OMF - We are surrounded by fake news; Tonga and Samoa have cool World Cup pre-game rituals, 6-25-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 25th
Hour 2 - The reports on Hanley Ramirez being part of a drug ring seem to be the latest case of fake news going around, along with the cover of Time magazine showing a picture of Trump and a picture of one of the children separated from their parents. It turns out that child was not actually separated. Christian also thinks the Tonga and Samoa World Cup teams have very cool pre-game rituals.

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty in the hard hit ball to. And right field evasive. Jackie Bradley through the first Red Sox hit this afternoon. And he's still. It. Is being a patriot fighting allegations. Once they get caught cheap yeah around they have a more urgently need to tell them examples would definitely. And Lou in Christian process wasn't followed technically it correctly it looks bad for them. Optics are bad if it's a question. Asked him what drug he tested positive one it wasn't included and have banned substance list or whatever the case may be it seems up and if anything that seems up and it when it comes to the NFL is challenging for me because they had not a league that has a strong level of credibility and I'm sorry for that now on Sports Radio WEEI. Good drugs are in our number ones that we get to do whatever you here in the southern Red Sox down on the table because the JBJ Jessica Mendoza. Lines are gone Molly. And more I. Want a Doug. Road game fired up now I'll tell you what he goes three three road that I edges with the able withstand a barrage of criticism. Every Monday through things like I just out of the load on the crops please. Most one game with a low end of the snowstorm on most players do that once you know we believe that that's pizza chain he went from one zone created the needed to why you did you know it. Reviewed. In the day we'll and a low one game does that news doesn't erase that. 22 months plus not try to reach a critical eye so I just yeah yeah good yeah. Critical I don't wanna hear that stuff last my good friend had ever and relic last night talking about it is we have low on the blanket it was that you know. Jackie Bradley experience of other she years been what music over emphasized there. Exaggerate whatever it logs are now it's as in the worst position at that little chart the you're talking about earlier you got them last night and drop from last night. Over criticize and then this is always the case with him for some reason god he's something of a lightning probably doesn't deserve to be looking at my. Where the Red Sox ran out different stuff. You know you don't wanna I wanna highlights relic that is don't hold onto this is still brought it must feel like it's basketball season. Worked and worked out in droves talking about Al Horford and you may be. I swear to god we got news of the entire NBA season you like him. But I over criticize. And this is always been the case with him for some reason he's something of a lightning rod when he doesn't deserve to be looking at where the Red Sox rank and different. Positions center field granted has been the only guy out there has not been the biggest problem is not in their biggest problem that he is treated. At least on social media I think by some fans as this team's biggest problems airports out there have a lot of hard hit balls. We know the outside that's there we know what he's capable of doing is they're better off of you don't have a lot of people so don't be over critical jets are all. Or zero OK okay knocked us out to a Red Sox the Celtics. And it relic an issue broadly and so his defense is they have been worse hitting behind the plate and second places that we show hotels is that his death since yesterday. Jack a tragedy is two things that goal for for the first two months of the season number one there are winning. OK that's really all that early man number two there was no alternative. You know especially when Hanley got released. But the fact they went three for three and the fact that you know you hear and you see all the reports now of what he's done the last ten games as far as exit velocity goes and it's great. I hope he's turning it around is they need him to turn around and and but they are better able to stay patient with him because there are winning. In because there was no other alternative he gonna puts wired opted for three weeks in left field in always if you wanted to see what he could become. All you could put GD and and Ben attendee senator JD and laughed and and what DH why aren't New Year's hole Padilla catcher and accused Knoll. Alternative. So but it doesn't erase the fact of for the first two months of the year hit like a buck seventy with a 540 open yes psyche it's not. Over critical he was really really bad for two months offensive. He really I don't know I really. Believe I'm here man eternity yeah yesterday in the Mauricio and a half month. I repeat if he was a marginal defender. Marginally with guns he he. And so we begin would be an epic. I mean it's saves possess and enjoy what's wrong not a lightning rod bad effect if anything people keep them close to liberalism because they like that that highlight they get. Twice a week when he may know what we cancer center field I get that I understand and artistically it's wonderful art honestly and and so the same thing I've set a month ago. I am praying I am hoping I'm sitting here pleading hopefully he has found himself so for the next month. Jackie Bradley junior can go home one of those Jackie Bradley junior ones we've that's about 420. For about four weeks and we get to July 31 and they trade him away because trust me on August the first he'll turn into a pumpkin. And we'll go right back to sitting here dealing with the JBJ. Just Mendoza line again under 200 that's what we're gonna cement I've done deal. Diaz forty is we've got enough of a sample right now wonderful. Epic center fielder I wish they could you could have. In the American League you could have ate it position players just plays defense doesn't have to get an at bat went into the open you know pitchers to. You could I get to the parliament and a series and I just don't I don't think that this is the this year. Consideration of trading and this year you don't pay him pin and arbitrage that's different start whoa that's the start on your offseason that's the storm signal is it the feeling dollar player but you do. Need help and you don't of the prospects writing you said this last week the brows ski right now was playing with an empty deck and trying to get help. You need help you center fielder returned I tell you what we get relief given ideal I don't know you're gonna get a second unit secondly you're moving on to second baseman of the joy can't compare correct yup that's there it's. You may OK and you do need help in the bullpen. And so he becomes a guy that might be able to facilitate that and at least we know that what you can do is you can put JD Martinez in the outfield. Yeah I just I don't yet happened why not especially B gets hot the it's not that's what they want to do. We want to get hot in the offseason that's a whole different discussion to a paid a ten million now. Bobby trade him away to build your roster any offseason but during the season they keep you hold on this guy and you hope that he swung the bat better. If he gets in July do you really believe he's gonna hit August and September because he's Jones no history of do when he has a thirty days sparked. That's tremendous and then he reverts to what he was before. What you've seen here so for work the first half of the season look word game or two away from the halfway mark of this. They'd be different if you're. In a better position with a minor league system. That you have been the last three full years and he can sit there is that we can move on from him between call up this prospect and we can move on from him with this prospecting required it. They'll rent the guy let in Adam Jones or if you don't have enough. Through move him for a player that acquired got to replace him all old get another body I just edged don't see it. And in the exit velocity stuff. This is actually for me the only reason why it it should exist. You know for this Jackie Bradley thing that ever years ago it while we talk about its velocity and this is the actually answer. Because for the last few weeks you can look at his average. But they'll have stats that tell you these didn't know how many balls that 9500 mile an hour example he's sitting on so that's how I don't excuse when China but it just say it's it's a one way to show that guys actually swinging the bat well. But not getting any love OK I give you that bush the last couple weeks I would say that that's the category to ease it. I don't you believe over the course of the season and 500 plus at bats. That is hitting the ball right to somebody kind of evens itself out you do it enough yeah you consists. Does it absolutely beverages has if you hit. Ball striking out and now you know since I think I can I would not be surprised at all if he goes on one of these experts on the next month but I don't trust them. I you know what I just don't beyond thirty I would chalk it up to. Locked the sunshine on his butt at the right time to date on her us lobbies not yet begun you know because was three hits stole a base policy of three for four. Seoul based had a great game attributed all different aspects of the game. It was too much of a truce. I am all your base hears all the good luck that I am. Adam and put one big game and then it will at Angel can go buy some time Emma buys them time and you guys will be on the look again. You'll need to against Seattle catching eight and you'll continue down that road and mourn over. It won't last that it won't last because we've seen the c.s we've got enough of the sample of him and I think it's on him that's why don't buy its lock. I I think he can hit I think he's proven over Perry hasn't really gone for a couple of months he's already let. If they get a lot Beaumont Lou you tell me Hugo five weeks in your back about 10435. Is that line. That is he can yet he just gets screwed up with his mechanics or whatever it's in his dad he's he he just get lucky and not points that you like you don't eat cereal yeah. The process repeating the good mechanics at every single opportunity as he can't can't do that. As a teacher and you didn't lose it without thousand me at 435 for a month there is some luck involved. I mean you know is different in force at the governor unbelievable for 35 month or written 370s you get some love to but 891 month and no more old 651 month and 435 the next month at bat that's the problem you know he can't. City that. You know he doesn't get much love win when you hit it bought seventy. For four months every year. Yeah yeah I mean so it's like you gotta make the Oak Park concert more consistently in the first two months. Number he had that stretch was like sixty at bats thirty strikeouts bite me. You can't complain about. You know contact and hit the ball people and not hit the ball he wasn't enough man loves contact. And also was abysmal for a couple of months and hopefully swing you'd be a swing and about better. He's making better contact and hopefully gonna look around here and if you actually get some from the bottom of the order. Watch they'll take your story just in time he'll be on there and take an all star break. I pay gates he is he is he does have a little bit Al Horford and these ferocious and none on and I'm not not as far as. But this the protection. That he gets. I you're drilling you know explaining it was I don't end up hurting when trying to save a save like Iraq he's not a lightning right he may be frustrated discussion and down. And it's become more because yeah. He's criminally now for four years so three complete seasons you look at the numbers and you you'd say. With the exception of two short periods of time. That lasted three or four weeks the guy is sucked as a credible reason they might feel of the Boston red such needle back immune you do all prices are lighting blog our discussion come in one but if you blood discussions and on. The Red Sox who used to talk about yeah about what the price number one. Then of Chris Sale. I'm Chris Chris antley and Handley Pablo and on it tendencies and Jackie Bradley county. Question and he is over these aren't lightning rod as saying and so when you talk about him. It's people call up koala the mystical Jackie did you get ridiculous and down trade and Donald I'm sick of him sickly buckles more you tell me a job. Excluded doubted there. Because the clash at every single year you'll get the same discussion. What can he got it what what should Jackie Bradley junior hit. To make it social sort of wraps plus would keep him on the roster and what we have to hit because he doesn't have the ups and downs and you could take any particular month and say well. He's worth it. Amended and at the end of the season he's always flirt around 222 something like that. But he has so many lapses that he doesn't do it in a playoffs. Last two years so yeah I mean he's got Al Horford written all over. Because he's a great defense supplier and so people will try to make the argument he's so good defensively you're not gonna make that about newness right now he's not hitting he's useless. OK and you need to go and get somebody that can play second base whether it's Alter somebody of somebody's got to play second base. Because of newness is not hitting it doesn't bring enough good things like Vasquez pretty damn good catcher when he's not hitting you sit there and say what would like to get some offense they are but. You know he's pretty good behind the plate. Jackie Bradley junior is a great. Center fielder peace talks is a better. The Sox. So okay so it's not okay so you're you're you're also able where one guy had to be here shortly. I don't know star telegram we're doing this aircraft were being unfair rate set in and out of my Minnesota and nobody out there and sucks is okay. And something of a lightning robbery doesn't deserve to be what she got dessert that's. That's him. If you would lay it out and look at that ball player's specific player keeping his personality everything out with. I have nothing against his personal seems like a nice enough guy though there's no other part of him that decision wap like media David Price does. So we see great. Center fielder makes acrobatic catches up decently on my god I can't believe me just let that. As a hitter he isn't und. Analysts say drug let's look at it like the same metrics that pyramid chart you brought up. And saying that you know as far as war go zone runs saved dole winds above whatever. Right center field this kind of in the middle pack. You know because what he brings defensively and a catcher inch in second base is actually hurting you more and third base. Is hurting you more based on those stats. But that it shouldn't be that okay what's the worst 12 base OK we can only talk about second. We can't talk about the other positions and a disappointing. So you know at second base is hurting you more catches hurting him well let's talk about them Heidi guys like senator wall Satterfield a gale with our board thoroughly killing of so we shouldn't be allowed to talk about his offensive issues. Now you should get to talk put everything political and his team to talk about everything to improve what needs to be better and and obviously offensive in center field they would give that a gotten actually zero from. Zero now he's making better contact hopefully this ball better but it gets zero from their offensively. If it'll help a drop like a little bit of 153 place. Ever since got to be better defensively how many errors is never enough 151617. That's a fairly young and it's a battle okay he's gonna want. How does Jackie Bradley junior college and what. You might now by now you know what you've got anybody thinks to Jackie Bradley junior suddenly got to convert those and suddenly he's going to be at 260 to 75 your critic. About the rest of the way Lou to actually get to like 245 to fifty at three Longwell. It's got to hit the cover off the ball in the second half of the season. I mean there's a lot out of favor Metrix. No you know. That you fight terrorism is like in Russia we talk about every play that we talked about a devers a third but you make an excuse. I think we've been making the excuse. They Jackie Bradley junior in center field. Is a sports editor a week highlight real it is fun I'm watching him play a lot watching him get the ball chased the ball down. And and maybe you got a taste that newness and Vazquez making it more difficult for you to keep Jackie Bradley junior around. On the other hand if they can find somebody else. Who can hit they can be a designated hitter and you could put JD Martinez in the infield every night. And he can hit as he gets better when he's in the field actually slightly better that he does what he's a DH a mall for sorry. And you can get something over the next want to Jackie Bradley junior is on the and some other teams it's. On Monday I think he's found it I think and I think he's found that the value added of that's the case of all the people now that I think you know I think he can know what's going to happen. Tell them what would you suspect that some other scalp for some other team won't do the same thing because it does not with around him every single bank you remember I was say whatever the Red Sox know about him. The other teams don't. While you remember we said this booklet buckles the Clay Buchholz is the tendency of getting its act together and he pitches really well for a while. And then something happens and what he goes off the tracks so when he was really going well there for awhile that was the time that they should have come loaded a playbook buckles. And they did right and then they ended up getting what nothing in return at the end. By the way Buchholz is on one of those runs right now on or off anybody's intention he's pitching well right now anybody think it's going to last fall is. State. Because an easier raise it to seven firm Diamondbacks at the seventh stocked up. Did you see last Canadian leaders stark is of entry I don't know I didn't see that area amount what's in the national and aria if so its authority here so. We know this so why it does anybody not all we're not willing. To understand that we know what's gonna happen with Jackie. We don't. We don't and I agree I love watching you don't want to highlight really go to you to our highlight reels and Jackie Bradley junior those of you wanna see it. I just don't trust him in that lineup in and for all in all finished as I know drove it wants to be about this he does get a car. By the fact that Vasquez and and newness have been horrendous at the point. So he's exposed more in the bottom third of the order because the other two guys can't Diller. But sorry that's portal life right. Parnell. Let's take a break and we'll get to the phone calls will open up on wind was an important thing tactics and a 617777. He's for except for writing an element. Always on the. You know Heidi is Chris Smith mass live through it out his last ten games coming into today thirteen malls these it was an exit velocity over a hundred miles an hour so it's been frustrating because he's been hitting the crap out of all. But not not a whole lot of results to support bill thanks so hopefully that's the start of something good. There drivers. On the base socialist and show was on a baseball. Hello I'm sure I baseball's doses glorious return I cannot even on the night duty mission would you pay a massive amounts of money to get them back not and she just missed dismissed him that was there. I'll listen hopefully is always the word we use the extra Bradley junior hopeful he can hit for longer than a week here. I'm just not betting on I've seen enough of the sample book that I think I know what he is I think he's phenomenal fielder phenomenal and eats sucks is there. Would it be careful when when we we just you know we look at the last ten games after Smith had to exit velocity thirteen balls. And and and c'mon say so each has been hit the ball really well he's not in any laws. You know to me like in its. Great leader for ten games but it wasn't like that did it does sixty games prior he was. You know you don't mean they know what to make it sound like it was all year long he's been hit the ball authorities get no love and that's why is it a buck 81. Maybe that the last ten games in 241. And maybe could be hit 320 because Luis hit the ball. Sold the last ten have been okay. Let's not disregard the first seventy wherever the hell around and I didn't even dispute Alec score when he said this last week and we're we were talking about it he said he's hitting line drives and he's just hitting right to some lately and and a in your right I'm watching the games. Unseen that's exactly what he's doing. We don't sit here and suddenly say that he's figured it all out. And each 48 after four years suddenly all might spend it on converting what all right yeah numbers so the. CNET and also ushered it through you know because it's it's considerable room while at the first their bags you lineup the second base guy did good contact did you paint ball did you see is second at bat when he lazy fly to shortstop that he sees third apparently rolled over to a double play and she's fought that that when he punched out. Did CL votes enough. I don't mean excel at ease at the ball hard once a game twice a game in the that is not in love and I don't understand here that can make all difference in the world. But. He's been been better the last week ten games I would say he's been I would say this to keep it there and hopefully was forty continues to do that. I would be concerned about the fact that he might be losing confidence in himself that he's hitting the wall hard but he's hitting it right to somebody will is make. Because if you look at this current that's what does. That's what is what this kid. I see kids lie yeah I don't really counts in my thing is is less about you know. I just feel late at some point time. Now probably more like that it's in the field. They hill and it saves in his team's ass based on his play in the outfield he's great I know you and nobody on base more problem and up it'll probably don't break your heart. If the game comes down to him at the plate. Laid out but get to forests. That's it don't forget about this forget about the end it there and you feel like defensively parties play him they parent upon what you're doing. I admit that stuff I sort of throw yet the other night from center field to play with that was after you media are. Trauma he yeah China's entry you know I don't want you know he would hit the hole Jackie Bradley junior experiences entry because. So much unbelievable upside. And he just all we have to do is just hit a little bit it's just like a little idea just what it all goes well earth and moon. I'm sorry well it's okay though until my point you about him being locked yesterday. Can you shouldn't have to reevaluate what he's going to be that the books out and this is who he is can we start a trend the opposite way now. He's a designated fielder she campaigns were hits I gave you the older he's fun. Model out there he's going right and he'd be even more valuable to the team if you were playing let's say shorts. Or something like that. Because there are more (%expletive) that direction and norm senate feel. Well as an outfielder. Drought luckiest thing. But does anybody trust he's going to hit from more than three or four week period. Can see. I want to I I wouldn't it wouldn't question that at all over the next 34 weeks he might wanna phenomenal there in which people they say. I it's elusive I judge does so I cannot autumn is that what you wanna do talk to me in weeks five weeks six weeks of weekday talk to me that. I don't I don't I don't believe it'll it'll go forever I shall see this yet but Michelle McPhee has updated some stuff here. On her Twitter account I get it you accused drug dealer who shared a facetime conversation. Where it Hanley Ramirez during a traffic stop that led to his indictment on charges of possession forty grams or more of that all confirmed. The the district attorney. Has asked me not to IE dean the dealer. For his safety and she goes on to say the district attorney prosecutors filed a motion. To seal the entire case the alleged suspect who contacted Hanley Ramirez during a traffic stop was previously convicted. On drug charges in New York City in 2009. Her court records prosecutors asked that he is identity not be released for his safety. Sorry he's an important. I would I would think that's the only reason that he now says he is this day and that's an honor. Just following up armed forces did what is good at it but I am just there's so much focus now on the identity of this guy. And to care. No I actually care less you hear no. I care more about the original report in was Hanley how involved is he is is still being little although now what was the date of this can I get a date because with it later he elected that time I was very important her. You know solar wind and when did this happen. And there's only try to do where there's clear what the guy's name is whether or else I would reuse I don't give me another name who care guys draw a correlation to their sisters. One there that the Red Sox get wind of it they hear about it and they go oh crap ms. Butler hit the fan obscured this guy now say it was a baseball decision. And they go from there and and that somebody else's problem. I was then even if they didn't hold on while they saw that either way either way either scenario because. Spots crazy. Either way they're right I mean it's a good decision either way whether they hear about it on the DQ. On the DL and they do something about it or its new moves and they say listen this guy SSA I don't know whether they're there. Partisan discussion as far as at the Red Sox at Russia's southern rug in just being stupid and and and doing this in not telling everybody it's just typical Red Sox and that none of that makes sense now because. Why wouldn't you. Announced that this is a reason why you released him why wouldn't you say fourteen million dollars because in suspended without pay. And why would new PR wise tell you fan bases that you would never employee. Someone who's involved in any of this speech is use the fans deserve better and why wouldn't go to an arrow make yourself look really good. Yeah you don't want a herd of my shots I heard so much stuff about it this weekend and unfortunately as we discussed this morning. There was some information but certainly none of it seemed to be sourced well enough. Led people or coming up with with different theories we'll read section of known. That Hanley was hanging around with the with a bad but bad people. Well you guys have been on teams I've been around teams. You can question all you want. So called on Raj or friends that show up and hanging out front of the locker room at the end of games so whatever. What are you gonna do you gonna point out we could be careful of that guy right here let's go dilly. Put a private investigator or neck. Are you kidding me. But people think because it's a professional sports team. The that's what you do that you go and you research all of the players and anybody that you see around. I do that they they don't do very lucky to when he is now not need to do now. Do we really so they do you think they did it all I think and I don't Hernandez disease I don't know Jacques well rounded out what what an irony is different point of it I don't think I don't think they did I think they needed. The surfers digging you know especially for the draft pick it for a guy who had read like that history yet these days. They did little more work on that person but yeah based on Hernandez. And based on other guys throughout the league and and in all of sports. Yeah if you haven't because each team has a guy dedicated just to that hurts us all I was tickled record dude says that. That was the difference product you know the Red Sox have a lot of people authorities of course they knew. So if he did have if you didn't know someone authorities and if you bit base this all on what the globe is reporting. The war or that discussion be like at its own with the local authorities FBI or whoever was go to the Red Sox and sage wallets you know. Do with bald bull with a bunch of fentanyl. Tried using in the Mears is named the feud that the cops would let him off easy. Exe call them. But you know as it turns out he's not being investigated anything is do was just trying to you know impress a cop by whose friends was such Wallace you know that. And these names involved but he's not involved or is Noelle criminal charges his way. We found out there is that no fault whatsoever with this kid just bullets you know. I sort of their sexual whether it won't well they do with that thing. OK okay but when Madonna volley he's not involved now they might go to Italy say be careful of this dude because we just got word through our security. That they just arrested this guy just be careful what you got any connection Teledyne solidly built erased quick is involved right. While we throw all of these scenarios and you know. But the Red Sox knew and in the insane I've seen that happened where were guy who. Was heavily involved in debt and making bets from. Balls in the ball park stadium arena I had that to our game right from the law protects an a where they were doing it and they were friendly with a couple of the players. And the usual pulled this one time. And said hey be careful as we hear he's making go outside your be careful what you tell any information you get them if you're hurt or anybody else's or an issue Egon. Now want to tell me look at those food thing. You know he's around he's around with the the the area that that is it. But I think people think that because it is a sports team. That you've got this huge file on every single player. And you know every single person that is around that plant I've never seen never seen it I've seen. Well Clark College. Our ability enough to know that's going to be a problem maybe this going to be a problem bring immense it listen. There what you did your personal life too much liked. I've heard some things right and I think some things so let me just put you on notice that we're watching now I just told you know sorry that's what I saw with with a guy that was involved in that. And might have been involved in some drugs but he certainly was involved in setting it does we'll pulled him and and told about it but this whole idea euros. You know they're gonna have a a complete final and everybody that the person. You know. He is involved and how do you know that now you're not a big you you know things. This is obvious or you don't think that the guys hanging around and a regular basis of he's one of your best friends. And you see this guy hanging around on a regular basis you know he's a bad dude. That's a different store and look at everybody's face catch well usually give it away guys got to see study I think you're being usually my gun you'd remain gun on his forehead you really mad and I had 20 yes oh yes yes usually about what it's missing that. I saw I see it all the time Britney and honestly guys go on what you did what any good insert wasn't you anything tattooed on your case you thank you Gloria. John and I don't care and everything I do yes don't care are all in on being back. What about any metal metal when and under face yet. Pearson's no not as moderate you good without if you gave a lift a bass catch you up any time but an inevitable neck. And it's your flirt with me. To float on down the right answer as these things a lot again and had to really take it if you aren't covered up with a collared shirt late you know pennant you. For probably kinda tougher because it has and you didn't you play on the spur demand. Going to be albacore could not be running into businesses less development at look at I went to Starbucks and not a productive but yet the. Who wound. It was 000. All of that almost Aaron and I got policies you can say I should guerrilla golf you comfortable back. So what's episode was a bit on seven and 37 a phone number you're an aluminum. And Sports Radio guy. It's a problem. You know that's the thing is is you guys know you. We hear more and more stuff. On the side. And then the first thing you try to do is try to go and ask somebody that might have. Knowledge of that on the scene. And when they deny it you probably city itself well. It's in their best interest could deny this visit might be a problem for them so it's still might be true. But we have a hole the way avenue social media so the stuff that used to stay under wraps until it can be proven whether it is accurate. Or whether it is falls. No longer exists because of so. Many times we see on a tax. Ha ha. Right I mean what's the difference between that and Twitter that you know and office this guy did Jim Africa's last who treated this out reject robbers may 25. But it was that he takes them like that you look at it may make one call sheet is anything they are defeat nothing comes out of that you select a winner urged the week. Notes to text than the ball at times you see supplement tax court. And ignore Paul Paul look into this you know. Three this is a daily thing weekly thing monthly thing and rarely. There's a local virus all right somebody comes at you some kind of leave that you might look into make one call Lago. This is a great way to kind of start to fake news Friday trend going now here's a great. Here's some great material Hanley Ramirez lots of information they can Friday ever ever for an average. Writing books and along with the whole this has no authority called leave messages rumor of you know which now JG has from sentenced this there I don't. The involvement of Hanley Ramirez is different but still the story's pretty much what everybody hurts so there. But there's other stuff too yeah this other stuff like him to date him get released I'd heard looked into it and were quick noodle with. They got released you so outraged they're called cops. There's Easter and blow off and wage of people doctrine is it a kidney. You know uneasy sight of teases and that that's what this thing was going to you throw the drug thing like that. This kind of outrageous because you know you talk to people. People close a source close to the discussion. I guess that's how you award someone a source close to discuss so not actually in the discussion close all closed its quota close enough that showed up to me is cryptic on it all right put all of this eloquent when Haley was released at two things two words thank you. Walked out. There's all this other stuff you select popular on the amok at a fall while we're of the clock for Paul the Fenway Park. You know because you salt rage huge burden of African blow the place not right so you just disregard stuff everyday. All the time. But you know what it is everybody's fearful now. That they're not going to get the story that somebody else is going to beat them to that story so did that they almost feel what the hell hole all thrown out there. And if from wrong among and you get a lot of people's social media right now. That they do that years ago. The way you'd be able to find out whether somebody was coming to town or something was happening or free agent whatever somebody would tip off at the airport due part of this and to be up at the airport. Now a days. It's on social media at the site out there tweeting about the solar cells at the airport as an hour nobody puts two and two together and suddenly they've got a story. To me like you with Venus breeze candidate who wrote this as far as is the world we live in today like the cover of time magazine. To me say I'm so just doesn't do anything to me I am not affected by either way it's just. Part of life you figure out what that what the truth is and then you just OK and you just want to say you're talking about the Obama trumpeted a little roll on the cover timings on whose world was not separated or how. How separated right. There was not separated from her parents and. It's like they just took two random pictures and merge them together. Obviously fake. And treating that as a real depiction of the situation which to me is par for the course don't get me pissed off everything just the way it is. Would think about this but 50% of the public is where we are divided at the break down the middle right now 50% of the public sentiments at the ticket. And a problem if it wasn't real didn't have to be my real if you get the message across what ends up. And that's the message I I I said I want to get us out there. So yeah it doesn't have to be real anymore now that it is it it's not about real it's about opinions. And what used specifically think. That's all of that is and I don't. There's all matters. That's true and because there's definitely some layers of people hip and hypocrites in knowing he can you know upset about certain things and so little things go. Right well it would be like freedom of speech were called cap critical with a gimmick oh should be at this at around. I would say and then I'd be actually it's real political beliefs unless you argued that if you're a liar and Micah you're just you know make stuff up. This is a perfect read a free. He's literally there's no consequences to unless somebody starts digging in in your life and Beckham who do you. What are you using your peeled tomatoes they're thank you peel your you eventually you know why not let him and say yeah. As they wanna believe I've got. So I thought the reaction this weekend woods was fascinating to watch the whole situation with them. Sarah. I actually got this weekend yeah we did we get into the next that we we have some time so we can do it now if you want to know your knowledge is going to be there that's really don't have time so we stood next. We're we're we're we're gong went on a few more minutes here on the ground on a few Mormon or better in the next hour I'll let you know good on it you weren't at the meeting this week we'll now open and rocketed ms. Lorie or Utah's lull early outs retorted yeah that's a must other I mean dollars cemeteries I saw the coolest thing on Twitter was over the week united weeded out and at makes you guys as big urges the studios are. Watching me you know at all times and looking at what I'm trying I waited it out he was it yesterday. There is this is rugby right like all blacks and detonate admiral during. Some want and Tonga. Do this Paul look at my trying to find if you can't exist. It is the coolest. Pregame ritual I've ever seen on our sentinel on congress to me not sound like that Sox now. They have two sides of Samoa stuck on one side based are doing their hot cup and it's not any choreographed like one guy just didn't orders and other guys following. And and and it's an and I'll gaga aside that basically doing their own version of it and he closer. A closer and closer and the fact there was kissing US. Danica I. But I would break out of these guys are jacked. They start recruiting needs to have an Atlanta Falcons are jacked disputed. Okay and then they just in it spends. And there's just this mutual respect. For each side after that you goal you know April bands there Monica yeah. It's Motley crowd noise of Euro yeah a little bit of a little bit that they have a lot of front to move that got a lot of that. Wanted a little bit and blue. It amazes slowly walking toward Baghdad did they get socks and all hit it into a dance well. I only have so once I saw edits start. I suggest that I think the patriots are seeing is you're not Drew Brees when he doesn't that now that we send this guy yeah Canada's got rid of this is true sort of get this got a team instantly mu played the music tees for years we are good. Andy can play at Seattle and he tried to bring this. This whole thing tuned to this oxygen so what day it didn't that happen. Oh my god dad you're gonna. Gonna do it's a bit like it's apparent. Acts and everything like that you barely beat him page Baylor and understand. Yeah. But he stuck Edwards also like you know. Why. Nobody doesn't get it to you via lines and really supposed to say. Not only is that just. If you let me okay public product. Yeah act put up upbeat. It's obvious you went on to make you. Yeah it kind of inside your kid up a yeah. It was just. Because they they're trying to dispute it was opened my home is trying to like it's still dislike wholly new way of doing the pregame that nobody was into it. But this on the other hand out of reach. A reality and the video you tell if you put pads and those guys Gamal trials and beautifully somewhere in a fellow. That's my point is there started fast and smooth supports personal things we'll do whatever it camping stuff. I hacker in there somewhere this hate just run through it's that big guys like we should be thrown his star linebacker and cinema now and it Arab League to do. The crowd chanting the same thing. No because this is not as into it and they're chanting the same thing it's almost like in Vietnam they throw us now but about polish right it's that's a modern day jets vs the sharks. The vote for Natalie who's playing Natalie Wood in us as role. One man is and what is your agent who that would she was in the movie just. Events here and the question I start and start. We sharp eyed him. Good evidence that any Jolie and hockey moved in fact it's the start boy shot advantage. Obviously talented and breakdown now we need a break right now.