Patriots crush Titans, advance to host AFC Championship. Reaction on the Real Postgame Show.

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Sunday, January 14th

Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas break down the win over the Titans in hour one of the Real Postgame Show.


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C news Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I ask them and each. And now the most comprehensive review update begins seize these no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. But we'll post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out cup plans keep dot com by Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn or weigh in Craig's Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. Well we have got another one of those AFC championship. Games can be played it once again here in new England and New England Patriots win this one 35. To fourteen that's what that really want. Cracks that India scene of the accident. Good committed Tony you know level of quality. Allies in the game and rumbled at the Tony Romo later with both excellent opportunity to dialogue you'd look myself. So Tony Romo but Tony Romo really. Struggled in this resort analyze the vote. At about. Advantages I don't pick its candidate sacks because they have a took decrepit but 77 cents and he's done for television that gives them. This could be a tough whatever it takes is going to be easing. I think that the league mandated the patriots looked cool and with little or get to a this was one of those games in which you could just see. How the New England Patriots coaching staff and the players just surgically. Took apart the Tennessee Titans. We talked about a lot of this during the course of the wake. They are terrible in defending the tight ends awful we saw what Kelsey did last week but even bad titans were catching passes all season long. And they were even worse. It defending running backs coming out of the backfield catching the ball and James White is boring and all we. We watched the game in the papers unlike most of patients that come out they analyze what the deal that goes they don't Amanda man. Which. That coach which he did applicable loves as old as the books you look at Bob Dole man man really nice to have something I look at look at his record but it only changes up just about adored man so would you run man. Everyone can get let off. So what's that leave you backed out of the backfield right it is going to be matched up with linebackers rotated to back back back aspect outfield down the field. And I'll sudden. That was to what happened why can't they stop within the first two series of exchange. They would have to what you would do in the weakness may have line Baptist ticket chemicals deep eighties. White was mr. last week what we do today two touchdowns horrible specialized equipment such as the freaked out stuff like guys are route. Backs dominate in the launch of an effect sort of brought to get rid coverage for the kick over the back bank ring bank. Well they also today a surgical job of dealing with Rob Gronkowski so you're talking about an event coverage in the eight at strong safety Jonathan Cypriot. They started him on guard but that constantly had helped. Brady knew. Knew that he waited patiently that you by the way it's offensive line gave them honest I don't Medco got tons that we'll get the driver might argue it's a federal level out and we'll get Tony Romo. But what what Brady did these teachers weeded. For that double team on rock and that he knew who saw the scenario although it's almost no valuable to attract and then as the game progressed on. Well they had to change they wait they Alter their defense and guess what they went. A single coverage and he destroyed. It's it was the that you run the ball decently so why she's pumped through bullet just delighted that the eight blocks most of time linebackers are locked up one but it running amok it. And I passed the backs of the get through it bumps all roll off they get the back all day. Because they're gonna stack the line of about Oprah why should I run at the top federal law because that's again if there was no. You know for the old washed up bomb that he is you know what else and I saw or what glove too afraid to talk to us that your service for us right especially in the head butting its. I've read through to well like I it. I take the other one the defense right from the get go even though Tennessee scored that first touchdown you and I talked about it as the game was progressing ought. Derrick Henry got nothing he was scared off of two yards eight that's when he was getting it was stuffing him at the line of scrimmage and make it that. They kept corner. Absolutely was it ever took a look at what else are legal errors it was a good thing about Harrison took on a big guy brief strong. He was against. Watched so what you pushed at tad opens store gives you doubt he'll run that that's what he's square holed up the last there was just cut it break collateral takes oil strike. So then Derrick Henry can't do any damage in the running game they can't maintain control of football and oh yeah then read it gives them they should shortly. Derek agrees or not for the game it's over. So far which set federal act you hit. They probably needed Derek memory to run the ball 35 to forty times they want it which I had a 120 and is it just not good. They are just not vote. Bearers of Rada. But it's not instinctive brought. He's look at outfield when it goes or what kind of hesitated that it starts running you can go from zero to sixty the second go to get by that that the people chase. He stopped a few times. In the patriots and other OPEC or defense. But they capped a square deal lanes a pass rush sort of tries to go while you tried that he came back in and they did they did it that inside guy. Didn't go outside and it was weight room they had nice restaurant and kept it in the pocket of an upon that question the pocket. There was a couple of great individual pass rush of. Yet they get him as they have now. Ahead marionette hit that one great run a broken play which was a first down. Then noise was spying him out there noise leaned over to the other side to the right side Marietta to you the opportunity and he got that first down but from that point on. Seven sacks by defense that. We're question their front seven an electoral questions about that for its own talent wise they were tremendous tonight tremendous it. It was a individual. Greatness by some of the pressure that's the best pass rush it. Is especially when there was talk about the dominance of the operative line. Of of Tennessee this most of the good life individual pass rush I've pass blockers that that tackles both very well roll the inside guys. I got to get pushed back yeah they lost Jack tong Conklin early on the total industrial loans at this but I just thought that. If we talked about one it was a great game what you have to do to the patriot you have to think with. You can't just weird physical present a changeup and give a different looks different spots subsided a process that he tees which means in doubt at Colorado. They get a lot of different things it did it. Precisely Justin. It was it was has a title but to look tackles that tightly got in and he comes around. They were doing things extremely well didn't make many mistakes offensively I mean they dissected a it's a blows roast almonds for all got to care playable at the one that the what to dole would have fallen out moved right I don't know how many people could make that. The one he threw to white or white spin on his to get in a position to deal with Scott M. That was that pass to to grant that that rocket that dropping. Corpus is that himself because he thought he should that when he was enough along and agree on what the white that it slowed down just for instance at a club called extra effort to slow down ASEAN. And again and how many times has he done that we've talked about at all she's oil. It's almost when he. The thing about coach and I like him but I think he's a little bit different that would articles objective. And the other thing is he definitely contact so when he gets into account that go to outfield in that route he slows down the contact as opposed to using its. And write anything at all. Just all the iPod so it takes the second hit and read to get get that together it's not running yet he's gonna come out of up and explode. Part of messiah but what it would impractical. Sideline and never as good as he blew it he didn't run full speed to get that ball what most of it directed last week you do in this I would open up. The full my little widget will let you talk about this 1617779796. We're gonna get carried away here or not. Let's assume that it's overwhelming them they'll address of metered Mack Calvin. Dominant patriots fans as shuffled off to cliff quite yet adults I don't know. Are you watch those last five games is still a game next week and possibly being you know three weeks from now so let's let's all look back. Let's say that this investigate this was a game. In which you will of the much better team. You're playing at home you should have done what you did to. So they get credit they did what it was supposed to do tonight can be a lot different economic you have cracks and now what is most inviting. If not the quarterback can't play can't control guys and I I thought they all that stuff and drive if if any of that stuff. Was an issue. They put it to bed and they got all on the same page in this one. But effective if you could see it on the sideline Josh McDaniels and Brady laughing in the second quarter laughing on the sidelines there hasn't won yet they were having fun I that they were looking at saying. Date you know we're we're. How much are you said third week of a white one you know to pay extra big factor. I hope to beat out of also factor you know he does it attract coverage because touchdown to cut a couple passes but white by that gold line. Does it puts that question is that going to be Iran which would be passable or. To. Spent the past that the other rock official runner that he goes of that little dump passes really running outside. I mean. Have a those extra guys in that makes a lot and I'll pick it scored in. The next week you have a hole that's healthy or white to tell the whole we brought that topic. Difference Birkhead. Would've been a player in today's game because he would miss you would fit right into what they were doing in this game. And obviously they get him back next week it's going to be a big post so the patriots won it big gonna get to the phone calls it 61777. Night. Seven ID 37 and get your reaction. They will play the AFC championship game next week will be the opponent will be determined and more tomorrow. As Jacksonville goes to Pittsburgh at Heinz Field to take on the Steelers. Which should be an interest in game I would say that's. A Jacksonville's defense is really good really tough really physical really good deal to question areas. Can Blake portals give them enough give the jet was enough to win that game I don't think yes to be brilliant on luxuries capable of being brilliant. He can't beat that. Now. But he can get 245. Yards script that got to scramble. If it doesn't make stupid mistakes throw the interceptions. Throw the inherit pass it goes out it goes a mile over the other guys are undeclared Donna free of war. That's what he has to run what he can run. Get the first down don't make stupid mistakes and they have a chance to last haven't played the Brooklyn had five interceptions today they crushed them. Actually accepted. Yeah on the road Roethlisberger of really good player but he's one of those guys that if he made suitable five threw five interceptions the first time around. My instinct is he's not going to do that often are these going to be a lot better and what you two have a team that. To pressure. And have a couple really good defensive backs or linebackers and could dominant so it's going to be he's got to get Russia had to control the ball preemptible campus has got a brief. But it is to games if we office they want them the Pittsburgh went about it the basic the mega game you know the AFC championship game two of the faces that when you're going to be disappointed if Jacksonville's as the next week now. Tony Romo just said that Jacksonville via tougher than Pittsburgh did you shed a batch of wealth just like you should have been able with a bit of you know source analysis is having a rough game. These I I love Tony Roma and it'll let you rent because I love Tony Romo I think he's been great in these games. I thought he was ill prepared for this game tonight. Like you said at the recent written try to make it more per game is talking about the advances. You're saying everything that Edward using has a vivid the patriots have not the most physical team and what they can't beat the doors meticulously sovereign U a couple of jabs in the face another hit to the route out the other side of the door of the bully about you know a big. They've changeup bass and any team in the NFL they can adapt anything with the personnel and that's what's there to millions. That would you know whatever the Tony Romo a picture anything he's got production meetings over the last few days right. And and they are looking at the networks looking at this thinks things to be a single moment is going to be law we can try to make this interest big game. You know come on guys try to make this interesting game so he comes right out of the block everybody thinks this one's got to be a law I'll tell you. Tennessee has an advantage any offensive line Tennessee has an advantage in the defense of law. Games over seven sacks for the way in defense. Zero put for the board. Years ago to try to raid bullet does today. 'cause in the passing game and the rules of the passing game allowed to do less two guys so would you have that physical advantage. The mental advantage means much more excuse now for me to booked were the ability to change means she makes a potent mix level and guys ticket of this all. A complicated game play is important to you can't have the army's. Learn. Complicated game plans otherwise discuss your royal love brought right died but it that you technically you can take everything they could do. He also body into that first touchdown and really thought that Tennessee united my guy he thought they figured out. That patriot defense and it's. You won't know a lot of what the patriots to the first quarter is to show you some to see how you're gonna react to a so that they can actually won their game plan. So a lot of what they do early on is a test to see how you gonna how you're gonna react. Lucas Atlanta went to a guy whether an all right back where are they accurate was covered up what little I've got blown right. Also a live action committee deep he's amid a minute okay the packets of light sticks reduction tool. Well the author of dirty jobs. Also the buybacks auction but you're jump up like that are now get batch of July Backus they have all kinds of product logos on what you result. Brutal. So it should they were just. Jabbing with the other team was trying to swing and get hit the face. The British who saw the face of the whole attitude of that Tennessee's that bill. The snub for Russians when we get a tool that could get pressure model they hit a couple times each of those passes like how can beat us doubles mystical. So if your defense go out income whereas if let's have lunch Tony Romo said it's so physical. How was that the Tom Brady had an hour to have to throw virtually every pass he was hardly touched on this team. Did a nice job. With a start to happen you have to be sound with what your other guys to sort of guy's gonna start you've got to jammed and so can't tackle or that got you to attack was Egyptian can't pick out the other guy come around to back it up they're using hands real well kept that separation and a great job. But I think what you brought up of guys returning and being healthy right now being able to contribute so we looked at the patriots over the last 45 weeks since there. A little great. Well they were missing a lot of pieces are brought the setup earlier in the week. The patriots have the second most. May end Gaines missed this year because of injuries in the NFL only Indianapolis is at war then games missed with injury in the New England Patriots but. They're getting a lot of those guys back on the lucky to get it'll went back to get a lot of guys back then like that get some of the defense of help back right now and that made a difference I think you're. Look what happens is at least these are the top guy goes out captaincy last week you're talking about Gabriella tells you an out they just fell apart who. You know what at an open to how accurate this is is go to guy he society reception guy a year to a hundred that's a huge ticket that. A hole goes out to a self portrait with so what was out and don't apply a lot of firepower to tell you bring up Kelsey last week I think it kills its statement. They probably wouldn't want to hit some of us that it would have played here at citizens but it did this with Garcia is absolutely trust our government has this. He is limited and this team needs Derrick Henry to be able to control the ball they need they don't move. The changed all that running game and what's going to was able to contain him shut him down. Came over stimulative. Platinum pass does it is not a support when the front line is holding up the Olympic gods. And then make a test. Kits to right itself so that was a workable well for the Mary go to. Not a war I mean he he supposed to be a runner but he's like a series knotted stick with the curriculum. Today that it wasn't he should Iran that it stop and try to come out where the other way tickets back if Iran just run. It didn't do our. Open up the phone might coming up next that your reaction to a patriots went 35. The fourteenth. And we're definitely it was that close that last touchdown yen it's just you know. 35 to fourteen future fund away. Next week the AFC championship game right here. Angeles you open a formal commitment solo about 6177797. 37. Or waste it was the real post game show live down here. It's fun to go to Joseph on the tape here in the real post game show Joseph. A lawyer of course yes yo what's. Glenn appreciate you French journalists appreciate you talk shoot where they sure. Let me just sort opener then there's former chief doesn't want to write showed up these guys showed up poorly. Irons close we were the special approach to launch a full folk. You were the patriots well we have sure shall actually writes what a lot of pressure is so JD are currently doing things right. Nothing that should be grown I think that's coaching a functional it will shirts there are softer rock crusher and how about Portugal. Off Scarnecchia. What he comes back with a changed a table at all that's one reason is phenomenal team. I'm gonna show interest in map Jewish and certainly trees to the giants did you know what if you look at the personnel and every match every every. Football general manager of the year is looking at that defense that fronts and it's for instance how little of the duke it every single aperture she's gets a lot of credit. And that's why don't like people. What he's gonna be like as a head coach I know also the get a player personnel guy Belichick probably evaluates talent that it fitted to what he wants to go in he doesn't have a cookie cutter thing like this guy has the for this he he brings your guys are talent. It works around what they can do best wrote takes a lot of guys but it to a certain thing it doesn't make and execute it. Owens. Well. Little old it's not go. Without reading the book club I lipped it. I'm excited I'm excited man I'm like David technical it will much critic of the back on this and Butler. He got picked on concern he got picked on and I've really battle site. Yeah they're. Probably got a country back and I mean even the Latin argued is economic and Ronald put them either out here are well all year. And our guys are all you have restaurant and picked up our drive for touchdown knighted I've got it after that I think that a total of 79 it's total. Let out what I like going pro after that. Evidently did a great job this. The goalie and it may be right. Maybe use a single coverages is already but I don't think they had great success I agree with he's been up a double c.s that want. And it times he's been kind of a disciplined because of the real plot. He was when you your you know top level quarter Louie Wright grew ever regret it yet but. And I. Really I thought early on the coverage was not great early on in the game that they really tighten it up as the game progressed on. And did a really good job from that point on. The coverage a lot of ties to cut the coverage is good that's rather a lot its axis he would sit apocalypse but yeah the first Reid was taken away from what the patriots chose to take weight. What you wanna do it make you go to what you don't do really well unnatural and that of our gross older the coverage had a pretty well it's almost acts to. I'm into digital book did you kind of economic it isn't limited matter are described in our economy what the ball unlike that I look at boat deck under bike and excited god I thought the patriots to. I remember that met but yeah. Brother super fun anybody's ever called you Shula. To but the one that touched up the rest culturally it was a tremendous about the strobe light area order and also catch the wanted when it got us. The coverage wasn't bad at that. Overall I mean I didn't really did Jordan go up what you usually and you gave him very little real estate to make the catch up at a great one it detached and was able to keep both feet in bounds. Let's go to these dole in Jersey Dino. This thing is let's go to veto threat again you know. There's no. Maybe it's Beano. I deals go let's go to Chris on route one Chris. Hey guys we're live on route one north urged elect and I. Or let guys know that gaining Amendola is they better wide receiver in bringing cup to support scale without doubt. He Rogers brought reckless. You know I know you don't get rant tonight which it that was effectively in the though. See that the comeback. Rugs putting don't try to come back yes it almost at what think about that out of that meter wrote about the principle upon receipt talked about operating about the field. In Joseph that Josh up all this cooks is wide open I thought it at I don't know how to read his mind. I thought it was gore come off a lot of they got cut off the field he goes he's not running the right route football's time what is she able withdraw from which to cooks. There's a reason for that because they're shot routes are precise. And have a dole he's strong right to Crocker we want street right. Human hole it is touchdown but cooks all the through under rule that what for touched out of it easily caught it wasn't because he's slowed down a little bit. He does not run corporate routes like he wants to talk to the Russia. He reached the threads in the Rupert and he deeper in the bugs in my receivers get a break toward EC east. When adults go down there it is you the coverage affordable pops easy stops and comes back to pump throws the ball what is what is making this. So the balls right there. Looks another hit. Either slow down or does come back for the ball but it's critical desperately he has. I'd totally green but like. And we ought stock looked at numbers in north of it gets out as we all saw cooks play now sought cooks like every single game he doesn't fight for the ball to come back the ball. He's not a guy just like. Wind that play win that battle. Uses his he curse ego uses his speed and Freddie is right to the one thing I think it's become a bad habit for him. Is that slows down once this contact me you know once he feels a little bit of contact he's having a problem right now. Where he's he's just slowing down what by integrating its all time we're not go to these slow it down for impact of that watch them what you eat breaks break. He doesn't explode because he's gonna say. If pop sees me man a man if he sees a break. He's sort of ball or anticipate your speed to take you here on accelerating the rate he wanted to see I also think though that people and he's right this last go rest. People didn't see enough of cooked. I think they misrepresented what he wants to your typical people were talking at the beginning of the season would element without the injured that's okay we have coach cooks can do would settlement does Emma Dole's got a better shot Chris Hogan has been better she'll light up doing what adamant or what there is a yes not much better that what the coach that they're they have that skill set. He doesn't have it. Did elicit Jersey hello Dana. You guys are you prepared or go one of questions I was gonna. Or why it is structured shall Dick Cook. And even you know and Hogan and Arnold La but you know picture code we. Where you're gonna. Get more single coverage which can record struggle against film's guiding the receivers the bull and. The visa requests right now wouldn't look early there local man to man taken receivers out the pictures that we're to the threats backs on ointment. An adoptive joy wanted to cal receivers out that have live back Suffolk auto. Act like lighten option don't chance Ronald so they're just what you do I think he's he doesn't read. The coverage what is covered too which is in a bowl settlement did they would break the right way Tom for the ball before they made the cut is in with a gullet you'd call little ball. He should be he should be better I would think you'd be a little more you know. Added that there's yup been a little better on the. You know why you know why don't I would think by now you'd be on the same page article over at sixteen games now. And he shouldn't matter but I'm not expecting him to do what it'll and or in the bill does. But that the vertical routes right now our problem with it slow it down they're probably thought he shot two more touchdowns easy last game this game about law partner of the premiere are greater they random and the crowds at crossing route and he dropped the ball if you remember and I think that was for Europe he was gonna get any way that the contact. That was a that was a problem. It sometimes people never get it ought to stick okay emailed great receiver never caught on at all has got to play in a long time he just couldn't adjust to what the patriots while. That was a cooks as you know he makes a DC catches he's a great street has utilized at all account. But what haven't elements here and of Dole's Sierra Crocs here at the box holders yeah he's doing a lot of bad coverage it's gonna much easier for it is that he's not going to be. Know that the couple often sometimes to help out stuck at that right now because. Note yet they'll. It's good chip but she did the thing is that the patriots as she was saying earlier can do so many different things and that's what they do so the start with a checklist okay the gold man to man we gonna change up what we do we got to go to the and that we're gonna go to the running backs will it take rank next algo put them and pass routes or whatever. And that's something that Tennessee's. Reading often double crossed it a double also sees a so that they receive these safety go to Delaware he throws record like San Jose series at the Baltic rock and that's what Peter and that's the greatness of Tom Brady but. Wait Tom Brady. Just moments ago was asked about all the negativity this past week. What do you personally with a performance like that you think it kind of sentences victory exe and as such and Michael a few incidents to the head to head back. You know it I have so now you know I've been around long enough so eighteen years there's been so many nice things about me. It just goes with the territory so. I just try to be consistent shall do best I do every week for the team. Regardless of whether in the worst quarterback and leader of the best quarterback in movies or somewhere between it's just. Adjusted best second oppressor weeks so it was good team went today. And there were in another one next week where replays can be great team and you know look at port the planet and chipped chipped it. He's Smart project where that you conceded. Smaller headed guy picking all the credits are difficult to separate her. That was the warrants say it's not like the players Tom cubicles are now on that jumper like shut out of it saves are circulating a privilege. He's not and think of these activists that the goods is violet. And I shut everybody up but he probably is thinking that Italy. Activists. You know any Smart stay away from it just take the high regular attracts some of that. Now. Now you know as the players are taught to the he has been reported their predicament Syria and I'd say there's so much. You don't think that in any given. Team operation. Office. Tell me that you're not gonna have some type of right internally its court so the question is how bad was it over there. Well. By winning the the way they won today I got to believe is that that Modano might not look directly at us while this approach you're making mistakes that it'll that the guys. Defense help quarters or effort to delay the route to run good droplets of line block rate every. They're all it's taken they'll they also had another thing that was new prices at the same time talking about it. They're up 27 after it is a perfect situation he really taking control of this game all Belichick asked the state. School was last week when Denis out a guy. They were they were down by 21 to three whatever they can't bet it won't make it was perfect to keep them focused. And you can see it became the second half they were really focused they picked up right where they left off that is that urgency to the balloon popped up the privilege not a make mistakes the panel publicize or any movement of the back field. Guys bull what. For those are teams that mediocre team that's what they're there are mediocre team. It was dark to drop you gonna throw out there FC that's Pittsburgh. I think I think if you look at both the FC in the NFC. I think this was the worst I think that got the worst thing. Remaining in the term witness said it does. I don't prepare the firepower to catch up does not score Tamara what fifteen. That's an optional senator Nelson was this game last week the PP Kansas now. And you know with what we all try to do which you don't wanna feel like here. A complete overseas try to find reasons why he beat Tennessee could win this game I don't think or any this past week. Not what outrages of sixteen points playoff game that's ridiculous you know it would buy seven point don't want to. They're slow the ball out of the Antarctica are always down to two seconds every time we snapped the ball the killing the clock. That's what's almost got a quick quarterbacks a breeze and it's already ready got passes that's tacit behind most of title over the years as a defense. Patriots get ahead this cut killing the clock. They build a defense controlled but it got not to be asked to get a run the ball for the dogs move the club movement ball till the plot. It's that the other thieves like. And bullets and have that option they had the score they had to throw the ball. This is a good game for them and that they had not played real tight. Slick football over the last five weeks these skits that are there. Back together because they're gonna need it because they actually got to face a much more difficulty. Whether you're its burger into Jacksonville Jacksonville caused them on their office a lot of issues next week a lot a couple of nice DP sir well. But some like put pressure off the ball. The offense the running opera it's a few good portals in the situation drastic drop that's the big that's replica. On the Internet have to control format the way they control their camp in this in this game right as your buddy Jimmy from Trevor. August Jim saying. Hello I'm John Payton can't get tightened back at a news flat screen right. I didn't read that about hate grant. Remember the things but the patriots too slick you have a racist material it starts it off the got to give credit to drive together. A document buffalo reference I six point 777979. 37 that's our phone number. You can call us talk a little bit about this game will look forward to the AFC championship game. Coming up next week right here at Gillette Stadium here in the real postage. I shotgun snap up first on memorial out of the matter feels it's under pressure and trouble spins away from Patricia Alex Mack. Got if she don't Grissom. Just set a patriots playoff record with this happened patriots sacked of the night that's what a loss for twelve. Seven sacks of Marcus Mario tonight Lou's new England Patriots defense. So defense and eight cents today how do you feel on on the sideline many Russian those guys to it's great whenever I mean our defense football tonight they do excellent and whenever they're going well you go to the office got to play well and think they're placing well it's actually not supplements on which our pictures right there that just shows how. How good they played tonight so it's always great to see that and now it was different guys. A record eight sacks for this patriot defense shot while running quarterback. What that and a very good office of La or the Borough office supplies fell and the talk about the lack of pressure they put on people that difference that. Health they were a little help fears it will put health nut I think Harrison helped out a lot. Especially on of the talks I plays expressed interest. It was a uniformity of that defense. That kept us so we couldn't get out the pocket to go one way that etc. have come the other way because there was a guide each and that becomes the guy at the middle. Patriots play together as you'll it's what made office in defense of life it all came out on the Tony Romo. Less talent than the other two ultra they'd Ottawa has played over even they've dominated Dell I I'm sure they spent most of the week. With a game plan of we cannot let. Derek Emery. Get off here and have a big night they can't do you we've got to be able to contain him. They don't contain him they'd really shut him out once robbery once they were able to do that Fred. And at the patriots got the lead and suddenly Mariel had to go back and it shall football because he doesn't have brokered quarterback it's phenomenal to get pressure. It's coming out both sides to it exploit yet what I want to twice get caught. Central ball away don't pick the launch sacked the sacks sequent stop by the goal line they sacked of Sacramento center got out to a two guideline. You don't eat the ball like a regular quote lecture chuck always released don't you gotta jump. He was surprising. As good of a Hillary is there were stacked so it went today they came up with big huge key stops into points of this game you look at it. Now he's sable was a blowout but as the game progressed and I'll give you one member of the fourth. They're going forward in fourth and short fourth to about wanted to have an outside run just before the end of the first half and they stopped it brief for the loss trotted out some federal outside right lost ground and what if you're a god. Running out of patent that if this gets the last scrimmage have office live push rod and understand that call. Put the penetration Nicole and hold in the corner made a cut back where all the while players recovered and they stole what three outlaws so if they checked off all the boxes had five guys hit a real that we need to stop Henry we need to contain burial that we can't let you were out of that pocket that you adapt. Two point with a hit eight sacks in the game it was over but yet there's nothing else that Tennessee can do at that point it done. What's he what's he got rattled the pocket it was open and also. They started making mistakes there had to take time out to the sugar took timeouts. Right the corporate office Laver jump at you that the robbers he was remove the shirt removed they came unglued at the patriots office that total. Confusion you're right here's Peter in Waltham this up Gator. LO leader and gratuity it. Behind Peter's college go to bill involved and help. Yeah nailed a proud yeah we'll sort it all yes. Absolutely male and their debts first. Yeah that's. In YouTube you'll want Obama out everybody want it would block what are we what are the now. And now he's he's invaluable. Is invaluable. All of a gaullist. Have always ago colonel you know there is about a kid whose spot. But he kept getting hurt us both now I the issue is hillbillies right that was years ago her fantasies right so healthy that guy reads defenses well he runs as route rate talking global. Thirteen time to think 1111. Catches for hundreds up God's. He was which before the game that would goals of the go to guy got you hold them back across we double. He's a guy talked talked with a go to because he's wary should be would target Russia and didn't let his home. Absolutely love that you're you're right big gains skis goals he has girls know they don't have matzo ball without him get that two point conversion that tied the and I mean he's. Not been. Also meant to him one last and not on board plopped a ball. You know unbelievable terror to a league what the early games during the playoffs last year was Boeheim bracket jumped operated on. It's great range of course not talk guy gets up the dropped anticipates. Where the ball's gonna breed jumps at this right time. Good hands. There when he gets the ball he beat you yourself what you what to make what you just spent a chiropractor and a silent. He just has great instincts were at Sabina we have Peter what is up baca had Peter. Freddie united already beautiful okay we're Brothers. Seven and overall look at some golf. It a lot championship means or should we just read the paper you're about to recover author crutches and his Indonesia. All went as they were wrong that's pretty good apologize. Motivation going is that about it had been in seven AFC championships. In a row. Some of the moderates are plausible is that possible. In order and discipline in his that you lose plays every year. But her place of of guys that can to comprehend the schemes to perform field. What I wanna ask you know applaud Harrison and not united is plate and they are now. You probably what is deal is how will they attack brought these birds are not hang up I loved shield guys stands. Thank you think depicting about the progress if he gets out the part run she's the most dangerous. He throws great on the run he put in the world news broke of places depicting adult lodge out of this is it always fat looks like the big Fredricka. In both pretty picky about it that any space factories created here but the difference with him for it is you know Saturday. He's no threat to go wrong. 2530 yards what he's a threat is. When you get him out of the pocket throwing on the wrong and heaped great throws with great accuracy that he reached on it would he's running. Like Todd he's running and look at all our receivers got up at a ball that it's not running and then reset he's running with the ball enough for a recording time. So if you aren't coverage you can not drop coverage of that guy low ruts are run straight out to take ten minutes. But what you caught up to help that's what he reads it he retook comes up pretty if adopted the open receivers present as good as anyone up gently. They just keep the Steelers tomorrow how healthy aren't. I mean you don't know what's gonna go along with brown what he's gonna look like tomorrow he apparently was sick this week plus he had that the calf injury. Combat is he easy 100% party birds get hurt this week's that you had a bunch of injuries during the course of this week in practice. That the Steelers are dealing with and then of course a top of that. Let me bill is basically telling everybody on the week that they're playing in the divisional playoff. That he is not gonna settle for the franchise tag makes cute he wants a new contract. Not the week daughter and our team they're not the week I want my ball wow. So I'd like to going to be fascinating to watch they are loaded with talent so. It is biggest box. Defenses that good that you could move the ball yes it's a great if the authors which were about. Put that Jackson will definitely played last human defense they were pounding. It will be up to offensive line they have quarterback can cover anybody putting about product you take them out of it no problem we bikini you know dump passes the running game I told Jeff front seven. If portals is average is able to have managed to gain without making mistakes turning the ball well tomorrow. Jacksonville could win that game to predict when it gave. The problem is it's all on Blake portals because I think Jacksonville's defense is going to be a killer and act in a market worth less time Drexel was in the situation. It was a few years back. Was with the patriot if you go a long time ago there's learned as a coach Becton. Which coach you where. Packed Jack till real was the coach was he not know was a counselor call coach when he went up but that they had a bit bully had a court impeding temperament of the care and yet as. McLaren made what's up player. Stallone's. It was eight Glen as Freddie so local told me today tonight stepped it up. Quarterbacks of all and try to end trying to all the quarterback didn't sell the top quarterbacks. Is you know own food but. They only talk Tom Brady. That is gonna take just to the Super Bowl this year detective and boom. The Eagles I have the Eagles making it all away. And I have the patriots play you know. That's who I want to be consumed. It will suit that works out both teams are still alive again be adaptable idol very technically have a shot there bullet I think it's going to be cents. Saints have a defense agree quarterback. Echo Christmas came of the weakened by the more ointment so Rizzo and yet as another coach rich in Minnesota timber Feller great job of it what was their point years that we've we're gonna shot artist noticed that all of the coordinators and assistants. That lead Cincinnati are actually pretty well accused Jackson to Cleveland so that's still. Still a question on what what gay Norton won't you won't want Roger here a couple of failures that politics has put up the way literally put if you look at the sense that he says that they've all done pretty well. And yet since it doesn't. Do well an amazing I don't play too well look at the Q what do playoff game would care what a player after another came into the playoffs last two years thinking he would play strike team got to get the player as talented team Joseph if they've had a lot of talent over the over the years. Philadelphia is an interesting team pitfalls. You talk about a if if like portals can play the way nick trolls did today just not screw up an awful lot right. Take it when Nick Nolte Eagles defense is really good to validate fast Oprah it's amazing how fast they are. So one of the huge support load he can run he's big strong guy and that it had payouts of decent receivers. Often it's like pretty good but it is the key is don't wait a pocket if you can't see several open look at want to read it wrong. Because that gets three or four jobs every time we run a move the chains make the defense wary of him and come opera now haven't you. I will post game show we don't live down here at Foxborough we'll take market phone calls your reaction the New England Patriots with Tom Brady becomes the oldest quarterback. In the history of the National Football League to win a playoff game. Your phone calls at 617779737. Will hear from break we'll hear from rock will hear from the coach all of that still look up we're here until. AM live in fox. That's real post game show live down here in Foxborough read across the street from Gillette Stadium the New England Patriots in eighty but low out. Against the Tennessee Titans they move on would doubt it too will face the winner. A Pittsburgh Jacksonville we'll talk more about the game coming up in the in the next hour. That first pick the player of the theme for this one. James White had himself a hell of a game Dion Lewis played well her bludgeon people we could victory lap and a lot of guys on the defensive broad side of the ball grunt could be. Golub that you don't want dole. But you don't want east of all these. So we'll give Tom Brady is your most brutal five and this is Tom Brady right after the game. Talk about dating him and don't pay pretty big for you non. Especially third downs. On especially when you run in no hurry up offense talk about that yet he played incredible that a lot of great catches and the third downs were huge today you know talked about. In the in the bye week. You're really trying to improve debt and could go a long way toward helping us win and we did pretty job third down red area. It didn't turn over such a progress people when. Don't run there's been a lot of negatives in the press the last couple weeks a lot of it personally you. That sounds like that as a team. Do you personally with a performance like that you think it kind of sentence the exe and as such and like albeit a few accident that it act. You know it as a been around long enough so eighteen years there's some nice things about me. It just goes with the territory so. But just try to be consistent shall do this do we for the team. Regardless of whether the worst quarterback in the best quarterback in the movies or somewhere between it's just. I just investment into for a certain weeks ago as the team went today. And another one next week or replace can be great team and a on the report the planet and chipped chipped it. Tom Tom one of the things about you is that you've always been on an even keel but. You playing your seventh straight AFC championship game twelve overall. Are you amazed. Even for you at the success you've had in this franchise has had on a consistent basis. And I think it's. And that's it's pretty. You know it's pretty it's pretty incredible due to be a part of that and I. I think the thing is we don't really take it for ground around here. I know how hard it is to get to this game and you know we're very blessed to do it takes a lot of things lot of good fortune but hard work. Obviously a lot of lot of great lessons I think. Archie threw no recourse here you know we can win important games against good teams and we did that tonight. That's right keep moving on so. The reality of the NFL is. You know what we did this week hasn't will have nothing to do what happened next week. After repeated so you gotta get right back to work. You're right back to the process of trying to figure out how to break our opponent and never got to feel good physically and mentally and brought their truck could lose one more time in and huge game. Evil and somebody who likes he went on the house especially when you guys get Roland if this game seem like you're gonna do that Dario in the second quarter. And especially in the third quarter he has room to keep it on how important is that in the playoffs if we did a good job that I thought you know once we can get into the drive. We are good job you know kind of keep in. The defense you know defensive and it bit amiss lined a few times. Had some easy throws were at some guys uncovered. But that's a good way to kind of keep pressure on defense so. There's lot of ways to do it I mean I think that's a great advantage playing at home communications really good and you know Altman our guys made a lot of great place. X here really well a lot of so many great catches great blocks. You know it's just a great team went great great on defense Sacramento's incredible. They. Tom how much of a sanctuary or haven. Is the field or football game and this is things around the sport that a football in this things that are not football we fennel and not football. But I imagine when you get out there it's the essence explained. And being coached in it was born in the same direction there. Is that kind of what keeps you don't win. Yeah I think it always feels that way and I think being on the feels a great place. You know that's regal prove itself. And you could talk all day about. You know what you're gonna do Wear what you can do and ultimately got to go out there and do it so I just have now to go play and as some degree teammates over the years in this team has done. Such a great job this year folks know we need to we get out there that's the best part of the week so. To be in the playoffs and to play well and advance. You know just really great this team and at a series gotta do it again next week. I found. EE had a couple players returning to the offense and tonight he hit you head James White and Chris Hogan there. How did that help for how to help balance out the Athens. Yes they did a great job I think you know we've been. You know there's been kind of some parts that have been in now. You know hopes and missed a lot over the last half of the season. I James you know did you know wrecks without you know it's. It's been nice fit you know. I think when you had severe the best players on the field all the time it's it's it's a great benefit so like it would be for anything. But the guys who read their report did a great job too so who's ever on the team on Ross there's going to be count on at some point you and I chose the kind of depth we have and you never know when you're going to be called upon two gonna make the plays but it was great to see James makes a great place that what he always does pose made some great plays. Camp clinics that American upstart and I did a great job so. Your great great team. Tell another running back question Brandon Bolden is a guy who's been on this team for awhile was released from. At the end training camp re signed special teams sprouts very few offensive snaps. Until the last couple again says city in which touched down the gratification. When you Tia a long time teammate like that score. I mean hello Brandon he's he's. Just a great teammate friend. He's just a great person someone I've been a lot of meetings with a lot of walkers a lot of games Whitman. And you have those relationships and those guys and you see him do well. You know and our number's called that's pretty pretty cool so really happy for him he deserves it. He's a really special guy. And does Christine get hands on it that's been. Some that get a lot of success were in the middle of the field today and just what you saw there and we are successful in that area. I'm not sure you know it's again it's just I'm trying to go to the read and trying to achieve coverage and whether blitz in her where guys are bringing free and you know I would say they're covered inside the airport outside of their car up I got the inside and then cover their short goto deepen. Are you doing those things into order brought up to me just kind of trying to aware of the guys are so thank you yes. You don't. Those acoustic is someone asks questions to Tbilisi. How often target. What have you talked to guys certain game in no one Todd at the time and goes we're tied today tied to open men. He just sit there white goods and in the bill is that's it's opened low July as a built on open let you go outside because that's you know heat that's put. Keeps other teams are able to she doesn't have a retro bit aways post and author of that crap all day astonishing to plastic to play. Is go to where the weaknesses of which have you audible to the side that they have one less guy. Right even durables tugboat they are the two guys who once I go on back audible book to that side of it they also that walk up some guys. We double to the past they rushed through the middle pull the players on. Door to prepare everything the patriots do. This is it is predicated on what other team does take their weaknesses to exploit that they too can do that as they have out there. Where you can see it is this game unfolded they changed out out they were doing pitches thrown out to cycle based on what the titans were or were throwing up. Brady showed up at 1 o'clock here today. For an 815 kick under erupt agreement. That the programs agree those so announcement outfit that off. What does somebody do that James earth in this it is game if you want to know what's what is. When you get older Nektar. Some poor blacks or that wanna tie because it just pass them by the role live and house on everything comedy as something comma calls placed on the Steve Bell wanna win. They're all focused what they want until we all help each other in he'd love to know come down at 1 o'clock and after Republican early twelve to watch some films. Propagate each and he we will never put his speed up. Relaxed position the sanctuary that's sanctuary notable out of that locker room sort of common early just to refresh sort of wants to do. Yet he still does breathtaking and I think that's the biggest thing about numbering people always ask. You know what is she doing how was he able to perform at this age at age forty. And usually what happens Freddie these guys have made a fortune especially these days like a game. Tickets are 36 of 37 the bulls released our eighteenth. They don't wanna go do that extra work to port fifty at twelve years and it was fifteen years and it. They're dealt the team's not fun to many more in the players that play as a team our efforts that you like he's he's old enough to be their father. You get more with it. He's not port with any other stuff I think that is a more significant reason like Tom Brady is playing at such a high level at age forty. As opposed to all of this TP twelve and doing all these other things are really do historic. Devin harris' it's not about what he did that about we what it's gonna do you never looked back since sources that the baker difference right now he wants to win. Everything he does he still close so would you and he said what I've seen everything. Everything your product that I'm an old course you get the answers all the questions. But diet and he has the brain to active two read and react to it it is still physically able social those passes. You okay. We that he is being the operative and height share the guys that it watched Paul Howell worked. Talked it'll be get back get back over to bring about it short. That backs sit back greeted Mac back to a sort of saying to a show him why Tom's great stop because you run to fourth wife ordered after the April while hundreds of the ads 'cause he sees. Openings at exit future instantaneously. He doesn't have a difference of 53 full development the price six but let it go and Bruce could you grab those two they would put they. He's he's mobile is a very mobile portal we can't rod hits and a rod he slides a move that pocket that's what I mean with grace she's always put all the above were watching him what he slides or watch other people it's always took the ball great and ago. It is looking downfield it's also get to that opposes it because he's ready released the ball when he has an open he's not looking around he's gonna get a spot open Eddy seized. He has great peripheral vision that's why does its act ought to. Trust me the use some of this stuff this past week his motivation o'clock Aaliyah and prepare for tonight if he didn't give you any indication of it in a post game comment the weigh in Chicago clearly. Shows up at 1 o'clock today he was ready for this one let's go to rich riches at less than a year of real post road trip. They were appropriate after live at Weston. There it's where you a look at that spell check post conference. He had the patriots logo removed from his sweater. There's that being outlined the shadow of an on the right side and there's like three little dots where he didn't pull the threat from the rotary out. On the backside and I wondered though. When you're flying home on your head a little bit we'll. A message that he's not on board by remote actually local or actually go to the Mitchell was of the guy that did years periodical. It looked so it and I. So this again he had the he had it inside out what are you talking about. If you look at him when he is on TV. Wearing a hat is that patriots sweater. And on his little laughter this chat. Or it's the right on the TV you can see it ain't outline of a patriot local there's no logo on his sweater. And I'm asking I'm. And ultimately you know lead and ripped it off our logo from all of us no boundaries were slowed out. Are you saying that he ripped the lol go off of this letter. I am saying that he had it you know cut off the sweater. And three little dots that. Why Juli did take one of those thoughts. Now you lose an opera. I will ask him. So he is telling the truth if you look at Belichick's it's like it's all over south sweater it's I'll wind breaker. And the logo is missing but. As we know with bill he wears old crap it's O had a chance at the sixties. Before it. So I just created few somebody else noticed that on Twitter but is it looks like one of Belichick's old. Wind breakers not necessary that he sent a message or repeat the local officers. It to man the players to take just a corrupt elements. The average I think it's really a stretch here that Belgian I'll go and do something like that it really you know I. I think Geddes it he says theory is probably a better one. Went off the water why would he make it obvious. Latin glad cannot take it out. Look at that read dot lucked out that. Wouldn't streaming into question what are three that's me. That did not mean that read from. The embroidery. Hadn't been pulled out from the back side it was removed by that I do go up. Your tail but my wife worked for a company. Lo and literally less than a bus trip because I'd I'd do a bit I think what I said I Charlotte north are beautiful the three dots indicated. Art checked. Ruin asked admiral the flight low end and grabbed all of her I Google was. How they united against all the evil that's been bothering them while the dots. I'm not bring that resolution that got cents. Not wearing bringing you all of the discussion that freed up our went what you have these little bunches of threat. It was an old giants sure it's quite as well and are aliens aren't I don't know. Now you know or do you wait what it what it's going around you have to pull the threat out from the back again hey how about this is what made it was an old local. The patriots. Not that opt out when it the flying public logo argued that an app. What our TV right through watcher I at all. I I'd take you credited like flying Elvis it's just. Trade you could see the outline when he was there are one point but where is her clothes every which the cutoff sleeves like where were you surprised by Google watchers have crap they have this week that we've. It. Was that that's. Particular went around turner bring you could see for yourself but it's it wouldn't go up. To check it out at 100. United us in the playoffs it says. We'll be back in the real. I'm actually what I instant. Let's be something for you in. Who you were consumable. It's like the break we'll take a picket though what the we'll talk glory here. And wanted it to you Pittsburgh Jacksonville. What do we possibly go to face coming up next weekend. All of that more the real postage. Or don't we open fault lines it's six point seven club back overnight shift any threesome.