Orlando Vandross, director of recruiting/player development for VIrginia Men's Basketball, joins Bradford and Drellich to discuss the events in Charlottesville, VA yesterday -- 8-13-17

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Sunday, August 13th

Bradfo's old pal Orlando Vandross, who lives in the Charlottesville area, joins the show to give his take on what happened there yesterday, the environment in that community prior to these events and after and how he thinks they will come together despite how bad things were on Saturday. 


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Real realistic and I will will take a pause here okay and what we were talking about before this is this is why this show is so did. Because. When we talk but or talk about the first hour Charlottesville yes okay so I a friend of mine. Olindo vandross Brockton spies early and are you there. You are split the brought finest. And the man who made me you'd better basketball player by not allowing to be you play prep school. So elated Bindra Olindo we have talked a lot while Orlando and I went to school together Brewster academy Olindo went on to play college ball. And now he's an assistant coach at the University of Virginia and I pastoral and don't call him because obviously Orlando is down there and Alito are you actually down their now. Yet active return in my application today. A fortune I was here when everything was. Occurred but. You know it it's a very interesting time right now which was bitten. Yes. So Orlando so. It is again I apologize because we haven't caught up in and we could do a whole show on how Orlando dominated mean practice into the summer and and it wasn't fully view is not hard. But but. Because Orlando because you are down there and you have some sense of what that community is like in you aren't you even if you're in the middle of that you probably have some friends and some people who you know who. Are being affected by all of those going on just give us that little idea of what is going on down there right now from your perspective. Well armed. I've written about three years now and it's a beautiful. It's one of the most. I think when the greatest college campus that I have a war on marketed the university. Child abuse that went up favorite Scott college coach and with her legal and audit. A dramatic change in terms of the confederacy. Did the removal of a statue you know vocal part Roger Robert Lee got to be rumbled. And most of those who still believe in the confederate. Is not happy about removal of this actually and so you have to opposition's cut colliding. And these people have not. From this area. On that promote this this type of hatred on the map from the area they're not from Charlotte though in this community hears China. Started to come together and try to. Basically make it united stated that this is not appropriate we don't could be in this type of action on the terms of hate and down but. We're well within this state of shock actually happen to a certain degree that it really happened. And that people exist like get up close and I have two beautiful children back. Are they twins an eleven years old they're trying to get Grasso why. This is happening a whole lot of people hate on this level of someone loses their life. And that's one thing that is what really neat. Personally seen images. On TV reading that it would be nice actually see that someone lost their life in all those two state troopers. All would act as someone that did hate. Well what's going on here shots so is it harder put in work but I wanted to get back view as we go way back. I wanted to make sure today and you know how religion that we understand that you regard regard yet talked walked out. At a great time we got along what about who's Colorado what religion you war. We we started out walking together we had have been common look at all at bass player that'd be. Oh. It it it looked unbelievable that it you know Asia that right now. Orlando if you feel Samir is the seven drunk if you have some your. Former athletes let's say if somebody in the pros say hey you know I have been thinking about talking about this publicly but I'm not sure what would you say to them. We've would you tell them that put themselves out there or it. That better played safe and justice can keep yourself. That's a great question all of it would have been an age where everybody's so politically correct I understand it sometimes you're jeopardizing your reputation and livelihood. Oh when you step on the wall for we have a lot of athletic he is we'll do that now currently out we can't cabinet. What's going on there. I think that the on YouTube if you go to step out and actually be a voice. Mom you better be ready you know the count costs. Com I'm not saying not to do little to do it but realize that just yet but now. In Portland where you wanted to be criticized and ridiculed be prepared for the consequences if you truly believe in what you say. If you don't then that you know international. Obviously you know made that not what you personally I. I think if you have the conviction you gotta think that the only change gonna come out or limit the. Draws assistant. Basketball coach University of Virginia and one on the fire's point guards I've ever played well on the line. And really the probably defiance Avant but I was asked the visceral and you talked about what a great community Charlottesville is and what do you think comes out of this what it is is it is do you think that there is a lot of healing in the community to do the you'd you'd said that these people. Team from outside the community that's unfortunate but this is what everyone's focusing on which this community as we know it right now. Well yet you will begin opposite take place all on board when it comes together actually. It will be better output to be honest with you mom back. I think any kind of wouldn't have that type opposition. Is the only one or two ways you can go we split with come together Arab. But tacky it was you come together. How would the did little boy I don't know all the details right now but I am an advocate that we should come together and really tight. As a community and the know that we're gonna you know be Charlotte those strong now because of these event. Well and in Boston there's a lot of talk about you how the level racism here and how and how you can possibly compare to other cities I don't know but I'm curious now how large is the sentiment. And it is that I'm comfortable down there for Pratt and Americans and for black people in ilk you're involved with recruiting defeat yet. Will you now have to answer different questions to students and parents at that maybe you didn't in the past. That's a great question com. In welcome back home I've been based on recruiting and our student athletes. And I am a parent as well various. Concerned and questioning what is the environment like here. In Charlottesville. The university agreed that our president sent out unbelievable state not head Coach Tony Bennett. Put it is out recruits and parents think that nature all of you read that could be proactive on before and had let everybody know that we're not accepted this type of behavior awkwardly that this community. Doesn't condone that type of behavior. We're gonna have to be proactive as much as we can't answer those questions my wife and apple working at university of we have been doing everything probably. Yeah advocate and let everybody know that we are definitely protected you know now that student interest quit on the community as well. So it's it's going to be proactive approach that we would have happened united front to always address. How we're going about it in terms of safety probably about you know visit environment. It not what you see on TV terms of what you saw this past weekend. That on the cut you know people. Going to look out grounds that knocked him don't you know on a daily basis so we're gonna be proactive in trying to address what is possible. Let them drive. It's it's too great here for me and I am sorry that I had to did touch within. These circumstances and I hope will hopefully we get together soon because once again. This is one of the finest basketball minds I've ever been around it and he's a toll over selling me as a baseball player I appreciate that and a and I brought all right thanks a Ireland of Indo us. Assistant basketball coach at University of Virginia. And Brockton native as well he was assistant at Boston university for a long time. Now he's with that fine program and it's good to get a perspective of someone down there is as Orlando said he's. Down there he is actually down there right now I know is a downer is actually down in Charlottesville and he could have been on vacation. You could have been here. All right thank you thank you to give it occurred yet right so that was lies in wondering don't be wise ass and plunging need. I don't because that was you're you kind of an athlete at one point. It still wondering are you starting in the media. I'm I just said I'm pitcher's spot for you could yes Friday I in the starting pitcher. You have that confirmed from army and yes I did this is the Red Sox yankees media. This game in assembly yes no one cares about that idea but more importantly yes I was an athlete Orlando and I played together. Bruce academy there it is right there that's me doing a push out. I. An experience. I said the guys be getting up from doing pushups some 2010. Are you really. Most so much denied regarding completion com. Yes and I don't want here. But thanks for Orlando for calling in new skewed perspective to have we get back to what we're talking about the give Dell photo of who wanna continue to talk about this. The Charlottesville tragedy down there. Com and also the Red Sox we haven't got the Red Sox I'd have to be in the show that there was some things that. I am going to prove that avenue was full who beyond that we talked about last week we get to all that right after this.