OMF - The Yankees stole Stanton but this isn't the move Sox fans should worry about; Glenn can't focus 12-12-17

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Tuesday, December 12th

HOUR 3 - The Yankees made the move of the offseason when they traded for Giancarlo Stanton. Lou is convinced that this isn't the move Sox fans should worry about: it's the next one. Just because Max Kellerman isn't banging the "Brady cliff" drum doesn't mean other pundits won't. Christian is accused of having attention issues during the show. However, we discovered that it is in fact Glenn with the tiny attention span.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty note flowers tonight. No wise no column and oil a he really concerned who would not surprise you they struggled. Onside kicks for guns because he yeah. With Ku and mu and Chris type column jokers because you play cards and if you get a Joker but Joker can be what everyone at the because he's a joke. He's also a joke because he's a jokes Joker Joker Joker joke. Joker joke. Nothing else. The record straight while they're here. To achieve a kind of psychopath. Microwaves swordfish that eat that mr. he couldn't wait till 2 o'clock or lunch as awful right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Through the Joker Joker he's Joker he's Jerry just has such for the union are cooler way to explain what is the social. The joke if you use anything you want to see. Thank you deal with that he's the children because she liked the but the fact that screws I was amazed that was apparent that that don't use my implicit joke. We've started about some stupid that Jon Gruden made it pretty much pleasure and just like we learned something to do is tedious to. T say line. It made it it's just tedious you know I almost feel with sometimes he's not prepared for the game lead on his truck he struck. Well I don't know if that's true no strategy is trying to be funny sometimes to be in it just. Just the joke it was stupid laws that you love you laughed I know I I actually called policy please grab this form because you got a stupid it's because I don't go to become quite yeah. I determine around these like always has joked yeah like they thought I wanted to edit we get Tony Roman actually group. Or a world order room with a big game that we get about the way that all these people that are. Acts outside the numbers could only damn. There is couldn't wait last night on Twitter to call out Tom Brady he's old he's done. You know and they roll tweeting to Max Kellerman like he like he's the cliff gore. You know he's the guy that we go to we know Bruce Brad Pitt Brady's fall off the cliff. Even though Max Kellerman said like two years ago let me give you Max level of analysis in please do so was it does they had on on this morning is the other gets like. 40000 viewers in the morning on on FAS one which is about half the audience that the you know good RadioShack will get. In any given market in America who was nick right now I nick yeah and he played that sinking in this morning. Now since I was only. Was as good as we've ever seen this year through ten games was almost as good as last year. Last week we saw little creek. Yesterday last night. Was as poorly as we've seen him play in a decade it when it happens. Sometimes it happens like that and some I don't. It happens during the season now. Here's Alan Alan now he has now announced it happens usually within an injury when he talks about Peyton Manning. He says Pittman was the MVP 212 games what happened depleting Payton man he got. Injured or he got hurt to lose like it'd right Claude that it affected. His performance so if you tell me because everybody was trying to tell me last night and toward my guts front releasing it on that PartnerRe restricting its channel got. Or there's something wrong with his Achilles which apparently was on the injury report last week that may be more of business we can sit here and start talking about the demise with a fallen off the cliff of Tom Brady. But that's what happened. Yes it was it was clearing that your remote remember that talking about that season 2014. Meaning through twelve games it was 636 touchdowns and nine interceptions. 109 quarterback rating whatever was his MVP. In the last four games was putrid and it everything you do with you members squad he couldn't mow we couldn't set he couldn't throw the football. So it doesn't just happen overnight. Beat you could argue it may be because you but you gotta throw the war injury in the Iraq and if his achilles' Kellerman he can't set and throw a move the way he needs to. Then you could say OK well maybe this is something is gonna bother the rest of his career did you see that his problems I don't offensive line that was destroys manifest itself few times and move up in the pocket and avoid a rush. And actually still move pretty well pockets is that a lot of times it was noted golf. You stroll with guys in the face and do what he did have open looks he got that big yellow gunshot because she was off. I -- what amazes me is that. Injuries is an obvious indicator. And obviously that is that's but that's how it happened at age forty you know that ours is you have tomorrow and you know bonding hormone did a lot of diversity to recover the what you do when you play all yeah plus it's just or that there's somebody else waiting behind you which is in the case anymore we have grapple in the ninety moral goodness that went out also that does that became persona we got him. No we have to allow doorstep or sell dad. Courses that guy like sort of fever bullies don't studies receiver Antonio other returns only hours set with you better returns punts seventeen. He does he has. But he's he's not play he's via he from the U. My and he always the name of our solid segment would molecular reports that good. Good. And so and so obviously that and that was beaten any issue with having. MVP type year hurt his quad band that was it can recover still played. Phil made it through everything was fine him. Missing the point for an this is Jason McEntire will spar. Tom Reid has that this day of practice on the injury report. Eighteen question mark for three weeks looked it tonight. He's forty the air and come this quickly this is Joseph Bob boots Kersey W Wal-Mart and pat Tom Brady threw. Black ball like a forty year old war should bring Jimmy oh wait. Good comedy that's grew in comedy right there. Peter boo cow ski a little tomboy. I'll check mart. Tom Brady looks like a forty year old quarterback tonight about Charles Robinson Twitter is tell me the patriots Tom Brady is old. One right after another good luck. Because it does anybody not believe that Tom Brady is not going to be really going on Sunday I think he's can be really good this. Yeah really got is usually the Waco yes we have one of these like he had asked about old. Watch out Paula it's a bit like the whole Max Kellerman. You know here comes the clip he's going to be a bomb in short order. Somebody please explain to me how long short order overall wrong pay all court order. Max Kellerman com this decade he keeps trying to get back into the. A yes this this is site people and actually never happened with Ortiz but you know back in 09. Note that 20092000. And yes it was like that's it he's done these nature rolled over to fall off a cliff all these other things. In seven years later you still hit rural elect mark my words it's gonna happen oh. OK but. Once you pass like that Max is only a year through you know think they'd met him saying this three years from now. He's got all of a cliff and it's like well you lose the right to say that when you get past you know. Wait two years when content anyway to about done and you went to soup apples I tell you what though that you can't so you eat the first year you proved wrong yeah. And there's there's there's this like huge like rushed to be the first wind. This that you sought first talk but I say I saw back in that Miami game back into when he seventy. They did that is like this that this game is on board game. Terrell missing it the wrong message when they keep on telling us. That their you know talk about being obvious and all of this it's like meets saying to Max Kellerman Max you're gonna die. I'm telling you right now short on our I'm making a prediction you're going to die. What shorter lower at 657585. Guiding hand and how how there's like I tell you needed tonight and I can keep on moving the goalposts I do whatever I want. I did was identify the moment passed which Tom Brady would no longer be a great quarterback he has. He's been right now with the leading candidate. To be MVP this year you can't keep on going back to its like Ron Borges for seventeen years has constantly said and written that it's all gonna blow up a Bill Belichick in the New England Patriots eventually. Ron Borges will be correct but if you do what each year 18192021. I'm sorry you can't sit here and take credit for. Yeah well. And and so this is not. The sign this is not the Achilles mine he's still practicing and I could say you can go back of them the last six or seven years in toward the end of the year. When the season's really start to mount up in the game start to really get you. He was missing practices drop below last year the year before that wobble is taking all those rust on Wednesday. Just so happened that day at a Monday night game so we took what they it took what Wednesday and Thursday off Kirstie practice Friday and what isn't. Available but really you see this all will put the league coming what are we talking about Aaron Rodgers did when he was healthy. Eight took some time off let's get back to your phone calls here's Jeff and mauled and hello Jeff. Count me prison sentence structure. Are there and were on such outlets want saying. It. Would win yet the chances of rule we haven't really poor and hungry and loses right now. Hey Jeff had to poly guy are you. Got it yet sure what actress like you get your sought on this Christiane and play thirteen partners would ever let split I know I know slight. From Boston buffalo. And back again. And is essentially shuttle flight it's not. We all attack and so and a flight from Boston on the Miami and back it sound exactly the same slime a Oakland or LA zoo brought. I'm wondering out. District this game coming up but the patriots now also on the short week coming up to three travels through and sent her to detective. Yeah road and so he's you know that wears Lyndon. They're all arrested Amanda had to. You can get their points out a delegate to the point where it will road games travel much on that they want twelve games in rural roads and then. But the patriots played Sunday and I would wouldn't be concerned about the strategic thinking about this game coming up but what what does that do it. If you get in and supplement not just. And that was. Now about belongings. But as long as Belichick's politics which was 34 secular outlets is a lot longer than thirty. Plus he went until a different voice you have is an indulgence and alcohol so. Good golf you wanted to. Debated case you can make your case for the short week announcing that I so the short week more than any of this travels probably Obama traveled back to back road games is the third time this year they went they went to Denver Mexico's seat that Denver okay. On to say they stayed in Denver. All right buffalo you can get them like 45 I understand but the other back to back road trips it was a my way down the players are young and they went to New York. But the jets. Found themselves down fourteen dolphin. A controversial non touched down by Jenkins. And they squeak by the jets' road games they went in a row I mean. If it can't buy this road trips up your green growth it's it's over the course of two years but not in a row. I really I've sent back to back road games are won they stayed in the attitude they would have thought a little by. I'm gonna take this one Miami played the game of the season. And they needed to because it was their Super Bowl my second of all patriots played with very little energy. And could not get into the year in and do what they wanted to do and Tom Brady socked. OK the three of those things happening again this Sunday afternoon are slim and none. Not gonna happen. Out really good notes and below will know I isn't Columbia law. You down to the wire back and forth just like began our dealers against Baltimore can't we agree with Arizona LJ in Chicago what's up. They guys yet let classic trap game last leg that's low lows but. My question is. Mostly I guess for Christian. Unity is it possible. I haven't heard this series floated out there are many guys talked about earlier apologized seeded but is it possible that belt certainly Daniels went in the last leg into what it would have been no game plan with a shorthanded team that didn't really wanna. Show a whole lot with Pittsburgh Comerica that's basically a playoff game this Sunday in the last night was being mostly went Sunday. But they got two home games. What are you guessed it ought all. De facto Plame and businessmen and do it home to vendors first from buyers don't want. On but I will say this like they've they've had these similar gains of Miami with a game plan. The couple years ago and ran ran ran every ball you all are thrilled and over again what they usually humorous football. I will say yeah sadism with a game didn't mean last unity you can say that about that you Stephen Jackson members desperate emboldened run the football. Yeah I would say that the that. The I guess to place election our route selection choices. We're not as creative as in the past amazing they never got time to develop. That's the other thing it's not even know. Because the date they barely got to the play because they could stay on the field so eagle appealed three out OK next that a place three and out three and out three now. You get one really good drive going. Was was their best drive which is all centrally focused around Amendola with a little bit James light at the end. That's the offense quick back and forth over and over again no full back on the field. You are tied and you think they ought to be tied and you think do you think they thought that point alum was a threat zero no absolute none 00 don't worry about it we're gonna we're gonna worry about branding coach did you not get behind that's what they do nothing did get behind him right. They got a two interceptions. And all those other people little comebacks and little played that he runs none of them worked there and if you in in if you were. Rushing in your reporting a good rush up the middle and Tom Brady. He's got on hold the ball quickly and people get a little while quickly too I mean. Let me one more. I think it would have been hilarious last night in the press conference if somebody had the balls to ask Bulger paid bill do you think you traded the wrong quarterbacks. And be a milestone in our yard my dad every parent. His famous line if you yet the rethink or reevaluate reevaluate cholera exaggeration killer from my charities career he was all set for the future would normally would recognize it takes over it's like seeing these like the Jimmy Jean was burned houses it is an NBC sports. Sanford and we are you able to human transfer out of Bay Area who. Who's the guy that's LeBron James like personal reporter win horse that he could be Jimmy grapples with your zealotry and again it all inside information talk to talk to. Him personally just a couple actually just right now I semi tech we're gonna go have lunch and here's what he says. Mingle well two. Days here. 561777979837. That's our poll maverick it is actually patriots Monday on C eight Tuesday. What time is Belichick go with the guys this afternoon for a five and what's on the seat Evans on 232030. With pictures in effect again we gonna but the pictures up online on the website we could keep up with. Show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I thank the people of Tom Johnson. Delivered pizza the intact crew right now John you can get any larger campaign so for just ten dollars. Peyton Manning played to pay the rest you know if you are used to promo code any and at Papa John's daughter. Victories there. I'm waiting for a reaction from the Yankees. And we just got a they've just sign Ryan gold beer. Who I vote they had just signed it demands they the rats that don't bribery site ready for a Red Sox make a big move earlier today signed Sam Adams the Yankees all right all right levels designed to be yankees don't try to figure this one up close so Dombrowski is saying one thing. The agent for John Carlos Dan is saying something. Totally different basically say in the Red Sox were never interest. To Brodsky saying they were interest but there were other teams. In fall and it but here's where it doesn't fly from day. When depressed because this is equal last week talked to Miami. But found out they were engaged in a deal with the New York. And would he do that I'm back off. Daddy you're dating from I don't know about that special salute courtesy and it negotiating or something positive coming courtesy and so at that point. Don't you said there's whoa whoa whoa whoa we can do a better deal with you why wouldn't you and at worse. Forced the Yankees to hand over more into that deal. A GM so Mike hill is the Dombrowski the Marlins front president of baseball ops that is a dream scenario. You have the Yankees. And the Red Sox if you believe it interest in the same player. And you're trying to basically salary dump this guy so all of a sudden it turns into a salary dump the because of the two teams that are interest it. Okay that's no longer salary dump. You wanna give me Castro on these two guys no no no because the browse teachers call in a cache of him. Art what else do you want I mean and to browse deepening you play them off each other. After listening to the whole thing yesterday. Whatever you believed when he first heard the news. You could prove your point if you believe the red such a cheap and they want the contract everything I heard yesterday they'll be refuted it. If you believe that junk Alistair it was not gonna put them on their list you heard people say that. Then the Red Sox hadn't had no shot of getting them to believe that. If you believe gave them browsed he really deeply really didn't want John Carlos didn't you can believe that as well. If you believe Derek Jeter set this thing up to go to the New York Yankees so you can believe that option still shows. There was there's nothing and eating any information knock you might kill that the president. Sane to stand gave it to fourteenth to work at those four teams there's no traction they introduced the giants introduced the cardinals Null. Finally they would back the other teams the Yankees jumped. So you believe him the Red Sox were never chance in this whole thing. And I believe the agents probably would he says at first I did this at some things I can't believe. Is it the Red Sox an average is that there were never an option force at that that is frightening to me put. But also was never presented to us as an option to my knowledge Boston. Never had any interest and she did not that they will love this player. They've they've never been tried to deal. Yes yes I don't believe that there you know maybe maybe they did whatever but. The the problem is at the end he does say that. Meeting and talking with Dave he made clear his priority was pitching. Does anyone believe that. Does anyone believe that the priority and lost recycled saudis are better large belt left handed reliever committees are remote relief in big relief that believes that a priority would ever be relief pitching. Where we were told that the GM meetings that we're looking for pitching. And other areas I didn't expect. It believed it OL digital I don't believe that the whole thing is reclined and I agree it it allows to browse to to kind of sneak out of the room. All on this form. To meet this was say this was a major. Screw up in. In not making a stronger effort to get scant INS that didn't wanna come here I'd get it Lou that's contributed to me he changes. Everything or you tell you know he changes everything. Illusion that I came up with a listen to everything is that Dave Dombrowski did not want John Carlos and old men because you. You listen to the initial offers. Eat as much money you can and we want top prospects maybe not comfortable with that and I've had that discussion I wasn't comfortable that either. But the game changed. The other minute they went to Saint Louis and San Fran hold on now need to list you told me was these fourteen YE talking to them one given opportunity OK I don't like involved. And any final of the deals fall through your on the phone right away out of like involved. In the Dombrowski says he waited the last week in there guarding gauged the Yankees more than if you really want the player. Then you don't let him sleep. You call mark constantly left right has anything changed the game we talked to them can we talked to representatives. He didn't want him bad enough. That's it didn't fit his plans but this whole leg dog and pony show. Is kind of annoying well. You weren't out of his immediate list so I can. Yeah we call it. And we won why us you know we did girl. And I won't come back and copy goes on talk to my children general manager's meetings and there are so I want to say exactly where everything was what they were looking for. Just was not where we were at that particular time. My social and exchange he had some of the initial list with two of the Nationalists won fourteen yes you just India cubs Dodgers yankees OK so the official list but did you hear him talk in his in France and saint Saint Louis don't you call back considerable act after the whenever the original list. Bye guys given them an opportunity and we can we get an opportunity that never happens. With those very unseeded two things either he doesn't think he'd give it all there's no shot. Or he just doesn't want them I think reached out. There was. Something. No the only thing it and there they'd they'd. Wanna put money. It's a lot of money dated wanna pay the money so I'll I'll throw this out. Then what is your game plan. Because if you go get JD Martinez the fact that there were two other teams that thought they had a shot. John Carlos and they're willing to pay more money now for Martinez because they still have holes in their line with a with a big bat. And then if you're gonna wait and tell us what the judge did by Vichy with what we've got. And then we're gonna deal next year would you got some contracts that are up next year according Kimbrel you've you don't know the situation is going to be with price. And oh yeah the good guys that might be in the market might because I don't know which I was going to be in the market he may side with somebody but those guys are on the market. What tells you you're gonna get harper or you're gonna get much shut up and what are you gonna pay if you do get those guys so we all these young players all the bees all the young beast. Yet that the clock is ticking here look. It if you look at the Yankees and you try to look at the clock and the timeline on the calendar. The Yankees have got themselves in a great position for now they're better than the Red Sox they were bigger deeper in the post season. And for the future. Better off I know what baseball's a strange it is weird stuff so it is because 2013 were brought up yet. No don't have to go back to keep those sort of go to a year ago today. Go to a year ago today Jiri Yankee fair. Eight you just saw. Haley Amir's wake up at first base you just some who can best be runnerup them BP says Jackie Bradley 27 bombs you star shortstop when the silver slugger. You know you saw a report so what do cy young and they just made a trade for Chris Sale. And you sit there going cheeses look at this team. You know bunch of young superstars. They signed Chris Sale it MVP candidate milky bets for years what are we got. And a mess of a rotation. Often act is gonna be healthy sabathia is a 107 and has ever Reno hasn't figured it out yet ever judge this kid judge. Who strikes out all the freaking time we get Gary Sanchez who can't catch a licked. What do we got. You know Ellsbury expiring contract what are what are we have. That's what they were saying a year ago to a year later all of a sudden you know then the next coming in the Red Sox are done. Isolate the residents are done in the standard done but the Yankees certainly same conversation just flip a year ago. Yankees' down years the Yankees have moved ahead of them there at Amherst and the thing that's still years and you can get but the thing that still scares me right now. Is on the day and age where power is. Important okay we're seeing that that's the game that pitching impound. You tell me more where's their power. They don't have. They don't have what you it'll suddenly tell me the ball it's got to find that it thirty apparently managed care had Hillary every thirty yards last year right. And and the Yankees have does it hit forty plus 5059. Who they signed the guys and a lot of going to be better. I don't know we'll bring the zone core I mean so even if they so let's play better and it's still enough. Did the same line up okay you take Ortiz is 37 out you put in more on 221. To sixteen moment difference of that team. That's it you did. Right. Mean in you put devers at third for whatever a couple of months. You took David's out. Mobile ones in your worst in sixteen home runs a Bledsoe comes from the other guys if you tell me if you've got home run hitters on the line. When you kick us some days you're clear in those places your Portland's additional pressure off you pitcher. Instead what they're doing is they're trying to steal bases okay like a elevates LSU last that was I was lighthearted though the answer to their lack of power moment ability early on especially given that again. Is that going to be the game plan well as of today December or whatever so what if yes but new suit again so he puts him in the lineup that would have changed everything dramatically yes would've changed future that's involved you know most if it bothers me because I think they need that star first of all. You knew you could argue that this thirteen minutes to go. Bothers me the most is you know. For self angered them browse to talk him only one that not to do is nowhere to bet to play. All right so. Any idea that did not try to treat Jackie Bradley isn't with a rumors come from plug it with a rooms come from number one. You never admit to try to trade Poehler as it falls through there's no coming baskets is no sorry Jack a spring training Jackie emerged that we don't. There's no and actually I never admitted the rumors where they come from the rumors are coming from. The front office of San Francisco Giants the rumors are coming from the front office of Chicago White Sox player so that's what the rumors are coming from. But. Think it (%expletive) you off is that you know his talks now like former being available on the Yankees or interest in him Marcelo soon being available down in Florida. This of good young bats are available you don't have the prospect of gold get them anymore. But she had let a bad farm system you had enough to get young Carlos to. You did you had enough to get the biggest prize out there. In need you didn't want it bad enough to go get. It and don't relative safety less than about money. And that will find out soon enough but you tell me I mean. I understand I think that's what it was like seized at ten years left connect changed it he's they would invest 265 million dollars in a guy and he has an alto which you get more money you look at any resign them. I toy toy fair cost let's consent vol. Big money. Not not this type of money dollars ten years well it at six years it's gonna be 2324. Million isn't it regularly five I posted a 25 annually going to be given Stanton. When it comes to load your country could get more bang for your block. With Stanton then you are with or Costner and people can say all they want about what this clubhouse presence or whatever we'll see about that. Some of that regularly overeat especially its content be the Yankees they decided to stall John Carlson from for essentially nothing but great farm system and give up any pieces of it. But nothing and just traded Chase Headley that'd that'd Padres spring in my thirteen million. Another talking about trading Ellsbury is awful contract and packaging with a kid like Frazier now the prospect and unloading that money by trading Hadley. They thirty million dollars under luxury tax nick a global figurative Ellsbury. They're prospects optic Zeus still a sainted the Stanton one should not send chills down your spine. The next one should get this thing and he'll do ship they can still get who ever they want in a trade and they got the money to put him on their team you're right but the state. Deal allows them to do all of this so normally to get a player of that stature. National League MVP. 159. Home runs the year before or nothing you have to give up an awful lot you're giving those prospects to get over the goal that you guys apple product that's the biggest fear you read it like this that give up because you don't like the player but didn't like what you'd have to give up. The Yankees gave up nothing. And with giving up nothing opens the doors for all of these other players so they can win the next season they don't have many holes. MM deal but imagine if. You were able to trade. Four per sale trade for Palmer and and not give up. Espinoza most monk cada all coping right and you know and in incidentally don't get these guys that nothing beautiful now we can actually use these prospects. And they if freeing up money back but they're going to be under the luxury tax threshold. They're absolutely going to be in play for harper next year no question it has to be in place from which out of and then the other talk about your cold out of Pittsburgh a former down in Detroit and there are going to be stacked stand thing is gonna look like nothing compared to when they're done so how was that not scary. Forward for Red Sox fans it is we don't want to get him out yeah. What do you do about values summer ale. About bad timing like Sam Adams is bad timing today but here's here's the oval. Who's got to sign all these players over the next few years the Red Sox are in that position is brought upon Marines just what little he's this year. You've got to pay pop oriented pop ads goes out and continues to improve off of what we saw this past year just want. It was the free agency he's got you've been at the mountain. This is the problem they have now all the young talent that they brought any. This was supposed to be deer moment this was their shelf life to go for the championship and guess what they're gonna have to do now. The pay all these guys' or they're gonna lose to a I don't think there are a great position here though they had a bad position they're going to be in the race they're going to be in the end in the thick of the student still play out yes the question. But in my view and our team playing one play in game and how they added they were when they only have. They don't do so well when he gets in the post season you know. Now you can't change in and you can't you can't change any but the singular creative. Now it's still you know that in this new cubs. It did it thing chat would third three years 38 million I'd love child chat would they got a good for him he's going to be a probably top five citing offseason. Will push comes to shove as far as dollars beating out production. But we'll Shelby on the trade market. Two years to anyone teams out there looking for pitching maybe a couple bucks. I don't know Haley mayors are gonna trade market. Jackie Bradley would be on the trade market. Matt Barnes Brandon Workman. There's a lot of those guys that would move around Dick creative. Maybe you pull player in a lot of out of one of these two or three trades made people prospects back maybe free up money to go get JD in las work. You know it is there's things to be creative Iraqis at some work to do. He's got work to coursing its success from or to any could get a he could do a lot of things now. Negated just Sino us aren't say that we've improved our book and I say you you didn't improve enough disease that slightly better. Production. From my from all of them. I will keep the patriots up on the board last night's game and what we're gonna see are coming up Sunday afternoon Pittsburgh and we had to throw the Red Sox thing out there because they. It's really aggravating and you know if you listen the last few weeks I really wanna step I thought he'd make a huge difference culture wise everything in his city with a Red Sox. Make them at least a little bit more interest thing. Maybe more likable lot of things would have happened any better team. And go to the Yankees is an capsule kill so put that on abort as well radio and or an experienced the land. Twenty force yet and follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more we're waiting room on the euphoria what Sports Radio W really high end. I'm not sure no and then finally greatest. Great optics firm around the dirt cheap actually you deal away the biggest star on the Miami Marlins Judy twenty year old seeing some people pissed off. That you dealt them off to the Yankees like setting up the Yankees for the next decade. And that instead of showing up to the general manager meetings down in Orlando you're deciding going to the dolphins he trade scheme like ally that is just. To all my wife that down it's because these are the meetings in which business is done. The I want my general manager my president I want them down in Orlando talking with a home what rebuilding. A lot of fun. Actually at a lab rings were for him you know leverage data optics I haven directly related and he really big deals better. I see something different you want to go hang out watches a mile in Miami Dolphins beat Obama is hanging out Dan Marino oh really that's a good look. I don't think it matters of life and I actually don't even matter if more kicking let's trade it he just he is at war he traded away and so now he's shall we could hope money to going to get other there are ours. This strawberry trying to think he's Ol they don't want to spend any money you don't have they don't want to get down to 59 million dollars yeah well so they're liquidating everything Christian he looks like the celebrity in this dark. And not the guy who's getting his hands dirty and getting out there in retail and easy Jens that she looks like as it's ever so kind one so what would be. On that. Bully in Orlando last a lot of legal drama you know. You know haunted terror terra good power air Everett and his glamorous LS honestly he's talking and talking about the hollered all went down so to home to the yeah. Do these high big money Sandy's feels if you don't have any idea that's exactly. Yeah but on its way into the Democrats back you lie and you don't want our. Miami Marlins fan. Play in all you kids don't Warren and it's the and I understand financially they had. They felt like they had to get below what actually dealt the way. They can deal whales soon with the prospect still yell it's for prospects. Deal way a lot of the other high priced guys for prospects and say. Stick you wanna stay here. Did you is that we want you must look look around you'll stay here. So if you don't wanna stay here if you want to trade you open up you'd you'd you'd demands as far as who we can trade you two. I am not gonna give you a way for salary dump. Jesus we can't afford to do that. They do something for your organization. We drafted you oh we signed you. You walk you're an MVP can you give something back he just opened it up a little bit is a great deal in Saint Louis to beautiful place to play. Well I don't wanna play that okay fine and stay here in Miami and blow all the kids. If they don't I mean it could've done and instead they just they do is dump them for nothing and yet you don't see that that'd Tampa Bay Rays doing that deal. You don't see that when they trade guys sit out and all that on no trades you know of those in his contract and put it in the script the first place. But when you trade away guys neck at a market you absolutely. Have to get back a player or two a superstar or rule. The White Sox they they think you know cope reckon Markota can be superstars. You can just roll them out there and oh what team do you think had more. Had a better attendance at their games Miami or Tampa. Miami. Did barely apparently but they did. And ideas about Tampa and Tampa's off in his life you know that's like in the ballpark is located sincerely believe. I don't know what they like they were dead last tonight. I the only reason why it's dead last I don't know the number is but the only reason why is there any AL east. Because people come down Boston Red Sox the how easy in the Orioles I mean that that's the only reason why yes they should editors what's this guys is it. Yeah I know so it's Tampa Oakland at a Miami. As als say this yes it's like the Miami Marlins meanwhile Republicans who cares. They're going to be the Oakland a's as of the end up being able to see you wonder like why he's at a at a baseball game I don't at a football game when he should be schmoozing and with you know scouts and agents idol I think. I think Jeter looks as if I'm Miami fan and you're right divert fuel for I'm not happy with their cute today and it's even worst that young and I'd be able to get John Carlos that your setting him up to go to the Yankees. You can't work it out with them in the way out that was a favor don't beat the crap out of us and what did you do he called the circus down right freshly embarrassed on the recession is that it deems a new owner is part of circuit he's fixing the circuits. He's fixing the problem of no fertility golf because of what color ducked an old ownership old management. He explained and that thing circuits page bunch of money well it was all right yeah. It was a big circle until it is due to showed up the football game last night and not too weak job your job okay. That's when he should I don't know I normally and I guess it's. Eight out of their pay for performance a year salary. You lived through for four months and I guarantee you by July you know open your demands it was Steve secretary of if you wanna get the hell out of here right and if not only Ricky before more you're gonna go when I wouldn't know it paid the money for one year. Analytic closest thing forward until you open it up a little bit at least allow us to get someone's best pitching prospect Brent let me just that some. You think it is concern could you could get the Yankees. So elevated over him and got to the trading deadline and tell them like it's what you do was exactly that you think the economy as good at keeping in the circuit year old over the elephants for the next six marketed and we're not getting ready right now that's fun that's what you don't surely they gave his Kindle. Derek Jeter mishandled it. And for him to show up the football game last night was even while I'm actually meet Ali he's actually. Getting real criticism for his not being apnea gas and it was like god is maybe it was. His wife's birthday age so Yusuf editor at the helicopter and it's a national instead of what's up Tony. Into the kind of call this whole thing in communities where at. In the Arlington town but it did Cashman has given credit when he actually does something that I that he didn't include including anyway. Started the candidate but anyway aren't about to do better and actually keeping god and just get a shadow Fuller for a year. I'd be really listened there. Can do it because. You know they can convince him and hit the free agency and sign him but maybe the Yankees might be the one team to do it but it allows no team. Oh what how I wanna do give out. What I had to give up forget which out of for year. Anyway it's very easy it sounds to me like the Orioles are looking to get something right now like he's no and you know in Rosenthal article. It tuck mother taking calls and receiving but the one team you'd never traded to his New York right. That was all comes from or ownership more you have to deal with that for the next eight years yankees or sit Avandia is a sit back and it's just following the channel goes into that you gave up what form. Isn't about all month we're gonna sign him. While I would do an escalator around reform as an instructional ball. Import you and I thought we got company whose stock and he's certainly have a farewell bit of martial falcon mean so I think it's important he probably won't hear from again. Any of these even Donovan McNabb doesn't work for a poem he works for ESPN news or else we were gonna integrated into the last and that's what I was telling him if you would have just shut up and let me explain all this call is that there is out of you know you know let it play we don't need to do. Serbia does I think Glenn is probably bigger score. His slogan moments does will be there were. Yeah and I'll and I'll drop my old Mitt conversational droplet my pennies at you you eat it right there of course I'm worried yeah I don't this is a result. I haven't discussed with our producer talk about the next hour Angela you're gonna you know you don't do that aren't even really had a few of them there are things you won't talk to him so he feels really demands as Phil you're confident. Anyway you have a confidence about him answered that he can accomplish our. Ghana's first in Serbia. Mobile stuff novels of ambulance now.