OMF - When it comes to shortening baseball games, all ideas are good ideas 2-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, February 22nd

HOUR 1 - Many believe baseball has a pace of play issue. So when it comes to hacking down the length of these MLB games, all ideas are welcome!


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Each Fort Wayne and bony and forty any pivotal plot at all Braden he's got a Joseph Montana. The ball I look at what went up three final let the math if it was for big gap with under armor when I know how long he lasted there less than two months. And unlike an average under armour that. Something about it are you did business we'll be OK with this kind of stuff well aren't you with the mavericks the problem does seem to be institution which glint Lou and Christian. There's a lot of cross you called Reagan ball you throw a fastball and 98 Patrick looking for Reagan when he gets bit we've talked involves safety players don't understand. It's not about the big gateway tour I don't care of every once in awhile I catch you guys hit it to the current what is expected effect. Continue to OJ shut up back there because people don't care about you Bridget does anybody care about the game anymore. Is it to yourself you're too sound ridiculous so right now on Sports Radio WEEI. They feel I love that there was there was angry Lou it has passed last night he was teaching. The neo fights about the game of baseball all was as good. This was. I'm yes you can you can send your son Mason out there and he would have known more about baseball than those two guys. Gone annoy you when you like on location here next season. That is that slight delay and upset yeah you guys go back and forth it's not a both of the players. And unlike. You know I understand it in the general concept of well I catches beat the game up but it's it's still about the players right my single file. To date on player safety you're safe because I don't care about players on the players are there are certain brands wouldn't last updated their their front for the content of this. Up there for instance or safety I you can. When it it it was it felt it down regularly before show Wednesday that the key Iran get on the pulpit comfortable place and then he's pitched it to order every once you've just guests now. Now that that's rat right now. Now itinerant. They're both those guys take the advocate to put it on that didn't surprise. And that would be fun surprise me coming out of his mouth. The whole thing is getting so stupid this whole baseball thing they're accomplishing absolutely nothing we discussed this yesterday. Think he's getting accomplish really not even worth it's really if you're not gonna have some sort of penalty or some sort of find it goes with that. He knew why why even bring it up as a course it would be the leaders try to appease the fans to show that they're dirt try to do something about it when they really. Deep down have no intentions of making any changes whatsoever Couric says oh by the way. If you're gonna make these changes. Each once I've got to compromise there's someone's feelings are going to be hurt somebody has its gonna have to would just. And and I would I not I'm what those guys as far as the players need to suck it up and deal with it they need to adjust. They will be fine they will figure out a different way ups above sending size and in figuring it out. That will be the easy part we really be loop. I did it right you're telling me all these guys these Rosenthal do play baseball they couldn't figure out a different system. The other well. Thirty have a mean. Dirty up the system in place that you know you know that they don't need to call it change science go to back up signs they they already have. You know put that indicates. You know if you get a change of back again you wanna make sure that you guys duel understandably they on this guy on third base it's a 11 game in the sixth and two to give this six than. You wanna wall they're good look at we've switched him back and forth now a couple of times and switch again but. You know I I can't afford. The call fast ball of the outbreak of ball right now that we lose the game you want. You know obvious so we can't lose sight of stuff like that as well results but put that they'll they'll make adjustments but. Put a Mike and catcher but I might but the pitcher have some sort of you know headphone system just like to quarterback in the offensive coordinator just like the defense of a linebacker who calls those signals get that. Get the calls on the defense of coordinator. But there's another way don't have played a. But collateral ligament there wasting their time how many minutes do you think we're going to stay. With this new moms as a policy. You said a minute and a half of the course of the game two minutes three minutes does that change how millennial sleep about the game of baseball. It had no chance. And by the way the people that that say. The game has not changed over the years yet the games have now gone for the Red Sox to three hours and twenty minutes. They have been watching the game over the last fifty years the game is changed dramatically. For example like that your guy fell less than a team he was not what's different from 1980. Well in 1980. OK if you go to 1980 Rick Langford let. The major leagues with 28 complete gains some eighty Scotland started thirty or 33. Twice and came back. For a look at. Eight games he had complete games that means they never had a change in the bullpen never brought anybody in that whatever that. Downtime it never happened. And so now you look at it this past year. You know when the National League the most complete games by a pitcher. Was two in the American League it was five by Wilbur and and seeing him five. And that that is that that's that's the musical line. That's what he came on to bomb the at specialized that special daughters when I was a set up guy this guy. When I was fourth inning guy Pitney guy. Say that number two technical current in and a close the other guy earns a Ervin Santana. Orbits it okay no added eight go to Cleveland and he had hit it pretty good staff maybe their games probably a lot shorter time wise and seed Boston who. Rick that you had civil works quickly. It's still it's still the people. Pitchers it's all about the pitchers it's all about that the relief game it paid team has in high early changed he used to be the starter goes up you by the way. Is this a good one talk about the game changing in the 1876. Jim Devlin option led led the end of every few semi yes let that led the National League in complete games will you know how many public comment 66. To eight sandy bottom that your. Ayala put on their rates so ask but that's a problem the game is totally different it's a game of special was patient. The game people would say the game is the same Howard the games that much longer. It's not the same game when I was a kid. Watch it go to a Red Sox game and a starter would have trouble in the fourth and fifth inning you don't would commend it to what the fifth inning. But close or take rabbits he would pitch to press the search the seventh the eighth and the ninth. Yeah. Certainly wasn't really close or annually he was a relief measures can also find it knows what it's fine it's a totally different of its specialized yet everybody has a specific role in the give that guy role he has wanna switches role. Yeah you've you made it they're the budget their budget babies. They're soft keys aren't you ask you can call them loose use and if I. Feel I feel. And it's Erica. I mean it is whether the libraries but that's that's on the games she's okay that's so that's why so Major League Baseball managers. That analysts they decided this is the best way that when it that's fine. Okay it would be stupid for them not to adjusted to try to improve their chances the way but that's where the reds and yankees play these four hour but I. It is funny how whenever however if that's going to happen you have to change along with the that you need to somehow counteract the fact that all these pitching changes our slow down the game so okay soul. Okay we're taking a little bit from from the game as far along it is. August how we can get back by the simple solution what does this I have a simple solution to save the game of baseball all and it's good to be dramatically on May not like he did all are already let's look at me the way they don't so what did you hear what you. Yeah your time here last that's that's pretty perhaps some all my name modeled yours it's good to let us. The way I want to get the take Parra and I don't know should I arm mounts that that horn is specifically now. All went. Guy or the stock market off people and a couple of. People looking like he does it so you've heard it last night. You know I want a no win I can leave the ballpark when the game is over I'll start I want an EM. I get the hockey game and most likely get that with which they as does Celtics gonna get it with a patriots game. So the first thing you have to do and I know you don't like the slow. Is it's a seven inning game you got to play to seven inning games that I don't and to okay. But it won't heavy wind at let alone get real terrible lament a real. But that's gonna give you the win and you're talking about art that you put a pitch count in their art. And you add some personality to the players we open it up with a players can show little flare in the based fast they can you know you have. That it's you know an animal models chosen personnel that's that's what the NFL's rule if you could celebrate now it really wasn't didn't really make a difference. It's a humble both teams didn't do it would make a difference in baseball know what it you don't you don't you don't want. No you don't my fans you are not reliable I don't hold it we'll tell you because personnel at the personality that's that's a personal choice. Lot of guys don't wanna do it bad and they'd like they like all the way of doing things they did discuss them and they see guys doing that. And again it's not gonna all look and you have to wait for somebody to do something special like hit a home run. It's just not gonna make a big and hit the ball should make it there for Louis we're yeah. God I don't think the game is ever really gets through thirty. K okay get that you've 55. You know always so so that's the average. That age is still litigate games that read a half hours you know he's still leaking games in two and a half hours it's the pace with in the game. You know some of the other stuff the commercial time not gonna get away with you get around. Bring in relievers that's not gonna change to me it's a ball pitchers. Does when you wouldn't look at certain guys in the mound you know it's going to be quick game and he's an amount. It's because he works fast. There's a guide about Beckett you look at throw an absolute gem they can still take three to wanting because he works low. So it's it's it's a buyout. The pitchers and and we go to pitch clock in it's 840 seconds get output at 25 or so it's a you know guys that point to what the problem. The guys there at thirty all are part of those are the guys that need to make it just not try to for everyone to change their routine. Just the guys that are killing you know the length of the game and you can look at certain pitchers and say every game you've pitch. Is three to forty every single day of game you pitch it's ridiculous and it's because of you. I think that's that's how you do it because assert that you just can't change it never gonna get it to two and a half which you can't shot. You can't short enough we can do what you're doing I agree with what you said. It's the violated the guys that take forever out there than than the real problem players don't understand it's not about them. Well but it it just it's the report. Okay this is the big one in my mind yeah loading Emma because any time you have to go beyond exe thirty seconds a look at it. That's not enough evidence. So you just keep the way it is you know it etiquette it's that replay it was voted for the got a call out its first in that you've got to be kidding me use of you passed the bat in his clearest day that's the frustrating ones right. So you do you challenge a play like that you look at it they would you know obviously you say are changes take it into an auto play baseball. If you I don't slow play at eagle frame to frame that look at it again it's still not sure that its offer. That's inconclusive. Move on let's play the game of baseball so. You're trying to speed game which which do instant replay years ago that's obviously got to slow down. I I think it's getting it done to 55 it's not gonna change. Younger people are now I disagree that two years tell me you're telling me you can guarantee he'd give me a three hour window. A three hour window I know exactly what I'm doing and no it's not gonna go crazy three hours ago with the movie. Egypt there before and failed and after it's easy it's worth it. Now I got three hour when it was. Perfectly. All reeker Schneider Oakland and he even if you could gain 245. I don't think users he late. Younger people believe Ole. Now all sit down for 245 what you know that three out real five was killing me on it but don't exhibit isn't yet it is a Smart though. It is a start early be it all at maybe maybe it's all just a perception and the reception is like it's a you're gonna tell you but so EPA you know gonna go to a bunch of young kids like I got to get in baseball. Games are only three hours long. No I mean you need to promise them that it's not gonna drag on for four hours. And I use it for about him suggests parents pay people to prepare dads or moms are fans go to the game together. And don't wanna sit there for four out Kristen I'm looking at average games last year and the Red Sox had the longest of three hours and twenty minutes. Are a bunch of Major League teams deployed two hours and 56 moment last year. Two hours fifty something so what's the 500 but the numbers amid talk the numbers of lines to. Our little two shot 56 minutes it's not gonna solve the problem then what felt like if they want to get the window that the NBA has and that the NHL has. You've got to cut back to seven innings and I know that I don't like it because I'm an old people about what you're looking in the window that's what they're talking about the only window they're talking about the window of when people will sit down. And I've put their attention to weight gain. It has to be two and a half hours that's what they're talking about 240 the Mac. The baseball commissioners talked about this. He's our annual. Effort I just don't see that I don't know that's very elect Eliot he putted fifteen minutes on the yeah I just I just don't see it and look at our industry rendering of four hours of people that if before are some averages fifteen all right. So I sticky indicate it's thirty used to have people watching the game immediately and item we want their arsenal at some votes let's go outside let's do this turns out let's eat. I just think that people actually just it's a sport that people can casually watch. I think the most important thing to say that you. It's up on and if you're if you're known as you keep working on it but I think the most them the most important thing is you give people story that they'll be interest in Babel to an end. Did people reason to watch. It all comes down personalities with it all comes down I agree the rock and all comes down to your roster and your people in this the story I mean that's what it is. American abuse in the Yankees analogy. Because but that was it like they they built up so much team. And they became fun to watch it became a likable they became interest because the story is one guy was eat all being a known if your eyes when he's part of it. No he will work here is part of it okay whatever but usually the top of the slump or thought after the all star break. He couldn't hit primary correct OK and they were losing game OK but and I was him. He was everything. He's part of it okay well in part with the Yankees who else did you say that everything the story about OK they make the playoffs their guard down to come back and win third down again. The story kept building they became a good luck every judged you to watch Erik judge was the most important the most significant development for Major League Baseball season. One. I don't want to migrate honest that'll is that actually an organization it's been searching for you know it's based organization has been down. You don't see you know missiles have been down so they finally had the guy you know that brought a lot of interest. Today so so it's it's Kessel has nothing to do beat me four hours. But the British Tories can't be no my point is a year and you're you're not you're not you're you're usually you're using this on this length of game like it's. The most important thing I know I'm an important anomalous team all know the most important thing. Is to have the storyline is to have the players because people sit there and devote their time because they don't watch it actually hold athletes to let its. Partisan no they won't wanted to tell us won't you won't your personality lots of really good movie he likes our hope is present and they want to partake it'd mean you're gonna be not so good and I will use use the Guinea played with each burn the we will let you sit down and watch baseball games and thank them would take. Last year's baseball games that went over four hours. A what have you watched a movie. And then I'm gonna also interviewed over. You act and act. Beyond what we support our game. And it's OJ right everybody's really and we bringing Don we will monitor Lou we will monitor his attention span but I question for a donation BO puts sort of like you know margins on theoretically it could be where I lose. The little guy all star. A downtown prior eyes. He would not be public and I think he stressed that to sit there and say. You gotta cut a game down the seven innings and baseball never do it because they they pride themselves on tradition. Yet we've dismissed all of the home run numbers Lou. For the late nineties now because they were all artificially do so those numbers have gone out the window wouldn't even recognize you know bonds is the home run home run. So I don't know why. If you really are dead set. On on on keeping to gain in that window 'cause I keep on hearing men for talk about the window is getting that from his TV people right window. You you can't have a nine inning you've got to have a seven inning game that you've got to have that one inning or you know. What the tiebreaker whatever they're calling it we put a guy at second base and whatever which even thought was a decent idea. I didn't mind them an extra innings but I mean what's the NFL's went up to half hour now. What is it like 250 to forty fives are like that but it's also in this industry 315 it's more populist. It's that it all at once a week. It's just it's just every single day I love baseball and I'll sit there you know. They're people out there that they gonna watch what sixty to utilize another one on our. You know oral walked a little of this game as well escalate a mile wide because as of tomorrow I'll watch the little one tomorrow. Then lost a little more maybe the when the next day the next it will the dinner. The next pick it's got soccer it's a baseball itself. It's double cross stuff going on the pigs on every single day it's a big deal of missed one game. Where's football once a week on the end three hours 315 I don't care but it's every damned day. It's just it's out if you get that thing down to thirty to 45. Still I just don't pick it it'd be like yeah you know what seven days a week that would watch to order a half hours of baseball that is what you asked. We have at this whole funeral but very few now but this whole theory of cutting it from 162 to 154 and that's been proposed. Starting pitching you don't that's gonna do that's gonna collect on the financial pool for each one of these teams. And for the players and he just got a bit more it's going to be and it's going to be worse that's not gonna help. And you're right there's nobody that can sit there. And watch a 162. I'm amazed who's the slowest pitcher in the major leagues. To be the slowest pictures. Time once the at this as far as you know between pitches good that Chris Sale or WiMax I would say oh it's got. Archer might be a yes Chris archer at Tampa Bay that's just not that the Greek yes that's you know price came from that he grew up with and its success and he's not quick. You know but archers a guy is. Some guys just. And as a pick me why do you know that when he pitches to me long game because it's him why do you know sales to be a quick game because it's him. You know me is just guys and amount that you know little quick gains. You know it's amazing to me that the recession ended up with the longest game in longest average game. In MLB history at 320. And they had Chris Sale going out there every fifth that. I'm very Christian baskets of balls mountains but that's some amazing but some main thing we use of now that that that really slick so everybody's coming up we dare they are definitely major buyer is thirty point one seconds in between let's see that's what Lucy who's right that the topping guys the guys that are topic those of the guys you gotta do you know bring down. But I'm telling you. I could save 1345. Minutes in the game. If you all that stuff you're not doing anything to get the the customer out here. Who is opposed to sit down and spending much time watching a baseball game suddenly go oh my god. The cut five and a half minutes of the game. It comes down to watch is freaking out. You would ask something that's already cares if they came to me in the exit you know two and a half our games this was the ratings for that. You know the game that went 315 this is the rating for that legacy we have any of those numbers out there that actually show me. That way game it's 24245. More people watch. No real. No one based on the way what you would know don't based on the way there the ratings work. And it would be very difficult to do that is if you're taking each one of those games. The shorter game there'd be a drop off from the audience once that last out is done in the ninth inning and that would be to win a half hours into the window. And the three half hour game you would extend the audience because the audience drops off from the game is over. And the audience is a fraction of what it is during the game for the post game so you would see just the opposite. You would see the ratings of short. They would be. You wouldn't get ratings you get that three and a half hour here but that's not the issue the issue is. Chile baseball's got a problem here in front Stanford keeps on talking about a wind. If they're so upset on a window and they have to get the game down to two and a half. Hours all of the stuff to do in the mountains is jeopardizing players' safety. Right in this argument last night on announcement if she's. You're jeopardizing player so and so are you gonna jeopardize players' safety to see what a cool limits in the course of game three minutes and the course of the game. It's not about that. On there amusement you're gonna sit there and that you wanna have them give them a limited mound visits. I think there needs to be capped cut 45 minutes and it doesn't matter digital solution that it's up 47. Innings. Seven and we don't care attached to baseball back out on the romanticized. Old guys out record numbers. But it doesn't make any sense of baseball is tradition except in this case Wen tradition was bad. In the late 1990 days and they innocent pool oh they won't even put these guys in the in all of clinical note though. Even though the record and a lot of cookie out kooky ideas out there rich guys if you or an outline pivotal moment but yeah well enough to energize and on his on his radio and TV show in the ninth inning. Ninth inning only. Not a dating not seventh not extras ninth inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters who ever you want. OK but he he'd keep going keep going because there's more talk about whether they just played. 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning for a damn ninth inning. Manager sends 345. Right back out there. I'm reading to you from me executive in baseball. It's best argument is that no other sport has the best players sitting on the bench in the final minutes of the game imagine LeBron or Tom Brady or Sidney Crosby or Renaldo watching. On the sideline. Studio the only one it doesn't make any sense that is as Tom breed because what Richard but there on defense and he's on the field. Either won't inquiries is that it is I'm Brian Oliver at us or find a guy every guy played also just yet though this is this is answered. This is a common share this with this this is ridiculous. Powell won only one that we would think that roundtable is like when they say all right guys brainstorming sessions okayed they're both I think the bad idea okay. Oddly don't wait well. The game and you get up nobody's received their solidarity and our. Always this I got I just this wacky opinions like seven innings only a series we said a negative talk and I don't. Furious but is he talking about MLB people are talking about the gifts he's funny he's he he's claiming he's got options are he's talking to people. And you're thinking about this but again blew it all comes down a Manfred keeps on bringing up but he's getting it from his TV partners we need a window. If that windows two and a half hours you tell me you know the game better than we do you can do whatever you want. You could do these little stupid mound visit you can do the pitch o'clock you can do all this other stuff if you still playing nine innings nine plus innings. You are not cutting the game down to two and a half hours. It's not now not now. You'll you'll wiggling away many here are two minutes here at three minutes here as they employed stuff in the last couple years right yet keep your your foot in the batter's box you couldn't step up batters can step up. How was it that the Red Sox broke the record in 2017. For the longest average Major League game at three hours and twenty minutes I think the commissioner and big Major League Baseball employed he's no. You know device is we're gonna have over the last couple years to cut the game now. Well I that you cut maybe ten minutes up yet a majesty five as realistic mad dog that's fourteen minutes. I think you can do that calm the India I have been to deliver the baseball hall because that to me is the action within the game. It's not about the length of a game it's like the action within. Keep the game moving. Right does it go throw the baseball hit the baseball move on now people are ticket pitches. Meal that philosophy is taken all the more albeit we see that here is one of the few teams. That you know that it may be changing an approach being more aggressive at the plate you know seeing a good pitching it that way around maybe that changes it for this team in particular. But get the ball throw the baseball. That's that's the lake that's the speed of the game. I'd lose down near Fort Myers Christian and I are back here in Boston when we come back little give us latest on what's going on JD Martinez. Still no word from the Red Sox easing kampf Boris was in camp yesterday afternoon. Still no word yet apparently they did the physical did something happen there. It's amazing but we've had no announcement yet no press conference so we're gonna have a yesterday afternoon will get the latest on that and we'll jump right to your phone calls at 6177797937. Radio and all of that. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after this year OO. Clock. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now so much Sports Radio WEE. And then Davey Martinez we follow on the situation obviously throughout the season for the offseason let us have before the the offseason deadline there's a lot of stuff going and that's as far as I can go so everybody knows he's a good player is him invited in mind. We'll see that's what vessel. I hope we get to fulfill ourselves or that was from Tuesday. JD Martinez was there yesterday showed up I believe that up to 88 or 9 o'clock different Stearns grab yeah. NN now. Scott horse showed a few hours later true and what we originally heard was they were gonna go press conference. In the morning and then they delayed it because they wanted to wait for Boris there. Because like Isiah Thomas you always wanted the fame manager agent when they're gonna play some you know too flattering video whatever. And then the whole they went by went to the physical whole works. Nobody's said anything and here we are right now at 1037. The next day Lou and and nothing has been so what else going on. Yeah I don't think it was really word about it I think done. It usually when you sign a guy likes him like this you know this type of deal it's it's usually the off season. And he flies in the Boston doctors see him there in the pick of this you know whatever medical's and whatever they need to do what it's all very efficient and it's in Boston here yet down to Fort Myers so do you physical here. You go do whatever you need to do it maybe local hospital any scans or whatever it is. And I think this is just that delay you know of of getting stuff the Boston to get it back down here because the doctors work in the coming down in the whole time so. You know it it's kind of like it water New Year's. So they they they announced it Thursday night that dates that it water new news in the physical was a little bit more concerning with him. Given his situation. And it wasn't until Sunday. That they announced it was official. And that that's when he's designated Ben Taylor for sun and you know he he moved on so that was. You know 23 days with this guy here we admit that they've made this announcement. It looked at a Dayton initially traded breaks ranks the Pittsburgh. Amid there was any kind of concern whatsoever that can be trading break spreads its port in all mean. So he's gone I just don't think there's any concern here I understand that I mean anything can happen. You know Mike Napoli he'll go back to he would sign the next thing you know a three year deal journal news deals so I guess. I understand it but I just think it's going to be announced or by that day. So it has to be it has happened today I mean if we if we don't care if click on the 24 hours. Then you'd have to look at say maybe there's some questions that may be there looking at something and physical problem you were talking about the Genesis frank okay. You said that is it becomes and it's it's just a tip of cold injury to deal with it hard to treat it takes forever answers there's lots you know. It always comes back so it's a typical bone heal so maybe they add language in the country huge permanent the Napoli occasionally there was another. Yes somebody else to pay. They did something where they included was was that he would they included the shoulder shot like that remote that deal Glaxo had one yeah yeah so I'm wondering. It if they're not looking at it right now and are trying to figure out. Is this worth sitting down with Boris right now to try to put out an additional clause and here the gives us some type of protection. If it's this one specific injury has which is something you're not be a problem but on the other end the ongoing situation maybe that's I don't know. But I still think cute today. I heard it forces a last tedium and theaters Soviets as the front Greeks matter. Just a steak house just a matter of time I think you know I don't know what the holdup bids now he's talking about a game was labeled a press conference. You know at 1 o'clock 130. Minute edit that this game starts at one that is a thirty minute break in the neatly BC estranged soul from 1 o'clock. What seven. Seven at seven games this beautiful lady Mary Jones worked up today to reflect six hours of baseball five and a half hours of baseball whatever might be easily yet. If you don't do before this game it would then what garrido. So it and its time. They're brought it out hopefully now our bears watching but I think loser if it didn't something's gonna happen that if it doesn't like is that the price Brit straight. You know me if you don't it GD Martinez Bryce brits and admit it's a forty minute guy. Pick up last year to play there's no question that if he would definitely be in the mix of fourth outfielder. I don't think they're gonna call it off I think if anything they're looking at it and they want to contract a little bit with more protection for the for the team right to the other side to agree yeah. Well what else is he going to be at least eleven her from Dombrowski. Is it Brodsky I mean is on the results haven't said anything about the ship they made it official they're playing like nothing has happened even though he's out noted in a little bit older babies taken a baseball knowledge list. I got from mullah. And I got edited I gotta get our impact if you build a baseball knowledge says this get painful there for PH how many times can he packed JD on the shoulder without JT being an official member there just doesn't always tendencies. Device but I know how to speak that's high let's get to these phone calls just Kevin and rent them as first up on today's Obama. What's up Kevin. They I wouldn't say that I I I think they all of that idea China the game. And they're they're start a boost us what. They all it does sport. That being that the thing for me is I grew up like Lou luck in the game. More than any other sport especially in Boston they were that they are my favorite. But what it Opel. But now that kind of changed it in that region and that. Just think about the Cincinnati red shirt all if you're you're sand and the and your team in the first thirty games to nine of twenty or. You're telling their program 130 games left watch a few hours that I. I think that they've seen and should be reduced to maybe 130 game. Yeah on that or you can have a plan that. Kevin and I tell you this. An American UN I don't Kennedy and you know about I've about had a chance of them cutting the game seven innings than you do of jumping at 230 games and I'll tell you why. Because you've got built in contracts right now that are guaranteed unlike football guaranteed some of these guys have got 567 years. You're talking about 32. Games eliminating 32 games let's look at it from Boston's perspective. They do over three million per game when adding up 3538000. People plus concessions. If it's 32 games that they've given up they've given up 96. Million dollars okay. Or they give it up after that does apple those are on the road half of them are home the other teams giving up the other. You can't have that won't what do you do you gonna ask the players to take a pay cut. We're gonna cut the games by 10% can you take it 10% pay cut who's gonna do that low. Edit that happen and it's not just the players to Little Rock money oral revenue the business. You don't mean can given the ads on his march right let me just lest changes everything you gotta go back on the TV deals. Yeah you're right seals and green and let them and can't say have you aren't in question right at the rockets at there's in the Red Sox are 266 and apps. You know we I don't know if your company would you rather have one game a week you advertise on it does at 2530. Would rather have it six X and apps for seven days a week. Would you agree to what you do one game in baseball and you don't get the 45 there because we know you can get it in football. We don't know if cutting those games down is going to change the numbers are right and improve the the ratings for for fewer dull. About an advertiser on the patriots it's beautiful there there. Thirty ratings outstanding on the Red Sox the early two sixes but that don't have seven days a week. Sold. How many more eyes watching baseball and yes or they want and the one day for double. Eight days now they may be a lot of the same eyes but you're right you're you're. When it comes to inventory. You have more advertising. Inventory. To spray at these people that's what you did he take it Victoria way to turn to 130. Yet and everybody's everybody's. Only. Those. Though I liked that idea give you know make people you know. Desire of the game more what's crucial if you can't put its own way of god yeah you can't go backwards that's never gonna happen doesn't work in the business on lay it all out war if you're too far ahead he cannot go back. Understand where he's coming from a that the call was coming from from a fan's standpoint that would be a lot easier to. Too absorbed to deal with but from a business standpoint mean he's just done more and this is a business here's Jay another cold Chester Connecticut which subject. This guy played on just. Yeah I mean I'm a bit on our credit union league but I did hear something about body will be graduating green it would go to seven and opposed to nine. What I said what do I brought it up at the start of the show and that there are three things I would I would change I would at a pitch clock because I think you. And the pace of the game picks up second of all go along with Christian that you need to add personality into the game I would find ways of bringing marketing people and to be able to. Ten to. Create personalities. Characters with my with my athletes. And the third thing if we're looking at a window in the commissioner keeps on talking about it to a half hour window. The one way you can do is cut these games down to seven minutes there's seven inning games now. Yet I don't agree with that now but I'm already I don't know if you guys got the data black. It would be insanity like the average time of the game which is these three hours. We'll be introducing what the last two winning dark because yeah it's torture like I'm 45 I imported fish is also. Odd and I can I can't order anymore. I'll watch the board to reporting of a doubt surrounding you know why some but also checked Michael that it interfered with all watched the last inning orbit the last two and I just. I kits to literally hours about the baseball in double what its seven hours. I think you would have me I think it might go to Libby to would have hours I think. You know I don't and I I would I would begin W. Do you think you do that take efforts he did that for every single game. And I got harvesting of candidates to answer nobody with the guys thank you guys won't you when I've talked about this before there's a pattern now. Eat when you go to Fenway Park. In years ago when I'm saying not that long Google almost seven. People would be there in the ninth inning even if it was a three or 401. Game what happens right now is in the seventh inning. A lot of people get up and walked out. And they leave and by the way the reason I know is just come this week on closed leaving in the seventh inning because yeah executed. Anybody up until. And in tennis in the seventh inning Lou it's a scramble going down late the ramp to get out of. All bark that's that's different discussion what are we trying to fix are we trying. The key people or them you know the entirety of the game we try to get people to watch the game. Yes I think that would help I think your TV ratings would go up if the the climax of the game. Com is it that the seventh inning which means it comes more like 9:30 your 10 o'clock as opposed to coming at 111130. Sometimes meant. I. I don't think it would be a difference. Well yeah me okay that's pretty draft night but for half five hour game while they are 11 o'clock I mean you know I'm going to commissioned works most of the games are roll over. Unfortunate your Red Sox their tenth fifteenth. Oh org one goal was 1030 yards and 1015 immoral yes that's a case though. If we get it to ten if we get it to the games are what seven and so we get a 250. Is it what I might do what American people watch more games or elected people watch the games made it. What it was trying to complement trying to I think we'll watch indicating an old ones the last inning of the. This is like this is a yeah exercise in futility is just not there is no there's no answer to it that it doesn't exist. I mean so you are trying to decommission it keeps on talking about and then the window down keep on I don't know I don't know we've now got those guys I don't believe they're sitting there are also suggesting rules that they're not gonna implement these are not gonna regulate now there's. Yeah let's roll and we did something and also eligible visa for now about column down for now person I think we all I think we all agree. That this was the reaction by the commissioner. To basically do this because you couldn't get to pitch count. Debt clock Grassley that the players association and shame on him that all of the the players union what are warm. Exactly yeah you the word was earlier but he can do it even if they didn't like it well why don't I guess you drop quite literally. If it's what it softened it up a little bit to say Dick yeah point four. What if you know one on real lower point four you know Armenians in the gulf on their legitimate doubles should have really been. This should put a mixed market in the Q stickers you can almost go lower right let's listen we haven't used to it and its market it's going to be 28 seconds. In 95% you guys are going to be effective going left of the bad of violators got their ridiculous here right now. And you know what if that doesn't work in your research. Shows that most guys are 21 to the average guys twenty points I agree that point four. You know we're gonna try to tighten its Wendell it would affect too many guys. But we're overdue for gold after a handful of guys that are killing each individual game with that game. You know I don't think you would love this wholesome and any thing though Lou you know mostly Carolina for you. And you would you liberals and him just until it is over I apps and it just really hate to say Alex you do that extradition. The other products that don't don't don't don't call with new researchers say you know which is a tip and does it is only good you know. Can't let athletic guy faces order third time through the water so then all that's due to do is the stars critical five. That unit specialty guys in the sixth in unity closer to seven so at Georgia by innings but. Don't you know that some guys tickle seven that is believe me that's a lot of guys find that. Hilarity made my case for the biggest problem Major League Baseball has been in the games being lengthened since 1980. Which is what felker brought up to you last night. Is the difference of complete games. It's getting worse but that this is English into and out scores talking about he's talking about heat sink. His started to get more out of Chris say write more out of David Price you know that means more relief pitching changes. That means shorter stints by these guys Duke's end the season out for them it's a marathon right. That's what they're going to do to change according to it longer when you do that the kitten shorter but that's where the games going right now. It's a bullpen game you've been saying that for years right now that's what you need in the postseason because that's where the game is don't. Well good bullpen gain is what is extended the game the most and why we of these wounded. It between two in the specialty Americas itself goes six. You know and and Carson Smith got the seventh. That's not that big of a delay. You know still work and at 22 minute window between innings what about the lets you have left and you would have little or nothing formal that's that's what Chris Douglas that that there aren't what about the outlook Carson Smith what about the ground now imminent eruption. When a ground ball that you can zinni's because he's gonna get the double play we got guys on base and we need that we need to ground ball read it he starts eating your okay when it comes in the middle innings that's your market. In the old days as I said they credit she's the Caribbean for thinking when you're closer in Tennessee are all ready off utterly different I 6777. On seven and 37. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. Moved back to more importantly Murr Loney at 48 right now much Sports Radio. My back you're going to. Think back to the phone calls comes down to being hit and in June. They are doing to me. Is. So I know are going to be all of a lot of tradition no matter what I. Holes seven and stretched abandon their plans and so on brought out what corporate jet made a game without also large. Airing out that it would have followed by that we got less let you know called Gmail laughter dot. So you put a clock on the game yes so yes we've got your email and half hours yet two hours of play the entire game. OK and you saw the pitch but you can't just sit there installed around it as you know slowly get down purpose seuss so it's like so it's like guns that we can end of the fourth and Alex also has freelance author actually saw governor running clock and at some look at dive extradited yeah in the nation get all the ground. Actually somebody over there are. Let's start actually with Els and with the Internet there's been a lot of flopping to slow the game down you get a lead like they admitted that if you need extended time to make up for the floppy that you had that. Republican women it it's protecting to safety of the players they're flopping to protect themselves there's there's direct now a bunch of Pembroke about. Obama in the yeah look I'm an abundant now zillion times here and our affiliate times. It's not my fault it's that this we have a mouse here from 1980 to look at Obama. Yes that would you could you just I just think about ideas floated out slowly down. Oh no I've yet to really speeded up all. It's. A little probably knows this better than anybody but you know you get four balls and walked right. Three strikes and out right. Wanna just make it resolve all strike it throughout. I mean see that's dramatic changes to gain. I like it you know I don't like you know a good idea I listen there's though such a bad idea that's all ideas we shake our heads where he worked as an upbeat apes because. That's because they wires work in the back room right now lieu of the returns off he's going to be news. Just he's just a couple minutes I think he's working right now he is going to find out what the hills cola they have a game coming up here in two hours. The first spring training game against north these poor. I don't it's not regarded go to Peter record what do you tell me where to go to Automator ouch geez and here appears in a car I'd pay. Hello Peter. Although I mean this was the computer c'mon I put into the front of the line Peter come with a strong I'm looking comically out by the. I am. I have an idea to speed it up go ahead. Limit the number eight inning pitching changes I would sort such technical what not and got me out of let's. Talk please. That that was not and got me out of there and not nothing to change channel when we got. Some come out start inning guy reaches or get so out. That we bring in the lefty reliever they can't Trace one guy then. He gets a voter but I just thought it now and another pitch. An idea like Paris junior doctor centers are gonna does not for the first hour the president great idea I think it's a great idea I thank you he had a good beards to the differences to present I didn't necessarily like I'm going to do it no doubt about you know at a picture starts in any. He should finish the inning guys you should be able to take amount Peters playing that Peter is saying the great idea OK so. I'm the only one Avian flu and and I were the only was listening to the for how the program. The program related out of the problem. And he's you know in blue went into this argument last night with Calgary and then when they didn't understand. The reason the game of baseball has been linked to an out over the years. Is because of pitching changes the game has changed dramatically. Used to be the pitcher was. She would try to Gephardt I'll no doubt it stop you that you don't do it for so did all Peter did I had numbers back 1878 this will wells the 1870. That's the game on the game and that's seventh at a discount and I'm like it's 75 and eighteen and I. Look at Fannie bought some shall we we put this stuff up for the first hour that's a problem. So he's right Peter is right if we limit the number of changes in the game a pitching to manage how to pitch you get a game I don't think three. Three pitches burglary did yes starter middle reliever and closer to it that so erratic you radically changed the present again. You Brad coming out you know and he's our Ali did you you floor I'll give you for so here's right lap and actually say it might usually handle regret have as many pictures on Iran so here's what will happen let's take a great pitcher in the game right now percent. The Red Sox looked to Christiane last year and he said he pitched too much during the course of the season we overworked and he warned his arm out in the month of September we saw oral. So what you end up doing if you have this new rule change that Peter's thrown out there are you guys have to go out there is that Chris ailment was going to go longer. In his start not shorter not protecting is on longer and they have more pitchers work that arms are gonna fall all in August and September. That's what's gonna happen or you're middle reliever is longer or you just have to know always gonna name. This guy we go with the Korean. Now Paul you're the first guy is the move that a manager makes it's gonna have the biggest impact on the game. You'd have to sit there and takes a lot is that supposed to middle relief guy can call it's really immoral if you look at it look at it differently like how do you. Implement more drama into the game. You know were the decisions are all are more important there more important decisions made by the mantra just like. An NFL coach like every Saturday every new down is a new set of these decisions that you have to make that work that you're equally benefit you or hurt you. Right with what the element of that of the clock ticking. Agreed that creates the drama that creates more you know. Issues seeing moment versioning game it's it's three full its ideas on how you can bet I'd I don't you only as the only way you can create more drama. Is to not allow a team to take a big lead in the game you are allowed to send out to the plate. Whoever you yes who river IC one I said that all I did a good I'd authors know only what they have an idea. For the entire game you know what sir with the bases loaded here. Word go. And carry it. Yeah yeah it'd be I don't. I read it out two months ago are almost a comedy things let's let's say you did a double digit and double. A guy doing a shoot out over and over and over its. Actually we're very hard to replace. It or not. So sure that everything up for it not for now everything's. If you wanna stay within a window of two and a half the only way you can guarantee that it's going to happen or come close. Is to play seven and I'll just say that don't show you that you're on personality but that's yeah valid idea your personality thing I'd buy. Oh. Completely and they need to meet the players maybe do some now try to create rated try to create okay. To try to create more personality allowed the players Harper's been saying this now for years let the players beat themselves. Don't have it forced him to conform to what baseball wants some debate. Because it's not. Working right now. And either here's the thing on just to that point. See that in baseball's what's my seed in football and all. It seems like the apple tries to limit your personality and Indy keep you in some sort of box Christian sort lane it would be better in baseball because I can see the face of these guys I can see the expression of that was more personality. More rob rob more emotion I would see I have helmets on in football and it. Yeah you're helmets until they see it that well think you say baseball there's just you know the reality he how does that happen eight be funny be more funny to Pamela Anderson. You our perk they don't know if he. Because he doesn't do police interviews how. Chrysler is what they want agent when they went all discourages. Personality when he's 100%. Of the dial around. How how byte by byte but a home run bloop hit home runs. There's no rule that says you can't put your back Joseph at all I don't like Joey back OK you can hit a home run if you want to. Who says you can't put back into it. As I went on rival Warner rule on Internet there's no rule shall I say you can't. Tip toe how don't have much outsource yet or do cartwheels around the bases under the car well that's you don't. Their two older African antics because the cameras on you know. All of this unwritten there's no real estate goes under there's no rules unwritten thing you tell us their rental Hello World if it Bryce Harper wants to do it price however PP leader doing. South you're gonna let a young poked like right at her dictate this game. I just indiscernible makes us and the third one I would turn on to these I want any pitch clock. Because before you pick up the pace of the game look at the pace of the game show McCain Ed more personality into the game I'm telling you that's a better theory a three headed monster. Isn't that is better than I would I would give him available to download available on the night. You're gonna reach you for now. Does that. Oh yeah is your theory right there that alone. Since the loan. Would serve so many of your issues really want it I drama attitude irritations and everybody would you come up with that. Hotter if an idea that was one of quite accurately that your idea your idea is it really want to is a great way yeah yeah yeah Allen's match.