OMF - Wilbon criticized Michael Bennett the same way he did to Gronk, right? We remember Marshall Faulk's post football career 12-12-17

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Tuesday, December 12th

HOUR 4 - After Glenn hung up on him, we talk with James White about the game last night. We remember the TV career of Marshall Faulk seeing as he probably doesn't have much of one left now. And is Michael Wilbon making excuses for Michael Bennett's dirty play the other night?


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Maybe. Or away. And moaning and forty countries right now on Sports Radio WEEI. The only thing I know as ever since that happened. And it got exposed. What we have is only two or Super Bowl. I thought almost. They have anything to do with each other. I'm just telling you what the facts are you Marcia we will Marshall Faris emotion does not only busy most of deals with fastow said Michael that's hard because. Bill Pat's been accused of being Marshall Faulk apparently asked her quote deeply personal invasive questions about her sex like only thing I know is. They have been achieved and they have been caught and that's that the dog after what her favorite sex position where you get caught. That's on you whether she was into oral sex. And if she'd like to date black. I'm not calling the cheating but when you get caught. Quote as time went on mr. Falk became more aggressive such as inviting kids to go to his hotel room stroking and pulling out his genitals in front of our pointing to his crotch and asking the plaintiff quote what are you gonna get on this Allred. View in the rest of the guys you work where you guys think you're gonna hold the bear and and and and get media disrespect the guys that play in this game or work in his game. I'm not gonna do that that's all you're trying to do ask them about the effects on Amazon didn't know women are we're taking. That's the fact Goodell watched it takes we'll pull away when it could they'll watch the tapes yeah they take the practice at the fact. It's it's too bad because in this case for Marshall Faulk unfortunately apparently they had some videotape. You think you're gonna look quote. I'm going to stand here and be like. All know that's not yet. You know I mean had you not watch Donald Trump is that where have you been is accused in the lawsuit of sending can't door sexually explicit photos of himself in a video. Of him masturbating in the shower ask him about the tactics all the way way business is listening. I don't care about that. Now we want me is that he also pinned can't draw against the wall demanding oral sex and Molly pulled his pants down his suit alleges. Straight Marshall plan all calls is my jumped the bear. I had total motor then you don't have a mission don't have a nickname you're known all my supposed to. Terrorists we will leave you might be an animal he acts really rid Iraq it added that isn't there. Great to throw all of that junk right back in march of faults things just let's let's face and your I was ready to give him OK because innocent until proven guilty I was willing to give him some time in his room before we got all the evidence but according to him. And always felt that he wants us that charge him as guilty as charged right now. That's what he's asking us when we go other adults these are facts and these are alleged acts. So far. I don't believe letters it is it's. The real weird world we live it is a weird we're new daughter Ali who's next who's on the list who's on the clock. And and and then this hear things so Heath Evans and ball him Ike Taylor tells guys. They were on the clock and didn't know it. Did you think this this whole it does yeah. That they know a thing yeah it hasn't killed another final didn't know what was announced that it took only got it done what they're just throwing there is some of its thrown your name in the army of your passer by ages courtesy chuckled as they all laughed about it too and didn't do anything about it. That is the snag the minute that woman was fired. In a phone network. I think they thought they're kind of on. Probably. Right okay. What was. She was fired for a while back I was accused of stealing clothes a year ago you know she's accused of stealing clothes. She actually think one of the suits she's she's suing them as well. That one of the reasons she's issues fires because she didn't give in to some of the domain X for which. Of course. So your sense and I know Derek bell executive work here in Saint Louis and you're gone because you know that's sleep with a talent so negate yadier either way. He knew you had some of fired she that she was wrong she's pissed off. And the donors and go on day. On its pissed that as a given out I don't know videos of me pitches. Notes that it is probably forgot all about outlets issues a year ago they're going about living their lives have we are you saying they probably weren't thinking about his youth and sure enough that. The environmental. And I beg me to possess somebody you yeah. Ole Ole boy you don't get the blame from us all these guys Cleveland one guy from that. Bill Cosby. Blame bill. Bills one article did you Rossi this incident and and damage bill I ZRV viewing you in our damage Billy Altman I don't let big gull America that Kevin Smith that was drug people. It was almost elegantly in order who's first who's second you know and then how it all went down the line just a shrapnel effect for the emails and things only the tip of the iceberg you know you get the rewards Roy Moore case and it will be interesting to see whether all this election to Tennessee wrote in northern wrote this horse today. Wrote this horse to go one vote today through at the misses more waste so let's wait explain this one huh. And so he spent some of the hour on what he does she came onstage at a rallied to do one. President declared her husband was not Reese's ring as yes or yes had a file. And a similar OK all those things right she was gonna clear the air so angered so we have Versa. They're out there are so she. Did a good job right. Integrates pocket too. Played I'm not here to Jean Max. Yeah. Well you. It's tee off our. Pray that. Prove it that was like she's slowed the trump blindness and it is a Miami for shorter and over there it's like. I want Obama gets so encouraged though it didn't mean I love it if. That gathering for Jews I judge. Analysts and it's different and it's toys and go in one word whenever that our target. Yeah I don't I don't really know what. The how to use it like what's a what's acceptable Jewish person. OK so sure Irish Jewish like so. My my guts on my social not follow the Jewish my son was I doing cables in giant yes he's Jewish okay. Now he has. Different set of rules with the rules are about to think that you know there are acceptable also I do not know I've for what is that you what's the difference between I don't point blogs is dominated front view does it surprise that there's I've friends at a Jewish. No problem or did you friend. That bad go away and. The bad. Yeah. It sounded like it was a little bit more peace the united it's what a Jewish friend it is funny because two little bite into until she got the rap and right now. Let's go to Nicaragua and other don't regret I don't grab it because it's a little conflict. Who doesn't act that Marcus Wright talked about a month RF. What our favorite comedians will lose OK and I. About another got to ask Syria's though don't Crosby took him down didn't so he did is hold you know I love my can be tried yet is this team. He hit is the this bit explain this at this very issue that I have with with. The word might really go anywhere because. Word that is the is the polite thing to call a group of people and this error for the same. Most groups have a good and bad there is the same word just with a little spank on it and it becomes. If they need to chill it's time to choose like that's all. And then on top at its and I don't how many adjustments today announced that it has. Yeah I'm in or are you right now eighty we don't you drop all this alert right now. I'll again all I can do speak for myself I'm more comfortable saying I am Jewish friends my friend is Jewish. As opposed to say they're gonna Jew for exactly. All my friends that you right now would aid Jewish person haven't engineers and there's my African American Idol there. Wait I know every day and like everything as an analyst Louis CK. But on everything since bush I agree in that you can vote they think everything no Tony not all there is nothing wrong awful political levels not Jewish side. And Josh hey don't let alone. Yeah. What is it is due industry is a good yeah. Yeah. Stop that right now but right now the line. When I can't say Jewish. If you're on a par joint what do you call. Earlier in the hands of all. An alert this year and I want them on the roof. Put your hands your careers at all. Actually I think assault that we're doing I was talking about hot can your yeah. Neil I'm a great movie great. I. Greatly. When guys like. If we can we just can we just all's I'm just as good as the wolfpack. Wish everybody happy Chanukah popular corners you just happy Chanukah was better and you know like review or jealous of like he has the Jewish kids your neighbor. And an inch malignant inaudible he probably hadn't itself legacy. You did a Jewish kid and Williams isn't. Jewish friends I thought I January I always there and I I would. As a Jewish I had some Good Friday June Taylor Moore. We joke which I believe racism didn't sit well. Tartans this T. And how is that Saddam for people would say like you know like I'm not racist I know black guy. You know that you had to say that I have black friends who this woman was out there and Alabama. By the way alone to think where the gold standard yeah racism gave Alabama don't while the enemies and I was just there at least he says it was like the southern accent. Well at that point yes and the way she says and we own our attorneys did you yeah yeah. Don't know what more until like that he said it evened out of you don't want or she said they yours that my. There with the fourth to nominate an African American deputy sheriff or something like that and it was like up. There are equal rights she's trying. Is crying I noticed how we get our crisis trying desperately to say that he reaches out to every book that's which he struck. Charles Barkley I hear it Charles are easy you know. Was he he should run he wanted to just two years ago he wanted to go like Kate and he's like you know love state of Alabama's second all. Stop electing its deal with a sort of all look like idiots so simply and act. I agree with them yeah so we're saying everything's going on in Alabama and I have to pick up the Boston Globe. And read that I can't cope with the Dana Farber or mass general hospital and you can't use I can't not write ITV. It's it's absolutely without finding people who are treated differently and most hospitals. So irritated Saturday when he gets it I know it's too late to it because you mentioned it right there we go over there we handle those kids. And is station this company does a lot for being a farmer is a lot tougher for her since for everybody. Are you tell me big over a Dana Farber at least is over there uptight up but he Lisa. You know putting these ugly at least somebody up mainly because compared turn around so you're gonna get some sort of astronomers did you are definitely different for her to determine the hermit for community alone always woosnam and you really pathetic that just hospitals and a place like Dana Farber. Of racist treatment. Argued the white kids do it in a Farber black kids looking at no not gonna help you if people over there with what they do. Now we've all seen it on than it to see the people into Mel hill those those people don't buy I don't know by an all behind him to imply they get attached themselves to they have tethered themselves too it's like it's there like they wrote it they and they can't and he. Can't help but he tweeted it out there comment in like. Right is that these knucklehead and the Alabama. Where your light and block. Are you want to. He Ali but that that the guilt ridden land of guilt free flow of the most. It's a good stewards of the government some and an end audit that's as ways and what is even on how to feel like now. The wrong for is so wrong for you right. It doesn't foul all right coming out of your mouth but those guilt ridden riddled a gold piece of feel good about themselves and short later on this week moving to sports. It and that right they're gonna do one of the seven days. With the doing racier than in the city will have a big thing about. Really taught his brilliant articulate guys from like until I go to Adam kind of don't mean you should help us sit down with Adam don't want to. Are you gonna get all the answers and use you just spit it amazes me. The spotlight. Opponent and it that is put upon the city news front here it was it was no different. They just drive me crazy and really no different. Hello. There was just. I was so wrong to include hospitals in place like Dana Farber we've we've we've gotten to know Lisa share were very well all the work that she's done. And she's a living Angel. To think that that would ever. Crossed her reminder anyone over there. Is is just not it's I don't I don't see it any thought. I'll I'll I'll call Jane yourself Freeman right now I'm over the year as as an outpatient and I still go back there on a regular basis I should people of all different colors people from all over the world. And I don't see any body being discriminated. And it's it's it's the most foolish thing I've ever ever heard enough. Yet we're talking about my experience that I hit a Sam oh there you guys have been over and of course. Please it's just it's unbelievable picture of themselves now gentler more positive change the world they're making it literally look what we didn't and we had paid eight to. Hill followed them on Twitter making actually retreat at a news organizations still wait to hear some of the names of five or six people they asked to leave over sexual harassment charges this good news to be a lot more. I'm sure so will get some of those names will look warmup I write about the decked. Or. At the. Night. What is Bono said. Whatever it is a matter. I lost phone who is rocking Twitter before touring and after they show pac bloomer Loney. We've got two more importantly Merom owning it for me right now on Sports Radio. They're gonna do this. That was hey you art is it toilet paper of the building especially that brings us through this Jews in front. The cool wind yeah. And you can't say things like I don't know I said we're adopt a hard. You can say it but you get quite a conference tactics in June you can believe in boycotting him when I am always very content well. This you know her and of the Jewish faith right. In a group of other people out from the Jewish then I guess I gotta tell more to do is I think it's cute and he's Jewish. That's how it doesn't always OK okay okay okay because I don't know if you're talking. I never thought we know you just. You cringe every time you hear that or so some ground against them. Liquidity you know it's not disrespecting that they're great holiday it is an opponent Apollo the eighth. If you do it it's you are so primitive sometimes that you. Easy Marshall that's but if you Louisiana. I wanted to let the football game and a final player Lisa it's a free EO. Let's check in with with teams like. Oh yeah. Because the stadium you have the stadium right now James. Sleepy and he's got no less than I do guys get back last night yeah. Are there more. I tell us what the mood was after that one because that one was not. We normally see so what was the mood plane ride home with a life. I mean wounded including picture full flow from the start to finish. Some distance starts that their own currency also. You have a lot of them want America can. So they're corners. Are saved he's so I mean really there really aggressively attacking wide receivers almost like they were. You know instead sometimes ahead of it. Do you guys see any difference from the way they played two weeks ago to last night. What did the people while we did a couple significant technical or. If contributed wouldn't. Aren't we got a problem your Brothers and follow that unity attacks using the boundaries. Head to the phone when you can just. You can just tell him running up finally admitted nicely the Willie you won't care what will you can see a bad connection it's trying to in many to click an explanation you can handle the fuel while we can't view of the buttons and get the ball well so are thousands of our work. Is that I've that was going so well to run around. Guys later is really talking and it was a tough night I just hung up on that yet collect sea. To buying up in just a year off Apollo. Larry Larry is he's back out there is a thought it was brutally you know and wasn't rude the way all of all don't worry if you wanna you know on if you Soviet you wanna handle this pressing need to present notice when Christians don't you move over to that state again so when a mop you can read articles I want you close to you it's. Over over this. And on the side goes again to doctor Jane it was nice games Philly area now are murdered repeatedly that I've when you were talking 'cause. Wasn't no he was he was talking estimate there are more of both of you guys more than them last night you think. Urban. League. It's at least I mean the eight James listen on the speeds we're gonna have the puts on hold again if phones. And because you can you noticing here. Broker. It won't sell well. A why did he manage in the answer given the academic all over there at the end of internal documents. He's like that none of hundreds of dollars we can do that if you're a player and you have site give us hockey game like you know you don't. Is that they think. Patrick Tyler yeah yeah. It's not trick boy you I get time I'll tell you. Obedience to head immediately asked the question. Pierce's chances. Well as well since teams like that doesn't my adopted on third down situation you're running the football you sweeping wide suddenly you hesitated for a second. He gets thrown for a loss would have well you know I'd do coattails and. I think. I am and we drive we don't know James not a resident who told me that saudis how's the civilian lead for Aaron to connect with him. What we have to have assistance for assistance for assistant. And now in their freedom that's yeah. Assistant for him and you take care for this so this is an abuse kinda going the way it became went. I think it's been out with fire and so renegade Newsom was wrong. Bad as well as I know. G node three and out there now you can't convert third downs that's a good question why can't you convert third and what did bill say you after the games of the bigger. He's going to be better you know they were completely but it does it started didn't on the plane. Would you when you went into football watch a movie. Moving the plane MarketWatch regardless of Miami I guess public did you pick only the view was tracking. Blah blah blah pricing. In general has been a good reason we should ask about. You know. How to use him but he's holing a situation honor them. Even now. There's a Jewish friend who you ask different I choose to. Great to stop the personal habits as a hardship and again we don't hardly got a chance on it on time ago Iowa last exchange Christian just said its phone calls go so the way the game went last night. Is it a little bit. It. Yeah just didn't start who we want you never got the momentum going there. Which is a great football game as a lot to offer my game. You know James I think of outside watching that game it didn't seem like that seem like the energy level was maybe there for the dolphins and not for use those it. Is it fair and you understand what people say oh well maybe they were looking ahead the big game next week against Pittsburgh. No matter at all obviously as a we just didn't play well from the U don't want to start did you. Ultimately recover from. He's blushing face learn from mistakes we'll get better. I know it's difficult for anybody to sit there and try to even admit that maybe didn't take. The team seriously enough that you were looking ahead but could be that what happened in this game yesterday. Forces you don't really pay attention next week you need this game you could drop down to the number three seed if you don't get this game. Or lose voters focused on the all of us do drug. Those guys are trying to win. There's no flaws being clever very well also. See great challenge force another suicide mission and so he's got another group practices that result. From start. So I've even did you even watch this film. All argues though he did verify their morning go home get attached to navigate subject or body back. It's Wednesday morning comes around I mean you even even waste time looking at that film but yet you don't have to go right back in Pittsburgh right. You know you watched some corrections that need these days move forward and that's that are useful while Pittsburgh. These. Tough job force to play extremely well. Should be rich 400. They're in the past Miami in Miami has been a tough place a place for your team is there anything you can pinpoint the reasons why that is. I won't remember our Hoosier state division Gonzales stuff like division is also. So you can come home outrageous election. Who's gotten better. I could luck and actually to Pittsburgh we'll talk to and actually get to go to on. CNN's James White on them all of laws those problems were robust ones. I thought was not as young as a young degree we are really good Jonathan I think it Anita great leader and went on out of on the right I mean exactly what I want to hear. That pretty much from the cookie that I could beat. And out and it's a week and we got to spend some kind of walk outs in the fifth title could be don't ask intelligent you'll miss it could have been built messing with the equipment he's. He studies. Brady's got that that laugh and doesn't easily it's the same doesn't. It's like he's like it's longer than it should be. Whatever one of these lapping it wasn't that funny what is it that's question for the actually I think I've Voyager crew. I think he does at all of them they're you gotta laugh and it's like well that's funny what you should do she showed up Paul who put together. Mean like evenly on her speech yet they keep the longer. And play to James Woods saying what you leftist last week at Virginia right because of it and it finally is on so I'm sure we'll see them on Monday morning Monday in Russia no question when he Indian billionaire if there's an occasionally after I believe they win that game Sunday afternoon you will not we we will not be in Foxboro month ploy you know why people see him. If they lose we'll see him. Of one on the loose. You. You want to know you don't if you don't you get it is all about it's all about your convenience. Of a five minute ride to filer is just an hour and a I don't like yourself featured faster review I think it's you and better overall it was a better he's more outgoing he's you know he can be kind of shots also existed the fan base so you want the team to lose is again matters is if that's if they're pretty big Israeli offensive began to aspire to lose this game and AFC champs of game is and it's in Pittsburgh or objectionable or where ever. You've got to believe to be a problem think about that you think about how what a pain in the yes he would be. If Jacksonville ends up with the wrong number one seasonal things. And they get wholehearted one they get home throughout the jewel match already won with a big logs government or anyone I mean they won what. Right off like nothing like I'm ahead. On something special than another bill that now it's built. Our interview delightfully if you with James Wright has been brought to you by fear view mill work. And your local Anderson windows dealer by 2 AM foods reluctant improves he'll time confidence level. And by mine element of that as well also by Verizon Verizon does that work. Best unlimited. We get a break and and we got one more segment those guys down the Foxboro right with Belgian itself to that is correct or we got to be charming and eat every sentence that what's at 230 I don't know now it's on Colombo with pictures in the limo and I didn't solid and then promoted and all that maybe he can't do -- gotta gotta gotta put pictures up anyway right if you don't get the silent with the pictures. For noise favorite radio show. Like could tell the tools they go to spew lies and all of this thing but what would normally have to offer me enough. Sports break. Oh my buddies by the way Phil Simmons guys. That also which is part of that lawsuit with the or was NFL network Bill Simmons guy. Once they built them all don't get me wrong but it's Bill Simmons guy. Who's running is the the ringer and all of his sell his stuff. So Michael bond was on last night a I did not get to hear at last night Lou obviously heard it and so. He came crashing down a Michael Bennet the same way he came crashing down on rock correct yes featured. Admitting that Michael didn't not a guy who by the way is I think under consideration a nominee for in a film Walter Payton man of the year Michael Bennett. Not die. To sort of go after that victory formation what he did when that I think something happened very fortunately some between lime and happen of course you are dirty to me how much did you. I don't know what happened to that to the Seattle team know what they lost to Jacksonville. They certainly I don't know what they're good to me and they'll. They're taxes like ten years so will bond is story out march aces. In defense of Michael Bennett first off. I don't think he should get suspended for that I don't think you should learn I don't I don't. Genuine victory formation probably should get a fine for again it that's not compare voted grown up into different complete the complaints within the whistles. Right now happen did happen but he gave a retaliation Pestrana wicked eggs to give them an excuse. I'm having some between Lyman happened and he really you are dirty to me how much did you. Creating line he loves my Internet company story. But he's just making. It up. To defend Michael Bennet is just making up a story. Easy do you guys. Believe that that something happened that there was dirty play by the the senator earlier in the game and that's why Mike has no reason why Michael Bennet would do to hopefully not him but Whitney's. Creating a set area man does your see his. To defend this guy but that's the case why didn't he give grow the retaliation pass a week ago because there was room you know he was retaliating which I don't believe you you have the right to do. But why doesn't give him the past now created is Hillary it is it or not he's so it. Listen you may decide and it will bonds tied in to Michael Bennett and Michael Bennet might have been causes. I wouldn't stand for and he'll excuse every last thing he does if he can't. This is the same Michael Bennett who last year was cut by Jake Matthews. Over his knees in a game against Atlanta. And after the game he said it was scary BS move. Honestly he died at someone's legs Europe leap if you're big in NFL you just line up and play why got to cut someone on that bleak and play. Why cut someone we can just stand up and whip I don't know I don't come off the ball jumping and offensive lineman legs. How well did now again I don't be suspended for. He should be 54. But just. A year ago he's yapping about how he doesn't do this and now Michael will Barnes and used yen. Making up a storm wreaked through defendant didn't play that which goes by that was that was one. The senate was like oh. Player. But he didn't pointed out in this case while we get an update from another one of the cliff divers are you really gonna go of that good hearted. Dolls don't have done logged out. My now. The show was not over yet let me remind you we just. Talked about his during the if you do what you did and do you yeah she's a multilateral wouldn't know that is what rob Parker sent last. Only my co I thought I was doing. We thank you on the amount you fall just aren't about you have to know what to whereas like you're like but when he's bad beat the patriots played no just look at where it sure hey bill. Now we beat them that hey kid might nobody did a great eight different Heath Evans ever send you wouldn't do any pictures. I did I have his number no thankfully Evans at Sony Pictures he has not usual I am very hour that could barely get around the pictures again around. Oh are that you're seeing him yeah out the almighty god. -- on a problem that we will certainly talk about what's going on the NFL network and Bill Belichick will join us at 405. I don't get a better align them or is it different views of fortunately now he walked down that I want alcohol in studio yeah that's necessarily achieve that kind of lion will be not a problem I don't like people if you YouTube and good with these managers and coaches last night we counted out. There was 34 seconds of dead careless that is as Belichick who's just announced they were. See you can grab that record at 35 yes it's called the cover all of the key challenge you tell you challenger to make sure that make sure deal does seem to get holly conceded they have to be in on it gave you guys missed today at salmon. Now the doubt on the that is absent and he has stung enough growth because it was really mean you don't need a thin anyway in the sand but it that he CM whoever won that isn't he finished I was I was I was I was brought to us our studio guys. And I keep fluid it would gale Pollack coming up next we're officially done now you can leave them bankers and again it comes up about zillow particularly now. We'll see you tomorrow morning beer or helpful. Why is it's not like looked hiding diseases for not guilty. Ask them about the thickness.