OMF - Vontae Davis quit on his team at halftime, plus Bill Belichick on Josh Gordon 9-17-18

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Monday, September 17th
Hour #4 - The OMF boys discuss the weird circumstances behind the retirement of Bills defender Vontae Davis, apparently at halftime of another tough Buffalo loss.   Plus Bill Belichick checks in with us on the loss to the Jags and the trade for Josh Gordon… which unfortunately is not yet confirmed according to Bill.

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It's afternoons with the way and I believe Jacksonville's appointment imminent asking about them losing I have you lose that point seventy Jackson twenty to seventeen Daschle's and scored twenty point. Arnold could pull the yeah magnetic decade I don't believe in their offense at all one heading back. The 46 yard line of cars down there just limited your quarterback really hamstrings. I played football and I think he's. Steve Blake portals with all the success he's had in the first half last year and how terribly was in the second half. Looking across the field saying you know like what I did last year wasn't enough. Jacksonville is going to be something that's never done before that's the New England in the regular season were building something special and don't think they're building anymore I think it's built here it's here and I'll tell me I think you can see this rematch right here in the AFC title game again back here and it's going to be a monster. Hello and Sports Radio WEEI. I've had terrible I would Gillette Stadium it is OMF on a Monday patriots when he Bill Belichick will join us momentarily we'll get into this Gordon trade we'll get into little little vote. Yesterday's game we have all the good the bad knee out there wasn't a lot of good. I didn't hear a lot of good again good. Colgan it wasn't good sort of Michelle let's you sorrows go at this first opportunity here for job you don't play Michelle no I want them to build here Gillette Stadium that was special enough enough enough of the build a pool. Pool why Jacksonville jaguar fans they get that pool in the end zone. All the kids they're jumping around the pull out of Randall you wouldn't go to Boca Juniors freight charge for older probably like to simulate Florida hitters had a problem over the week and I figured out or hopefully NASA now. You know it suits and saying no keep you on the ocean. Like the ocean preview of an effort. Know more about it. I'm sorry ocean zero K that's what the sharks weren't enough chelios and then they bulls plus water they can't existence martial artist and I have an understanding who understands now much are you have an understanding of what I don't understand you were before we've since were weak for coach. Vontae Davis situation in buffalo working with they would Matthew Slater and have a good time with it. But this guy. In at halftime just decided he was done the second game of the season he says you know that add. Just about it you're anymore I have to put my heart study do it. So what does it look like at the district is he pasty did you leave any uniform but I I've always wanted to do something like deputies usually can't relate. Right in one camp was camp camp with topic it was two days or weeks long. I want to give up during stretch in my iPad like. You know if it's from my helmet and ultimately you wouldn't get the bad news bears Eagles on victory you know just keep striking out. That's what I want do what you do though. Let me lose who's the dad the linebacker Alexander and the Internet radio Alexander not happy that we are. And the thing about quality. Respect you showed us today who. You've seen anything like that you're gonna never seen it ever pop Warner high school and college polls never heard of it never seen it. It's just completely disrespectful way his team anything you did it better than anybody anything that nobody. Left. When you act you know as much as I know I know I am now going in the second half began. I'm announcing anything you can come out intact. The courts and doesn't always worn and the and happy that I wanted to tell these guys just isn't gonna make. Those who get going on in the second half and all the sudden it's yeah its global we don't have. Well did you soon it was hurt we know late UT quit yet we will. If we can't go record we take a big nickel black because we don't have a big nickel a big nickel retired dog. It is talk. We use we are already well no no no overtime is resolve minorities and you'll be so they limited no player Stuart just couple players had gone down in the first half and viewers so they. They are going to deepen the roster and he walks out on part of me loves that the other parts as to what is wrong with you. It just also just you know what I've done don't care anymore don't care hollered look don't care but his entire career he's not known for being a football player now he's known for being a quitter. So that's how you actually decide to go out as young man's weight if you know an hour and a half you know what'll happen you know little happy that took on the hill. An epiphany and Tuesday or Wednesday he'll sit there and you know me. But I screwed it up close it's on they I didn't mean and I'm sorry guys overreacted. And you wanna come back again. Because reality will set in so as much as you can get pissed off. And given pissed off to buffalo for the first two weeks because they suck. And they don't know about Davis Merritt. Married yeah. Let's ejected it's usually say that yeah voice of reason and usually mamma ya mama Jane you know it goes sunny when we don't know we don't have enough. Bills get to finish the year. Of bills are doing their hooded Damien Woody and Nicki went off on him student. We have Damien Woody. I'm sitting here right now in my blood of bull right now like I would Lulu. What wanna fight this. You do is. Look at you DePalma you know when you don't pull out now that you've been contemplating this. So you should take annual to the culture of life you know that I'm done I'm done but I'll wait until game day. Where we all depend on that may know this that's who you. Good the next guy that you're playing with it. And man. Well how mobile and walk out basement while nobody know does want to know you can see you. And if taken spoken well. Does stuff like that you could walk out of me often well we'll talk about it. Don't eat Dublin to them you know to make money to clean up bandwidth and all the federal thing and you walk. They also won't get on so to me. Come let me go back and Tillman you know doll. I can't tolerate players are available. Room is right. Now I can't dizzy dizzy drive home his pads. I don't disease does his gravest keys keep these pads on these guys is as cleats on his drives home and that and maybe is why it's not having that game if he is Mary and his wife says. Yeah that. Day. And obviously that didn't stop bloggers that Sylvia and kids who doesn't want anything you know ladies. Who reported doing I don't know it's it to me it's very started back into treatments are non on on on another. While many unemployed loner and even though most know what he's done knows little he's done nobody wants they would that he doesn't want them. That it does not want I don't care what would you have to say in order to debates to commit his teammate he would say to a teammate so they would trust him again. His defense coordinators position coach and everybody else that needs of these right. And the elicited he's supposed to be good players both helped him win and the more we win the more money we all made comment or Damien Woody has. That. But but I don't know I had crazy all week it was great I'll be placed right Clay Matthews hit that was crazy I. That that. That's why didn't we have shrimp from sacking the quarterback hit on your side supposed to do now that's roughing the passer like those that that's the one I have the biggest issue with is really seen it on with developing common politically get. Thrown out of the game but the pit good hit we hit Cam Newton. But yeah I get that we have seen helmet to helmet really leading the had issued today this body weight at Pauley and at quarterback isn't what we're seeing call the next step to somebody yesterday all morning just at all no we did with birdie that this isn't gonna call that. The other rugged here's Aaron Aaron Aaron Rodgers Al Lowe will bless. Glorifying last week the comeback from the Chicago Bears. Just fine move this horrific yesterday. Unexpected he was gonna miss yesterday's game is the other one off the cardinal but he said he was unbelievable the comeback sorry I don't have as much respect as I did before. I want to do this sort of take a break so we can have some a good time to talk with Bill Belichick he will join us next. And that guaranteed lowest price and counts here offers more free services they. Tire dealer for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody now. And 48. Sports Radio go. I've read here in the whole MF. Patriots Monday we are doing it lives down here at Gillette Stadium as Leo we always do. Whoever they interesting exactly the same we we came damage or sometimes. Were dead. Interesting day we came down here today we thought we talk a lot about the end game yesterday in which we have done and then in the course of today show. The patriots made a trade and acquired wide receiver. Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns so let's check in with the coach he's on the phone whether senate's brought to you by Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Every day amazing by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively. In men's sexual health McFarland energy Frazier engineering and by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealers said don't I don't today. Good luck gone good and Lou president. They're gonna horrific I wanna start where is the acquisition today Josh Gordon a talented incredibly talented guy but he's had his issues bill how do you see. This guy sitting in here with what you're doing. Yes well it at this point. That really I can't comment on on anything and soul whatever we do it but there's also. I just can't make any comment on the right. Okay then I eroded any contact with the office but the patriots have sent that they release some reading a release by the New England Patriots and it's as the patriots announced today that required wide receiver. Josh Gordon and trade with the Cleveland Browns. In addition the patriots have release Corey Coleman. Yeah and there there condition that goes with and so until everything yet. As you know where to work in progress so we're not there yet. So so hold on I want to make it clear so you're telling me that the deal is not complete it sounds to me is there did something come up at the last second. Up. We talked we just talk about just you know paperwork ins and and stuff like that or is it a bigger issue. There is certain prop. Acquisition goes through and we're and that normal process and we're not there yet and until I think completed on all refrain from commenting on it. Right because the organization released at the Cleveland Browns have released and so we thought it was opened water. To talk about your guess that is of course our lives of people throw for awhile for years now bill Ellis talk about. You know the patriots organization this is an organization of people can go to David shoes in the past and do you do you feel like this organization is somewhere that can. Can take a guy that maybe has some issues off the field and you can get him right and get the most out of. Wrong place. This fundamental certainly was one great player ever seen that we didn't feel like biblical RT. Obviously they all work out. That's always been cut so. You know if the if the situation arises in the if he has the opportunity is there. With any player. How often do you guys tried to talk to some year old players about potential trades or draft day sore. You know us reagents. There is no good. Just depend on the individual situation. And. I let's get to. Yesterday's game you've obviously had an opportunity to sit back look at the film any thing jump out it was better than what you thought or worse. On every wages up. Think this stay in the game has camp to really get back in the game. In the third or quarter rattled. Certainly. That a lot of things not get Parcells can't when the game so. Column. That is. Do a better job and all area anymore and and or court. When you when you say that was effort ever a part in it did you did a couple plays it did go on the right way your back in this game. Was effort ever an issue. Yeah but what we can hit well. Obviously it could have been better. We can all do better so. Is so we got every player every coach everybody involved in the game is. That was our and we always want to. A full vision or. Bill that they don't they come on throw the ball more in more than you guys are expected coming in this game. It through more than they did last week. Other plays are run possibly are you. Some of that depends on. Well what what could be done we'll report back. And report back. Coach I remember from years ago that when I was on the team there's a pre season game that we had against Cincinnati. Are we came out of that game and it was this an embarrassment of Powell look to the collector energy that we had and and remember you saying after the game how important was to match the energy especially when you're on the road. Do you feel like the team did that in Jacksonville. I think the biggest issue we had. Love. Fundamental execution. Basically every. Coach saying playing. Pro ball upfield for a series and couldn't. Clinton announced that it points and and we had multiple opportunities. She alt field on there too long. In the first quarter and you. So. And we got a minute situation that we just weren't able to convert on them. That hurt us weren't able converted red area offensively and we're able converted barrier defense was. And we here. Look at those situations. Not a good way to. Have a good outcome. In a situation like this I'm just curious. Based on just do certain coaches and their philosophy after a loss. Was it more of a tough love situation bring an hammer down or was it you know building this team up to the notion. You know pointing out the positives. Some guys don't get too down and you know feel sorry for themselves. Well. Over the long season is going to be highs and lows and these along the way we're gonna ask. It mentally tough enough to work through a lot of things. Today all of them there certainly are going to be more about these. We thank them off during the year it'll challenge us. Well finally feel them so. Well wolf there's. Sony Michelle got his first look. What was your take. I was good to have out there. And start got a long way to go. No we worked very hard. But some good. They are good opportunities on the product field and take advantage of those that good things in the game something that. He doesn't need to work well we only work on a street brawl looked so. I was gonna have out there. Bill Rob Gronkowski for targets two catches are they going fifteen yards did you see something particular they did. Well to kind of take him on this game. Says another we're coverage or. That they. They kind of do what they do certainly you know what camp are playing but hardly anybody does pay attention to them but. Irvine one. One reason or another. Again we don't we don't go look at all have all of you get the ball one player V8. Say they uncovered then. What happened that happened and I'll make very good citizens. Sometimes those. Of whatever circumstances where all of the work is I'll second guess and it opposite none whatsoever. Here's here's your thoughts on the offensive line any thought what all the areas it seemed like I was communication or not there was some just. Reruns of Brady especially early on that in the one time Michelle was left. And hitting the Campbell is he was Russian and was served miscommunication at times. The offensive line. I'll have a Muslim world and we've been overly complicated game. Compressed early in the first. Few. Settled down quite. And an error. In the fourth quarter and it completely my for a while that alcohol problems. But look at a bit from their good past and we're behind most of the game. Not the position that you want. You wanna put your sultan. Are all for being there for. We're seeing games like this bill before early in the season where there seems to be some issues some communication issues out there Matthew Slater was here an hour ago. And he said you're incorporating a lot of different players and everybody's coming up to speed. We just say that's a fair assessment of it that maybe that's one of the reasons. Why you seem to get out of the gate and you know you get games like this that are done are really. Are really smooth. I don't know but certainly not our. Wrong. Is that the result they'll. I don't know. So bitter so coach in the that a fourth quarter there's a fourth of once situation j.s like gets the ball looks like it says the rescue of a first down around challenge is that in this its notes not a first downs fourth and one. Did you. Was there any thought processing going forward at that point time based on that down and distance and the situation that you guys found yourself in the fourth quarter. Yeah I know we went up almost as if it occurred. Yeah I know what did you was served I mean just based on it would you guys think OK maybe this is I guess what leads into whether you go four on fourth down. In a game situation like that and obviously that wasn't one of them because you guys pundit but. Was there any discussion at all about maybe trying to keep drives going. Figured out four and time based on the way things are gone. So that they had gone again. We were. Now my shoes or loses there and two possession. Convert those so. You know you always second guess that they want don't go. What about doubly morals he seemed as we got a season be improving every time release we see him you know the second half that AC Chancy game. I'll wasn't nearly as good as the first set AC sixty game but it seemed to be that they were really being aggressive as far as allowing him to throw. Especially on first down a lot of first down throws to really set the tempo. How do you feel later he's progress so far as it was he'd better than you guys thought he was always a status quo. We have a lot of respect for Jacksonville NASCAR football game and all players are gonna. Including him. We you know we we had our opportunities. All a lot of second and third and long situations that we do. Confer on we need to convert on me just me do a better job situation. And I thought more problem for download the. Do you Doug what do execution lack thereof at times was that a net punt they were talking in both fourth and one. Oh she's Jacksonville jumps off they come back to reset it seem a queue of frustrated or was that one of those times you're talking on the game where. Now you've coached these guys up and that was a disappointing moment for you you are jobs you were too happy about. Although I think after look at the play and no live look at me I. But actually looked like on Belmont Arlen how many. I don't know that any person promote what will be we we need to coach better and it was. But he might have been in neutral zone not sure. But from where where we had to make a decision from. Now we. Did you react. Am not sure he was or wasn't close. And in the end it. It was a little low and certainly played officiated her there's no issue about. We'll discuss. That's one of those that room. Everybody's trying to do that they feel that in that situation Obama and second guess the about. That that was. A major factor in the game as. We still have plant opportunities for half. Our Sunday night in short against the Detroit Lions you've done this act before where a guy who's worked on your staff is the coach and you're facing that team how different of those games for you. Well we've we've certainly had a lot to know learn about the lions went home haven't played them. Don't know very much about on the not not. Obviously a very. Good experience. And yes good repertoire of his system so or so. Sure there's often one thing that he could do all of the problem. And we now know which ones those are what the game starts and well. They all all. Well. Prepared well we can't. Another king and the players again that they we don't don't know very well so they'll work. Coats and there is Vontae Davis quarterback former Buffalo Bills at halftime decided to retire. I'd I've heard of guys you know Clinton in the middle of camp or you know it actually you know in the middle of the night. For whatever reason you ever heard of the debate just quitting in the middle of a game. You've seen that before. Our. No not on anything about them part of I can't figure out. All right so coach we're gonna give you where wrap things up with pharmacy Mercedes-Benz drive of the week. There were so there's a couple good drives I'm curious to know what do you think to drive of the week was. Mayor pro there for us our first touchdown. Brought back to two score game and not put it back in the game that is turnover rate at a another opportunity to get it closer to be able so let we're. That helped get back in the game and you know certainly made the most of us the game competitive. Our drive of the week with what you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealers I'm okay bill before I let you go I just wanna make sure we got this right just to confirm so you're telling us that the judge Gordon Deal. Is not official yet because you're still working on certain technicalities of correct is that fair. All over again until look on the wire and both transactions completed it not completed. Now there's a process that it doesn't just happen and 12. Is the process that. Is normal trade that you go through and that's. That part of rural area. Videotape reason we're confuses both patriots and the browns have issued press releases with all the details of the deal so understand it from our position. We're a little bit confused and and obviously this. This protocol which goes with all of this which you're explaining but. You know we're looking at press releases from both of the teams have all the details and that's obviously the reason we ask the question. Yeah and I'm happy and the question completely off please let total in this situation. So why a complete then. I'm happy to talk about player that's on our feet until players. Everything completed a on our team I'm not comparable talking about so I hope you can understand that as well. How can we don't and no we will ask you when we get that opportunity thanks bill and well and Connecticut and and good luck via. I. Got it sealant is Bill Belichick and pictures and that's interesting to me that's that's a new one. Because we had both the not something like that that's a that's a pick that's it's dotting your I's and cross on on the editor's note this but I understand. What he's saying but. The the the picture it's I don't believe is that you know he just releases on this and if they hold it back now I wouldn't events if we just heard from the Cleveland Browns for example if it with a Cleveland Browns social media nemours on Twitter for the Cleveland Browns. And he was saying something like that I'd sit there and said. Well that's the Cleveland Browns somebody in the social media department who doesn't understand protocol and his Russian I'll do to put it on media. But we've got an official thing for both the patriot responsibilities. And the Cleveland Browns. Now maybe he's is he concerned that's why I asked a question whether it's certainly don't think that's the physical nun and I think something gets in the way he's not rated talk what now. He spent the night spend the morning and we'll address it at the talkative people well they'll probably address that anyone prepare for every question. I sandy you know what you want to say do it so he's been rated do that yet thanks bill and. Oh right. I just feel like when it's obvious now on nine openly what is it is it's the UZ it in Josh Gordon has nothing to do it does he doesn't have to sign it canceled about what my saint. It's not like he's a 3750. What does it is like what is the backs have the facts has become an event. The notre deceased. Obviously he's there's a reason he's holding back. In talking about that's why I'm sick sick you're trying to figure it out is there a possibility there's still something a condition. That has to be meant for this thing no do I think a dollar and if you want to talk about both teams bolted from announced you know it's a blue check mark for everybody now. You know you try check marks you tried buddy buddy you have to build a house right we owe more segment to go hold it coming up next. Conversation with a coach was project five Putnam Investments Putnam investments in the New England Patriots brought partner's committed to what at. At duke game plan on the field and off the field. What if somebody heard about the press release the amount that's in maybe it was great deals out a press release if you're waiting on physical and everything is done. Let it out under your way in our cities. Poll. Done he just didn't want to address it. Well there's some really didn't want justice and her daughter. Was are eager for good insufficient. Both teams have made it official according to him well at it just didn't want to address it made me. Maybe you didn't want adjusted maybe there's seems to be some discrepancy as to why the press release was out there I. It the whole thing was really straight talk about strange. Rob rob Parker your buddy rob port my body I used to work for the month. Yeah cause that's I guess until he got really pissed off let me just decided just to never return my calls and your brother. What's it called Walt so I was there for him when he did I was there day auriemma knew that so he would say he's throwing. Here's trolling patriot fans feel today I'll review and that is what his. It straight funny. Didn't hear not. From one page is right now did you say grow try to reason it sort of outlining did here or not. From one patriots fan today telling me. I'm not either. 'cause I picked jag was. To beat the New England by fourteen points also don't expect WB yeah I too want me on the air as well hash tag shocker well first of all rock. Literally picked Jacksonville by four I picked up by six results. So what you did was not a big deal but you responded right away to. Oh I did because first law of that's a lie that suite is a lot of good moment every once we've been reaching out to him for years now a regular thing on a regular basis want nothing to do with this I texted him. I don't Paul of Texas them but before he left. I don't Ryan's restart them Kurz is reached out to him. So I just the ice so this might liberal Big Dig into the whole Twitter beef they had just this one irritated me. Well we we also try to reach a month quarter review he's has blocked on Twitter for over a year now I couldn't reach my putter I've tweeted back trust and listen you're welcome to come on any time. But when you constantly say no what we ask you kind of makes us not give a crap what you have to say not so either. You wanna come on in your cool you're uptight and you know up pretty and you think that you're better than NASA I don't know what it is ice IP. I deleted all of the above its all the above Sony's block out missile decision read what you do yeah. He didn't want Cuba Christian. I don't know maybe you will now on issues like me I and he he wants to be on the show yeah I don't know why he kept. Hiding from cessation. Tweeted out this morning we reached out to rod Parker invited him and all the WEEI shows every one of Ben Moehler overnight. His response let me thinking get back to you we followed up to thirty no response maybe tomorrow rob now Orion. Did you call him up what did you do right could you contacted and today's two hour. I don't know personally I'd shot a text message is that hey you know I'm produce or map. Would want to have you all the guys known malicious nothing like that then and now about two hours later just got back okay thanks. And that is the last I've heard that thanks so 21 minutes ago he's blocked me. I don't see that I feel privileged yet you eligible to have yet to put this issue we say good I'd love to officially been invited yeah yeah so he's responded. He said. Tomorrow is better my national show on fox Sports Radio debuts tonight. What do have been smarter for him to come on today if he's got a new show a showdown or show national show that we ought to tell. Among yes or talk about a forty we're we couldn't mess and we via back and think what's wrong well since the mix like you can easily hold his own I don't get. It easily hold a zone and he doesn't have a issue arguing or fighting even though we have the lane take he doesn't have a because. That a problem backing his take even though it's stupid right just like all of us here we want us open stupid we look idiots actually. Could probably the fact that he refused to come on. Is beyond me and I don't I think I think I kind of hurts unit so what I think I need to do do. It apologize for all of us get a reply to because I really don't go to Paula I don't know if you could go to the show only go to show nobody really aren't remain united shown a little. I do whatever you won't end to get him on the shot is alleged to most it doesn't work I'm seeing tweeting out work of course you guys that'll be on now I apologize will remain close to call it. Does well realities he doesn't want to when he complains about you know of the station in bothering him all the time. Couldn't stop the tricky and now it. Yeah I agree on now. And didn't hear somebody earlier today may be it was richer or dale we're talking about the fact that. He already emailed. Was it Joseph you're somebody at does that leave us alone leave us alone we knew a lot bothers me. This morning. You got to stop bothering as did army get input do either one c'mon or are you willing to come on or not. But the way you'd be surprised his. Couple of his. Pick a Jacksonville was and now I don't think Tom Brady fell into my that he did it and against Houston he's gonna pick him again are literally against Miami to pick ammonia. He's the same guy with as maxed out what he's been talking about Brady's demise for the last eight years I'll probably wind up being lit all the load out the bias. He's alone is the loan. Look at least of all. What the hell is that and then we've got a guy a skip Bayless but for some reason turned into a child yesterday as he was watching the patriots game. Affected by the pages and he vacationers. We've played out as well as specialists equity was actually it is good it is that they know. What was it. Just like it like he was or those like shark he's easily a little autograph autograph thing a footballs which is a possibility or it was cross accord Coleman's name for a moment what. Card Coleman Kenny grad seem like one of those things that good this gold Scharping. So shopping you know exit shaken yeah yeah. Try to get all the eager to get to the bottom of the pan I didn't multitasking it's what he was walking around and elect and and then I trash can't say exercise and exercise machine we you grab and you you well no easy way she 812. Yank it'll down like that gesture from us recruit the remember none are I know I've used it may be he's got one of those. Now my dues or the third and two possession. Convert those so. Then going back together. So she's on an interim doesn't tell them I about it but don't you have a conversation on the site. That it's worth I'm 30 AM tickets to date and time. Ari I dislike segment as for rush to buy cars for kids the easy way to donate your card donate today in your car can be picked up tomorrow go to cars for kids. Dot com or 1877. Cars for kids is scheduled for tomorrow. The Red Sox are scheduled to play the New York Yankees looked on as the games anymore I suppose it's 1 o'clock start okay effort so if the game was played because they're expecting rain and rain heavy at times in New York. As Willis here right you're expecting me here. If the game is played we will obviously be on right after the game if the game is washed out and then they reschedule it. For media day night doubleheader on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be on while at 2 o'clock we'll talk a lot more about this. So it probably did it matter what it announcer just in case you just sit there and that's gonna screw appearance hired accurate and hired Dave McClellan goes on Wednesday instead you get there which got to which is true sweated. But those are gonna wrap put a plus one. We'll catch you tomorrow mail me at do maybe after the Red Sox game either way our body.