OMF - What type of manager will Dombrowski bring in? Needs to be someone who can handle media 10-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 12th

HOUR 2:  Lou finds critical quotes about Brad Ausmus from Detroit that sound eerily similar to the criticisms of John Farrell. John Farrell always had his players backs, but sometimes he should have stood up to his players and their thoughts. Fauria picks on Glenn about radio knowledge. Frank from Gloucester returns to the show. David Ortiz is a joke during FS1 postgame 


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These award winning and money and 48. Great sports or use me it is cocaine clad terror until he got that when you send it out what was your mobile basically explode. Any qualities that in this. Legally how do you have a line that get paid not yet. You either gone below where we can't act people that thought there you know the black. With Glenn flew into. Christian here he attended by. 69 jokes what's your favorite speed limit out there you jokes change. Wolf it's powerless or like a Russian gymnasts. Martina never taught me you've played yourself. Our man this is really. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'll let me just congratulate you for a for getting me the training right this time I'll actually sit right. Retirement. You got the wrong move and he said you said Cleveland Indians have moved on. And they did not I I don't know you said technical I don't think yes yes sir yes but you know I gave me why this canal and looked at my scripts -- he's gonna blame you for I don't you all right now I don't I think uses script is descriptive I would read the script is like five and a half minutes long. And after those guys get off would be on at 1045. Okay so pull on them to eat dishonest President Clinton and as the Red Sox. The Indians move on to the American league championship here and that's not exactly that's not a test at all yet sticks out as you. Can't go errors are so somebody who never admits to getting something important but accountability is life all you never take accountability for your own as good if I was his best he's and a friend is going to be more about Israel I know I don't feel line because you never count him out mellow it's under the trending and you said to me. Then from did you screw up the threatening thing and I look at I guess Jessica is mother like contrary to what you think it's very possible. That I could have screwed up in the trend because I don't give a rat's ass about god I don't have to get a you'll every night I you don't admit being wrong so I looked at the text machine. All of it by text it's just veto it fifty or sixty of them opted to just you know weighed every day effort for me to screw up. We are you run a loose group of mostly. Fair and and there wasn't a single one so when you said I think he screwed up and it's not an extra bathroom and left a lot of I don't I listen to this isn't an all out tax machine definitely I think it's going to come out and nazism but they're gonna think about it. Can't think he won't. So but I don't we just gonna have it once a jury would you share. Odd he did the right and absolutely doesn't write in English I don't know predators who writes if some peace deal over this do you take it from ten. Don't ever singled out that this is. Stapled unit with Hillary but I waste my time writing a script I don't I don't I can't -- hopefully that is this thing is just a joke if you think sleeps like the five. Questions very manner which. You've taken a script to succeed at all he writes it's accessible to that we get on to any rights at six and that's who you beat the weather six. Attorneys is that isn't always right whether many delegates because the management list that's not know about yet what do what do we do the stupidest. Agencies. How about that that the dogs and things like that they've got where I putted well able nobody I don't even know I don't let it go it's fun to watch delegates and you're registering for advice of its LeRoy awful trend that happened so it's no he doesn't I don't the drugs in general if I screwed up my argument is that it. That Mikhail most of accidents are he's got some moves. You don't you go into the underground Russert on the Ternium. I don't know why at the salon and was allocated. Of trying to. Take our medical record that Florida picked up in May of 20170. Yeah some recent column that hey I just want I want I want you to let's listen to this and you tell me. Calm on the sound. What was the last time this team admitted to a mistake. Admitting a mistake is not their strong suit. Current manager seems to relish his defiance in the face question. When the media asked about line at choices he clinches up. When they question his bullpen usage he sets is Johnny defends its players to budge on film when his team plays inconsistently. They did all year he explains that. He is privy to information at the fans and media are not quote we know better than our critics managed displays a quote us against them mentality. Them. Brett side tracked. All herald's. Brown Christmas. Let us be true paper wrote Brad Ausmus. I'll never impressive Brad Ausmus days from Connecticut. And I values candidate loaded team and never impress me at all I'm Merrill plea in that team watching him no clue what he's doing here what he's doing there. So the point is that there's still. Hope for angry blue moon does not sound like the Red Sox from his team as a tough time admitting mistakes. They've never actually thought that was federal blows or when you otherwise I quoted 60 I was I don't because as Johnny gets defensive we have more from me Europe all the information do you rich. And I I don't know if it is it is identical. You want John Falco library osment good luck and yet we were talking about engage tragedy questioned his whole career. We're talking about the sort of show it might have been the turning point of the series for the Yankees. Because it seemed like Girardi was gonna do the same thing that night after the death leaves candid definable okay. And then he went home. Fighting must watch the tape puts figure out the mere thought all the southerly winds blowing. Is old players are questioning now I'd certainly apparent social media and the next day comes out he says I screwed up a blue. And that's seem to be the turning point is honestly the players said I know you want a cap and it is team environment and an analyst right now but I think. I think there's something to Girardi screw up aliens and running as much as we were early yes that was a mistake you ran into and out and they were never asked and haven't ever. President. You may accept it and I thought. They catch the portrait of a single as her double I don't yeah I love it guys but that's not look away. And do. I don't do that of the spread of boxing us out the garage and editor human dogs and unknown on the everything you with Caesar Milan had his daughter's death and a special guest speaker Cesar and a little. I no problem is John Ferro was coming out and telling the public and telling us one thing behind closed doors you sit there. And he was screaming his ass off at some players said that's ridiculous. You know Danny I'm sorry you can't continue to do this cannot and attention not focusing when you're running a caddie I'm sorry that we got certain. Things you're supposed to do when you see certain things. But he wasn't doing that apparently. So apparently he's allowing. Players to get away with a every single day. Then it's no accountability walk away at war why why why why don't want to do what I have to follow any rules or whatever. Is this that is a reference. Barber's go in Toronto. You know only reached at making mistakes over and over and over again a young team know in a guy corrected him every it was a enabling them as a student. Nothing changed how we gonna get better if we don't fix our mistakes and we keep saying Panama on the passing good job. Yet that can happen. Same thing following me everywhere I. I hate to say it say it but even his last moment with the Boston Red Sox. When he knew the majority had lost an amateur can fault not the joy it's 99%. His fault. You're you're playing in the biggest game of the season. You can't get thrown out OK okay you can question a portal call you can think it was really horse crap but you can it get thrown out it was a really quick hook okay. Itself what does he do. He gets in there. And he separates the joy which is what he should've done but you know low he had the convinced Dustin Pedroia I love you and supporting you. I'm hugging you he had to scream. At the umpire he had to get in the umpires face because he had to show Pedroia that I'm on your site. But that wasn't the right thing to do what the time directing the duel at the time was to protect your player get a lot of the it wasn't a quick article about it look at it was I had a little bit what are you. Oh yeah it means the PD remained in the game you can take the majority marketed in and his player but he couldn't. Attacks on the tour it's on the I saw it as a pejorative here project but you don't get into the umpires face at that point you global player won the point I'm making it. I think he wanted to enjoy it and know capture back we could have their back you should get their back. But when they do something all. You you're not making them accountable for it. That that what you're teaching them by doing that. What is the dog whispers about. Pony just to definitely you want to keep rights and and an iPad isn't actually punch one on the power gas and another count votes. Looking at minicamp cattle up I was gonna Jose in Framingham buzz I. Yeah we're not doing. That didn't do well. Hey it that. And that would impress Colin. It kind of put this much money in would be greatly outweigh the certain to talk about who talked much with the got a bit. Completely the other patent it. Did not have ended up nobody but about Google what to expect from. So we about a foot I mean I think the current report on what I got. You can go there has been going on that. Commitment and just sort of conflict. And traditional normal cycle and I did I. Can say I've slept on it. I. Followed months of violence we gonna do something about site. Can honestly don't just talked in five seconds it don't be a speaker don't I don't to use on speaker from the likes you on. There's got to be able applicable U Reza why does he have to be speaker who I don't know he's doing some of the. It's I don't know why I don't. Out of manic I was aware of it auto plants around them CI I don't play my thinking you know respect and Noelle. No I don't buy anything he just said and I think it's the season went along he didn't like the reaction was getting when he wasn't pitching counts on him. Supposed to do what the media is positive about. Fans supposed to deal. If the Red Sox scorpion spent 200 so million dollars get a guy 31 million bucks a year and he goes out there and you they loved him when he got here. Do we not remember the the adulation that he got when he was first of the press conference while ice cap he sounds like it. I determine integrity but did you don't reform. Up to that level up to those expectations. Expect fans to do you get a 31 million dollars playing up to that level that famous RR a there are emotionally it. Patched to the team and the success of the team they're not supposed to get pissed that just says okay that's fine them why they're paying a 31 million dollars they don't have to know. The debate and everything right his fans will go along with anything they're gonna turn on you if you don't perform. Well it's all it system it's about the post season. Again like that what will be that lasting memory of Haley arrears this year. You know and get a sub part of the year was very disappointed trashed room all yearlong for the week perform but the way hit the post season. Is that they lasting impressions and ended double get all emotional get all excited he was he was the offense in this series. You know that's what you remember and I think people want us they'll probably sit there right now maybe change some opinions on wall and felt like bring them back. I'd bring him back she performed in a post season gold glove guided point 15 bombs so. One I don't know prompted brought him back but you all fourteen wouldn't it be Samar then why I think people want you were to Jackie Bradley right now is in a Bogart's in Dustin Pedroia. Why should I still get rid of these guys what they it would Dustin Pedroia didn't do playoffs is 2008 right that's all you hear. And they don't they don't realize that because they haven't had much success. You know the all that it was cute dog forget swept the nation at dodger games let me understand it. And we had a great year. Geez look as good Cy Young guys this guy term price turned it on and bulky and and and David in PD stayed healthy and standard 21 bombs hit it. Look at Jackie would agree year why why you guys mad at us from getting swept. Boy what you don't forget oh we did for you for a 162 games at some ads don't think they understood that I don't think they know that doesn't mean anything on things what you do who you got swept my last impression if you. Was embarrassing your real price is down but the bats and they. The Bogart's comments. After the game or more troubling to me than anything. It's almost as if who we accomplish something. Oh a lot of people wanted. What poultry. Kirk that is like what are you thinking losses also they talked to though that it other than backs. I mean other than Pedroia. You got talking anybody else would those guys will sustain what would it would Jackie Bradley said polluted that attendees say it was the you know you're using. You know guys who we keep talking about personality bet there's really haven't it and it engaging personality don't you members hearts and obviously you know engaging personality. Ever single prediction out there that they were gonna get swept in this year's I think you have the Red Sox in five years the reds I every fighter isn't he forfeited I thought it was gonna look like well he he's just. So a lot of it I think a lot of fans here falcons were honorable swept put more once osmosis theory here before that's for sure. Nobody that's who gets what do you before. I don't think. I want the audience were up by Cleveland fishy concede that. Boy I remember us getting phone calls maybe they were the the fans that just you know see everything through. You know red colored lenses that they took Collison talking about you know. I think we're doing all of a Chris Sale in game one. This. But the people felt like it when the whole thing. We had called you last in the world see a few left of the couple people I cannot Jimmy B couple it wanted to whack jobs. But nobody can win the World Series listeners march couple lectures is Jesse in a car just for. They. I didn't get out and about Ferrell you know are or Lou you were saying next manager have to be so good with the and it's not about David Price of the fans. You know that hasn't happened to do with the with the the outcome. The series of the Astros he can we agree on now. Yes yes we have been through for the entire week. So. I got someone right you know I was signal that there is the you to that you know the red we were just and the Red Sox went out of World Series team. I think what they really need to focus on if they're what they won their division. I understand you don't like to think about Ferrell but. What do what changed. What we're what would have been different with this yeah and I guess my question. While we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna find out we're gonna find out Jesse but you can't go last place last place win the division. Gets swept in the first round of the playoffs win the division and win only one playoff game. You satisfied that you sit back so it's not it's not prices fall he saw Charles I don't. I'm an outlet when I'm not that let dale gave up back to back Almonte first and the first. Armor and gotten. The US department and we Ramirez that they keep all heard that. It'd. Well game doom him like 700 series. Energy real quick I don't feel about him he's sitting in game one of a deficit again game one to best analysts are never sitting in game two. Eligible. Now sailboat on the eighth may be elected I don't know but I'm obviously had zero effect on. Attitude. I'm and those are things I think that need to be just what you just sent that last. Reid points. Are the first one that I heard today. All it then I mean you did did you hear it Monday or Tuesday rather fallen game we talked about it all day long the that you see your jovial but you know. We're just doing a guy adjusters they don't before gains and by the way you can find tons of things in loses gave you a couple of Ferrell did worn in in this series. I'd. And price by the way not ready. In the postseason actually start which would have been a applause so we don't know what happened during the course of the season can't look at it that way. You gotta look at the big picture the big picture is that when they started back in April. We are talking about this team being specially with the addition of Chris Hill. This team challenging for the all World Series. They were predicted to win the division okay and they did it. We're talking about them being a serious contender. And that was not the case so they are chief surgeon general's got to take responsibility for that yeah. Price got to take responsibility he wasn't there enough during the course of the season I don't know what's going on with him you know the physically. You know comes back he's goes he goes away comes back. That's all part of it you can't just hone in on the the last few games can you. Just a look at the big picture. Of failure. It's failure mom. Hears that John Karr or John. It got Gloria. I've been paying a lot of attention to the Cleveland series so they should fortunately kept the past editor based all its. That she has potential Cy Young award winner they refer to mr. archer. Our big East Aurora playoffs. I do two games to none. And we'll label. But it would mean easiest draw in the playoff and suggesting any American League. Who literally only like eight or one particular wildcard that's quite. A a while. Our launch or. Who. Use. Pot I can you correct he looked like it out. I'm I'm curious guys are. The best and accurate they also Irish team Ole Ole -- lose. Sight of what lengths potential side or what do what all insult to apes. I'll let or cutting the red Arctic chill that Richard I'm not yet and the Red Sox but I'm wondering what apple pulled the joke lately that John John. John John you just said if we were in Cleveland we would be killing them right now the Indians won what 26 of the last 29 games in the season they lost three in a row. OK we get that now Terry Francona. It you can you can you can be all over him if you're in Cleveland today because he's now lost five consecutive elimination games what the hell's happening and you're right. He got an opportunity go the Cy Young award winner who got blown up in the third. John wasn't so simple guy who's. We fix the betterment of Francona Roche pharaoh. Now what you might call and I don't call him a call you look I'm just wondering what. Because it's gonna make it you know making it sound like like history and in value field doesn't play into this who do you think they'd better manager. Francona or Farrell. I would say I. Might might trickle over to that. And that's that that's why would you play in Cleveland and probably not talk about India and fired it disappointed in the public disappointed in him now. So that acts that you can't just ignored the evidence that the new deal with. Mean it Bill Belichick loses in the AFC title game when calling for respect. That's the best coach in the league. I I I don't understand. What you try that. What does China do as she's trying to diminish. What happened to the Red Sox. We're here in Boston. It's our job to sit here and sports are great but it's not about you guys. Saying it does not get their ace. It's like ass they're great manager lost that you'll lead. So why aren't they taking heat like Austin they are all of them meeting was that phone call they owe Cleveland but they might be but it has to go with with its history. Corey clover has also been an absolute pig in the offseason it's odd to even go back to last year's allows last as last actually Audi a plant wasn't good. But he's got history Terry Francona got history. David Price got history to know any good. Sailed just made history to first outing in the post season. Jump browsing history I don't think is good so you can't just ignore and say the same thing again if Bill Belichick loses. This year in the first round up the coffers had. I had back to the phone calls coming up next a 61777. Nights and announcers who is rocking Twitter beef. Or during an afternoon show that bloomer Loney flew back to moral or waiver of Loney at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. Paranoia about. Talking about the Red Sox will begin to besides a top story from a Sports Illustrated and some Ty re Irving signatures and comments by him. As what were we gonna pull the car right now people. Yeah. People are ago. Yeah well. See you go to you we we we can't Wear those other Karl screened and Oscar against. Barry says on a full of them out on the phones now what languages so that we don't need Rooney government. Who will deal with him. We don't know we're good thinkers. He salute to seize upon none of the seasonal market. If you don't like that Satan that's such a great I love that show what is it all the time I come here. You know since since we're not Brothers anymore there's no cool by Yonder with the files across street right that's done over. We're not Brothers we are not friends rate that old well I guess we were but it's. Or for a late game we go to divorce has been divorced something so there was so with her actual there was an actual mayors Robert Reynolds all I think it was a two hour Mary I think it was a reality when it there was an attempt by mommy and daddy to keep all the kids to get it over to Israel was going on or anything like. Just there was it was illegal that was now there is no. Then Affleck involved in an in this no longer once they know there was none of that so what ended up happening in the in the end is that the the the big. Monster the DOJ. Department of Justice OK that he doubted that when a general you have allies are relatively a monopoly separates families apparatus started picking conflict and members and that's what cellular de mob what are you does best start divesting all these guns I Lavinia love Kelly you know warm and really wanted to get in this little we have like it. We only conversation I had this. Or it was unusual landing wouldn't you know I manage your life we know why would you be interest in this volatile. And I don't I just. Charlotte Atlanta Olympics I don't securely and I finally know how much I'd read about it everywhere already about it we did what followed for a while and it uses funny how. Thank you always need to be like the smartest guy in the room no I don't always do what is right and Billy I'll let you do that now I don't unhappy. I don't I need to be the guy who reads about this concedes we all I thought you want and everybody is yeah. And they don't bet on July that. Walked by Elizabeth well just yeah boy did that guy knows me better I hear her and that's a guy who already came in here and is concerned about his future so that's a guy who came into talking about it years ago. We're human. As the guys I'd like I don't know I don't know our head of our power to you what I do is out dude didn't priced out of power and that we Europe hypocrite villainous all the went down that we're gonna combined shows. I had that letter read story the other professional credit the creditors professional critics entered questions and all the goods that mobile will be huge we somebody actually the I don't read student stuff. So honey you don't it and I don't know I had not reading too much and I average estimate is that no I'm just I do I don't demand here be the smartest thing you know alive I don't know I think I'm the only guy you know you just you're tried to our dental problems it's like you're you're you're you never tall enough if you are never the and how much do you describe Hydro is right leg breaks up the elves that live like termites and other growth and I. And like you can't wait you can't do much you don't want to do you know what it was actually knew how would you have your blue and I would keep going targeted I don't talk radio business don't know too so he's the political I don't know this is the pivot or another. Yeah. Learning how Mikhail S professional critic actually that it reached between I believe that might have been an. Column that he said that an inside source that told him yeah that they were digesting all of those stations. Well source who told them it was public not each and it was real issue has yet to conduct act who facts so. How else to look it up on and so there's a source told me is they've rule them all and it's not kind of view you go to the government files that were all they and I don't CS I don't remember all I don't like positive you read a mall I don't I don't I don't matter I don't waiting my time on one's in the did you Arnold would only last me newly polished as a political. Outlet like I'd like it when you you feel you'll do what he's telling us what we should do does and not the same people and over and over again because they like he does seem like he came in the of the day and we are you left this true story that he can best yeah exactly. Became ill and they all while you don't frequent pretty pretty bummed out you know let's pass this guy's let's let him talk a little bit so we Paulus on my question of like what. You know what he's a good look. And yeah I think what's gonna happen to a select the particular corner like that concern for what I possibilities and what happens well. Well all the ways you know galvanize their voice be heard I don't get it down in style oppression you do a show where we're trying to open and it doesn't show it would have. That's. Plus where do you have no further world shows that don't mix of us that shows legal and country music. Well we golden ticket Carmona who wanted us to go that you want to continue to review country's sports and equities can't hit the post. It's a good music had opposed to work but it didn't. He's against the ropes I don't but it's not harder localism that they'll need it is that all it is it's is notable and that's CC I debated again see that. The ball we talked about that as well that yeah. Complete adult content don't just give. Admittedly I don't know you don't you don't know about it until it doesn't because I don't even see my niece and I know I let it go right you know these kits I just you know they're just the us ultimately response. Just you know every now they don't like I got to you know be patient you know media guide you wanna get all odds I don't want to give. Paula actually that's the divesting. Learn what do you build some specialty Beers in my don't do that again in my remarks. Hey guys I don't look any. I wish you a little off. Do a lot of these issues. Just. Anywhere from upper management and ownership all the way down. To see. To this. Picture it's just seeing players are so hot. It seemed like none of these guys spoke out all hurt us there actually. Excluding. Select Chris Sale who everybody here in DCL. Pretty. But it seemed like. Everyone else's. And it just. Luke yes. Yes I I think that the they get bad advice. From a leader in the don't have a leader in that corner office to. Correct it. That's all of the leader Gillard leaders pricing it too much part David Price is too much power in there and they're all listening. In the east telling everybody how it is. And I think there's not enough people that may be disagreeing. That are willing to step up demeanor on the mean of the feeds. If there's anything and I don't that. It's just that in the line Don. Yeah. Needed that we use them for callers I don't wrap it all like you're enduring armies and revelations from the baseline and you lay out. I don't know why I was listening that they at a glance at loop and yeah and I think that you want to know did do a bit. I don't know why are you guys are gonna be if you don't need somebody ramble rambler and badly I don't like to ram and that's rambling caller dog it's just ran. Fred say hello Arnold. I don't and then I don't know it's that deadline unemployed. All Limbaugh and so I've just fed lowered projected revenue judges always appear so that's one and got. Out. But again to get my mud mile might part of god bless him and devoted my body. Total long good Muslim and did Joseph Joseph Joseph. I know how important dilemma children are. Back and I'm quite that much million Boston Herald. Aren't sports worded diplomatic front in Korea and Rob Rogers. They are picked up all rights to rub our blog depicting Becky I'd say Portugal are etched. I mean every time. I looked at their reps aren't. Yeah we we don't have an answer our old friend. Answer those questions you hate Joseph Girardi each emissaries around. I'd look I don't I don't know that go to on all. When a technician. Deborah that bad believe ball at all sites. And these blogs who. And it's the reason I don't think I only got a good things but yeah three years and hung. And I quote in it average are distributed about this. It's not just on its. I'd I'd never beat the Palestinians are slow today. And. Today get out he had combined. For the Gloucester and and her from that other right clears that'd get ready for two million Yankee people audio alluded keynote speakers include gruden that's why we have heard from because the Yankees suck operational now suddenly they do something and Pamela quick to think about the war more I 61777. 7937. Ready I don't know enough. Christian rants about a cat socks b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or way Maloney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. See what the manager and owners is probably helpful you know I. I do think it is I think that. Again I do think that it would be difficult for person more so here than some other places to walk directly onto the field. Without. Some on field and managerial experience at some level or Brinkley co. Says he said very little would not give us any facts at all about the dismissal jobs for our. I would take to heart the things that he did bring up yesterday and I would say. Those things are going to happen so somebody's gonna have to have some managerial experience or bench experience right as a coach. The other thing is he brought up the familiarity with the marketplace and so I think that would be a criteria as well I don't think he's gonna bring somebody from the outside. They bring somebody from the outside but he's not gonna bring somebody from the outside it is never spent. A cup of coffee. Right now because most important that yeah I knowledge of the area communicators. You know make you gain experience as a manager. Isn't high on the list I just take a lot of the young guys they just know the game as Smart. It's just you know the Smart baseball guys they know the team community games they play well the other thing to wish you bring in all those experienced coaches that's well that's what you do. That's what happens to the forwarded it guard tire owners don't get sick. That's what they do you did bring the old timers and there are many. And that's what that you surround yourself with prop. Believe here I think your ability to deal with the media. Probably weighs more than I would say in Detroit at that particular time. Some skills and that one to 100 may weigh more in some markets vs ups. And Garrett and that. That that's probably an important part maybe more so than it would have been in Detroit or some other market. A tea what is it an extremely. Important offseason for the Red Sox because you can look at the TV ratings. They are down down about 14% this past year from a year ago. You can you we could feel it in the marketplace could you not even when you're over at Fenway Park people there but yeah you know it's sensing that same excitement. For the Yankees they were up 54%. This past year with a or B rating judge judge in Malia and ego so it's more than just. Bring in a manager in the manager's not going to do much to excite the public IP party get John Ferrell oddity on any third. You know quite a few people that that probably you know pleased with at a fake news network. To do need a big bumper you'd need you need somebody. Who's going to be the face of the organization. Our brain David Ortiz back because this broadcast and things narco war. All you know you don't like it no tiger all those calls so they're trying route that's a nickel a nickel on that it's all grapple and she it is just frank Thomas and Keith Hernandez she's just happy to be around or territories including me I provider puzzle. And yeah. I would tell you this this was frightening after the game and it went on for. Ninety minutes now yeah Evelyn. Angela. Dying the minutes they're trying desperately. To be you know Charles Barkley and Shaq and can speak to try to be that showed is that only one problem. If you could do that can be somewhat critical. You gotta talk about Tito for Kenny incidents OT it was great and nobody feels worse than Tito does right now. Details are staked it all does write up a lot applicant play off series. Which can't sit here general hug everybody out. And that's okay Oklahoma. He's a great man on the Internet radio you Erin hicks is on the interview was. Between you know gay rights that they're talking about an eight right's talking as if he's still playing for the Yankees you know shown his ring out here. And he was out of character is using them pretty good yeah he can easily because he always plays this. Which noted he got cut into his argument playoff games and football and there on the field that gas and bring a player and yet you know and turns into look to borrow to. Here basketball team today and cool they're to break through soon excuse for it yeah the way it is that's where their lives but he funny fast but it is. And there's just no analysis to I mean some people like it. I'd love the NBA should because I think that they do a lot of that stuff. But they can also be critically competes you know its way from the game to show our. And that's I think a big part of as far as as far as since he retired as a guy is nobody's played with in the league he's looking for friends that it's it's just his personality and he's always been kind of (%expletive) up the fine. He'll for baseball great. That doesn't wanna be loved bile these young players away you know doesn't water doesn't care what the coaches of superstars in the game pick up you don't you don't was rescued he's got that this was the best. An A-Rod really just like key there was a huddle underneath this journalist. Because he was so excited about the Yankees. Did and I don't think he ever thought they were capable pulling this off. The first guy he applauds this is the most important guy in all of this. This the guy that he had major issues with a track suit the Yankees. Stolen bases. So this guy tried to get rid of them kicked out because I don't watching you you've gotta you gotta tell me what your impressions who I thought this thing last night. Was embarrassing and we all love David Ortiz and great personality whatever. This is not his thing David is just to one of them you know because the brawl it's just a constant that's that's all it is trying to go to. T shirt on on you are tiger tees on the Yankees seizures and all I looked everywhere else I don't parents don't wait. And you know for the the Joseph Girardi press conference. And I'm Sydney because they they teased and says they don't I don't shoot Girardi says right now because indicted your point. Earlier in the show look he was virtually tear run for the last game consulted Andy's going to be outright bawling win this one because it is. Packed and all the players were saying that we had is that something we're gonna get. Oh wait now wait a way not funny slip over to ESPN and I catches last sentence and they apparently broadcast this whole press conference. So this is the post game show for the broadcast. And they're all hugging each other and nobody's going to argue that particular celebration. It was there was no celebration oh my god it was just office Albert just. Big poppy here. We'll blew you out here we go. Now. Looks like it's mostly just like a bad high school play it's like they and they they they rehearse it looking on and bring out this. You know did you act like you don't want yeah. And now and I could land it yourself video yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I think. And right now I'm mom. This is after the Yankees had chest upset the Indians with their pace with the Cy Young award winner in a phenomenal game and you sit at home want. I mean that the brig guard I've wanted to die for my article could. I want them to breakdown. That Brett Gardner at that was at 1214 pitches or whatever which was phenomenal which in the insurance runs. And all they did was just. Rave about it but never get to it there was nothing below the surface it was all what you just heard there. It was. They were totally out of retirement. By DD at that point that was what the kind of weird situation that we think like Alex Rodriguez it's just you know all the teams that he plays for. And he so badly wants to be remembered as a Yankee. Yes so how much time to apply. Editors maybe this is part of you know that the healing process you know like in your quoting ownership of the yankees' scoring like you know just give them as much attention as possible being up there. You know and and that you carry the water for the Yankees and all the extra shirt that's my team that's my team he. There is just wants to Reno as a Yankee generally yes he really just wants to be love. Action here in Munich he desperately wants people. That's that's been his whole life he wants the Yankees still love them. And so what I'm a thing you know we are delighted you're gonna say would you would you rather that. The Rangers love them. The Seattle mayor's level or the Yankees love everybody always everybody wants the ankle and OJ anything wrong with Padilla's. For those of us why you engineering and it hurts you know he did the last thank you cited reason one crying I. Lauding him I think he's been good so for all these telecast I thought it was embarrassing last night he went from being a a real good professional to being a cheerleader he was not calling the Yankees week he did last time. He talked about internal stuff within the organization. And that of course big populace felt obliged it to to ask fixed. So what did you learn from A-Rod I mean it's like oh my god let's just all. You know get into is it that the circle jerk across all of our own but it doesn't go very does stuff. For them it's a paper terribly today talk of a week. Yeah what we need to do as a pitching staff you know David Hampshire now these that lifetime contract with the Sox is going to be weak so these guys in this week at the Yankees the Yankees deserved an awful lot of praise last night they heard a story. But I want to hit the story I want to hear why it happened why it unfold it. Did he was a great story of crazy but I thought we got other children you know leg median means that's that you want to know it's the first time a shortstop ever got out Monday the shadow of their cheater. Maybe that's performance last night pretty tough to follow that act and yet. I'll guarantee New Yorkers today are pretty happy with what they've got to at shortstop and he's in a car at eight. And it a couple of things. I'm not a car on the back odds. God it's a much excitement or not. Welcome all of us are out on the watch. A lot and I called alt. Aero. I don't quite a price. I hope they're all accountable to that because you know. It is paying agent is quiet and not. All of electing error problem. There on that one held accountable and we couldn't hold them accountable Alec yet at all. I don't follow Ferrero. That put on how we handle it but I mean David Price a grown man he sees her accountable for his own actions cost it the price cause it'd. Creative with that episode on the airplanes. And I caught them but I think a lot of order wanna lay that barrel and it just stood up. They but it seemed like. Certain less what else it they might offer don't let it it. I think he wanted to be loved by his players and he wanted to feel like he had their back I think he did that a senator earlier. When he was rejected that last that's kicked the game. You can go out there are bitching and protect your player. Without actually getting thrown out of the game. And he just wanted it was important that he had peace pact but you can't do that at all times and and and succeed he can't. Now they're not be recognized right and wrong. You know curry is always at the point it no matter what. A player does we're gonna back on I think he gave no matter what. It all mean there are things where I got your back but not a national. You know and having. You get your bow out back you here and there I I I know your banged up I know your her we know you're hurt they don't know her attention back the way you'll take care group. But the hash that something has to occur it has to be something. What is it to where you sit there and say as much ahead to better I don't on this. And I thought that was one of those situations. To where you can statement under and have your back here for the most balked at this is wrong look at what these privately let's assume it privately that happen. But look at it with the exit prime example of it so Sam Kennedy admits that he apologized to act right Dombrowski talked to him and apologized. I'm John Henry Tom Warner apologize Mars Odyssey of studio felt like it was important to apologize correct. So they couldn't get through to the manager. That he couldn't do the same thing and try to resolve this problem. I think at that point. If I'm the owner are in and you felt that strongly that an apology was owed to get a sexually in your manager is allowing. But players in that clubhouse to continue in solidarity against technically an against. What do you do there what what are we accomplishing. That may be at that point they thought that he was gonna be gone right mainly I will continue with some of this baseball stuff we'll also get it to the Isiah Thomas stuff. And that carrier and by the way the season opens up on Tuesday. For the Celtics all of that your phone calls it 61777. I'd seven and three settlement.