OMF - What was the relationship actually like between Kyrie Irving and Lebron James in Cleveland; Should the Red Sox trade for Manny Machado or get bullpen help at the deadline - 7-11-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2. The boys (minus Fauria) dig through Jeff Goodman's Good N' Plenty Podcast epsiode featuring former Cavs GM David Griffin and wonder what the relationship was like between Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. Also, a report says the Yankees will not trade for Machado and instead will sign him in free agency, so should the Red Sox try and swoop in to keep him from the Bronx Bombers?

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On you wish he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty but those movies he took the track in front of the red hot cold and Palin put it. You look at the data comes Jackie Bradley junior right guys. OK it was and so did the clintons are. So they. Don't fall so the kids don't do not dude dude yeah with. Ku and mu and Christian I think that talking about a baseball game from 94 interest thing. I do not sorry. Who does this segment as the dollar goes right into the country and look I mean obviously you know who who mr. Jackson's technical and literate and you are in the eightieth right now. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't ever Joseph. Which we hold of this from a sealed in asks this is the good and plenty podcast deal that was my voice yet. Yes there cubes or cosmic here and they don't like. Julio hole they do not like guys I saw you doubt all you kind of walking toward really you know for it and they don't like and they like he's you know they like and Horford and they like it rising Heidi unit an important thing. The guy that looks at the box score. So our buddy Jeff Goodman that I watched one policies it and then yeah it's funny how that works its Kirk Judd. Will this basketball stuff doesn't podcast out called the good and plenty podcast of the reason I bring us up. Is that we're in the business of throwing out takes every single day and everybody's got an outrageous and you throw it out there whenever. But sometimes people just throw it out you just throw it out here and there's. Really nothing to really support it. And I'm sure did hear this one right now and I don't know words coming from. And that is that we should trade carrier thing in this offseason not wait till next year. They argued nothing form. Some do but definitely need me to hear it but where's the evidence I was here you hate to hear what we're where's the evidence they want to go to New York you saw the report. Once lost are to be Butler and I don't and Richard Butler thing might have been two years old. Due to people really believe that the Celtics. Are not spending time. With the individual players to find out what the players that it you know. That the frame of mind is. You think that this sat down and spent time with carrier ring I know for a fact they have. And if you. Yes I do and if they felt that kite re Irving. Did not wanna stay here in Boston was gonna be gone a year from now. I'm sorry but as they'd like to call him traitor and he would be trading right now and he would be dealing him what. You're not gonna deal Kyra your mind away because they'd look at him as the future of this championship caliber. He's got. You use. To me you hit the home run with carrier. Absolutely. And he is. Blake he he's that he's the main piece in office. He trade away carrier ring if Terry were you you're you're you're an okay team you're good team. They're good team you know championship team. You need somebody make that championship play and that's that he's already done that isn't that stupid they do everything they can turn to be a good thing is I. RC dot since the off season it is because essential for game seven. The spot that he's not happy here. That he wants to go elsewhere and that first interview with New York right in donates who's talking a guy from New York someone and maybe easier he didn't you know. Speak highly enough for or definitively say what's been his career in Boston. Blizzard doubt that has been an indication. At all Lou he was close to go elsewhere who he was selling his movie. So we ghost in New York Andy seeing all of the right things for the New York markets so they will go and watch. His movie I call that being a good businessman. Understanding it. I'm hearing just the opposite. I'm hearing that there is absolutely a connection with him here I I I some of the other things I've heard. Is that he is working with the organization because he has bigger goals in life he wants to beat LeBron. Both on the court and off the court. By the way LeBron screwed up yesterday because he owns. Part of that. Bullies idiots appeared to insert thoroughly discredited right of them felt. Well sure what happened in India nourish a widow won't show up there were hundreds of lakers stand outside displaced Pete please ready to greet him. And he never showed us it's wife tweeted a picture of it sitting in his swimming pool all the old don't America's wildlife it's not a good notably in radio advertisement used in beating Cuba pizza yeah. Eating shall audio double lemon jello was there it was carried out pizzas apparently wasn't specific but he tweet out something about that specific location. Is unbelievable. So this is his first thing in LA in the LA market with his company is here Eddie doesn't shall not etiquette you contribute but the reason I thought this podcast was quite interest and we all listen to that. Yesterday. Is that David Griffin is his guest in this podcast the former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers to speak yes he does like to speak. And he talked an awful lot but I agree and replica number two primary. And how primary was part of the building. Of what they were trying to do in Cleveland now this is before. LeBron came back. An act that dinner we talked about. Free agency and that. Players we wanted to target the players that I thought were the right fit for him kind of replicating what we'd done in Phoenix around Steve Nash creating. A ball dominant play creator which shooters spacing the floor and dynamic Rowling's finisher and so we targeted people that would sit all of those. Situations impact reed led the recruiting of all of those gas. And was add absolutely involved Albany dated date basis for making sure that the guy that we were targeting him that he knew well wanted to come and he landed every one of them. The centers and primary Irvin. Was in fall in recruiting the players. He nailed every single one of them got every one of them and then LeBron came into the picture there. But you recruit a shock. It merely entertain it's like I LeBron mean Karrie was in charge of who would bring over. What law and they were trying to yeah they were trying to do coordinate. They were attempting to get Courtney would have done and they and they didn't get it so bearish now. Anyone who get. Jim not a big Antawn Jamison and about him. The reason I bring this up. Every does want that he does want this to be his team. From what I hear he does want to be able have beat the import in to some of the stuff like the decisions that's early. But. At least at least that they should be involved B. And be involved in this with Danny Ainge. So with impunity is apart of you know if you trait from again it would only here I had no idea news conversation there but moving forward. It would was the decisions they make that one big one. Did you wanna be part of should we move for brittney Davis college and he Townsend he's available late role player. No does that mean to simulate what it's not like when you build the team he quickly added bill that think scratch he can be involved in. Adding nine players to this thing right communion to build like LeBron it builds you come to Boston now has teams kind of built and it is it is we think that there's maybe one big move to make him back to the I think he likes to be part and in part of the communication process and you want scars on my back I don't know but I shall we do I don't think. They they wanna be in in on this but this must have does not let's say. That's all I'm just in his own businesses large buildings and to do with the reality here is a much to do except that as we go forward here with this team. They're going to be decisions that have to be made. Where you need one player to put you over the top food I think he wants to be. Part of that communication this I got to get a solid number three when he talks about you know when LeBron came here what do that the team. The issue was that every one was. In a holding pattern waiting for LeBron to make his decision and obviously if LeBron is willing to come home you're taking LeBron acts and you want LeBron. But because everyone was waiting eventually we ended up losing options. And so when LeBron finally made it. Decision. There was really only one option left and it was hand and we had them on the board at gut guy. We didn't even have his name out there because we really didn't imagine it is out of the stack that you support this thing. The guy. And everybody else got there by name. And we didn't envision he was gonna come back that year we thought he wouldn't wanna take you years via our front office was able to start to turn the corner again replicate more of what we've done in Phoenix and see if he believed in that. And and fortunately he believed in that direction that we we sold them from the very beginning in terms of what we can you in the immediate. When I don't stimulus comments he's almost make it sound like you know because we had to wait a LeBron we lost on all these guys write us resentment. Case that I'm I'm seeing with. He get LeBron so would you miss out got a solid guys that would have made it impossible for you get LeBron probably so. Led to sell you by getting LeBron you you have stronger wrestler rosty what the U. You went from 33 wins the NBA finals when he won at the next year ladies crying wolf that he missed on players because you wait for LeBron finally got. No but I think it does give you a little bit more clarity because he goes on to talk about. He and their carrier and LeBron got along just fine there were no issues personally between the two. The issue that existed out there. Was that kind we did not want LeBron constantly make all of the decisions. If he's the star of the team he's taken his game and elevated his game to that to this next level. He wants to beat that guy. Like LeBron it's able to go into the back to work with David Griffin or go back in with the the order of the team. And be able to sit there and say hey we need to do this we need to do that we need to do that. I'm sure if anybody thinks that's out of line from superstars you're crazy. That's what happens the superstars and all of professional sports. They are the ones that get an opportunity to communicate the general manager and the owner of the team and get some say. I did Tom Brady doesn't upset. And Tom Brady has probably. As as a controlling coach is you're gonna find an all professional lessons does the does it. Tom Brady I mean is that he's got a lot of it is Jimmy grapple still here no okay is less focused on here. Logan Macon still here no. Deion Branch who is he still here to be can't that is a tough question. But he communicates he gets he get that straightaway Aaron Hernandez gets an audience with these guys and disease. And these guys to have the ball to say elated to know there's many times he said here's a breeze to be pissed about this. Breach it he wants this guy here he's not here anymore echoed. Which ends in just upon me army does we had that conversation so there are it has been years we've sectors that he'll get enough he says those multiples we thought. When it comes decision making Angel an and that's because of bill because bill is is is very powerful but. I I can understand why the more I listen to stuff the more you kind of understand. Were Qaeda Reeve was coming from. Well you don't know what it personal diary first you know cutting hit him that it's no longer his team has a say it was him before you open it before. But that meant Tyree went from being a man on a team he recruited every member of Q he is now going to be second fiddle to the greatest players generation or that's a radically different life experience for Cadbury. So when you spend a summer feeling one thing's going to happen and and something else happens apart and so I I think that was issued Bruno emotionally. Yes for sure and in the certificate who hadn't even been put in a position yet where we were trying to put the burden of winning on his shoulders. Because all we were doing was going. Through the process without the rhetoric and we had done that for years on purpose we got we got Tyree would they pick that was actually put prepared. That we received and trade alerts that we had been building very mindful lead to create this base and to create. The treasure trove of assets that we had I was Google was originally isn't what we did ask that it. That which saw it sounds like you're both on phones here no a thousand Griffin sounds great. Jeffs is he's in a path just got a bad podcast studio that's pretty yes. Any sort of want to share it allegro along what is most of the cuts but basically says what they want a titles a virtual certainty that carriers leave yet. Daniel made use one those things are okay you know second federal this guy. It is LeBron world everything is LeBron I hate the game winning shot and it's still following LeBron and the bronze post game talk about these guys let me lead in its amazing and he is a superstar. Now have won a title. It's time to go some Morales front. Because he wants to he wanted to be the guy he wants to be the guy that sits down. And now in talks to the owner he's wants to be the guy who sits down at their coverage there's the general manager. He he wants to be that. This thing really becomes. A lot clearer to me. When you start seeing what happens I don't think the two guys hated each other I don't think there was that doesn't seem to be anybody who'll go on the record. And say that these two guys hated each other even dislike each other it was a matter of what each guy had is his goal. As part of his career here. And it brings me back to the original point. Why are people actually thinking. It right now a good move by the Boston Celtics would be to trade away Kyra you're a portrait of weight in one. Of two reasons but does it convince themselves for some reason. He's gone there's no sign of that. Hero leader's son monologue and I can tell you internally within that Celtics organization. There is zero you can tell signs that that's there I'm telling you that you feel so what are the fact or opinion. Golf that are so let me give you number one don't. Number one if that knee is a problem physically but I didn't hear the Celtics you edited it you ain't got yet that is not the Max yeah it was more and it in the celtics' rifle and it is Tyreke absolutely. It is in need probably the wonder if you wanna grappled this guy but if he's healthy. So Brent so maybe I'm hearing BS but what I'm hearing is that they feel pretty confident pretty comfortable about seventy Stewart sources tell us different it's all the real ones looking ahead. And the second one is that. If if he comes and tells you I don't know upon gonna stay here after next year then you have to move him. I think the Celtics were. Pretty pretty certain. That if they made the trade. Specially if they gave up something substantial and they would have to to San Antonio to get a wide Leonard quite that it was gonna be here for one year they did Aaron tell. They pretty much came to the conclusion he's here for one year and then he's out. I hear yeah I disagree. If he is Tyree came to them and sit at that issue don't go to New York. That's okay. With a steal the next year position there before yeah I don't know about that and I got to attack a year the try to convince you to stay. And battle ended with that five year Max deal for an idea if you wanna walk there and and look he walked in reached and Roche you and we do this thing from their largest. I I think you I think you don't make decisions to you have to. Because an advocate don't Paul George Oklahoma City. We're all convinced he would go to LA everybody everybody's like glide Saturday I don't go away validity everybody wants besides there's Oklahoma City right. So there's no damn way in hell of trade way Karrie for that small hope that he signs back if it's small I don't think it's more I think he's definitely coming back. But if that even if he told me that he was gone I still wouldn't move on. I took political late this year and try to win it this year although the finals. And and when we go to the finals with its advertising for a product. It's advertising for a program in if you wanna walk we'll have another great point cut want to come join. CN did you really built something special here you talking about this earlier you've got all of this talent. But the one thing you need if you wanna win championships. If you need that guy in the fourth quarter. They can make that basket they can one on one may be able to ask they were babies to be nice round of Ashley I don't know but I know Tyreke exact the big difference exactly. You need that guy. So you've got that guy why would you do you valuable life. Unless you know that there's a physical problem with the neat which I don't believe there is or the second one that he's going to leave and I don't know what the percentages are. But I think right now they feel there heavily in their favor. That he's gonna stay here. And they're doing the right thing I think they're communicating with him so that he can be part of the communication process and the other thing is they understand that he will be out of basketball player move that he wants to be a businessman that he wants to get into the entertainment world that he wants to have his own equity in businesses or whatever and they are working hand in hand with their own so they absolutely so that he can achieve that. And let's face it. You've got people within that organization. That have. In the past they have the perfect people for him going forward yeah so that he can reach his goal. You're I think. It's great segment. I really do and at that that was outstanding in like four for four today that that was outstanding credit and we talked about I was not a sports but I mean I apologize for that. But it was an outstanding second global partners and the opposed to Alan's Roemer and -- minute you know it has now in the last half market that what Carlos talking about would still came on Iraq at Seneca without regard to monitor phone calls again. That's openness they well. I'm up 617777937. To the focal. We return to more affordably Merom moaning and 48 the show that's all about sharing I don't read everybody who I. Eight on Sports Radio WEEI. It couldn't be any worse than how they start of yet the games trying to get an outlet but if you go back. First week of the first year I think we will urge you to I really have any serious than that yeah and LeBron and and he got into the locker room and afterwards run basically rip them to us without any games and just kind of carried on that way. But we spent there's things Joseph Barton. Assistant. So everybody's coming up for these stories now about carrying it out really liberal. We have Philly. By them worldwide like you wanna go there you've you've been there and luckily for me I'm David raucous and at that. But I'd sure rock. But people are gonna come up with a all these stories now whenever I mean I I can't believe what David Griffin. Says he likes the he likes to talk about this that it's obviously he's the philosopher you know he'd like to go on things. But this makes sense to me. If your carrier and seems to be a pretty Smart guy that whole idea though the earth is flat. Just putting us all along and beat that intelligent. And actually think that you know when dealing with a a circular. World you would then that's that's Edison it's bizarre it's puzzle com. Elisa is at least a different guy like. I do to electable I like Ali here talk with the score this uncle drew up you know that. Please Youngblood all of them in the communities are considered to open higher African will be a total Williamson who don't want a movie for cattle we've seen it yet you he's young blood Youngblood bomb. Motorola is I don't know what you're able to retain all the banks Youngblood yeah so it but it's always an abuse legislate unit to Iraq. Looks like a. You love this game this is exactly what you need were talking about dealing Kimball how does this make any sense to anybody you finally got player. A star player. Who can help you win at the end of games you've built the hello cast around him. And for no reason at all because he says nice things about New York or somebody came up with a story that might be two years old. When Jimmy Butler was thinking about going to the cavaliers if they might wanna play together somewhere down the road that we think that he's out. He could get himself a terrific you'd make you a sixty plus win team this year they can go to the NBA finals he seems to get along with everybody here. It's gonna be his team Gordon Hayward seems like the guy. Likes to stay in the background having some difficulty by the way and children up front and if you've seen senators how embarrassing was pretty embarrassment if you let your wife posted video. Now so Gordon Hayward added the little reveal pregnant. Indyk they had that the the box the opening on and I don't think it's made it reduces insane right and and the pink balloons come and I was already got two girls. The reaction of Gordon Hayward. I think yeah a lot of men can feel things to me. Oh. Kick some balloon. Shrugs his shoulders and walks away for a little bit get through if it's for girls who my bicycle for him but for me it's the telco. Usually me and you you do the PC only first of valuable the first time they. At first did you do the PC right out of the geese hit it as long flight might shears healthy right now. After he apnea don't know a group that's true but there's more sense you know you my advice for Goran is an illegal before. Right I mean we know he's gonna keep going that cemetery take a in good TV room. Put rocky three on. But it catcher's mask and a glove candidate a day trying to. So that it worked seems like the when he Dario. It work that's all say that's my first I was just to default because I don't understand the sky every stuff why you wanna trade and morning there is zero evidence. That he wants to be elsewhere zero. Not my go to Ryan in Burlington he Ryan. Hey guys aren't done a great segment I think that Caldwell it's another great. In recent loans available. Think candidate by our audience know you know talking about the targeting of our recruiting him at all sacred you guys. Let me get it got to the fourth quarter they don't who went at it. But obviously we looked back in use in order to detonate censored sign an extension now and I get that. Does this company pardon who was the shuttle which is they don't work Russian and I think because if you can with a closer look actually here. Well maybe maybe majority senate run it it does not do him any good to sign right now he makes far more money if he becomes a free agent. And then re signs with the spirit team next year. And he tried to explain that to people when he did that little press conference and the people were just stunned by it he's giving you the business side of it. It makes no sense that you might be right if on the Celtics I'm cynical and this is probably good for us because we get an opportunity now watch him for an entire year. And see what did he looks like Iraq. It basically it is. Say he don't know what I heard it to get are they comparable pay him that that you. Which we collect and I don't know what it looked great playoff it's been. Oh. I get now backfire Rico because they didn't know how long history. I've been CC with Georgia. Disease and union marked a Smart world but I it's gonna blow SharePoint two million dollar qualifying offer and it could be the same ball. You say he's free stuff free. Those are free. It also will team. You expect his role be limited more than it was last year and rectum the show and get thirty some minutes a game. So what's the market for Terry Rosh year next year is it like markets Smart guides say what those that might get bigger markets rosier. Casinos you agree more complete player IDS of that we always talk about these rumors. But I'm going to Sacramento now you hear about the next music and mark is Smart game winning defensive plays at the end game to help championship teams win. Although it does for those teams they lose by fourteen and eighteen at the effect of market Smart affect on the game you'll feel it. In Sacramento all of the next unit championship team. Gerald here. Ever categorically. You AT&T and it is a bad team taken to show monetary rouge are bringing him as a starting point guard may be does Fuller. Well if he gets that they score if he gets to the point where he's an unrestricted free agent. If I'm if I'm Rocha here and looking at its and I'll go to Sacramento. You know I'll I'll go to Phoenix go to one of these teams are go to Brooklyn. Because I'm never going to get the opportunity to start for the Boston so prices on its carrier ring is defense wins championship right. Offense wins free agent right. Yeah I'm excited to step up mark smartest in a very difficult position. You know he's Bruce Bowen. He's at least forty Allen had mentioned yesterday Andre Robinson he's one of the he's one of those guys. He's a player that you wanna have a good team because he help you win. But he's not worth playing for a bad team fifteen or twenty million bucks and you're good team you're. Why are paying somebody good players a lot of money you can't afford a guy like that twenty million dollars he's he's got a a a limited role with. Yeah and even Asia right the most offensive guy so I I looked I was actually surprised. But it Iguodala. Right yeah defensive guy yet and he's out there in Golden State now he's average in 67 points a game. But that salary I mean that's these eggs bacon at seventeen. Or eighteen right. Easy of the bubble it's worthy goal scoring was a point point got a. Gonna say when he was in Philadelphia he was almost right so he was a hell of a player. Marcus is not a plan I mean I keep on air people talk about Marcus and they love markets Celtics fans love watching it because they know what he does and he makes big plays. In big games. But you can't pay him twenty million dollars at the thought it was an interesting note. That somebody wrote that he is now interested. In re addressing. The offer that the Celtics threw at them. Last season that he was in salted that the insulted at the time their own 1011 like four and forty yes 44 something like that. And I'd be very interest thing what is it about Democrats that Iguodala last four years in Golden State made a 12121111. And when I look at the future and make it 1416. And seventeen as the debate maybe that's what he's looking. Put. He again he was never Iguodala said Iguodala scored both said yes they so if markets markets and offer to go to the Brooklyn nets. He's gonna make more money may be that the Celtics if if they glom on the water of the Beaumont the Y 181920. Million bucks. Mom there's no way to work this market turn that money down but he spent four years of Brooklyn and you tell me what he's going to be like as a player for years and I'm telling you. He won't be much. No. And it and it it'll and don't make money but he won't be much and Linda being he'll leave that be traded. To be tough to match that salary but whatever order will end up signing. As site that like difference maker when he gets older and a defensive guy from a lot less money on a championship team gyms and Beverly next appear on all enough what's up Jim. They would go to guy so. Great kick made a great segments leads to a series as a malignant I ate at the or create our Internet is caught. And and I'm not a big Fella he's in the I told you all very gentle diarrhea. Now I'd like Christian. I go go out there will be equal no. Yeah will meet New Zealand until we have what I gotta what you okay what made him. Oh yeah it ought to negate that you have. You are unsupported and you go I try to eat this. Not real it might be it you've got a one Malia. Cable comes back to you each yells at you I. And you got a shot at a we. Won't wanna outlawed IOC a bit. He's not gonna leave if in in less you'd there's major problems that happen and in this next upcoming season. And remember now the Celtics can offer more money than any other team. Wait what's this say if he absolutely wants to go let's say to New York. And New York if he wants to play with Jimmy bought almost a residual wants to play which Jimmy about the wants to go to New York. No you're not gonna get rid of a poor sickness save on all three of those guys they need all three of those guys look at their money situation they can't work that out. So maybe what Boston does at that point when Carrie finally says. I do really wanna go to New York I'm sorry I wanna play with Jimmy Butler almost stories were true you know you said if you Boston. Okay I'll tell you what will sign UN trig due to New York therefore you make your money you make more money that you would. If you just signed as a free agent when new York and now we can feed you wind so you can fit into the cap with new York and get ourselves something in return. There's a lot of there's no reason. In this off season. And that's what I'm hearing people say we gotta get rid of my got to get rid of and there is zero reason for triggered any to trade him away in this offseason unless you already know for a fact. That he does not wanna be here and I believe that is false. 100% falls. And number two that there's any problem and I believe that's at least 70% falls. Yeah I agree it quick and battle will close at east lake currently don't play walk eat it seems like you know you can talk of you go look at this guy. I did I think it's a market situation. I don't think he's going anywhere and those people wanna trade him away right now and you're trading away a guy that only has a year left on his deal. So you're gonna get true value in return a much you're gonna get great value for. I 6177797198370. MF would know at com keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that. On WEEI. Before during and after the show. Back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio. WEEI. No hole MF some baseball. Back again on the stock because we're reading a Bob nightingale piece from USA today moved. And looks like the Yankees may be taking a different tact and that may be why the Red Sox might have had a phone conversation. With the Orioles when it comes to Manny Machado because looks like the Yankees really have a bigger need. That Machado and that is a starting pitcher they've Sonny gray going begin tonight he is absolutely sucked so bad this year I don't understand what is happening that. But he was pretty good pitcher couple years ago and Oakland he is dog crap now and he's going tonight he can't even get you through the first couple of innings. So he can't even get you to the bullpen and he right out of the gate Sox who and so they've got to get a pitcher out there and apparently you know a lot about their minor league system. They're gonna have to get up Sutton from that minor league system and they gotta be careful what they give up because. Their lineup is is good enough. Well why do you need a child or you can wait couple months and if you really believe he wants to play for the Yankees you can pick them up without giving up any of your prosper. Try yeah and this is where this is where Cashman. You know we we talk a ball you know of these so called awful job the Dombrowski done and destroying this mileage system. You always everybody's got has been really good and it really gave up hasn't been soul. He's gonna traits appease the way in the one of the things against yours wants to justice Sheffield. Who's an absolute pig. He's 22 year old lefty pistols cast so you know you would give of that deferential and China a lot of people feel like it's such a threat to leave him channel stepped. The child pretty firmly to shortstop. You know a good deal into law probably as well so you hope states. You know but then maybe a team that the Dodgers that we're buying harper missed and who knows who opens up the checkbook for this guy or maybe doesn't stay in your I had no idea. But if you're this Red Sox should unite to get Sheffield out of that system is you don't want Sheffield Serena. You know back to back let you know coming action for next whatever how many years so this is where they gonna have to we'll see what they do now. He has shown what Chris show you gotta give up methodical packed. Don't think needs starting pitching more than anything absolutely deets it's critical bulletin your bullpen as terrific as absent a question okay and the airline certainly is good enough even if you're guy Greg birds not get that done. And with Sanchez felony on the disabled than. President one of those things he was starter no they actually did their hole is starting rotation there's no question about it so you add the chatter to a great line OK now here. Even better. Okay. In those like their bullpen was you know deep is all is all it is I'll get up and the next thing you know they go and they signed you know Robertson and you like. OK but that was already strength that you already 682 when leading after the eighth. So we knew already that whatever it wants 58 and three leading at the chef so. Much better argument when you get the seven Ding you win any way to improve your bullpen. So eager are you improve your line which is already very unique to improve your rotation. At some point. So great last outing he went two innings gave up six hits five runs. Struck before that was the eleven nothing Red Sox win went to 13 gave up seven hits six runs. Our he's got a lot of five innings six innings the difference is he loses those games so we can look at Eddie Iran. And say he's only going five he's only going may be dead and six in the third is that the best form. But he's winning those gained little or zero so this is a terrific bullpen with the Yankees can't get so it goes five and six innings and you can get through right. You know you'll tell them you know teammates to Sonny gray and legion. And college. Who best friends David Price. It. Love connection they were priced candidate Chris that was it is it that you agree. Agree. Or people you'll do appreciate. But the two of of those pitches and beat. Character question had been do you have salutes those you all better people I don't know David you're you're better than me and Andy you know one overall pick your great Tampa collectible boss will beat you appreciate you as an alias and egregious McKenna it's OK and allegedly who have. Well pavlik of dogs that we. New group and condense the movement of the fresh cut grass and we keep getting the new Wimbledon. That we kick in any of this stuff pressure. Wait for that game is right vs right. Not a in August it was set that up price vs gray let's assume Della I'm watcher either one of these guys the last that we get to ours might affect them I'm ready to say this. You have a better chance of David Price remaining in the rotation. When you when you get to August and better chance there. That you do of Sonny gray I don't know how sunny great and continue to do. Keep on sending him out there please don't and I believe he is going to Chicago originally actual. I here's Brandon in New York Brandon. Don't the this. I've been just great. Silber the trees that line. Yeah. I want him just he recognized student released. You know. A catcher. EG if you're in. My god. That will be. Or. Dad that's not happening. I'd also. I think the Red Sox were surprised that the 68 week vacation. Deal stint for Christian basket. But he opposed to be more like three or fall which actually was gonna time out pretty well. If he gets wire act gets the next three weeks couple times a week maybe he shows Mitt Yeltsin you develop the NASA. In old Brian Johnson is beckoned rotation may be develop the national right Stoddard catcher. They come deadline it's like seeing a told you to comply. Note to his last night helps every game he has helped him to wanna move on and also helps that wanna keep them but Rick real mode ought. Yeah and he's on the control I will be enough to get him. If you're Miami you're asking for a boatload form right. All star player we throw a lot of them I think your life a lot farm for him that. The racetrack to get rid of big captured his young young guns and LT can package must be in. Their and their contention so you don't have guys that. Our district report that they want to move all the big contracts get everybody out there inaugural doubt they wanna really really. This is this is why yes or the next he's the beleaguered daughter and it's unfortunately Brandon to a three weeks are big for Blake's wife are. Huge register swap out for Dombrowski. Because it to say gets hot throws the ball well catches the ball well frames new. It is knocks all the sudden I considered state you don't want Ramos and these big big dollars move forward. You know you'd rather have swangard. Under control for you know and you not get paid anything that no service time you know every guy on patrol for a while. But he's got to show first if we don't you say that it. Why it would. From the production line and about thirty ordered they're not help but dash but that that that middle part of this disperse it have to their decision has been. Jackie Bradley duties on to a five sub the tool flies he's Cooke and right. Now. All five right now I think we're probably take. But that's a problem. With with Vasquez because how do you deal swipe cards so let's say you met the opportunity for three weeks. More weeks to get the opportunity to police why aren't a little bit right they deal why. It's disinterested and Brett. Yeah now what do you do. You can't let him go he did certain catcher unless you find is I great. Only they only Ellis look at it real moto when he looked and it Ramos and then you know. I asked he comes back in September and you sit there it's Erica I got my catcher moved forward looking a gift from basket I just don't get a controllable contract as well and ideal two catchers. As you get remote a move for. Promoter Oscar Acosta for too much and you need to get. Bullpen help right now and I just that you're you're asked Kennedy to many things to many that you you know. Moving parts I know Vasquez is coming back to date few companies come back and 68 weeks. So therefore he's in your playoff picture right here with wits with. What was sandy they don't. So you need euros set there you you can you can't make a deal. I don't think it's a trading deadline you can't your stock was why aren't there. It's listen you look at that free agent relievers. Teams that like with the Red Sox have been that low wage levels and you look good to Mi Familia and maybe Britain. Maybe. And why are looking a ball to label you look at Brock because that's a both guys are sinker guise of Britain we don't know what he would but I mean you needed to look. I need a sinker slider slick guy. I don't need power fastball curve ball I got six and amp. While there are all obviously want him even Thornburgh like that now. You know would Workman like that Barnes is like them he told a hell lot of it lately Kelly's like that helped liberals like packed into some different. Different look. I told you there on a day but we lost to and hammy hammy injury loss the result for the season he would have been the perfect guy he's not a slowdown pitchers and under. Under a pitcher I 61777979. B 37 right here in LMF Christians get the week off.