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Sunday, January 14th

Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas break down the win in hour 2 and look ahead to the AFC Championship


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Sex for your knowing what patriot defense did not think that was possible digit I didn't. I don't think a lot of people are dead now did you. But I told you before this game. The key part of his game thread. Will be that the defense will shut down Derrick and we will not be a factor and the defense will come up with eight set she would set your great seller. Today rhetoric but. Our business of their school board flights it was a gut probably scores are yeah that's what yes reported by tabloids booty but the other team has scored one point two Odom. But you never aura but they shut up dollar fell one drive united by gods and the rat a fig two quarters. Life's a series later they had somebody died boy yachts. They completely dominated the run it not only October the run they sacked quarterbacks a lot of look at the ball they won't lateral way. What happens to a tremendously so all oral defense is as good as we've seen. It's a system that picture the rule look at the rock era of interest problem with the threat to look at this deal I point 75. Agree. If the patriots want to win the Super Bowl this year. We're probably going to even though even though people before the season began. Many people were predicting this thing's gonna go all over it totally health of the broader payload bay. I but they what you look at it. If they were to go want to win this thing we don't know what's gonna happen next week we don't know what's going to happen three weeks from now. But to go on to win it you're not gonna look at this. As one of the great. Patriots Super Bowl winning teams that's what a difference to get ranked just like all those that try to put that up at a rep just like or what caused this sort of great to will. They're treated very well. Killing the first team personnel but a little bit more. Dominant Avi you've got to look at who they were playing today now they would go do this against the Steelers. I think you'd get a little bit differently this election you to pitch at all like god this team is now peaking at the right does that get healthy get PK maybe they are that good so through if you put this team and they would suddenly become. A favorite in the strip I would always says that the youth with a two guest via ran the ball most of time. That's what they've that they ran the ball wiggle external way back at the eighty's yeah that's way back. That's way back patio leads us but videos and that's. It at the edited an early night he's up there you know Kelley's much tennis you've got all these different guys Elway it has to record Montana Marino. It's got throw the ball much more active roll the ball which still was not wide open like it is today does that change the rules those cars to beat Al lot of receivers tight shot see in the pictures now of telecheck and wearing the pull over. For the post game press coverage but I think Indy is finally found out exactly what it's all about soghoian blizzard. Parents are you the exact same outfit on after the Super Bowl last and it would controversies that and right there were people that pointed out that as well but as we said before you liked the word beat up all close suspect. A rental they'll record at if he had his. Now that was different that was already had a global water sociology at the PP switchers and a sweatshirt around it and web stated rip off their ripped off repellents is a short sleeve. Paul played particularly the great oil and the wind breaker got David hello Michael the navy blue windbreaker and yeah that's what. If you look at the podium pictures you see last year this time it right I think in these pictures. Easements that locker. Is it. What he wore last year at the Super Bowl so they edit your awful plus there was applause. It goes nice to point output Andy's. Got that crack on the crack I do like the Bob. Had asked his wife and figured out the institute was removed from. We're excited about. Our whole. Over the rays and Belichick's approach today like the three dots. A pretty good I throw out let me a bill for some reason I don't know Weis do in this. The approach in this as well eighties tweeting out tonight. On the eve of his biggest cable and she's the plan to Jacksonville to accurately that's led to go out of thirty denied early in the season. He's tweeting out tonight I low round two's will have to round twos in back to back weeks. Did you go to number two. Vickers moved. Kind of looking. Kind of pretty much saying it can't guarantee a win. Here disappear tomorrow they lost brown wanted Jacksonville and the loss firm won the papers. Oh put through to the two's that's ordered me to base probably the teams that beat us twice right to a beautiful jewels that true. Is redemption. The war so to go get her depth of it beat currencies can be the first one for like. Yeah he's got to go back to back weeks you've got to win the first ones in except for you would say OK I I would not take Jacksonville. Like Edwards said it Blake port scares the hell I played portals does not have to go up here. And fire erupt 300 yards. Passing yards. We portal simply can't make mistakes I don't even expected to go out and probable for 87 yards again Freddie. All he has to do east peek here the ball. Not screw up would not make mistakes and let your defense go out there maybe score some points the way they'd get early this season and when you look at them. Jacksonville's defense which scare the hell out of me next week with this Tom Brady got labeled physical appearance all look at your cortege Jalen Ramsey. And AJ boy I did skip. Police Campbell. Malik Jackson upfront the little guys that come up the middle apply pressure on Tom Brady. Now it's a much more difficult passing game because of your quarters safeties are good. They're a team that can rush for the seven back every bit as we know we've seen this the past with the England patriots. No it's the type of defense is that you re fit is like receive in the buffalo game that office is not that it. Both had three there offences under that. It's so again Oriole catering to Carolina public well now like this to upload rate in Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh. I yes the ballot yet so you know I think Pittsburgh Pittsburgh defense can be pro Russian romance optional. Yes so that's that's a have been reports to him by opening. That albeit with Al point six you're gonna have to run the football. With four net and probably broken plays with portals. It is a low scoring game. Because even if you look at thirty at night game at 39. I think Disco was after the was not a high scoring game after they got a couple of you know laughter Arnold was yet that's what laws. Was there just six that was to access it in game. Overall. That's the tactic game if you end up with Jacksonville here next week. What 35 points a report again I think one more than. One more point where you get people were really good to have a couple of awards are a couple of Pittsburgh rejection. I'd rather play Pittsburgh. So I think the patriots to like about what they fifteen and sixteen to look at them. So they have the guys are you read it read no objects in public since head right. The workers and their burgers at those two they can't all of the papers that's responsible to Jack Google's pressure of all they have to Britney ever offered moral long long time. They still have Coughlin. In the world borrowers who does your coach could coach Scott got what is there a tough physical team I don't pick to be intimidated the debris that it is set to go pick up the paper to open it. If they play Iowa to the pectoral breed of but I think. That it's broke. Patriots. Have that number. Get another aspect of it that I like and that is that. The fact that Pittsburgh past the plea Jacksonville. And you've got the titans as physical as Tony Ramos told us the titans were going to be in the scheme they really war all right tomorrow. I would expected Jacksonville will be extremely physical Pittsburgh they go to they got to pick a forced them. To let tennis field tested these Jackson goes there. Debuted Tennessee beat Jacksonville at the NT a ticket into the post tried yet. But while game at that and fitness figures to both physical says that route but there was that the Jackson was playing for much of that era but Jackson role with this team. Via Tennessee doesn't have had a good front that the from two backs shortly Pittsburgh only because I think that's added that man is the match at it's it's it's two really. Great franchises. They've already played earlier this year at a tremendous gain people of Pittsburgh softly they get screwed. This would be this would be great but it would not surprise me at all. The C Jacksonville win game tomorrow though if play portal stuff screwed up but as a partial though it makes you feel much and a when they beat Pittsburgh as a rule it just wouldn't be the same. Pretty jacked. From all that still -- it promotes -- Mickey -- I think what happens to see them go off of -- what their heads down at the end up eating crow is wonderful if they end up with Jacksonville. The intricacies of the world's appearance up tomato can't they've lined it all up for them. They get to the scene they sought to Jacksonville they suck. They didn't get its British and get the tougher team didn't have to play both. Jacksonville it's your exits and degrees it is you'll get you'll you'll get some of the tomato gently and then if you wind up having Philadelphia. Could win that game next week that the double team and apply in all even though they're playing with their backup quarterback it it would naked. Now suddenly if you end up with the Eagles. In Super Bowl. That people are gonna set all like god they got the type that they should actually bill would like wolves at quarterback and it falls as the quarterback inseparable its its its. Tailor made for them to one U of Minnesota want to go back up quarterback Greg he's been good though the early but he's been a back I'm waiting for him I'm waiting for the clock that the strike midnight. To appreciate how well they scheme of default port man. He has been really good release I'll talk to other teams and anorexia backup quarterbacks correct. That's correct and then the other one is one of the best quarterback shortly but it was sort of like history yet arteries. That's going to be expert so. Agree the patriots. All three Q off the teams left three teams although the top quarterbacks yet to market Japan today's games which is saying I have a two bars gives a really good. Because I think Jacksonville as I said as a shot against Pittsburgh. And then you could flip the coin and that Minnesota. It won't get. Minnesota's defense has really good they're good all aspects well Coke site. I mean there's there's a top notch coach or go rate rate was based runner or real. Tight defense that Olmert referred to doctor reportedly Patrick well a couple of do everything well and no one's defense is better than people give him credit for. I think that not told them. Because they have them but the defense team local spots accused the so much better defensive unit they can run the football league at two different guys America's killer. He's changed evident when it appears it was out of there. And Cabrera became the guy OK with a group that changed everything for it for them. And of course you have the quarterback. You have the quarter. And with that running attack and the play action that he talked earlier about selling the play action. You ready to act like that you could sell apply to increase that the best. Completion. Number all quarterbacks except this sums don't. Jive at all earlier. You know here's good weapons off the two lives group that's in and that's you know going to be the sort of a role but that. So if you don't get back to the caller earlier that which is the ultimate patriot that a ticket. So serious that any team up he would say oh my god to keep the ages I'll give you that. But you still have some really good teams here. And I think the other thing is still looking at it people not to give Minnesota a democratic they have a black quarterback. I or third string quarterback if you want really when you think about it we if you look back at Bridgewater. And then you look at Philadelphia they're playing with a backup quarterback. And so really what you're looking right now at that at the so called tournament it's not a great quarterback Trent. This is the best team left over there wasn't some of some are literally like Atlanta today you're one of them I like Atlanta but that was a double exceed that defense. I underrated defense over the put pressure on are well they equipped with they all those also plays that they're Atlanta outcome there Orkut and physical physical. What Atlanta Atlanta. Last year has that 28 to three lead that we all all. They went to that game today and they had an opportunity. On that last drive to win net and they lose. Then go after he scored all it could usually catch that every I tell you what even if he made that catch. Okay that by the way it was great defense it was the only place that riot control of football is not apply. But if you look at the street even if he made that yet he's coming out with one foot out of bounds which particularly is that without a political body would cost terrible operatives because it withdrew his I don't know how I was doing. I don't know how he puts your group before boyfriend he's a great player to make catches like that you're right many times before. I think that would have been very very different. But in Atlanta they've got to be just beside themselves grow because a lot of people thought they had even though they were number succeed they had a golden opportunity. To go and win in Philadelphia Philadelphia wins that you play burn everything it is I think I went. There's something about playing at home and you could see it was Philadelphia today they. All they needed was full not this rule out. And he didn't screw up that's why it's slide into the portals could be playing in the jet was going to be playing at a road that's the key for them the more he can score one help colds. It's critical by the way you professional. Next Sunday. We'll play a football game at 3 o'clock in the afternoon Nixon you know temperature is going to be true it about 3 o'clock. 352. Degrees and sunny no 52 hours seven days out eight gigs out. So what they wanted to go freezer in oh and it's chase updated. Updated at 52 degrees and sunny to raise greet people and tell. Thousand years ago to peppers going to be advocate tells two weeks ripped him. We know global war it's going to be a thousand his books are all hall and I thought it also let you tell us what's what's gonna be you know we. But we'll solicit patients that we want we we have warming trend later on in the week for a trip while should be pointed it publicly 52 next week. Couple with two of the sport fifteenth two. Mean it was it it was unbelievable today it started sixty look like it's going to be beautiful day. When we first get down here a lot of fans get out here of people brought it short sleeved shirts and you know maybe it'll switch on us like that. But two hours later drops we'll folks who do you particle physics because it was so warm that didn't bring a lot of close. People portal with Leo frozen at so we had an interest that situation right next to the all pro Q tonight. In the middle of the gain. Somebody tried to steal the books right next to me to deal people. For many. So apparently the guy attacked. The pos driver remembers headed to that you work with shoe into the windshield. And the guy with a snake off with a giant bus still what. About the pride that that question I have is in the state captures definitely right in the vicinity so he can get away with it. But do what you steal the boss and you drive it away. We go about it. Pluses or thirty miles an hour bill like OJ all over again they. There's the possibility about it I do happen in the third quarter shows a fear that probably left the game early and get. Let's take it early he steals a loss what do you do with the plus. You can't have a way out of the plot a lot slower if you can't that was hit that. How do you get the bus object of the plus. Was a bit in the back of the parking lot all these cars and what I don't know rocket scientist at the news that relentlessly was ready to Sergio right now let's say hello everybody take off would bust. Are what we do this what we take a break we come back we'll hear from rock. I'll we'll hear from Belichick as well. And we'll let the play of the game for you. And don't you wanna call we're here until two with 617779. Seven that it 370s the real postage to shut for the U wise player of the game brought you fire wise snacks Reggie tailgate classics. Opening up. About the fact right now. If you go through these things and called it old bag as a way to deal yeah I expect probably a big bag of and there are a how many ounces here point 625. Sorry Eric announces. If he thinks. That the buffalo wings won what they're delusional it's Friday I go I proto auto close to whole foods and Cambridge yeah. And I. They show you a dime bag or a diabetic from the seventies and it was a dime bag we interceptors abide a dime bag himself from Cambridge but that's how familiar idea urgent and. I shotgun snap up first on memorial out of this matter feels it's under pressure and trouble spins away from Patricia Alex Mack. Are applied she Gil Grissom. Just set a patriots playoff record with this happened patriots sack of the night that's what a loss for twelve. This happens acts of Marcus Mario tonight Lou's new England Patriots defense. Believe it an actress got another one that would be number eight that. It is in. Incorporates all eight of those sacks though is where the game and it's kind of rotates and only Russia's own team that doesn't have a repairs are just a couple good guys guys haven't we never ever expert job by the patriots front I visualize play the game it's Oprah occupy watched next GG OK classics for the new buffalo wings. And drive problem in the flavors jewel stores should freeze or the book the one back left but I wanted to show. It was one all of my bedroom and who have won that often do. Outlook was over. Malarkey was not thrilled that the officiating in this sound like you're. All this following a little water he had been a called us let's listen to a little bit of Malarkey peaceful. In the first quarter. What's this mean for him and factor in who you. There's an impact obviously couldn't get over some of our scheme that we had with him. With the original scheme. Knowing that by that point I'd post my him tired of the explanations didn't so no I didn't. Thank you on the other more now than others many. Many many things have changed that. Obviously him and a score touchdowns and so that's there's prevail in. They're really good experience a little taste of what is to be and in big games against really good football teams and and yes and the forced at all week really can't. Can make mistakes against a really good team. There waiting on you to do it and then we did we re accommodated them. When alarms six and offensively we could get off field of consulate but. It was good experience for real audio and as planned lots and a really big game and I it'll go a long way for. Pardon. Me. That went on an even talk about that one one goes down in history. He technical. We. And who are there but not not not if you don't play better and waited. Are never blame. Officiating for precautions. You know we got to play better there's there's no question about it. The yeah we're we're gonna pocket yeah yeah cloth. I can do it benefits of past and whether there was shaky all you push from ground but shaky call these maintenance. All right want to go back to look at some look calls a rock. The date I tell you about the Tennessee Titans had a couple of holes that you looked at this is what's the other you know women really let it old. They got rattled when they got calls right quietly cry when he fell on hard when they got some of those pit calls its their fault. You know at that point you gotta suck it up got to move on and someone whose district if it was it was a calls Huckabee could get off the field. Like it's. He did. It's an effective team and we made Tuesday we've we've not we've motive a rolling ball to which you bitch about the official Bob Wright he's Richard about the official there's little stated that. It didn't change the outcome of the game it can get the students would drop out if if I wanted that the and other products at the police irrational acts were actually accredit home. What does have around the side Buffett got bumped to return a call past I don't know it's another example say this rock was getting a little frustrated early on. Because Jonathan Eunice a premium was two that this report is sure grabber a couple of watts and then they finally colts slippery on for Aetna and at that point knows what Brady did. He went right that you brought right after that because he'd supreme I was gonna have to right so that was this. Our line. That the what about. Oh which violent. And the bill. I. Won from. Good. Yes that weren't feels great to be back out there and from hometown. Home game in front of our home fans so it was super great. The Tibet has great team win. At all. Yes definitely I'm outside I mean that that's that is out in practice I mean. I'm covers some time to practice I mean it doesn't trust of practice time passed while coverage target open he puts it where he cans like you're the boss though. Just overall I mean you guys expect boring time I mean as as pastors are right now right Giambi right real time. Brought to questions how different the offense feel with both Chris and James back out there and the penalty on Italians on the the punt situation you guys write off a sixteen play drive how bad it was that. That was huge Tim masters down that and yeah going down. And driving down and scoring I mean I would say it started turning point in the game I'm going down there making that drive. To you in that first down on the amount console that issues. And overall I mean everyone just play well together I mean from the receivers and running backs. Thailand's videos play together as a team has offense and I disagree so over rose. Solid team went for sure. If rob Danny Amendola tonight eleven catches a 112 yards on thirteen targets. Can you describe the impact that he makes on this offense and how it affects what you can do it went when Danny's avail as much in the policies. Stage his use he's a great player he works just fell off and he's as. Danny playoff ram and go for a hundred times put out some big gains. He's always there he's always stepping up its game so. He's a great player great team maker it to themselves to its streets via. Rob you you had to play where he lined up in the backfield for emotion now. What that due to the the defense to change looks sin and provide them versatility there. Just gives us gives Tom sense of what's the difference with the covers going to be emotional relief that. And just have to go make a play improvements cost me the caption. Essen Paris. Our defense had eight sacks today how do you feel on the on the sideline many Russian those guys. It's great whenever I mean our defense football tonight they do excellent and whenever they're playing well you go to the office you got to play well and think they're placing well it's actually not supplements on which our pitches right there that just shows how. How good they played tonight so it's always great to see that and now it was different guys. Broad view we cut that touched and you help come up past. Joseph Montana for most three touchdown playoff games you're making your own history south but how does it feel do I help time get past as the boyhood idol there. It's it's always great I mean I swear every game I was breaking a new record so. It's not the middle class it's always great to be part of it I mean we're not really. We don't really look at that type stuff for China get the win plain tired now but I mean that's pretty cool to see that I mean deserves a he's great play great teammate. And it's always schools event but overall I mean what's most important is in that went and that's the best. Wrap up and started on third down tonight how much emphasis was placed upon that during the bye week and this week leading up. To regain our third downs excuse and I mean when you're not completely entered bounds you're 16 months I mean you'd begin using doesn't go well. For the offense so that was huge the cius convert many many times on third down. A lot of players went out there a lot of players got doctor got the first hour of third down for us so. It's good to see that stood everyone on the offense working together and making those players. Probably had your own little move in the record books tonight passing Shannon Sharpe for receiving yards right and in the post season. What does that mean for you you know especially given you know last year not being able to clinch a place at all I mean what what was most important. Is game that went and that's what we do we did there job and mostly judges towns record and everything's great great to be part of it. I mean loses that's great to hear and everything but it's not really mingle I mean down maybe down the road from the back. And look at that stuff but as of right now I mean it will whether our main goal is just keep on grinding get the win and that's what we did tonight. For. Six receptions. You are thirteen targets for the eagle eagle at receptions. And twelve York. Lewis target nine receptions 79 York changed white touchdowns seven. Targets four catches. One dropper and yet. Coaches the what you look to markets in. Hollywood veterans. I would say at least for these witnesses is excellent that orbiter touched. I addicted to things were seeing that's easy for through. Is it any time comes in contact with somebody he slows down from its everything. We need him. Baier where the ball dissipate mystery and the other one is. Passing the field. And he goes to face contact after that. There seems to sense he drops the ball to show its stuff that concerns you oh. Quarterback rating does that make enough sense. That these numbers operates 35 of 53. 337. Yards three touchdowns. No interceptions. Heroes act. Square. 12 point five. Markets Beriault. 227254. York. Touchdowns no interceptions. This. Loss of two yards his quarterback rating. Almost despise pre nine point. It was published through the room deep though. Cover to cover three you know wrong meet he locked up and coaches to win again that's were 800. It's always. It's their quarterback. 2.0 indicated it was as if it if you watched that game. Markets are Carla. And Brady won the game for knowing that that's the problem with that reading is it'll count sacks. Specially you know both of a drive killed that that emotion by the way it's the sports acts with a right up the middle of the edge in the bottom before. No he was back there right with. To throw the football. Actually write that with Amy does that probably I would break segment to go on real postage. Sperm in December was a little bit lower as is usual high standards. Today he was EC and that is best in talk of any you know adjustments or anything like that he's made all the offense is made that enabled it. I don't know I think your question for him. Talk about. Them. Promise that asking questions. About. It. That's. Google about what bill. In order. To please shares shop. From. I've. We've we finally figured that I want to action to change. At four Asian tennis and that's etched its effort. You hold. That it was all on. Tom Brady didn't respond in APEC business directly. Question here. Character he responded in court today what more you know you'd think he'd have put another know if the Grail know now if they bet. You instigated these you wanted Jimmy do you go wrong. Something we noticed that. Pointed out it was used to one uprooted you know network. And apparently they pointed out on the network. Objects and yours. Was constantly touch football it's. Squeezing. Giving deflated as a fan vote which I guarantee you pitcher players on OK you know that one funny first I'm. You keep doing it irritated. It's. Story here not only Brady in the office and the fact that they got people they were really good. The defense in the front seven each and Derek. The ball twelve times its. He irritable fiber. To keep the ball away for robbery. And actually be competitive in the wins in. Twelve times. Or. On. Its longest run of the was lower north. Was totaled sixty yards on the ground. More yardage on the ground and it 37. Yards in England Italy. One running the football. Not. Louis. I showed there on the AFC championship game parties. You're in a row. Will be back next Sunday it's a three game will be the post game show right after that game. And the question now is what they play Pittsburgh what do they Jackson built by the way people to those games tomorrow. Will be a game that's. 415. And mark and he will be more warning. Do you want to move to ultra that oil wells. If a cult while Cuba. It was I don't think it's Monday to Friday. That's Friday morning's from six and these. Drops that Monica when the show we keep we never sell. Oh. Russia. It's I don't know it appropriate laws it. At the wheels of my knuckles with adrenaline. That plane actually noted that on a plate Jackson. Rather have them play Pittsburgh Pirates coach cries you want to. In this when I was right is totally. Picture him wish they'd. Witnessed more right to borrow. Up to open quota to show all years. Got to hand it we added hassle station. About seasoned veterans force here in the respect for Nevada levee was here for twelve breweries at the idea it was here for a host the program did a tremendous job you'll only election WB yet all the football like a bad month. With OMF be what you post. Good at it at that are protect government Jan 3514. Your final England's it to the AFC championship have a great weekend.