OMF - Trey Flowers talks Garoppolo trade, his own future, Denver, and Julian Edelman as a rapper, 11-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, November 6th

Patriots DE, Trey Flowers, joined the show to discuss what he did during the bye week, how he scouted himself halfway through the season, his reaction to the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo, what to expect from Denver, and Julian Edelman's rap skills. 


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Experienced the land 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more would wait for a moment euphoria on Sports Radio WEEI. We get this country a lot of fights for no let's get thrown out which was apt shall we amazing. And always fights this weekend and nobody gets thrown out of games let's average degree and that you yeah those who got thrown. It's really does get its. I. So guys in front of it's treats. It just always been thrown out a lot of places are slow down so brought you by sound as well over your local Andersen windows dealer can influence. And by Michael right now. I'm good good good John Ogden we went home went back on zero hands receiver depth but not no no ruler of the Cheshire nervous breakdown that is a bachelor or the top yeah. Well a similar so that you when you get away it's like. Getting away and you wanna some downtime on the other hand. If you have too much downtown just looking like nick. You know do it for exactly so it and how do you how do you balance it in the bureau for like three days but if you come back here and you know ready to play. You're screwed. Did you definitely can. You know it is a funny thing about do they say he'd do what his word and take a long time adjective blatant. Three days to today's decision down you know you are feeling when you come back so. He knows employ this again it. No no cargo agents are raid open the bit. And where would still be able to relax and you know we've come bags are used the phrase you know Matt veto you bites and was good you know students they've four. So last time we taunts Jimmy Rob Lowe was still on the team. And now he's gone just in your current it old is that likely her story when you're hurt and you know how does that'll work for the. You novelist. I'm not sure that was this in their home you know when my brother when I heard it put. You're known as you notice comes with a bid is in you know I was the you know do say you know says it's I'm gonna do was best for the team and you know that's a move that you know he felt he had to make so you know geez this guy. Removal do you ever sit there you know from from one camp camp comes older guys leave. Young guys come and try to make team they geek that you release date date they're still trying to chase their dreams. Is there any party that watches it and says a wide at some point time that's gonna be me no matter how well I've got yeah. Oh. You know I. I don't necessarily you know look at who it is that you know is is nudges alluded to it as a blessing you know just for me to come around noon. You know concede the Burma's day in and day out and you know from either. You know stick around his stick around on the on the team me you know I was im doing something right so you know odds as the kid as a blessing but it. You know. As far as looking into the future no they it is used as compliments our. You know hopefully I'll walk out Omar my own feel walk out you know moan you know from his game so. You know hopefully it don't come down that. You have to play to get forty to be yeah yeah Brady is so you'll work starting today on Denver did you guys spent a few days here last week before you took off. Was that more of catching up with what do you guys ward doing was that more of a self out. Yes yeah I'll always always save more of a self doubt you know disown. No seeing you know as far as the defense is standpoint see you know how often as detectives and are reported year. As far as you know what our numbers it was like as far as compared to. You know they uses far less seasonal or you know where one of these you nodes is just gonna have to go see where we are and you know kind of work and on ourselves and you know one combat better than I was better than what we were wounded in four years. You watch. Spending time watch any games this weekend to watch Denver last night yeah yeah I watched a few games own you know are out there are clocked the Denver game but. You know or less a few games you know exists in that elections. You know I was through in Moscow today they stand out here that every interest in particular the slow and what they're capable of doing and me Devern you know I was the you know 88 it kind of it was that kind of bad news this is who and there is it was a very tough to one point gay is you. 51. Yeah it was a 205. Yes he won the. Problem the problem was chairman and you're gonna hear it all week and obviously you got to shut it out of sort of way that they can't score you. You know I did and they got to run the football legacy finishing got dinged up last night as well all right do so. But this is team that can't score so I guess you have to probably ignore all that noise that. People like him and I'm this analytical. Yeah I mean I was in those and so did a former bush you know I was really you know we you don't looking at their game has said he noticed I don't know if they do says we always respect him. And especially Devern you know this. They AFC games so they go cloned you know is at their place of we know we're gonna do their bit so we know we're not looking in not only did they gave me just say. In doesn't Jessica on a team we gonna do you know and I spent in there we respect their best and they always played us so so what are you aware the patriots track record history not good in Denver yeah it is not good yeah Brady did not good and then yeah I mean you know. You know that those. As something that you know Lou we do that YouTube which you know we don't nose is all about these here in. You know we understand days it's of environment like he says it's of environment so place to play. Is always itself so the Mets so we know we're looking forward looking forward to it and you know hope you purple and. So we get Julian Edelman is coming on the show and it it knew right who got his new book. Called a relentless. So. It's. James why also said they. Julie at a recent big rap. In a lot like freestyle rap did you ever here wrap. You live future yeah. Africans to Visalia allowing. Scale of one to ten what was your rank him. Demand. Eminem like no maybe not are we got a decade to your new and it was it was being serious or was he really tried I know rap battle rap battle. Not that he was about who's finally days you know his son there's no Verizon that for the locker room but. If you know he is. I certainly Paula it's. Terrible I would have been sort of got used and how well yeah more vicious hit a plant fence I'll break out the possibility that you love the government he made a goat you know notes of bedroom with the humans moved this was originally wanted to these. I will wreck of me and him doing that pose a beautiful blowback or as a secretary I don't know did he is the award to there's been other important that I visit other have you ever heard there's. You know at least aisles when there's been a lot of guys that. Dropped at their own album are don't CD whatever is viewed as anyone does and you know anybody you played with authority when school with that try to be a rapper. You liked how school is Cornell College they gave up a football player who Syverson they are so good yeah night ever Ricky Watters politically put out his little rap album. I'll pay. I haven't. Let nobody who series about you know we aired by. Of at least that there forever and so you noted parlay. First they let their little thing nobody ever pursued it. Is there anyone on the team currently eat it while he would be good wrapper no nobody. Nobody must still may be well okay all right are not allowed the ball drop we didn't beat. I know I wish I was there you can listen very young age you understand these terrible and this has. Yeah that's. It's a tough forty. They have to iron about growers. Like you you will I do my own for the that's available to a for the Christmas show that as a Christmas show you suddenly get Christmas will will do it so yeah just in his. Listen to track down Cruces Christmas asked about either good ideas when Captain America you are goodness. By the way element has it. In in the in the genes the the whole music and thing. Is that it was in a rock group that actually traveled like Japan all over the world they do while he did listen here's the book working on your craft and supplies for the title. And the back cover. Iso one other thing now you're going to be traveling you go into a Denver and then from Denver you can hang around after the game Denver gets for a few days you and that you're gonna go to Mexico they have already bit the Mexican to jewel like the ambassador there's some. Let the people not only the patriots that was well I'll do it it was a cool experience. You know we've done who I was actually surprised about how much. And how it's only are we know now neutral bobbled the majors you know there's a lot of pages and then and you know who it was cool you know took a lot of pitches in July. You did not did you did you know he needed a Clinton regular couple ball clinic did like those a place Easton so look like them I watched it Emerson they're going right. He knows knows an excellent. On nine Maureen say well it's something yes I just gotta spend that time I was without little investing I was. Goods. For Bob Thornton I hope it's a problem and I went and they're well. You know all of ours when you know win over the you know I was gonna I was bitter words that I everybody would know I wouldn't we Malo no it was a very bad. You know our kids acted this news keys that feel debate I tell you that they say elicited did you say Libya and dead. You know it's a place to be some key. Frey did there was you know wanted to know media got it down and use you know you you speak Spanish and. I'm. Definitely I was few words I'm not I did instead. When notre bottle at least. The pound guys it is got a new member is certainly not about. The other horses when you're ordering dinner down her job of the nation's holiday in this. Table yeah. Lives. It was to kill your reminds all of that would get so you you you'd be good I attempted to exit the good thing right good bonding experience than yours until they spent the day and you know stay away from the street meat. Yeah a little bit he's gonna they told. This is OK street meet and this is familiar with the should they can be taken a few different way update. The water right number a lot of good in you know I told James isn't even the ice don't drink it needs a president Roosevelt I was gonna Waterloo is weird to freeze the water and should drink cold it's crazy the way they do that. And I saw my advice is also listen hey I'll pick come come closer to my van. They know I'm awake and alternate kidnapped. I don't deserve every bit of solitary reflection and you welcome back to worked and when his defense. I've literally it is Veronica I'm great. But yes.