Patriots advance to the Super Bowl: more of The Real Postgame Show

Sunday, January 21st

Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas break down the Patriots AFC Championship comeback win  and look ahead to the Super Bowl


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Spend now the most comprehensive review of it begins cease he's no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show was presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Such outcomes Lansky dot com by Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's to let your way and Craig's Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. I have not get their money's worth in the AFC championship we'll see what happens in the NFC championship machine will be abolished. Of the doing the pictures but for supposedly the patriots are once again headed back to this your reward game. Offer to a lot of alters the papers ship rock was out Villanova. Teams get dominated the lines. It's just fine the way I just have to review what went before most of the goal has admitted that this is the next you know. They find something there we talked about it or about tremendous right. It can't two outs being in the defense is socialistic those screens and dump sick like throw to a that is sides right left the Ministry's. The running game wasn't effective so was that going straight down real strict outfield. Typical strict on the field to hold it down real took the dole up. And it just to put together a sentiment I. Talk about experience and experience I got the ability don't doubt that the owners in the fourth quarter they dominated the fourth quarter. They struggle whole game and worked out an office would have worn out say myself that if you defense struggled in third down situations to hold Jacksonville. I must say this that I did think Jacksonville's the American Media. You and I both like Jacksonville over Pittsburgh last week that Pittsburgh is vastly overrated. Especially with the injury right change here they are different defense to give up an awful lot you can year. The stuff we've we've seen in the last week they have cement shoes going on there. This defense that Jacksonville Jack was defense it's for real now the wanting shock element because I thought this was a very difficult game. Was the fact that late portals are the fourth quarter could think she probably couldn't have forced out a third out situation couldn't convert to a first in the fourth quarter. Late portals play that element game. But you go the patriots Gaudin VO tech with a run through relevant job that was on almost two yards per look at what they use that I don't but this is the thing they wanted to make oral region may compete and he was running a quality all sit in the pocket full perfect every. Explain the good passes. Textbook way to go. This is to portals. In the open. Go and add that that the delay of game to force down what those penalties that put him that it did to me it's less than half that didn't. They did kill that holder told what to two minutes quick kick it again 2.2 minutes two seconds so they have access to outlook some things that they went through it. It was many people thought there were a lot of people thought this was going to be an easy game lot of people were looking at the history of the Jacksonville Jack with. This is a really good defense Ford had to agree with you will look up what his average was. He ran the ball awful lot where they stuck with the rock. He wasn't getting a lot of yards but what Stewart Freddie as the opening freezing everybody's opening up their passing game and they were able to peak at Dunkin' go with the short little. That's just conduct might portals that outside place to God's twelve that's when he out. It's unbelievable passes and that the receivers what was to what the cut for receptions all well yeah it's 33. In this game. So put down the stretch the patriots tightened the agency's medical that a few exotic blitzes that it had gone off gotten over the side of the pressure down the stretch. Which is big for its please be about the quad and you make a buffalo made a great player and Jeff Gilmore and we've we've we've we've complain a lot there courses he's got batters to your athletic. Gigantic that playmate was unbelievable athletic in the it jumped in the air was hanging in the technical I can't until it was on. Expert right now James Harrison was accurate it's true. One of those sacks were destroy all the tackle this with five foot and it's got to steer the applicable back. Defense they stopped I stopped over out make him go. The coverage that the pressure and then just turn the patriots saw the end rising gold will praise on the sidelines. He's never lost faith and advocate well as soon as this about McCain that club picnic that within three. Jack's most outlook and a hello but they never do and political history look at how many times we've seen them any jam. And they find ways of getting out of Egypt dominated the fourth quarter they were you out for street they got money in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady 138 yards and two touchdown pass in the fourth quarter in order to that you're gonna get the ball back so the next big thing is. The Patriots defense is giving the patriots the ball back the first half but the first time possession. Outstripped the picked a couple of shots I thought that's extra left that part of the circle for god for a they didn't Belichick trust in his defense worked out tremendously so. But it never sway for watching him do that'll panic they'll do things in this group. Just as Apatow four about it at 26 minutes left of the angle for reflected in my opinion the games are. We're gonna be here for the next three hours so look up those phone lines at 617. 7797937. We'll talk about this game we'll look forward. The two weeks are now a period Minneapolis the NFC game is going to be played here now and we're gonna catch up on what's going on there. And then we'll take you to the fourth quarter and find out who will be the New England Patriots opponent. Will pick up the fourth quarter of the game lie for you right here on WB ER but look those fault lines because there's an awful lot to talk about so the one thing we were the most concerned about. Over the last 72 hours was the fun of Tom Brady I don't believe that was a fact even to scan through. There is some of the public was almost past that point laws upon there was nothing that affect him all that. That's of every good coverage team and the linebackers quick so what happens is. It jumped the tracks across in pads to the facts like that is there with the anti lateral. Right. Pool the water right away to three 21 of the problems that they've just got to go in and it'll. The three. Right back patriots. A blow to your east throughout all. You know cricket made. Most. Of us and said look yeah people applaud guys idiots I mean it tremendously questions like same. Type these guys. They were last days were they come back for the ball that whole crew that pulled the ball in. To Justin nice drop everybody was on the same page everybody needs to make contribution made and it was so what they had looked down the field that couldn't go out he was too fast. They tried to early on in the game that was not working out or a game plan like almost a graphic you want. Yeah a lot more faith and like portals that most of the year most of the American. And he like sports go out there you in the game many it audio today you know that the recruitment may or will be. Based so there's okay its outlook for net. We can control game as the game and enhanced public polls at Jacksonville spread out the short passing game and utilized bullet. Four to play action and it worked for us safeties on the back is a socialist of the enemy and on. On running back or wide receiver this extra guys because there was no help but they did great jobs proper. Or Wednesday with the exception and that he was it was from instrument if the credit now it was tremendous shock to be obviously that was the one thing I did not figure in the course of the week that Lee was able. I was capable. Marginal. March with that defense if went for a night of Friday all they can win or make it competitive game. It's the right trees that terrific job Ford was getting. Arctic. Ice and there was stuff like that lets. I utilized it though they used utilized the Ford at the patriots would win it. Wants to stop it for a lot of crossing that is practiced all along the exits out. It was proper given you an actual act right now. You were talking about great catches that would may fourth quarter by the patriots. For it even though Britney was with some point. But the way that they were only holding out of the football and forcefully pull it towards and the coral I only read about our coverage by which was caught passing exceptionally well with some great catches including the on line. A wealthy well. What what was the house approximately seven got caught up walls put some on me if I wanted reached the original those books are not lead to five I have that was well coached football in this area. All the sidelines that's east arrives at one of those. That should be at last this week it told stretched out. Like loop exhibit. But I haven't property update any talk about being in the middle something. Like some games. Say he's the mental the last few years in huge situations. He's about. With the Tom he runs the prop but Roberts he's wit pub expects that a recent talk patrol the ball early if there's ever goal. If he goes gonna make the catch in a guy boxes are promoted what it gets the ball turns. To get the bedrock of that sort of hold all the can't knock it out. I mean it with a typical that you already brought it up you lose Glock you knew you were gonna lose Glock. Because when he came up that wallet how much it he was wobbling there was no way now I'll I will give this I would love to get a tape. Of the NFL medical person who was trying to question because I don't I you can tell when rockets is can ask the throughput stink. I but the fact is that you knew at that point he was in trouble luck gonna come back good news here. You got two weeks it's not a one week situation you've got two weeks I've got to believe what you're gonna be good withdrawn. To put a futuristic and the Patriots offense with their two best receivers out harmful 430 it's 2 o'clock. At a monopoly to with a guy would you an accident were orchard for staff on hand it to be a perfect game Julian all right a little crossing routes. You know you get that they're great quarter simple hands and I knew I had Ramsey and all you do is you get. Adelman a settlement movement to change they didn't have that during the course of the game. And I thought again Jacksonville pretty phenomenal job. On crock they really did that safety was just bullet hitting him right behind him they were giving them double coverage on every saga Rabelo that office of. Line gets pretty passionately one atop Patterson gave it explicit through dive. Public pretty good protection and that was a great job there just tremendously well to give talking Texan at that time football if you touch it hit. But the the she was kickback for the ball the saw the Russia and they will take the. All the light difference for the patriots and great scenes verse is just another team is when it starts this Opel in your game plan is unraveling. Losing your best receiver. Use our default port you start for you start to Kansas City right this thing doesn't do now doesn't do it for this sort order just keep us in the game keep us in the game will find a way. Of going in when it and that's what they did this trial than a scene team Dahmer the patriots that laws are could be present particular witnesses this is a real physical defense they are quick. What anthrax but yet okay judge throw the ball yet you know you'll get it. Three yards on drive with getting zero yeah yards after the catch Greg countless. That's another point to rewrite the tackling was tremendous by them. An adequate can't play defense that was bobbled the this by the receivers and then all of a sudden they're virtually have a goal in the right place right time it was hot tub talk file that they would admit to mail with them through the. I find it you could run double off the the seam up the middle against that defense. The bull on VH one because they used it to name which is to convert it to a fast. And yet. Dion Lewis gets outs I'd run which solidified the win. And sense of the menace of not only about play it was a third and 809. And he runs and talk. And that is what pushed out given them another. An advocate and picking at the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh played with for three full out touchdown passes I think. I think people get confused this past week and looking at Jacksonville to. Up 42 Pittsburgh remember. They had a three touchdown three score lead it. You know they're playing different offensively that they apply if they get in a perfect game. Patriots had a plea from being watched Jacksonville. Differently this is it legitimate. People want two weeks now. Every play whether it's Minnesota Philadelphia and play legitimately that's important. This is a good test for them when she could be faster. I look at that Pittsburgh I mean Jackson will play. They'll product. You know because it would we ought to cut like he said well look at them miffed by what happened last week to bring the purpose was unbelievable passes and five yards passing and ball to fall out. And make a tremendous place tremendous catches after Apple's. Certainly you talked about this and we talked about last week and we thought both of us like Jacksonville that aka Pittsburgh. And we both said the same thing Jacksonville gives you. They have dominated Pittsburgh over the years why because Britain and that's don't defense he can throw the ball everywhere they like to blitz every once this is a different defense pressure up the middle okay. And the best combo quarters in bow week chart OK so they shut down your outside messing. This is a legitimate team this was going to be a better test that that's for. Sort of things like Huckabee. At the game clocked out and it's not. Really count them. You know the Tola. You know it cooks to. Throws up he made some great plays in the slowdown which made yesterday for not just play physical play the ball he went there liked it but. What would you look at cook she's one of those routes if he smoked out all the might not the past refer to a couple of replaced because their world their record of what is it went to a football but he fought for a it is that the Kennedy fought on he caused those in the. It's pitiful one ticket but he phone calls as possible so while loan amount it. It's it's the last game of the season well suited. For a very different and I. And super Obama and we're gonna let the cat killing millions go out. And Brady and it becomes one of the hanging. Telegenic is that we are struggling. Yeah Lawrence Woodstock took ball Paulson Westfield high ball. Guys are high and so Goodyear brought a quick question or comment weapon that by the check it ended rejecting have to look overarching stake in the being we are again. That was the second will talk just for a cap other when Atlanta was killed most of what would you agree. Yeah I think this was a really difficult to I'm telling you all week long people looked at Jacksonville and they looked at the history. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars this is a totally different team it's got the top compliment solid government. It is really good coach structured this was this really really well planned. Keep playing tennis they're really really good job. When they're playing Atlanta. Atlanta and it's mean that'd have the pollen. Misty got strong guys that fast guys but also what we're strong and tackle tremendously well they didn't whip down the patriots just that. If found openings by Tom Brady for tremendous passes in Iran right good routes. But this team physically. Unlike. What would global talked about Tennessee last week the matchup as a visit cal to both lines this line knows that it's strong if and the big thing is to secure the defense back about running backs will also wildcat. Usually got hurt and I don't think. It and the speed of them converging it's a three or four guys are very very few times one guy will be out two unethical by three guys so they Cabrera for balls. Wheldon went to one thing I did not think was possible. That Blake portals could play no near perfect game in the fourth quarter started to get to speak to tighten up a little bit suddenly all of Michael got extra golf that I can't believe I'm where I am right now. But up until that point right. Blake mortal was as good as any quarterback which I don't I'd look into auto. Manning is suspected of aura about it is it looked up the lives of said the pressure is covered differed on any froze stood for the ball you frozen try to run ball. But won't try to run the ball pocket. He was tucked the ball sort order of throw get hit the ball back and fire position that's what's cool about it couldn't throw the ball off but again shortly in Europe so there of the sack. It's gonna crash courses in Cranston, Rhode Island express. Hey Glenn and ready no idea let's listen you know. Good at any I like you know now I really don't like the dirty and that was that NN Stanley dirty air on crop content except. I don't I wasn't I don't think he wants I'll take a lot thumb and I'm glad I don't want Obama to point out game I wouldn't know now I tell you what. It was it was a helmet to helmet he led with a shoulder he didn't lead with helmet and here's the problem when you get two guys going in in different directions like that. Can't determine at the last second if you could defend that you can't sit there is okay we're is proximate going to be right now he's going one way you're going the opposite way. I don't think it was a dirty hit now. Based on the rule on the way that we have the rule in the National Football League helmet to helmet got that it is a penalty in each of the penalty you go to our. Seven new toys exit outside that he's running in the ball he's catching the ball has gotten its hands. Coming and as he's falling. Right so that helmet comes within range of god help if squad and followed him in the chest so I try to make a lot of its hopefuls beat the golf course and obviously virtually impossible to exist but what happens of course that's the same. Reaction to what you're looking at it in slow motion all my art yeah. Thoughtful speech you can't determine where other outcomes of giant old quality. So I launch ever take about who's your pick it knocked the ball out as we didn't like that rock where the ball so. Astride his verve to follow all the rules don't understand how people movement and how Japan angels fall airs at city. I know we are down right here with terrific you you. Unlucky bad aka. I wish you wish it was. The I know your peers I'm lacking entire game at leopard Bob Bennett and edit I'm not looking at now with it's root root for him. Well. And it gains I I would I really organic and bill Al and the opposite. Okay. Out act I mean I'm good candidate on the cheek and don't get it comes out. Hey I'm way you're not really about the situation I think of all of the big game yeah I. Out now what Hitler. Right. But you know whatever that great game but here's the bank they don't and on time Brady. And they then again on his time hands and there are no problem with Jack it means you know I mean even have a cup comes that he requiring glad to not let them let you know they cannot accept that it definitely. It McClellan accident hasten that makes a difference. I won't gain get on get like chain you've never. Wallet I mean while Esteban has and you know they're not talking to them and that's how are going to see you know they they talk about it each heater and you know. Not for profit all the rules but what Tom Brady you know the idea that Tom Brady bill than the to inflation you want. And then the ground and leave that actually is critically. Challenge and again and (%expletive) that you've got to do anything about it eagle putt so that isn't as well look the router to your team like the loss of rhetorically they should've won. And that's Carol you're right they used glue and guess what when you cover injuries cuts like that. You're allowed to do. Why you're allowed to do that you know let that their leg male cabinet you know it it usually is likely to slip out of the Giguere you know what I'm not I'll hazard let's talk buyers and that let you know it happens people accused loses an upset on and that is very blues. I actually want to say the patriots went back to tremendous uncertainty. Let me come on and I mean. It was a little stuck to Qualls got your character. Witness. Over here. So it is that. I. Am at some kind of plotted out. And greens and watch and everything looked at only is throwing an only. What is what I'm Brady by the way. And I object at a NATO we got to go back and listen Max Kellerman this is a disappointment. Upon cheated as he put created. That's a forums. I don't know if you have that the spray on you know to make that's the adhesive sticky here that houses those cuts by hand stitched up my eyes had punched the ball. If you don't the sweat loops in the bandit so was loosely it that but boy he cement. That is absolutely. Out. It was like some kind of steroid that made a simple mammals are almost became the greatest player America's Lula to his day. Picking. Now it were noticed actually have to cry please consult with these people called. Enjoy it enjoy the greatness of the preakness and its human as. Agency that is you know show some compassion to the rest of it will keep on winning here or they had to change. It's as people. And we feel the same way or another team like it's. Your suit which fuels which is stupid things like. That that you don't know they should that you lose they'll have two days. Access to it. On the. Like your scrambled to go to Erica launch what's up Eric. I don't I don't know Leo. Good what well I'm aware by now I was you know holding. A bloody one. In and it sounds. Call it arrow wood is called. Oslo I'm out you know I don't know about where about what we did. Which he speaks Eric again I understand it's OK but I have to Google that I'd rather. I take it enjoy it I don't know he's at work they do a lot of Patrick what's your work. I here's what you Rhode Island like what's up. Hold on Michael Mike Nolan get now I think. It is to break hello Mike. They've what. I'm. It. Before let's head a little bit. All day with a little bit. I want have been that important enough that or. What all the more. Our own model. The stolen there's actually light as the polish and then there's in the bill. You know if this happened like once in a lifetime a comeback like this hasn't happened that Super Bowl chopper three other times was going to come back a lot. I'll ask this question is there any patriots fan that would start the fourth quarter. You're down by hand. If they get the field goals and out early for seconds of the fourth quarter there anybody out here that said oh where were screw which were done. I'll guarantee you. There wasn't I was a little sadder that I wasn't anybody in the country who see the patriots and want the patriots lose or felt satisfied twenty content they knew you. There was still another run that was going to come back I don't know picks. Practice the defense to rise up like there's pictures of there was so successful move the ball. Well also advocated a first what they sixth of eleventh seven a 4000 miles on the fourth quarter and come up with a 40 one's for you go to it's called. It's called game plan scheming. Don't know the person Noelle what they have done as the game progresses they're attracted the tenets is that what do it to one. And that's got taken away what these two of the most. They take it away now. Portal set to go to a second look he's not great at that he was one we've got bang bang bank now the ticket away the first read. Yes go to the second read it to agreed in the predawn. He took root out surpasses what. Correct it in the held the ball a little bit longer and it's a way that site that does not let us from the outside shoulder was really working catching. Stepping out of bounds the bridge upkeep of feeding it once they took that away from. Now we had used the rest of the field now became a lot more difficult by the Minnesota vikings' first possession they could out you'll. They score it is seven nothing like it'll open up the NFC. Games over quite yet. We're gonna take more phone calls for the next three hours on them up at 6177797937. Do you believe it when it happened. Are headed. The super bull. Sticking. Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl. No one no real post game show where we're Williams burglars can stay tuned for the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game presented by conquest team. It's more choices more savings insurance simplified check out how. By Anderson McQueen it's. Actual holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. The real post game show of the W. Yeah that ship brought cash at the New England Patriots wouldn't want reported what they another AFC championship. And they hit it to the Super Bowl this was far from easy and it Emmett Till two touchdowns today. It became one and not targets. Lots of them a seven of them. For 84 yards in the game for any coach who's targeted eight times concerts for a hundred yards and I say this that was another guy I did not think based on. Looking at the game plan and obviously changed enough for that Britney hooks the vertical game against those recorders in the outside would be effectiveness. He was a factor in this game that security that was a big he hit it too early and that should have it they just cut striding that would uplift the Balkan I'll put you were caught in jumped up. But the goal stuff was unbelievable. The patriots go another game without split away. They have now gone six games in one of law without its take what I. They lost one of them likely write my game is that right that is the size of my pianist those one on the get it may be but that's six games without take away. And as you know that's nearly impossible. To go and win games when you're not getting takeaways. But they wanted to affixed to that opportunity giveaways you actually get it wanted and the deal what was what was culture does he was down the wall still has her except that the rule says that you must if you lose control the bull which it. You must maintain control of the ball before you come down to hit the our defensive effort extra control logic that was my head on his trip it was in his hand drawn. So it's it was a tough to put out Allison I thought that was that there ever a thought that was the kiss of death. That particular I think it is the rightful I think it is the right call because the rules specifically states. You must mean you must get control of the ball back before you hit the ground if you separately. Controlled the ball. He lost control the ball he never really got it back until he was already down the rock and the ball's lose and now. So emotionally retarded and go to open as he was done before but what got us the papers defense rose up and that appointment a total body at a I just lost the whole street here delegates it's gone so scream back at. In the lobby of the card gets up. At 4. O'clock. That night I thought that. Jarrell called it she liked. Well that. What happens gonna kill you gonna get along hey guys you gonna get a lot of that this week you know people are. She's. Oh. About it you. Lose about it and. If you watch football. Football. Watch football not appreciate. The greatness what happened to quit as we're definitely. Want to set that changed my district that was my team could come back I missed my team. That lost that tight edit Allopod. Not a lot of questions you policy losses tied it going went down by ten. And you come back and win she's. She's so hot weather lost which I misjudged. Appreciate. Patriot overseeing gracious and those. She wants her to excel. At that. We elements. Because. A lot matches epic he has beaten for a head. He keeps on all you don't want expecting to each well what. And that's. What outlaw that's what that MB headed populous state. They think is acting really strange that it it's not working pick up David North Carolina guys Dave. What I thought they typhoon. I think you guys realize treaty could. Could be the first quarterback went back to back Super Bowl and fifteen years apart three and four and seventeen and eighteen. Correct those 22 oldest quarterback right to what is it all sweaty nobody's done it since he did and the team didn't go through fort which is it you'll. Mortality the lives on the one back in the. What's it. I think I'll wait only quarterback who won back to back that's correct that's inappropriate you would do it quite. With fifteen years between them. 2003 to borrow anything. You know the problem you know the probably really update when you when you think about all of the different milestones. That this team in this quarterback reached on a weekly basis. It's it's mind boggling and it's almost to the point right now where we get a popsicle you know freeze your oil out if you look at this much is how's it happening right. It's not on our public people who attend. I winds exceeded the machine for Obama agreed on the PGA. What. I spent my whole life as a kid wishing the pre pre someone on the patriots like Brady now watching the Steelers could topple a problem that McCain is just great after that are. I lift its political play in his doubting figures if you look the number of plays that hurt it to push best receivers out. It is going to team has tremendous defensive backs it has good pass rush. If you score two touchdowns a school 130 past Robert threw out the fourth quarter that's amazing. That's just simply basic rock and opened not in there and I have a football he comes up you Jordan cook cook of a Putin a couple of good runs. But that's what's an amazing school it's that caliber of defense the fourth quarter down by about ten points they've come. But it got the leadoff ballots did you want me a super bull before without gore right now playoff games without wrong. They have one playoff games without settlement have they done. Bull they have got balls and now suddenly you're in a hole. You lose screw all this no entitlement and use it cynical old blind eye to tenacious defense that's bothering her for for almost three quarters. In about that it in the fourth quarter that that was the big shock about the whole let's go to Nathan Coventry Rhode Island it. Hey how are you today terrific. Well I I that are really few quick questions. One what she standstill but I've got to create like that lady there is no way if you put glove. On Kauai. That could cooperate with K that's got a respectable but we you're fully gate in. Almost matches it was magic dust. Well I don't what helped create it's kind of not have a you sport they haven't he submitted on it you all that spray that makes it's that. If you really sweat a lot elusive solar power dried off and re applied to so that if he's it would stick it to a little bit the stitches were exposed. Yeah that's that critics question. But I question would be really quick off. Do you think crossed a played two weeks. Yes. That Somalia I think to yet two weeks from now I don't think it's going to be an issue in less. It is really a severe concussion but even that threaten to write outlets if I heard about it. Two weeks the guise of big guy young. While the big guys got nothing to do with a Freddie can tell you the big guys they're hurt his yes they do I don't think that's a fact I just think two weeks is. Is a long period of of time and I think it clear room by that by that time we've seen this before. Where guys get cleared and weaker two weeks I don't think that's going to be. An issue and certainly you going to get a reading that probably may not even at the bandage on. Weeks from now we'd play that game now is it going to affect them all but the next couple of weeks. Probably practice stuff like that wraps things like that that may be a factor. And you know don't dismiss you gonna play in the NFC you're gonna faced by the way the Eagles had just tied the game in the sensor for a touchdown interception for a touchdown. So please keep them now you got hit it through yet to show either one of these teams are going to keep he really tough defense by the way for a both physical ample for quick words or some wanna what you got here. But I wanna thank Jackson music gave my held a show of what's going to be light not at all they don't have a scooter quarterbacks. They have I think the ill both teams rushed depressed extremely well. But the quarterback stuff that you'll definitely expected to have less trouble for all the while earlier on those. Okay back to the phone calls we go here's Thomas sought to shake off. Tommy looked dumps well it but it I don't know I. That's and I want talk about the conditioning. Use. Say it is looked never did ask he would never dad it's just it blows. How. No matter what happens crop goes down I know Adam. Ticket after we are. Brady is on the field in about Shaq is on heads he had not it's it's crazy like. The victory the patriots have the ability to rotate guys to keep them fresh as soon going to announcement should defensive lineman. Even though the second guy out. That's covenant may not be up to the physicals to ads that stature of the directed there. Although it don't they don't make mistakes that's the big thing about the patriots and solicit other teams talked about it. If you look at the personnel that don't have the greatest personnel the world but they don't beat themselves. They don't make stupid mistakes. Even here you know whether to pick the right place they were in the right gaps. Bulls had returned to practice and they did everything behind the coverage was off a little bit football portraits of nice passes Panetta would report at the defense of life the rotation. Always comes up with a with a it's not play the topics to. I think what's amazing about this team and remember we started out this summer talking about this team going nineteen and no. And it suddenly we started looking at the defense then you obviously lost the loss of of settlement is certainly don't know the start the breakdown now. You look at that defense guys that you never thought would be a factor in all of this James Harrison. Rookie on the French law that's a factor in the game today for a if you've made a couple of big plates in this game and lie back down the stretch like we made it became so would you answer you said you're going. How they felt that they think these guys nobody's off of practice squad or I'd like like Harrison who lost a great player that spent you know. Dispensed with by the Pittsburgh Steelers picnic about 88. After the games to pick. Just randomly on volatility or boats except laws you know hit it ought to have a guy. That could take it a complicated game plan follow as we wrote the asthma. But to. He has to look football is a guy screws up what is Belichick do we system for a few plays and the guy wants to get it its desire to continue to play sofa beside a place that just collect paychecks it's true for the patriots. Those guys are out there just route target project if they do their big guns of intelligence of this pick his team. Is matched by and nobody. They called XQ they don't make a lot of mistakes. Number two the desire to play everybody when they talked about it's about team it's about us not about me as rare as it is this. Let's go to Kevin in metal bar here in the real postgame show Kevin. Elephant in Canada I got it on. My question about Olympic great game great comeback but I question as. Like it's great to be on the radio like my question at what Tony Romo rooting for them when began. Non user through flight. He was written for the game so it if you are him are you going into the game. The one thing it that makes it a bad broadcasting is one team dominating the other team. So bit if you notice they played the whole David and Goliath. A role can that was the whole that's what they were using. As the plot in all of this Tony Romo was playing along that Jacksonville comes out. They're playing really well we got ourselves again he's root for the game. If you this sort of like carpet what Thomas on a certain level. Count to go to vote he was Tom Brady made some plays if those rules and he was talking about elaborate on how great it was all right Paul looked it up the defense of backs. Document away where their receivers want so that's a back to make it kind of goes. Tom could do that is don't count them out down the stretch. It was appropriate at this point out the fact that this team with combat several times media quarterback that reads. Defects is so quickly you get the ball to him and he was talking about the most tremendous roles that made you go back is it that. The top commitment I think that's very. I think he should all of the things that you need to say to build the story line up. And if the patriots lost this game I'll guarantee you we would've gotten calls for the next week about Tony Romo hates the New England Patriots have looked at Jacksonville. But he's playing for the story lines trying to deal ramp up production plight you know with delegate to the third act in this sport it's gonna be good that's what teams do and don't. I'd like it was Ronald last week talking about the Italian team. Not meant to the metal. To make mistakes ultimately though it means this week it was right on everything you said was right on. This is not a points to the patriots picked this compact speaker Tom Brady I'd avocado bottoming said that over. We'll ask you Woody's at long. About Jacksonville jet was the first that was actually write out plain and a patriot what is he can't stop what is he supposed to say in that you're right in the fourth quarter that our. Don't go there you get to go out there not count him out. That's the story line is usually right on to their being outplayed for three quarters but let's not forget you're the greatest quarter likable than before. Course the great thing about about Tony it's if you weren't watching the game you could proceed visualize what was going on was that. The sizes it is calls talk talk about the place that make it why they recovered what how to get how to get guys open and pointed out to a target rich are better than anyone. I the Minnesota Vikings score on their first possession case Tina throws an interception Philadelphia takes him home. It is a 77. Game right now in the NFC championship. The winner play Jordan England patriots two weeks from today. Up here in Minneapolis we get back to thwart your phone calls your reaction to what you witnessed here this afternoon another big patriot AFC championship went. 2420 your final count. Backed the phone calls and six once 7797. 37 net. In order way. Bred Smart looks okay. Patriots are an Intel does Super Bowl stay tuned for. Final quarter of the NFC championship game immediately following no real post game show presented by. Insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check outcome Polanski dot com why Anderson McQueen the sexual mold. Invite your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio go. His left foot with a shot them along the left baskets for us now. Four man pressure. As time goes down. My goal and. So Britney 26 of 3890. Yards averaged seven point six media can't both quarterback by the way. Throwing a lot shortstop during the course of the game quarterback rating 4108. Point four in that he's done getting him they'll have a higher quarterback rating. Threw one pass went for twenty art course the ending was not give it a 118. Point eight. And like portals was terrific effective quarterback re entering the fourth quarter of 132. Point 50. He goes 43 of 36 to order 93 yards. One touchdown no interceptions in a quarterback rating of 98 point five but he admitted. He was better than anybody thought he could be better than the pager started they had to rely on them. Because loaded for that carry the ball 24 times 76 yards he at all points fourteen yard run but other than that the patriots lost by album. 3.2 yards he ends up as an average per carry but back a lot because you couldn't give up on. Warner four that's a big man if you have a dash question how much time to drag the threats. Not a Arnold does maybe twice right. In the zone is strong guys in Italy and as a topic and I think it's an ankle woods was fine in this game didn't seem to benefit the child that's been move a couple times which he does effectively that's where the trouble last week. In the Pittsburgh game the first there will make an ankle they were making contact on a tackle for us guys stopped them another two guys pulled back they played extremely well against the run but took the credit. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars. They used it to open up play action they were able to sell it to its Fortis is such a killer is such a monster. That you have to you have to buy into what they did. And because of that we saw a lot of the short passing game. The blood that's what I told opposite glut that sound bites at Heathrow where he had to throw where we should draw right. This it was a perfect past hide nor house together if you missed it nobody's gonna get it from behind him or older get in front of them he threw out. In a way in in the dole would grab it Tony Romo complement the top of the hi this. Fortunately a real post game show being brought to you by Massachusetts. Health clinic there as we head right back to your phone calls take a lot of reaction here is to drill. We're gonna be here until we start the fourth quarter. Of the NFC game. And then there are a lot of people stuck in traffic right now we're gonna bring you the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game at 77 game right now. So you can learn. Who's going to be the opponent for the New England Patriots two weeks from now in Minnesota to the phone calls we go Kate is in New Hampshire to locate. I don't doubt his political. It's been well I act on the way home from work. Not yet but I've already heard about art and radio always but we just once it's well. You can hear them from New Hampshire. Two amateur which you make up for accuse your lovers and you make up for is a lot of we're gold is hated having as a buffalo a bigger threat also Tom Brady's. To go to the screen it was born actor and why do you move. The greatest player and a history of any sport you want to appeals to women I have history and a button should appreciate greatness and I appreciate Russian culture. Little like today moral. Because correct all of a sudden degree chip in Coughlin a look at it flattering if they want our sit there as a whole game that I come out and execute it did that it way but they came back held a fight. Are able and I'm third Rory AKK just enjoy the distance shouldn't really quick question I. All blown out and it'll all aren't. I'm from getting extra I. What sport that he called out and beat it got bad and it. Isn't always an important part time they had. They act can't wait to see what I get it. I don't watch it go watch it elected almost like signals you won't let you won't have pulses watch in the first two quarters and I have. You watch the pictures dot roll back so you know that's gonna happen choose to relax it worked up about the heaters up heaters or. Our art school principal like we would do the same thing. If you hated it broke their plan would most games. And amended the rate is one of eighteen to one when I was brought up in north and what you Pittsburgh. And don't. Could that straight out. I bought another what is would you call out. Say what about the right it just able to make it don't you vetted yet but it just I don't tweet me and a lot about to crawl that's been Friday crap. That's just wait until. Alabama let's hear oh yeah I made other real post game show. It worked out and gave. It's a symbol C mall and presumably out of work act. When Jacksonville got all backed by second what I believe shot and sent them to get a bill law. Yeah I agree we don't come out out Ahmed I have mixed thoughts about that Dave and I'll tell you life. Because I think they've looked at it they were gonna get the ball opened up the second half. They looked at it they were fearful remember. Blake morals had a terrific game we still like portals so if you're Doug wrote you're looking at saint in 55 seconds that he coughs up the ball. We give it up and they go in the other direction we're in trouble. But you know certainly the moment that it's (%expletive) I. You know I've got a problem just like this caller hold us a look at like Celtic decked out in my area for timeouts are thwarted by certain that the knelt on the ball. If I plan to in the patriots and I have a seven point lead I know that's not enough. I got I might be within five seconds at 556 with three time what retirement it's like for all the the plane and the patriots tickets oil collected at the end you're gonna get more points he's yeah he's looking at the mental. Short of the game with he and settle for that what we need you didn't have the vision I like the roar of the great coach but might he needs his older channel pot. That's down the field and get a feel like we're. I call I think I think that we inaudible open the second half he wouldn't he would've gone and tried to look at what is fact that he was going to get the ball back. He was in control he felt currently let's do what it's tough patriots I got to know what. So go to ticket yet in the game and attempt at Washington less defense was still in good jackets utterly alone tonight. By the way the Eagles had just scored and taken me fourteen to seven lead. Over the Minnesota minus those unaware of he put a few know it is one of the patent you've got to know history and keep it up like 23 point at least it used to say in this vehicles. It it's not Eagles the Eagles the Eagles into that they call an awful lot of good little Eagles but my point is at the end game god overall don't you wish you had the 54 seconds left three timeouts and get a presided. The problem you don't apply go have a prior play you'll I'd win. You go it's your deployed along you'll grow. Hey what's up guys what's up you go all the credit to the pats are coming back but I've really felt like the jags got away from. What was actually working in the game in the locker early on they were still arguing with clay actually. Justin Justin Leonard Scott to order they took it away outrageous things to think so Hugo. Thirty strike patriots made some adjustments you're the second one. They hit the ball deep in territory they get the field position was very pivotal if you make a mistake in keeping your old aunt with a game is over. Right here or whatever oh. That it it's always territory what you wanna do so what we're gonna go to this and it's take away the running game has morals into opposes daughter so that taken away his first three percentage wise. That's what they don't American go to number two and number three it didn't do that quickly got to slow down. You know what office you know that are very well taken point and it just felt like a poor Chad Everett has portal an awful for better than. Unstoppable power back and acrylic. They fell proves the opposite of what they're supposed to be. Rather than what was actually working like a look at the difference in the past Jacqueline apparently they were giving they are handing off the ball there kicking out all greedy hands. We're down ten points because they're likely to find ways to win this game. But I don't think it wants that a throw this at. But I don't really have a a major issue with it because. If you're an appointment patriots you go into this game and we're going to stop for that vehemently ports in the fact that portals was playing so well. You waiting for him to blow up. You still. Ain't went at fort it's not like the patriots can certainly say that's out of our base which certainly outlook for the past but the expert enemies out there. And try to wary of public what do you do that. At Freddie whether it born at thirty yard unsolicited. Clubbing say it's as close the last rivers linebacker closed particularly for the but they'll portals labor market it's Brito he did and also they're saying that this cashed in whose normally not a critical about some good games down the stretch it to get here a couple of prison yes. But I but wouldn't the patriots in new seeing what they're doing these kind of mechanical that's taken away and make him use his mind board practices physical. I'll take you to Philadelphia here's shopping Eagles have just taken the lead in the NFC championship. Paula Garrett my guys like that we get players like that like Eric block just gives the Eagles a fourteen. The seven who either in the second quarter. Alicia is in Springfield Massachusetts here in the real early just show. I got hurt on time and it looks as. That they congratulations Matt Boyd and I say. Beautiful port quarter tonight means we get we get our foot in the door. Had a great night everybody would freak out. Well I was a not a our baby again. In that they are making history. Very. Everything you do from here on in its history the oldest economic he's made it was his seventh a federal. Eight times and told me to. Triple. Row row but he. All of us have been at the eighth time this group not. Well what. I don't hear you attracting a lot of females in the program that is ten times. Lot of people probably flu that is listen watchful pulled out as a group that could Brian Connecticut hello right. Agent about you don't. Know you. I think back let's let it sat out a quick question about the Rome concussion protocol thing on now let's say a player OK to say gronkowski and he's seen and costs. Now is there. Who like a certain amount of time a player has to see how all of that up to the doctors players. Now so what happens in the course of the game it was obvious that that he drew beat yet problem right. So UT came right out of the game the NFL does this seminal places except if your maverick he's in case. Where he stayed out the field for play which stupidest thing in the world so they take rock out of the game and there's an independent. NFL. Doctor Who has to put him through the protocol we can't have the patriots do it. It's an NFL independent doctor he makes their dollar and imagination and there's an idea doesn't get as we said earlier. I don't know if no strong and went with questions work. But with rocket might not know whether risky customers just normal growth from but that's what they had to wait so now you'll have to. Go to the protocol again. To be activated to go back to the team. It's olympians can caught in the rip a good chance that he might not. Be able to quite reasonable to. Credit district she answered every president has a chance but it's two weeks it's the Super Bowl. I've got to believe he's going to play in this game now but the which it. You write them all out of and it doesn't pass a program. It and they'll back when I've played note for vocalist who's no insults and those who popularized in the back. You know you are relevant to game works for you you know my problem. That we don't know. All right I thank you indictment. A 6177797937. Or phone number here's Peter in Waltham IP paired up. Blend Fred I watched it can overcome an RB I lost my employees. President because it gives a lot of understood those games go. Fallen challenger nick let me read what. The guy who turned it around in the short sock water was number thirteen unsung hero to look. Our doorstep. It was a great rate and waiting we've been waiting for that I've been all season long people are saying what the hell were they thinking. Dealing recess for this guy and yet he made a big huge life and don't orbited big huge play today analog or anyone to give him 64 million cubic like. I'll tell you what Freddie weren't look at it he mastered all of them came out together checks and gotten shot themselves in the sport in the first out. And then had a first down and get that double should penalty hard number that. They also get a first down and had a the only delay of game that particular I tell you what a fun Jacksonville public him back that the only game today. This is where we were not disciplined they had a couple penalties in a row at the pass interference call which is good call. You look at and say this is what we broke down he can't make mistakes against the team like in England. Like that and they did they play very near perfect game but those mistakes really kill them and and the patriots came to light from the fourth quarter. Greg Leno last it is and I'll hang up our ops radiating Harrison plays a role nascent global. Afternoon. You know he's not only is he. It's not on the field he's physically dominating he's a five foot 11230. Pound guy that picked up the tackle its role model the way. In his morals Olympic place he is he sets the core top pass rush as well he does have even goes recovered pretty well but he's a spot. Tough players how to knock off that. Knock off the pace so they can keep that as it contain on the outside. When Lee was in the who's moved into a would you movement it brings that defense back sort of downhill run for the defense but the running back when you have those lights set. Yet to break collateral or what happens rubric lateral league Lewis Powell who can't pile drive. Hov does that makes a break cleric that they can to version because I thought he did it undertook. I normally would be a factor in it in the Easter bowl games but the fact we have. With replica. Back to. The phone calls we go going to Newt Tom. Tom is another drive and an added three self what's up dumped. They collateralized elicit on us as well let's say they'll have me on a multiple elect I just think that a play at the end of the name. Won't that I am. Stephon Gilmore played it again Malone got fall season miniature clay I know he's a big tank freeagent indicated some of the total money. But I thought that he really can't throw a huge play and you know I think that law another seems another adult. It is going to be the dominant player in Mexico. They like their watch a place that would make it work role may 88 if you remember broke up a pass argued in Ottawa. Patrick Chung making a tackle of for all first down catch was made he holds them down so that we got got a lot to got a lot but the diplomats and. Williams and nice chunk of low pressure on global it Mecca of the church so things and that's. Yeah one less thing. I mean as a totality of of objectionable. No victory to run Robert buffalo and the quarterback Tim Goebel. This when you've seen him if the police that the length you can get it and how fast and it's just a senior once a while. Other DP he's probably the most physically give the cork bat we have by far if you catch up with as you can stay with big guys. Boy he can cut and in his threats to not to wallow waiting how many so you see why if he can learn the system with his physical tools and it is right. Attractive that is rare to have a guy out those type of tools so I think he could be hew down next. Point 01 less thing ever won't be nervous the total to start the beat duke iPad and Keeneland in your hearts out. They knew that they weren't gonna eliminate a decent that it on the player also and. Don't AFC yeah the agency's let's forget about the easy that there was any. Question during the course of the season ever and we question your work and when the Nazis now you take ailment out of the equation. Certainly you've got a whole different ball game going here and you know all the wrong thing get the now. I'd get hurt so yeah I don't. So little time I think that I think the psychological lives when I was out the safety catch that guy that you go to when when pressure is on. Right now blitz comes he's always where should we now Toms got to get rid of I had is tricky out there I think the first couple of games we shouldn't. I think the turning point for it was they started to throw the bat. And they were able to get that shortstop OK so James White played into it deal rule would suddenly became a runner. And it captured with a Lisa Birkhead and Yorkshire what you want Berkett from the time that he was in there Foreman yes so I have to change they had to find an answer. But for awhile for the first five or six games it was it was that would drive there about you know the difference we watched that. At which OK after like four games if this is a spiritual this is what the to every week as they work at better. Who watched noble you know dot covering guys to watch them just have to Macs run until line pushing for five to Dulles and slowly but surely. It's got to play better and after like six games a victim became a low score on team and AFL one point right there like the top five. And lowest amount of points scored against them that's the team. Early on their kids like the 32 points game thirty secondly. They brought the drama pat Patricia a tremendous drop all the plays but it looked just was from a mr. By 6177797937. That is the phone number here to talk on the real post and Chile's we set will be here through the third quarter of the NFC game and then. Lot of people stuck in traffic we want you to hear the fourth quarter and find out who the opponent will be for the New England Patriots right now the Eagles. We have the football and they lead by a touchdown fourteen to set a quick break right at the phone calls right after this. You patriots will seek their sixth Super Bowl title talk. Talk about it now on the real post game show poured waves were less tasty too for the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game presented by conquest. More choices more savings insurance simplified check out how. I Anderson equated market. Actual holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio tell. An effect on you he talked about for the craziness of men we was Everett. A point where you've got a reality that you played this game or you're just a matter of how effective he's been with. Yeah I wasn't sure I'm on Wednesday. I certainly didn't think. I definitely. I thought. Of all the plays. My season came in on handoff in practice. They've come this far and on and off and just one of those things and yes side and came in training room and just. Yeah I was looking in my hand and wasn't quite sure what happened. And everyone did a great job trying to get me ready and training staff and the doctors and Alex and there's a great team effort so. Without that I definitely wouldn't be playing. I'm the biggest and third and eighteen. Real close to show we're all live down here right across the street from the state. Traffic that love their little lot of happy people. As not trafficker to pocket line that's the New England Patriots are once again hit it to the Super Bowl the only thing we don't know. Is who their opponent will be just over seven minutes remaining in the first GAAP and the Eagles maintaining fourteen to seven lead. Fourth quarter will take you to Philadelphia will let you play by play of that fourth quarter. And you learn the patriots are one point two Sundays from now in Minnesota will be the Minnesota vikings' first time if they did end. First let me home team has hosted a Super Bowl and obviously with the Philadelphia Eagles. It'll be the worst Internet on the worship that we're you know every match. Of the simple patriots won down in Jacksonville. In which is the only time in my life of every bit it was one of Oreo was scheduled flight you're gonna regards guy he still not ours or drop the gun out. But the thing is if you're gonna go the Philadelphia fans there root Kevlar vest the brass knuckles. Some articles about the game today apparently they had multiple rest. At the tailgate parties in Philadelphia and you should see some of the video that's out there right now bloodied up. No sure eagle fans get all while Jack for the game today they never saw that watching for the jail. To tell what's going on let me I got to. I think that we can win this game. And yet I do not wanna see Philadelphia when this game only because. You write for those fans aren't options that worst natural batters in relative world to think if if if the that Minnesota wins the read more hotels and bill if there's no but don't mistake that there's little hot they have in the woods. It will fighters inside those ice fishing. I wish them all to that lets them know sort of people organized and I say they'll be nice that we kind of you know there will be happy to see everybody here. And they'll everybody at round will be rooting. For what happens if this happens it's up altered after future that hug with them Matt Patricia a lot of swings proves love movement that was. Did a script or other guys that I've never seen so happy the fans because the way it ended prick it's got back. There was this is a most jubilant of seat patriots fans after AFC chipped it to its its second. Through what we expect the way but this one was I don't really difficult. But what a lot of people called tomato cans that look that good a pretty good god they beat them by lord will. Ultimately we went from three weeks ago. Basically talking about the easiest run. Two to the survival and tomato in route to get to the Super Bowl and when is it possible. I think what you finally got these are really good defense teams Europe are really good code not your offensive juggernaut that you it was a wrong you can start splintering now. And you've gone up against these good defensive teams what they need to do. To win. If they need the other court that none of The Herald in either one of these three quarterbacks but lately portals today unique one of the law and play it really good if they do. Are we legitimately for a number two. We used. It's we're comforted the Pittsburgh coach it's the decisions that mayors certain things scoop on the patriots dominate they'll go to. This coaching staff will you know with Coughlin. There with overall. Excellent job of scholar the patriots are there witnesses they needed quick game play but it was an exciting game but patriots ultimate. We've had more holes and they can buy I would agree with you I like I compliment them is the game plan was terrific. But they needed late portals hole to end of the bargain at a July 4 quarter but number two on that it is. Malone and Coughlin do with a great talker do to protect their morals or particular way. These are options on the same formation same set personnel that looked the same. Right there are mixing things up so there trying to play the run run run the same look out of your play action pass across implants out. Right so that we're doing things off the same walk down a little tough to get. Couldn't get a vote affordable if you originally but if the patriots but they did a great job of executing what they want the duo. Another hit Minnesota was driving there in the red zone. And it was a fumble chased him. Case can fumbles the football. And he's a backup Eddie Eagles head he can over his Minnesota was driving they were in the red zone they were at the eighteen yard line. A hit from the backside the blind side. And the ball Schwartz loose. And Philadelphia has recovered the bowl as Minnesota was driving. It is a fourteen to seven game a little over six minutes remaining in the first half as we go back to your phone calls. And talk more about the patriots in this game Doug is and what struck expert duck. They're calling us. I can't tell you how pumped I am but I I can just say it ain't got. All the reading your time zone not EI and Austin Toronto went to the generic it was a huge please don't anyone. In the darkness that we'll. Replicates Lenovo Y. Ultimately. I'm right you're if you heard me this week with Jacksonville said this is a real threat of the game. I think I think wholly inhalants. Even you guys on your show everybody was talking about. Being being an easy game we're gonna do I. I don't listen I didn't hear the sweet Lou reloading Christian I think by the end of the week was convinced that the patriot through and win handily but I did you live below listed at all week long. We were we were scared of this game and even more so when we found out the Brady had a problem nobody uses this is a real good deep threat. This is this is a tougher opponent than what I think it would open and a curtain. I think I think that the coaching is much better on this team no question. With the world and he's played about what is or buffalo beat that. Excellent job because Coughlin. Out there and you could see his head bobbed around his bedroom they could exit drop. There this team for what to expect that did surprise by tactic the runaway dominate that line but portals that must go. What candidate of all week to the regional war so what's the patriots Colorado is 20 that's why. Florida the difference is people get caught up in whole fantasy football they look at Antonio Brown best receiver in the game. Libyan bill that's running secondly carry on with that guy very difficult apparently but very difficult to stop Roethlisberger. Game controllers and wanna play. Breaks down. Roethlisberger can find a way out of it. But defensively when they lost running change here you can see their defense changed dramatically. As a bit of problem leadership to the guy was a real spout guys could lead the cardinals got two I don't everyday cause written adjustments he had put Reverend Wright place that was huge gigantic that you could sit there and say. While they use they were playing the gonna win this with for right changed here. You're much better off with Bryant chased him well you were out there that you are trying to show the sympathy try to stand behind rice cheese you gonna win this reforming teacher. This is a much better defense in kind. Making my point who was the Pickens who's out of those quad Q the elusive high tower all the different players. And they still mash together they weren't dwelling on that Pittsburgh steels was drawn to her time her coach. It's unbelievable you know this gets pretty Belichick I witnessed a Nokia and Patrick you don't toss everything it produces a phenomenal and and on and gonna lose she thanks god Scott has allotted to. She's I mean he is multi detector that debt in a B and I'll think about can't beat up a guy secures once side he could block works and what me at the bit to help a lot title with him. Correct so you have put sort of the ball pulled back bumper occupied and had one extra guys were candidate have to. That I wonder when you go back and look at the game. Certainly you do you pick it up they lost him Robinson in this game and a and a quarter and if that was body fat and yeah. So we look back in and watch late new idol will play opposite the right defense. After him now so it is you wonder that the nationwide now I didn't have to change what they would. You know announcement coupled replaced the genes that Shaughnessy was tight in yours your members drop in the beginning that Xena. Fear and that he didn't drop that I don't atrocities like that place Josh that we all accounts it's okay back to default go Sergio is an art portfolio. Hey guys Daria. Okay that two point feminist them both out here and talk about whatever when you are biased and so my first one it is. The hit on ground can't win he hit him and ahead so I know the defenders late they're not always trying to hit the guy in the head about leverage. How big guy is whatever my point here is that I'm wondering win. You take somebody out of the game. Should the defender be taken out of the game too because. I'm thinking like if I'm a defender and I'm going to inscribed one of the best players. Would I you know take him out and returning him and the only penalty for me at a fifteen yard penalty. You know that's what you have to think to. But it goes and message wasn't. I don't know and I I completely agree with that but what I'm just saying it you know and it up. She should that the rule moving forward. You know tell it to get rid of. Note that I don't because I don't it's nearly impossible tried to figure out in front you figure out. You you've got one guy going in one direction the other guy going in the other direction wrong moved its head a certain position that the defendant was not at all. I don't know how the rule makes sense it's a defenseless. Receiver here for you in the fifteen yard penalty if you caught the. If you crossing the field also the guy come up as catch the ball launches into his. It was face. That's intentional whereas the guys try to hit this a moving target a huge win this fall and now he's coming and hit a about the fallout rock drops two feet its head in the heads hit. If this did not strayed it would a. I'll get you an example I have played a good account for the bigger problem with what war did a few years ago wrong. Trying to pinpoint and get him in in the ankle law he was purposely trying to him at that. Well when she got that big run that got it you have a we. Empathize girls get you know that's trusted virtually can't get a viable candidate ahead here and of of the shall resolve that I thought the other blitzer Jim. OK so. I'm long time Pat's been let the pat the ability of the system I have a Smart they are a puppet play out pretty quiet. One thing I've kind of noticed. Toward the end of Brady's career and you know I'm not trying to take an act of them are anything but Akeelah a little bit of his. Humility you know late with that won't stop it. Now. The after the post game you know he didn't give that Jack any credit you know and that's just what I'm wondering is it. You know I set it would. But it have secretly I just wanna be out on a daily Iraq policy of threats and the most. Beaten. Guys wonderful. He's a response that this is great day well plays. The camera atop for a minute. They said I could have done let's. Suppose if you. Build. It. Assessment. Oh by the way by the way it will be in the private jet. The anchor the senate on it he's absolutely not 100 million. You'll go on that yet he will be there. Phillip but he two weeks ago now obviously news stations though authorities there he'll be on the advice but I heard it was done and I'll have a list that it will all be happy to have one point two reaches that in Dallas to scored again but weaker you know that. It was going to football than they gonna win this football game the Eagles had just put another touchdown in the port erupt quite touchdowns right now from Wheatley. And Philadelphia somebody call that this week rule was tennis analyst relative. And took. I'll go out well yeah. No 300 I was I was fairly well here you won't blow analog last couple weeks only dug about Brady had luck here allotment all the grandstands. Also we have been. I was shot knowledge. It. Really older. I mean joy is that it. At times it's no different then then what we would do it somebody else was dominant in another market and they kept on when I get it. I understand you and another market like it is in this team keeps right or over and over and over again it would she walked just since you are on the good side of you're gonna there's no I'm an loyal to them are. And I don't know what happened though a lot of a lot of the whole societies that don't want to be elected Jones as a brick boy badly Rosie shown not bound beats its. I just sit back and say I can't believe I have seen the greatest coach in history in August. Sure everybody roots for their own laundry I used to like to watch me anyway don't everybody everybody roots for others got a much people that it's great LeBron. State. You make you don't make him know a lot of these players that irony god rest my. These quiet right now a ball does not it's a five people and yeah. Worked up about it now wait a so I was upset he's guy. Does not humility directed thick the other can actually get this for this particular what we actually. Younger which are a lot of teams that might after the latter. Oh. It's right it goes weeks. And the patriots it's you know the next question. Or beyond JaJuan and it's. Easy grader Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete yeah. To win this Friday and this. It's more difficult for Politico fastballs to guys who can win that's not rational question this visit to its detriment to win because you're a 32 pick I don't want to play as the salary cap. I close the top is ever watch a pleasure payable. Belichick does he lets guys go doesn't know we'll pay bills or make. It's more miraculous as I believe I love working with you I don't have to say you made my point bowl where it'll over. I don't know what though I felt bad for LeBron private there were lost a 148 points if he wins this thing two weeks. Will be that he has not asked greatest athlete of any sport right now longevity wins domination. It's old 21. Seven. The Eagles get get you know I think it is this an ounce at that we it's the Eagles beat them that's but it has more comebacks. That this system. It's. Gonna jump and cry jump but Johnny. Eric Berry got call a virus that's well I thought the formal with a pretty coals all because you work. If bird call had been used while. You'd think if the child or came out that it would O'Donnell started it all doubt. No I I I think they've made the right poll if you read the rule. States that if you lose as a double which you find is that he lost possession of the bull beat you know we had on step up all it was said alana Opel is rolling down. You're here. You must you must repossessed. Control of the ball before you hit the ground. I think it was the right call. I know when it hits the patriots but I think it was the right call you can have possession wanna. Him right there was on the should not hold me now you with a great studios this. Season. Yes he came to work today outside. Back to the phone calls we go this is as it mic in DC to edit. We're. Taking you won't all right. Yeah within you got it upon it and and that and it audit crime beat the Athens where it that would fusion that but I think they're the reason why. The cute been a whole lot of thing about the group kind we finally realized that that that come to an end unfortunately. Brilliant and because look he's immortal but I can't they catch you do it. I don't know political editors if you do it can do it in 2018. And 2019. Hasn't slept at all to any act. He's played for another one depleted and it doesn't necessarily it was a round pick up you know he gets a little when that next year. Darren they're back gonna be here right now I wonder what. What I'm seeing a picture what that the only thing and a brother. Rather you actually enjoy it today teams going I am and I'm I'm on my young kid I. How old. Then why don't hold your little speak as little bastard for you this that this was not the way it was yours ago. This I want to what did you want a year site I was on that likely nothing we have ever seen nor do you see any market in this country has ever seen in the world sports. And they have never seen again. Just suck it up it's just briefly so yeah. During the closing it thank you taxes. You call off their shelves. At the time has tremendous comeback like that there'll always it dominates at desert 113 where whoever it is it was a tough game. Pulls it out the end it the first in US is that you can do it and evil. Like Max government calling us up I think he's gonna fall off the club that hasn't happened yet. But it's got a minute and I. I understand we've had back to receive from the Bronx and it's it just doesn't it doesn't think they feel that we Geithner that you quickly at least it is that you he wants in New York. They're not today but that's what they shocked the moose like the patriots were dominated by giants have been crap how long ago by. All right so put up shade as you call up the show. After that dramatic win and it's about this before but Tom Brady and the playoffs both games in Ascot if it can still born if there were. It's Bosnia jets if all else that's you can. By the way we talk about the crowd which had a graduate with two unbelievable fourth quarter but during the course of the game. There were moments when it was fairly quiet when people were very nervous very cute there was total size treat me you in the DeOssie in the tent. For about twenty minutes I'm never I've never silent your line right now you know any of us that it's that governments nominally. Here's a Larry at a car hello Larry. Hey guys and what I am I feel like I'm coming back in the game. Are imperative that repayment row we had a great a great time. I wanted to make a comment you know we live in northern New Jersey right in the Giants Stadium and got a lot of night games over the years and I got yeah that the gut prop popular and football team. Yes it is he stood out culture of that franchise is no question. Really quiet you know like real value of great tackling. About it. How fundamentally solid not make a lot of stupid but I can I tell you this venue in which you talked to people in Jacksonville. That are around the team when he's he's not been invading. The coaches quarter and it's not like he's down there on a regular basis. He really isn't so. Well done is he's a guy again. That he believes is on the same week like that he's on the as the same philosophy. On how to build the team in that room. I think people are underestimating how good a coach Doug wrote it. Remember what he didn't waffle he was Smart enough to get out because he knew we couldn't get the organization. To do what he wanted to do any more million dollar buyout. I think off that way that's ID B Doug morrow is a Smart guys. Talk NFL player for our offensive lineman and he knows the game he knows and it bounced on the rocks Fiat if you go see an arugula and I'd like. And note I would have meant what other what is that. You know I became an invite Cambridge with all the fourth quarter the jags ran at me and you know that he then you couldn't keep watching Perry and you'll Belcher I look at all the time is Parker rush the quarterback of the fourth quarter. On the flip side our defense. That bald man I'm no fan week. This small enemy that our defense that off the rock band that was quarter it made a big difference for. You know it's like though it's like sound effects of them will be here comes the wave and all of sudden noises coming rabies shots they score the Patriots defense tragic. And that fans scream it. Lifted the edge level that stated that that's why it's doubtful for the whole fourth quarter so that all energy. Could see the looks on their faces Jackson ruler what do we got ourselves out as the school has bought the should be used to this. That was a tremendous. Accurate position it was Jacksonville it converted third down efficiency threat they were six of the first nine okay that they end up with six. A fifteen. Third down opportunities. Convert. That's acrobat as and a fourth quarter knowingly did not wilt in the third down. Meanwhile the patriots at that three of twelve and third down efficiency. Did not get a single turnover in the game. And with a foot but the thing is don't get first downs on second down. First downs on first down so they did have a law third downs but they don't they move the ball they had it will have big shots in a couple big penalties because. What was right no rock all the way down the receivers had to jump honorable the balls and because so they did everything right. All right the Philadelphia Eagles right definitely Elliot are going you attempt a field goal. As we are right now four seconds remaining in the first half in 38 yard field goal. If they get it it will give them a 24. To seven lead. At the path so let's go to my life. Others are always Univision could revolutionize television dedicated to building cystic fibrosis. Plus there's all the red America tries for a quote shape now those provisions. Weakness the field they argument takes a look kinda pushed them but apparently it yes so they go the Eagles take a 24. To seven lead. At that what a combat goblet of Florida have learned more and more like new wing and and the people in Minnesota two weeks from now. Receivables on that some people call this other people screwed it up that you read Philadelphia to have those at Jacksonville Minnesota and that's right. No but I but Jackson and pictures to come. I six point 77797. At 37. We will look at halftime now in Philadelphia we will pick up the fourth quarter from you lie. And we'll find out exactly the patriots play right now it is been domination by the Philadelphia Eagles apple gone. On nine of the last conference championships have been won by the home team. If Philadelphia does that today it will be in July rolled by the well there are proceed and it's personable but fret if you go before that it's like 56%. This has been a trend because a lot of them a lot of the first round wins by ago. According to objective you have them once whatever you want whatever makes you feel good on this 100 I'm just give us. That's all of the pool pulpit right quick break right back to folk also wants 77737. You're listening to the real. Right here on the WEE on this yet. Rocket ship.