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Saturday, April 21st

Gilroy opens the show talking about the crappy effort from the Celtics in their game 3 loss to the Bucks. He then gets into the on going drama with the New England Patriots, specifically between Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Bill Belichick, and gives his thoughts on how they could make it better.


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You're sports Saturday rolls along here. Sports Radio WEEI Patrick feels like you review for the next. Two hours. As always them to join me here 6177797937. You take the program at 37. 937 found on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at until rolling. I don't and I am a disappointed man this afternoon usually after the Celtics are victorious in a post season game. My next day is is sort of like a glorious day because you know there are no back to backs so the Celtics win an evening game on a Thursday or Friday night. Next act you re all the lake. I'm optimistic and enthusiastic. Idol spring in my step and it's the exact opposite when they lose especially. When they lose in the manner in which they lost last night. It's the NBA and we know that. The Eastern Conference really needed to jumbled mess right now you know you could make the argument that teams one through late in the playoffs that there is no significant difference. Between the first seat in the eighth seed second seeded seventh seed I mean that's why these series are all for the most part a pretty close right now most of them are 21. Cleveland is not. Far away the best team in the east this year Toronto is still Toronto immune to being good in the playoffs but they are still the raptors and until they're able to. You know make a conference final and compete they're always gonna be saddled with that. Sort of label the pit of their of the raptors that they don't you wouldn't think so nobody in the east gears right. But you had to know that the Celtics if there was a game they're going to lose in this series after opening up the series Tuesday. It was gonna be game three and he Milwaukee had no choice the steers sees it was on the line so I don't mind so much the loss. What I mind is the manner in which they lost the Celtics flat out it did not show up for the game last night and that is the very surprising. I think. Because. Short Brad Stevens has had a number of losses in in his five years here in Boston right and look the Celtics got. Absolutely eviscerate it last year by Cleveland in the playoffs and talk like fifty point losses at the caller that's all of the so it's not like the Celtics. Haven't had bad. Embarrassing performances in the playoffs before. Well what happened last night was Milwaukee came out. With a game plan they were going to be the more physical team that was it if the shots fell the shots fell. They were going to be physical for 48 minutes they are working to let anything come easy for guys like that are easier to in the brown peace and Tatum Al Horford. And they clearly executed. Their game plan to perfection. Men handling the Celtics. The 48 minutes last night the Celtics had a little bit of hope. Midway through the third quarter I think they cut a fourteen or 121 point. But other than that it was an embarrassing effort from the Celtics last night and the question now becomes. Is this team able to bounce back the way that we think we hope they hand tomorrow afternoon because I don't think you wanna come back to Boston. Tied at two apiece I believe I don't think that this young Celtics team. Is ready to face real adversity just yet and if you're like me where you know that the ceiling is limited. For this year's team you know that they are nodding finals contender you know the you know winning a championship but if you like meaning that the sole goal now for the Celtics is. Survive as long as possible give us as much springtime basketball as possible to get this team entertain us throughout the month of may that's my goal here. Because once June gets here that's when baseball really gets going that's when the summer's here that's when your route. Barbecuing and a Monday night because when you leave work it's still hot out you feel good. Yelled that's OK but right now this last month before we get into June. I was really hoping for. Sort of some Celtics basketball for the next thirty days and I hope that we're still in that place I just don't know. How this team is going to respond because they don't have that veteran leadership. To lean on so we'll talk about that would you guys today it's 6177797937. Also on the program today we'll get into the patriots and their whole drama that that continues to surround. The New England Patriots this is the most anti patriot conversation. Imaginable and it's been going on for months now. And it's getting worse instead of better. It's getting more and more uncomfortable. Instead of more comfortable. As we approached the drafts and we approach organized workouts and we approach the exhibition season I mean it's all going to be your before we know. And the patriots are just as much of a mess if not more famous today than they were in the in in the moments post suitable. And that's the most surprising thing to me you know I thought for sure work. I think I came on the air I was on the year after the Super Bowl all night I was on until curtain gallantly came on at midnight stayed on until 6 AM the next day. Taking your phone calls and you know the general consensus was. People thought that they would get their stuff together within a month maybe maybe six weeks you know everybody was sort of cool off cooler heads would prevail. Then the maturity the leadership all the stuff that makes Bill Belichick and Tom Brady is successful. As they are those guys would get in a row when Robert Kraft and figure this mess out. And move on. And I don't think anybody doubted that rationale I don't think anybody doubted that way of thinking because that's what we become so used to. Over the course of less 161718. Years but it's not happening and the longer these guys stay apart I think the worst that it gets. You have to think. That if the patriots were interested in giving say Rob Gronkowski the sort of raise that I think he wants. Why wouldn't they have done it already why would they continue to. Mess around with a if the intent is to pay him right if the intent is to pay him lately. Elite wide receiver rather than an elite tight end why are they waiting. So I'm not sure the intent is there from the patriots to give drop what he wants if they're gonna hardline broke like this it's not gonna get better any time soon. Because I don't think rock would have a problem. Sitting out a year walking away potentially doing something else he's not going to lack offers he's not going to collect things to do. So. I think that this is strictly about money when it comes to rock and I don't blame him you know he is seen. What the end of his career can look like because of all the injuries that he's that he said to overcome throughout the years in the NFL. Whether it's concussions whether it's the although whether it's a leg beneath the back he's had to overcome so much. Going public that was collegiate days I mean that's why he was drafted where he was drafted talking about in elite talent falling to the patriots because. Of his injury history because of his injured back. Right so. This is a guy that knows what the end looks like knows what the end feels like and he sees an opportunity to grab some more cash before the end gets here I don't blame it. He's earned. And the patriots are Smart they'll make him happy because once you get one of these guys happy whether it's cropped or Brady I think the other one eventually falls. But as long as you continue to alienate yourself as the patriots and sort of stand. In your corner drawing a hardline. And that these guys been in their corner during their hardline they're gonna win. Big win because there's thirty other teams up there that would kill for guys like this on their roster that would throw all the money in the world that them. Right so the patriots are gonna have a decision to make your and I don't wanted to get to the point. Where. They've got to decide between seek prompt in Brady or Belichick I don't want to come to that point where the differences are irreconcilable. And when Robert Kraft finally gets all these guys in Rome. He's unable to get them all on the same page I don't want to get to that point and jet regulate the longer this thing drags on. The more likely it is that they're going to eventually get to that point where there is no no going back. Why hasn't gotten any better since the seasons and and he said that on on agreeing with you completely fair and it every time that. A new story comes out teams get more and more on comfortable with the situation between. Brady wrong Belichick to throw it out Guerrero or Robert Kraft Foods that to it's it's just like you said every story. Doesn't make it better it seems to make it worsened Graf was that. At Gillette today for some Foxborough for some motor cross and then than they asked him though Perry asked him about. Its future the team. You know they've heard that you weren't at the optional workouts last week and one there. Do you plan on attending the optional work that are upcoming. Why there. He's got their budget goes to work on I mean he is drawing a hard line I mean he absolutely is and now he's saying that for a reason and he's not joking right knee not usual affable Crocker army sees to that dirt biking stuff out that he has any intention of Sean Hannity right now. No it's not mandatory right now he's not gonna go above and beyond for the team right now because he feels as if the team is not gone above and beyond prehensile talk about drunk. We'll talk about the patriots Tom Brady Bill Belichick in this drama that continues he continues to build. And the Smart money I still think is on these guys all getting on the same page and ultimately having a successful season I think this the Smart money's still there however. Every single day that passes is a date closer to next season. Right we've already had. What Q3 months since the Super Bowl nothing has happened it's only gotten worse since that better. There's got to be something that forces a drastic change here and I feel like the only person capable. Oh forcing that drastic change. Is Robert Kraft and I wonder if crafts. Sort of it is a little sick of Belichick like I wonder if Kraft. But he knows that Belichick is the best thing for his team. Let's not forget these guys all of massive egos. I wonder part of Kraft feels like things we just get a lot better around to let around Foxboro if they replace Bill Belichick beat hold onto happy Brady. I happy drunk. And sort they'd bring back Guerrero because the new coach won't care. And I wonder if that's that the path of least resistance for this team I don't think it's the right path but I wonder if it's the path that we may eventually. Unfortunately find this team going down. Tell me now tell me win this team is going to get. Tom Brady on 'cause being. Guerrero craft and Bellic shekel in a room because all of those guys need to be in a room locked in their together until they're able to work this thing out. But we know that. Robert Kraft is got a huge ego we know that Belichick is gonna huge ego and he. He's legendary for holding grudges right so I don't see Belichick being the guy that says you know what guys I was wrong you can have Guerrero back like I don't see him doing that even if he may feel that way. On the inside I'm not saying he does but even if he does feel that way. On the inside I don't see him being the guy that makes the first move I don't see him being the guy that extends that all of branch. He feels like he's the coach and these are his players the players need to respect the coach in 99.9. Percent of the time I am a 1000% with. In this case it's a little bit different in this case unfortunately. You have the greatest quarterback of all time right. And he's boys would drop and rock is one of the greatest tight ends of all time. And these two guys are superior talents their franchise altering talents and occasionally. You have to go above and beyond for your franchise altering guys. It just is the way it is you can't always treat Tom Brady the same way you would treat Ryan mallet. It's a nice sentiment to have but it is not. The reality of the situation you guys so they're all know it so don't BS me and tell me that that's not the case because everyone a view. That are successful in your day jobs every one of you that is miles above. Head and shoulders better then your coworkers that something so let's say you're in sales if you are the best sales guy you've got years and years and years and years and years of track record. You've got you you're the sales manager whatever it is. And you've got three new guys sitting in the corner over there in their cubes if you think that that sales guy that brings in. 70% of the company's revenue is treated the same way as the three new guys you're crazy. Because you know that's not true. Are right we see it in our daily lives these a lot of Sports Radio hosts out there that say no we can't compare. In a RT jobs would put these guys do but of course you can. We're all human beings and for the most part were all working for somebody to make money. And no matter whether your skill is football basketball. Selling. Medical skills what ever your skills are. Industrial architectural whatever you good that if you are the best at what you do. In your company you are not treated like everybody else and that pisses people off it makes people uncomfortable. There's people underneath you in the office. Is people underneath you on the construction site at the golf course wherever and in big jealous and they don't understand why they're not treated the same way. But you all know why so let's not sup pretending that we don't understand where Tom Brady is coming from he has earned the right to have is being. We might not like Alex Guerrero. We might not like what he stands for. We might not like the lies the east hold on TV. We might not appreciate the fact that he tried telling elderly people cancer stricken patients that he's got the York. We don't like the fact that he tried stealing from the American public saying it out drink my water they'll be no more concussions we don't have to like those things about him. We don't it doesn't matter it's irrelevant. To Tom Brady that's his security blanket. For Tom Brady that's his best friend for Tom Brady he considers him family he made in the god father or his children. And if you wanna keep the greatest. Quarterback of all time happy and keep his wife happy because she plays a part in this as well as we've all seen through cumbersome time. I feel like happy Gisele helps make a happy Tom Brady. And you might have to appease and you might have to go above and beyond you might have to give Tom Brady what he wants here and I'm not sure Bill Belichick. Is able to let go of the garage long enough to make that phone call to have that meeting and to give Guerrero back. To Tom Brady. Don't you think that what Tom Brady wanted initially was security in the form of Jimmy Graham will be sent that town and so at what point is it. Okay Tom we giving you this why do you need war we we did the biggest moved show loyalty for you by treating the heir apparent. To San Francisco. So why now are you still unhappy like what more is there that we can do for you because Tom Brady wise at a reasonable asked after we've traded him grapple. Tom Brady considers. Alex Guerrero. Sort of like it is security blanket his lucky charm his whatever he is a part. Well Tom Brady's success on the field and Tom Brady's got this formula and if you go by his track record to go by his resume its formula has worked. Incredibly well so why mess with you know we gonna saying what we know where I work in sales where. If we've got this great new item coming in this great new product coming in. But it's more of a replacement item if you got a happy customer buying what you're selling already you don't call that customer and swap them into something else even if you love. What's coming up because they're happy. They're buying they're paying their bills don't screw it up. The same thing here with the patriots this team is competing for Super Bowls uranium route Tom Brady is turning that time you're in in Europe. They continue to have this prolonged success that no other team is experienced you're reading your route why mess with. Like why. -- win there and create an issue where there isn't one. Or Tom Brady to be as successful as he is dead and continue to be a successfully has and he feels as if he needs. Alex Guerrero. He is at. It is very important part of his training regiment. He's just as important as you know eating and sleeping and stretching and everything else that Tom Brady goes to prepare himself to be the best at what he does. Because make no mistake about Tom Brady spends. How this hours each and every day preparing himself to continue to be the best quarterback we've ever seen in the NFL. And if outs to rural feel if he feels like Alex Guerrero is a key part of that training regiment. And he feels like it's he is just as important to you nutrients and Tom's body and sleep for Tom's body and stretching for Tom's muscles. That Tom feels that way why. Despite its. It may not be true it may be hocus pocus it may not matter but why fight it doesn't make a difference here we're not talking about. Trying to extend this window for the next ten years of the patriots were trying to milk another two years under Super Bowl contention out of this team that's all they're trying to do seemed he'd tell me that they can't come up with a band aid solution over the air in Foxboro to get this team through the next two years. Because realistically that's the window they're looking at a they'd bring back Tom Brady bring back rock bring back Belichick it's a two year window to really try and get one more. Super Bowl win. You are trying to keep this thing open for the next ten years like Danny Ainge is doing with the Celtics so why can't they come up with the band aid solution just. Eat your pride suck it up just a little bit allow Guerrero to be there allow Brady to have this guy did drop a little bit more money. And let's go out there and try to get one more Super Bowl before. We lose the greatest quarterback that ever played because. Once you get that next guy in there. For the most part. The chances are this team is gonna be 500 team. Or worse for awhile okay we've been so spoiled here for nearly. You go back to the days of black so let's go back to what 96060016. And 82223. Years 24 years old. Delete quarterback play. If you combine the years that Bledsoe was here to the years that Brady was here take them all as one. We're talking about two and a half decades of the league quarterback play for the New England Patriots. I don't think that fans realize what a shock there in four. When this team has to turn to somebody else that's not Tom Brady that's not even Drew Bledsoe. And that's a reality they gonna have to face coming sooner rather than later to Sports Radio. WEEI to sports Saturday I am Patrick Gilroy root for you guys today it's 6177797. And 937. He's more of Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio tell you. Because they've heard that you weren't at the optional workouts last week and I'm wondering who's. Do you plan on attending the optional workout that are upcoming. Why go to airports. Sport Saturday your Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy would you until five a. It's heard from Rob Gronkowski. That was today. In Foxboro at Gillette some sort of motor cross event he's down their nose gear that on the the full outfit of the helmet he's all. Looks like he's ready to participate and I'd be some motor cross racing there and you know. While he was speaking with the media today. He was very blunt adding that he had a little smile on his face and but he was serious and he's not showing up to these these optional workouts now look at their interest and if they don't come to some sort of resolution. Some sort of a solution when these things become mandatory if you had your two leaders out there if you don't have bronco they're you don't have radio there. Things are gonna get believe be the messy around here very very quickly to Sports Radio. WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy never to join me here is 6177797. And 937 you text the program at 37. 937 you find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops pats. Gilroy. Odd who some to the phones we go to Paul Paul's in Westfield well you for stuff you're a Sports Radio W yeah. Good afternoon tactic has seen the emergence of the sound in the spring it's a beautiful thing isn't it. Mr. I have will recover three hots and a car quick trip to jail. The first thing is. When we're dealing with money contracts. When they said it ain't gonna work order ticket money he's really earned. That's OK I wouldn't you own machine and you're responsible for hundreds of millions maybe for you lie at the guy and actually receive payment do it. And I greeting well and we probably get treated more money they treated the same. You wake of the negotiation runs it's time why should I pay. 79 and try and get a Chris Christie is negotiation. Sensabaugh are and we view them we need for the most part but look at what point do we get to that time because you know OTAs are happening to draft the draft is just about here the season isn't all that far away so what point. Did they put the pieces back together. Yes sir almost Shiites within the next few weeks you know for sure absolutely and down pat as we gave up one to Milwaukee last night it would do. If they win again I can handle that I'm going back to the garden. With two games and we got a better coached we actually trap and bully their key player sealing PGA and it right. There. They're and shut it down 100%. They're who have better more than not are you about this would to a home to under. Yes and that's what I said going into the series was the Celtics only had to clear advantage as Paula said that it they got the coaching advantage and they've got the additional game at home so ultimately. You know when you've got teams like the Celtics and like the box Beazer teams that are gonna perform much better on their home floor a much or the Celtics have the the veteran leadership that they need to win in the playoffs on the road at least on a consistent level so yeah I'm pretty much witty in that because they've got the extra game at home Paul. Alternately they should the they should come out of the series blowing a two a two nothing lead has never happened in Celtics history open doesn't happen this year. Yes sir this prediction based on what I'm looking at the numbers. You can Google will quick how many home runs each scored product was seven so when I said. Will be fast to get to hundred. What you found out it's seventeen date of may. Went to a year ago Chicago got 229. Game. They would set income in 1902 of the Pittsburgh crowd got there. 16. So we go to Toronto and then and and we got to keep it a lot of English underground significantly quicker than any other team in the history of baseball. It's certainly a possibility Paulus and I appreciate the phone call edit something to keep an eye on here in this Red Sox team continues. To be dominant they continue to go out there and do things that nobody could've predicted that that they would do and for me you know Mitch Moreland at a at that Grand Slam last night another one for this team it's ridiculous the number that they've already hit this year. But for me the most encouraging thing last night. With seeing the way that pom rants bounced back he had that tough first inning but that he bounced back in a wheel he only went three and change. But. As the game went along to meet he got better and better which is what I was hoping to see and they're gonna continue to stretch him out and eventually he becomes a reliable. Five innings six innings even seven inning pitchers somewhere in that five to seven innings and he's the you've backed her back of your rotation guy number four number five I mean. That's possibly the best. Fourth or fifth starter in all the American League when you look at the other rotations. But the Red Sox are up against here this is a guy that went seventeen and six last year. This is the guy that the Red Sox depended on last year he maintained his health for the majority of the season last year. And was able to still be effective at the end of the season when that was something that he struggled with for years and years and years and years and years before coming to the Red Sox so he's. Mike T got lake that's what I look at last night if you trying to take something out of one of these early season games. You take that that OK maybe comrades give Michael Moore starts if he can get back in 90%. Of what he was last year. This Red Sox rotation is scary go to court of course barring. Health and and that's the one question especially when you've got guys like you know Chris Sale and David Price. At the top of that rotation for sales and a history of breaking down as the season moves along. And David Price we all know what David Price has then we also know what he can be. And this year he's shown flashes he shown signs of being the guy that we hoped he would be when the Red Sox gave him thirty million dollars a year. Regardless. The back of your rotation if drew Palmer rants is infect your fourth or fifth starter and he is in fact as good as he was last year. In this Red Sox team is gonna be scary good for the entirety of the season this just won't be a hot start this will be a dominant team all season long because ultimately as we know. Pitching wins in Major League Baseball this Sports Radio WEEI it is sports Saturday I am Patrick Gilroy room for you guys today at 6177797937. That go to the phones we go to go to Tom dons in New Hampshire on your next up bureau Sports Radio W yes. That's a ticket that Michael wasn't mine done. You know you're real visionary. You talk so far about the greatest team in sports coming up without band aid solution and basically making personnel decisions around appeasing a a wife that is were 300 million dollars superstar model that's brilliant. Well dumb you know I'm I'm looking I'm looking for a looking for a way this team to get the peace back in the room because right now there's none of it right now you still have these guys they're being that they're playing this thing out and social media they're playing dumb media as drop continued. To do today and that's fine to do it in January and February even an early march but now you know the offseason workouts are here to draft this year at what point. Did they just have to somebody's got to break the ice and do something down. Correct OK let's break this down okay. First off the idea of getting them all in our room wrong craft Belichick Brady that doesn't happen at the patriots because it's on an equal. Lateral agreement. There's the coaches and there's the players it once you breakdown that ethic which is what I believe the patriots are more about ethic and they are about talent. If there if there was just about talent and why don't the Pittsburgh Steelers with a Super Bowl every year. It's more about the patriots ethnic. You want to reward this jerk Rob Gronkowski. I'm sorry this guy he was charming when he first came into the league but he is. More and more you wanna give a guy who is who is. Sitting at home. About. Dirt biking. Instead of being with a team you want to reward him with a contract. I wanna I wanna I wanna make sure then I think. Expect us to act dumb wanna make sure may be medium just being shortsighted here but when you work equally but I admit that because I don't work long term what's the long term you've got a 65 year old head coach who said he does on a coach like Marv Levy you've got a forty year old quarterback so what's the long term for me I'm just looking at the next two years what's long term. But what will I don't hundred what I don't understand is what. Do you really think that breaking down that that'd be a little bit makes this team run which is that ethic that's going to set this team up to win even in the short term. I think that Bill Belichick broke that ethic the talk about. Doing what he did in the Super Bowl because brought what do many there are what ever the issue was with Butler right and it I don't wanna rehash about losing all day but whatever the issue was. Whether it was disciplinary or physical whatever it was. Who. It's OK to start the game without him it's okay eagle the first quarter the first half. Without him but at some point they had to realize that nick falls. Was just ripping him apart they had to make a change and he was so dug in and so stubborn that he wasn't willing to make the change it cost this team a Super Bowl. OK we don't know that for sure that the customs of global what might might might point with Brady is. What concession that he truly have to make with this Guerrero. Relationship that he had to go up three stories and haven't worked on it in a private area. I think that it's more than that I think it's more than that I think that Brady enjoyed dump an earlier respond but I I think that he Reese he enjoyed. Having Guerrero there and getting more more clients and and really working on more more of his teammates because Tom Brady exactly he preaches this he believes in this. Because he's completing his business interest what is it with his interest with the team which is toxic. But is it worth it or you like it's not it's not worth it per year to the opinions. I can understand that if Bill Belichick pulled Tom Brady and said look. You're too Q our training methods you are to eat what we want treaty but it is doing not a that the concessions that are being are are being asked Tom Brady are minimal. Minimal. I don't I don't agree because Tom Brady feels that. That Alex Guerrero is responsible for his longevity and responsible. That's fine but. Where what concessions is you have to make that prevents that relationship there is none like maybe the sideline. Of course there is you know if you if you work in an office and you wanna talk to your office made or there's somebody in the office next few. And you'd for years and years and years and years and years he could bank on the wall or you could call their buses balls because that that person is right they're right next few. In the office and then all of a sudden you're told that that person. You can still talk to them. They still work with you but they're they're in the building across the street. You're not to communicate with that person as much you know to be as in tune with that person as much it's not gonna be the same RA and I think that Brady. Probably gave the arrangement a try win. Guerrero not being allowed to have the access that he once had. But I think is the season went along he got more and more frustrated with having to go across the street with having to go and almost Gillick sneaking his teammates in to get this alternative treatment if that's what you wanna call. OK so I understand. Don your larger point. That the patriots once really word ethics based organization there were organization that really preached the patriot way and I get that. The patriot way. Is a very real thing and is very much responsible for the overwhelming success that this team has had over the last two decades I get all of that. But from team right now it's about the short term it's about that the little picture not the big picture it's about squeezing out. One more bit of greatness out of this team and next year were two. Because you can say all that you want about all the all the players up and down the roster practice squad included yes epic epic epic against. Work ethic. Pride in what you do having a standard. Respecting your coach respecting your leadership I get all of that I really do. But it's all garbage without Tom Brady without Tom Brady doing what he does best epic doesn't get you. Double digit wins every single season it doesn't put you in the Super Bowl conversation. Every single season. Because ultimately talent is what is needed and talent generally wins out and Tom Brady is the most talented quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And I feel like we don't. Understand what that means I feel like we don't put up a week. Into that fact when we're considering how the patriots have been so successful over the last two decades. It's two words one name Tom Brady he is the key to the whole thing. And Tom Brady is losing his best receivers and he's watching it happen and he's not happy about it. And if you think that Tom Brady's gonna come back and be at his best. Dawn without a healthy and happy gronkowski you are crazy do you remember what we saw in the playoffs. Rock was eight machine he was healthy and he was unstoppable at times. He is the greatest tight end in the NFL today and one of the best of all time so I feel like we're just sort of glossing over. Drunk because he isn't as high on the totem pole as Tom Brady is historically. But he's not. All that much further behind him he really isn't. When your lighting up the greatest quarterbacks of all time ten years from now you light up the greatest tight ends of all time ten years from now. Guess what both guys are gonna be on the list. There own individual lives but they will both be on their those lists so yeah both guys have got. A little bit of leverage and both guys. May wanna pull power player right now and guess what that happens in professional sports. Each and every day it really does. We haven't seen a lot of that with the patriots but I think that Tom Brady knows he's. Approaching the end whether it's two years three years one year he's approaching the end he knows Belichick is approaching the end and he knows roc is approaching the end. Right so I think Tom Brady ultimately. Wants to win one or two more Super Bowls with the patriots but he wants to do that do it. His way on his terms with his guy in Alex Guerrero in his guy in Rob Gronkowski and I'm not sure. How the patriots are gonna get Bill Belichick disorder BO OK but all that because I don't see Bill Belichick the guy that was so stubborn he would not. Go against the grain a knuckle against his his better judgment and put. Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl as the Super Bowl was drifting out of the patriots brass. As the Super Bowl was being lost he was so stubborn he was unwilling to. Go back on what his decision was and put Malcolm bought during the game. So that tells you how stubborn this guy is so he's really that stubborn ripple costs a chance to win a Super Bowl out the window. Do you think he's gonna be the guy that comes to the table. You think that he's gonna be the guy that breaks the bread do you think he's gonna be to guide it extends the olive branch I don't think it's gonna be him it's gotta be somebody. And it's not. Gotta be Belichick. And it's not gonna be Brady and it's not gonna be drunk. Robert Kraft is gonna get in Rome. He's got to do his job is Sports Radio WEEI to sport Saturday. I am Patrick Gilroy and we come back more viewer phone call to 6177797. And 937. Patrick Gilroy is talking cat socks b.s and c.s right now on Sports Radio. Sports Radio yeah W yeah as sports Saturday. Until it was until 5 o'clock this evening. As always and I'm killing me here is 6177797. And 9370 takes the program at 37. 937 if not yet Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. That's Gilroy on who've really done two things this hour continue to talk Celtics after yesterday's very disappointing. Effort in Milwaukee. Really wanna get your take on that for me anyways it hasn't really changed anything just yet. As my friend and continues to tell me. That the playoffs don't start a series doesn't start. Until somebody wins on the opposing team's home so I get that right and that's not necessarily the case let's go back to 2008. World champion Boston Celtics. They did not win a home at a road game until the conference final they would through the first two rounds only winning their home games. So that's where home court advantage plays such a huge role especially in the NBA. And I wouldn't be surprised at all matter of fact my expectation now after watching three games in this series. Is it a series probably will go seven and because the Celtics you have game seven at the guard and ultimately I think that. Combined with the Brad Stevens just being. Head and shoulders. Better in in the coaching column here I think ultimately those two factors are too big. It's too much of a hurdle for Milwaukee to overcome. So the Celtics fan you know that's my hope. They earned home court advantage and now it's gonna be their turn to go while they're in use at home court advantage because. You know winning in Milwaukee after watching what Milwaukee was able to do. Last night. Is gonna be difficult I fully expect Milwaukee to come out with very similar game plan and that game plan was a very simple one it was simply. Out of a muscle the Celtics not necessarily out work the Celtics. They were out muscling the Celtics they were over physical they didn't care if they got there guys in foul trouble. They were just throw another body in there to be physical and they may guzzling Jalen brown Jason Tatum and Terry Rosie here. Think twice before feeling comfortable. Is no other reason played O Della then it fell. And I'd like still a dual dual eligible a lot I I do isolate them with a chance and I like him with Milwaukee it's funny because he's a guy that can make a solid contribution when he's out there. But he's come to the point out his career wears off as little brat but he doubles this gal we're like that. The fans go nuts when he comes in the game they were chanting. Delhi last night you know in Milwaukee put. He's one of those players that I feel like on up on a championship team he's a great ninth or tenth guy to have on an Iraq. There needs adult he's just such a dirty player. To act I've always liked him I like guys that bring the edge you know I like the edge but there's an element he's also he's not skilled he can hit three pointers but. When you have multiple times where you. It looks like keep her other players that you lose the benefits yet these. I tell you what project if he were remember the Celtic are prone even La Hoya on that we would love and near Boston we would absolutely that's definitely love. Some deli here in Boston sodas Sports Radio WEEI Celtics on the table as well as continuing our patriots discussion as the soap opera and fox borrow. Continues if there is no end in sight. And today. It got that up just a little bit more you guys heard Rob Gronkowski earlier in the program you'll hear from again a little bit later Georgia will play to get it sometime in the next hour but. Joseph brought came right out and said no he is not showing up to these OTAs he's not he did it. Delve into the reasons why I think we have a pretty good understanding as a wide and an you know what I promise you there's other factors as a wide that we don't know about. But we think we've got a pretty good understanding as to why he's not showing up and why Brady is not showing up and why nobody has really. Put their hands around this thing this mess that it continues to fester and grow in Foxborough and really do something about it so ground. In Gillette today actually today in Foxborough. Doing some motor cross events a centrally saying no I'm not showing up in the offseason continues to tick away which every day that goes by every turn the page of the calendar. We are a day closer to the draft. To mandatory workouts two of the exhibition schedule and it's all gonna be here before Reno. Think back it is already right now. Mid to late April gold back two months. Mid to late February the wasn't all that long ago feels like it was yesterday two months from now we're talking about late June patriots season is virtually upon us there. They don't have a tremendous amount of time left. To figure this thing out get everybody on the same page and get everybody has. Happy and motivated going into next season as a patriots fan I feel like they don't have the luxury of time here they don't have the time to waste. They need to find a way to get on the same page or this thing is gonna end and it's gonna end ugly and it's gonna and bad for everybody involved and it shouldn't come to that. It absolutely should not come to that because you've got. Guys that have always had the right motivation running the operation here you've got guys that have been motivated by Super Bowls over money. By winning over glory by having that this patriot way. Over endorsements. It over that the whole spectacle being a celebrity you that people here running the operation. Generally. Going about it the right way textbook how to win right with the right motivation and the right that. Did their meaning is always been in the right place it's always been more about the team that about the individual. But now it seems as if Belichick is making it about him and his rules and his way is the only way that's gonna be acceptable. In Foxboro. And Tom Brady for the first time really that at least we know about in his career. Is digging his heels in against the organization and saying I don't know my way it works I wanted to be my way. And now you've got rock whose gut. A few different issues he needs to work through here with the patriots in the organization right. And Brock is at a point now what is Korea where he can see the end he still elite but he can see the end. Because of all the injuries that he suffered he wants to get paid like an elite wide receiver and quite frankly he deserves to get paid like an elite wide receiver so we'll continue to talk about all that when you guys at 617. 7797. At 937. That go to the phones fields go to Steve Steve's in Fall River Steve you're next appearance Sports Radio. W yet. How will you guy was arrested Patrick what did you I you're going one guy had earlier by. Corn born and raised right here Steve. Analysts and talk radio or seen here. Yes yes but actually a bit on that New England radio for the last twenty years just on small stations that you probably haven't earth. Craig good. While on the big station that I have heard of all bonded in this. Brady vs. Belichick actions of people can't understand. Which guy you have to have. And I gotta tell you said the ten years ago I thought we'd be in the polls Brady ever bite out that question. Would have been diction and it. I'd known that the whole time. This team without Tom Brady. And now not having. Or up although it. You were delicate it would sixteen. And I don't get bad proper accounts they don't have. Quarterback who nation we have been left. Each year we had Bledsoe. And she will actually witnessed that Tom Brady. 25 years two and a half decades the lead quarterback legally back to let's add and rob crap. Could tell me how great you'd have a target patient and you know block. The last. Yeah it was to this agent not Bledsoe may want to take it mobile Rick I am one apparently a radio will let people. Right or who Petra. Now if you go back and look up other in the division which means we nature. Go back to date. Go back this AFC so what Tom Brady to call. Seeing the best quarterback the type of thing you have it checked and it. And JC probably to a. Well picking out a year and a half. The guy from Brett Favre with the jets are. Have taken him out take indigenous games. What Mateen Duke's nine I did it. I mean there really isn't it always I'm Mark Sanchez at the new way of title nine. The hall of OK but in this in this in the thing. Course the two best the to a bit of more accomplished and what we're saying is Chad Pennington and the and the habit energy in the that is. Look at that guy that they couldn't quite needing much into that topic about in. What a forty fight scenes that combined with the other three teams in the division boxer ventured in the park aren't alone I don't it's a problem you know really. So we've been. We should be in the pulled Brady ever a long time from now but we. You'll rightfully said. Brady and any ugly quarterback in. The top of the heap look at that debacle. They got Peyton Manning somebody said. Some national righted dead. The duck the Bemba broccoli and now bad from the (%expletive) ant from the tell all all believe the organization. Now that. I'll pay you may know what happened. It would assume he's doing well fought at their regular clock well what with the creature they have to get it now since he's a lot of people that you run out of dodge Britain. The team get. A marquee quarterback that he wouldn't have cried and next thing you know there and an AFC champion picture to what the Super Bowl can't blame medic of that and actually they actually go when. Now you make a good point Steve it was an accretion phone call you you do in I think I'm with you for the most part here I don't wanna see it come down to. Brady vs Belichick and somebody's gonna ago and that's what I'm trying to avoid here and that's really what I'm hoping to sort of get your ideas on how you avoid it because whatever this team has done since the Super Bowl has not worked I don't know if on purpose sort of avoided one or other it they've tried to work this thing out and it hasn't worked I don't know what they've done internally. To start to put the pieces back together year after their Super Bowl loss. But what I do know is that every day that goes by another news cycle comes through and there isn't a positive story about the patriots and about Brady Apollo gronkowski and a pulp Belichick is a matter of fact every day that goes by there's a new little tidbit of bad news about. These guys end. You know that sort it's got a break your heart your patriots fan here because he won a root for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick expressed some humility. And some apathy for the other person. Then I don't know how they are going to come together and fix what appears to be broken it is Sports Radio WEEI let's squeeze one more in before the break guilt but it Dennis. Dennis is in Hyde Park Dennis the next appearance Sports Radio W yet. I am living the dream that us. Called on all all I. Want her. On. Is it. To act. Well. At. All. I. I. Don't want. I'd like. That well. I. Mean insurance. And. I do but you've had a would this guy but you wanna see him coaching elsewhere next year or ultimately the you know that he is what's best for this team moving forward. It's not wanna he had. I want to sit and pick them. So you really it's interesting I did it's you really believe it and jet before we go to the break here me what you think you think the players truly. Want to see Bill Belichick gone from the patriots organization. You know. It's it it's a really good question because. You have to factor in the egos into it and I think that a lot of professional athletes and especially ones that plan is higher level. As breeding grown Q. Probably at least in the back of their minds think I can do this regardless of who coaches. It's just at its heart it's hard to reconcile the amount of success that Celtics hat and think anything other than he's the best option years so. I think that it's kind of both and I think that made a locker a little bit divided over that he's point. You gotta be careful what you wish for your ultimately I'm in the camp that the quarterback is more important in the coach especially at this stage of the game here in New England but that doesn't mean I'm advocating. For the departure of Bill Belichick went on advocating for is. Ford these guys they're all older Brady's 4041. Belichick is 65 we're not dealing with you know first time coach and a young quarterback we're dealing with guys that have seen and done in at all. I have to believe that both of these guys know that they are better together and they're better for each other together than they would be if there were separated especially at this stage in the game at this point in both of there a blustery as. Careers only thing getting in the way of that would be. This successful your egos going to get eight. Let's just look at Shaq and Colby real quick how many championships should they have won together but because they couldn't coexist because of their Leo's ex. Absolutely they could have absolutely rivaled what Michael Jordan did with the Chicago Bulls in the ninety's that should have been the lakers. In the two thousands but because their egos. Were so huge in you're talking about Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson all of a room together that is just an awful place to be. It really is because those are three of the egos at the world's largest egos strike and they couldn't. Find a way to coexist and ultimately they had to. Since Shaq away and bring impaled assault and ultimately it worked out and they won championships with the lakers but they did it win. Two new legal the level. That they should have won they didn't have the dominant ten year stretch that they should have had with Shaq and Kobe in the prime of their careers because ego. Ultimately cost both of those guys additional championships and that might be what we're seeing here are doing that ego may get in the way of Tom Brady. Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski winning. Another Super Bowl it is Sports Radio. WEEI its port Saturday I am Patrick Gilroy one hour down one hour ago when we come back. LeBron James I hate the god of always hated the guy I don't like watching the guy. And now I feel like a made the wrong decision over the last fifteen years it is Sports Radio W yeah.