OMF - Warren Sapp's foolish defense; Mut got destroyed by a Pittsburgh talk show host, 12-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, December 14th

HOUR 2 - Warren Sapp went on a Florida radio station to defend himself against the NFL Network lawsuit accusations, and he said a lot of nonsense. Mut got shut down over and over by a Pittsburgh talk show host last night. Malcolm Butler denied it, but he was upset with the playcalling on Monday night.


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On him ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and 4800. Do little with his original harassment groom well according to an. Is that six over implement many get to the other a hard thing I do you want to battle but I did not urinate in front of we'll. You religious. Here's a fat cats who. Back in art get with glee and Lou and Christian thing that's always announced no data bill is literally got why would you announce him out of the bill the winter meetings what you do get socked in victory in the winter meetings but the job of the ball the go to New York you know one possibly almost possibly poll why would you do anything led may occur if you went all the right paper yeah. We ground to make our and you can't throw it knows his spirit that may. Big Bertha 2008 paying these spirited out of San evolved now on Sports Radio WEEI. You people by the way and that's social meteor questioning the timing. Of this hole seven par World Series because the goal was having their own. Little internal problems when it comes to the full sexual harassment thing that is rampant throughout the that the country right now. This is Hillary's sergeant today after Kurt many goes on the air today. And announces that the political reporter who was pressured to resign. For sexual misconduct over the Boston Globe. Is Jim O'Sullivan. So Hillary sergeant there's an old globally Jim O'Sullivan was carrying only a long standing Boston Globe tradition. Where Vinny. Older men. Have often treated younger women like sexual toys. To be used and then disregarded. Not all men at the Boston Globe are like this but those that are need to cut buck bleak senator now. You're prominent story is that cutter all we want now. This. This right now a movement to expose all of these guys I'll guarantee you there are a lot of people the Boston Globe. Who probably. There Ribery never sweating their self rated as they go live like a while now yup no doubt now wonder yeah and yours and anybody who work on some. You got on the questions about evenly my sources as Brazil and that's because probably do since the views of origins. Tim who you think you're being good blood and maybe I'll do that later wrong. Like when that show. When do we get out of the would you deny a lot of the other 1 o'clock and at 1 o'clock you don't live in Atlanta iron as you bet it out and under certain you know I really don't ask don't and I really didn't have any of them do you think she's making us. I think there's been lots of people thrown out in its lenders are now lots would be yes and water gap there really trying to get the crowd on an. And yes at bats just. I don't know when it Bergen and I don't think it will die when I. I won't lie to you is when somebody brings a PSP yeah. Then there are couple of names that I sit there and say he wouldn't be surprised when somebody brings up the Boston call. There are couple names in which I don't think I'd be surprised. Because I've seen some of these people election. I'm sure you fit the same way when you hear about numbers off when you when you hear about athletes. Did you hear about guys of the NFL network. Or if it it goes over to MLB network in whatever look right. You're not gonna sit there and say who can eat you up when are you surprised that this is it that those guys that that that. Because you've been out your social you'd you've seen these people option route you in the warns that stuff. He he came out like you know user generated York's. Praise as doping wasn't thought I mean he's still talking about it because I don't know it is it is it oh yeah. Oh yeah it's usually don't I get it's I hall of fame can't spell all things such adult on. I went to the root canal and a whole. Plus he's an able to love lead experiences were in any way they are producer. He was belligerent in the airport I was trying to get onto W I don't I don't like that tape again Jerry your apology and played all together in practice don't you don't ever find their identity and even you can't do poll that quickly and I'm gonna ask you all I got yesterday at all because you'll blatant political. All are on his Warren Sapp looked better than the others though. Speaking. Initially when I first when I first saw and read it was McCorkle of like that OK he's explaining the whole. It's. Via the Christmas the there when you're. Oh yeah Jessica. You've done forgot to do with his original rational in the room well according I don't know I don't know I have. Bet you don't lose is that sexual harassment law salary for me to decide what. A personal thing you do you have an a on this I don't know when you read is usually their sexual harassment let me get to the other on park avenue this video is there will be a two person. She also claims that you showed her nude pictures that of numerous women that you have claimed it. Too I've slept well look where where does that claim come from is that true. OK you can just look at my Twitter for all the years that post is often and from now. The young lady bird who's really pigeon that I much on the you know the little. Dental floss called Biggs was the Wear and if I showed you pigeon bachelor show. What do you wanted to show you purchased one new. And we'll share a mean you do want to normally. Left from right this looks like you'll bonus on your third that's us today. Thought I'd like you like do so this reminds you of some like that right that that's when you look. Never shall this warning thing in my iPhone the noon. Someone that I might have been dating she actually about budget bill that I have approached Lamar girl the she's dropped. Wardrobe ball in my in all fizzled different places like that I haven't had a big Potomac girl Obama faring so. She that's about a new national presumably older model at the time. All month ago. Mean what the mood you'll be the solution put only a little whatever if I showed anything it was somebody in a baby shuttles them nobody in the naked home. Thing is big thick column. Each carries carries a little credibility at this that this is a guy the decline that I had to hookers and there were the only reason to get caught. Is they agreed upon price in the eighty cheapened out of the end point and yet he wanted to edit her friend. First of all would you ever sent. To a female who's what's your TV at the good the did you don't know weekends yes is it I'm sure they have to make a person put makeup on you right yes OK to put makeup on because they have to fix that you only thing that goes all the freedom at pre application. So we have to fix it up. Just said for Christmas you gave her a package she opened it up and it's a sex toy for Christmas. In the workplace. You're telling me that that isn't. In a probe that is extremely inappropriate SO shown pictures but I mean that part I can understand that part of it where he lost me. Was. More on the story when he when he talked about on one and sex were there. Just do different this. He's a leader he's hoping he's yeah I did some things out I guess is what I'm thing here like I think Elaine. He's telling part of authority so all I get that right except maybe like it dirty Yankee swap yeah. I talk about those exist people have those events where they said they got him well during toys in the workplace. Lot of work well yes maybe it was that maybe he was her secret Santa it's obvious in the long run your lives as shields who's accused Israel to a lawyer that was Joan. But I was lucky to because it wasn't she. Apparently she she said that the sex toys for three straight years for Christmas three straight showed her nude images of women stuck with because this bill gets confusing to some real people that. Know what she would he want to do with heard everything else apparently he wasn't one of votes. So we would just he barred sex toys. Shorter new photos. It would lead runner. In your field that we're gonna do it because when I read in light she was forced to. Have a bathroom and all this is his his fame alters that aired Davis and shouldn't and won't whatever he was doing the complaint that I read in the reverend moon though which government. I'm just you just months. But I know I never in my life. I moved here from a wife no matter what for nine. It's just not something you do. Was that a bow. Q not sexual. That's something so might want to see the last how much figures from some asparagus it mice although. He's spurred his I don't know urine urine smell of asparagus. Or it's. Just what this guy cares no credibility. Is that he lied about the whole prostitute thing said he was faithful and course he wasn't and does anybody believe I afterwards. He lied after cot there's a video after the a lot of Clinton never happen and then of course they had all the evidence and then it's. And then of course we found that the reason to get caught the dumb ass he would've got away. Of of having sex with prostitutes because it does happen out there is he was a cheap strict. And he was pissed off at the women of the woman called the cops on them because. The heat he wasn't a paper of it wasn't gonna pay them. As you said he wanted to for one who wanted to do movies are ready to get a feel he gets so and it was double the price of what was don't put too. If he didn't get it means alone can't Amman just an incredibly this. The sexual Raff here. Luke gave this woman who will be back robbery lute he. Bowled it my knowledge to go out ringing on that. Don't know. That I had a wise the numbers match. Now why didn't remain in Canada aidid and his medal already had no matter how old Ottawa ball I've met a lot of I learned how I mentioned how true that the law don't trick with me you know that it was a nepalese I did my job makes good TV and I left. Who believes that letter was lighter than television MLB network. Over at my little out of the. Either box go. Well so here's how dubious now you you're part of the Lawson UP suit you quality attorney before you go on the radio and just openly speak the way he Pittman and ultimately no foolishness to polish. Only he shields who preaches to. The rink at the reunion at the wasn't a championship ring you've talked about. Yeah gee I guess out of all Obama. I guess he's noticed the increase it was Jamie kept it. He's he's the one guy that I think has nothing to lose at this point. Yeah he has nothing to lose so. He did now we're here like it's almost like that's that's part of his personality. Right so is there any job you just want to point though he had nothing to lose and it a did he show girl pages of Sherri did you go on there's a bunch of guys and there you're just having a normal conversation it's almost like. Jamie Kantor's oddity in the Rome it's I used I just act like you just assume she's not theirs is not talking she's gateways do wanna work whatever she's doing. Mixing snows in the middle of that but she still received. You know nude videos of. I tailor books you appoint these guys doesn't moves right he's a Philly with them and know which the reason why he's probably out there talking. But I at ghost and the fact that he's talking at least denying some of these reports. It it in these sounds better than the other and his colleague Obama look at all you know that's kind of who cannot who and what law warrants that really explains himself. Now I don't know what I did like Clinton himself. If you do the tax moment you know at the bottom of passwords are at the bottom of it and read down India oh yeah Lauren did well. That's well no he didn't know. I users easy to go against you because the previous things that. Charges were always dropped off. From a material development of alternate bear from there's no way happy in front of a paternal much excuse my three little girls are abuses this negotiate this way no how are all the candidates who don't don't you public dabble in my. So the bat does not out of the bathroom not thought teaching them about Rahm is inside there. The maker room. Right that's what is so there's like a door so would it is leaving the door wide open they are all going. What their take does not go to the bathroom. That's I don't know I remember either. Analogous to our league is like a Ural stall if that's the wall are going to be a separate effort what are you gonna get on this already written nothing at face make appeared here Iberia Jessica that's alone think he's shown kids there. Teeth as he would never have its key putt. Think the other guys to but I definitely don't want it legalized and it probably my grab your crotch of a drug you think you're rigs and probably the most innocent out of all of them. He might be exiled I don't dinars which is I just I mean listen I don't know him very well. You know like you and collectibles dealer at the feelings are mutual but I can easily see him just be in this slap ideas. You are running around and he's the one day he did that any videos. He's not listen on their zone and video they may be coming down the road it actually I don't know what the. The court cases but it accuse him of a doubt she's got her soda there it was it was sex toys by British circus history is general. Pete Oliver and showed there there are rather naked photos of women have 60 if you looked at home if you're right Taylor you know you wanna the other guys and you see this. Suit come out and you see you're on. The oath of a lawsuit. We as Warren Sapp argues that the eagle on. I'm done down they went way aren't sap I'm about what I'm OK it's good to being on mentally if a Olympics if that thing not a it's just so. Of the going to be mornings and on the earlier will be gathered of course Tampa smiley. What PBS is getting beaten up by the state some Philippine yes it's just going to CBS they'll look at some film people a lot little ZoneAlarm probably be on alert here as well. Arlington million. Oprah crossed just would not reported DePaul give credit here and call girl got Barack you retired pay go to break gonna bring that sound right at all. The final marketability. Are you left more relaxed and a I do. Does this immoral it's definitely these moral absolute policy if there was that it was a rough three and we edited for a site and I thought it was good. I've thought about and I scenes we know what happened you guys they left for awhile every now that you dirt she was in here and you weren't here hectares now not you have how weird. Isn't on your new music of Michael. You know embattled gang what is it and the one thing he did I did here numerous times yesterday when we didn't have to April we didn't have. The proper tape like that tangling in a couple of other thing to have our eight at three days and it went on order will close that gap and I'm a heads up with his arms up which is about. Morgan would look easy call and I outlined not my fault I'd be careful as crass arrogance you try to do that now I think she's too overwhelmed getting within you which should the first Russia. You guys in my column double. Don't know what all of you look at what bush showed she could do an afternoon show she's gotta try out numerous times in the afternoon show something you immediately yet. Noble Jennifer shelves that shows her. Bishop was Parcells got some more demanding those included but get on. Might add Colin Dunlap a guy whose and a comparing. Tom Brady to other cheaters in the past Barry Bonds notes out of Pittsburgh as yet let that go it is. You know what kind of got beat gonna be honest not really for about what I saw that on I think on WB I dot com gutless play. Yeah let's let a thousand segment let's do it lifted its of this Malcolm Butler I think it was not a good look yesterday he looks so nervous in front of us lock let's items like it is they were sent patty's line I think you're right. Yeah I will do all that and talk about the patriots coming up next. Christian rants about them pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney and Fauria what Sports Radio WEEI. Five regular and whole amount so much for some last night. So let's let sons. Who is Douglas guys don't listen this is the guy from from Pittsburgh right that we were mocking yesterday correct it's a case like orange yellow and Pittsburgh so this is what Josh Miller the punter mild but correct miles good by the plea was apparently played. On one of those pages championships yes yes it is who's also my neighborhood here force or spell. So yes a great trait you show range you don't know he was more difficult it noble ranks him out of sight out of mind. So wanna play what he had and we asked I asked and Lucy to get him on our show. And shops he didn't try right that's just saying she looked to me like oh screw I'm not doing it correct OK so let's seriously first. Agony once again is to I have all my stuff and we can visit is an announcement this out his whole thing was that there I can't delineate. Tom Brady's cheating with Barry Bonds is cheating in all these other MLB players you know Eagles why can't people may be the greatest of all time. But he cheated asterisk is there like Ed demur Marino great. Job Joseph Montana great is no cheating with those guys that Tom Brady I'm sorry we can't differentiate. OK I just wanted to go to that it could just go to the market we know the essence of what he said just go to the month this is him and Michael back and forth correct. OK let's. I don't know Tom Brady. From either Hispanic Keating with the patriots or cheating operatives on the court. Let's listen he's a systemic cheating will what what he meets systemic cheating what. Sleep eat and I finished beating the odds are living soul institutional beating the patriots were I call that person or Sar titans aren't. A little early for him to say it you let me say it was. Only a little better off duty is a model cut off its series right now and its. Sensitive is yeah he was aware and sensitive about getting tough aren't you wanna professional opinion about against. On a scale of one intent that was a two point I was just I was instantly. You wanna you wanna see some real. I can't I have I don't know what I do it's okay finish that they've been. Finished Serbia. I mean from institutional cheating that the patriots were fine for a war spy gate and that he was suspended four for the plate gay. I've not been. The level. Jurisprudence here like the NFL. So this is in a referendum on. What that guy guilty what he had felt guilty like I bought the governing body yet it felt found them guilty. OK and so Roger Goodell is now. Bomb not really Roger didn't Raj and drive unity Roger Nelson is the Supreme Court it because you know the way they've run their company to run their business hello all look up and up but hold on Roger didn't necessarily find him guilty he said it was more probable and likely probable Republican. I'm not. Okay so 5149. That's what he's facing losing lights I'm located. Slice mostly that. But this is this is the narrative now cut. Play more on Brady was not punish the back on the team was punished for there was nothing about radian despite. About him benefiting from anything on the field. If you wanted to be around out of your own shall what ask questions let me answer let yet. And I'll call had on my god I. This line up for it in pilot Jim Rome radio I say something and I talked for a tour has done wasn't yeah it's not even disappear and they you talked for two minutes and then we silent and then I'd talk while c'mon this conversation go ceremony. I want to laugh at you want because you are my putting all of your state owns just five words or less you're putting spy you know offering digital evidence of that though come on the issue. Well I feel that there operate benefited from spy gate and I think it's all well read. How because he knew that signals from the defense. That's who it's ridiculous those who needed what it is I understand he doesn't get to meet it Obama of Illinois but let's get a move burst up front. If you don't listen as of the defense. Authentically yeah question is Providence having this signal is what happened in Seattle what happened in Atlanta but those things sort of raise some these accusations that they could win without. The Marshall Faulk with dealing with facts. The team hasn't been able to win since I gazed at truce that fact that fact. And you like to. But yesterday I no longer affect you really have accidentally all the team has the other teams hand signals. Every team all week there's these things called cameras. Wolf we gotta be you Taylor and with the Eagles better on the floor we videotaped from the old pro okay Blake told not to add do it anyway that was the car. The that. Was the arrogance of Bill Belichick screw them on stove and impose a film from the sideline but the narrative of the the national narrative. They don't wanna believe that they don't understand skill. Exactly what's spy gate once they gathered gate continually get wrong. They came down on again on the patriots not exactly number eighty and in the case of the flaky I am I I'm assuming you read through the wells report and you have your own thoughts on what. What did they do that at least get a quick they get right. They might act but oh well is that I got it right now just America or state they they certainly did and there there evidence at the end was more probable than not that Tom Brady was aware of something going on not that he was deflating football's accepting. Groups. All on my whole life policy. So here's the things going wrong blame game and now it's the right now we're on our were acting like Africans at a driving down there and I don't matter to debate a mining unit of doubles back and you know it's all mine. So my and every Yahoo! any slack and does Cheney being you and I did Barry Bonds. Really that was ejecting his ass was steroids but hey wait to talk please Hague really big. They did did as told grow longer from the HEH that he took. I mean did he get completely shredded and rip and can somebody please explain to me see you can't you can't argue with anybody about spy gave to deflate did you have a whole laugh about and famine Cisco like a hole like a whole another company that was. You know it doing all the work form giving them all the informing. I can't do anymore that's. I want them to get social laughed so beat up so that judge Roy outside an apple really care. I don't wanna go to Minnesota. I wanna go to a movie you know we're gonna miss and want the team to lose yes I want blues you want to play at the gas gas aren't good person. I don't like every little personal level he says let's go to Minnesota February and illegal do whether there's any other record. Needed EU. Mean you know I would agree a lot of it was terrible the body on you get mail and I don't know miserable excuses like three formal weeks of stuff that thought. About a month ago we thought. Minnesota has nothing to do that Minnesota would would not be the ideal spot if I'm thinking of all the places I'd like to see considerable. Minnesota might be Knight won all six on my list dies but the fact is you just came out. Here in New England. Before a patriot audience get basically no hatred and you brought into play for the team and I guess that was let me journal. Just thought of a lot of going ice breaking as a big is it really hurt blog is different SRI species. Everything I've heard a lot of that must. I think I. And now I had a conversation is done all of the Hasbro hey guys aren't the only if you're that old Hasbro game where he broke guys like that aria and odds are you're telling the opponent right there. Net you're telling the public can tell that the listeners are our audience. You want the patriots to lose. On Sunday and I did but now I hate the only because there's so much and I hate the fact this there'd still be thrown out there and still you. I. Have to accomplish. For them to put this the rest. How much he's every hotly. There and here's your answer that ever well the people like him to people that dislike that team that dislike the organization this like Brady and Belichick. There's nothing they can do to change their pain. Nothing. As nothing communicated. But it can't wait since the break you know spiking oil related. But then while they were doing that deflate you became a Christian that's a reason they got them through ball in the first place even though. That's Super Bowl was played with properly inflated balls well it was cheating an additional one that's the wrong position have been there. Then they come out. And they actually take the penalty dictate everything before games he missed and it's not enough because there when it's admirable. It doesn't matter if people never changed him answer that's no matter what they do that's the killer had they not won those two Super Bowls. Then those anti patriot people would have had a few laps and this guy all questioning the validity of their championships and Tom Brady is a cheater feet at the patriots quote win this year. These incidents that you don't want. Mystery of four years. And I you know what I'm no longer gonna feel that way but they. I use your all right Lou I know you're like all right so here's did you think did you ever think this is gonna happen that. That hard core Joseph Montana he's the goat of all he's the greatest of all comedies to go to. Would ever relinquish. That spot and give it to Brady. You think that would ever happen we had Randy cross on journalists who blues was a senator for Sampson deserves it or not. Even he was a match you know we still they both have 4 that I am gonna go to market he asked the statement he. Tom Brady now you can't say anything eligible so there comes a time I ST I believe they will come a time that those people. Bill be so much more information and so much evidence. That that had nothing to do with it like here's another reason here's another here's more evidence that he is awesome and he didn't need anything and that's not. You're gonna convince them because that game's different now. It was harder for GO. You know I'm just say they corners could never yeah it'll never cut block opinions you'll never change his class and I have opinions and everything what do you think. Opinions on him to let them talk item talk and I our report ratings like apple slipped on these kids this. The top five quarterback of the best quarterback I don't know because for me there's always a question as to exactly. How much iPad has been a lot of fun playing some more passes why did on the ball. You basically semi didn't do good and he's got a present three and out and if you Jimenez. Well. In it. It is evidence and it I guess you didn't ever rusher against guys like play in this role with much. Recruit talent innings. And recognize how to write your. Upon her upon her breaking doubts football and that's right. It's battle didn't play. Oh what's it like an attractive well you know. Ice cap a day okay did it Golan any opera the beast had another job. Here. Including two more passes. United. Yet we knew that just hasn't lost his eyes yeah that's kind of feel like lowlands hard is not really in this is that does that speak more than my yes. You know rob Parker thing yeah Loeb. Yeah it is locked on radio sometime maybe you won't be on you know. 645 or whatever. Who's this. Obviously he's he's in case you leave on Monday the morning generally east Carolina don't have the record that's. Pittsburgh version of permitting and that's AM processes that Brett bushy run into him. Take down Osama heard her hand tool that's he's no Kirk meaning it is Phil and I it was a personal friend of monitored. And like in the nighttime on you doing a good job in the morning show there obviously Mitt from the same lines like it to get people fired. But not the world views seem much hidden represented us well at all not at all I was I felt in the arms. We did this for two years the blueprint it laid out how to delegate these guys in my bottled spring of article forty cents. On the job and all along the I'm old I'm dreaming you know Jerry hang up on eyes and I read the Weld's appointment to the polls sympathy for the Catholic you know leading Reid says that the wealth of talent doesn't matter in the chair and he's a suspended before he leaves that that didn't help not bad it was a terrible act recklessly and it evolved over the good that you apparently I. Yeah. Love how the guy apparently back. Yeah there were right there are not like a partnership or relationship between the two should be attacked he'd match on this job. It won't want it is meant little feelings. On the whole to placate you with maybe he feels and it was a great thing cardinal. Backpack was the one that's spicy. Odd as well maybe that's why is not at all then that's minds and our notes and it is. And brown. Don't. Let the again for months ahead of us where's the video. And that's why do you feel that you guys over the month had the wrong coupon. It their uncle did you don't want them back and I wanted I wanted that now you know commit a guy like now that that a defending the velocity you're better off the vehicle she'd look at the field easily. He's the best quarterback of all time economy right. Not likely won't recite yeah. Right we have greeted disagree I'm not an issue right now on the robot Steelers and patriots all weeklong taught him of this column thank you for tripling the ratings night thank you for coming on the I don't know it's easy ones to field Chicago and he says you know I don't know anybody. While many it's gonna kill tomorrow and we're we play at Xavier call him tomorrow. I like our guy on again not call you stupid show tomorrow I certainly the most really operating softer than they came in seventh place all I've found in the market L. Our car show vendors and play my oldies with George. That with 1930s big band music. And then the last days. And so good regular ratings like oh. So amazed by the images have been a hollow drive time act all that much of an unprecedented. In the fifth pitch I. Pocketed Asian man moved millions to kill tomorrow plea of not desert in Arizona. Well my thought demo that he's on the while they're gonna kill then they'll destroy in the knowledge that city singing Christmas carols well that might help them out. Right 61777737. Radio and all that X. Syrians claim 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more we're way we're loading and pouring it on Sports Radio WEEI. Epic game reports on Sunday afternoon in these people care so a few weeks. Big game since the beginning Sunday afternoon down there and that we're so Malcolm Butler after the game against the dolphins. Sees some reason a pro football focus week. In which they're breaking down Jay Cutler's numbers against the blitz. That was really good against the white. So he decides that he's gonna re tweet this and this was the if you look at at the time for an. Normal locker room after the game. So he read through this and commercial rights to their phone. Pole mobile. But why you do this if you're a football player why you concern yourself with the outside world at that moment. I had no understanding of it's an yesterday. He had to answer for this in front of his locker. You know the Richie the other night and whether that was. On purpose or accidental. They're not you know and so. Yeah. They misunderstand. We re just good with the game plan and all that stuff. I think that's you know people are saying. Can you believe that that people wasn't happy with the way and that's. You know none expression everything else I'm guilty to sell IE right he's alive and well it wasn't by. While it might well these I I I hit like by accident all time wasn't like he retreated for example as a bobbing your tweet right now the angels focusing on third baseman Chase Headley the only adult in between guys and it will re tweet button up and they were at does X mean to confirm it or not it does -- it says you would you like to reach three equal tweet or cancel parts it was not only is this like like we just scrolling through and if you had button it. Also happens to hit it I think it's it's states unlike. If you re tweet something like Malcolm did you hit this button and it says would you like to reach weak and and you hit it again. So that's not by accident. Right the correct something I actually hit this button up that would be correct now now before he re tweet it. For a reason. And get Jeff I'll with the whole people are saying you know happy with a which. I guess it's true concede they even think about this this Oslo Sunday puzzle patriot notebook here today and Errol. Where he's talking about this interview. Used to call for Butler which we just played and it's next paragraph in an apparent effort to find the hottest. Of all the hunt takes its been hypothesized the ball that was to satisfy the patriots game plan. So. Really like the hottest of hot you know I don't the only. And the idea that obviously you agenda yeah they knew that note use Purdue's correct OK I don't know what it is. I think it's obvious you think that's like a hot made up sports talk radio pay the hottest of hot dates played like crap. And then after Obama re tweeted though a blitz numbers for Jay Cutler. You how do you not think that that's what it's about that I don't like saying that is obviously that maybe wasn't. I don't know maybe it's maybe it's my first reaction on him that he's pissed off at. The hottest of hot cakes they did with the obvious he tell it to game plan. To Patricia that I. So he needs to do Brady did last week you know five days later c'mon do this. Com you it is admitted. And say yeah. I was a little pissed off like we had the mob that that always seems my dad it's it's better when he's in my next year for every yet my uncle that I just punch of not. I have what adult I can't believe I did I was this game was over. We gave up far too much on that glance and saw what getting the numbers and on home. You know it's all me I got I apologize allowed Matt Patricia wonderful human being is that about Vladimir seated and it got even if you're Malcolm Butler if you Malcolm Butler. You come off the field your blitz like crazy you're stuck miles man coverage are being beaten to you have no help. And you're free agent so you don't crazy thought start to go when your head now. The crazy thoughts are going to happen there this court. So I can see and be pissed off at the unlucky he he knows he's not gonna play for the patriots. Yet his value is decreasing because I've of his system that at least in that's so he's getting exposed more often than not sets that. So hell yeah he's pissed that the system that's exposing a way to get this play well I I do really well they get better in the past it's on all enjoying what he does. You know that was that no I would say that if you do not say this issue is. It's it's getting beaten up man and anymore he has in the past nothing is harder than men and Robert Purcell obviously right addresses caiso. And if you were if you're putting him in a position rates to cover man to man and he's failing. Okay you're kind of pissed off as you go over the past this yes it out this year he's been feeling a lot of dignity competed. Board to pass for the ball that he has this year he's been around the ball more last year. But he was this year I think about all the of those autos at I think it's I think a guy like him why I don't want I don't wanna just pigeonholed into a certain mentality by. It seems to me that. It's easier for him to make excuses and blame other people what he can't sit out their same map that you do now you know it's a terrible coverage for me. Those situations when the office accord brought the plate and I know. Physically I can't block this guy and knows that the football for the fakes on screwed the bad design. So I picked at the corner coordinator free him putting in that situation so what I see I got there's two things like he doesn't like the situation that he's put in because maybe that should know better I don't know. Or maybe oh kudos to mat rat and trust and faith in his one of his best corners to make a play when given the opportunity to to build and I think it has. Everything that do win if he's looking at the bigger picture which he earlier this season. He seemed to be moaning and groaning about stuff to seem to be some issues there finally figured it out start playing while not explainable the last few weeks we'll. I don't know and and I'm saying so we're. Get a Gilmore being in lake area of the finally put into this and succeed. That a couple of gotten intimate on that point there which is so nobody's that good reads like a bucket yeah but it. And now is only one way to play you feel look successful is voted for Butler now. The question is read you want to protect it's we can look at. Look let me ask you this Christian because. Obviously. If you try to increase your value and you playing man to man it's pretty easy. For any of us to figure out who screwed up on apply. If you play zone was sitting on I was the safety of the pot's body politic you can you can blame that too it's very different people. I'm wondering. If they dislike. Week to week playing with a totally different game plan at this point we're doing something totally different that we did against Miami because they offer different challenges forced. Well I don't want us out of this box well thought about it some more I mean I haven't done you know in the beginning at least you know struggling. Like couldn't figure it out Indian intelligence is actually part of the game so you know camp figured out your athletic ability means nothing. Not think so a guy who's smarter. Can excel more in this system but it just because he knows where to go. Rightly so even though the other guys faster. On the leader quickly because I can beat better than you so like your speed is negate. I mean at least I made a living off that because I was just knew where I was going was not nearly as fast or strong at any of those guys that they grabbed anatomy. So I think I think Butler. Because everybody's so legged divas court that's watching that film trying to decide whether they're gonna sign but are not as that they're going well. As it did he even screwed up when we looked like in practice org is regarded you as corny but it terrible position. Coach is a watch that they'll go it is the played but should make these make this play it smoking even touched down late night could good on the ball on the air jump late. He's getting beat off line of scrimmage but he did the papers pre season game of this easy easy to say. Jackson gold Jack's also Jackson they had to Africa to guy's name was he was a free 8000 small school Adam in the Mac and remember the like a Tony miceli come to be before the game and Bocelli and burn our urban crier ray but he's nobody's. Yes some people thought about the reasoner right yeah Brady did some very awful for a terribly kill one other Haley equity guys have. Who's in and out he talked about this one to see this on gut the rookie. And sure enough smoked Malcolm off line and like it was a cereal it lol okay now and what they like him. Now I know while I was right about the building something special that's been his situation he's been in that situation all year. So I it is a look at and it sees irritation his frustration rather keep pace of his phone he sees that he sees all the stats like. I should be put the debit. Should be put in these guys are told all week mission though we know we are allegedly these receivers like I don't like I sharpens quit. We do it the worst thing he considers. Next question or there are okay. Mischief Cutler would put it. Florida did there's a thing so. So. His voice couple years or fraudulent does that protect them. There doesn't want the challenge of I've covered some momentum and evening Richard chairman with that there is say we let me on an island. You beat Xavier Rhodes is that there's a let me an island jailer Ramsey. Some of these guys are AG boo yea some of these corners that you think are legit they indicate. He definitely key to leave value left me on and I already put in a bad spot to think it's it's it's a killer apparently put me on. I'm still out but this jackass the ball so what he he's been protected last couple years and that's what he needs it into. You do about it at all I think it affinity is somebody is that I think it's one that was really whatsoever I think with somebody when a guy gets beat in these haven't been struggling. I think some people wolf find someone to blame so is in a lot of guys on this game this week all right Ali now he wants no part of it Tony Brown. None none whatsoever he's it is used. And we'll make it look even more he's not playing at a high level like he has in the past when he did cover with confidence. You want nothing to do with a ten what does he does get Antonio Brown you better not take that attitude going into this game or he will get smoked. Presents a real probable will make at least one catch him which you sit there and say oh my god how the closer Billy implements the UR you are not a nimble one corner. So my number one corners gonna go on this juju Smith Shuster cat right. You'll cover Antonio in depth to help you all game long arm it's gonna help you all game blockers in the past it was. That is an earlier in Ireland now you got this guy they have a double this other guy you know but it this week he's treated as. We need protection for Malcolm Butler. With that exchange type we'll talk more about the game and this and some of the other stuff we talked about here today. As such concepts of seven nods and threesome writer and when that.