OMF - Trey Flowers on vocal Dolphins, Tomlin's SNF comments

Monday, November 27th

Trey Flowers has probably felt better but he joins us today following the Patriots' win over the Dolphins yesterday. Trey heard the sideline chatter. He is also somewhat aware of the Patriots' TD celebration edict but had nothing planned in the event he does score a TD.


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I'm here on old. I am now let's check in with our guy in a trade clause was to force action yesterday's game. Love the game late like. That's just probably have you okay. Letters a month. You just shaken who you don't now you boarded the money list. Madden have been. And you know that you're here this little. Let me get my guess it was a protesters get screwed out of a touchdown after you picked up at apple that's what it was. I. And you know there it was a great barrier. You know we'll the other system. Those turn you loose screw you music that unity. This sort of screws removed from the political little. Yeah you know it beyond basically that the Miami's defense seems you know bull over aggressive little chip BC later get frustrated their take some looks at our workable dirty shots. Oh what's there are authors like debate talking noise at all where they just you know just trying to hopefully you guys wouldn't you know you look too bad double within like a vocal. Homes that are troubled world Peres you know it's sort of the lord you're there but it was a all they've they've been wounded and you know lists of prisoners at present their names here's. In those gruesome murder competition oracle oracle a little slow. You know you know to some. You can be the king donated. You know you know just a little boots are so so. So who's been who's been the the one guy who's been linked to talk and if they who's who's like talk the most trashed you this year it will player to remember it and yeah it just overall I don't as a diva answered god this guy. Talks a lot of smack. Yeah are these total of the media and the ever heard. You elaborate. Great great very cool little if he's here are. In those days means there are beautiful product management and let you know doing your vote. Receiver. Did they do more there is no record or career wherever else you got a quote occasional mound over creative director of them are. He you you know you write rules so sliver double play previously set list and you our about it. Rarely heard or not but Mike Tomlin yes they've afforded them son and a football. Was talking about how is looking for today's game December 17 annual and on and on and on talk about how important that game isn't just curious how would that. Is that how that goal Virginia locker room bill walks in on you guys in a talking about the Pittsburgh game three weeks from now I'm guessing it doesn't go over so well. Vote no and it is you won't have anything. In the lead to confirm or also. Lowers so we'll give it. Home to stand right here right now. And I. Do you EU's border so that back. Rightly is that it uses it's own candidate of the school. In noses in the pages articles. This little one point game minutes. Is that we could matters. You know took our examples. That's strange hearing coach talk like that given you just been around bill and now he handles it. Yeah. We're finished very it in the lower part of it is slower than listed in local. He won't hear me you know just. In the that is. It is you tore into the singles through there you're close knit close. He would get a kick it. I would say let's say the officials didn't screw you okay a neighbor played and replayed the tape and may be my hearings but I thought I heard the whistle after the ball was output but who knows. What was your what was your plan celebration dance. Yeah. Yeah. He's. We'll go to patient in. I don't know or renewed hope smoker two it but I do not go to you yeah code learn it. Where. Your own little part of although. Sure drug drug says grunt says it's off limits you can't talk about it like yesterday's look at her little kitty good. So if you've been told not to is the price tucked to the offensive players more than talk the defense supplies they've been told you we can't talk about celebration. Alton I mean yeah it was noted it is not a war of it the word urgent there are certain sort of but I really don't know we're not right. And it's Rego. In. He's you know Lanka as well news in the open here. Those are computer rendered Christians have productive. You couldn't. And then look as sure as well Google's. Are you so if you had an ops do you ever prepared me you really thought about it right he had no really you don't have like an idea of what you do if you got out and until it's weird. I go like. How about you do like the bully the bully thing like where like you get one or the other leg like a quarterback or some like that's a little a little guy. Elect you put your hand on his head. And let him try swing wildly like you're the bullying you've got the ball he can't do what you can do it does take longer sensors and I every I'm PL. Here's a great once write this I'm gonna let you borrow this one okay how much did jump up and spiked the ball between your legs. I agree murdered. Yeah dump up to him in the IE I used to do that for you know that was my thing bump up the middle of a loan that view. But longer and how much at this place their computer is sit if it. I'm mad at they are good wage and good luck up there buffalo. Our third ceiling he self.