The Patriots are 3-0 in international games, and the sad passing of Terry Glenn

Mut at Night
Monday, November 20th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the Patriots dominant win over the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City yesterday, and they play some audio of Bill Belichick's answer when asked about the international games. They also share some of their memories of former Patriots WR Terry Glenn, who was killed in a car accident this morning.


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It's. Mud tonight. Our world PH. There's just being you know dumb asthma all of cool and you derivative that you won't get suspended him up. You will Marsha which is benefit America president met your mother and ask that we would masters. They are home you pitch with. Yeah show on my card software. Ways we know he called in tonight for. That was terrible ratings might know what I I know I don't. And I settlement with timely Marcus who for yourself don't try to be. Placating somewhat all the time. Right now here's my bad night on Sports Radio tell you we. It's news about the president preference that'd be a matter Bradford it's one big happy Thanksgiving week. But at night Sports Radio WEEI right up until. Week eleven of the NFL season wrapping up on Monday Night Football pretty good at least on paper banged up Seahawks. And to try to bounce back Atlanta Falcons had that for you next hour of course part of that the big Jim Gray Tom Brady interview which we listened to. Every single week on the drive home here on WE yeah I've part of the show rich keep at Gillette Stadium. After the patriots a big way and not Mexico City yesterday we know laser pointers. Parse that tell yesterday march no laser pointers a couple of guys dehydrated but for the most part patriots looked ready to roll in the raiders' all or birdie that I hate to say I told you so but we sat there we we nailed it here at its game we had had this thing of egg to a tee all they can't defend everybody it would be a boring game and dammit it's not that. If it's not a criticism of the patriots because they're winning and they're winning easily but. The key was born yesterday besides Tony Romo emitting had a couple corona is at one point during the broadcast. One small ones like out early Carolina UD which is still its use these bad yesterday the only one that you make you laugh a couple of he did he did exact and it actually corona thing made it humanize him a little bit. Our war at which it was an ass kicking and this is not about the patriots more about the ANC but they were so dominant that. You're sorry Al unless you were bug invested in draft kings read fantasy could build a game third quarter fourth quarter and not missed anything patriots win easily. And dismantle and other us so called contender in the AFC yesterday now a member a few weeks back we made that bad about. Patriots. Vs the field yes is slow represent the AFC in the sales down along really yes that now you basically have the Steelers so yes OK and you still feel okay about that for a seat it's on and and up even on this Taiwan a fifty dollar Beck is the jags covered yesterday with current. An outright without a fight back into the the Jimmy Fund. In in your neighbors yes I feel like. That group of three or four teams Kansas City Houston we are China wants and I was accident that hurt. I'm the raiders and the Steelers yet down to one you could be could draw a line through every other team the chiefs lose. At the stinking giants yesterday the raiders look decimated vacated their crappy coach you're terrible game plan. I guess the Steelers still only be one lone threat in the AFC they don't feel like gate. A huge huge threat at this point and we buy we keep crossing the line for these teams based on injury or performance work. He gonna be left here mid December and saying I guess so that the Super Bowl Minnesota let's go. And David is too easy but it just feels like week fifteen will determine. Where the AFC championship game is played easy it's reality it's reality than those two teams will play incentives to division game and Arnold probably the Eagles are what order however it is for their but the AFC unless you really like one of those teams in the south let's elect the jaguars and their defense. The chiefs just loss of the giants the David go on the wrong way. Anyway it would be the last handful of games for them yet. It's addicted to team right on the bills holy mackerel the bills though these last few weeks I gotcha kind of oppressive to walk in your first game and thrown five picks apart rather relations may be hard to do they kept showing the little montage on Mozee is get a pilot shows today is that there. He had an interception deep and interception in the middle the field interception shorten their centralized it hit an interception where he's gonna clean Pollack it is every kind of pick you could throw Peterman. It was funny said he was Scott Hanson on reds on flipped over during one of the breaks and he threw. What was his third pick a Hance was so confused about Italy's second picky at three picks her. In that first quarter he was terrible draw a line through them. There's nobody yelled the AFC day he and and fortunately when your quarterback is Blake portals like can't take you seriously. As the Jacksonville Jaguars they're a year or two away for a company quarterback await their defense is really good their. In letter for that's really good. And maybe they're coach is good but I added this public morals as quarterbacks like can't. Take them seriously NC left with as we said yesterday for about four hours and NFL Sunday. The count down to December 17 and that I'd write their deciding where it's going to be in the late even if it's in the Pittsburg on Glenn try to do this thing today like he said and he said the were concerned nineteen times. And the first thing word of shell. But he's not that when he when you pass somebody on like hey you concerned. Most people eventually just say well actually not now that the pages of such a great success level against Pittsburg. Even in Pittsburgh. You you still would say patriots are are are all going to be. If not favorite it's like maybe one point favorite even an AFC championship game do you meet decking and at Pittsburgh. The patriots will be you know maybe one point dogs will be the normal three because the patriots have been active this year in the history of the steals and the patriots. Favors the patriots big time in yesterday look I say it's a boring game. It had a chance to be interesting game. But the raiders that with these teams do against the patriots they do dumb stuff. That leads to what could have been a close game. Blowout the other way it's fourteen nothing to get the ball inside the ten yard line and is dummy Roberts. Handles the ball way out outside his body that I have no idea there was there was no good reason Alex weakness. That could make any sense. He's got the ball and a great job the punch it out by the Patriots defense to get the fumble but I mean that's what that's what teams do. Are against the patriots it's it and Natalie white foreigner Roberts of Crabtree and you have cooperative cookies for that guy down in the red zone he fumbles it away. It's edited 147 Richard halftime worst case scenario 143. Instead gets koehlke kicks one in the rarefied air 72 million feet above sea level their city was 62 would get from eighty. Christ sakes and saw instead of fort let's say that a 147. Worst case scenario 143. It's seventeen out think and and cook at the Brady throws the easiest touchdown pass of his career. The branding coach to open the third quarter 64 yards and it was. Prompt the lights and go start dinner get the kids in the tub this game is over. Yeah the only thing over over kind of scared you after that point was collegial Mac taken bridge downtown a low I didn't think it was even a penalty is just one of those things where. Mac got kind of blocked down he's trying to make way robot that right should have been penalty it should you do reviews right as he always is and he wraps up radian and takes him down it wasn't one of those kind of steering wasn't a helmet on the neat. But you know. Rats freak out anytime you see a player especially with some news because Tom Brady anywhere near him he goes down kind of awkwardly like that was the only time where. Maybe kinda got up on the edge your seats just to make sure that he is gonna get up and be aren't yet and it it's and ends up being. Of really really easy win their late Derrick card which is. He looked at that you looked awful not hurt to open he also doesn't know but I you write we took a call yesterday of someone being critical logic between yesterday's and critical view about the injury. Again on oak what you got Romo Romo let it take two or three weeks to get over that he's fine now. So Tony Romo saying he's fine Zia the same injury he's fine. His receivers dual no favors I got those guys detached drop city Crabtree Cooper colts though running backs the whole lot of on the plate calling socked. Jack Del Rio staff in Jacksonville area. It was Airways. Able I just a born second half but it is it's another AFC team that we thought early in the year be competitive game. I don't know it's up not being competitor in the patriots win easily cross them all the raiders had done. I'll take your phone calls the run at 61777979837. Is the phone number led to the post game patriots win. In the aftermath I want to thank our friends are patriots dot com here with the patriots celebration into parts. After went to Mexico City Bill Belichick addressing his team in the big win their internationally for the NFL. Great all relates to the trip all reflects on them so we're really pushed through it. Guys were dressed all this week and it showed up soda in both game and get get a victory been really quiet out here were off until Wednesday. Okay. Let me. We need it in a really good that way and now okay all right so let's let's. Be ready to go along went but he could face worth fighting get all talk a Miami let's committee Wednesday ready to go. Graduation and you heard it it's a damn good. 32 day stretch here graduate. So they had the big celebration their high five and on I played out because. I still loved these NFL players or may get a minimum what 100000 dollars or Sobel sees players once they adhered day awfully dot com and I'll let. It it's an extra day off this. Meanwhile I ladies in their two gay and gay they get back in this morning suffer a couple of hours he's driving in at 8 o'clock in the morning show in the heartland carry obviously it is he's the big special kind of guy you think. Ben Roethlisberger was it big in Mexico City you think he's in the next morning now you Mexico City Eli Manning actually not so. I thought that was interesting in the post my love these guys get so upset about an off day and then craft talk to the team doesn't does a lot against after gains put. He wanna congratulate guy his head coach Bill Belichick on a a milestone victory there in Mexico's. We don't usually celebrate. Individual accomplishments but I can speak for myself. Some of these big dividends. For many decades live my boys and give away every. And how us and Don Shula and always dreamt about us being in that place. Today you guys help this gentleman to become third all time home wins in the 97. Year history of the well behind Don Shula. And George. The pumped up team after the win there next could all go on the road out is that though both teams are bad now at the beginning of the year your ticket in Denver and that are neutral site in against the raiders who could have been the second best team last year it hard not gotten hurt. Now some of those the winds got knocked down those sales about halfway through the season but still. That's a long time away from from your home facility in you're able to just law allow. Two teams that come on back that they should be the should be pumped up 55 so you mention the trip enough and I am. On the simple and so I I just keep come back to Brady this year though this has been. This a bit of operating without a limit went down I thought they would struggle a little bit offensively he's got a couple new running backs is trying to mix in a the offensive lines in banged up this year and yet this guy forty years old. Just keeps on putting up numbers are putting the other games that are MVP were his idea of the Carson went to the NBP is a joke. We look at the game blogs and what they've each done by story Philadelphia would bradys the MVP you mention the trippers 4116. At Denver. 338 at Oakland really Mexico City. Tom Brady in those two games 55 of 71. For completion percentage are close to 80% he threw for a almost 700 yards six touchdowns no interceptions a quarterback rating. Of around 128. That's at Denver at Mexico City. He is outrageous it's insane at a rally was a couple years ago and it's nice to close. I heard collided Lou talking about the midday today about how what Brady's doing is actually being underplayed in undervalued could exactly like their needs to be more. Talk about it for a four year old guy wish that there are so quick to point out the four year old season all the different. Four year old record that he's breaking but it is it's insane you're the best quarterback of all time having one of his best season but we'll see how whatever but it's got to be on on the conversation and maybe just maybe it's gonna be his best season. Ever and that is insane but last year was also one of his best year so to have a 3940. Season. Which these ridiculous numbers it's going to be. You know combined over fifty something touchdowns this volume to less than five picks and potentially to Super Bowls like it's. We've we were we've been an uncharted territory for a while and he's he's just continuing to add to. To say it again to just let let these numbers settle on this is at Denver. And at Mexico City forgot who is 39 as she signal on forty years of forty to 55 of 71. Over 600 yards passing six touchdowns no picks quarterback rating of 128. That is other worldly Carson went so they three different games this year where he's gone under 200 yards passing Brady's lowest passing yardage game this year. Is 249. On it I'm sorry eighty disk that angle was who was last and said this. One of these guys Tony guns I one of these I forget exactly ones but they made a tight seats Carson once. None now it's robbery in April getting sick of poverty when he NB PC should one last year he had been suspended for four games to start the year. He played better than a year ago 22 touchdowns only two interceptions this year Peter went through five exit again yesterday and a half Brady's got him this year and when it to last year. Last year so for total and two seasons periods of five and a half. Yeah it's it's just ridiculous that your right Wentz. Just because he's that the new guy the Eagles were not supposed to be nine in one yeah I got yeah he does have more touchdown passes then then Brady but. What Brady is doing most of the season and I wouldn't predict the Eagles to go fifteen and once or not they may have the same record that made the patron saint and have a better record when it was all said and done and the numbers. A shirt in Brady's favor bought like a lot of great players like historically great players. There is that thing about voter fatigue like Michael Jordan should one more BP's even LeBron as much they and he should have won more MVPs. It's a Tom Brady may ultimately get that same thing this year so this last 22 games now Brady S four interceptions. This courtesy of Comcast NBC sports. Losses and he's what 22 games he has four picks yesterday. The two other ads either I quarterbacks it label guys get knocked out. One guy benched him in and probably psychologically damaged at the equal to each jeopardy from Peter and are they threw eight picks in one game our combined Brady has for half of that 22 games. It's just I don't I don't aid just we sound like sick of fan suck gas patriot fan always doing this but he is a 1000%. True. Max Kellerman and these guys are predicted the end for Brady over and over again. Look in Barre simply wrong and that's part of it. But the media a lot of media people at least in the wrong line. Wrote off Brady's that I can't do it forty while he's doing it at forty better than anybody else the National Football League. He is the MVP and rich I don't care about the Eagles right now I don't care about are the Jacksonville Jaguars the biggest story in the league. Should to a Brady's doing at the age of forty. Absolutely should be but I guess it's just the guys they're familiar with obsolete I had just won the Super Bowl last year so. But in the national media is so quick to look for something else also where it would Brady. It's hard to really describe and explain what is going on so maybe they just choose to go somewhere else regular. Saying I don't know what that we can't compare the study and it's not again it's not like it is the same deacon dog Bradie of his first three or four years whose career he is throwing the deep ball. Better than he ever has a better than any quarterback in the league and he took deep scallop multiple deep shots Brennan cooks yesterday. There's a throwback to you know. I will talk about monitor on the Sauer he said moss but you'll be explosive Terry Glenn. In the old Bledsoe days and watched the highlights England they think and that's cooks did yesterday Brady's doing this at forty. The only accurate people it on the go to Mexico City that there was a better comparison for cooks because mosque is just. Mosque that level yet almost every other receiver Ed there Eddie's gonna be like six inches taller than Coke so I think. Coaxing glad you're right that's actually a much better prepares for so I call me a fan boy call via a footing the gym whatever it's this about Brady deceived about Brady so far appealed to ease the MVP you're either. I'm not watching the games you or your like Scott cast more football outside if you don't like the guy. 61777979237. Is the phone number you guys get lineup the patriots have Brady and raiders. Welcome back at those phone calls and you and I spent significant time yesterday talking about the NFL in Mexico City. No real issues yesterday. But I did love. The head coach bill bella check which you guys this afternoon. Some too excited to go back to Mexico City anytime soon clear that from Bill Belichick blush your phone calls bought at night rich keep a long Sports Radio. WE yeah. Let it until falcons as Seahawks next hour Monday Night Football what's what at night Sports Radio WEEI your calls her 61777979. B 37 many viewer new cars side just about an hour ago heard. Bill bella tech talk about playing Mexico City sold play some that were coming appear in this segment because. Sounds like bill was not a huge huge fan of the process that it took to get down there and played Mexico City in the NFL. Once more games like that fathers and a carbo first year phone call 617777937. Bob good evening. They idol in that. Big big grandiose thanks miles on it. Let's say that it's it's it's insisting that no. I would Internet though a check and bring you the results that we all know that that they just they just cover every base. But tickets are too when they go out to tell our Colorado. Entity the ownership of you know the crowd or yeah you know allow them do it big quote that stands. What was it fourteen days so we're out there. And then now. He's really restrict or it'll. Notwithstanding has not yet as they are always a little while and and are prepared so in the knee at the warship Jews. You are second grade the opportunity to. Do the right thing and I get it done into why that is so you know that that's separating it out yet. Obama done that for awhile and off the radio and Eliot don't have to hang up the phone keep the radio on for so long as humanly possible Bob thank you for the call I think. I'll William crass from credit I think eventually Belichick's call it's not Bob practices hey. He got he got the budget this week that bill you can you can stay out there for weight we've got up we got a great deal on Expedia. For a for Mary got you know did he stay out there excellent not a build clinics the call but. The willingness to do. Charlotte of crass or credit for the eventual overall decision. I'll give to Bill Belichick percent we'll stay out their for the week that's another reason why adults at able to be so successful because he has an owner that hired the right guy and lets him. Make those decisions because we've seen other owners where they want there are bigger part of it or. This player or or a sign this player or have you got to admit though it's funny bring up care Terry Glenn I mean craft was that owner early on it is all relative right rear. He was saying were to take Terry Glenn over who you want Bill Parcells that led to Parcells leaving. The team he was down there in at the scouting combine or at the the pro day. For a some some big east he's of time. In a list stop watch timing Tebucky Jones I think he learned along the way exactly to let bella checked in with an east east stays out of the football spotlight and folks on the business part. Right exactly and again not all owners do that yeah might have a great mind as a coach but then your your two hands on and and it's not. Exactly what one you know in this case Bill Belichick and nick scenario envisioned for the roster or. The coaching staff what they have for for other players that in this case I would assume that's his budget to about staying out there. At the air force academy for a week get ready for the game and I don't necessarily ban on the raiders for not doing it because they have a much easier trip. The patriots Q right from from where they're based out of bye week coming in doing. Then the travel. And it work that last year lashes to say exactly they traveled on Saturday beat Houston 2720. Self on the raiders and I'm Jack Del Rio. It's not Marc Davis's fault now needed the visual Mark Davis each Eagles last night was amazing blow up on the broad kind of a watch that over and over and over again. I'm I'm not I don't think. They didn't win because they stayed in and it out a day air force academy there's a better team and I if they'd been in Mexico City for two weeks the raiders won a one neck and also it just worked out. Perfectly for the patriots it's what they did they played in buffalo. Instead of in Denver today then fly out to Colorado Springs I doubt it. Rights and if you're Oakland not only did you play in Mexico City last year but you play in Denver every single year and altitude so. You have to and yet and no you're getting yourself into open at the same time why. It's technically your home game so now you're gonna travel and leave for a week and you know get away from home like that I think you would take away any kind of potential advantage you have to actually being able to the practice. Your your own facility for a week and I give Brady some credit to Brady was asked today by Kirk and Jerry about the big and he said look it's it's about football I'm sure up with some level but it was a executing out there. On the field more than it was getting used to the higher elevations. Their at the air force academy as for Belichick you guys had a month today. He was into it talking Thanksgiving and Alain broad stuff. As far as Mexico City I like the kind of as Jim on this didn't sound like he was all that excited to go back the international games and at times. One dated big rush to do it again it's a long way to go for game so there's a lot to the terms of all the the logistics of they're not used to evident both teams if to go in there and does handle bottles of logistics it took a lot of manpower a lot of hours on energy out of organization to do you know I think we knew this week we were tired or. You know exhausted from the truth it was a good trip but it wasn't announced it to the took a lot of things I think so look we don't play. Now we've played it on the road native home every every year so that's that that is what is that. I don't think that the senate and big rushed him to go back and and do that again but that's delivered instantly I'm sure it will play. Good honest answer rich I thought for Belichick where is. Ben bowl yesterday in the globe wrote such a PR piece about a great next with the league. Even your guy Romo Nance last night Munich over and over how great there was above. But no mention of pollution. I mentioned laser pointer a year ago terrible English it is the field that was did not look good shape at all and bunch of guys slipping down yeah volcanoes. All that sort of thing. Belichick gave you an honest answer and anyone else around this game gave you the PR NFL's great Mexico's great let's let's play here every year by the way they extended their playing. Not only inaccurate three more years after that through 2021. Yet to answer Romo went over reported yesterday but it's not surprising image you know they're they're tied in there that the CBS lead broadcast team for the NFL so their hyper and up like super ball is greatly is the best of what a weakness was. But then. Belichick being honest today saying yeah I would love to do that again it's just it's not your typical road to get to go to customs you go to all the so the stuff let alone the elevation let alone. Potential safety things let alone. You know can you drink the water commute can shower in the air all these different things you don't have to deal with it year. In Oakland or you're in Denver or in Seattle or wherever else. We get the notepad out Jerry in Brookline has a question for you to ask ballot check next week I guess and Gerrard talked in here this week. I Gerri what should rich be asking next treatment for a. It inherits. I'm an enemy. Each year that won the first 43 super ball in four years at the in his career. Probably pretty bad at favorites to repeat again this year that would make three out of four. You know over the last four years. An eleven year gap in the air and I want you to deal. It is something different and I was in eleven years which crisis is huge gap when it seemed like he should be ending you know at least once every year. Now he's huge he's got a high standard there. They did they'd total copilot there humorous that. I am not absolutely. But it seemed like and it puts ideas in there where debate. Didn't seem to like really focus much on getting a good defense together and the defense is definitely a liability is on that obviously that normalcy. Railway also laid out but just to the boil it down formed basket next week why they haven't won more Super Bowls. It's as if yes please pretty much he's asking us. I'll leave little doubt that fives nine by one out and. And it would what he'll never answer that in season Hillary it's that during the year that is something it. After the season after the career is over yeah I would love to know from bella check with it they eventually wind. Which three out of four is more press today I'm not gonna answer it now but I out I mean I'm nor should not that hey. Was eleven years what happened and anti Jessica undefeated you know what the hell happened. What she needs is it feels O five what fifteen and then how was that we draft cyclone that you do if my coach and he's. Is that you know we went sixteen and no one of those is certain yet you do win and I'm Robin Chelsea on Brady what's going on rob. German. Probably the alert after listening to these growers and sort of self loathing in Boston and the whole thing where. Brady it's almost like Michael Jordan. Wolf we can't shoot like a round number and tailored for ten years of his career he was absolutely the best work. Did he win ten MVPs. No. Jordan on what I've ever says is the point the point sort of being every year you can make the case it was the best player did he should know Wendy Ward it divorce and that now rob about. Mike Trout in in Major League Baseball Brian Kenny would tell you he's the best player every year to CNN the war Eagles LeBron. In the NBA people on in that case so I like the analogy Jordan right. Yeah but they like to late quick one here to get clear streaky right foot PX I. Yet in Dallas and the worst on the Malone one of the Malone years is clearly Jordan yeah. Brady's best for you literally everyone knows this that's why they'd. They don't feel like are you Uga won 28 left on our dollar we're screwed. We'll throw it out but that's if you fall in love with it would they got the improbable run so last year was Matt Ryan who did have a very good year thanks very of this is stats back it up. Bring out this guy came out of nowhere Matt Ryan's in BP and this year it probably gonna get out Carson once a must see. Has brilliant Wazir the kidney to Peterman type of team over the final six for him. He'll problem right now is by the leader in the clubhouse with the national writer I would say what's gonna hurt as really hurt the most is sports doc has more when Brady's name the all probe. Quarterback in the air Selig first team all pro many matches the the number by rich in what's gonna do then he's not gonna like that in bad news forced out cows Maher is Brady now leads the league in yards per attempt Mobutu was one of his importance that. I do like that take you wanna compare him to. You wanna compared to Jordan or guys who sort of dominant every year black holes as I understand last year I would had a hard time and I I still would've given Brady MVP. But it can unloading twelve vs sixteen and I think about this right. Matt Ryan deceptive the quarterback rating record yes last year record and so. Yeah I mean I'd I'd AMOCO was LaMont now on I still I again. Soccer fan once that would give it to Brady given what he did he stepped in at missing four games the what bothered to his team to a Super Bowl and win it obviously. But man I've we're gonna do this the rest of the year folks page is gonna win and blow off fashion they're favored by 1660. And a half point this week and it's not on the road L and explain our home against Miami. As we like this all the way if it stays at 1616 and happened before highest point spread. Other Belichick era. So they're gonna win big they're gonna win thirteen fourteen games will be the Steelers and the gains we board that's reality elements of getting into. Let's defend Brady mode and I agree with that the callers here in this hour. He's not getting enough credit nationally amazing at Fort Wayne and whose that a today. There are a 1000% right there should be more written a like has written today by Ron Borges here locally in the Boston Herald. Where he broke Brady has been magnificent in the big moments most of his career and most this season yesterday another such day. It was a before it's so commanding that it is easy to take such things for granted and forget the game of football and Lisa the NFL is not supposed to look this easy. He makes it look easy at the age of forty which are getting a lot more attention 617779. 7937. Is the phone number your thoughts on Brady your thoughts in the patriots welcome back. And address a loss for patriots nation today the passing. A Terry Glenn at the age of 43 to Mott at night's Sports Radio W yeah. Gary what. There I had. Everything about new. These folks are not just. Well that was so bad times at Terry Glenn but before there is branding coach before there was Randy Moss the most explosive fast athletic freakish wide receiver. For the patriots was Terry Glenn it's one at night's Sports Radio WE yeah I was thinking today rich that. There's probably seventeen year old a sixteen year old eighteen year old that. It knows nothing really about Terry Glenn did for Bledsoe what he did for the patriots what is lore is in the history the patriots of being trapped in early on and eventually to Belichick how he carried Brady answered pre Belichick Parcells outs. Our Pete Carroll and and eventually Bill Belichick as head coach at the front center that was a speedy wide receiver from the Ohio State University Terry Glenn radiates. Yeah I think you're right 1718 year old may not know who he is but if you're in your thirties that we are mine he may have been one of your favorite players grownup Terry Glenn was. To see them drafted wide receiver. In the top ten. And he was also a guy that if you're a college football all the mid ninety's it was unbelievable. Playing with Eddie George at Ohio State he was the best receiver. In the year it was what 95. A's drafted 96. He was incredible to watch outside his career. Certainly added its ups and downs like yet. His rookie year over a thousand yards and reset the rookie record at ninety catch is right right got him blitz or a great tandem and then. He actually his last couple years with the cowboys was up over a thousand yards again he's also the answer to agree trivia question who's the first. Hooted Tom Brady throw his first touchdown pass to move that was Terry Glenn it's not threaten your side and a pile on the and so they could use that you know impressing people on Thanksgiving. But yeah the guy was. I think is very popular player not a Bill Parcells that initially wanted to take him. But the fans. Liked him for the most part there are some issues news or violence there and then he got some contractual issues by the and which Belichick even hit on. During our interview today. But he also are a lot of his former teammates that loved him and apparently Drew Bledsoe even set out of all the receivers that he ever played when he was his favor some. And in in this to get an idea why he was so important in the years leading up to. The drafting Terry Glenn you had this guy Drew Bledsoe who was the savior for the patriots big laser rocket arm. And he established himself as a one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL. He was throwing to guys by the name of Kevin Lee. And Vincent breeze B and will more enhancing Graham and Michael consent they had. Nobody rich at wide receiver they had no skill missing guys are Bledsoe approach he kept waiting waiting waiting wait wait Parcells. Didn't care our receivers thought I'd put anybody in there and Ingle receive the football and catch it I need offensive lineman. IDI guys in the trenches. And Glenn was there really forced explosive. Really like freakish wide receiver who just was as you said he was Bledsoe is go to guy. And he had a huge catch against Jacksonville in the playoffs they're fox were stadium like in the fall in the fireworks. On the first play of the game. He was huge for this team and he'd be there when Ronnie was good with Dallas like you said. And he just he sort of went away right the end it was not it didn't contract and he left a bad term he was a big part of the franchise for couple yours yeah he was. It was weird because he was in that that stage where EO. The Pete Carroll years that early Belichick felt secure won their five and eleven. That a year to lead barely played they win the Super Bowl but Clyde was such you know he was certainly a part of that team at all and then when the team got really good. He was no longer there that move Donna Troy brown and Deion Branch in Patton in dividends and and all of those guys problem but double Terry Glenn. You're you're emits some of those names that lets those stories too and usually cults but what as a wide receiver. You sort of talk yourself and it raised the intensive Shawn Jefferson just. These guys are aesthetically Jack other Jeffs who's pretty good and I Jefferson was probably bogey in it's a combination with Terry Glenn gave them. Two speedy guys in the outside however I was not gonna knock my guy 84 found jars are not out but my point is that those guys are you fine. But that when it easy for fidelity solitary glad you're okay that is what it number one what receiver looks like Kenya felt it and they save you go through there's been a bunch of videos posted an exemption there again there are people that. Sort of Jim as a footnote he was explosive. At that position he died you guys had the police report. It did that sounds brutal a one car accident there at the age of 43. Ejected from the car so it these. What he did here today Dillon a new important fact on Terry Glenn I don't. You must love you buddy. Is best thanks for when I was a kid. Each player Bryant College now spread university and you can get really close and I this eight by ten. And that like held it up and I like Derrick Morgan yes I nest and you like you won't be any of that what you name and I as I did in my jacket they are still. And you like are not so we signed a many money sent to bill and go pats. Edwards is dot Italians that bill. I. Flag I think at least listen a lot of people reps and fans and some more calls would diligence that venture called it apparently in this is I didn't know open and ever heard this about him until today. Really really good with kids really go with the autograph seekers not as much of the adult autograph seekers Richards put the people decide. A panel like ticket for but the kids like Dillon who were young kids their training camp there idea they middle ninety's. He would is step up and help those kids. It's always a good a full. It's good Blair remain a for the top of the hour Blair's been banned from bunch of shows will let him the series got on Tom Brady forcing about a Richard and I was going ambler. I think Tom Brady is a little bit more credit than he's getting even though you look at Lance. And Wentz is done a lot. A lot not just a lot a lot. Because. Uses a terrific quarterback. And they're gonna give him an MVP over Tom Brady. Like just hear what you think about that I think that Tom Brady. PP after all that is that you don't super super good job. You know I don't know which it doesn't predict job this year. They're gonna get there and give it to win. Right now I am glad yet I blaring their problem right now I I feel like you because that did the the Eagles are the news story the pressure story. Bill and of giving it to him Brady is he's a reward doesn't matter but look at the numbers this year. Kicked off the charts look at what he's done at the age of forty look at the patriots decimating teams and they're gonna win that. One in six games left five of the six against the AFC east the other one against Pittsburgh. They're gonna win five these next six they're going to win thirteen fourteen games this year. He's gonna reserve the MVP a much or get sick because of you know again the backlash and in the public new names but right now he gets he's not getting enough credit completely agree. Rich I'll be out for a couple days of happy Thanksgiving to you when your fair we'll see you next week yeah makes an excellent Roberts Keefe is a saying to buys back with the dale tomorrow acute here on W week yet part of the patriots when yesterday 338. How well Steven discounts keep. 78200 feet of elevation. Didn't matter in a 63 yard field goal ten halftime gave the patriots a seventeen up the league the thing would have been good from seventy. 75 yards he was awesome with that kick yesterday. It's time these six. Longest field goal in the history a career long for discounts deviated 58 yarder earlier this year. He's now made 21 of twenty acre Temps fifty yards or longer he has been as dependable as anybody. When it comes to these long distance kicks looking for a full size pick up the dependable. Folks usually want a place to start it's the 2017. Shall be Silverado the Silverado is built on the legacy. It's built what dependability. 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