OMF - Would players be willing to sacrifice money to be rid of TNF; Should the Sox sell their souls for Stanton? 11-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, November 14th

HOUR 2 - In the second hour of an Ordway-less OMF, we talk with Willie McGinest as we are now past the half way point of the season. Lou has his eyes on some line up help for the Red Sox. And Ben Roethlisberger really isn't a fan of Thursday Night Football. Christian doesn't get it.


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On you read he. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I think hero on OMF. Terror. Hi guys in blue and Christian it holds up I love Christian love you guys levee Christian love you do they can you guys today. But he is stuck with this loser of this load this note found with the blue and Christian just very lonely and boring game play the part -- and Paul with you talk a vengeance and it's hard. But they don't have it it doesn't matter today and. And I. What you did this morning he's doing everything where's the hammer yeah gore and other floor did not just asked or I'll go down to the dim for myself and stop them. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. File on the back to show Polonia or you see him after we get three hours to go or ways out. These little sick. So taking your call 617779798370. By the way you know whether of this kind of crappy yes is getting warmer known 43 degrees to snow in a bye did his correctly that weather report they gave you earlier who sponsor rock you by Michael. All my pillows and I love my authority by myself. They don't be doing a lot of my panelists so I don't know you know you love it when players come on the bitch about Thursday for a while it's here. I do love it because I don't think they see it I don't think it. It was wrong to feel like it's somebody's doing in the service and trying to stick it to them it's all about the man trying to make more money. Yes but if you'll highest of the look at it from a different angle a different point of view it's a good thing well I'm wondering because Kate Steelers take on the titans Thursday night. And Ben Roethlisberger apparently doesn't like Thursday football would. Noticeably duke is that they probably were those bumblebee uniform cigar guy with the weird socks so that might get might not be flattering for it and that's their color crushed jerseys is is the opponent look the bumblebee look I put a dollar. As of silica powder puff of powder puff blue may be and whatever may have their pinstripes you know insurance where their at their throwback. Acts debate but clearly signaled its opening round like you know there weren't. Pinstripes yet. That's different ethnic and color rushed it's all yell put the pinstripes just throw OK so yeah very aggressive yeah I'll be undertaken mustard yet. A pathetic our Ben Roethlisberger not happy but there isn't a football. Yeah miserable terrible way to be here to the game I think the player market but they're still out on guys your your speed up your bank the very. Violent physical game that we play and outlook musical performance beyond our occupied the same thing in April. This third and act that thank thank you got a lecture by recoverable that you got to get yourself or even a week. You're still up or to recover by by Sunday it's Sunday he's still yell. Bumps and bruises that thing just continue to build up throughout the feet and we Udall of such a short we managed just it's it's not good I don't know many players that like get the tough thing to do what you know we're just we gotta do what. The leaks that. Mike and all the key only I don't like the only ex player that loved Thursday night football. It's like an extra bye week. Ya what it's like you're done Thursday yeah you got the whole weekend free you get extra time if you just suck it up and got through it. Like whatever you got going on if you get them to go on I don't. Play via Mike Floyd hit a piece on this in this in Broward or ask a player. Because apparently the only NFL players association agreed to write in and I think it's a 450 million dollar a year is generated by the network broadcasters or football or how much 450 million dollars for one. Gorgeous Thursday night football. The entire package won nine games it's the entire package apparently yeah so it's safe he said it would cost each team roughly seven million dollars. Under the cap. So that I would ask Aziz talking about how we are comes out that 130 to grant a player but it makes more sense consider let me do proportionate cap burden at each teams have. Thought asked Ben Roethlisberger given what you count fall for their cap. Are you willing to give up 762000. Dollars to not play eight Thursday night football game. It's probably. A one game. It's really is what is. The big. Because I think some players might be giving up of its proportionate to make it's not 132 player late cap Roethlisberger to upset her sixth 2000. Legitimate some play its its usage I'll give a fifty grand. I I don't know maybe they won't but Roethlisberger would you wanna give up 762000. Openly one Thursday night football game a year. Solo line of getting rid of there isn't a football on the do the news TV day but we'll built debt load the legal had to get something else for that aren't so could that money that you're talking about ready to give a 400 million dollars. So I don't get the foreign for the million dollars back. Well I make a season longer or reduce some sort of deal or we keep that money in the till I'd actually given up. The link is not going backwards not gonna do they're gonna give up things that that make them lose money. Marty suffer because of old athletic game to take it a neat thing and that's all that stuff. We're not going backwards. Thursday night football is a way to generate more income right we're gonna the only game really big game Thursday night Opel must see TV that whole thing whom I can rid of that. So so what's the alternative he don't want to give up the money you don't play Thursday at football and normal but some teams who would only after Thanksgiving. They also play Saturday night games once college football's over December comes around you'll have some Saturday night games also. I just feel like if it's if it's such a big deal than they should agree to it in the first place. I just miss it when we can you remember when you're excited about Thursday football. And you just like a half Thursday night. So I think that that's a bigger issue at night. That open of course the opening night is different because I'm always playing the other Sunday before that right so set Thursday football makes a lot of sense. On opening night. And it and Thanksgiving it makes a lot of sense is still means something. And I think it was years ago before they went with it every single week. When they would just say I'm gonna have the lasts five weeks of the season starting out Thanksgiving will play Thursday football and you ignites. Now that Muslim male only had marquee games now every team vote he cast a. But I that is I think they are saying that Sox. I think there's there's a way to answered to make everybody happy in this and and I said it make a season longer. Okay drawn out it starts a week early maybe it ends a week later. And everyone who plays Thursday night game is the plays that game off a bye week figured out do this get I don't think you figured out math ones. I'm just yeah I don't know maybe maybe not every T is my job. Mean that every team has it may be a lie all the things don't have to play impersonate football but is it what it was and it seems like a third night football. Is not at a disadvantage because they're not playing a short week. They're who cares what is it wrong to go back through two you know big Thanksgiving these are the games these four games of two games. After that you know by a week like you know eight. We then gonna announce the final what is it for fun how many weeks after Thanksgiving user five. Well when normally go to 45. I'll say that things get to reverse a staple of the Christmas week is trying to how many how many weeks are there five weeks after nine. Pages and point six and it will be six more weeks of hope OK after after Thanksgiving. Skeptics in but the point for the share a commitment of the government be faster in their president yet but anyways. It's silly rule. Is it would be wrong to say after week eight you can kind of look at six if you look at insulate our d.s in six games. It seems almost enough time to dealer get ready because on December of whatever. Seventh. You're playing on Thursday the I would say you as you try to find the right match ups the right games. Did they give fans excited about it Thursday night football game is he scheduled early in a year in you've got Green Bay. You know verses give me no team has lost their quarterback and he's done for the Arizona. OK Green Bay Arizona at San now as you could say he no longer Green Bay Arizona. Now I'm gonna give you Minnesota Philly. You know now would give you know lawless Philadelphia. Whatever CIA I think just opposite if you instead of you wanna do the beginning of the season fine due to the beginning of the season. Don't do it toward the Tennessee is on guys really are banged up and they really did actually do need those extra three days of a rocket teams admitted that to me makes sense you know I know it's a bad reward your good team you get the play on Thursdays and you know not anymore because every team plays on Thursday night. Everyone has to suffer in deal with the. Certainly our way to get back to where you're actually excited to watch Thursday football because I'm not anymore I used to be ethical why was that well because it was just an anomaly capital once and awhile. And what it did you set this it sweet. A Thursday night game. Only now Sunday morning gains on Europe. At that started 9 o'clock I was expenses first time neighbors and they do it right the first and they did that doesn't cool. I don't want you again that Matsuzaka on the extra eyeballs user in light plane sign Micah you know penitentiary Bob wire across the back of the the stadium's gonna draw eyeballs in Los music it's gonna drop a ball eyeballs because as the patriots yet it's more the issue that the is that that it's less to do. With the match ups are bad but it has more to do with fact that it every single Thursday. And it's not it's not an event important it's it's not like it's not a specialty item it's OK it happens all the time no big deal. That's I say it's over saturated so either play it only due to Thanksgiving and and stop. OK so council debate and then you have a bet you have more control of having those match of that are meaningful. Having a short week. On a game in a game. In December that actually could put two and the playoffs or catapults you you know into a winning record and in your playing with a short week when you really need that next time. That's I think it's and that's. I think it's an issue Virginia also sort of get like you said it was the players in your mind look at it differently than wrong as opposed to. But I got to play in three or four days or should look at when this game is over we win we got to go bye week. On December when you like that actually ten days off. And you can you played that way yeah you'd beat up but. You know you're you're ten days off after this it. That's really to have Ortiz the best tail it like you have one like one I Wii isn't enough. So that I love you because you it actually Bullock an extra mile week. Are they go to George real quick George jumped ahead on and on how do this than you wanted to and threw him pago. Pennsylvania like our guys got it I was thinking about the Thursday night in lineup make it into it could be guys and input from scratch and you know an anemic and came fifteen grand plan. You know I mean if you win each player gets fifteen brannan plan for the coach of the whenever. May get a little bit more I just think of them don't want to play they have wanna win and and and make an adjustment of people watching the game and I mean it. Because it be a little bit different in I mean you look at. All. The Pro Bowl winning team gets it gets you know like fifty let me ask you inject ten. George you really think the teams are gonna try harder. Well they're not gonna wanna maybe I don't know that they've got a lot when the game anyway right there that yeah. For the season. So if you're you're only planned one Thursday night game if you can win an extra twenty grandfather for the night. And you're gonna play guide us anyway every New York your program. That's what I'm saying looking great. And we're just talking about teams that just what you think they just throw games and it's he's only sixteen games a year. You gonna sit there and say at the Thursday and again not wanna go to. When I gonna play. I don't the butt a hundred grand a player and I'll begin to give players statistical of this money in a table now let's play. Oh let's play hard. And by the way they are getting more money does as I said 450 million dollar package which raise the salary cap of seven million dollars per team so technically. There are guys that. There are benefiting. Financially from our list of bullet McGinest he's gonna join us next know ward way it's Maloney and Fauria Willie McGinest we'll talk to him right after this. These peaceful and or waiver podium or where guests always get their sick unimpeded and without interruption yeah. With the Celtics also they have they were having some former emanated they have younger players think about go to let me talk a minor guess you're not on Sports Radio WEEI. How effective as you overlook the euphoria here or whether it's off. Do wanna touch on this woman down only until the GM meetings with John Carlos debt is when we continue our football talk now. With Willie mcinnis will negate his rookie by wind river environmental and by tufts health plan will Els everything gone. There is no longer serve. Oh it's going Goodman big win out Denver's everything right now with the New England Patriots have they fixed everything in there. Instead what you expected on Denver. You know typical Richard answer no everything outright or it could be that there are only last week did. As a lot of work to do well. They have drastically improved and the team is playing better. And I guess that's what you're supposed to do would give to struggling came right straws to go out there Logan. There are certain way and it did not begin to work well hard to get track implode and edit. So low you Lou. Seriously I just I just I just it just murders blue yeah. I didn't murdered Louie and Willie into Canada and new nickname for you. It towards Europe last week right Europe last week did you did you get to go to the old you know craft concert was that a Elton John concert. Did I do it oh yeah I spoke with a capital arm arm came out and spoke. Good bids was. Let I was there I was we would never did we were able and so our. It's so and ready to walk that was into the touch or an auditorium bridge there and. So wait so there's a panel was just swapping stories collect all the guys that have red jackets repaired just tell stories for the for the crowd there. All right Bruce Cutler right that do so it would build a separate. You do that's going abroad and I was just a part of everything that was all about so we carry admitted beards and stores and me Brunette to try to let Eddie do similar things in Maryland and our. OK so now you've got Elton John on your iPad you know on iPod or whatever your cellphone when you working out right. If that's the funny yeah and the bad men and Santiago. Are being. Our I would I would like abilities I did I'd root it was bad and I are good you worse. Are you limited it's that it's sending. Incredible I'm a huge actually aired just just focused this watchable. You know I'm curious because you now in the media and we see help build and in this organization deals with the media you in that setting obviously they get a but we tell you a little bit more than they might tell other people but do you still feel the sense that they. They hold back even with you that maybe they don't give you all the information that they seem to not give anyone. They argued that its mission there worsening of so there are a lot of touring. Our. Were edited out of integrating into whatever the relationship was certain people it or not you wouldn't want relationships where. And there are bigger so important that it's important to other you know you gotta you gotta respect. What you're sort of do it in their permission that it's got to keep away from certain people that say time you can take that information. But it gives you better understanding of what's going and so when you do your analysis when you are you. You you're you're yeah without saying certain things are good Democrat you would do it. So our own you know are on a loop but loyal to the game. Because I played it for thirteen year low in that locker rooms are organized meetings are so out there how important it is to keep certain beings. Are you know. To yourself. Also an immediate so have an obligation. Give the they're do much why wait there's a lot of the swearing in particular permission and then. And kind of give an intermission with our. Certainly anybody out or given. Today already being your that's great north in the house whipping. Yes sneak and information selling people out so. Little verbal jabbing gonna between and Martellus Bennett's. And the Green Bay Packers team doctor. A look like that he or she said make when we. You know who we see something like that happen and who you tend to believe. Let's talk Madrid group situations every every incident isolated they're all different. Good situation where players. I had issues that are likely to have the best interest of betraying. Our rather than actual player. Are so that's our guys are out there day in a game. In other opinions ordered doctors. There relation and their ties to the team and you know I have never very much it was good it. Our computer data mixed up or use Padilla and it seems pretty. You know if you met him in well arms output of god as. Is opinion there are pretty much a lot of body sitting there NSA Christian distant stories. We're almost lose hostile stores so. I'm used suicides the storm bears. There are always through this yes are you that aside and ignored true. Now you could anger. On yeah and dance generate this down Willy did not decide. The truth at that. They EI you know we will the pros and we we've we've always talked about the advantage every every Sunday and a pass play with Tom Brady as your quarterback. And a Philippine advantage having to Bill Belichick that that is growing and it seems like. We all those quarterbacks going down but at the coaching advantage that the patriots have is growing and it. It seems to me it's almost the coaching issue in the NFL the pictures play teams that do things in you always the reflects an other coach the you to shake your head that. Do you see that as well in the NFL. I sent this work this week in Cleveland so our current or. With fifteen seconds left before I ask you the ball on the ego large cubic sit there and hit a horrible. The declared a quarter of actually. Everybody is what they have those who worked at considerable. And your read like Utah shot at the end of which scored for the past. He tries Ottawa or the state. He gets hit immediately. Against Serbs all the time worked and you actually lose as. I know. You actually the other coast and that each teacher situation. Or. Which you have these players Mickey's where there are decisions that that Norman this situation. Will be prepared for the situation. So is it the best Kosher like that because. I know we were drilled past the lead and we whatever the situation and partners in the other team within the short answer solutions to the we haven't surprised we were in shock we knew how to handle that we have accordingly. We knew what skiing spin it at all. If this Bible. And starred Bruce could emit understand what's going. What the situation is and put it particularly well and they have so little that can bet that it will really acted. So Willie so that the patriots are seven games last rate and only had two losses so. Of the remaining games got Miami twice to get the jets want the ball floats twice and then there is. Pittsburgh and obviously Oakland this weekend. Out of those seven games which one do you think poses the biggest threat to the patrons as far as losing one more game. Always always put more bridges have been visiting. You know there are going to be part of the bears no word that there's no levees all was so when bear. It in my head and they're gonna play the Richards to the bill apart go to player picked. Everybody pardon was well a speaker that can ultimately be. There are some championship game. That would be target or ordered who would be where it will give us so there's a lot of play that there are some rules are too. Always a Christian. Focus and focus of the business day. The most important that you would have to visit. It autumn did he spot in the playoffs what your player at all. Everything else are pretty sticker so. Willie McGinest the so we appreciate the time they enjoy John Q by the way on that iPod and joining. Hi guys Willie McGinest and in that. What sent you but suddenly Elton John force an actor in the interview that I would get a drop and a little a little Elton I mean. Tiny dancer doesn't think isn't I think that's the we have finance and that really relate to go out what he can't. Yeah well we had. Yeah I agree maybe that the big division game dream is important but it rash decision he won just enjoy. Since talent this Pradesh. It's kind of listen to. The this can be Sosa went to the start thinking about your life as Osama but I think teams the last night accident cradled on John's lost his mind some concert. And I think he's you know broke. He called the snap and wouldn't yet as wearing your life like in India to militancy and although although all of he has some Iraq and the guys they come on give me that the African the analysts are fixing it compare. Your mechanic for piano so yes he was that. The craft a court order was there also when I tell a story or. Was already at the right now you then the other and I am surprised he wasn't though amid he was just he's too ashamed Telus and that brings it last night knows last week. Mostly they're basically we'll Cuban. It was that kind of rejected that the tires me no ring no personal red jacket. And I'm not a soldier to the game tonight LH went looted my jewelry a mallet Willie is like he's he's like in right is certain guys like Bruce he will lead. Like they're in for life now Vince advances of its gonna double. Kissel achieved some minds doesn't like that you have is an excellent and well he's been doing it for got distracted. I have no idea. I have no idea but he's right about the coaching I mean I think out of southern Kaiser player not hue Jackson B pistol he wants but he got prepare your players somebody who's clearly showed that India is coach may be according to some. But you gotta prepare gets player's goal around the league he got to prepare your. Players delusional of that bench to Jackson's ball I'm sure you want or that Kaiser quarterback but ultimately it's it lands on the shoulders of the head coach. He tells the core about what to do it. Right he doesn't what to do. This situation can come up being ready for 00 by the way here is right I'll make my decision he makes the wrong decision. Hue Jackson now who if there's either a dollar a barrel and he's a dumb coach him or is it the GM who gets a dump it back. Is it. I always miss earth particularly a slow its. Kaiser's issue okay he audible he saw some that wasn't it was a stupid play hopefully learn from me better next time but you Jackson still the coach. I mean still coaching these guys up when your players make stupid mistakes especially on the football field it's a reflection of their coach isn't not. Yeah but you'd you'd better get Smart players. That's it if you if you will join me in athletics died or just think god is leaving not as athletic maybe not as fast commitment has counted. But he smarts and that's who's got the Smart guy. It goes back to a guy like Bruce airing we're talking before elect thought was Smart is dumb he's got decayed Williams the punt returner was on the two yard line. Any any actually catches a punt on the two yard line. And and it hit a CEO gets a safety. Is that the williams' fault. Yes ultimately it's his fault he's still pick. But you look at the head coach answered that should never happen if you should have prepared this guy and they'll all do that you can't catch a plot to kill so I look at areas as much as I don't. Players screwed gutsy three that at present crazy is that that it's. What's the work that well not a Smart that's the word that is that is plainly and simply on the shoulders of the returner. Respective coaches yeah that's what that's a jogging craze that's why it's like you're hired to get fired. Most guys are bill isn't Belichick isn't you were hired to get fired eventually well it doesn't usually gonna have a players etc. If your teams out there making bonehead play after bonehead play in you would sit there and say it's not the coach's fault the players. I I think I never worked our Ari I think there are some exceptions to rules specific lead the giants. The giants had given up on their coach they don't listen to their coach it was watch them play defense. And you'll realize that nobody wants to get hurt nobody wants to tackle position is not trying to turn it down while they while they try to make a tackle on running back. That's gonna just run over probably not yeah mountain don't do so that is turn it down so I do think there's exceptions to the rules but stuff like that. Alyssa. Does return puzzle like this and in high school without his first road as first time during this area. He too much more gimme those mistakes. You don't want to with a Willie McGinest and do. The first time we were gonna interview without order was incorrect yes. Also for them innocent Christian you know yeah I was laid for a whole library and I don't really see them up. On that though Glenn and I need to bless all and took control yet he studies Melissa Jones. Yeah and again he's a little and so yes they're going. Apparent Canada in order exceeded I didn't say it you said it so it doesn't really count yes doesn't it figure that part out yet yes or on the same page as we know yes I was looking at this episode ever Lisa got seven games last. You play Miami twice I'm not listen to wounds that you can't watch that game last night with the dolphins and act like they're a threat but they're not a threat that was just flat out late aid. So that you go okay Oakland. And it's a little they have what three home games left and the last two or at home. One against buffalo won against the jets by that point in time the jets will be cooked if you need that game for home field advantage you you will appeal to get it. Buffalo. Could possibly go eight may insulate the playoffs who knows what bells Bono is the overall. Mayweather fight to get to ninths you know. 9997. Or you know maybe Nate who knows but they really should loosen up the game right to the Pittsburgh game is a one it was looking. How is not the Pittsburgh house not an easy answer the Pittsburgh he'll I think that's what I'm trying to talk going into early that's the only one that's ever. He's our division games don't matter as expert does know. Mold that Pittsburgh and yes because you need to get them out of a loss at Kansas City art as a result of all I don't think it's tiebreaker you know it gets tight view in other words if you beat pits or Kansas City if you beat Pittsburgh right ending kids news and but every few beat Pittsburgh state lose to the dolphins. You still win the division. And I can play well he had the European market when it. But they could Tubal what the point is that you could lose the dolphins as long as you beat Pittsburgh. In both end up with three losses. You get home home field or Pittsburgh as you beat them so the Pittsburgh game is the most important game. And all three teams remaining schedule that's Hewlett and I don't know the conference poison of things to Miami and come these are average but had that you beat Pittsburgh you get the advantage over them that's the most important is the most tolerant December 17 in Pittsburgh going to be at Kansas City schedule in the well again chargers game so you need to have a better record in Kansas City because they rule if you at the same record with a you'll lose the tiebreaker and able you don't feel that management can't cities could very well and a couple of games but only at the giants this week. The way and I'm buffalo at home. At the jets. Oakland charges this and charges are in every game idea I would sit and try to win every single unit and it got Miami and and finish up in Denver when we are told by the amble. They'll figured out an hour ago about the loss of the retail I don't of their bags packed by then are listed a lot of football just talked to Willie McGinest. Wanna switch gears a little bit because the GM meetings are going on in Houston. There's a lot of chatter of all one junk Carlos Stanton. There's some that think the painted Red Sox could be front runners. And Izzo thinks that there's no chance that he won't even wait and no trade to come to Boston we'll talk junk Palestinian what you want to Red Sox to do come up next. At ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter at oh math and EI let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne remotely and forty game right now watch Sports Radio WEEI. Bet. And every orbit Tiago. I've been. I would I would like amenities. Does well in the Guinness plus. Things you hear him. Get together. Meaning of the red jackets over Gillette over the weekend we'll look Q today with all the all the red jacket guys Obama. On the stage Brady was there I guess before you went to it whatever. You know tropical island he ended up going through sold pictures of them. Nice excellent tournament was so fun we can for them. What else is fun Jimmy settle into Florida. Because. This is weird that things started it and this is where the discussions begin now apparently the Red Sox. Have already met with representatives of Carlos Santana in Logan Morse and public options. Board I would think he would have but of course all the talks really about John Carlos Stanton. And with this guy will end up the Marlins won a cut payroll. They don't wanna necessarily cut a good player. But they wanna just give that salary off the books bottom lines that are gonna try to get the best deal they can this from a bus or only a short while ago. Each weed out. Rival exacts view the Marlins prospect asking asking price for John call Stanton shockingly high of course is somewhat out of touch with reality. And not discounted nearly enough given the whopping 295. Million that he is old. With the old clause coming after 2020 season now Stanton is. Is 0295. For ten whatever is ten more years but really it's it's three more years and any can opt out. And it's at the act I think you will mean if you goes on its fifty more bombs who have seven years 220 million that's just done the thirtieth Vicky ops out. And he gets more. Which is just what I think he's going to do. So you know is there any one out subsidize some contract but why not mean while Miami heat's contract. Are you might this is the first to ask. Art this is the most crazy staying eat the contractor and give me all your best prosper in teams elect a cable OK as the U zero strategy. You've already posted you wanna eat you want you would like to trade him you don't have to what you would like to you when you payroll under certain amount and just happens to be 25 million less than what it is now. That's John Carlos standard. And I I just I think the asking price right now is ridiculous the instinct thing with me was Stanton is there's too. I don't think the Red Sox have what it takes to get McKay and and I'm not crazy about getting them to be honest with you I would rather go Judy Martinez. But it's not about. The amount of money all the contract for Stanton doesn't scare me off because. Is the average annual which for luxury tax purposes only 25 million dollars. The game which in the big scheme that the at a concert might scare you and in all the years might scare you but 25 million dollars in annual doesn't scare me that's not a I'll fast for John Carlos Guillen. You know he could opt out three years a K well that's what you gotta consider. What I'm more concerned as is the asking prospects. If the Red Sox can get Stanton his wrist while I'd lake to its in if he gets there without given up an attendee endeavors. Which I don't think it happened. So therefore you don't Coke. Yeah and appropriately so. That would Betsy that's everybody's attitude that he's a big name he's a big star he's sure he's your era judge right. So you said Judy Martinez so JD JD marquis who's a freeagent yes there's the question is okay where does he play. OK so he's just can be your DH there and OK no more handling. And that illegals the first and that's all I'm here can Haley play first again and Nebraska dress that he believes heatedly first what you do in 2060 of course he can't physically. But a little safer Los the other codes. Also an and that's at rallies and and AE's eat it's a cleaner transaction you know yeah you got to play your zip on his contract that is attracting eyes yes so tell me it's better that way. And and use those other guys get more pitching. OC ticket to meet the the whole thing is that. If I eking give. No he's the Marlins I don't want young pitching prospect which most the people do. And this kid Jason grooms and a ball and he's highly regarded but he just started his career he's not close and is more risk waiting guide a ball supposed to double or triple AB league ready. What I see the cardinals are. Have a better chance of getting him. So can you flip you look at your week you wore steel depth wise for the organization. Can you flip. Jackie Bradley junior Hussein's friend really wants and other teams and sure really want. Because easy guide is a gold glove caliber finalist and the senate feel recovers the crap loaded ground. And he's got pop any get a two point. 2516. The couple years ago it's gonna come experts yet every team thinks that they can get more consistent routine things are Smart they nobody else that a change of scenery blab blab. So can you move him to get some prospects can you move one of the pitchers. Whether or sell steel. Maybe it's. You know one of these guys can you move one of them to a team that does he's looking for this Bill Parcells got twenty million for the next two years that's that's a nice contract for somebody. Right he justify it two more years not high risk. The package you get back can that be part of a package to get student with some more minor leaguers without giving up devers invent and I don't know if they can do that but that to mean is it the one way where I think that they can't is remembered Dave Dombrowski. Think about the big deals he's made. Kimbrel in for minor leaguers. Sale. For minor leaguers on cutting co OPEC the only big league players I think that he is dealt. And I double checked myself a leaves wade mightily. OK for Carson Smith who weighed Miley is got a five year raise a fifth starter nobody. Cares about wheat Barley in the other one is Travis shock. And you could say what you want about the idea what is Trevor shot minor leaguers so to me trap shut don't a big leader he's dealt with that's how you trade. That's our future you walked in a great farm system and trade away some of these prospects any Dick Kimbrel and he got sale. You know any guts yeah others that that she you know Carson Smith and and they get Thornburg with having seen yet. But. Dealing from your big league team I don't think you wanna do that would Benton the endeavour's I think at some point you need someone. That you have and your roster to supplement. This big contracts in this market if not about a three years you got that feel the team with 350 million dollars in your free agency every. Give you would say that he knows that the team the way it's built right now league that some of the and it's a you have your a stars and you have your b.s in your season. Specifically the bees are dejected managers like some book is not going anywhere right Jacqui rally fine Ben attendee. Would you say fine for that also yes okay so really. It's been a bold arts. While I need to see in the years in there are really see you're you're you're put him in touch in Yemen now much treatment of people down on him and they give a put him way too soon. A once you know the year and wants Ahmadinejad here in front Hannah wants a one Cora and whoever it is here indicate in the new hitting coach on LA. This appears say you know what it's awesome the of a great two strike approach and it's really cute that you one of the better two straight hitters in this league is sparse hits though. But we don't want that yet. Kabul swing alone Hubble sling one now I'm always going to wall you know. Being more aggressive or Ricky wondering with a power arrays the powers there it's a ball pitch selection now. It's a vote actually finding a pitch the can do damage with that's why I love hearing outscored talking about hunting pitched to do damage with. That that's the most beautiful thing I've heard all yearlong is that what it is that's what hitters do they hunt fastballs they hunt pitches they can do damage with. He's the one guy I think of what I hear talk about any decision of the years in a vote if you can't be Apollo Theater 12. And that's what he has to do great degree to stretch Kerry slaps a tilt right feel what it's cute not long ball deep ball damage that's what you need to do. That's assault or seen video that kind of mentality and maybe you'll see it got popped when he bombs. See unlike gore was yeah I want I want to stand you can go through. I want to big name on the flashy lights all I want the kid from Notre Dame high school out in Los Angeles become NB a Boston Red Sox. Yes that's a lot of water is a thing and any help but I but actually you know assert that it app at least something about Hosmer. That's a lot of appeal also offered different risks and be just treat Riggs is a Bieber never read anything he wants to be in Boston guys but he. The thing if Dombrowski plan is to be that'd based president of baseball operations for the next two years in Boston. And bolt for a new job and sell your Saul. Would you have to do unload but it and he unload groom. Unload your two other prospects that's probably gonna cost you or at least one start that it's gonna cost you because. David Price can opt out of the this year probably won't be hurt if he's healthy maybe he does. You know so it's just. I don't know if he's going to be here or not nearly Ramirez. I don't know the 2019 option is gonna kick in or not depending on this year I look at 2020. That would be stands last year and his team. Haley will be gone Porsche will be go on sale by the way will be freeze at the nineteenth seed and now spend money to keep Chris Sale. Carols already gone bookings on his final year of his contract Sanders a free agent Jack he's a free agent pomeroys might already be gone. So you trade that intending for Stanton. And 2020 could be look at the final year contract for it remote Tibetans interval I mean bookie Betsy John Palestinian. So either way you know up Bradley. Looking at this you don't up Bradley you don't up. Zander Bogart's. Write it herself maybe he's got me Parcells got ready and he's gone price who knows he's still going to be here you'll have a closer. Nor to feel the team that can compete in 2002 when he gets spent 325 million dollars in free agency is you don't have the minor league prospects the body make that big of its rate. So if you if you going to be a for two years Dave and that's all stand for every prospect you got. Because in 2020 an absolute bleak poll says all sit here in Boston. With nothing to do nothing no farm system and no players. It deliver a free agent market spent twenty million dollars for a bunch of bombs I don't think so it is well I don't think Italy's you can tell it's not it's not wasting as a matter of recchi talked about. Dealing prospects in what he's already done he's taken the party take advantage of the prospect that he got here by dealing them but now. He's a chill mister Dombrowski. You have to be careful at some point that there's a lot. Trying to rebuild our system a little bit the same time from last couple years ago draft picks. Don't start that process pretty well but you have to be careful on that regard and I do think that we do have a lot of players. And good pitcher. Trying to supplement and complement. Fun right guys so. We have now could we perhaps and I can't tell all. I love that little at the end. Mean is he based use they would not doing it in any and could reach every now. Everything is subject to change it and it don't matter what I see you right now that's that's the arms to pardon browse it you're sitting and seeds or trade deadlines and in the beginning of the season and he's witty and again we do we need this guy when he Dak Dak. He has said over and over again they need power back. OK so here you're choices got Jose embrace you got JD Martinez got Eric Hosmer and he probably hit forty home runs I'm sure and he got they need a stand. So what those guys is gonna be Iran it's. Yeah announcing another step two we are talking about I think Judy Martinez is the guy. I don't believe 200 millions gonna get it done I don't I don't I think that's that's just Boris talking out of his butt hole. Is abortion really wanna 200. Due to leaked to the media wants to fifty. Okay 15140. In that range for a guy that's thirty years although by the way standpoint. He's in between and a couple weeks hospice 29 Collison to and other guys 31 will be more some other guys thirty if you don't give. There's a Jose Abreu to me the perfect scenario is trade for Jose Abreu and signed Judy Martinez Connecticut White Sox might be just didn't end in Jackie Bradley junior. I think they would like to have a center fielders to use with my arbitration. It actually because they can spend the money and if they like them they locked the guy got an Oscar Acosta the prop prospect but Jackie Bradley offsets. Are dealing Bradley. Instead of betting ten. But if you don't get a break unit train. I picabo bring in Moreland act. Is Carlos Santana. Is Mitch Moreland. With a higher on base is it's. You don't buy the home runs that's at the Jake is power from the left side. You apologized to the left side of Fenway Park they go back to it that they'll crying because that motion on a progressive and it's not at Fenway Park it's that it's an outside and a double. He seemed out of the higher on base percentage the three finalists defensively for gold glove or Hosmer Santana and in more so defensively they're all the same. Hosmer would give a draft picks look into all these things for qualifying offers for a guy that walked. Is a great clubhouse guy that's such a pain for me debt because of Dan and I think you need that you wanna compare to Morlon. They both the same pop up I don't think he can meet forty I think they get the exact same pop low mid twenties low twenties. He's once again higher average higher on base but you guys won't pop the difference in pop from all that Hoss Merck and sick in a Morse and he's got pop. Not a good first baseman. It's 240. So I understand look at these other options in white angle crazy he can bring a guy late Moline back for five and have to soccer excite people but if I improve and other areas. But that was the difference between this guy and in these three other guys were talking about costs were sent in Morse. I I don't want got a girlfriend that that works for NASA and that's the biggest aren't so what do you think of the Red Sox fans 61777979837. How badly do you want Jon Kyl Stanton. And I'm saying you bring back ball and forget about these are the first baseman Scott meet with them. They're not that much better for the amount of money you gotta pay for a we have from you guys next is old F continues.