OMF - Trey Flowers talks playoff preparation, James Harrison, body lotion 1-2-18

Tuesday, January 2nd

Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers starts the interview by shooting down Fauria's lotion request with a quickness. Trey also talks about being around a guy like James Harrison as well as what is going into his playoff preparation. 


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They tried hatred LaSorda net embarrassing event a hell of a season even post season and a buffalo albeit a bill chance no idea who. The L you'll don't know where you and we are. Yeah that is that there. Are these the same people who give you the finger when you drive and on the bus right. And yet it is. Told he's not dispute. And I use it but actually got Americans are not land on banks. Cannot indefinitely cooler yeah. You do a couple of weeks. Later we recommend to Foxborough yes so all right so we take a question for you and you tell me this is weird not if you would do some. Let's say were at the beach were hanging out it's hot it's on the and I'm like hey Trey you're my boy hey can you can't Reese's side of my back can you puts the lotion on me. Some sons and those that this break kinda the the the kind you use them. That's kind of odd that this showed that hatred not lotion on my back. Snarl I. Alexander. Well I think we got mad when you're good answer could try it I would do it to you I would I would guess and not relent we found that are going. What's written out and that is where it concern you but it irritated. The body of some. I still talking about rubbing lotion and I hit a what was your impression of James Harrison what duty or leading brand. Oh yeah you know there's no department or. You know they're concerned that the northern long term so. You noticed. Noted it is whose experience. And in the abstinence doesn't care. If to implement our loans and you know also you hear it after the passage so. And articulated most of parliament the balloon. You know so many years so he's not very soon the former assistant patent system. You know. We know when he when he comes and as you are Magnuson OK let's go hit the gym does he like trying to simulate how would you bet some which deep balls that. I'm back. It's. A big effort to review you know. Not even people who don't doubles so. Quote. I wouldn't you backcourt when you're watching. A bit you know and urgency you know Clinton do you know. You know what you know he could very proud you can. Ernie you're rewarded like war. The move could hardly mountains are your leaders. You know you do Wear patterns. You know. You'd think you could see you work. Could. Why a lot of people obviously on Pittsburgh you weren't happy with him joining your team obscures it this time of year so late here dialect that victory comes in you locker only. Obviously you guys natural thing going on the visit is is it weird seeing a guy like that around. Almost quicker to. You know. You know it is something. I was let us learn in Nazi movement you know Susan you in little. You know not garner you know go home where you commute and so you know here's look at a sold around personal. You know tell them how and he's as far as you know yeah he's going paper pixel. You know it it won't. You know you're hopefully Caracas for your dad you know little looking at you know Cutler. He noted historian whose record is now you know he craters and you know. You know worked very hard here but in while wanted weird or. The trees and flown them right there is. And conclude as so. Did you have a James Harrison poster on the wall. Not outward Al. Record. Well. God is. He's not it was the reverse of the saying loud or you know. I've got currently and so you know see you lose system and so you know you know actually news to as. Plug boom in the military and citizens. Remittances and appears. He knows you're one of those. Like I. And use them to place in outward. While married and I quote Wimbledon. Yeah. I train happy new year congratulations number once you were talking and actually on. Have a good on our. Our prayers to you later interview chancellor's front you buy a share view mill or Q local interests and windows dealer came foods and by my pillow also buy a Verizon. That's network best on number one seed for them number one show for us.