OMF - William Bren, 2, Stage IV Wilms tumor, Gloucester with his parents, Cara and Craig 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Prior to Will’s diagnosis, he was lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink which lead him to become very dehydrated. His dad noticed blood in his urine and the family went to the Emergency Room.

Will’s ultrasound showed a mass on his left kidney. In April 2018, Will was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor and the cancer had spread to his lungs and surrounding lymph nodes. He had his left kidney and the tumor removed and then began chemotherapy and then radiation at the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

The length of treatment has been approximately 31 weeks. It was initially supposed to be only 26, but they extended it after his first scan didn't yield the results they wanted. 

Will enjoys Super Heroes, monster trucks, coloring and beating former Super Bowl Champs in Connect Four during a NESN visit to the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Will would like to meet Spider Man again and the Avengers, and to become potty trained.

Will has amazing spirit which lead to his hashtag #StrongWILLed. The City of Gloucester has been amazing when it comes to the support of their family. Local businesses held fundraisers and are selling wristbands, the entire Gloucester Little League wore #StrongWILLed wristbands, among many other things. So many great things people have done to help Will and his family.

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Let me introduce you to two year old William Bradley series parents care and great. It's great seeing you guys thanks for stopping in to also as a mom make it start with you the great I'd never heard of stage four win homes tumor I'm sure you'd didn't until William contracted it right. Absolutely it was. Nothing I'd ever heard of you know it's just out of that word of answering these. Enough is yeah they're kind of yeah absolutely and down. Yeah we remember he was home on it's it was it's Monday afternoon. And I went to change his diaper and actually just I found some blood where he is the honest I turn the Pope you know this is scary in. Off to the emergency room they found the mass on his left kidney and straight down a children's. Surgery a week later and often running you know week after with recovery and rains and rains keeping there your entire life just a little family structure everything just changes and how do you deal with it and where are you today. Just. It's just an all mean that's that's. Now and for that racial off. In new normal a lot from a lot of different parents because in seniority have. Two older kids that we have every parent knows that when your baby you know we have a child it's a year year old even younger. You freak over every little thing where every little pump every little bruise you wondering everything else. Again you'll put that diapers and now says he fears it's become real. Yeah I mean immediately my first thought is well. I mean he's got some sort of an infection or maybe fell hard and we didn't realize and is a bruised kidney you know as of the things that I think you know. Obviously didn't go in that direction and all and. Persevered. Lou if the diagnosis. Mean the man I can't even imagine the moment I remember Weaver. Rule number if there's 6036. 60643. Sit in that room over children's mental illness. Remember it says in there and I remember him going through the whole thing tell us everything and basically me and say okay can you tell me again. In an adult I don't understand you know I mean just run through the whole thing that I was listening but my mind discussion I heard the word cancer. Shut down couldn't even. Fat on the idea of this little one start that flight many he's only two yes will be 3 November for ulcers of 31 weeks of treatment. It's big chunk of life for being such as a young kid so I mean how's he could I resist you beat. Because I was a little shocked that this was actually poplar and if this happened says will enjoy superhero. Monster trucks coloring and beating former Super Bowl champs in connect and it Matt Chatham during and that's the Billiton to replant. Now well did you know the match and was a tri county tech for champ. That is an amazing feat they know what it beat matching a mechanic for them to you know. He's a change you know he was a champion not only assume watch him but it connect four counts so that you don't William was the smartest guy in the room at them and let me yeah. Did you like to beat him was it good sport at the via. Well there's actually a decent pictures of Chatham on Twitter that I sent to them you know with his hand Justin's fans it. And I just say you know an X weeded that out of that it was you know. You know he might have been a Super Bowl champion. It was and he wasn't as strong willed us I don't need the shirt she got that on the connection to the community so you know we we came up with the the strong willed. As our way of coping you know I mean everybody kind of has their own way. Strong willed was it for us because not only does it show restraint. That the will that he has to fight. To be a normal kid. You know you see a runner I mean you look at Yasser he's got the pulpit but. You would never know on a normal day when this kids run around and smiles while laughing the playing the energy as you never know. So not only is it showed strength in that strong will. I think it says a lot and a the community of Gloucester. Will be for ever and that. We all be forever in debt to the community of loss or for all they've done for us and them. We came up with the shirts though. Tackle childhood cancer I don't were striking it out today and I were to have an answer today. Leon who was my old football number from my school my son is to Canada now he'll decide he wears 42. And then my wife actually made some shirts for me there's still some patriots shirts with the strong willed 42 as the Red Sox. 42 strong willed. And it just kind of took off from there everything that we've done for him and said that number 42 attached to it. And a my wife designed these phones here and we put out pre order with. You know with the goal of selling a hundred shirts. You know two in there's been a lot of people from western mass is well within the city of Gloucester friends community. And the goal was a hundred we X issel 182 T shirts. Collected on almost all of them before we were able to come in so will was able to raise 3000 dollars which we haven't checked to donate to go off. I just awesome guy that is on the witness we're forever in debt to the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber. The Boston children's. You know in two applicants and community and we're gonna do everything we Kenya we have to fight ahead of us till you know. Hopefully the week of Thanksgiving believes when we're scheduled to hopefully everything goes well be done and I can't think about it and be thankful for the finishing. Chemotherapy you've been through a lot and we wish you the best of luck getting through the rest of the way and I know it's all gonna work out we've got a strong support system. And I also wanna tell you that you 3000. When a long way because your 3000. Just put us over. The three million dollar more known radio telephone we are now at three million. 181336. And you're 3000 job. I was awesome that's awesome guys thank you very much. And reluctant to take you hear them all you guys have done. For us trust me it's difficult for you guys and what you're going through and and that's what you get through your beliefs and you'll apps that we get through strong will he absolutely will Pacman I mean you body and your entire family okay thank you very much.