OMF - Trey Flowers on setting pace in Broncos win, staying out of trouble on the long road trip 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

Trey Flowers spent last evening making life hard for Brock Osweiler. He joins the show to discuss the Patriots win over the Broncos as well as the keys to keeping out of trouble in Mexico.


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Right now we return to more of Fort Wayne Loney and for what Sports Radio guys. We EI. I time for our weekly get together with Trey flowers on Retief by complaints insurance by heiress rest of relations specialist nice game you don't aren't. I'm really. And he's good way for a he just did not get did you just wake up. The word go back asleep and don't fight back on us carry our original budget that we can are eager to. Listen we're laughing about this earlier because I might have seen the most obvious case of holding last night it was on I cared bulls on. On union they were sweeping left. And the worst part about it was polls and thirty left the game I think believe it was the first play that he came back and again. He had to hold Jew because his ankle was journey over the I don't know what would you screaming. Now what do you do what seemed like you scrutiny has two arms were sledding was a late. Fly what do you do in that situation on the casualty. A bit. Immediately due to what do what came to having it located at two instances you know and in this Islamic revolution is sort of lineup in the minutes. That you got to mention that in the kitchen are. And while China's state their first. But you know he added that Clinton group owns world minorities coming to tomorrow's vote right. I didn't give them. He Otis or you know forcing them you know supporters are taking notice. All came out so nordic. I was pretty it was the most obvious and I yeah and you say thank you it's an official of investigators' attention you see the flag tomorrow. And not us. And their nose close or closer to their motive to Clinton bush booster to well you know sometimes. I don't think consumers and also. Didn't hit me in the. Moments ago so McKnight all. All of you and I game on it. There. Are so. A sense that you're here how arm how light just turn the turn around argued that you guys gotta be you know in Colorado Springs for the next five days and you have this routine. Are you one of those guys it's just a creature of habit and you gotta have everything the right way it is going to be like a tough adjustment for you. And you know not a mid. In the is. It. I don't really you know to emerge as foreigners you know or student duplicate you know engines. In loans from the reviews do that in certain. Youngsters and that is there is no. Down here to air force so in the moon. Well later in the pollutants the decent citizen and residential. And didn't Stifel book so you know there's but this in the wake of his reluctance of in two on Wednesday that you know aren't our that I have to tour after durable. I have to go home. In gluten used. Can reduce discovered since. Dutch re how strange was that game and you guys don't feel for final couple possessions seniority at 176. Rightists have hit with that the guards and kick off returns of me sort of turnaround you RD gotta. Eleven point lead against these guys. Yeah yeah it was articles where teams can learn. You know. You know the curtain in order greater control from the you know. Clinton who are sort of you know and we'll it didn't. You know. In you know dolphins can chances and it has bogged in this. And movies. Never I've political corruption is so advanced. And nick and next thing you know you know circle baca and could you go to Russell. No you know it is for peaceful. Governor from additional opportunities in the lone. In locations. In Oakland this situation learn in little look very good decision time without that point and so you know. In order in order exists or seems. Little tin game. I don't like there are a lot of welcomes a little move pregnant if there are different gluten. He moved gluten. So I can you guys from your hotel room and others there's like he is out there get a flat irons are farther west past Denver. You guys traveling on ships and it's a mountain range case they would just keep up so you can you guys here at the morning Blakey here the cadets. Like in the morning like doing their light you know I don't know exercises and roll call someplace that you how closely you. Posted to the actual academy. Our own. Yeah art or theater and a hotel he. I think they're like you that right now. There on campus nine hole that hole. Oh. Yeah scene in the dorms and suddenly got to make your bed at quarter bounces off to sleep on government property. Well that's it basically military. Navy zeros at the service academies of one big group. Yeah if he's your typical of indoors Taylor didn't start. Seeing. More difficult to access the group that and it is not easy you know. He's these current coo. So I ask you this question and we are already asked James what's a don't lie to us okay we're gonna know if you lie can guess why it is already. Has already told police also truth shall. How much did they sit down with you guys about this trip because you think could be real good bonding thing team did 2014. Worked out great. Could be real good thing but you can also get a little but the trouble they will miss Colorado and Spencer had this of the series and they get Mexico you you've been there you know what that's like you know. You know anything can happen on it. How much should they talk to you about guys this is what we need to do. All you you know collections. Militants with a mean score is is that there's no record. You know redo their record here and their communities. Known as that term but. You don't have long and you know Putin's strong computed. You know some that you. The moon that night and soon so innovate they wanted to be. You know as close to. She's from being in these are serious. And they they pretty much just in the last. In Boca. They gave you at least in him that he picnics. They trick it up you know on some jail you know some jail there. And that would not be good. Game. Mission and they then let it all in war. You know they're in pain there in can be in trouble he's very well. In order. It's recruitment center that you need to be here in central usually you know values so you can. You're me you. To prepare for the. I like it good honest it's yeah actually get this far more than changed and he's the guy and told him back we appreciate it we'll talk to you we'll talk to you next week are good luck to. C a matter of record as true flowers brought to you by Verizon Verizon best network best on that.