OMF - What might a new Gronk contract look like? Dennis Rodman took center stage in Singapore, 6-12-2018

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Tuesday, June 12th
HOUR 3 - Dennis Rodman gave some unbelievable sound bites at the Singapore summit between the USA and North Korea. Christian discovers "PotCoin." Figuring out Rob Gronkowski's worth is a bit complicated, given his injury history and questionable commitment to the future. Robert Kraft calls the Gronk trade rumors "hogwash."

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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 time to barn to go man I'm sorry it is old VE. Are all bark you don't know if it is buoyed Asian native dean. All pro football picks in the finals failure of all Todd. Abroad abroad until he proves otherwise it's a one plus one type of guy that don't have that here this the Daschle do you really dismantle your teeth forgot it may only be there for one year that's not the case at all with the coup and blue and. Christie does that stand the youth when we're back home I just already built thrifts and expand the black cannot believe that all three of love come into work every day. All I could let go hole and he couldn't go home game I don't out. Today none of them had nothing. Could you won't question quite a lot of rubber that's a great thing right now on Sports Radio WEEI. So it's good news Robin comes on this time he'll be hailed as a hero. They don't have like parades for mature like maybe you can just jump in to Alex Ovechkin sport. Just your little going on on a short well. Mean why not music journalism is a broad money or did he bring the two wouldn't again yeah I mean I would say I don't resent it it without him nothing happened. Without ham nothing really happens you needed a bridge. Called the bridge. And brittle shortage. That we don't usually better yesterday's UV actually saw like you know trump on one side. Can John on the other. In rod in the middle hold both hands up in the other. Right you're talking about let's go off a light they look good and it's too old and bolt is a look at the guy that's bringing these were these two together. It takes one in case the other that you raised a real dramatic yeah he yes yes it's yes into the right in the left that job it. I don't think there any way to compromise compromise and as accurate any chances that that was going to happen. Because you know the trump wanted nothing to do and didn't wanna mini photo opportunities do you really believe what we have seen with Dennis Rodman over the years. That Kim Jung un wanting anything to do with rob and a sport that instead. I don't know if I don't think departed from his connection to rub it in season. Don't ever. Yeah structure. At a football game out there right which do our show out there known to own and don't get light blue I heard there aren't that great beyond I'm not buying it I heard a great number of buying we get out they'll have new hotels or resorts will show beautiful they'll they'll be testing the nuclear weapon. That are. Our alma and you go back and look at some of the old tweets appeal tweets that that the trumpet about this one this one from may the seventh 2014. Dennis Rodman was either drunk. Or on drugs delusional. When he said I wanted to go to North Korea with him glad I fired him on apprentice. And yet they were both there and Singaporeans. Bill at all kind of goes together like union had not surprise the look they had found out they so rob is on TV with make America great again at. And pot calling. I popcorn watch the final point yet yeah you look it up you know light explode what is the free ad I don't know army on the new pot. This is every visit to reach it crazy Dennis Rodman is saying I wanna go to North Korea with him never discussed no winters last place on earth I wanna go. Those Donald Trump in May of 2014. Crazy Dennis Rodman for at. And said rob McKenna supported and he's been warned that make America great have again. Other one the Brady had his locker permanent. It's another when does Dennis Rodman from July of 2015. Donald Trump has been a great friend for many years we don't need another politician we need a businessman. Like mr. trump trump 2016. Oh I thought pot calling. Is digital currency for the campus industry yes. That's what it is that I tell you by got a vial. It's an old so secured digital crypto currency network in baking solution for the 100 billion. Global legal marijuana industry Auckland is the first digital currency create to facilitate transaction. Within the legalize canvas and industry so no more like backed candidate and get out to get this and get that. But points are diesel chords you can send via the Internet which allow candidates and the users to interact. Trend it's good to blow up and grown data is gonna blow. Yeah I think to legitimize its gonna blow lots of Rodman's getting a few of these on the side is that what it is so you part I he'll tell you about this right emphasis on the. All know about. While all why would invest I don't get plot point I don't know I think apocalypse if you're marijuana general so it's just because it is up to do with what you think that it's a financial. Currency with pot is it's almost a month on the people who smoke pot but don't want more opportunities in different ways department to make it solid I only selling I don't I don't sales I think you've got a making fun of a guy at the great thing for his country is I don't know if you heard him enough last night and you always room we were when you heard that Rodman. Put this here was just that. And I sit at every glass at the door will open I remember you saying at least I remember anything you know there's there's there's just misunderstanding was just as it looks amazing. As it is amazing is that basically what I said those things. Let's settles down the youth. Well we're back home I just opening up thrifts. And does Slobodan don't listen I was sitting up protect and everything. Not believe that we. Put a halt I couldn't go hole and he couldn't go home BP I don't out. Babies who you've seen the fervor. I've probably. Rhythm and new things originate I knew what I would do only what I've known what they hear me and nobody would see me it's what tickled to listen to. The thing. So it was few days. Hey we're gonna pay a bunch of money really give you preacher brings some your friends bu I had a hard every women complain that they remember and edit the box and hit the Pentagon he's. He takes over there isn't Singapore but no I was getting don't amenities you know their pay out a result. No no and neither side wants anything to do usually just in Singapore reason it doesn't feel that in CNN put above plus dreadful and you know as as this is that he's ever doubted that was odd to hear but. The guys I heard the end of it. Whalen he throughout these regularly is it okay if I think a few people did you hear this our head that an easy water I guess they were that long enough flow. OK so I've got some people don't wound here. I think some people listen this is yet quiet betacast is that we don't gonna hold good Tora about it but I would ask you something else but thanks somebody if you wanna bankable as somebody. My so you'll notice that the you know all the good pivot but it still stood by me Darren Criss. You know blow. And all the guys that went with North Korea has been out of that could shut daily intake if Phil Jackson did you bus ticket you know he's not risen to get any credit report yeah this. Born and halt to all these things. So I don't think Communists. They still what we are all these years what others have gone up and down they still would mean I know is what they do about it may edit it and plus you know what alternatives does a plot point. And supported me do this whole. They are catcher. We got him then he's better. It even Pearl Jam yeah. Fueled by Jackson caught Carmen Electra era knowing all arrived Chuck Daly Dolan over the disputed the leaders and I Carmen Electra slot but Dennis Robbie got married to. And connect everything we can all light music I think some people like what Vick is a little self was a absorbed in things that he thinks this is all about him. And he goes on CNN and they are asking him almost asking him I think a legitimate question. We're seeing that the the two heads of their their countries. And they're talking to each other he wants to know if can jump on understands English. In three seeds from the question now they are never gets an answer so what does Dennis Rodman respect yeah. Or understand English well I think he understands this the bits and pieces if you talk about basketball. Yes Jim says. And they think it's about what he wants to talk about do you think he's studied English. But I just say one thing I think people they kill them it's not a dumb man. And he's defended none of them at a recent exit them could come election assistance of what was I don't think it on maybe maybe she regrets like Lego. No he's got a she doesn't using the latest political hero now it seems that changed sides now you know now we don't think so. Unbelievable now. But he's he's he really believes like keyed on on all the people he hooked up with the boys want the story if he's it would just look at for the freak the freak ailments and it's gotta have one in your life is the only other warm it. I think of Anwar. A unbelievable. Law. It's Andy's emotional and I thank yeah things and emotional exit emotional I ran I told you you. And Iraq they hate is that we go out there are playing. Chris faster burst and he he's alive and when he came back home. He did interviews he was on Howard Stern I believe the day after two days after he return he was on shows about that he was trying to convey. Suspect here in the United States that all around North Korea as people of that and whatever they want. It was all of that he would end or bought all the propaganda came back here and that was his body now. In the trump administration is buying that. That's what it is over the trying to work some deal out so that's so that they can be OK I don't think it happens is it a victory lap like you the catalysts are brought the world together and it's. A brilliant piece basketball. Thank you look place that he lets just have a world where batons to sit down drink iced eating and every good. Trick or he wouldn't appeal to forget my troubles in problem bastard like restrictions we list them and rock past girlfriends. All work and have you heard Obama opponent if you look at Alapont point. Whipple ms. you know it's gotta do and set a bit better dogma is given him a bad repeat. Been about repetition but those sorts of little room and we. And they didn't it that's not sell out to be legally he was selling hated it when you are the easiest part of guys. He's got he's Smart and didn't make it to what is it big if it is being crossed into one of those Q. Right now I'm my guess is to have a tow truck right now it'll be an acute form that we can't just how much Jamaican scrap metal and even now not much I sentiment and a box I actually have new wheels thanking them but I can't get them off and then I'm gonna take a Moscow Lungren she's got a on you have a little little you know off the rubber to. Either Britain it's not your profit taking. I'd now like to bicycle to the train today the Q train with that you might bikers. Tied up as we said yesterday's horrific. This is that the thing re out of oil as a grizzled and you federal 2003 years ago. You really have only myself to blame I don't I don't you know I think when you tomorrow. That let your car's oil changed soon legal mr. Karr gets a beat you on there was no oil in the car when it's these celebrities or something went wrong there's just disappear it is some of the blame and no way it is not user error right in maintaining. I probably couldn't maintain it better but they beat some oil the parent to be black disgusting it was not. Sony just PM today they were discussing this whole story that we saw yesterday with pro football talk. About rock and about grant's deal. So I guess grunt is going to get a deal but it's not imminent so therefore that's why grown he's not. At the corn hole tournament this week and he's not at the at the ball to work out because he's afraid he's gonna get hurt in these. Work outs like Edwards could affect his contract rights of the good agreement that new deal. So who wasn't it was Teddy Bruschi right talking about correcting an item on the value what the value is of course. What's more concerning TO what it intended to our interest our actual bail ability of these so injury front. We have to consider both volley because. You think about we when you pay at this point of the of the of the career. You're not really pay in based on what you've done. You're you're thinking about paying on projection first second third year of the contract that you get a 34 year deal something like that and you know is the player what are people gonna be able to play out that contract and if you give one of the highest contracts on the team to a player. You do want that player to be the example. You want that player to be the example for everyone else on that team it's like OK here's the contract that cost next offseason we'd be here. So are you go to are you now in with this offseason program those type of thinking all of that goes in to. Putting the contract and instant OK now let's. So beaten what are thinking here. That they're going to extend. Or some of his contract. Why would they do. Why would you extend gram steel right now. If you already had some doubts as to whether he was a 100%. Invested in this for this year. Well I think he's I think he's a 100% invested in this year yeah a bit about public next year the year after all I don't look after you get to what's what went. As they asked the same things about that. It this is just the 88 Medina forceful way to with a mentor camp of look at for new contract correct so other the Atlanta Falcons questioning. Nam Julio jones' career. Gore's commitment responsible. The ground just wants all money. It does an idol is a lot of drama would be to step back if you're in another city new kind of unaware would maybe be. The things that a goal of Rob Gronkowski citizen he wants more money he's the best and Italy yet of the two more years extension of the year two with a big deal. These are bad also it. Few if you believe they did so based on last year Kate changes work out health it was a big you know issue form staying healthy committing to that be religious about that. So it shows like that's worked so he has a new system it seems like it's working. So you believe that he's committed to keeping that out for the long haul then you don't worry about giving him a strong two year extension work its front loaded. Or is back loaded wins and makes it might seem like he's making a ton of money but he still did what he wants. And you have that option to start all over again based on what happened because my thing is so has got one year so far a being healthy. That's not make me feel comfortable like OK you reveal to do it here you are too when you're three. So start from scratch starting all over you got one year. They solved that year and based on his aides how old is going to be what are you willing to put up with what are you willing to risk. On on Rob Gronkowski is it Sammy walk into money. Gazelle that's scheduled to hold money in okay. Guys first of all wide receivers we know we talked about this yesterday and that's a problem he has he's had a hand. And therefore they view of that with less money than a wide receivers and Watkins deals stupidity. My older age is open deal so getting million dollars a year. It is still he's not 67 team and brought you make Rob Gronkowski thirteen million dollar and that's that's that's the best tight end in football. And many say it's one year really mean you tell me if I told you that came 2014. Plays fifteen games. 2015 he played fifteen games. In 2016 played eight last year played fourteen to get suspended for one so I'll tell you the suspension right to same health wise. He played fifteen. Games three of the last four years is that just the one year thing. This week fifteen games three out of four years. That's probably only because it rates in many guys doing that you'll use it is because there's still this there's still this I got an elbow I got to this look at the way I play I think the thing with rocket an accident at the very first day came on. He's got a shelf life based on the way he played OK he plays very rock so beat up anyway outlet though will apply a little on what went to those two worlds. You know. Cross where the hits and the trauma and wearing down the body count me you know what your age because eventually okay it takes a dip. I personally based on what he's worth. Top five money you know don't take you out quarterback again McCormack as a football play you look at them that way. And if you can detect it and now but another thing is that. I know he's 29 is going to be thirty you have to take that into account most guys when they're getting that'll they don't they don't Max out at. They're out there and asked if I if I am Rob Gronkowski in his camp and I'm talking about a contract. You know London and last year you you make me play for incentives that basically double my salary incentives. And you like OK I get it I played eight games a year before. A grit that they fifteen before that and fifteen before that. What you wanted to do wanna do it no big deal that that one year all right I was hurt and missed a lot of games and he's that's when he signed in the stands apple that your so it's incentives. Fine by a league fifteen again. Well 14 August and wants it I it took three of the last that for years I have been healthy athlete fifteen games. And now you get economy that you don't wanna invest because you pick them injury prone. So last year remained ten million dollars okay started it for. Then he had all of them or math and I'm an incentive so this year restarts with an eight million dollar base and the reason I don't think they've had to deal done yet and who knows. What cryptic message that was yesterday with a pro football talk story about but it's not imminent. Or the patriots going to. Do the same thing. And look at this one year and say you know why he's. He's his base is eight million he's going to make eight point nine find a way of throw two more million with incentives out there. They could possibly give him eleven million or slightly over eleven war. He's got two years left Scott this year and next year. They tried to expand it I don't think the patriots I think it would have been done. If it were extended I don't think they trust him enough as to where way to put. The hash tag never again in the right I'm just emitted hash tag never again is done with the incentives. Instead give me guaranteed contract ever again in my got to play a year like it did last year. Well I'd made afford milk one half million gold base. And in five and a half million incentives. Oh by the way I would have only gotten I think three and a half the fighting go make all pro that locked in all of them. You take all pro loudly that you receptions touchdowns although things they had their yards and acute made 33 million more. B five and a half only because of all pro which you really can't control I agree Lou but I think it's got to match that never again let them never played percent as again all the money. OK but he signed this deal in good faith and by the way. I don't think it makes sense if he's signed for two years to extend beyond that two years. Now you brisket at age 31 for him becoming a free agent out Iranian basically telling you this. You risk that a possibility. But I'm sure I'm gonna give him guaranteed money you're extended for our guys that already admitted need it admitted it when he came back here. Two weeks ago that he actually was thinking about retiring. I six point 77797937. Writer and all that. For me I would get Rob Gronkowski. And I got to admit you. I'm not sure about is that I got Nashua his values what you that's it. Because we're not just talking about is that what he's accomplished. We're talking about not only his ability to move forward. I'm also talked about it it I've heard rob rob Rob Gronkowski took a little bit about now one bowl excuse me. We talk about what to do what we'll get over at that. Reliable sources and although there has been done my job and really you rest want. I didn't think they had ample comic actor you might die. Like you must be an anchor becomes you know. I've been deluded and move on you know on the grass and evidently thought that Charles played her movement on the backs of the world tango and he got. Not child's play it was way out of ours c'mon it's placed correctly flow should see that's that's the problem I think it broadcast. And we know. We don't recognize. That. It it's ridiculous that Sammy Watkins is getting seventeen million dollars. Mark is a far more valuable player and a bigger weapon in the National Football League than simply want to use Traber. I tried to okay Trey Burton throws touchdown passes through one OK so it was it was a pretty big Madison and pretty rare access and a crucial situation you want the coaches. You at times so that's that's that's a more legitimate. Legitimate point. But growth is. One of from an offensive standpoint other than quarterbacks would you say one of the five biggest weapons Italy that you'll press easily okay. He's got that that's correct yes so he's worth more then you're normal tightness but if you're the patriots. And you're looking at what happened in the offseason and you're looking at the fact that. He might scale so it goes there's somebody else did extend this could not get more money this year I think it you're presenting. Solitary was a contractual thing yes I agree gay and maybe it is for Tom to who knows maybe it's a little bit of everything. So what are we holding against Rob Gronkowski that after the Super Bowl the then he was actually thinking about retiring is that is that the only reason why you normal full. Noah the statement I think his actions because he came back last week. And we talked about how candid and open your eyes and he admitted that he was thinking yes so if you're the patriots. You can't extend them on two years 31 his 31 here thirty sec it that you can't do that right now because you may be looking to get money you get bonus money up front low and you're gonna have to pay it off and he's long gone. Eagle after. You could do you go after you get what I'm saying is is that and that's what you're basing it. He's certainly to me you're not basing on his play. Now under what was this again like the last. Three of the last four years he has been the all pro tight end our first team three of the last four years ozone and any played. 151514. Is the one game suspension. What's so health wise he's been helping up the played fifteen games three of the last four years he's been there all brawl first team all pro tight end. We as the conforms. We'll see the list of problems here and there a year or so grant has as well to simulate a rest because coming off injury. Chris some signs of first big contract when he was younger I look at it lock them up for a bunch years had no idea he was gonna be as good as you know it's going to be good. One of the best who ever played the position I don't think so. May get hurt and they say you know what Hayes great opportunity for the Peters were a lock this guy we know is going to be better when it was so got a book of years or we're gonna. Pay him a salary that is that that is incentive Lleyton. So listen it and watches while we in wildwood we sit there and expanding and let's have benefited us because the value would have to be here so we can keep him happy. Extend them he's hurt he's nervous he's he has played the hole you're one of those two bullet out of him. His value is this great look we want to Super Bowl and won with out you. We're doing you a favor so he's pissed obviously he gets healthy he he looks about these and a contract he's starts freaking out and get more angry insist garlic. I felt for the first on them it's gonna fight you. Asked that never again he's pissed he's played six years and he's made 41 million dollars. And are guys that have played six years that it made money than that and yet is there have been any body that you would take over this guy. As a that you know as a weapon offensive weapon and the problem he's looking at over the next two years he has an opportunity to make nine. And ten million. That's at 910 mil so he gets up to sixty million when it's all said and done through the 31. Birthday. But if you're the patriots you gotta look at the sect. Do we really you product the physical ailments that that that he sat. They know about those they got to be concerned about those and the second one is you don't wanna throw out their dead money or you're chasing it. You're going after them. And they don't have to over the next two years since. Hold that they don't having headaches can last language are English language it that are deal. As an evangelical Calvin Johnson thank you write Detroit was gonna go after them money whatever my side but it is like you know we listen well we'll give you this. Well extended two more years. But we wanted to come after you take you to court if you retire you agreed this. You agree to paying back this of your bones. If you put that new contracts put you don't want America to say so you don't wanna go to this legal thing and publicly. Come on deck now going after his money as he retired you put it in there. No no problem giving Rob Gronkowski and of the year returns that workers and if you decide to retire. Publicly we're not gonna come after it's already concert he just given to him we Oklahoman it was tapping of the second half. How does one work to they have that is a clause in the can only need a clause in the country have. You guys that fishing clauses in their conference if you think they were allowed to take it during camp they are allowed to take it they opt to go fishing but have a good on you Warner thing with the goal as a team yes that'll that the union would allow selective in the Charlotte but I don't know if they would. Because if you took that equation out of the mix. If you retire we use signing most if you retire you give us half of that thing back. Now it's up to get on my BA you're hurting albeit it it in the unit may have something already owns candidates to protect players from doing something stupid like that. Rice and it known that they sign it because also you don't because in my investigate rugged Huskies contract on my point is but it you decide that would have theater chains like experience and you know something different happens July to see I don't wanna play anymore. Right so they also come after you. It's it's an it's it's a way of protecting everybody and also somebody else doesn't get screwed by and if regulate. Fifteen million dollar signing boast forty million dollar signing bonus and uncle and me averaged a unified back out of one. Yeah you know you only tell you we located and okay for the best case scenario maybe etc. you get it is content it's it's a Google users good old boys club and it's kind of you know compromising and working things out. Teacher way. Since so they maybe gives them money so they do the same thing with Tom Brady because if it Brady's part of Brady's hold out here is contract related. Then maybe the same thing is going on here that the patriots are now looking at the calendar. And saying OK will give in it instead of Lleyton contract again to ground. For this upcoming season 2018 because you know what it really worked well for both sides. Abruptly being not looking at the same play. But the patriots look at this. Work for both sides he achieved the incentives including all pro when he got his money and he ended up walking away with ten point 187 million. Are perfect for him. On the other hand gross looking as an idol wanted to decide and I'm glad to earth and anymore but if you the patriots I don't know why you wanna extend now let's look at number. Get two years remaining on on that deal. Why would you extend him. Right. Play him out you let you write you write that copper down it's going to get power back. In no way you do that of that contract ends because he's not gonna play anywhere else he also stay with you you have more control of rural situation and your own future. You don't add more years to you just suck it up you deal with that. Internet did you agree is a little different story. Al that you all anything else is. Grocery drug to me is different o'clock local voluntary camp I get that. Elect quarterbacks. Let's weekend happened and so what Culpepper you know just blow on his knee. But he who's more risking in in camp is that the quarterback on a footballer owners of the tight end run around both the tide in the same town and it blew out his hand in running a corner around we Iraq camp Wednesday right on to say so I I and I understand him cut not showing up in camp and get on him as much. Does his job is to be in sync with a quarterback which years. He can miss all the good he could miss all of this jolted camping and Tom Brady on the same page. And get its constricting for him which I can understand more so with Tom. It's not just about Tom being singled himself or with rockets and everybody else. It's with every wide receiver the hasn't worked with the giving Hogan's basically the only guy and grumpy he's gonna have. That he's really had a lot of experience with and Mitchell that's not a lot of experience Malcolm Mitchell does other guys he has not worked with a that that need Tom Brady act camp so I draw. Panama and social so what is Brady's issues that. He's giving mixed signals here. That cryptic is like a new contract you. But he's giving signals that you know that he might walk away with kind of for kind of her dead a year to year things have changed that he comes up and says. And nothing changed I still wanna play until a mid forties we. Two months and year to year. People doesn't have most of that a lot of people Julio wanna producers what's his name to Oprah. But you know me on president of the easy to own those guys if he keeps on publicly all he talked about his playing long when you get the feeling though that he probably is sending. Mixed messages through through. I have the last I'd written it days and even flinch no damage if you Stewart now. And is used to be somebody important is he says it's only good that there's only somebody of his ring don't it only happens once in awhile about that was we've got an appointment for. Arnold changed all right might be a series Monte should have one of these all well the sorry I was a I'm like Greece much money on ads and in general Jay Berger. It cajun duel for opportunity and you usually don't find when what's happening with the intent is now doing commercials yeah you're doing any commercials aren't yet and commercialize it definitely do commercials bird into safety it's what happened there out of network I've never heard that before. There's actually not doing commercials on here. Arafat without a weight loss commercial. So yeah now don't wait LaSorda Eric authors as it usually everybody is included weight loss and hit and and there are a lot of kids actually eating burger and a jealous resentment or is it good activists. Pretty good as per cent practice partners. My job. I look stupid idea. WEEI. It's. And. And I guess where room where team as good people who look for a I'll just as functional. That was never the worse it's just completely made enough. I think we have to be a cure for instance. People just can't components. In the Hoosier house. There's no basis to it. In the next couple weeks growth is gone. The voice of I doubt. That was Robert Kraft saying that it was all hogwash no truth to it though whatsoever that this is that they get used to it everybody but it better get used to it. Is that we had a guy in the in this situation. An unknown person who was just playing everybody on red. And it became a major story a major sports or in this country involving the idea of the New England Patriots is he just lucked out. He just happened to get something correct and it was all just by chance that's a weird ones yes submitted yet but I talk. But what what's gonna happen you gonna get more and more of of this stuff the bar stool sports took that one. Which when it came to a crock to the next level. It's the reason that it did carry credibility. Is that forceful sport suddenly was that there pounding their chest political issue watched the video. After that they produced of them internally working on it you'll laugh at your house after they released a much. It would just throwing stuff out there people shouldn't be able to do well how do you stop nor what do you do its social media. How do we currently have you stopped there. If you don't do you not allowed to do that and it took a look at me shouldn't be allowed to do. Wouldn't laws would applause you'll get them you. Can only going to order. And puts stuff that is that is that is were cheaper and ballots port. Hot. I'm. And that's why you boy fortunately spread out Agudio thought damn it usually lend his voice was really taken a shot Kirch in Turkey was the only one had a heightens the 49ers and Kirsch and actually went on a bunch of radio shows slight. Mostly for its agents unconvincing that junior no agent he said he had multiple. Sources. It's just hard to believe somebody who's currently. Covering the MIA and you know high school softball or baseball cards right I mean I certainly legitimate as probably as usual herald but it still you sit there and multiple sources it's like those those are parents and yeah. It was. Curry said he on this is that all the crap that's being thrown around as there are little truce with all of usually if that's the and so with him news talk and his thing was the timing of this Friday. So was it. OK it is it is and not mean that did the patriots secretly did call bill call the braid boy does he trusted me to keep acquired in the off season today. You know on which it I knew it will go with the so called other organizations be trusted they keep it hush hush now but did happen on Friday. Now I. I would say. You could believe a story that would be out there that. The patriots were a little bit concerned as to where grudge head was in the offseason so they put a couple feelers out there. But getting to the point where he was going to be traded and then Bob Kraft wouldn't allow Belichick to do it. I'm not sure I believe that close and by the way who who's leaking. Those stories out to begin with. You look at let's say oh why would enable why would Bob Kraft for example wind out there. That he's in any way preventing his general manager coach head of football operations from doing stuff and how. Guys say all these reporters locally primarily my days in Seattle. Recovered. Two or three guys on the team and there's so many here and source let's get multiple sources in the don't know the story with just one source. It would talk to him. I all the I think Iran I think you're Roger captain Reese would be wrong nobody knew it. Most of these people don't wait for two sources alone will so it's about everyone else chapters is good news there is in the business does anybody really believe. The chapters waiting for two sources for some of these these young Eagles if eagle direct you don't that's been told he's going to want a team boulder store OJ. Waiting to craft a middleman. No surprise that it just hasn't hasn't comment that is front. He easier when you expect him to shoot down. Behind the scenes he's kind of don't. We can tell you behind the scenes behind and nothing's final agreement and seen behind there and finishing behind it he's still on the front say anything about her is that he's insider equals itself isn't so what he's doing is he's been working on when you talk to him privately that week we artillery and work about it and I scenes. We have we have people. We have people here that the audited where house actually done and its incidents and so. So he has been able find it while what you call publicly mused talked about while he just Colorado way agency add them hearing only because if your show after you're looking at saying I'm above the supplement and taken Adam correction. Paper pages worth these aging system right away. No he responded to Kirk. And a correction published after check their character and objected to that so I didn't say shame. About us trading conditions. 49 pressure ulcer. There's no basis to it gets a larger disarmament but just one. Go on well. Today's demands from insurance that you all understand. It isn't disputing it but but no Stacey James didn't about the patriots didn't issue anything he responded to. To Kirch and incursion obviously tweeted right now I'd say just think they would tell me a lot though with us featured in a rumor comes out about Rob Gronkowski. National people like Adam Schechter easiest perk up. And neither confirm or deny and you know than they can wicked just crap all over report that they don't have. You know I mean you were when somebody is a report a lot of reporters go dig in the kind of crap all that and again it. I'm here and no that's not true and it must always does this that's true I never. That he's him. Publicly bonds he's a guy dictated to try and do you can and he's obviously believe he had backtracked that remember that is in trouble with Trent Dilfer did it because we'd be friends or colleagues. Now this and colleagues we have to be careful we what we sec but it but it if Kraft thinks that this stuff is going to die down steps gonna get worse. Because people I think are empowered and I do think there are people who just make stuff up. And just live with stuff right I think and needed an announcement you're ranked. Yeah every now than usual is right the rhetoric I'd made it. All the minds of everybody everybody look at it as a who has a stretch I don't know who whose America does as we find out because this guy knew exactly what was dilemma. And then he came out the next day and said. And had no clue gadget it about any of this that I just totally mated up by another how are ready auto.