OMF - Why weren't the Red Sox in on the Kelvin Herrera deal? Lou loves pros' US Open struggles, 6-19-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, June 19th
HOUR 2 - Another day, another apology: Landon Donovan apologizes for rooting on Mexico. Merloni loves guys barely making par at the US Open. The Nationals were the first contender to make a significant trade, acquiring the Royals' Kelvin Herrera for nothing. Lou wonders if the Red Sox thought about making that deal and if they are capable of making any trade for bullpen help given the depleted farm system. 

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On him when he. Speaks Fort Wayne and moaning and fortieth or something but I wouldn't go check. Armed. Now. I mean time. And my favorite pink. The good I am buying that Tom Brady loves bill boats I just don't think the love is unconditional anymore I love. I'm and I love him won't Belichick may not be capable. Of showing love that's absolutely not true with clay and Lou and Christie ticket like what I'm not a revelation all of a sudden you had three kids angry you are you scared what went. I did Adam and out of that I have three kids to not get this life you didn't have a last year it's good shot for people. A panel lights but how Brady sits down with Oprah Winfrey no way are you kidding me look at the age now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Because it was so that's why like. All I don't you think the Psycho babble is just happening here locally animal I'm watching Ashley they're they're breaking down Tom Brady's comments again from two days ago this is nationally. It's that had been a national maybe it's crazy doldrums. Break there is really nothing going on in sports city if you wanna suffer. And watch but I thought locker room of soccer. He's been can't break down soccer no we're gonna do it for now they even though they try to shame me act is I'm not doing it about Panama yes what about bringing on Panama and Taylor loved that Santa pillows in Iceland's in. And the USA is Nadia that we can we talk about television British Panama that this that this is the thick and I. The other zero believes that aren't honest about your interests now the positive gathering any kind of momentum which they aren't done. Stock so did you see the ratings for Iceland TV for their game the other all the clothes and have a 90% 96 wasn't really that's not the please let's it's really nice usage yeah. Evidently sick and Europe regained it and ninety's they care a minute but he's so small every would go supplier is defense. But. That if the wind held it awakened great Rebecca if you afternoon things. And over might look at these services like never did having guys that ended that so small that somebody I'm sure they're all related to a player for and in 2000 does not my cousin a 330 about it Muslim Brothers and android. All related semi related so we have 340 million and we can qualify for the World Cup. And they have 330000. And directive does matter nobody cares. They care more about soccer than like living ESI's and so there's that there's you know we don't ESP and cares though they are really you know because they're broadcasting initially an awful lot that they really notice how. Or losers on the ESPN actually you know back ports played with liberty mines they accurately. He's usually be all you know you know the United States centric you know Schoen and their players profile in those guys they found out they were contributed they had a right to it. Talk about a collective passengers aspiration towards the American player. Blizzard Wallace the Landon I wanted to call Donovan Donovan landed on. Who. Name three soccer players who could cause you don't I don't address shocked I'm blindness or you heard a veto idea to do by the way so limited I shouldn't you most right now you guys tell me was when trying to hold it close and lose and I'll play it Senegal so give it to you yeah I looked up everything that's how that all the you don't you don't think you'll I don't know Senegal's flat sovereign orchard and has stated to us he can't tell flight anyway. So. He got into trouble OK when Donovan get in trouble because he came out and supported. Mexico. And then it beat it because the US is out of it and apparently some of these teenage you'd root for another to go country means an addition get a visa but then it became a lot of build a wall right yeah political off was to celebrate that and then it's got a hold of it and Malia and the political intimate and it became a total mess of it come out and what did he have to do. Apologized the off had to pull it is now what I'm okay now. Really today I hit wonderful I think what that is that art that that should be their best to be a class like it ecology and yelling you know. How to give me correct apology does yeah apologize for everything. Best. Absolutely nobody. It's sort of nodded yeah enticements on and on and apologized and get back out and yeah. That. And I'm like big on what you can edit it all sorry all you highlight. But we need to get the alleged he was bombed seeding and instantly interpret that anyway you want. I would look at the economy Greg's thing and one of those buttons and those buttons that have recording on and just walk around and you know and get a discount you know win pushed the button. And then come deregulate the bill. Nobody toughen up that I was mean to offend anybody if your fitness on my problem judge Mickelson Mickelson notably pictures that best. Thing. Just the purity of the game not to disrespect that. You know Damon came. Torturers who together I don't know why you lose all credit available to go because afterwards how we just I was drop and that people would type a that was beautiful I did too and in everybody's saying they'd never seen it before. Well I've I've done it numerous times on the golf course that's all of tonight's Arlen Alan I'm so. I. Think yeah I think it's great for the game. Look at personalities I felt would be it was whatever you wanna call. That it was great and by the way when I saw again the his fury that I thought was all the sense that you make general. Made sense because that's like I was gonna continue to roll that alarm o'clock to begin with right it's gonna go behind a bunker in the right spirit of its shot I don't think. I don't mean I don't mean. Disrespect by anybody I know it's a two shot penalty and at that time I just didn't feel like. Going back and forth and in the same shot over right to the tee shot penalty moved on its. It's my understanding of the rules I had multiple times where you know I've wanted to do that I just finally did now. And yet on the radio or holidays though I apologize you play golf on a regular basis to see some these separate courses and you know you crappy conditions. That's nice and even more. Yeah what a screw it cannot put enough he can use state database was definitely think it I think even people could read it again today. I'm not talking about guys have major and I'm Donna Bolick you know if you play golf. You would never would never even think of doing that display in my buddies. I would never think of doing I guess yeah I mean it was yours that I thought. There are a lot of words and and a group of a foursome with me the worse you could ever get it and a just walking and I don't know feelings get hurt and to each let's that if you're shooting back at ten under par I've been covered that enough is enough alienate your card on zone and it played out later another date. It the whole weekend that was zawahri and I watched a little bit of it just is curiosity because it looks so different. The what you see at Augusta with a beautiful flowers that. The soft music and chicken dance. Yet they may they heightened it that hurts instead nobody picked up two guys talking in the crowd fly right it's. With if you handle it like it I think we can only say we can't want it. Only if you look at how it played out that it. It's too much into it did you digital future at all play well these you can it's rough audio and you can't handle pretty fair race from equality side. Ha. So I will be. So Patrick read about his approach shot on the green at the and a very sensitive might but the two individuals discussing an ex wife who was there who apparently is attractive well and one of the men was talking about down some of the violence sex. That they would have its benefit he had butter one I'm trying a certain position off. And when they were delicate conversation Joe Buck say. So I agreed. So he's sort of multiple. I'll hide that a problem this article that they found that the problem and so what will it may hold a match like that is a term like that more entertaining as they don't know question. It might these people up. The should've might dump. Paulina Gretzky to she should have been my cup because apparently later run she thought the most valuable thing to see is still kick it old cops look I was going. It is at all. She's celebrate it. Okay. For a better Jackson celebrates what can I go we last eight fluid day and a good hold on the vengeful ghost return. It put him but the course was just before I was it was awful violates those guys humanize. Plus you'd like same course. Helix should caution it was great leader boards of agrees that a world and you're looking for just looking for a milk and I guess they want about. Should we Jabber I want you know pink pop like with this image amiga argument the argument of the ball. Out because it Nicklaus is too easy elect. I Ozzie to combat is that a birdie seven irrelevant this way guys could draw as you know heartbeat so beyond Taliban arrived and he just received the throw to the championship. It's certainly not that meant that way it's meant to eight you know take advantage of the rules as best as best you can and and that situation it was just going bows is going back and forth and I would I'd gladly take two shots over continuing that that display. Don't be related leave me like he broke the honor code. Beyond a code of golf and liked mount known a year it's all about self policing and that's the worst idea and after the world. Yeah you're gonna challenge it or to self police themselves could say nobody is watching and I. Don't call later police the only he didn't like Gloria on debt with sort of a follow up question to we just like this is what he sentences next question to fail after response. You really admired around us off to war especially here to US open what do you say to those people that. Love you so much follow you do you regret what you've done. That felt like him Brady and Brady question what would die without it what do you what do you say to all the kids that are watching you. When the hole to placate stuff came up and he went you know sentenced in front of the media took some questions referring to duplicate. Do you think you're gonna probably be easier I don't believe so. That's didn't leader cheater what about what bush did what do you think of the children myself young girls are young adult film Austin who's just trying to he he's a lefty also put oil and he's. Trying to work its way into the ranks second about cycle bad battle again don't you remember that Brady was scrutinized about his answer. At that time that I don't think so much I there was applause I guess I don't think it's a chaotic. Yeah we're scrutinizing that it's actually leisure. You watch a lot of golf Lou when you play golf clubs that's would be legal. Did you enjoy that is to meet watching some of that was like watching great basketball players. Sit here and this one shot after another it was like. C'mon he's a great players and they did it look and Alec are destroying the course bush. Mean most golfers out there live that life of April that's right that's why I'd like these wants that law. You know the US opens always practice that I don't wanna see some low in the US open at minus fourteen. I don't plan on plus one at all they survived that damned thing. But I wanna see great golfers in the world. Some will be won sixty out it'll shoot the green that rolled back you know 2030 yards out what the hell was going on that exe. Makes most golfers. Feel good yeah us yes I'll sit every once in awhile or I don't you don't read every week event and everybody do it this week the Yankees are nice guy. I prefer the ad I like the individual meltdown I want I'd love a good break down my right front and I TV everybody Watson just did lose and joy crappy masked okay. But the overall it's like it's like you're playing a football game and really crappy weather everybody's dropping the ball you can't see the markers are you know there's no execution or watch an agency that they're doing. Watching Jack. Also is it the final day of lake of a major or golf tournament and guys up four strokes. Usually gulf. Nobody takes up like that course not even close to be in over. He won all the way from from triple bogey and Ambien you right back in the crap again bureaucrats I like it. I album get to this baseball story but it won't talk about British let's go through it genocide park girl would be up buddy. Hey listen I'm. I am not the patriots that she's come. You know you got it won't want managed countless well why should call -- structure called what Belichick did not. All right. Great player for me all the structure a corner expect you'll guard your bulk pack of. Oh. I had a status hold on I'm still an instant I still hate it I still don't like it right. But I just don't think that's the reason why Tom do we donut from his paid attention is this happened while before the super. Look at that wants him to be caught them so all our constitutional law and what you train everybody know. Content choke like that don't make it like The Who said. Why don't they. Why were pretty wrecked yet I actually here while they hit it up it didn't want portrait that you think. Re not that I let up. On that one they are all. I don't think they are sick they'd like they know they like the kid personally. So they're gonna defend Jimmy's teammate the going to defend him. But there are weeks in which you're not part of the game plan because they don't believe you're having a good week of practice. He was coming off for being sick there were things that we're going on the attack plus. The two players that played in the two spots that he would be playing and played well. Defensively you can look at the rest of the defense and say they shot but he's not a safety he's not a linebacker he's a corner. And apparently bill did not feel comfortable using it is a slot corner he did not feel comfortable don't. A cut. All right well what else. But much of what you're seeing Maloney the expert. On route or. That's a weekend that he wanted to change your mind I'm. Well out here are not where art right. I don't know that we don't you don't. Always there goes on the labor and a lot. Because our. It is junk that Jones was hurt them because because of the Genesee Orleans with the mourners at the Christian story I believe any of that when there's issues even before this doable or no. Says what he shared story that was also in the paper. Those on and one or what about. I was about rating upbeat happy. Now feel appreciated. Villages and let. I saw it saw rating watch all the Bible what. Op don't. I. It was a their car they're they're they're cars look it's not happening after the game all whatever slot want. But what say you think those are exactly right because he destroyed Super Bowl he did what he wanted to read it. I saw the ball. Shot and Brent all knowledge. Dennis I agree with you I agree with you right that's basically through. Guy that's not. It to pick two people wanna talk about the sort of more about it we've got to get to the restless is limited screwed up last night well golden opportunity well maybe they were incapable of doing we're gonna get there in South Carolina next. She may not like him personally if three guys individually Glenn will foray go screw. He's a fan of the show. I personally like imitation of the sport Wayne Loney and for some time this until 2 o'clock on Sports Radio. Ballot check. May not be capable of showing love while you're in the tunnel compensation but when they when it ends. Vanity hey I love you name it it's very possible. That Belichick's belief system. He can't tell you love you during his childhood though those planned years of childhood years and I think we have to realize. All relationships. As player to coach would built. They also horrendous way they're all bumpy. I don't know how does she know what he's capable. But shall we. I don't know why because it there's victors I guess from the outsiders you know there's no pats on the back. There's no you cut your hand his little heart surgery. To deal. Right now that's basically what it is yeah well I think the other thing too Christian is that all of these guys the only Belichick and Stacy. Is developed check out there on the podium. That's what I should also Santo that's understandable if that's all use so he most people's yet most people Houston right. If not everyone you know not every woman and you know but the players. On a so so I would say this he's incapable of showing any law towards any. Member while he's coaching maybe he finally retires down the road and it may be a long time from now. He may be able to show some love too it's on the current and keep Reese and others. I am not sure showing of their put to the players that are assumed he would. Authorization really wasn't vote you know information football during the season. You know leave it wants some fund raiser bill was their one of these guys were there in an award asking questions about we think about Crocs off seasonal bet that he would be a friendly conversation yet. There's an estimate there estimating about football as a newbies. In school right game face it on media go to go. That's pretty does he puts the coach's face on because he doesn't want you know and he's more cautious I think if you're a member of the me. I think with with people Woody's socially friendly with you might blurt some stuff out every once in a wobble it comes to the media are you kidding me. Now he's totally quiet. So last night he move was made a Major League Baseball you know they want and when you look at it he's a guy that we were talking about a multitude go we are talking about possible players. That the Red Sox might be able to park it. Because if you look at what it is and Lou has brought this many times you win in the postseason which your bullpen. And they eat it seems to be the formula now is you need a closer and then you need a another closer. And you can get in a more detailed and Edward are right but you need to two closers at the end so last night the Washington Nationals who are desperate. Desperate to finally do something and policies are because they just suck when he gets to the to the playoffs. They acquire our Kelvin how rare the closure for the Kansas City Royals. Now remember they already have a pretty good bullpen including a closer to him and John drew. So they have just acquired what your formula or is that you need closure. And then another close for a but why weren't the Red Sox not involved. In doing something you I don't know this one kind of I don't know what the hell's going to be honest with you because you don't it'll prospects of both teams who than you hear about a sleep they got three guys in return. Tell feel Blake Perkins third baseman Calvin Gutierrez got a ball the burgers ready double leg. More known like defensively they're good players actually zero pop whatsoever. No Apollo off meet one of these guys and a third places tomorrow. And I'll play through its first and beyoncé morale seventeen year old arm in rookie ball who Billick is on foot. None of these guys were top ten the nationals. Prospects group and we look at the nationals it's not like that their farm system I think whether it's out rate 24 they were eighteenth. They got some guys you know it's it's autos and absolute monster who's up there now. But you know it's not a top heavy as well so it's like they had a great farm system so it's not like eight years ago and Red Sox like number two. No farm system in baseball at their tenth prospect might have been number one or two would someone else to do load it. These guys this isn't love. So usually when you strike a deal one of the great relievers and a game that's a harbor areas right now is Gary's a 105. Early in June. You give up more. National reason why you don't. Q do you view and you got your return was so good that you didn't want to wait it out until July with ill but. The return is nothing even people nationally return is actually nothing so does the fear that why the royals would wait. And kick more for this guy is Mickelson deadlines beyond me OK he's an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year it four point four minutes or console deal up. Yet they get their four point four million is totally was 8000004 for the or why wouldn't Red Sox try to get involved or are we. Our biggest fear coming true here are such simply don't have the assets to go and get a player like cattle prod. Or how about this how well they don't need. And I they absolutely lol OK because a lot of people a bit and make him a lot of noise about bullpen the senate guys. Don't Kelly's. Matt Barkley he memories of the world so. You know just doing my own little bit search like this won't be because you know you'll step you take these three setup men to Kelly bar and hammered. Right and then now also out there and eligible destroyed late crappy teams of the campus in the Baltimore's of the world right. But it gets the good teams Houston's. The Mariners and the Yankees they're getting smoke that's why you only get the plane not to make this market a whole lot. So like that Jill Kelly cancels three teams in the six point some audio rate Matt Barnes seven point seven. He Andrea twelve point 71 yell rate don't act against Houston at the Mariners and yankees ease those three and a good most in my heart I know I I did it all the bad numbers as far as the pitchers concerned. But if you take any team. Any team if you take out the Boston Red Sox are taking your yankees how their relievers duel against Houston Seattle and Boston but it and conduct. Three the three best teams in Major League Baseball is when it comes as a batting hitting. Houston Boston and yank all of needed more results you would have broken down those other teams but I'll tell you that I did this last year we thought we recent appearance on the Pope will be deductible public good not they would do in virtually the same thing last year that doing this year. With the numbers that you talked about their nights we sit there and just blast it right there are nights we sit there and say oh my god it's Joseph Kelly because it's against a good hitting lineup. You're going to play. Real good teams really well it was good field at the Dick's got a good enough but I supported Hezbollah is good but my point is. Good luck. With that line with those teams up of those teams that's why it's that you look at our go to elder ray I'm planning on getting an honor any any pitcher any relief guy any setup eighth inning guy. It's gonna struggle against LT. Yeah it's it's true when it comes to facing yankees' line Kazaa a didn't. And some of their response every thirty yards par threes are important for editor thought because it's not any it is not many games you know like Houston and Boston for example played three games. Take a look at that you look at the three arms in Houston at reliant debates he's you know and and and Giles and now run donors closer for them. So that made against Boston it was really. Not the Giles a couple runs in other guys into opera so but it's only three games but against the Yankees exactly. Amid remember out of that it plates Sanofi series couple times and the starters would deal against the Yankees let's get the appendages destroy Giles. They destroyed Nowitzki and across Randall to have some meeting they get everybody. But the Yankees bullpen. Not so much into lights out against both. Elevated total ball low against Boston if the ball low against Houston and that's why right now you'd give them inaudible both teams because their bullpen they have playoff time they come in left. Well we'll see where OK now I mean at the midway point yet. Embassy where those numbers slide at one point time those numbers are gonna get better as again yeah chances got off to a very only against obviously emerge as the good team just did the good one's just a few it is. And the Red Sox the Mariners any any team that has a really good lineup would you just dominates any original dark and yeah policies of the people in America the major thing is you're right the mayors like middle of the road we'll see if. T the thing to keep in mind that the relative peace talk to a core and and a AG hitch. Federal bullpen in developing and everything and it won the comets AJ hints that talking about like developing a bullpen for the playoffs. Jokingly is response was a starter. As we've seen it. Right like for those guys that beat dad that they put McCall isn't it a Morton was in their for a little bit too and in this cute peacock who now reliever but the Red Sox who saw last June best relievers David Price you know me can't survive. Having won those guys symbol for like priceless and you just trying to fight caught it to a series. But come playoff time it's so far away who knows Palmer and you'll have Emma candidates he brought. May maybe you ought to mean so you don't you'd know locally rights 123 in Iran to swing guy you know who the hell knows. But I just don't think that I don't think they have enough. Is one of things they talk but that article was different looks. And I don't think they have different looks in his bullpen. You know I think Eddie Dick closures power fastball or curve ball. I think Matt Barnes his power fastball curveball and fresh and early show Kelly are fastball curveball and he can't eat every those Lowe's sinker slider mix and into you know sought. Pretty Workman power fastball curve ball. I mean I just don't think the car Smith would have helped the sinker Boller you know they don't they don't have different looks. The F finds some Al adult they were under Nazi Jameer was given what the nationals dropped off we gave up form I think otherwise there wonderment. I think it's solve their offensive problems and its stock that you would not like to have more hitting in the lineup but it is what it is you'd certainly a marquee Betsy is tremendous. And Martinez changes I think that lineup of the power dramatically last year you last in home runs this year your first or right at the top. And but the that the starting pitching I think it's fun. It's that bullpen it's the bullpen as you said Christian when you suddenly have to face really difficult lineups. The game is all and Lisbon saying this for years I've heard now say this for years. The post season is so different it really is a bullpen. Games they really of one butterball open. All a Miette the other figures and I mean based on your your starting pitchers OK. You know maybe. They don't need to rely on the bullpen as much if Steve Reich Eagles added in Chris Sale could go seven and and maybe it's you know an eighth inning by committee it's got to you know you just don't work that you know I know what you're trying to you're trying to figure out because if they don't have any assets. You know at their farm system is so crappy that does not have nothing to train with anybody to beat anyone respectable but here's a bit house ago. But here's the difference Christian forget about one game playoff it would be even more dramatic to happen if you're playing in a best of seven series. And you're playing any key game that you look at it you say we must win this game in your starter struggling in the third inning you're gonna have a quick hook. Where Fritz a regular city of Tampa that guy's going seven innings I just take any chances dramatic the strategy change would you dramatics. We're all great start during the regular season. He taken inning off of that yes. And that's a great start kaposi's Sony got a guy go seven consistently to probably gonna go six. Because it that he said this too much. Analytics and it's just that all we gotta match appear to seven wood on that growth or attempt to the order. You facing Houston line at a third time in New York let a third time and it's just that it's quicker hooks. They grind you well more visible research. Strategy everything's still be tick tick grace articulating off. Always adds another in your bullpen. I say they're they're on short I don't know if maybe Guerrero wasn't their guy. If they had a farm system. There's one guy that might answer everything and as Brad handout San Diego now but I don't all they can get well Arnold at the prospects to get on the scene. The theory if we heard nothing about them making moved to try to get Herrera may be somebody will come out that. In the next couple days and if you're correct that they did not Kansas City did not get an awful lot in return Greta you ready amount for the rest of the series. The Red Sox were in on this order they couldn't the end in this because all their prospects are either hurt or suspected. You see what what Washington did was they not only did it two closers. But they got a writing a left bother you at so you you're sitting there any eighth inning in the face and a cubs and you know and in. And general order of all he's right he's coming up you know you can go you know with you ready closer. Being Golar Ara and say Doolittle for result or whatever or or results coming up people would do little in the eighth that's a pretty direct hit it closer. That's like this cute Brad hand. Promote many reasons you know lefty closer strikeout guy. So young lefty righty. And more importantly he's got late two and a half as well begging ghetto. These get two years left in a team option. So if you require him to cash in some chips. Says she would you do what is in the future baby you're placing curriculum. Does that man's a freeze in a year what's he gonna yet so if you gate and you have to close is now in need a little for the next three years. But again I don't think they got enough to get him. Lawsuit that they did they don't it is sure if you don't have enough hands got an answer at an all the ball at every set up 1920 player option for two when he went right feared tiger all of a play Russia 121 who has had a 1000003 more years after this well yeah if every political side here and every Armon your bullpen is relatively the same same looks just plays hour fastball locate it and they're all the united leads. Right that use you know Bill Belichick really good but not delete but that you would maybe with that with what you have your numbers they don't on my bag. Rusty I like that you know on the easyJet is definitely fearless OK and I think that's part of it. And I don't come back and bite you eventually I guess. But probably just take the ass is that you have that it's not his work as much but just get somebody that looks different maybe it's a submarine pitcher who it is on with it you know and that's it may be it's not illegal mother today and no day at a different look. What I asked them to show a different look fellow you know Kelly you know Barnes abroad changeup in the mix and then and now I take every little bit different out. But I don't think there's enough difference there there really isn't Sami what do San Diego we have no clue what they like. If Leo it's why are. Mary's part of it maybe do a couple kids and a ball but again the fact is kids get three years left in his deal does you that's a pretty steep price CST. Not a ripple see it seems to me that. If you're the Red Sox right now this is exactly the move you needed to make with horror. Because it is a radical because you don't have that much so you can't give up. A big huge prospect you don't have to because you're not inheriting the guy for the next two or three years. They didn't even have enough apparently. To make a deal like this or they didn't want to which would be even more puzzling to me because this is what you need it. This is what they need right now. But he might be looking at and again we're so far away who the hell knows but you roll in sale price support cell. Maybe write your fourth starter. Now Iran can be there is a big power Rahman of the bullpen might be he might make beat your bullpen might be staring at EA rod Kelly. In Kimbrough. You know and told Brooke what the hell knows what penalties to try this year's line in Pawtucket the other night when a third of an inning gave up four runs all earned home run double and a single and I think antenna solves close situation move forward but again with three years left in his deal that you given up an awful huffed that. I don't know if you got enough to give up no way. Know a very you'd probably because you're renting them out for a few months probably even though you know his numbers are off the charts this year. Is you don't have enough that's what I'm a mother Edna Ferreira given what they got bad and that's what I think. You would think so and I don't know the prospect you're talking about that that they got him return to Kansas City got returned but if if they're not that good. White house with a Red Sox on and on the field I will get right back to folk call 61777979. B 37. Radio and on. Fox Sports Radio guy. Knowing that let's jump right back on the phone lines you used teetering Jamaica Plain and simply. Yeah I think Tom Brady had despite that in the course or start a book about church and its key world that they. He put his best game of the playoffs. Number. And I'd probably wait 1990% of the people who they oxygen because Malcolm Barton didn't play. I don't think 99% of the people lower close to. Well Lou what are you saying maybe he thinks he's spent the night no Oracle's. Lusty dude is that against them that majority of people saying. It Belichick are Super Bowl and are playing. Knuckleballer. In tiger. I do now and then descended every call I don't in the room. My 9%. Vote. But I would say the majority Peter I'll I'll give you a stones sticks and link units and so it's going to be ongoing thing I'll give you the majority Peter but I would I would say the vast majority or 99%. I would not like utter rage incorporated despises it. If he despises Belichick. Why why would you actually I would actually say he loves them in the Stevie and. Well yeah. Usually doesn't say anything. And so. And an act so. Honor and he's used to grant a big moments has YouTube users spend youths also loves. I accompanied by our ending near Byron reasons attic what are the other and giving them quickly. The anger out what from the sidelines of routine playing each created it pay out any damage are you aware that in the Montana. It rovers that they give Belichick wanted to trade grainy. They have been brought to our house where Belichick wanted to trade gronkowski. Everybody's dreams. So I do think you know it's. We hates anybody argues your work he despises. Belichick even though. On a national TV interview he says he loves it yeah it doesn't do you say nothing I don't sing and he could've easily answered it by saying look into the gals you know it's coach quarterback relationship. That you have your had a he also said he looked said he loved the guy Peter must of irritating you when he said. Him. Get pregnant are. Feel do it every relationship. I've ever heard considerable or Biden ticket are called by. He said that before. He has sent up four and 99% go with your take on let's don't and LT and what's happening lost the Super Bowl on shows a lot of players are wondering why he didn't play. I just don't think that's a recent. I'd Rob Gronkowski. Or Tom Brady. And we need this we've heard reports to be paid attention you know Tommy current talking about how. Things changed and camp last year with Rob Gronkowski and was before follow somebody around somebody's been around this league a long time saw how to Bill Belichick treats pleasure for the gate trading so retreat and Rob Gronkowski. That way. And then there was issues last year with these guys off their plate now. But I don't think either one of these cases between drunken Brady. All started because of that Super Bowl loss this was going on for a long time of the year to go back and look at some of the stories. I'll mikes in the north Providence what's up Mike. Hey guys yeah you know the guards said that ball and then you know. First one thing that the most obvious one is to prominence. You know just put an into the bullpen VW of their five starting positions locked up. He's had a really good success the ball and in his career he can't troll harder. And it's utter Kirkland and and also. I think. Would want to overlook strengths of the team is them along release. The fact that they're Alaska is and confident just soaking up so many Indians. You know and kind of like when their behind and not in just keep the other guy's pretty fresh. And you talking about like a different look about maybe just make in Alaska or more prominent he's sink or splitter himself he's pretty good and engines and ground balls. That they done that role of those guys playing the last isn't Johnson it's good for the it's a regular season roll it's much needed. But it's a regular season were all you do is notably at the throne post season. No no understanding at the note you addressed if you talk specifically it. OC and better. So we're talking and so we're talking about intolerance on I'm not ensure bows homer as a show the jewelry and art. You'll now we don't know because he isn't able to pitch does get stiff neck yeah. To having you know so you you've got to hope right now that Steven Wright continues to do what he's doing it allows you the time. Tune to get palm prints back but. What I wonder how Palmer it's gonna feel resistance there contract year this is why suddenly he's going to be out of the business why I think that it's not fair is going to be really disappoint the trade deadline. And because we talking about hand signals that they're available to sign these deals in humans that instead we got him under control. But it keeps seeing his name pop up as a guy that's available total threats that's got enough. But if you're Dave Dombrowski you'd be citizen what are our holes the bullpen and maybe maybe second base. But if you had incidents that you don't get to draw it back. Still got four months. 34 months the only good what can happen in a month and a half I get joy back in and second in a month and a half not this week. I can get Thornburgh. And it pomeroys will be in my bullpen and come playoff time may be. All but to be that you don't accelerate as though yet because I greet you when I say they're looking at the bullpen and everybody's yelling and screaming about the bullpen and I need help me help yeah okay agreed a to authors say yes you do but I don't think it's coming. So I think as well those things we're used to dealing with these guys or or the Calgary that's coming up right behind them well at second base. And if you if you just announced trying to make you feel a little bit better thank that it always appreciate that that that every guy he's going to suffer against the top three teams in the American League. Okay take out the mayors because of my look at their numbers are right the middle as a team hitting the right Medvedev who's been. But Houston the Yankees in Boston this early activities in the American League hit a fine. Got a lately it's fine but the Yankees opener in good against both yes so that's the one caveat right at once they've been able got out you know hide from all the issues right now because. The bullpen is sitting to the unlucky is bad enough. The other the second base thing I think you've got time and maybe the jury comes back and if he doesn't you're not totally lost their you've got body you can put there. I'm not sure I trust is open I might trust them during the regular season could have been pretty good. But I don't trust them in the postseason I don't trust them against good at hitting teams and now you've got to worry. Were they not in on the record deal because they simply don't have the assets than to send. Two to a Kansas City or are dissatisfied. With what they have right now. All of those scare me. Lack of assets one and two thinking that you've got me with that pulpit in a post season. You gave up the numbers already against Sosa a playoff teams there's slightly over 501. Reason they can't beat those teams right now. That's the bullpen. You've got to beat the listings for the pope's it's and. While you know I don't know all guided its pursuit for Seattle was like an agency and privacy right it's a gem the blanket and panicked I was like ouster and the reason one does not only does literally. An air thriller is ridiculous it's right it's. Austin is great legacy brought call police or second base in a Nunez would struggle lately. Although physically Olympic but he's running better but I still feel like he sees ads now. But Michigan at second base and kind of stumbling around his feet at certain balls he's a psyche just doesn't look right. Still and I think brought calls that a play more second base and it should but did it they didn't. Can fudge their way around that second place don't you think even on the literally light and Hillary had no I don't not. So hopefully you get it at that point but the but the bullpen then you really have to be concerned with this if you look at the team Jeff like guess what open pretty damn good. Yeah meanwhile it said you don't of the acid team might very well as team BC Anderson. Well we need help at second we get Pedroia possibly combat that we open a bullpen but little weight on Thornburgh added Palmer it's infill hole playoff time it gets he rod who knows. Meanwhile you know. At other teams yankees. Big they're going to be adding it's very good start at this rotating widget if not two okay how good would you feel on the 31 of July or August 1 if they sit idly and do nothing because of what you've just got to tell me at hello happily you gotta tell me whipped joy is in his rehab being a tummy with Thornburg is India telling Al armories but look at him bullpen I'm not optimistic about the number especially at war what we're seeing right now with him down Pawtucket. I six point 777979237. That it's our phone number we get it's more of the a patriots and I. People are coming up these unbelievable treats these are national people now. That have a little bit of credibility behind a national trade the New York Boston Celtics.