued me you got your way of of displaying. You know your dislike being you know we got our way bush you know so if it was our disown. You know. You we were we felt attacked as well as in the bill as you know Brothers and brotherhood in the and you know everybody. Feel like just understood that you know doubt know was it. A good come in from you know. You know amended Georgia the president you know the United States so they used as unity understanding and no one day. You know nobody was for that nobody afforded desist patent. You know we we we just go Holden to eat it you've got to demand better from an update us as a people. And America you know is not one of electing a team like that is America go to. Demand better if mode as mayor Betty kids is and we continue to. You're known. Exists and we won't look as you can represent America and as long as we speaking on this might right now represented the pages are present the flower friendly. In whatever I say. It's this is it's you know you take pass about it you know you you got to be professional you gotta be. You know yes in a seventeen year old to be more professional didn't you notice that the president is so it was kind of in those kind of like you know. You know you want to demand their respect could you just want to be better and you know so. I assume no disrespect to no military. The military you know person knows anything like that loses. You know it is just come you know you you you just want to be better so bad that it kind of like bush stating that. You know it just be better and you know I think us as a people American people. Just got to put him at a higher standard in demand brightness okay. Always great to native American Idol you are red flowers. We're gonna take a break we'll get reaction your phone calls it 617779. 793 step back to Mora to jocks I like working with jobs as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. You've got demand better from cages. Whom continue to. This we won't look as you Brooke was it a miracle as we. Speaking on this might right now represented the pages are represent the flowers slam and whatever I say. I've been taught this is it's you know you take mass about it you know you you got to be professional you gotta be you know US and seventy you'll be more question didn't you notice the president is so it's kinda want to demand the respect could you just won't be better. Frustrate flowers the interview was brought to you by -- frustrations specialist in my complaints can insurance putt interest used as they let their investment of their because as we've savored breaky finally kind of just spoke. Paternity careful yeah it was of trying to do less filters that filter everything out and that's. Again like there's characterizing it. And Monahan. You say you don't want to suspect there's you don't want to suspect that you don't you know you don't want to upset anybody and bad my uncle did this in my nephew did that my debt thought here but it. But that same time you go ahead you do it anyways. So. Can't you can't you send the message. Without pissing everybody off a bit or maybe that's part of this abuse of every single teams that the sideline in a locked arms yes. With dad and had the same message yes with ul. Right without disrespecting and actually at the minute black and that it would have seen the other unite union they chose not to do that race. India because we had drawn Harmon early or withdrawn from harm is on. On last night and we heard Tyronn harm in talking about the reason why they will what they were new while the dirty now why but what they were doing while they were really. And while we took their need a lot of people don't realize. What we will pray. Mean dead. Because we all said a prayer. Just for our country is so much division in the country right now from from all all points of view. And we just wanted to do something so we pray for our country. We pray for our president. Just to charted blessed and touch his heart grateful to people when we pray for for understanding. See I can understand I can understand trees flowers being pissed off. Because we we we we were just joking with about the mama jokes right in the passion and anger he gets. He doesn't troubles don't want to trade flowers but it's all well and I delegates is until he talked about his mom out of it you wouldn't call bunch of men and sons of bitches we really talking about so much so I'm not. Of a bitch so my mother your basic common mom. And it's ultimate answer to matter slow you know we'll I don't know when it matters speak but still it's just it symbolizes your truth behind. You're going into a little bit to know or it's broken down it's it's the fact that he says got a call setup piece of it that the players should now filed a plate the plate the fact that these players should be fired. The biggest problem having with all of this and I had a with cold I don't think the federal bits at cared a lot of weight now locker room. But if you don't united united mine multiple had a lot to play with it but it because he was being disrespect your talk about the two things that are the most important thing to all these guys. The two most important things to these guys trump money trump did all my money. And their mama campaign for today. Yeah I think in Myanmar a little carried away and no particular order my. See. While. But he said the same thing that's the problem I have I will know let's say they are. Articulating exactly. What the issue is. He can't stand strong and he did not know is a regular at the right there was almost all of natural laws is even if guys like bedroom according who haven't been needling. They would solicited him mark is Peters bill you know I still support him you know I support the cause I choose not to Neil laurel here's team we don't. We're not doing this sort of thing but he still supports and respects mark speed is renewing and they still support respect. While capita for an alien bring attention to. So that's all that is in the next thing you know the present at states comes out and cause those people they support sons of bitches. And analysts say you know one dollar Deutsche supported now India with them too but that's a product is what it that that's what but why is that a problem it's a problem for me because eat it the heat to meet is not the flag he's not the anthem trumpet today yeah I said before and it. Presents well there and while Kate went wrong and Iran recently let history they're wrong Geraldo deal I'm pretty sure they'll tell you you're wrong so what's gonna happen this way to send it tells you that you and I think trump is back and now. Double down on this nobody else in New Orleans as soon you're gonna have more protests coming up. Because of many is it that you can't do this you can't sit here. And you can't take a protest against the slide against the amendment tell us after the fact this is not about the military guys love it announcer why now. What you're saying you you you believe what you believe which is fine. What is somebody a tree flowers and Deborah McCord assistance as you know what. That American flag Donald Trump represents America he is the president United States that's what they see that's what they feel. And it's not about military this is more about trump the president. And fighting back for his words you've taken his military lot of people take it is military so I understand why they're upset I understand what you're upset. But nobody understands what why they think well but there were people what they're trying to color the that there were people that were pissed. During the last administration yes OK I didn't see a lot of demonstrations on here. Okay let's talk Paula cabaret technique. The union solidarity instilled as well don't. Daniel don't wait and edit Obama came out and said yet so very very little during an like Ali Abdullah called Paula GAAP net percent of a bit during I want every year you. That more people will be there supporting called cap and during an election year in which still rhetoric was flying and most of the rhetoric was coming from Donald Trump. Connect the people gonna Neil because he calls McCain a little loser because you captured. Always gonna talk about grabbing women like people you know they didn't over all the stuff like that refer players talk about that. The players talk about everybody my short about that must fight to Neal about yet all of the score. Just talk about it Politico earlier where Troy Brown as part of describing individual you're dealing with. Yes it's part of that description history though but it wasn't because of a show I would ominous clues and I'd be pissed at. At the trump and I thought an hour reset and I'd blasted that yesterday in the real post game show to me. He made it a lot worse he made it worse for the NFL he made it work well donors even worse. Indeed he did he know not quite honestly they enjoyed it it was stupid he gave it late he gave it like yes it was dying of fine I was dead right. Okay and then you can seat as what the ratings like their ratings war is bad. As we all thought they were. This time this week compared to this time last year it over to Wales plays a 34 we are but I agree that because I know you're just gonna be quiet about this this we know look at the ratings are down massively. While the number one reason happens to be that they like watching what's happening on hello. Reveres her. Similar things. Yeah no doubt this cat club so you think. That is do you think that. Craft in some of it maybe some of the other owners that are needed donated to his campaign. Still talk to on and maybe discuss the issue I would now ask and analyze it make it I mean obviously they probably enjoy estimation what adjustments and ambassador what do you think that yeah do you think that maybe this base share some of the information about the rays in the concerns they have. And how entered directly is related to cap predict you. And how some other that it is and how a lot of their fans are probably. Broke trump idealists. Usually they think the same way so that another may have played so hot hot owners kind of navigate on one hand. They have to appeal to their fans the sell tickets to make money. On the other hand me to sit there and listen to their place of a no win situation if they act if they thought against the players they have all blown revolt. If they go what a player then that then they start to go about this not always I don't why don't want my tickets anymore so I Watson. So usually do Drudge who doubts their case sparked protest those guys in a lock arms and asset. I don't really else would you don't win it and understand that he says it's a problem and in Othello that good ratings are down hot in the photograph. Oh wait there's no way they have dirt dressing at the way they feel is the most is the safest in my book the safest way is you protect the players. You defend the players. That is what drives your sport not the coach is not Roger Goodell the players drive this the sport grow and even able. They won't you know. The CPA. What element before. Strikes strikes aren't pleased about CT saarc seed you know at Louisville outages Gillis are actually does not even though they won't strike minority get better broke its. I hit it though they won't strike educate you know it is better working conditions overall. Health issues. This is the one thing they'll all have to die all in all this what it. Like what he did what he did was he he professes that he is a so called. Free market guy what he did is he tried to engage and get his fingers into. Business I have brought this up last night. Tom Menino in Boston when he was a mayor chuck Foley wanted to commit here in the CEO chick filet because he's got religious convictions he's a devout Christian doesn't even open up the chick police on Sunday as you know got even though there in the new Atlanta stadium. And he is say a devout Christian and did not believe in same sex marriage are so many because he didn't agree with him. On this political stand did everything he could and made sure that he could not bring his business to Boston. That was totally unfair you leave the market open you'll allow him like everybody else just because they have a different political views that you. As long as they're willing to pay what they have to pay to do their due to operate their business. You let them operate and the public decides they'll market decides they will I know they're going to go or not right and what what Chad did is he got in the way of the free market place on Friday night and basically you let it out these owners don't have to allow these guys to do it if they're gonna do they estimate to the American flag exiting at the fire that sounds. Vegetables nuts to do with the successfully issued Purcell of the one of the best breakfast biscuits in the and a secret Santa is awful for I saw it let them out and they have no I don't lust have wanted to opening up on my way to work some random group one. When he's not open yet Nike guarantee you. There will be line out the door for a months and months the open what a New York City. I'm right on the corner real treated into the occasion approach and it sure sure but articles on Sundays so but there's a line I'm not kidding you around the corner. It's like it's don't ever seen before. But as the tea and biscuits sold. Okay all usually sold me on a daily soap operas don't work for but the point I was making was an innocent. And over my dead body they're not going to come into our city. OK so he basically put up a wall gift it to protecting himself and people. Oh who believed that and not let them into the city. Chuck storm isn't doing what he's attempting to do it he's put these donors at a very difficult situation. Should people that have donated to his campaign. I think he's getting in the way of the free markets of what you would show. I don't think it owners but I don't know the road atlas on what help NASCAR has to be perfectly honest of their owners are actually citizen we agree Lydia. He'll share for the anthem you're fired which is ridiculous because that it the NFL owners I would say that you and other than what NASCAR is doing it's easy. You get every every NF all of us that they're similar to that. What do you honestly let's let's do this next to we have it we have a we have a clear enough of this and you and Lou you brought a great point. Matt Light was almost morning and Matt Light. Decade which I thought was a good you know you know. Example of how some older guys think. A witness that you know not maybe not all older guys. But Lou brought up the fact how would that play out. Back in 2002 doesn't want to do it would he said given what he says saw when he hear what he's OK what did I wanna see immortal call 6177797937. After this. Lou is rocking Twitter beef. Forward touring and after they show pac bloomer Loney. We're back to moral or waiver ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio. What happened yesterday it's just the wrong way to do not come ashamed that I am disappointed. That they just fell in line with what was easy. Knowing full well bite bite even death according to own admission that it was going to be a real problem for the servicemen and women of this country. Who sacrifice themselves right. So that we can all have the freedoms that we have he knew that was going to be a problem yet. He chose to go ahead and ignore all of that and do what he did I think in need during art National Anthem. There's a million other ways thousands of weight under the weight at least five ways that I've come up with the last few days that you could really do something. Really. So that's Matt Light he was on this morning. Was perking Callahan he was talking about players and the leadership to players said he ripped through a list of Troy Brown was one of the guys you mention. And then we played cut earlier with Troy Brown from Comcast last night in their post game show. And he was play in the hole grabbed him by the of the giant or an a hole or CNN what that ledge Michigan this is it's different. Because there's this hatred for truck. It's different well it it isn't his guys might have been around but if you're around 20072. In how would they respond to that because Lou asked this. He's like so I would how would work. Well he said it would not fly yet Matt Henson and and that is the lack of leadership in what this team was doing yesterday causes of the guys stepping on each and would not fly foes. You know back when we play these are talking about you know malign heals everything else this morning that with with Kuerten in Jerry. And in my question that you sure about that man. They did darkening me about the guidance that say this was going on president at trump was president. And you have guys like lake like Troy Brown. Late dialog. That Willie mcginnis. They'd Damien Woody are you after Matt Light as well. Really you don't think that this was born out. I think actually I actually you know I think the there who want they'll say about those times. Back in the day guys. Right and that there was a lot of strong personalities. Saying this doesn't had to put but I say they have more of the house playing with these guys they remorse very strong personalities. And there's still lots debate going on okay now like 2007 not like 2000 however. When when Lou mentioned that smells like me. How would it work if Hyde law feels the same way Dave McCourt doesn't Troy Brown systems of justice to political position to a how does the players only meeting sound. How does that sound. Prisoner trying to reason with people but it doesn't matter because they're so passionate about they can't hear acting in Spain all they know is that somebody popping off and he needs to be checked it needs he needs. To be put this place so I don't what you phew I don't care what you say I don't care what your dad it would brother did our our what ever it doesn't matter all no disguising a hole and we did do something. Kelly that's wrong in his day yeah if you go back to dove for whatever. Yeah I think it was a different time. It jumped Keane was running for for president okay he's a hero of all the Democrats will say one thing if this is going on. If this sneak scenario everything will we are right now I was gonna when he played. It will be handled differently and I don't necessarily agree with that what you generally you don't know guarding her charge for a one of the guys that you mention right. Yeah right I. How I would like to think I would like to think. That yes unified yes I would like to figure Texans are lucky guess I would like to think that put it that the fact of the matter is you have no freaking clue. Because nothing like this came up. And it wasn't. As contentious right and the feelings that we talked about just during the break. There's no middle ground on this. You either you're there on one side or the other and either side is going to be bashed by the other one for their beliefs if you think they should stand. You're being bashed a hot into CD injustice if you're taking a knee off hockey how can you disrespect the flag. There's no gray area here. He eats no matter what you're going to be yelled that there is greater could be steal from everybody. Yeah going to be the grid area is the gray area are the ones who are just don't want to or to say who wanna say. I won a lottery with a great Arianna let's call a clumsy answer love is the answered all great. Areas if there's a freedom of speech every when she's using it. And I understand where you know the players coming from my interest in what a fair to Boeing and and I understand a truck at the right to saving you wants to lead the freedom of speech people. To sit there and say hey everybody is or the other one does America. Right but does America and he yelled at everybody but both sides. So it's now I don't know I just look at aesthetic of the players like we try to understand where they're coming from we've had this discussion all morning long. It hurts ray flowers this is all about Donald Trump. Not big is detachable firing the son of bitches that that that Neil. And it's only been a select few people that Neil but I can guarantee you a lot of the players union fell who don't Neil still support the ones that do. So now they sisters has already gonna say that a ball that guys or about this guy will screw that now I'm gonna show them support. By kneeling FL disrespect about what you sets of all it is all about trumpet they feel like he does represent the flag but he does represent this country. In that protesting him it's all that's why they did yes that's what the. That's what this is all out. It it's trumped arrangements and try to have a and it is by the way I don't once some of these players as well usually reasonable Friday or certain what should was was totally. Off the often off the charts he could've come out and said listen. I don't like the fact that guys are are taking a knee during the playing of our National Anthem with the American flag there and what this country represent. But what he did is he directed the owners. To basically fight these guys are suspend them the National Guard is following suit yes so why don't we have to do what do we have to incorporate this. As part of the process of respecting but country want to get to protest begun separately players have the opportunity to. Bless you do chocolate. The rest of the day will go on much attention that gonna get. On the statute that elegant model that we all are so it's a particular attention to what other people are protesting let you know written out of your fox broke his notes here. Okay. But a game did a month why because more people there make it more tension so if you're who you want to protest what quietly behind the scenes players have. A high profile they can go on any one of these shows. And they would love to see if you don't picket SE six. Would you Mellon Michael stretch with what they have players at different our troops and their beat the crap out of cultural should've only let out an extremely messy sex but that's the bush throws that everybody no story everybody watches football right millions and millions watch football. So if you are gonna protest people's safety not a sports that's what you do if she wanted to go to trial that you want to at least get some attention don't you. Richard not hitting the Donald Trump you just pissing off half the people out there aren't you. Public you're getting to Donald Trump why do when you don't you think trump heard that message on clearance of the I'm that he cares well mother care cannot heal that you heard. Do you do you think you'll say he's a failure do you think you'll say it got into this week to throw it even more every player didn't kneel. And didn't stand the way they did if they if they all came up for the at them and and what their respective locker rooms afterward to talk to a couple reporters immediate cuts in national attention. You think that would get more attention on what they did on Sunday I think you're missing a lot of people off who probably can't stand trump and thought the trump. It was a complete before a deal. So I just assume if this this nation or wrote in a different picture Korea which is a I was NC so. 24 hours later. And Alejandro Avila to waive those Jersey has become the top selling item in NFL's official on line store. So one day after being the only Pittsburgh Steelers to come out of the locker could view the entire team did not come out. For the National Anthem he was the only person to come out stood right in the tunnel but it is hard and was singing the National Anthem. Point Bartlett lesson point four hours later. Top selling Jersey. And the NFL you don't want this has been a whole campaigns are now about to have assured now circuit that they're your counter us to cut to Colin capital so put a column Catholic guy. And it Allen Illinois have a guy. And see what happens to have a discussion we have. But that's the one thing you can look back at trump and people say why does he keep on tweet tweeting it works for. It works for I know people that you know more around people who think like them are certainly gone but the doesn't the phone. But this all works for him. He solidifies more of these base and that doesn't surprise me at all and and you don't trust gonna do he's not gonna try to unify is not gonna try to bring two sides together. He is gonna wrap himself. Around though on the waiver are active those jerseys are outselling all of these other Jersey lot of us are stored I also it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna be. And flown to see the Democrats more job. No. It wrong to single Arizona hello disgusted by this guy. Because of that it's at a candlelight already knows what he got elected but now it's there now to get an opportunity cynical one of two ways which will promote this guy's. Jersey as opposed to cap prediction just what try to continue to divide is that usually works for. Okay -- that was best for us not for aspirin works for him. And what does that Austin. I mean he's on to say no discussed when he buried sixteen opponents in the Republican primary he said some stuff that you said are you a crossroads right now whose artists are. Right now this way you choose what's best for the country or what's best for me. OK and that they checked his job to do what's best for the country what's best for him mr. continued divided and talk above all the way editors you'll also outsold campers you will it keep pushing edited. He will tie yourself to why are you can't imagine I think the whole Allen and wave building so the entire team decides. That they're gonna stay inside. All of them regardless of what their agenda is sorry he served or not the old side. And there are also been the same page so Allen Villa nueva decide that he's got a lot by itself. You look at the what the Pittsburgh Steelers are saying now and they did know he was going out to parents and said oh what I know that growth will say so. If he's the exception to the rule so either you're all it you're all out because three that sends the wrong message. You even though you're trying to do the right thing. One guy decides to know. This is what's best for me now let's say OK Ed there's there is an exception to the rule cut this guy's who's like yeah actually without their carrying a rifle. And trying to make the world BC replaced at least. Your world Americans more three tours of duty Greek towards the retort oh million put anything real danger all did it yet expert who is it Harrison who doesn't want to know but it's not just him like. My point is it's it's what I understand what he did on second down play that all right what my point is now you're out of football team. Now you work for the Steelers the Steelers York boss okay who pays you tells you we're not going out. You state. Do it anyways. Regardless of what your gender is regardless of how important it is a problem that. All I think that if you were all big were all layered yes if for all and we also at the team works eighteen. And I respect that you definitely listened I additions to I had issues with everything I wanna go out. And I think it might pieces are just as important you be wrong as they may be. This thing that the fact is that are already decided they all decided. To go its stay in as a team. Some players apparently have a problem with a let's get back to focus is Mike in Rhode Island hello Mike. Hold on a strong Mike again hello Mike. Great writer you don't need to step up. And dropping camera on this thing right now it. He's gonna he's really good start and stuff. Aren't there it is to to be that you're talking about the of that well they have they're gonna hit and where does that end with a left. No I mean what what the end game pretty guy. OK if not not standing for the and actually get them. It's never gonna end there but they took adult heart to say it is the rule. Visiting you don't gonna make some people unhappy but. He she it up well you can do anything on your shoes for bigger and got a rule everything. Mike he's already back in he's already backed off the way that he and the owners dealt with a this past week. And the fact that they came out and all of them issued statements basically saying these players have the right to go and and protest camp. Can't do what you wanted to do well on the what bush that's that's worked on before we want to do speak about OK this is how it goes you just won a protest. Like Houston Texans stand in line airlock alarms but then welcome back and say well that that's that's a quiet one. That does get enough attention. Here in Munich we figured it would send a message what is not allowed enough message. To get people out there talking about the issue when we are talking about the issue. But can the league do that the leaks that there say if you want Neil. We will find you the new rule is not only get to be out there with a nationally at the three teams didn't do a good is fine your organization for not what you team in the field. But when you borrow you know it'd be out there. But if you wanted to do anything yet in lock arms and know the protests will happen if that ever came down from Roger Goodell via. If you are one of those people that was supportive of both Colin Cameron doesn't disappoint you a little bit. That all of this stuff is broken out based on what the president said on Friday night. And what are we getting from grown cavern. Never did and that's and that's can act and he's laughing his ass off because eventually gas or right at least that's. It's another look at. How we got an alcoholic happening. Destroyed the NFL we got to take a break back to your folk also excellent 777 night seven data 37 or MF patriots Monday like from two.