Patriots advance to the Super Bowl: more of The Real Postgame Show

Sunday, January 21st
Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas break down the Patriots AFC Championship comeback win in part 2 and look ahead to the Super Bowl

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Spain now the most comprehensive review of the begins cease he's no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game should always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out come plasticky dot com by Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your new women come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and Craig's Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. I want her final in the wings went went themselves another AFC championship they are yet to the super bull again. And right now it's looking more and more like the Philadelphia Eagles will be there on two weeks from now. As that case you know is having holes or shall verdict the he has so fifteen to 2349. Yards in the first. Quarterback rating of 79 point eight he does but that's down but he hasn't interception. Am fumble he was sacked one time at the moment may be a little too big for him on the other side of the ledger. But pretty good fifteen to 42 to. Arts the air gets that first half with a one touchdown it's won. And a quarterback Radio One thirteen point four it is now 24/7. Philadelphia lead. Happy Jacksonville's defense. Will look at that as prevalent. Ahmanson's. That lets you practice speed linebacker enables him good he wanted to something. Philadelphia's defense is pretty good in the the profits as this group to show right now it's that off writes exactly in odd though that light about what that. I think maybe the whole we'll lay it all comes back to quarterback and if you look at paternity with four teams get one legitimate big time quarterback the greatest vaulted. And you get three other guys who were worked up guys in essence right moral line. The portals was the highest average Qaeda but he still is a model for little run exactly. Right excellent once superhero. But I I didn't think their you'll dolphins could line up that before every bit torture them particularly with the defense also there to get that the fumble which they scored. They've got to pick which they scored the defense is quick so if you're looking at your physical. And they possessed with the same type of quickness that you see with Jacksonville a much they have as many big. Play makers. Added I think they could do what they're doing defensively I thought Pittsburgh arena Minnesota do the same thing I thought reprieve. Maybe three points a seven point lead at halftime by one of the other but not this week domination. Are gonna take your phone calls we'll hear from Brady will hear for amendment bill will hear from some of the players. And then when they start the fourth quarter. We'll close things out we'll take you to Philadelphia lets you hear the fourth quarter and find out exactly. Who will be the opponent for the New England Patriots are right now we go back to the phone calls. At 6177797937. What's gonna built builds of Braintree bill. Related. Celebrate straight. Up or the leg up rather portrait. Let's go elsewhere let's go to Melissa in Hollis that I'm Melissa. With almost no calls. Listen let's go. Your movement of people falls. The knuckles politics. What Annapolis. Alcoholic whose followers people get excited they drag an awful lot and other totally that the episode guzzle. When that thought with a ball. Isn't blue it's not about getting excited today we have John Spicer the former Press Secretary for trump India all pro tailgate tent. Freddie was so excited to outsource. I've never what you shot I've never seen you so excited to see you guys that short knives actually shorter than I am. But I mean you have growth through the little guys. But the people at that moment that's with a guy in a very friendly guy I don't know was more excited to see shots by you or rob they can pick which is pretty the but a couple of guys affable. And a couple guys we have from low Darrow is in darkness next up here in the real post game shows Darrell. I write and I don't knock. It stadium. About how well. Yeah I mean not an island and I got and I got it. That could. Who. The team and the fan and I got to tell you the people that I. Well I'll. Yeah and even though like it was getting ready. Pretty tight ass. You know they loved how it is not a lot help. And was told Errol. We are down the stretch without like Ted will look. I wasn't feeling too good but I'd I'd turnaround of the people behind me like that got to believe that other goalie. A hot that it kept and lit up on land like a winless. You know I felt worse their style but at the fourth quarter that was when they're down to Atlanta. At the Super Bowl I just it just seems like they lose they put up so when it different. Football and protect colonel come of that society for aesthetic cover federal patriots. Looked at touchdown went down by four it was like. This. Is going to be great and the great plays down the stretch by it could. I whipped withdrawal so many of these at all. This the first time you saw it will go nuts scheduled to vote that's the first runner up after all these championships in tickets ballroom team I got that little went. Was people going nuts of the fans screaming at the stadium this is the happiness of CNET crowd after one of these for what we've since the first one. Because they they hear fear in their eyes after watching the putter where there's a nickel we don't want him. Against this but I I think. There was a lack of respect for the Jacksonville jet with. I hope people don't make the same mistake with the Philadelphia and all that long could you gonna look at nick falls in legal Eagles you guys say. Will they lost their quarterback of course it once where their quarterback that I've been worried about it and I'm not worried about a rift in a false. Nick foale's (%expletive) out of smoltz played well a couple of years ago he skew the total pro bowler he's capable of going out and having a good game. He is yes now know what you're we know what he was outplayed them but we only people the patriot players that's where you can Chris Long. If it's the great gonna get later on. He gonna answer it and if it's. Former patriot players in this let's go to Donald this film pork laden for Ali what's up Donald. Any. Not much thanks for taking my call I one salad at the game. And I've been other games where we were down a good amount I was at the ravens game where we're down fourteen twice. And I don't know exactly what one can put my finger on it. Well tonight it just. It came down a lot of time couldn't like be you'll concede after the win during my. I'll when we were you know when we are down you there were a lot more hype and yet people still believe. He saw how we were gonna win on same thing with the Denver game a couple years ago we are down 24 like half you know it looked bad but. You almost could see how we could win tonight it was just. I don't know what it what you almost couldn't feel it got one down at some point potential 11 at the beginning of the fourth quarter there was one guy like you know seven rolled out for me. All of sudden somehow he climbed out like eight year old is right from the crowd turned right around. And you know I think that you know obviously helped the team but it is a great atmosphere. I don't if you rise and they threw that touchdown for a Tom all with. Just got to rise of the work the worst part about it if you look at Britain's okay that affect it looks fine affected looks great maybe more accurate than it was a week ago you'll get an exit. So where's the problem the problem was Jacksonville was a lot better than most of the that you folks thought this past week you know our team. All you need to do is Blake portals had to play well for them he didn't think that was possible like world played well today. Because it in a couple receivers as kemba picked ahead of it all you make a tremendous catch is used to pull right out of the reach of the defense of Baxter was even one. Even close interception. All the way up to a fault or those they were close inception a couple times it was a couple interceptions but it tipped off the figures but you withdraw as accurate as I've ever seen him throw. He went Cole made some big place Cory grant dates and take place. Westbrook made one and then drop the pass and a second when he was detonated well that last play pass on that last play. Where he was the guy they went to a great defense supply. But you're right there was some other people let it for debt was kept in check and get out give Jacksonville credit. They used to have the right. Of went forward at all put up the passing game knowingly couldn't call lot of what they were doing because you've still got word about what if what we all got to wait until you. Even if the running game not successfully can't wait for it to play action pass keeps that is great running back wrote one. Right every time that play action he was is accurate history to Ottawa for at a flea flicker if you remember Philadelphia. And it was broken ply. And portals warning to his right is that make it upper Colorado. Or out. It's stuff is at its. But we're playing against buffalo two out watching and it was like 1215 as a girl for funny so what kind of Pittsburgh native. Of Watford phone it looked odd couple play with has to this throws he's running out there. On the run. Serena fielded the ball hawk when it got about all the slides of defiant perfect grass. Before oval lots of with the ball caught one had no pitched all the law. Yeah this are you aware when his shot well. He read to her about he rigel but he did. You base a protect you got to give the guy credit patriots were taking up replaced in the that the double they did Italy where they were doing some stuff because they knew. They were in trouble and they had to go out of the things yet to freeze some pursuit so quickly if you ran at a a a fake. Brokeback rightly that it all the symptoms or sway the throwback clip it and and now Louis with one down the field but my estimate for the then the ball is so they had to utilized. Plays that made pursuant go away from the bullet we go to earn next though in Franklin what's up but. Hey man what's gone on guys that's why is it. It was it was picked up and to come back in the game with what buddy Alex Auld played her I told guys where it went down and it's it's twenty to 1012 minutes left. And it just felt like you know it was going to be fit you know another great moment and it's multiple. It and it just it just seemed like it was taken to a split. Be in the end and cola is the best free agent signing the patriots have ever. He's been phenomenal. He's been phenomenal. When the when the chips are down early. He's unbelievable clutch unbelievable clutch let it go it was cities hit it too much money well if you remember he came in here and a lot of people thought it was gonna be the replacement for Wes Welker next thing you know settlement moved up on the chart Foreman. And yet if the bill I don't think can do exactly or receive yes it is just loves what what right. Can't do what settlement can do both men his father role here. He actually you're right Hyun she had been rocked and cry uncle and gallon and that way. And then you pick it okay and his receiving court a little bit no cork. And then be incomparable Tom Brady you guys said that it's like if you go to win the Super Bowl. You don't Jordan paper route Gretzky. Ahmet Ali it's a Brady will surpass everything. Unit argent. I gotta I gotta start I got to interrupt you just the the precincts have drawn well what's precincts are reporting right now Philadelphia has just scored again. Say goodnight to the Minnesota Vikings it will be the New England Patriots in the Philadelphia Eagles see it on the sidelines of vikings it's down. A great pass once again by nick falls just perfect. Receiver kids stop run great catch right when I unbelievable defensive back bought domestic don't take falls like. Do not take it folds like they don't all old what you did witness Rick would look like it's. Patriots aren't what they were two votes. Certainly the patriots beat the patriots. Beat the patriots came up like tremendous ball I think you were to exercise the QE2 problems with this group different they're not they're pounding right now this Minnesota Vikings defense. It's just falling apart right now they don't have quirky preview copies you can hold. Toasted and. And I'm telling you the Eagles will be a challenge this will not. Be an easy game this will not be easy game that defense is real good in near real quick. And you can look at disabled list of course it went and that's what people are gonna always. I'll tell you Fultz has been great so foreigners game great. Minnesota in here for the demons so we're gonna go another year without lovers gonna move to Minnesota we've gone another year. Where the whole scheme nasty is not going to be the home team. Not gonna happen again I will take it the fourth quarter that it would go back to phone calls right now Rocco was and saudis are O. It was so gutless black and I was gonna say it goes to two lead political gain united bats in the battle years old wanna say we when you know money doesn't. Yeah he's coming out of that and the other on the opposite of mine play brilliant but yet could indicate. But the thing about what I call lasted I don't know he got them about Butler you know it kind of looked taken on and I think I mean. You know I think Jack was taken on today again so. And you know that's you know the odds and you know with a little bit and I well you know. But every quarter clock about to public get a kick out loud and I. With thirteen of fourteen completions and roll we'll see his yeah oh yeah everybody. Here is an American act plus edit my thought after a bummer you know not you know. Well as it chased guys who have been covered it comes across to feel a lot to get picked by two different guys. And if you don't have a Russia that quick crossing out of it's it's very difficult especially advantages right. I will need a little eight guys two things on a good job with his first talking about one guy calls and talks about Brady being frightful. There's I called and talked about. The Petrie to come in the end of it dynasties and you know it's. But the truth I don't know about throughput. If I'm watching like you could movie whatever I like to wait until the end I don't like to three quarters or say. The Star Wars against an opponent now and I didn't want them. A tremendous. The second thing. Think about also is released this that they had. Grunt was out elements out. U2 star receivers most teams are full of Kansas City that does seem most out of their op and they just poop their pants and it's about what it can't be used other players. If that's a place were down the still dictated the play at a high level it's just amazing. Coaching. Called you yeah that's pretty its. Stake in football's really support. Sequencing work the these well the last first out of the patriot. Big player mean credit in the box holes around you know I was a waste Olson writes what. It's just. Very carefully we'd have to check this film I know credit would have dropped and pretend yard loss but. Chris. It's what deferred credit or what your place that he. Colton including the the Brady quarterback sneak and only god they're spread out pretty good quarterbacks don't. In the whole wide open gap national sites next thing you know obviously it was two guys was right. And a much that's what they were intending to do what. What they throw at them you're right you're unit that went up look right look left and then boo them like. Extra point was a 3127. Film of Oklahoma is dominating this game right now Steve is in Maine except for the real post game show. And he. We don't our look at. Let it spread that you want that's when Mercury could have been Knight have brought it to my points and. Our economy rare moment it happened at six. Because obviously they. Anyway though. All you're there are really got our guard Eric you know it's parents secret and didn't twelve and this week or your report. Other pitches on the local or in the long enough but my uncle. The taller girl friend. Let's work that eat well. Scene apparently coming out we're going minus fifty I I these. And aren't enough already cracked out. Appreciate them. And an odd that he that he seclusion out there sure is cut their electorate if it was with the B twelve stitches. My myself just it is up got gentle helped the that's right well while what you're trying to mop pilots like court record we get back we'll hear from the plight of the game. And it will hear from some of the players and it will take more of your phone calls and then as we said we will take you to Philadelphia for the end of this game. As it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles with a 31 that's definitely Minnesota's botch it Wie at nine. Thirteen remaining in the third quarter looks like they will play you're doing well patriots two weeks from now. A appeared Minneapolis quick break right back at. A New England Patriots he's right here Tom Brady joins Kirk in Callahan tomorrow morning on pain free. We return to the real post game show presented by complex. Simplified check out how plenty dot com. Not quite Anderson McQuay architectural holdings and buy your new way. Record dealers slug Sports Radio WEEI. You can never feel any more internal pressure me to step up when someone like Rob Gronkowski comes out again. I mean. I don't feel any added pressure though I. Every every play him. Competing my tail off to try to try to win the route when the block. Or whatever my job is that play in. You know whoever's in the game whoever's fight beside me I know. A lot of trust and faith in them whether it's broker cookie or a gears up there. You know whoever it is I know I know we have a lot of trust in this room done. That's it. They really. Hurts them. Tiebreak capitalized play the game brought to you by watch that Richie tail gate classic. Here's the game winner. Under center second. Wants what's being. I call back yet so you're supposed to broaden their super. All that's that's that's got. Did and is shot and that is Super Bowl. A believable as gimmicks current or east. Otherwise play the game brought you by once next Richie tailgate classics look for the new buffalo wings party's favorite on and the dry rub rim flavors can find him at your local store. A and other interest the plate you're looking at from the Jacksonville. Respected Minnesota by the way he's driving right now they've got a third and goal. Coming up we'll open wheel now rather it's Portugal right now they need this one day I don't know Holloway picking up the pace here why these a lot of the public 24 points and the what the Chicago want to go silent got a touchdown record to balance the congress and president. Today understand that we did and they were down by 45 in the soup doesn't look like if practiced Howard held at the top each other as. I don't know him you can. He said the way they're facing right now. But at Xavier Jacksonville. And you're looking at the end of the first cap it's that you with three minutes left. In that in that first after they complete a bird in nine. Cole for a they did not get that he did get a touchdown Minnesota game that's now. Com. So if you look at that with three minutes left. In the in the first half right now. Portals completes the obstacle for nine that is a first down one problem illegal shift. A case of the call the penalty now then right after that a delay of game penalty after again. That's have been completed should they got a little too late right and then they get a holding. Penalty on top of that now they're forced to want that sets up the wing it in the other mistake they made for a they didn't let the clock down below I know it all on the pocket. So what they did is they gave no wing won an additional timeout because you've got the two minute warning us of the week when now gets two minutes two seconds left. They don't have the burn off what their timeouts because they get to second. Over the mandatory timeout. And then they start moving Lewis goes to your tone on it and run. I'm out now for the two minute oh warning. Then they go to cook's first down that they go to dole first down that make auto white first GAAP the next plague rockets were. On the unnecessary roughness plight they end up getting a first down out of that because of that. And then right after that the deal that all I that the atom they're gonna review this. And they don't overturn it there is tyranny right now they just overturned it's doubtful that on fourth down Philadelphia. Takes possession of the ball leading 31 December. When we hit back to this growth and necessary roughness of the first down. On that on that play and then. They go to cooks and if you remember. Pass interference boy it interferes with a big call that late now now everything is cooking then they go to court to the one yard line what does it with a touchdown and knowing when instead of being down fourteen to three. Is now back in the ball game at fourteen. You tan. And what it Jacksonville do they get scared at that point if he's got such as a public company dropped than me and that to me that last. Three minutes of the first half of all the Jacksonville thing and that's where you lost the game right there after we lost. And detected at Auburn players wanna be aggressive let's go 54 seconds left at three timeouts. I got 56 place. Fox explains in a way portals drawn yesterday he's on a roll right now let's keep go to let's let's open a rather lose by ten. It's an in your quest of the lose by three in not to. Now I. This portion of the program by the ways they've brought to you by shaped concrete here on the real post game show. I just a little bit more didian don't look at he had himself a monster game. I hear today seems to come up big in big gains key moments that was an unbelievable touchdown but meant in a forest in the fourth quarter. They were just going to the dull it was going to go oh he's a pretty area. One foot comes down in the has a content via. Where a ball to get the other foot down before that the hits just tremendous act all after the game. I Danny your picture it's clear cut to a kind of relatively slow slower start how does it feel to have only have the your crew progressive the point where you're the number one guy in the AFC championship game. It's. You know I'm thankful for my opportunity here and in what it's been in the past five years and I had a lot of great memories here. You know I I don't any negative thing or anything that's. It you know try to hinder me I try to. Ignore and focus on the positive things that have been going around and gone on in this building for the last five years for me and try to build off that. And and be a good teammate and that's your ability. Folks on. Any I made genocide but it seemed like 120 yard punt return they kind of rushed it to you is that is that right at Selma times I do like the kind of rushed to snap to get off quick punch maybe and aside that. That that happens. I'm not sure it was it was a quick snap a lot of teams do that but I'm not I'm not sure what they're taken. We've got to block and then we're just trying to get me we're gonna get pretty good field position I think in the state. You know forty or soon. She better get some some yards and you know on their catches to that point and moves to promote talent replacing what's putter was doing a great job on out of not out kicking his coverage so to speak kicking the ball high. And I had my feet on the ten a lot so I knew that he was gonna kick it over my head it was any given time to get down there by. That particular part you know I saw the rush. When you rush in auto parts very usually. Holds the guys up even more just when they get out the scattered and they're not blocked by it. In your hallmark of your career he has been your ability to produce in the post season what is it about your ability gets a larger shying situations. Well it's a lot about preparation and and you know circumstance and opportunity and being ready and no fear just get out there and get it done and that's. That's what we're about this in this building. No question. They did it on fourth quarter and no second guess he's come up with so many neat place in the fourth quarter it's amazing. And they really heeded and today you talk about losing wrong. Talk about a defense that really was stifling a lot of what you wanted to do. And it all comes up with some being in catches for one that he was able to roll in his hand under the ball keep possession when he saw the Minnesota game. Same thing happened receiver end zone please christianity touched the ground. Those who were to overturn 31 to seven they are under six minutes remaining in the third quarter actually five to 46 right now things are looking for yeah. Portly for the Minnesota viking that it now bettered that seven that's that's something called social fun its own talent not to a dollar cut tape for the game again you wouldn't listen. Humans who by guys go to the Eagles are better than people think even without Carson once and second of all. They're going to be the most obnoxious. Ads is violent fans. That is the convene I thought with Apple's request is an act out of the patriots in the Eagles when he went down at those going to be repeat. Loans stupid actors in this could be some good time for Donovan McNabb except. He cattle sexual harassment situation council's release candidate like he's in. He's in hiding right now I think so. Maybe you have fought in the auto he's gone through. Well let's take a reckon it will be right back with you with a real posted show the patriots are ahead of the Super Bowl it will looks like they're gonna be playing the Philip. Goals coming up in two weeks from now we got more of the real post game show and that will take you live to Philadelphia for the fourth quarter. I so. 52. Patriots will seek their sixth Super Bowl title talk. Talk about it now on the real post game show Ford wins were less tasty to put a fourth quarter of the NFC championship game presented by conquest. More choices more savings insurance simplified check outcome plenty doctor. Bystanders in the Quaid are good. Actual holdings and buy your New England cub voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio tell. The real post game show let her play for explorer was gonna take you to Philadelphia comes at staples is making me. Blades again won't this drive. Philadelphia he's riding again thank that. Guardedly 37. Looks like over you start thinking about fitful. And you know all of that could keep what you think a team. It at a gimmick candidate. And always a backup quarterback for holds one of its vehicles doesn't move his hands they. Are a serious threat lot of speed they're serious threat in the speed on defense linebackers. Really good this team got our profits are without its office two fold them before like that secure its top elegant and other guidance good player you know we're right now watching this game in particular a couple of a couple of seconds. But this is a formidable. He that you got but the Philadelphia Eagles and the vikings what his followers they could go we couldn't get there profits going. A case you know just could not doing. In this game he made mistakes with the defense sucks at defense that you're expected to go to fight not to anything. Picker to probably ought to be about favorite bicycle. I would I would guess between three and five somewhere that in that 68 no. You know. I don't believe it will be that IQ not believe it'll be that much I think it'll be somewhere around three fives like that inept in apple. I picked a much better than people think again I think the problem visual below on public persona is much worse to it and what people who was able to quarterbacks okay. But three of the four teams that we've seen here in the tournament the best defense that some threats of something going on that one down here for a good soldiers look treatment plant molecular and she's got a before he's he's going to be an eclectic and while we don't know what he's going to be like when he's on the in the exchange and support that we have a good idea were released it'll look like. But with this guy's gonna look like he's got to play while for them to to be not at all but it won't go to Gary they got to judge somebody you're familiar with from his days in Miami so they get a good look at it. They certainly know what they get with a look Garrett blonde so there couple things so let's take its final break at that oil there was will take you to Philadelphia. And what you before or protect beta build off that in Philadelphia right now for a but about the illustrative of that right after this.