OMF - Trey Flowers talks Patriot of the Week award, Derrick Henry, Alex Guerrero 1-8-18

Monday, January 8th

Trey Flowers is the textbook Patriot. He works hard. He does his job well. He only cares about the next opponent. And he doesn't have time to get bogged down in Wickersham's piece on a rift in Foxboro.


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Trade flowers is in the house all brought to you by complaints insurance they RS restoration specialist. So let's get personal happiness could see in person I knew I don't think it is on the phone finding. Come and join the boards as good. So you tell us is there a patriot of the week award. Yeah is this in the ward you know uncles sort of person who like this is you know it is. Symbolized. What is your parents you know sometimes is now always. Noted and geese are created on TV or dishonest says things that there is this. You know guys are sick of this and known. He moved to pressure sort of simulate the unsung hero vs the guy who's the starting gate is it different than a game ball right after the game. The I mean so sometimes you know if you get a game or you can get to purge of the weaved his way so. You know is. No not in eighteen minutes. You know but a decision is not like. Thus far and again mortar. You know it could be discarded gang you know is is to his own car to the weighted deities like it and they did the right way or. Noting that this odors. There's scout team player of the week you age you just doesn't really do player of the week and again to eyeball that's displayed good luck this player who disease a lot. Awards you'll ever worked in game plan. You know alone having got a lot of opportunities that it's there it's a record. A million U you know you go out there warlord and you know images like sort of appreciation for whom. Nor Gordon. You know put us in this position wins have you ever got player of the week. Yeah I've been patient week you know. This year you. As for for what did you do is it just one person or is it like oh now sometimes you can be most complete review a group that they like them but you know exists. He knows this that person whom no symbolizes you know sometime that probably. You know I had a good a good stretch of games then you know now you know always foolish call them. I'm nicer Australian. Do you remember Tom Brady winning this award this year. Yeah yeah me he didn't wanna you men thanks. I mean you only get when you when you win and so you know are you up to this. Bumpers didn't get for the Miami game that now that I have been they needed if ever there and you say fragility. For Jim. And all subtle it's not a would you normally use though are going to be so I don't even know some investigative reporting. Over here we're trying to if we're trying to we're gonna end here to get some answers out of you but you're just too strong for us legitimized it don't want. Well you've been here a few years so you tell me do you see anything different this year. With Brady Belichick anything around the team. Not a man no reason we. You know policies to him is different in arms is here come in go to work and you know has already changed. Not novel I always say today's amid I guess it I'm you know his. You know closes got so he won't know among the dogs out above. You know. Do you he called to serve you do you work out of the house who are already in the past. Who is that he's at that Tom's trainer personal trainer Alex Guerrero TB twelve. Oh and I don't know who it all you really are honorable. Okay yeah well that's yeah that's why he's Diddy takes you live and a half past the goalie and are. Unemployed and I blew that one that's. How worried mom we're looking actually believe you would you say you're just focused on the tiger I believe I know I live now I'm gonna help out but you know this guy do. But it never well do they did anybody ever call. Briefs are you hear people on sir yes sir mr. There not harmful certain non non I would do that brought to say served with. I don't know that joking. Not audited part of these young guys who noses and you know maybe did you. You know he's told if you talk consumers who use similar to those targets of whom you know wood who's on our own Yasser. What is that a southern thing because a lot of cats and Texas weather doesn't matter if you're young woman old man is everything yes sir no sir. I mean you know we I guess his son you know he's shown some respects it is and then so startling you know older I believe you if you were to tell me that you did not read this ESPN peace in what we know a few times you've been around us I I would not be surprised. Do everybody right now I'm here that is I don't know exactly how so we're talking a lot about this these people are talking nationally it was all over the broadcast over the weekend. Is anybody talking about it in in the locker. And no divers. So you know we're talking in the uh oh he I'll probably see it across the in in his New Zealand power struggle between Robert Dylan Tom of people totally behind. The Jimmie throughout Los trade and why it happened and it was just strange I don't know what side Euro we usually rise and traded him. Our own me. I don't know Woodson was surprised me figure you know he was. Did you grew quarter of so. But don't usually you you're out there hello dreads however I do I do and that's. I don't think Nawaz. You know he's a good quarterback. And you know we did you do what you had to do weird to put his own views in the in open with an annulment all the stuff and Jimmy Collison middle of the season man and ship pattern until yeah I mean you know the they're disappointed perspective is known you. No never no no you're on the trojans control then you notice is doing you've been so you never know it. Was having an on us in offices and it in the front of the things that you've just got to be huge you know boot bishop can't. So what we're always a weekend like. Just on its language is huddle anyone else but football is a non I was I was I was just silly you know I don't know why he was reasonably that's when it's. Yeah. I have sold your put you know wasn't. I was glued in our game is good you know was among couple of them things sewed it. Anything from the Tennessee Titans and how it turns out that the free trade when you it's there and you live right yeah he's though he's probably freaking out right now electric cars. It's gonna get will get something in my ego. You notice that there's a great great seeing you noted they've done you know grades you know run the ball like severe physical and you know we know we gotta we gotta task in front of us this stuff to run so you know doesn't moan from the. We'll listen what's it like tackling a guy like that especially. I mean another plane and maybe he doesn't get as much speed you. But when people race through that line is that you really got to think about what you're gonna do about it and taken them down out opposite in Dallas from them when you play. Ouster. Yeah I mean very physical you just run hard and you know allege says one thing is that you know if you give him before you beat you started you know it definitely easier. You know being out there and open refuted these that this he's got to go back sort of fundamentalism he's got a beef is with a Romo obviously. You know pad level in a tangle of it's out of I detect them about things that you gotta for office tackle them. In a ton of room now should think about that during the course of week this is a guy who breaks that initial tackle better than most guys in the league he you have to deal with them differently. Oh no I mean you still gotta you know litigious you know going to be physical and and I think is one of those days that he knows is gonna take a whole team effort you know not one. You know view. The exit the first guy maidan is. You know just noted that Kara recombinant you know you gotta a lot of guys know gang certain things that you know what they're watching that game alternate did you receded just ran you away basically him and Iran left it seemed like the all time you know and you brown allowed is that something you. City of good and I come my way get me involved yeah I mean you're norm I'm always open it's now as things like that you know it's you know you just somebody who protecting the perimeter. You know edges you know got to focus in a lot more in practice and to understand where there were trying to go and you know he's got a moment but when it becomes what does this make it more difficult is one of the three options offices Tennessee's only union played here yeah. I mean is it doesn't seem that you know we haven't seen bird. You notice that it is we'll goes it's ought to assume you know what's in the afternoon do prepare you know gimme game plan things like this so you got folks in Newsweek. And you know get to know due to known teams mr. king. Yes so I mean and again a scrambling quarterback I guess not scrambling quarterback runs a mobile yet meaning and go run some of those. Run pass options. And you guys have a feeling you guys have struggled against. Mobile quarterbacks and being in more than more than more than other teams. What's what's the game plan what's the mindset. Is there to guide it says it's just. You're just watching Mario that did and the other guys are have a free rein to go to the court. Amid is definitely one of those days that you get if you were viewers lands you know. Mears. You know past Russert you can't be too aggressive as far as going on if you want peasant you know you gotta stay disciplined. Maybe if you step book. You know you gotta come back in and do count a movie like this so. You know as is most days you know you gotta do where road and you didn't go to reduce and so. You know I don't know too much about the game plan you have done yet but you know is is this some that you got to understand it. They have room he's ever hurt you would easily so you know you can and do this. Such a great news it's gonna be like 2930 degrees on Saturday night what you want the sort of like playing this past weekend and feels like fifteen below you we imagine that. It was there lose pretty costar who noted above road game was. Is that he goes live and it was munition more milk yeah our our answer if it out of Virginia well thank you Trey flowers.