OMF - Trey Flowers on Patriots' defense being overlooked 1-29-18

Monday, January 29th
Anybody who listens to our weekly spot with Trey Flowers knows that the man doesn't get rattled. And with all the praise being heaped on the Vikings, Eagles, and Jags defense, he maintains that it's all good for the Pats defense.

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How we get ready for Super Bowl 52 Trey flowers joins his third year in the league first year you're. You're injured you're hurt the second year you get boy in simple third year. Get pulling in the conceivable. That the settings every year. I hope so. You know also but. You know deafening Garza put up soon you know those that become easier of the salon or worked team put into existed in this position. You know that work in the real orders are known to them so you got some veterans here and done it before we get some young kids strike theaters guide to let you know well I mean what was it like for him kind of moving on to this and then it's what we've been talking about all years why we do we give a yeah he was definitely happy I don't know just seem blitzer you know Warner you know page is cut opposed to you know does that. Known as the most is that these but you know he understands. You know alcohol or did it takes to put into this and and now he's you know seeing the reason I'm all working. You know he's been doing good good job for his this year and you know no no more so much this study do you do on individual players how much do you know but each one of them here and little tendencies that made you can pick up all the jobs that shelty does this he does that. I can take advantage oh yes definitely keeps you know study noted individual emerges. You know three decision affair at a gonna you know let me switch out there switch of their past this to switch we nobody attacked you and things like this so. You just really got you know focusing it to about two weeks I mean you know fortunately I got. You know we got two weeks just how to prepare so you know you just focusing in any season. You know what's. You know our distance indices in you know how they play out a pass it. You know what they like to do that list there. You know cause it's a lot of you know fit to run the in you know they have you know not a said the church and things like this so. You know he's got to be able to play with the net and you know like to say it is just don't understand your opponent in you know locking in on them. I'm just curious you guys a lot of pride that's a ball you know hit a guy like them according practical guy a lot of leaders on that size the last week the final four was three great defense isn't very did. And he seems to be everybody's else's defense is talking a lot about noon but it's only Brady did you guys take that personal they're not talking about your defense I mean. Obviously in house you know we reach out as somebody's. Indulges. It all work and they if you put into it is you know you're gonna. You know little fist to type way about his so obviously you know we're not taking it lightly bullet you know we're not caught open a lot of hype you know we don't. They leave it in the you know I think we deserve this so worn ahead is for those wanting to head is at delays we understand warm Darren Clarke wrong we are still down for you. And you know we we don't mind Buena you know don't do it to sleep bird or whatever you know is gonna come in get the job done so. You notice desperately could us you know mom I sit in the east when and when it comes everyone knows you know we went over the Q who do you phrase it pays like that we just cared about his being handled him. Incident that score defense memorial defense from week for the united reach five off. Nobody in the problem did on him to say that when that this came out was there any talk to any who was the guy in that locker rooms you know we don't have anybody in pro ball like we don't have any they're good enough was there anyone you. Leading net charge you know air vita saw it live like us they don't think. He wanted to do was cry and about it or complain about it. You know loan to. Be be quite honest you know we want an old man in Provo in many ways so we return on you know into the Super Bowl also. You know dad this is what woods and you know a lot of guys. You know you can use these things like that you will understand it and you know it is what it is would use to got a job doing that this from folks like you didn't election is really getting to the. Quarterback which is really good over the last few weeks but the amazing stat with this defense is you have now gone. That's coming up on six games the last time you had to take away was the end. Of the Pittsburgh game yeah how do you go into a game like this you come away wouldn't know take away some inexpensive you expect to win the football okay. I mean. You know obviously where it's and we we wanted to take aways been as successful without having takeaways I mean. In it office is doing their job in. You know you look you see moment we had how many there in the house you know throughout the whole season so it weren't enough to feel fast enough to put the ball and off his hands and thing and they go what this war and abuses such and you know desks you know the success routinely and so it is not follow always about takeaways would you know housing wanna get takeaways wanna get those big plays as you know if you began today especially a big game you know like this I'm from. Click on the note so you know boy we go keep home work all forum Nokia oppression of bonding. And no hope we give. Great CD I a lot of good luck coming up Sunday nitrate flowers were gonna be right back.