OMF - Trey Flowers talks the Pats playmakers who were always there, swearing in Spanish

Monday, November 20th

Trey Flowers is back in this time zone after a long Patriots road trip. Trey talks about the reception the team received in Mexico as well as the continued improvement on the defensive side of the field.


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Flowers joins us back in the great US today it's all brought to you by complaints insurance Aris restoration specialists and by MD Anderson Cancer Center. You survive Mexico way. Yeah. The in. Wolf we'll full arsenal. That you're these two years with some very well. It's a pretty good performance by the defense once again you said this early on in the season he said well gonna get it together when we get this all figured out so. I ask you this question every week as it gets better and better and better and why is that all happening. No allergic there's. I'm considered old and those fundamentalists. Suns since. You know but he's been consistent on. You know learn artist with a Stevenson signaled he called the Bloomberg is so millionaire influencers. In. Number it close so our question is not a early on in the season you know got to let it Ahmanson taxes. It will do is give. You know without you are focusing on loan to implement some concern a lot of work. You know and and Margaret. It seemed like Oakland was was run the ball effectively early on this game in this game score kind of got away from them but. Just curious your thoughts and seeing Marshawn Lynch up close and personal. Today in the very thick. The when look you can lose these aren't all the other. Of the bird a majority. You know you lose and others use the you know more boots in the intensive quarter of you know and yeah. I'll close and I under no worldnews. Their Turkey. And the would they do where. Ignored him didn't you learn you learn about normal whenever the Russell. In the armed and mounted it and see. You know and played clogged with our partner of our field. I wrote my. Got to and so can go it will march he's. So he's good direction. He never onslaught slow. You know it. I think the the murder in London Britain and and see no quarter of our citizens who have been it's. I traded the other thing that is become pretty obvious with this team is that it's become the defense has become extremely physical and I think the house. Cohen is so much better than it was. Early on in the season you get an opportunity. If you don't do that much work in pads like the the old things won't. How is it that that is it an emphasis its put on by that the coaches is that this. The shorthanded tackling is much different than what we were talking about earlier on the season. Yeah it is. No work you. You know throughout. In O'Connor. The warm up as well the importance of this murdered there in. Sort of referred season. No bulletin. Those incidences. Mister Newton uncertainty looms on the you know you face. Students there so. Notice what have you ever seen as a citizen news you don't lose you know a lot of all of the united irked a considerable all of this since. You know latter fact that there have content that you know if you miss you Eric wouldn't. You know world in the Merced and guns sold in north and you know just started its pollution and confused and you know that there's confidence there's no you have to work the ball. Not since there's there's to execute to move the increasing the Texans. Drew. Sanchez returns just in last night and you're as of this morning I should say. Our old. It is more. About war gruesome wounds didn't. Law flat. Yeah it is Tom Brady was on this morning talk of the guys in the morning and it was like 845. And they asked him what are you doing any sort of in the car on the way to the field. Right now and I'm against a couple days off put it. You guys laying down what time you get home it's 845 in the man's driving vigilante tired in just trying to make everybody look bad at least forty years old. I make you look bad that he's going there Arnold he's gonna stating get enough. Not. You're not have been instances. Also. What would you do about. You don't know walk you. Luke. It was. We'll port well slow. It's our. Values. Would you reasons why do you. You know we can. I rescue of a little bit signs that you probably were science major anyway it Arkansas the dole and Gilmore leave the game. Because they're dehydrated during the course of the game you're the teacher and tell that they don't run what did you do right. Oh. The it would it was this you know lose lose there air. He moved to Florida. You know I include his look what police are you know since you know to look so we can see. And those who differ arms to different little artsy person who elected so he moves influences. And I very so are well. It it obviously worked for you did you find difference from the first game that Denver game vs this game for example you guys stayed out there and high altitude. And actually went 2000 feet higher when you get to Mexico City. Oakland goes in what Saturday night directly from Oakland. Down there in Mexico City so did you notice a difference between the first game and an insect need to get more wind. You know work the farms and you know of the some of the Colbert news in the quote so. You know our. It was you witnessed or. You know decent and sincere in its you know. I wouldn't really that far before. We go to and make loans you know in the news. I don't know how I have two letters. Nor the bit of the warm where it goes in the it is apparent that it's only so you know I I think this was even more municipal ordinances they're. Do you get help you stayed out there because it didn't. It seemed like guys came out fast offensively and let's couple times and come off the field and it just it seemed like you guys who may be better prepared for that. Yeah yeah I'm here are. I think he knows bounces. You know velocity here is that there's just the united. China and it didn't loans claim against for. Little slow so are not going notices. It's it's it's encoded in the military. You know they're fortunate there's not proud of these. Prayer in the long lonesome some. So did you speak Spanish lives take care of children and he's relishing just you know just. Point oh are you just point by point on one of those ones yeah. The out of drought monitor it would seem that word and hours move there. The food and it's great Sony and the swear words right the days and swear words on these tonight. It. Yeah it regularly since then there is considered their bad students. Dude you're you do are you and I need some little. Used to I don't use them but I wanna know than just thinking somebody's speaking badly tend to make it right he's strong and well now you can. Relatives say he knows he's viewed. Say another word yeah. General word mama is he's it knowledgeable and yeah I think I'm pretty obvious in Spanish are terrific game. Streak continues we'll talk to and actually have a good one gets closely closely closely for one night yeah yeah. Divide that Australia with a straight flowers are brought you by Verizon Verizon network. Test on the limit did.