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Saturday, April 21st

In hour 2, Gilroy talks about his distain for LeBron James, and wonders in the wake of them being down 2 games to 1 in there series, if this might be the beginning of the end for the self proclaimed king. He wonders if his years of LeBron hate has blinded him to his greatness, and if he'll regret it when he's no longer in the NBA. Gilroy also talks about rumors of a potential Celtics trade for Kawhi Leonard, and what that might entail.


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It is Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy hearing your sports Saturday dvd guys up until. 5 o'clock this evening. I think my good friend called collapse. So on the PGE is a PG so for four consecutive hours. You get PG here Patrick Gilroy in to all the lines they'll come your way at 5 o'clock taking guys right up. Two Red Sox baseball we've John Ryder at 8:20 this evening until then we'll continue to take your phone calls at 617. 7797. To 937 he takes a program at 37937. To find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. Acts Gilroy on hoops we can continue. We there Celtics conversation from the first hour as well as our patriots conversation. From the first hour in might Shia party really adding some fuel that fire just now on Twitter. It's more of an opinion that it is a that it is a statement that it is a report. But might you RD on Twitter just now essentially saying the point is this is word for word appointee is a being wrong is getting traded. Period and then in parentheses I think Ron wants to get treated. So juries then all over this patriots stuff for a long time now. So I don't think that he's coming up with the is entirely on his own. And that adds another a whole other layer to this conversation. Like what if drugs motivation isn't what we've all assumed it to be. The assumption that we've all made is that Ron wants to get paid like an elite wide receiver not in a leak tight end. But Brock also wants to continue to play with Tom Brady as a matter of fact that was the report two weeks ago was that. Grunt would be back Islamist Brady is back Ed and wants to play alongside great. But would you RD seeing here is not that's secondary to his desire to. Potentially be treated. And again like we said in the first hour above Belichick it's be careful what you wish were situation here. I've taken calls from plenty of fans took some last night took some today. There are getting sick and tired of Rob Gronkowski. Right I understand I do. He's not the same guy that he was eight years ago is not the same. Affable fun loving guy who was scared of and respected. Bill Belichick and to a certain extent Tom Brady in the forty that poll hold or held within your organization he's not that guy. Next year with a healthy Brady in Iraq but if you remove one of those pieces from the equation. And what he really had here because now you're asking Brady to. This facilitate an offense a successful offense now without and Angela. With addled and coming back from major injury on the wrong side of thirty no branding cooks and no crop so you're asking him to essentially with the exception of addled and coming back from the injury you're asking him to sort of at forty years old 41 years old. Incorporated 345 new wide receivers. 345 new targets that are going to have to replace. The production of Rob Gronkowski a Brandon cooks of Danny Amendola that's crazy. When your quarterback your hall of fame quarterback is the age at Tom Brady is. Just because he continues to play elite and elite 28 year old. Doesn't mean that's is really aged and you have the factory in that age when you're making your financial decisions here so. We had to call in the first hour I think it was doll. That was worried about the long term here but the long term is is fine it's a fine thing to worry about whatever but. I don't care about the long term right now. Because I know that as soon as Belichick retires or Tom Brady retires of falls off the cliff for whatever may be as soon as those two guys. Are not operating at the level in which it operated at over the course of the last fifteen years as soon as that's over. There's going to be a rebuild year there absolutely is I don't think that there's any way and maybe theories maybe I'm way off here. But you've already given up your quarterback of the future right in to find another guy that looks as ready as the route below looks right now to take over offense and win. He is not going to be easy thing to do. Outs I cannot stress this point enough we have been so incredibly blessed here and we always. Specifically on the identify. The Tom Brady period as the period. In which we've been blessed but that is just so. Actually incorrect you have to go back another decade because to have Drew Bledsoe and then upgrade the Tom Brady. That's been your quarterback position for the last two and a half decades you've had a borderline hall of Famer and let's though. And it sure fire first ballot may be greatest of all time hall of Famer in comp rate. There are thirty other organizations. That have not felt. The success of the guy like let's go over the last thirty years felt what it's like to have its a quarterback that good. That elite. They don't know what that feels like let alone what it feels like to have a Tom Brady here right so. We look at Bledsoe as the ugly stepchild when in reality. Is there are thirty other teams that would love nothing more than to have a decade of a Drew Bledsoe level guy. At the quarterback position for their teens. Look at Cleveland exactly is still trying to find someone close to your bullets packed as good as duplicates of exactly right yet so. It's not an easy thing to come by and the evidence is out there just nobody wants a look at all you have to do was look at. You competition around the NFL and realize that. While if these guys haven't been able to. Find a quarterback in thirty years what are we gonna do here so why not the wall there and milk every last bit of production and success. Out of the one you have right now. Why oh why am I gonna worry about what this team looks like in five or six years. It's irrelevant to me because I know I've watched sports long enough to know that these things are generally cycles and after a long period of success. You're going to have to be some bit of a rebuilt here so why not milk this thing dry and then eventually. Get to the rebuilt so we can continue to talk about that with the new caveat coming out from my yardage this hour saying that he feels that Rob Gronkowski. Will get treated because he wants to get treated this offseason we'll talk about it do you guys at 6177797937. Also wanna talk about. LeBron James a little bit this hour as well. I had this bit of rent a revelation last night as. I was getting ready for the Celtics team is excited to watch the game I was here until 920. Game started at 930. I'm. I have serious in my car on the ride home some listening to. Somebody talking about LeBron James I believe his game just ended and he had lost a two point game. To the pacers are now the cavs trailed their series with the pacers two games to one. And and I don't care ray I don't care what LeBron James does with the cavs do I hope they lose I have never been a fan of LeBron James. I think he's one of the most narcissistic human beings on the planet. I have a hard time rooting for him. I've got all these internal feelings about the brunt genes that build up every time I watch that guy on TV I think he is the world's biggest fraud. I feel like he's uncomfortable in his own skin. He's not your prototypical superstar because he can't figure out a few wants to be like might be like Colby. It and it all comes off as an act to me everything he does is contrived. It's thought about pre prematurely pre ahead of time he's somebody that. Yet out. I hate him and out of always felt this way about him but now one kicking myself because. I realize that he's down in the first round series two games to one. For the first time ever in his career he trailed the series. No zero games to one this time around. I watch Cleveland they're not nearly the team that they've been in recent years the only bit of hope that it helped that he got last night was from Kevin Love given nineteen points. After LeBron James and is 28 and love and is nineteen there was no help no production. From the rest of that cavs roster now I get all that but I'm realizing that. While LeBron was able to put up 46 the game before and single handedly will the cavaliers to a team to victory. No real split on the acting in it for them I know it and but that's the problem here like I'm wondering how many more gain that was LeBron circa 2006. Yet it was would that Larry Hughes booby Gibson Eric Snow yet. And that was the team right. Ilgauskas was his second best option yeah Delonte when Iraq than the final he didn't yet properly test history birds and he got an air individually. And for a decade plus LeBron has been capable of getting a team to the finals individually all by himself. And I found myself. Having this conversation in my head with myself and I feel like I screwed up here because like I let my personal feelings get in the way of enjoying. A transcendent player he's been over the course the last fifteen years and now we've only got. Let's say he's got five years right Saddam's gonna watch the back end of his career as he slowly. Falls apart the wheels fall off between 33 years old and four years old meanwhile. On the biggest basketball junkie you guys know. I am I love this game more than words can express. And rather than watching LeBron over the last fifteen years with the appreciation for his greatness and a sense of awe for the things that he can do when a basketball court. I've watched it with the stain which would a hatred. For the Brian teams that deep seeded. Rooted hatred for the guys. And it's unhealthy right. And it's probably because all the battles that he had with the Celtics all these feelings built up but down kicking myself because I missed so much and this is the second title made this mistake because they did the same thing when Michael Jordan. Twenty years ago. I didn't. Fully enjoy his run. With the bulls. Because he was so good he never lost NBA and NBC every single weekend just out there. Beating everybody and every time a young team thought that they could. You know make their way through the bulls into the finals be it the pacers beat the knicks beat the Charlotte hornets. Beat the heat nobody could do. Michael was that good it got boring and frustrating for me and then I had a revelation when he was with the wizards. God this guy is he he's incredible he's the greatest player of all time and now watching him LB shell of himself with the wizards I couldn't. Watch enough wizards games it was the very beginning of the NBA package and I had like 2002001. And I bought specifically. To watch wizards games to watch and I was in all of what he was able to do after a couple of years off that forty years old constantly getting that right knee drained and I feel like. I went back and every watch those years of games that I missed or that I watched with. Disdain and hatred rather than appreciation and off. From Michael and I feel like a minute do the same thing would LeBron James and I wonder from a loan out there because we've all I think come to dislike LeBron James. Here specifically. In New England. Because of the battles that he had with the Celtics but as the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled to get out of the first round there's a real chance here that the pacers are going to upset the cavaliers the pacers hold a two games to one lead in the year's first round series with the cats and a big it myself this could be. The beginning of the end of LeBron James. And I missed it again. And I just as a basketball junkie and absolutely kicking myself. Over letting my personal feelings get in the way my hatred for his hairline and what he does to getting in the way. The smirk and looks and they that via. The way that he. Handles himself on the basketball court. Getting in the way his thievery of taking Ray Allen from the Celtics in the real underdog. Everything about LeBron James and throwing his teammates under the bus on national TV I scored by forty points in do their job like everything that he does. Has always you repeated meet one of Watson and I. You you're gonna give me nightmares that it actually is a whole set and there is and there are these LeBron cuts you have fun without. So we'll talk about the brunt teams as well all bets on the table for you guys it's Patrick Gilroy hero Sports Radio. WEEI roam free it would 6177797. 93 set these morons Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. It's for Saturday here. Sports Radio at WTI Patrick you'll be with you for the next half and I'll results. Number to join me here 6777979370. He takes the program at 3790 three's if I'm via Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on who to solve on the table three now Celtics reaction from last night looking forward to tomorrow patriots drama. Rob Gronkowski today confirming that he will not show up in routier's my T Carty tweeting out about a half an hour ago that he expects. That not only. Will drop get treated this of season but that ground wants to be traded this off season and of course the whole LeBron James discussion because for me. I am trying to find a way to embrace and enjoy watching LeBron James as he is still in the prime. But I'm having a hard time with it and I just and kicking myself because I made this mistake when Jordan and now making it again. With LeBron James we'll talk about all that would you guys at 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Tim Tim as an adult or a Tim you're next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. If you don't and what's at him. Litigator all the time about that odd sentiment. I would work. I can say trade to completely in Cleveland for the fought peck. And just even you know even Rollyo only had a few Malia usually it's physical condition all the operations. Just all in all. They would you'd get in based in Cleveland you know what I mean like it. I mean he's now calling guy so I think that would be a trade. Tuesday said that maybe the pats are looking to move up to try to grapple rose and no one of the one of the quarterbacks. You Tim and the patriots and you. You don't wanna see that do you. Not a well you don't like but then I look at it that how many years Turkey outlook really I mean last year. If you lose on the Tom Brady diet a lot of luck. He made the most healthy that he's been in the article last five years. At least actually finish the season that the only news on the Rafa so. I mean ten minute talk about how many years is that while many years he's got left him and my answer that he was well that's irrelevant it it doesn't matter to me because I know that as soon as Brady and Belichick this whole thing comes to end. This team's gonna face a rebuild so let's say he's got. Two or three. Quality grown years left. All really how many more quality Brady years are there how many quality Belichick years and there it. 41 in 65 so why wouldn't these three try to the best of their ability to work this thing out. And go up there and try and steal another Super Bowl the next two years. Right. But let up. Nobody should be via it is going to be that it immediately. He's talking somber time that he might not be vehicle five years old eking out a lot. Rock and maybe get good draft pick. What I've heard I had they not also on. I'm apply in Britain bird alienate him. I was looking at the stats. A LeBron already played I think two of four more years than bird did play and five Larry bird's would be five. Broad. And I I agree with you a 1000%. On that and it bothers me when people. Make the Larry Bird LeBron comparison because I think that Larry Bird is the superior player I think he does more on the floor I think that Larry bird's a better leader I think that Larry Bird just EO Larry at his prime. Is better than LeBron in his prime in my opinion and you know there's a million people out there that will disagree with me but that's just my take it is it. Is it a homer take shore. I didn't grow up with Larry of course I did. But all that being said you know LeBron James. In my opinion he's no Larry Bird he's no Michael Jordan not yet the you know the whole clutch factor it's gotten better for LeBron in recent years he's become more clutch. He's become a more willing score in the closing minutes of playoff games where he used to have this. This knock I guess you wanna call it for being a Magic Johnson type where he would go while they're tied opposite facilitate for his teammates and get them an open shot. He is the reason why guys like booby Gibson. Had a career in the NBA because he was able to draw double and triple teams into the booby in the corner for three. And booby Gibson made millions of dollars over the course of two or three years. When he had his little bubble ten years ago with the cavs indeed millions of dollars on the back of LeBron James you had no idea who he was he wasn't on the casting absolutely. But you know right place right time for sharpshooter and it worked out for. But when I look at LeBron and I look at Larry Bird all day law I'm taking I'm taking five Larry bird's over five LeBron James. All day every day no question about it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Patrick Gilroy you would you guys until 5 o'clock this evening. Number to join me here is 6177797937. Back out to the phone Beagle that Mike Mike's in north Providence might you next appear on Sports Radio W yeah. I Patrick was like. I I'm just I'm really I think it Brad Stevens is guilty of the greatest sin of any coach and eased. He doesn't know was that players that go to watch in the thousand Tutsis and he got Paul Pierce standing in the corner while they get the ball to Tony Delk and Rodney Rogers. Because we really need to score points. Yeah I mean. I in this series and what happened last scheme to Jalen brown was a sorry. He they would notebooks will openly doubling off of and the time and the ball wasn't being packed. It wasn't like he went four for fifteen what war are not yet but last. That's shot that it up in the game was that aren't let Beasley late at the 745 mark of the third quarter the last shot eight. They're all looking to one thing I noticed last night Mike was they're all looking to each other for answers like I noticed Jalen brown looking at Needham you gonna step up Stevens look it's there Rosie are you gonna step up and nobody was capable of stepping up and this is this is what I talked about going into this series the Celtics at this point because they took the 20 lead. They should win the series in five or six games I feel. But because the Celtics don't have that one. Veteran guy that's been their before that a specifically a point guard so now it's not Isiah Thomas a carrier being this year. That one guy that eight can take over an offense when he asked him and beat. To your point. Deliver the ball to guys like Jalen brown and almost forced his involvement in the game because it's a sin for the way that he's played not just in the playoffs but for the way he's played over the last eight weeks of the season. Jalen brown has to take more than nine shots. Yet but the thing is that this on rat. It is brat not airing it and spread it OK you don't pack a tool yet you had back Olympic these two may be too protection department be Tariq we had Al. Literally message Jalen brown critic wide open to all typical well Jalen brown is man it's covering Al. It doubled up Al the second time he happened. Right you could happen to jail and a wide open rate but instead get shot off. I don't think it's a matter Mike it was and I appreciate the folk on the as a matter of Brad did not care I mean you know jet you're that big a big Celtics stand it did you get the sense last night that Brad didn't care. No I think you'd really notice that the team I think and the opposite I get the rest are terrible ethnic but you're gonna get that every night in Russert is not good yeah. And I think he was frustrated his team a team got punched in the face and was getting out physical and didn't respond. Sadly it was not caring I think that just the team did not perform last output last night's awesome Bret Stephens. I think that. That team just didn't respond in that's. You know I talked about this during the breaks that's panel hallmark young teen if you you feel good about yourselves. Get punched in the mouth and you don't really know what to do. You don't have that it's it's not a natural reaction for you to punch back yet just generally go through the wars a little bit. To get to where this team eventually wants to go and that's what made. The additions of Gordon Hayward and carrier being so exciting for Celtics fans they weren't just young talented players that we're gonna come here in forma core together. You had a guy in Gordon Hayward who had battled out west for the last seven years had playoff experience and a guy Terry Irving. With championship experience multiple years of championship. Experience I met two guys you can create your own shot and that's what if you're down big which is so they work for almost seem tired game last night. That's type of guy Xenia comeback is guys you can create your shot and knocked down jump. And which is why go by the way jet hit it that would happen if the garden if the Celtics found themselves down twenty for most of the name of the guard and with this roster with this team a derelict every rosier is capable of creating his own shot and taking over a game for an extended period of time I think right now mainly at home because he still yelled this is really he's been thrust into the spotlight here. And it's much easier as we've seen. It's much easier for these guys especially young guys with limited amounts of experience. To perform at home that's why the bucks looks much better last night. Because they're young guys Jabari Parker looked engaged and Wheeling and wanted to compete last auto maker contributed on maker did you hear why he contributed though this is this is pissing me off of gonna save it for the yet Hansen was hurt no it's because Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett called on maker after game one and after game two and Kevin Garnett inspired dies at bond maker and sent them a video to inspire and give it easy you know KG not cool says he still bleeds Celtic green. But I he was really opened up yet he's the item he likes you likes on this a comparison there a comparison to be made that there's some raw talent and work with them you know but for me you know PG should stay the hell away but KG called the Celtics last year too and their playoff run. When they were down notes so you know Kevin Garnett helped the Celtics last year but this year. He got on maker to go out there and actually look like the guy that. We thought he could be when he was drafted a couple years back it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is sport Saturday Patrick Gilroy you would you guys until. 5 o'clock this evening let's stick with the calls let's go to Bob bobs in Rhode Island bargain up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Greg Edwards upload. Governor our power grab your you know we criticism of LeBron James 08. Guys. And editors write an ancient and you iron. Actions efforts being so and so. He got a regular eight ability. That you shouldn't I. And and and it's. So let me add on this guy so at. Of this is something I don't I wanted to Y two I can't help how I feel you know you walk into a room and there's some beautiful women in there you're gonna be more attracted to one that I may be right there we're all attracted to somebody different. And for me I've never felt comfortable. With LeBron James going all the way back to port he was drafted you know heat he nicknamed himself the king somebody did he give him that nickname he is the self. Proclaimed king going back I schooled I hate data needed that we did ESPN covered him I hate that that be so uncomfortable with himself that some ninety paints that airline on his head and other nights he doesn't. Everything he does like irks me in and it's golf. I didn't you don't mind me saying exactly editors I am Gregor which it's adjudicate. And tomorrow and keep my shirt or so and so again got a problem case and don't skiing actually arrogance. Look like you're part of. I know he sends his school and I think he's a wonderful. He's he's a wonderful human being he pays millions of dollars in Q normally I don't think it. It is. Suspicious and of course. You listen. He again he's a wonderful human being he eat he pays for kids go to school he's built schools. He's built homes for poor people. He's got a awesome charity he donates a tremendous amount of time and money he's done glittering gala steep it's almost all fake that's my problem I stealing our budget you know everything he does is force showed nothing is genuine nothing even. The thing with the whole Popovich and his wife being in LeBron being asked about. Pops wife dying overnight rate. For me. Two things happen there'd be eight that the fake tears the crocodile tears and yelled rubbing is eyes and an acting like that to me that's a bad acting job you know. He may in fact be sad that pops wife died okay but he. EC east to desperate to go above and beyond while on TV. And immediately going to that the rubbing the eyes in the fake tears that pissed me off because I didn't feel like that was genuine and that was a moment where he could've been. Genuine that he thought about the reaction that he was going to have. Before he gave. I still think he has the ability to do even if he did at this point we we know so much about it we've seen him for so long. Gonna buy it even if it is genuine that everything he does to me could be completely genuine but we're always gonna question. He just eat to me it's all contrived it's all fake it is Sports Radio. WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy to sports Saturday there is still twenty minutes of time and room for you. At 617779. At 7937. Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio telling you guys. Here's the lakers who predicts. Balkans we get a lot for me be absolutely. Will make an offer from pipe off require letter to take skills like we got what it gators. Apple app that. Anybody else. Oscars before I I put a white litter it's almost the same category entity we had a a forgettable year for the guy's cup with your local bottler BP 26 years old he's probably the best two way player in the leak right now. I'll eat it you're looking at it wouldn't open next season that's gonna last five years. Yet widely when he cut every may twentieth Gordon Hayward may twenty and then whatever young talent you're left. I think the lack I think Boston will make it competitive offer. I think all due respect why letters so protecting Jason Jason Jason. It is Sports Radio W yet you're sports Saturday Patrick Gilroy Hewitt you guys never to join me your six or 77797. 937 that was from NBC sports Boston. Mr. Chris medics who was on with me last night here on WE EEI and you know Chris came right in and said he wasn't scared he wasn't afraid Andy be noticed. One of the points that he made there was you come back next year assuming they trade for coli he said that you bring back Gordon Hayward you bring back. Gordon Hayward quiet quiet letter carrier ring and whatever young guys he got left because. Further on that conversation he he did admit that it's gonna cost this team. Jalen brown and or Jason Tatum require Leonard and he was comfortable with that either one of them and you couple. It might be both for Anthony Davis but for coli the thought is because he is screwed himself so badly right now and he's only got one year left on the deal. It is no guarantee that he's gonna re sign with whatever team it trades forum. And nobody really knows where he's at mentally or physically right now so it would be a tough ask I think for RC Buford and the rest of the spurs there it's Hugh. Demand both furcal islander I don't think when you look at the NBA trades over the course of last couple years I mean. Remember the reaction that we all had after the Paul George street I know what worked out but nobody had any idea. That's a bonus was going to be a real serviceable player it'll people was going to be almost everybody thought that. Essentially they got robbed they get nearly enough and people as a matter that in Boston were pissed off but it wasn't the Celtics that went in. And got pulled George because the offer that they got for Paul George from Oki C ultimately wasn't what we thought. That we we had your must've been a lot more to give here in Boston. But one of working out then you look at the the markets cousins tree he was treated for nothing to the pelicans so. I'm not sure what buddy yield guy yet and I'm not sure what will cost you know a but would you give up. One of these guys were coil and yeah yeah Aaliyah and it is but you realize it's gonna cost you one of those guys and Al Horford right. It's still gonna make money work so I mean I am okay would add natural enemy and likely yes earlier Sacramento probably and I'm OK with that too because that you look at the. While Leonard and established star you don't know what. I mean we think Jalen brown Jason Terry really good players play. Get to the level McLellan it's already been to still really tall mountain climbs so. You always treat the star if you go and look historically in the NBA. Almost every time you treat the star player you win the tree. The difference now though is the star players 26 he's not 31 like Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett where he he fits. Perfectly age wise. With these guys in the Celtics in Gordon Hayward. Any carrier and for me I think having those threes in Big Three that props pops open a potential. 8910 year championship window for the Boston Celtics Otis Sports Radio. WEEI let's continue with your phone calls let's go to George George's in West Warwick Georgia next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Hey Patrick I'm not upset with you I'm upset with this statement you made them fired up especially after the last call let me tell you something about LeBron James that's what I call let me caddies from what I am not going to go back after his career is over from watching game. Are they like number one Michael Jordan. Is a great example it Dominique de. Number two. I'm 39 years old people and that ever had to eat plate let I'll go back and watch. Dan all the LeBron James I traveled back and watch Reggie know. Bird magic and those guys while all phenomenal plays that I love to watch Isiah Thomas the only two I would question is Barkley and I listened. But I still rather watch their mobile LeBron James. Now even though LeBron James is astronomical. At. His attitude his desire to win. Is not there. And I'll tell you who I would go back and watched Kobe Brian pulled him. I believe Kobe Bryant was the better basketball played at five Kobe Bryant against five LeBron James I'm taking Kobe Bryant. And secondly. Com last night this has proved again last night for a second ago he's on the block for the rebound. He should be somewhere on the echo what I want a wallets. Output and make a decision the army to take in the final shot I'm giving it to somebody for the final shot not. JR Smith why is. I know it's one it's one of the reasons why people continue to get frustrated when LeBron James George but I think the one thing that he has done. On the court in a positive manner positive fashion over the course of the last five or six years especially at three got to that he was he did rid himself for the most part of that that. Statement that he had that he wasn't willing to take a clutch shot he wasn't a clutch player because for years that was the big stigma that was the MO. Was that he's the greatest player in the league but he doesn't wanna take the last shot he eased. Really done a good job you know. Putting himself in a position to hit game winner or a set of his teammates for game winners and that clutch gene is something that. While he doesn't have it in spades the way that Kobe Bryant at the way that Michael Jordan had it. It the way that Larry Bird had a those guys were were straight killers the bride isn't a killer like that. But he's unafraid for the most part to take that last shot where in years past he absolutely. Was too scared you don't want to rise to the occasion because he was scared of the reaction I think. If you made a mistake. On that part of it also has to do with. The tech player is he's not jump shooter like those guys were right. More take to the basket believes the guy he just got our computers. Debbie yet he's not nearly get a jacket as does guys you mention Jordan Kobe area obviously but. I think a lot of it has to do with. The type of offense he generates is a lot of is going to the basket yeah. Lets us squeeze in some more calls he'll go to Tim Tim's a lol Timmy next appearance Sports Radio. W yet. That date yet patch or what's on your minds and it actually is being the biggest porch or in optional the next site based Arctic it's more like it is not. The picture should go to trade luck corn couch gate. It trying to talk to get from somebody on patient access to the neck area around at ten and I think that's partly wage they would like to try to. I didn't dollar check which 1 PM to tolerate rating actually profitable everywhere that's. He ultimately at least get the picture best bodies organization. But a lot couch you could launch a lot. And then rub salt in the womb are shown that yesterday. Porsche wants organic an actual stadium estimate. I Belichick let's get a eight or early. And I think he still Spartan by the fact it's in back not all that trait or 88 and I Nikki what are so the match huge. You go to the cheating you're not tolerate this insurrection. Got to try and hold them. And I don't think the craft will be hashed at and just stop that whole. I just keep the water so that's just thinking at all we're gonna comply with the problem here. Illicit activity it's not a bad point and it's something that I think patriots fans imagine this if your patriots fan out there. Not only do you have to live with the end of your dynasty here at some point and it's year two years three years and deal with the inevitable rebuild that comes along with that. But if what Tim just said Woertz who have been and the patriots traded. Drug house key to the 49ers could you imagine. What the additional punishment would be here like how much worse it would feel not only the patriots no longer dominate their losing. But I have to watch drop below and rock tearing it up well west in competing for Super Bowls if that happened. That adds so much salt onto existing wound that just wouldn't that wouldn't be fair it is Sports Radio. WE ya let's squeeze in one more deals that are rich rich is in Providence Richard picks up bureau Sports Radio W yeah. I Patrick. I talked yesterday it vocalize Leonard. Is this guy. Very good defensively and also. Which you would trade both brown and Tatum and whoever else. It's that's the that's the question is I will tell you this season he's at other worldly type defender he definitely yeah EC's top two top three easily is a perennial all defensive first and second team guy all so you so yeah I mean the only thing is my hesitation here rich when it comes to potentially. Treating both guys for Kauai Leonard is you have to have an agreement in place that he can assign your long term. Or it's gonna be assigned to trade where he signs the super Max winds of the spurs and and the Celtics complete the trade for I am not trading both the young stars for one year coli Leonard. Not knowing where is that mentally because he's done all of this everything that he's done here has been to protect himself to get this next deal. That's why he didn't come back and played this year didn't wanna risk injury he wants that next the and if the Celtics can strike a deal with the San Antonio and it involves an extension for quite letter absolutely. I wouldn't even question it I don't think when you think about. The talent giving up it's hard to swallow. But then think about the talent you bring back and what that Big Three will be in their ages their positions and what this team can do together. Over the next decade it's hard to pass that up it is Sports Radio. WE I encourage everybody to stay tuned my good friend mr. Paul the lack he's coming up next here. Right here Sports Radio W yet.