OMF - Willie McGinest talks Bennett situation, the rest of the schedule, Elton John 11-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, November 14th

Our pal Willie McGinest joins Lou and Christian as we discuss the improvements the Patriots have made since the start of the season. Willie also has an affinity for Elton John's piano playing. 


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How effective as you overlook the euphoria here or whether it's off. Do wanna touch on this woman down only until the GM meetings would jump Carlos stick is when we continue our football talk now. With Willie mcinnis will and against righty by wind river environmental and by tufts health plan will Els everything gold. There is more gritty Serb. Oh it's going Goodman big win out Denver's everything right now with the New England Patriots have they fixed everything in there. So what you expected on Denver. Not a typical Richard answer no everything outright or it could be that there are only a week certain. As a lot of work to do well. Have drastically improved in the team is playing better. And I guess that's what you're supposed to do would give to struggling came right straws to go out now more than it. There are certain day and not speeding towards England organ you're track implode at edit. So low you Lou. Seriously I just I just I just just murders Louie I am really I didn't murdered Louie and Willie into Canada and new nickname for you. It plays a Europa last week right Europe last week did you did you get to go to the old you know craft concert was that a Elton John concert. Did I do it oh yeah I spoke in general arm arm came out and spoke. Good bids was. Let I was there I was nervous I would never did we were able so. Do you so. Greg you'd ever want to it was intimate concert. And auditorium this. So wait so there's a panel was just swapping stories collect all the guys that have red jackets repaired just tell stories for the for the crowd there. Our Bruce Cutler right that do so it would build a separate. You do that's going abroad and I was just a part of everything that was global so we carried live in beards and stores and meet them to try to let Eddie do similar things in Maryland our. OK so now you got Elton John on your iPad you know on iPod or whatever your cell phone when you working out right there. Do you unable. To do. A bad read and I'm looking adult are being. I would I would like abilities I didn't I didn't have I was. And our arguably worse. There's no limit to its admits sending. Incredible I'm a huge that's sure they're just just focused this watchable. You know I'm curious because you now in the media and we see how bill and in this organization deals with the media you in that setting obviously they get a but we tell you a little bit more than they might tell other people but do you still feel the sense that they. They hold back even with you that maybe they don't give you all the information that they seem to not give anyone. They argue every nation that first ring of there's a lot of maturing. Of we're putting into our graduating into the relationship was certain people if they're not the only ones relationships where. You know our bigger so important that it's important you you know. You gotta you gotta respect. What you're trying to do it in their permission that it's got to keep away from. Certain people but at the same time you can take that information. But it gives you better understanding of what's going well so when you do your analysis when you are. You you you'd better the right path without saying certain things are good Democrat you would do it. So arm you know are on a similar letter to the game. It's about plated a thirteen year our order a lot liberals are always been those meetings are so out there how important it is to keep certain beings. Are you know. To yourself. Also an immediate so I have an obligation. To give the and duke it out the light weight there's a lot of the swearing. You have particular permission then they're kind of given it permission would I. Certainly anybody out or given. Tapes there are already being your that's great and our in house working. Yes sneak and information selling people out so. The little verbal jabbing gonna between and Martellus Bennett's. And the Green Bay Packers team doctor. A look like that he or she says Lakeland we. You know who we see something like that happen and who you tend to believe. Let's go Madrid group situations every every incident isolated they're all different. Group situations where players. I had issues that you like it and I'll have the best interest of betraying. Rather than actual player. So that's our guys are out there today if they give. In other opinions are the darkest. Better relations and their ties to the team and you know I have never know what it was and it. Our computer guy at least there are used to the other seems pretty. And you know you'd met I mean they'll obviously Alberta god has. Your opinion are pretty nonchalant about anything. NSA Christian mystery stories. We're almost lose out to us stores so. I'm used suicides the storm bears. They're always great it is our you have aside and ignored true. Now you could anger. On yeah and has got to write this down Willy did not decide I didn't true I think. Hey guys you know week with the pros and we we've we've always talked about the advantage every every Sunday and pats play with Tom Brady as your quarterback. And a Philippine advantage having to Bill Belichick that that is growing in it seems like. We all those quarterbacks going down what does that they had the coaching advantage that the patriots have is growing and it. It seems to me it's almost the coaching issue in the NFL the pictures play teams that do things in you always the reflects an other coach the you to shake your head that. Do you see that as well in the NFL. Also this work this week in Cleveland rocks are cards are. With fifteen seconds left before they have the ball in the ego large can they sit there and hit a horrible. And he called the quarter of actually everybody look bad barrels per worker considerable. And your read a lot of utility shocked at the end of retarded squabble for the past each honorable and could speak. He gets hit immediately. The district all the time runs out in you do actually lose as. I know. You do actually the other coast and at each teacher situation what are. You have these players Mickey's record decisions. At that moment the situation. Will be prepared for the situation. So it wouldn't it better out Kosher like that because I know we were drilled Haaretz that lead. And we women from their situations and partners in the other team within the orbit some solutions to the we'll have the supplies we wouldn't shock we knew how to handle. We. Accordingly. When you watch students and that there'll. The Bible. Started doing script and then I understand what's going to have what the situation there's an template they're predicting whether there. Little lubricant. That they don't really acted. So Willie so that the patriots have seven games last rate and only had two losses so. Of the remaining games to Miami twice to get the jets wants the ball floats twice and then there is. Pittsburgh and obviously Oakland this weekend. Out of those seven games which one do you think poses the biggest threat to the patrons as far as losing one more game. Always always put mortgages over the visiting. Our go to would be tied him to visit the word the bears no enemies always thirds and bear. It in my head and they're gonna play the Richards to the bill apart go to player picked. Everybody pardon was about as speaker that can ultimately be. There are some jet answered gain. That would be our middle order who would be where O gives the art so there's a lot plated or so bills are due. Always a Christian. 0%. Conservative busy day. The most important question what do division. It out of Turkey spot in the playoffs what your player that'll. Everything else are pretty most accurate result. Willie McGinest us we appreciate the time they enjoy John Q by the way on that iPod and join. Hi guys a little medallions in that.