OMF - We let Glenn drive the show, the show ends up in a ditch; Facing the reality that Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee 12-11-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, December 11th

HOUR 4 - The members of this show all have pretty well defined roles. Glenn is usually the guy to introduce topics and give the rest of us a jumping off point, find the next topic, etc... So why did the show go off the rails when he brought the Celtics up? Christian knows why. We also get back into the Giancarlo Stanton discussion. And does Christian see some of himself in Dwayne Allen?


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On you when he. Beats or waiting and moaning and 48 rebounds for the last month advance and the. Hello. What do you like that don't play as Chestnut Hill. Once it personally apologize to Josh the last week before. It feels bad at all we can have a chance to say it into you know some time. With the wind blew in Christian number 910 Seattle. Is also rejected. That right there Michael Bennett rolling needs you. Brandon Linder and that's what started everything right there yeah Michael Bennett that is not the end of the year. Walter Payton award starters at Jacksonville. And going to Jefferson looked at somebody threw something out from the standpoint he's the most rigorous scrutiny they got us. Just reaches into Gaza crossings course Alexis I went move up the way he's there was disrespect another Adams and they did so good either. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Africa a lot of football talked a lot of Red Sox baseball as well because the Yankees got themselves the big prize in Jericho stands and I am not happy. Have to. It's is 2 o'clock press conference today new urgency and instant imposed. There's this thank you miles organization amazing city. Blab blab like Huckabee seventeen. Appreciate coaches he made blah blah blah I've always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional circus times there. Why is it true regardless yet been down that coral as a person report. So for that I give great dates of their better days in my. Thank you for all the fans that don't go to the games and we appreciate. All's I appreciate everything but it was an absolute is unprofessional and circus that they have got to be as far as attendance. The Marlins have got to be up there with the Tampa as far as. Lack of attendance. Ours and his fans can't do not mean it probably got to be up there with them there are worse now Lilja. Now they're gonna be moving on from the Tito soon which would be nice that way in the field for the residents. Yell at he's probably going to be on two summing it. Against why go to game. Since I'm going to go to a game in Miami were a member earlier trying to figure out. You must yet exhibited somebody it's warming both stand and even then the little coffee that's horrible to say enough that's enough if elected you know you'd find one of those men and every every little holes that you want justice. This one poll completed its cable against women are hopeful that you know. And added that it's gonna be that's got to be a disaster. Can do that there was no way did at Oakland Athletics is what they it's what they're gonna turn into this is like the third time they've done this the right this great urge when there's an equity they're water. Yeah it players in return yes if that salary dump site. Right yeah I mean compelled to prosecute it actually in Miami trade away players and a younger players in and rebuilt. But this really is the gore has gone stands gon is said osu is going to be going oh it's gonna be gone William enough to not. But to give them a way that the Yankees or not your. Way. And so today the Yankees have that hatred that has been missing because nobody's really cared much about them. They got back on the map last year with them judge okay and they did wall on the policies of in other competitive probably a year or two or three ahead of schedule. They were pretty good and and they and it. Chart Carlos Stanton and then they go an ad now a pitcher is well look at their bullpen and they understand it they're they're gonna be a killer. And it's going to it's not just for one year this is their team for the next 567. Years eight years and it's you look at something. If we can refer to those young players they acquired sail in a trade. But they had to give up more about it you know and and the other connected political pact. You'd pay a price you know everybody you pick up and pay a price and its rate they pay a price of Castro complaint nor. Whatever you move ridiculous. Elliott a free player a free superstar. That's what they got pressure and a rescue now because Dombrowski is the guy. They gave up some of those prospects so they do not out the he's the type of prospects the Yankees steps of the Yankees can still do an awful lot. Because of what they've got in the within the system. He's already given up a portion of the system to get what he's got and it's not been good enough they can't win playoff games right now. No idea reduces pressure I think he needs a bass I think Judy Martinez is the guy a game OC limited to a first base. The other stuff that I think that they can do is you know I'm still dangling poor cell. You know it goes out there that needs pitching that wants to pick two years 221 million dollars. You know what like it return of still dangling Jackie Bradley welcome again return. Now you Rodgers hurt so you can't really dangle him but there's guys have but that whole group of of relievers they have out there and Matt Barnes and and that hope. War to mean that just that group of guys you like this. Whatever you know there's pieces to be dealt in my mind whether it is used apiece attuned to acquired big league talent maybe Jackie gets you a first baseman of that or whatever but. You can go sign a big league talent a Judy Martinez and use these others. I won't even mind if the use one piece that you try to get a double A AAA player antenna. Moving along I think the element of this this Stephen Wright situation this is a bad luck. This is a bad locked. From a team already that people have questions about not likable. How do you end it will start seeing more details come out of the Stephen Wright situation. You know you bring him back play it's we don't we who knows what really happened in the house so Friday night. So we go on a statement of the family where it was just. Maria if you knocked on the door while we we don't know. The final person ranked Butte we don't we don't know that but the stable is on Friday nights he was arrested are home as the family statement in our home following a verbal argument in the police charged him with domestic assault. Although he said things he deeply regrets he's not raises hand that anyone during the incident the situation is purely emotional. All working together as a failure to make relationships stronger we asked you respect our privacy as we do so that's great but you're fairly won the call the cops. And he was also charged for not allowing the caller go through right 911 yet told me it was. This did the statement almost sounds like someone else call that in it was really not that big of a deal. It was big enough Utica. All the cops on. When you have that ultimate honor but what are what are the rules there as far as the cuts can be your house ethics somebody ready. You call the cops and have a thrill is okay fine sold somebody doesn't know what's going on an ever heard before they get freaked out I don't know how. But you got somebody needs ago. Right somebody's mentally I don't know what is once you call the cops kept always getting Donna Summers we brought him. What do images and sounds like you know that he just raised his voice and he got arrested. Well you called the cops so obviously. In my have been more to maybe should sober -- I don't the wife who know I don't know in this environment but now there's LC is investigating valiantly who knows there's a guy who has bad he rods out for a vote the first what two months yes initially thought a guy like Stephen Wright would come in and be the starter for the first couple months got to be LP by now all right. Now you might lose some for a little bit of time who knows he's looking into it you don't need charges Chatman was suspended for thirty days. No charges. You don't need anything the way the world right now impression most. Boortz well then you've got both San Francisco and Saint Louis were unable to convince. State to come to either one of those spots. So those two teams are gonna be looking at the remaining guys on the board so suppose you lose Martinez for big bucks to the giants or to the cardinals. Or are you I'm sorry I. I'll go back to the of the marketing and that I don't know how you convince Red Sox Nation. If you try to combat what all of those guys from a year ago as a payouts well panel durable first ball. You don't know the jury's gonna place this year or what he's going to be back. You're gonna feel good about Hanley Ramirez how old was no. You're gonna feel good about this I'll pick it this is the team in a year in which they broke all sorts of home run records because they juiced up the baseball. US sit there playing small ball get thrown out at second and third base trying to run the bases. He's leveling try to move. And those commercial to surgery but he showed the policies and still it one year left. And if he gets known he gets his at bats what you you get a for two years you can still hit a BDH. Where I had to think that there's there's. If you can unload the money of Hanley can download the money of of four sell. And Elvis and forget about money or who heard about if you load of both those guys inside Judy Martinez and went out and gave us where his money and said okay there we go. We're gonna you know maybe keep Jackie Bradley and JD UDH Oscars at first base you roll so I mean but. We'll see what they can do some things they just don't have. The prospect to be able to do what they've been able to do the last two years. And yet they have to do because that their cross of their rival in the in the division has just gotten much better. They really yeah I took the phone calls we go Phillips and mend and what's up Phil. They gentlemen I want. You know very disappointed in Boston Red Sox we know that the Indians barrels east on meetings in Florida. Well it looks located on. Red Sox. You point to the sand but yet hopper in the Washington Nationals in the child Baltimore Orioles you know looking at forty million dollars. Coming up next year for each. Trapped there are evil but didn't you know he'd hit it. Yeah see you know lesson 300 million plus get an out clause after three years. I don't look in which he had not been prosecuted people you know it was will take all pretty. Hewitt that got a raw when it probably get properties section here. Triple A clear at all. And then furthermore he apparently will let us original piece which capital will be our schools the rails for Jackie Bradley Julia. Are you know I think the White Sox won't. More than that but that's. Date but it getting Pakistan I mean now I get in the mantle not Maris and judges the end. In you know you look at our club people are last in a lot smartly but I'm so small ball from the it is incredible. Well I'll say this okayed because again this is the one part that we don't know right Stanton why were the Red Sox on the list was because the Red Sox initially similar interest or. I'm just going until Sherman there's talk to Jeter's talking in my kills the other owner for the Myanmar Marlins. City hill initially went that a four clubs it's Stanton expressed that he would waive his no trade for that was the Yankees Dodgers cubs and Astros. There was a couple of Paul well Paul holt holt holt on think if there was no traction. So many engage and others who worked out deals of the giants in the cards Stanton refused so we re engage with the others. So he has a no trade. Didn't matter if the Red Sox are still believe the Red Sox. They were on the list. He did Marines there now yankees Dodgers cubs Astros. Go to them. They were just lucky enough to be on that list and I'll look at the Dodgers cubs Astros are what the hell you think it now. It gives you an opportunity get this guy for basically in Oakland yankees that you're Shane and a truck session. They are going to change. So what's so nobody's really talking about is Derek Jeter began seeing that you go. Out. I don't. I don't I actually think he tried to deal want to San Francisco tried to deal marked the Saint Louis. But it's just tennis is kind of a trade it deals already done. He wanted to go to the dodgers' number one apparently the Dodgers didn't want a new yankees were number two and so what you are supposed to do he's got to unload them. I just think it's you touched on the new York and and and you know. He noted what ghost written why not limited to 82 yeah. I tell you what I I think just the opposite is being set out there by the the friends and Jeter they're saying that was the last place he wanted to go. He did not want help promote yeah did not wanna help month Kazaa that it would look that way. But I think -- know that is that he tried to get them off the two teams on the list too willing to give Miami a lot more real return. So the gives us in the owner comes out and sustain went to them is that these before teams of hatred right. You you can goal off the brows ski screwed this thing up. But if that's true now why would the owner not mentioned that the Red Sox or possibility in it but the Red Sox showed no interest. But if you get talked to a league what happened you would say of these teams Red Sox are one but they showed no interest venue of the rate accounts. But if Stanton is only aged in fourteens and you're not one of them. I didn't tonight I don't know how you can blame them for not get them. Steve wasn't there don't dislike the carcinogenic to try to when that we don't need duo. Why why does he know more from the boss or is that last week president could it have something to do with. Some of the theatrics that we witnessed over the last season you've gut. Carl Crawford was Kamal publicly said he wishes he never signed in Boston and wishes it wasn't about the money. Pablo Sandoval. Who wishes the Eaton he never left San Francisco and made a mistake signing with Boston the other current situation David Price. That might not be too happy to be here. The Red Sox when he wrote it through the goal for a few years with the common thread with all else sucked ya okay but it doesn't matter it's all public knowledge. You don't he stands from a scene from the outside saying Nazis out I played against him have always been going through pretty good did pretty well in the post season Crawford was very good player on your Florida. You know David Price what a great pitchers in the game and all of a tough time. The Red Sox have had to overpay for price to get in here. They would overpay him in a market that we need to know existed to get him here that a promise published in a vault and they wouldn't weigh him on a scale to get in here and a reliever. I don't know. You know they've been having just proves our student on a one day maybe that got to it stands like. No I'll go to big market but. Not Boston so what do you know by JD Martinez. Or are consequently don't gonna look at it husband's from playing in Kansas City you don't you so maybe those guys is say in the same thing because they're going to have. Tons of options. Because it was an opened up there's no way to look at another player in another team that's why people listened to in Seattle extent because he's not a fit. Or like this because he's not a fair there's no way you can look at another player in the market under the teams say he is a fit. As you you don't know. So what you do is you bring in talent like Chris Sale. And then you find on a post season you know he didn't throw the ball while you bring a talent like Craig Kimbrel you bring in talent like David Price who will lead although there was more history there. You try to bring in talent and you just hope in the post season they perform we hope that they can get through this. You know and not be so sensitive that that the media get them whatever get to them the losing of the negativity what everyone call you never know. Until you get the guy here. I don't know half 59 home runs would not fit into anybody's skin deployed to. Ruin everybody's game plan you look at that Yankee lineup right now but the way they've been a far bigger margin of error. Within their pitching rotation and pitching rotation is still gonna be damned good you bullpen is going to be excellent I. They going to have it'll lineup. That will torture starting pitching. And how do you pitch around. A visit Sanchez and bird continue to develop whichever candidate visceral last year. You know when it came to to judge he would give easily get 55 weeks five weeks. Finally if you do get to buoyant ratings Red Sox aren't really all year but just. You have a good game plan their real security is gonna torture everybody Atlanta to kill in as casual lineup I 6177797937. Monday edition of up. 01 math we're talking obviously about the Red Sox over the weekend losing John Carlos debt and to the New York Yankees and we're talking about the patriots tonight in Miami against the gulf oh am. I'd benefit you guys take that job. He's not a street. On Sports Radio tell you we. My bad here on the whole MF three game road trip with the Boston Celtics they now only the most wins. In the NBA's 23. Am I guess. Going out this three game trip you today went to the street will be greater price of they have an opportunity with a win in Chicago should win easily in Chicago they've got. It takes a lot of street could your two countries Tunisia Goodyear up afterward but the Detroit team yep. A lot like Spain's uncommon made a big difference in the shut him down and score much from him but allowed Al to do his thing and ends up in incident until yesterday more talent than him it was now. He Dallas anymore one. It's they just don't I don't there are gonna just not true we Eagles got every ability of punishing apparently changed his name Wallace watch Nikki and try to. Against Aldrich particularly so we flip flops he goes back and forth. Boy and in Hillary wasn't ever feel like Kansas and he had a great game last alas those that you know when he doesn't record fifteen shots leaked to at least admit it went Aldridge abused him. It was awful. Him until those of the discipline hearing act who's gone to those of the type of players that do to right. Lower physical guys out there those of the guys that caused him fits the. As he's really. A legal right to play. Away from it. With all that after a battle to. Avoid that. Yeah our dollar and aren't you don't act you don't like to hear this. He went and let him down and this close to the but your argument with him. Well isn't that what are you ever heard me say that Al Horford is is a big that likes to play around the rim you want him to play I mean not that just totally don't look I would. They can't always tons under drama the first summit played against the pits and pistons had like a million resisters and yes I think it's hard to miss it says that there had a million rebounds and and he didn't eat there's a physical big physical body Erin Baines had already he had he reached. He did everything and started to line up they played in here. They put Horford on drumming that are used as well the start line at the NBA is a softly sectors it is no way that was a bad starting lineup. Put blame on Brad Stevens that when you play drum and Erin Baines should be out there on them. Or. Yeah I think that was the one thing that that Al still brings to the table it is extremely valuable because they don't have what you call a true point. That's what I reais that you know these great play what does the word whole on Thursday. They define a true point guard sewing now I pass first shoot second. Those are nonexistent as the I stated I don't exist that's what I'm like that's well known throughout our past garbage which report you the truth is of course he has it's okay he's a one point five he's in between a one and it took on the sand that think that you know when you hold that point on marketing and but that's one thing no two point guards everybody's a el Al Horford has become the facilitator and he did last year he's doing it even more so. This this year but there are nights in which can't read because they're doubling him overplaying him. They will suddenly revert and go to Allah is the score and Carrie Wilson a mop he's a great passer don't we won't. He's terrific passer but DeWitt offense works right now it's going to Al Horford. Alford is you were. Point is that most valuable player once told the most he's you most valuable he's he's not your voice vote tonight and play another the issue most we are not realize is that there because it's a little things you don't seem deal of the credit reform act. Takes screens and you know post beautifully yes obviously passing ability may be the most significant thing he brings to the best passport ever seen in my life will be always he's the best passing big game that indicate ever that to them bigger a better passed you with as you guys. And bodily Tate and continue my life talk about playing with unbelievable confidence. I mean he's opened up this that this three putt. He he he takes big huge threes right now and the one thing is they're gonna have to changeup how they defend because it's you could see it in the Detroit game. Leaving them open. Leaving them open on the weak side and eagle over to him bam he's hitting these things with regularity. Jack. Problem. Yeah that is a community that's the Miami yeah there was one government didn't hear us here Donna now. Would you let them down week we on the news we're an army navy we have you have an army we haven't heard. Bring was it Google all the other day okay you don't get the thing with us through this through that ousted as we have all these options would have reason. Am magic panic of the music hey what about the Celtics. Talk you know Bruins. Thank god Bruins aren't I'd bring him down back with the random like my point that. On coal three game road trip with the course. And you know. Well you know what I don't. They are on the list they're on the list or someone we talk about me it's just what you want to submit them. At all that's why he's talking about I'm not I am laughing about you'd just completely disregarding everything that we just threw out there it. And he's going on your own legs don't worry whatsoever legislator Denver. I think it talk about the dolphins. Yeah yeah yeah about yes I did OK did you know there's argument by Utah and of the incidents it was all your drive the car today whom you do whatever you want to drive yet you do whatever but I don't rational human you don't have to work tonight. Your legs feel a little frisky you know you can stay up late on the talk about the game app building them to get inaudible around a bit early. In the game developer. You public. Would go to bed in the third Corey could you publicly that he will be. Gave might be over a little bitter court. It might be over by the surroundings well I think this is I think just games going down okay why so what it believe it you don't who don't get why are you break it down and gives out how this game plays they have no defense for a whatsoever whoever. Who is because of no defense for a none whatsoever all their guys are hurt. They don't don't throw your Dick otherwise it's on the published a thorn in assumption front runner with all your back front of your fullback for what you're tailback Robert everybody everybody gets attached. Everybody gets a medal everybody get to touch mix and you continue to run it even if you Brody but it's 37 you'll run it you don't put the ball in the air what so ever. And that's what you do OK that makes sense here's the problem dash fifty actor act 197. That I. The problem Tom Brady comes out lays down the field puts up seven. Run next time Riley puts up another seven run its fourteen to announce that you run a portrait seven's at us from our affiliate affiliate liked it to eight a seventeen to nothing amiga and guests are gonna double injury that's comedic the case of was gonna make a play a deficit since the single thing else bills Katie spills okay possibility. You just so you think it's closed in with funds from. I do think it's going to be closer than you think if you're within that 35 A he was lass was at 3518. So 135 it isn't closed none of that's what was last from the plate. I think this is about me it's like a 3124. Game I think therein. 3117. I think there and I think thirtieth thirteen. Man I'd seventeen points on thirty to thirteen it is amazing to you mention is that what does that before you jump on with Hasselbeck yeah. They are right now fourth in the league. Fourth in points against per game due to think that was possible for the first extends well it's just added a bigot just. What else happened this I can't just like ninth and say there are tens going into this weekend. And they jumped all the way to fourth. Well the only thing you got to be careful of are they giving him credit for another game here notes per game while points per game on eighteen. Where reading Narnia what is eighteen point six points per game. They could actually give up a 22 points tonight and still be fourth in the later. Senate voted they give up twelve or let's say they give up ten tonight's going to be third in the league. In points per game but still thirtieth league and in in yard. That's all right that's all they have to do they solve the problem because their offense is so good. And bring us so you think it really is so the yardage is he relevant and it's this evening because most teams have to throw the football because Brady gives them only. Yeah that's the biggest defense they have. Against the run right now that they picked teams out of their game plan of trying to run against that New England defense because Brady's given him two score lead. The becomes irrelevant you can't you can't do it. You don't I'm really excited about the tea touchdown guy and so fired about the KM test and got out of that I feel like I should automatically get a lot of content or ultraviolet a lead to the campus and coming back aren't. Our our Brian leave the campus you lot of abuse and we have what you don't we give it to you first. It was a good choice we would see you hit third today I don't convert we'll do that then on. Live via FaceBook Twitter and it's moral or wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. I. OK. Okay official frank its passage of the New England Patriots and running keep in touch dunk contest all season long. If any of Leo all time traction recently released some of them back. On its wings fans visit the promotions page you find it right there and came back. And you enter week your guess of who is going to school with first touchdown for the patriots that we announced he lost sight at this. That is. Good is so I am more Christians because. The season long standings are as follows Christian is in right three times. A generation or two times and Luke. We gonna lose so why don't want to logic you've only been right once in the entire football season. So my odds of winning a pair tickets to gain a bigger football by the superstar quarterback I'm not so good starts at and it's sort of vision are good at that point 11 he's not in a good on taking down this week. OK as a cushion would say you're duped into a negative because the rest of that you suck at this game you know you'd you do. I you do when a pair of tickets to a patriots game and an autographed football from the patriots star quarterback we know that as. Let's hope he's healthy at the end of the game tonight the patriots start tight end who will not be known tonight snow peas he couldn't actually get. Last week. Terrible I'm so what do you like this week Christian who don't know scored his go all colonel was caught going back home and go with the idea. It was Rex Burkhead. Ball held there I think the B that's slick could go to guy murky UCK who was to go to a burka that's and I think that's like I got my go to guy sells insurance first. Place Christian. I was in last place Lou's gonna go shrugs and analytical side over and you're gonna be left wiggle my guess mostly because I just saw the tweet earlier today from Adam share after the man. Chris hold back and look and double faults. And bulbs clients. I would take Dion Lewis. Are so I am going to be. The motivational speaker for this young lad today and I'm going to pick Dwayne Allen ultimately settle you nicely too I actually she'll tell you actually see I felt. My value if I'm correct because there's really no way he should be a ball a little at a redstone. Shorten gold actually. Goal line situation whether it is your best shot legal Siskel or. I got older yeah I wish we don't happen out back and always jeopardy that would feel too confident about the case let's hope it's all right we're doing now gimme gimme you out of the English at least one slip or one and a half one and a Dunn is a hybrid hybrid or a good one and half but it. Now I'm going to be insurers catches a pass in the scheme that he's got he's got for fighting maker. If he can just out of how there's a user Dwayne Allen and they and they you know you finally you're tempted Jacob calls for all the third out important passing down rats would surprise on average what a surprise your files that more catches tonight and whale. We're not surprised but don't write songs he has five. That's no rock you write this should be. You know I don't know why he should he get should be tonight and I'm I'm not thinking that you can make your picks though that we made hours. Indicate a touchdown concert she can go by visiting the promotions page. Ed KM dot com that's cavium dot com and it your pick for tonight's game. I think it's my good luck with that Dwayne Allen reluctant and economic good pretext for you in the first quarter record that's ideals and how you feel better dale it's a Monday. And Dale's human brightly on. I'll feel better I'll be a popular tomorrow we won't so we'll leave quite as it's not like low tide are diseases Ford guilty don't want Luna Israel commercial ones who was reading from a excellent vision you're eating fish tacos during the sort of yeah. It's now it's before its institutions. Has -- what can we get mad house select start on our show because he's obviously never talking to Christian. We haven't we should we're room here now you should it's nobody's you should pick up how possibly every every show should enhance it as I don't want corporate Don that's neutral for Betsy. Betsy is seeding and gone to great idea I want to be fun. It's kind of weird Monday is that with you know with no game to talk about from yesterday. And I was in sales and use our guns and highly accurate enough the other outlets to. Think that we get that killed Michael I don't know what is it about tonight they had those in those Red Sox it's not about today tells actually there might be some of that will come easily gets nod some baseball stuff in there and obviously football. I edit Michael Bennet would get a game deserves a game it get one just like rock god I don't see any need for it to be more. But they. I saw coming up next you're late night tonight on the fifth corps you sir anyway it's. The rule on everything. Else these hours sleep right if he was a schism that Pacifica yeah all three will be back tomorrow morning 10 AM will be here in Brighton tomorrow big game big game night. Next Sunday running at all. What does it smell like low tide are diseases Ford. Guilty.