Patriots escape Tampa Bay with a sloppy 19-14 victory - Reaction from the Real Post Game Show.

Friday, October 6th

Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas take calls and breakdown the Patriots 19-14 win in Tampa on Thursday Night Football.


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I don't even know where you start when this one wow. I don't know where you start with a different. Wow nineteen to fourteen year final score. This was as sloppy football ticket back this was your typical Thursday night slop fest that's what it was. What's that old Buffalo Bills player with a almost penalties just about gave the game get a moment thank goodness they had a ticket could care act well. That's the difference and couldn't get a first down he wanted to series grand Alfred how you want it would have been old but the difference in the game the difference in the game Stephen just Ganske. Four for four with field goals Nik full old for three. But she came right there I mean you are so many things to talk about penalties by the New England Patriots did the defense do a better job tonight. Yeah would they went did Tampa Bay help him out a little. And if you're playing good football team tonight. You know what in this football you know pressure now that wanted to drug approach but there. Just the mistakes the stupid mistakes horrible couple horrible calls but. The other moving the ball passes and Kamal running and they get about one little ball past they'll get anything they get the first. Would print out we don't give the ball backward on school. And get the ball. They get the onside kick on the fifty yard line kick first down. At just just there's. Does I mean the officers play and while gross Belsky was at his best tonight forty yard field goal that great we passed a broke through with a fifty you're probably at that but. Five point putting it where they tell you that at that time they they won't offered to more confident they they would rather in Tampa Bay down deep. In their own and they get to count them the four yards and what it can't debate so that old old drive of the game and they drive at his Villa in May. I'll tell you what is the one thing you could say in looking at the patriots tonight. Is that right TJ this was an in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not ready for prime off and enough to total dual rattled up. As wasted to a couple houses passed they dropped the ball into press just you know the defense played better against. An office that would really confine himself to the defense to back that horrible but it felt a breeders who opened on the field and talked about a of thyroid. Puerto I think comment for him yet passed by a figure of thirteen passes and completed thirteen you know his personal role in the indicate rough you have trouble running the ball. In a pan for a look at the yardage to pick up during the course of the game. And they have of scoring only nineteen points with all of your how many guys how many to them in the fourth quarter. Not a lot you need offered to have a drive route to a 31 downs in the game until they could walk off the field. Offensively. And they couldn't here's the other and then he drops a pass up so they didn't need the time ultra they didn't get the first gobbling up the ball back. It was just. As ugly a game I've seen them play. And they played horrible against a against Carolina they just played terrible they played better defensively a little but the coverage was little bit there in the most pot little. Down the stretch the tribal or downright but the fifteen yeah I'm not gonna sit here and feel great about this and say well their out of the doldrums and are back again I don't see you can. Come up with that conclusion they played a team that was not ready. For the moment certainly was not ready for the moment and for the patriots is not under disciplined game as you'll find the penalties they picked up and play. So let's get will also we said earlier the settle in for for Google's. And that was gonna run and probably did last week but Google's original thinker and a touchdown but still scored thirty points. Against this team when to move the ball with a DB have the DB's route. You got wide open guys this is a terrible defense was horrible to me that's very measured and offered on a field in orbit there weren't score in the red zone. You need to get a couple of touchdowns put this at a point where it's it's an easy win it wasn't. Look at this it's amazing when you look at brandy coaxed five receptions eight targets in 85 yards Danny Amendola Wi-Fi had a terrific can be bailed them out once again. The goal with some big huge plays optic clutch play eight receptions on. Eight targets 77. Yards overall Chris Hogan seven receptions on ten targets 69 yards James white's seven receptions on nine target 57. Yards total and guess what for a they only scored nineteen points and went. It would two term insurance part out bombed away at them they couldn't stop at all or his abrupt mania in early on with the patriots did is they wanted to protect Tom Brady they know that Tom Brady has been beaten up by the way. Sacked again a few times tonight he now has been sacked more times. This season then all of last year sort of where do the same guys yet bought so what do they do they cannot go OK we're gonna do the quick little passing game of it gonna move the ball move the chains are gonna dilute or little plastic. Works for awhile once they tried to extend the field player deeper passing game what happened they came at Brady and they got. Great forgot to bring my email or through great throws. But that team should have been picked upon defense throughout by the passing in the fourth quarter I think it would to conserve too early. As to why they punted when they had a chance for fifty yard field goal that kind of like you said and they came down the wood right down the field squad defense at that point it stopped a few times. Stupid dumb penalties at the end of the or have. Who roughing the quarterbacks the drew Portman field goal range thank goodness to back. Tough back and stupid to date the guys on the ball they take two steps ahead of you know that's going to be called when you see this in the Belichick. Coached teams you just see what we saw on the scheme tonight I'll say this you talked about it he said conservative and that's the right work. I think Belichick looked at this game offensively they went to exploit the matchups on the linebackers. Because they knew that that was a weak area and our Tampa Bay and it worked and worked effectively. But I think what they did tonight is they said short week. Our defense is a complete disaster. Let's go so outlets goes on let's eat the clock up let's play really conservative let's see if we can win this game and then we get ten days. The kind of work on this and get it together for the game we play a week from Sunday that's the way they approached it. And dole lucky that the final score written 1914 and older what you do for his right now. I cannot shake pressure shaking in your looking at UC got to be realistic passes dropped a couple bad throws. I you're really gonna rely on them by punt but picketed into the I mean. If it upon what was on a 35 ally in order to receive that any golfer before down go for it. All want her to kick frugal you know we need points and views toward third reported thirty points a game of the two went to New England was at the 34 yard line. They elected to punt the ball already before it got for they try to get them off offside in the fourth down play. And then you know what that's what they would do. And then instead of going for the field goal which would have been a 52 yard field goal. On a night which Steven guest house get a good or thought it was he was on instead they elected to pin Tampa Bay back figuring. Chemical 96 yard to have I think that they do want to sort of all integrated two scores at the damage 167 game. And so they they pin them back at the four yard line which if that's what you gonna do you've got him and a good spot instead it would Tampa Bay do this drive of the game. They drove down on their defense and up that you want. If it weren't for a couple of stupid passes by James as well as to why you throw in the middle of the field. Late in the game when the clock is ticking off the and then they wasted some time they couldn't get John Jackson who was injured had he not realize I don't care of it if you're dead crawl off. Off the field you've got to get off to feel they need to their run ten seconds off also we Tampa big game against the night they took him a gift in his game tonight. And I was surprised because I think Ron was terrific new arrivals that to the same way. About a running from a moral that he went overboard with the patriots defense and Matt Patricia. Now much in that they didn't do some good things out the quarter played a pretty good game today they used a lot up on the line again we saw a lot of that. I thought there were individual performances defensively that were pretty good. But don't tell me that this defense has turned at all around you don't have the pressure she received back their coverage under pretty decent. But actually getting fatigued. The move and they threw down the middle and got all the way to what the 52 when he what was it 1520 guideline. And they don't answer and additional penalty kill up to read a penalty and was Keller go after they ran off ten seconds on top. Up pushing you back on top of that. It it at this Tampa Bay B yeah. Lucky that it should be they should be especially watched them play better defense is in light about opera now on the field on two points ago has this been kicked the one touchdown. One touchdown it's terrible defense they play and yet not great you're out what are you watching completions thirteen under. All say is if you look at the patriots tonight they scored nineteen points if we take the peach patriots last year or the year before. With the type of passes they were completing. And the yardage and the way they were moving the ball the put 35 up on the board for a music. These but some of the runner please call I mean because it's drop a loss of Kabul when we need god he positive guided. The dog killed also the pro pro two. How light I think it was they dropped it out stop the clock if you keep the clock and have time out out of it all that are on the clock element that. Hope it just seemed like. I don't know what planet full gonna eat the clock up. Our first child in the curtain closes came down. Recorder they could they were they were through a lot sort of through world they were lucky that James Winston was not accurate at the end in the Tampa Bay made mistakes including a big penalty at the end. Because knowing when really had trouble closing this game out. That is not what we've seen from the New England Patriots so you take the win because it goes on the left and a column in and out three and do. But it but anybody that thinks that they have corrected or fix anything up maybe a few things I will say this there were certain players. The played well tonight there was some individually pretty good performances Chara played pretty well yes yes he relies on but as an overall price cut that down according not to cut down on again Gloria thought had a good game Jung had a good game. Flowers had a good there were some players individually due to look at and say they came up with big placed. Overall. The lucky they'll play in which the biggest thing was still make him stupid mistakes jump off sides. On a on a punt on a punt that gave them the ball back go lucky and had taught fumbled the ball twice what if you are seeing is team to stuff like he don't. Offside. Roughing the kicker all that type stuff and holding. It they called him a total wants for pushing operatives went through joke present during those are that was a and that by the way that was phenomenal it was a great where he's able to bring it and bring the ball and with one Meehan. And I don't know where that penalty was the push off fine or not the one thing that's become painfully obvious and it's not just in this game. It's all over the league. If you get a hand up in anybody's face the old rule it seemed to me that they had to be movement of the helmet okay. Now it's facing Europe raises it all right if they get anywhere near the face mask. That's a penalty right now and that's got to be a rule of emphasis from the league office there's an eagle can we got to protect the things got to protect alma. And they're they've gone overboard and call and you see a lot of games right now. They have gone totally but coverage was a little better Kazuo at least five yards and the other guy not thirty yards from. So coverage a little better but you need to pass rush I don't know who's gonna rise up. To become a passenger flowers really the only guy they put the couple times and had some nice ones they particular Robertson or hit him in the backfield. The Connecticut Russia. Three man rush. And they just give objective and they gave in the middle of almost cost and Greg wood right down the field of 36 two turnovers by Tom Brady the first on the pictures to bed past the second one he got hit it hard not affect. He got hell lot tonight and he got he got rocked the few times he drops the ball that's a fumble but believe it or not. Those two turnovers did not hurt the patriots got a big came away with zero points or drug on the to a turnover they're using it to turn overs like that they kill you or get something out and not think on those to not think. So it was a bizarre game but I'll say this Thursday night football I I love the fact that we haven't another night of football during the course of the week but. It's socks you can't. Football can't do it. You can't turn over and play game on Sunday especially go on the road you can't do it you hit it right every hole today you can't do it. You can't come back and in four days play another football game and expect to have. Good performances and mostly what the hell off of the road team wins. These games we can look at especially if it's long ride. Because they going to be at a travel a plane it missed the whole day before working with you or disdain and all we can have some meetings in the morning. I can go both of Bora. Film time in. Demanded by offensively. They'll war when the ball X extremely well to use atomic thirteen year old Ford funeral next thing you know they can't get a first down what are. Wondered what it mattered the most that's worth disappointed they didn't finish it off following another record for for Tom Brady tonight he ties Brett Favre. And Peyton Manning for the most regular season wins in NFL history. At 186. But I take a lot poses numbers at the end total numbers of the game thirty of forty. 303. Yards average seven point six on each pass. He EA was sacked three times one touchdowns one interception and a quarterback rating of 94. Point one I'm amazed when you look at the yard so they had 200. He added 300 yards. Through the air they had a 113. On the ground and the only Muster one ton 191. And one touchdown and one touchdown. They needed force field goals to get the nineteenth and dearly when his game and your spouse who you know this is grass through. This is wide right correct yes this is why right that's a much different affording these different it all the way kicking off the grass is different so. You don't kick like you can today is is is a miracle it's river very difficult when you're on to Europe from now on kicked kicked on loose scratching kick like. But you know Tampa Bay but the ways that major difficulty. With kickers okay they had Vick it was at Gloria whatever they as if in there that know the the kidney brought in a draft and high draft pick and he sucked but got rid of him they brought nick falcon who used to be pretty good when you pick a certificate because he knows everything is unbelievable. And he sucks right now. In this big lines dawn that's been going on every week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to start the pre season drew right to the regular season. They can't kick field goals they can't get extra points. And it was it was a killer for the tonight I guarantee in Tampa Bay that's what does it isn't that gonna get rid of folk and every somebody else but it just looked like it was taken out of no where and when we came crunch time and you need a first down in either stop they didn't have it. It didn't have a there was not a there was not a sign of birds did it look like anyone I was prepared you know their coverage was a great. They're prone Alan Miller and we want to eat the ball particularly guy get. But the fifteen or twenty allied ticker shot at a they have a couple of decent receivers. And it then the at the ball back you can't and the game I think you'd be sitting in a patriot locker room right why mr. Nagle thank god we got a W out of this. But man who we got a lot of work still to do an I killer Strickland attain kind of put summer away. Being granted I don't think it's a but I don't think it's. A situation effort or stuff like I just felt what it there's no problem might be conference also may be just didn't look comfortably today. Now they're a comfortable at all. Defense did a little bit and all but some of them left some of that might have been the secret turn around the three days that might have had some that do what you write by the fourth quarter there was some fatigue you talked about it even their office there offense was bargain out of that fourth quarter. They move the ball the whole game pitched couldn't put any points out of the whole game couldn't put any towards Russia was on right and they didn't move that's not like the printer and I don't think it was Tampa Bay's defense that really did at that. Tampa Bay. Really a lot knowing when to win this game tonight knowing I was the better team and that's what it came down to India and thank god there there the more than they played better most of the game except for a couple of crunch time down the stretch. When there will they tempered always with seven point two outs on the combat and it's score a touchdown Jesus you gotta get seven he can't he's got to get forever delegates and he got to move the ball that's what the that you should not have been able to stop the patriots Pettitte couldn't stop them during the games they'll move up down the field. Just to pick a bunch of feel posed that touchdowns but they got to be consistent and are consistent at all. Jet Tampa Bay did not have a first down completion. I believe a third down conversion to over the for seven. They finally got one with seconds remaining in the third quarter. In the end and by the way the only way they were they were getting work group of ten penalties it was you were opening. So it was two things it was chambers Winston not being accurate at times and other times. When he was accurate his receivers were jumping that was released for rock and then they had some stupid place OJ Howard who's a pretty good player of the tight end. What how many stupid penalties to the F two with three of the I mean up heaped on. And New England of course had a slow comedy they end up with penalties. They were they where they were teetering on a record it was that illegal motion are holding of the two you talked about. It would show on Ponce rained upon at the end of the first half. What you think you know and a blockage or standard to stand straight up don't know rife you better not rush. That you're jump off sides or give up because it was fourth and four law. Now they get a first down you don't confers don't get the ball back in going to be on the field get more Petit pilots the other people so this game tonight we're gonna open up. Phone lines at 617. 7797. Daddy 37 it's a way to look at it that way. Wasn't it doesn't feel like it does now it was important that wasn't pretty a lot of things I said these Thursday night games. A really horse crap they've really got a bad games. And I think it's because of the quick turn around the short week that you have and is used to especially when you're the road team and you're traveling. But I'm not sure I'm sitting here. Feeling really good that they've corrected a lot of their problems and they do get ten days can eleven and and energetic and put this together. To the phone calls coming up next the Odom up at 617. 7797937. Did you see some better things out there. What do you feel the same what you feel for the first four weeks we go to the phone calls coming up next. I would tell you what we think and elected to pull this one out nineteen to fourteen your final score thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers nice job. Discredit our right now my god gave you again he's wrapped it gave it to you to the phone calls in your reaction we kick it up would Dino. In New Jersey what's update up. What took great you know are. I got an hour and so. Do you know what fun these analyzes it what you say there's a lot of good mood abolish the capital what they didn't have the children's. The defense can come up when they had him in the office couldn't finish it off but beer on the field. Okay now my card and this might be. Good on this Bill Belichick team I've ever seen might do this I mean starting with the chief being. Re erupt during a partners that are arriving at a member of that year okay go on record pinprick or tries. Third and warning on the airport partner direct third and quality and better fate. How do you take thirty yard where the panel seat with zero checked in on o'clock okay. Go back to last week with the pedal to the states stopped. Carolina we're look at the ball about two minutes left in the appearance for the space. At a pace that. Means a guy that explode or six or why we got our hands and estate why I don't know what extra. Over and over. The and then the play calling late. You know I really take McCoy they picked a corner ahead of the game are we trust one you'll agree per core eight they had regard McCoy got a big game. Explain your bike in Canada didn't I could get to and I'm going to exactly where. Egypt came out and they spend it all out like. Iron on the week the Wii is a pretty picture. We get the ball back and went what we we got by the goal line and and every time we settled but we got political and went particular harder. Could throw to quote you get that you're exactly so why are we running. First and goal will be prepared will wanted to get a where we're we're learned that a 71 runner to go to sporting hair and then we're trying to throw it on third. Although we are running at the goal line because everyone's at the goal line does is known as organized by new. Brit at more of a got the raw data you know Uggla looked to give you an hour and I'm sure you can come up with a lot of things for the next 58 minutes but we got to take on the phone calls but I can run the right argument then take a lot about the coaching for. A dark content some of the moves that he was making I don't know maybe I should I should be blaming the offensive coordinator Todd Martin but. They they're running Doug Martin 78. Yards and a run for it. The line is opening up giving him gigantic holes that we Q would you bad knees to pick up a live over large Bill Joy. And and stop going to attack more I look to go to Hawaii in the world would go to a passing and where has he Mary audio out but it wasn't effective for most of the game. In the running right at about off the defensive line is standing up and catch your shoulder. You could extend around to get space Q could Costa got the letting the guy go trying to get the running back while he's still an address in the push downfield. They'll play and parable. Our ran the ball right down the front panel I couldn't wit when Doug Martin that Martin got off to a slow start dropped the pass if you remember early on he just got back is his first game. And incidental he's just the timing is off you know you know maybe he'll be ineffective and suddenly there's a group that's run on the market a little bit. They are getting big huge chunks of yardage there will be keeping the the Patriots defense on the field. Wearing them down the patriots of up playing for the pass at the time severance packages and it just running annum. And then a stop. They give up on but even when there were in sub packages their running at the off the fruits of line and push them back up. The push that industry ran into Sony's got four guys because nobody's getting penetration got to control that line of scrimmage units of I got over it. The very seldom been you know a couple of decent players but you they were getting dominated I think that occupant of line has won any of the battles against it offered the line. If Carolina yes it is do you feel good about Lorca. Now Alan Branch didn't even make the trip you know he was still want to think he did he know he was with some elementary school back here to some community programs stop that he's hurt. Alan Branch didn't come into camp in good condition of course he didn't spend a lot of time we camp. And he's not ready to play. It's not edit and if I was him I have been running all day Malcolm brown got to get in shape as you drop these are dropped twenty pounds in these a practice. Timing get off the ball everybody's off the ball slow. And branched look like here's a Botha's backwards player last couple games Malcolm brown. We received I have no energy initiative is a joke guys that I look at tonight that I thought were effective up front we're Trey flowers and teacher quads. Don't go up those guys' recent pressure yup that was it let's go to Betty a method what's up Betty. Hate when this. I don't. One well Michelle thank you. We got so a moment a moment go what being those opinion had totally stupid penalties. Stupid. Last week closest to put it out that he is said this. This is it when you dumb down to defense the patriots are known for disguising the coverages debate to in the stuff. The planned Laden's own blog to cut a couple of a lot of zone blows owned in the queue in the holes there there's nobody there was more guys around the world last week this is benefit last week. Having guys are wide open but they're not. How many times is seen guys any way the guys sort of toward everywhere for the interception for the most but they're not doing so would you play so a less intelligent game. You don't put yourself at a level other teams to play on you it's easy to throw the ball you need to disguise the music camp but has given mixed up. There aren't a very until it carried that territories to write yet presented with. But how we don't baltics and still. I don't know the good the good news is they don't play again until a week from Sunday. And I think I think Belichick went into this game Betty saying you know what we're gonna really make it simple and state he played zone. Okay they'd Gilmour playing out there on on Mike Evans he did a decent job there was some good but I think I offended well at times. In his game so we submitted go real simple with a stake. It was there and higher game plan the only way to pick on the line aggregate project if it simple for you. It's simple of them. Correct that's where they elected to play Tampa they're lucky play it not containing about retirement -- general of the pocket there rushed for three staying here wanes the status we can't run out so here's the good news penny they get by with this when they pick up a WOK people forget about this 23 weeks from now. And you have Longwell between now and a week from Sunday all the got to get better eventually I'm not gonna jets to a true outcome. Do you think ten is enough that they exit. We I'm not sure it is where we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna find out a week from Sunday here's a what is usually if there's ever team that you wanna play. When things and I go well it's the JET as well out there with the loss the judgment that fig about this someone said one. Pundits that it yesterday. That a rather have guys it can be physically. And beat themselves mentally can't correct a guy that's busily getting beat. He can't correct it you can correct guys not reading the right often in getting the right spot. That's the good news you can correct because they do have good defense or backed incumbent guys have X excellent safety. So you can't correct it like you get a guy limping around the metal neither can't cover anybody that's different. This can be corrected. Put the the defense of banks have to get in the room together and go all the calls every time you see a certain formation or emotional would've you gonna call up in the meeting. So they can hear at all. Because it that's the biggest reason have a problem is the lack of communication and on revenue they pass rush and they probably won't. But you have enough good defense to back that you can make it tough on selling. If you make it easy for yourself. It makes it easy for the Olympic let's go to player in Maine hey Blair. Hey let's go wrong blends remember me don't you. Absolutely clear blue moon reloading this front. Yeah. Lou at Lou or even stand pat me on the phone tonight. It can't stand he apparently Heidi you haven't appear by themselves when no girls around them. Well bruises around his lawyer. You are reliving it beautifully. And what you got what you gotta give a toast to my scalp. Yeah I something here that their own pats lose to the jets they lose for the raiders and Steelers to the Broncos. That's FiOS so Brett how about the happen we'll wait to see they're not bad team they wanted I barely I don't know why they can't blow out this team right. With the U well that and not playing well enough to blow. Stick it out. He picked it up a couple of them. But you know what they picked it up to officers moved the ball usually have the killer risky and illegal I was school. Or at the end of the game we need to brief first down to win and they don't want. That's not patriots the good news is they do we have the tools this offensive line played much brittle last year has more sex. Against Tom Brady this year at this point they did the whole lost touch past season last year with the same guys. And you Jewish connection there who can correct it says tools are there everything's in there but it for some reason the not the same page. Here's Carlos next up on the real post game show Carlos. Are we going to that I am telling you. I just got a basic question. Tom Brady looks tired you loose he's not a 100% at least to my you know my two cents. He's the one quarterback is a connect and I tell you some growth is the least of your problems on a few right I may be forty years of age. He got the crap beat out of him tonight. That effect at one point it look like he got hit on the on the sack and he was grabbing his neck grabbing you shoulder. And I wouldn't be surprised at all she's not feeling a little bit of pain right now the problem they're having is with Al Julian gentlemen. They can't go wrong and wrong they can't play that little dink and dunk game now they came out that's what they tried to do they went short feel all right that's what was that was their passing game and they were able to connect and move the ball. Suddenly when they tried to stretch it out because they had to. Because Tampa Bay is now playing your short game that defender Jonathan on right they're forcing you now to go deep. Now the Placer extended so instead of 2.2 seconds the play's going three point seven seconds four point one seconds. And they're getting to him because your offensive line is not able to hold out bodies and not able to do it so he's get much crap beat out of. And that's simply like that like you for two backs and offensive line has to be like to change. They have the know Laurie who what is know who each responsibilities they have and that's what made his client group good last year. Is that passed off guys they read the blitzes it was real good. They had to penetrate to stop actually did the other guy couldn't of around they did all that stuff reload this reminds of the Denver game. With a lost a bit Denver and they couldn't stop anybody remember that yeah. And at the end to get their chance to win it but the stuff you missed extra point. This guy's getting mauled right now they got to give him three seconds of role. In this dual office without Tom's face every but he goes favorite guy Julian element. Was always the guy that knew with a goal went when all of the coverage change at all would throw told. Bring bring itself would pull result with a double them up all we know sort of gulf. Should be doing a lot of us a lot of that stuff right now with Hogan knew using Hogan for a lot of that stuff in the dole pretty bright but he's got a different skill set Hogan's got a different skill set. Hogan and and and and the Dolan had been terrific. He no gripe there. Corruption is not one of those guys they tried it Fred they went over the middle Wear them on a quick as he dropped the ball. He you don't want because he's so not used to he's not used to looking at big linebackers coming out there's only gonna take that hit. His game is speed his game is getting separation in the open field but you can't necessarily get the Baltimore if Tom Brady doesn't have the time look at this who bullet. Miraculous character and don't mean that's him everything as the ball focusing on the catch and that running. In his ability to break our offer a accelerate out of his cot. Is amazing he can cut and accelerate and get through gods of distance between a guy because he doesn't goers going doesn't give it away. If he'd catch it if that it would narrow cats are tea there was another played dead dead heat they missed on. And Brady was pissed about it he was just the James Devlin because Devlin had beaten his guy but he went the wrong way. And people are gonna tell by Tom's eyes on a plateau no question it people gonna look at is on my gal who was free to do and that's a terrible past no. James Devlin was supposed to be in a certain spot with a certain cut and a certain direction. He wasn't there and it got to the sideline and Britney get in his face he was pissed about that that was a big third down to apply this is a timing team this is a team that executes. A game plan a just nothing better than anyone else and it's not have reform is no. Fluidity out there. Notes choppy here gets it they'll have warned that there are great last week nineteen gadget eighteen guys before period that too you know. They light it up and get on track but it's not consistent here's Andrew in April much double the real post game challenger. That's going on guys listen. I've only like derivatives like what I was like eleven applaud governor mark you brought it into the picture with you guys and I absolutely love it can do. I've experts merlot that not get a late bark that would were the biggest it would have ever seen in my life. Q if you always you on the little carousel little horse he shows he likes that right throughout the state is really sure those of pucks are there and its popular. The rise that should get out fat ass we'll about both reporting that. The. You would want him I am I don't like experts are less and I was like oh my god that guy is absolutely gigantic and now he did at that stop that guy on the offensive line. But yeah out his report on the patriots you know I know obviously this game wasn't pretty up and sleek. Everybody doubting the the heat factor but it was a classic patriot land where everybody's you know hammering defense all we can you know getting all their fault using you know in the get it together. And you know they get I think it was six or seven or 67 stops on the right to Millen a fourteen point to a very talented offense with all the weapons and hit the bank. I did it was a classic features performance actually don't may be shut of the critics a little bit. I don't think it's I don't think the chance of a lot of Tikrit Alexei I would say this that in the end and through the end and they made enough place. Defensively to win the game but that was if you look back at it public Cameron great that they're dropping the ball the tide interoperable millions of middle touchdown. OK so Tampa badly he dim gift after gift after gift. I come out of this thing saying they made enough plays to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Defensively this is not good enough right now they got to get a lot better in this destroy Israel mr. visor Cam Newton. Last week where I was at wake about a slump you can Bahrain you've played the president cover everyone that was easiest game Cam Newton never play and I didn't at consequently it's like the greatest defense that. What Winston threw a couple of bad passes through a lot of drops sought the defense look like to play better and did but they gave a lot of give certain. The additional. Classic patriots where Iceland's somebody plaza god dropped open passes where you know it's not a particularly the monitored that was such like that where a guy is wide open and and you know the quarterback all the former will be a weird drop that was an hatred sort yet that he managed look at pictures sort of thing that happened with the patriot and an early happen this year it got have been absolutely. Wide open. If we can reduce physical abuse it's classic patriots. I think this is our. Uncharacteristic. Of the New England Patriots when you look at the number of passes that Tom Brady completed in this game in the yardage he had. And then you look at it and say they had only one touchdown. Want touched it again. To me that is uncharacteristic. They did not take advantage. Of the number of pass plays that they completed. Completed thirteen passes in a row and they come away from this game went one. Freaking touchdown Stephen pastels he was the hero of the scheme with four field goals and Nick Folk just sucked on the other side he. One quick one of movements. The opposite happened yet over the injury when that when that happened our members and you know right at that happened that yet of an injury won't hurt worse on the ground injury last year. That is going to be away more impact or injury it was Barack last year I mean it. I think that's shown to a personal gain at a would have thought my 2533. Down the burdens last year. That's what you missed that guy announced in time you have to have it. I'll wait and dry totally set it at that time. To me what Julian Edelman does is he moves the chains what is characteristic what is your normal you talked about classic New England Patriots. This sort classic doing the patriots as they move the chains they played. They have long drives a minute why are what you have clocked up. Wear down the defense to by the time you get to the fourth quarter that the defense has their tongues hanging out and they're dead and knowing that it's easy touchdowns and blow teams out. That's not what's happening with this offense right now it you know an answer. Clearly I'm betting it's sporadic defense is a bigger issue than often it's usually have more talent on the offensives. I'd put up this point the patriots and the second highest scoring team we have well. Or gets decent defense you know it. His chief of defense people look at me and all its things they put up thirty what forty points against a against Carolina. They're putting points up. They are played horrible. But when you can guess if you like this it's giving you gifts in Utah with walking around in pocket pressure and guys it. But it it was very decide what you were down the stretch to play calling wasn't great. I mean that the usually have a great game plan to maybe. He said it's time they have chance to really concentrate on this game that much and they're probably thinking about Carolina the last. Three days instead of thinking of this team that will get their hands while I think. Belichick is dumb it down in this game so we're gonna play zone let's get through it let's go and what they do is that they they came out with a short little passing game which is get by. Let's see if we can pull out one in Tampa Bay and then we'll get back to the drawing boards and we'll figure it out we got ten days. Now we can start getting back to the basics and start giving everybody a page you know because you played the game. Ten days is a long period of time to get your crap together and I did. Thing is you need rest. They were looked platform out there and tired are you gonna travel also look at their good night's sleep so big figures are gonna give some rest probably not practice until Monday Kim a few days off. To relax a jewel. Studied under own hoping that makes a difference does this team does have the personnel this is not and much different the team that were picked. By five to with the Super Bowl and was it not gonna get in they have no chance of three and through. There's one undefeated team in the tie and there's a long way to go a long long way clearly fixed is between now in the end of the season. By this was baby steps tonight I'm not sure they ticket in the short again let's leave here it's a step forward because there one James or way they ended it. There are hang around for real life that's not the way the team now plays they've they know wanna put before on the throat. And put two away and they didn't do it today that's what that the trademark of the knowing the patriots will closure what will Wear you down and that will intimidate you miss Winston tonight's 334. Yards so Brady at 303. Winston at 334. But Winston was 26. Of 46 he completes two more passes. And at key points and is a totally different than it already and how much I got to how much are they out of became the fourth quarter hundred. A lot of it came at a lot of McCain the fourth quarter part of it was they resolve soft solo throw trying to make you be up the clock. Tall and object that most of at the end zone it's a little popular and I'm gonna eat your two cents next at 6177797. That it trees and it. The load them up or wreck back to phone calls next. Sort of pro football team tonight. You know come off tough game on Sunday going on the road Thursday night but they're really. Responded. The great effort this week in preparation. Get ready for the game. I was a couple teams play or. And a spell where does play well defensively we responded. To go opposite you know a lot of good skilled players good good offensive team publicly. Through competitively certainly there's a lot of things in all three areas of the game that we can. Do better. There's no question there was great effort out there there's no denying that they played hard tonight because that would drag over video and a they made some big plays when they had to make some big place. And they simply made his bill would say one bigger plane than Tampa they did during the course of the night so was there improvement yeah there was some improvement. As for our player of the game here in the real post game show I don't. See how you win this game that's even your spouse can he was four of four. So he's player of the game it's all sponsored by cars for kids the easy way to donate your card donate today. And your car can be picked up tomorrow gonna cars for kids dot com or call 1877. Cars for kids they know that by consumed by the period for so much money. The wide it was your old it's famously. The good ones because they can't find how can not find kids that can kick. Boston College has guys taking care. There's a lot of kids play any of the loss this year so the good speaking it them are ordered and I don't have a quarterback of the review and put it. What look at this is what Beck I'm his four funerals. It was 333 critical design points that was whose body was my close up. Open to a certain errors at 35 I don't doubt that Saddam loyalists just gonna do you figure no legitimacy and he's done it he just has is bruised rated show is out of it and that this has been a problem for them through the pre season. And to the regular season. He is lost right now this is a guy that was they once a great kicker in that game great kicker. Automatic and he is a mess right now I saw before gamer objective risk of seven yard field no court huge great leg and it's all here its role in the head and he's totally lost. Back to the focus is our buddy Jimmy and saw this guy very immature. It's good. That's funny. The semester he's ever been to occasionally that you've call that's the way to work I was anyway if you're good out of out of anyone can teach you reach a pledging he spent the whole day writing that. Let's go to rob rubs and Atlanta Hiram. Hey Glenn it's great to finally talked Sheila my view grown up in Burlington Vermont you know and Jenny most. Yeah Greece is very bird. I. Yeah yeah Irvin yeah. But so anyway everyone got to relax I mean is he got to look at the history of this Belichick can build this team. For the playoffs. I mean you know work in it we're three and two we're gonna be forward to next week. It's going to be five and and look at crop was her settlement Mitchell. You know it it's gonna be RA. But still to come back. I think he's Kim I don't know it's don't know who what you say is true. I'm out there remember. Emmett Till it. No one's even talking about how great equally yet again that you've screwed last week I don't know I didn't hurt you you know I know are you. In order owner and a new moon who hung over there without oil on ice out there and did the right I did the dole advance early Tuesday. Cricket itself but I did that well Lou Enron guys are hurt on you you have been listening for the whole show. Dole was incredible again with some great plays and he got screwed on that one play he made him which he hold the ball in. Would want him I don't know how they really did it and they called him for pushing off it was a terrible call stupid call. But the official and I think golf is great great ended don't look comes up. With clutch place. He is a guy and don't tell it is not those such things clutch players he is a clutch player when a game is on the line you need big drama played well there are good look at Tom played well. You know here's Donald well. Ushered in and around a lot bigger hit to drop the ball look like a linebacker came clean free and and I agree on 2% viewers have heard weakest it was jumper off the ship. And in what is jumping off all the was it was a composed of what I could name after a trip they're not playing well I don't know what I shouldn't we just literally is no homeless people drug publisher could be crucial. But my point is. Histories behind him he's correct history behind Todd every bill last year at these for it was this bad but it was a very good to begin the year they couldn't stop anybody. And then they solidified that a plane about to phase out is he's alive. But always I I think we know. Which there reporting on what this game. All we can look at is what we're seeing right now rob okay these early games five games that's all we can look at nobody is is is sitting here saying. That Bill Belichick and that coaching staff and are capable of getting this team by the end of the season a shoe is a great team out there. And that includes Kansas City are influenced Kansas City. They're injured where hurt. No one out and gone on and I know there are a lot of good loser oh Atlanta well well what their life a huge group out there. Yeah I did anyone think that the bet than what we had a big Super Bowl party where robots can't in Atlanta. Everyone's commitment Super Bowl week have there ability. Height five and everyone that because we have kids you know they'll give the school. It would. If you're like my electric. Brady's coming back in Everett that there's no way it happened and what I teller acumen or look at the plate unbelievable. You say the Atlanta fans left at halftime because they had kids I don't think they realized her you know to apps to a football game plan put up Glenn also said that she would outfit in the kept running and pounding that defense upon that defense. By the end of the third quarter. Atlanta's defense couldn't come off the ball in it was lights out and the patriots this would open knuckleballer to the suitable OSHA literally I know I'm like going back to see who did divert from its go to heaven hello Evan. Hey I thought our guys paper cut your milieu. I don't look to government. That your. So listen and haven't let your that you're at about our poll watcher knowledge glow about his only do they distance but there are out here guys and Iran puts up the tent every week and down there will bring it holds the lot of Rhode Island bit of jealousy can't recite that this short week but also not you know drop in part that close to the game. I think shifted Brady's mindset. And then. She after the game and are horrible because he knows who's the big red zone guy. How about nostalgia is a touchdown machine so that really and. And immediately Ottoman and that tight employers like markets are. Don't like that until you know walking by rock block he's an excellent blocker I think I'll take another guy that they use tonight that they have been using much in its Dion Lewis deal most at some big plays for the he is a guy. Yeah it's not only is he an exciting player but he takes the hit some different dimension to their profit. I liked it last week when he put both teams like back there and and deal most of that for like 78 plays as a great fear he has agreed vision of the whole field cut before guy hits of accelerates that time doesn't loses feed gets that patriotic. Richard good plays there's a lot of guys that played pretty relaxed. Like the back like him as kind of ironic too that the action this two X jets have played the guy Harris. The court the kicker for a Tampa Bay folk yes former just got beat at this ironic the woman that he's beaten up all the pictures that are a lot back Rick art but it's a you know. It hasn't played as an art Harris. At to see him out there and I. I'm not sure so I just didn't you know later on tonight is. Now may be it he was active tonight nurse was active I believe and again. Argument a minute ago. I don't get a. Don't want the thing you think you are about to receive selloff with the patriots over the years is consistency. And not stupid mistakes stupid stupid off sides and upon the get a first down. Hitting a quarterback twice in the same series superb field a position at the end that doesn't happen. That's what worries you the most stupid mistakes and blown coverages. Things the papers don't to what they're known for disguising coverages bait you into certain things get that interception in the red zone they clamp down and usually don't school. I believe they've twelve penalties. The twelve yup for 108 yards something like that aren't good looking up his job to fumbles yes normally not have come out of a game alive there's Chattanooga for neither one of the fumbles caused gave any points to Tampa Bay when he got there John. It would scorn on Larry. I don't know blah. Isolating really lucky and I. Like they actually do. Typically played terrible awful I mean the defense stepped up. And I think we'll get a bailout collapse points on the field. And you know what to need a microcosm of that whole game was do. I guess I can get it would it would and yes. If you look any more like a moron when is helmet selloff in English and staring into space Stella embarrassing. We don't they would of days ago. The rig that is. You've got to look at the guy that ripped the helmet off where's the rest of the guys emphasizing c'mon some guy called they showed it again and it was hard to tell how it fell off the notice woody deisler Fred he put it back home with the strap attached. So you know what that problem does that sound like I. Cannot believe that this got any look at that aside lightly he took my helmet off so I gotta go do have a way block to solve. It did when you're watching it does body of partisan but he. No no we don't usually go there Ali well if you look to somebody he looked like he was gonna go at somebody and then he stopped are supposed to stop the plain Vanilla comes off like that now. I don't know that they changed the rule but I don't stop me doctors thought the play a lot of guys run and. And now they are gonna stop the play not your idea I don't know. I get the patriot I love the patriot the most freaking guy some on the Grogan a nominal mental and not. They don't look good right now the biggest difference and I got the day afterwards and they got to make some changes sought out going to be along she's pregnant couples. And make you know gonna make personal changes his knowledge you can go out there and fine guys and. Not gonna make great changes pick hopefully. Bob Dole and and staff can make some adjustments but something's gotta gotta be done. I think we agree they've got to fix it internally and let's see what they look like a week from Sunday because I think this is going to be a ten day period. In which they should be able to fix. At least some of the problems that they're having right now between now necks on the big thing bell bill always says I don't draft don't connect it keeps month ago. He kept. The guys they brew again usually have a higher I Q. Correct and that's why they can run complicated defense is so at this particular point I think what's sort of the most. Is being too bland on defense especially in coverages because it's allowed guys to. The analyzed dissected and pick up the right guy quickly easy. I see is in these Francisco. California. Itself the. The quicker than what. I think not happen with air went out there is really hurting the team that we got decent production yardage wise in the running game. He'd gotten weird down the defense so this is the Calgary and he picked up a black. Not to Freddie but this. What is ridiculously self or use our a lot of American author and he's okay bunkers got a wrinkle did one seem to have more polity at the whole lot and a 136 yards rushing eyebrow for the but he can't catch. I got a ghostly has about security I don't know I thought he had a good year last year and obviously they didn't yes CI. Let's take a loss of money was to make that much money you know the injury to work it out helping them out either right now presents a gag and catch the ball he's a multi that's walked out well he kept as well and he runs fine well ridiculously doesn't I thought he would be able to do some of that stuff goal line stuff red zone stuff. Which you you talked about the you know the eighteen touchdowns last year by block. I can't argue the point that that. They're missing a little bit of that red they're missing that guy there was a bulldozer now to a sixty pound he can be locked he could drive you crazy with negative yardage on place. It jealously doesn't seem to be getting a lot of negative yardage. Oh boy bloc would take four guys on his back and he would worry Davis Cup and Els. You know like Collins road drones that left it wasn't all football the mustered something they knew that we didn't know Fred they're paying all of these guys more money than they would if I don't Garrett on the. Bases some that they do you know but I I think one of the big putts right now that office of life's not playing great. But not Patrick Pass protect real well and not run over well they did a lot of yards rushing. Right but what pushed on the show. There were a kidney damage I felt like I mean I thought Lewis had a good day he's got that we're going to get the big guys up front load the stack you know one guy run into it. What Lewis does he avoids guys it slips through get to three or four guys were gold is not the best I pick in this game. You know we had a pretty good game also 113 games thirteen yards on the on the ground tonight five by Tom bradys we include that we've run five vibrant. Here's Joseph next up HL. Hey sorry guys still showing you. Little earlier. Posing health insurance three hour time difference. Back they're just sort Julian Edelman walking around all. There for a probable or it's. Not kidding kidding Redwood City is is all. I don't if he's water rose zero that was dealt with by the skillful and. Great so. The list that I think you guys sort of together over the course less to recalls pretty much made want to try it summarized personal. Glenn I totally agree with your last point mostly old previous caller. They got away. The last thing really else matters they still played on the and yet they were really. But shouldn't be that good they're not and even a buck late 60 with a big yet it would at all okay good it goes in the win column. And the second part of that is. Whoever says now they tend. And historically. Belichick is that it was pretty good job. By week out there that night. You know games that we got ten days. But I IIMO. They're both the offensive line and and argues 65 million dollar quarterback. I mean. He didn't even look that good I don't know it and get. Here's it was a little bit they Gilmore was a little bit better tonight he was in the right place if you can he wants because Mike Evans Mike Evans is 65. He's got that they can just rolled the ball anywhere in the area and he's going to get and he's one of those type the guys. And who would it end up would numbers I'll give you his numbers. He had eight targets he had five receptions for only 49 yards. I would say that's pretty good against Mike him because I thought Mike Evans Mike Evans was capable of really burning a big guy that can run in Jackson tomorrow. Trot end zone and don't. You know that was the that was the tight end. Oh. Right that was that was black Cameron bring. That's an idea guy and I was right in right has got and that was all all Jimenez and it looked like it was a great. Offensive play and when they showed the replays that they don't they should come out of there and nobody tell us what you know it's a product and what surprised though Belichick comes out. And he's not never shy about Sam regard group would regret what that would not sort of sloppy ridiculous that he's proud of the guys are ready must've known Al ties there were when they made that for all I think he is looking at the said won't come off a really tough game against Carolina we only him literally three days did you go to travel. And Ian in that respect we gonna do beat up when your team. You wanted to go to practice defensively Fred they've made some plays tonight there's a place that they were making the last couple weeks right so they made some plays. It wasn't it wasn't continuous for the entire game. But they made enough good plays defensively there's openings on the cause pointed out this. They don't have Tampa Bay some talented guys and office surprising catch the ball good running back. Oh well I quarterback that's been pretty good it was great to anybody through thirty. But he wasn't great but they do have four awesome firepower. I would say if if you're a Tampa Bay fan you've got to be disappointed. Their tight ends did nothing in this game the titans are pretty good benefit OG Alan mentioned earlier kill them on to stupid penalties trying to talk to agents placed on him right. And then you look at Doug Doug Martin's he had that one stretch I'll blame that Warren on the coaching staff. Because they finally got him to run the football in the second quarter they just opening up these catches and he's he's running for eight yards. And then he stopped. Running the football I would argue about it. I don't I don't get that why don't take away from the well overall I'd be disappointed the Tampa Bay offense that offense is better than that they've got some talent or look at this teams are they have some ability to. Through the school law that banged up a defense page have a field they scored on a figure though he scored thirty points right. It did happen opposite the patriots kept the and our office was kept downloadable by an average defense recovered to go deeper to back cut in on how the heck is side. The patriots passed the ball extremely well event go to war and I'm gonna give Jimmy personas the second up until this was really relate Jimmie Jeff. Ask the lack. Mean after the founding apparently being involved about it and there is we bear at least one spot gold being Buccaneers whereas captain Jack. Barreling in Needham. Did you feel like your first call a benefit thank you for Collins and I'm 177. A seven. 937 Morgan phone calls coming up next here in the room postage. Would there adventure from fall this year to be broken along the left back from 31. He. Got the this being the guy. He might be looking to a new career but. It will definitely be out of a job if there haven't got to fix that that's been a problem all you want pre season regular season it was a problem. Little bit last year they're gonna have that he's he's done I act I would be shocked if tomorrow you don't read on the transaction with. That then Nick Folk has been let go and neighboring somebody else and I think they brought people in over the last few weeks to try mountainous. But people abuse sees it while they have other kickers come in and chalice to styles because anyone left out there. Right that float around while the other guys there guys over at the beginning of the season most everybody's and you know that's any good. Right they know a chance to make prepare you to they are going to achieve would you go to Q with the guys all pro America correct. If fight if if so anyone that's laughed would be the bottom of the battle to have good kick out of an epidemic of particle but Robby goal was up here forbid but what they'll say it is if if the time to bring one and has probably after the season stats because it cut a lot of guys that could probably care. Yeah but the difference in kicking in June now. Is you don't have to teach you and your offense your defense or what you're doing you can bring him in. Hours before the game and see just what their catcher all through gave us and you know. So did you can't continue doing as though it's on nick folks head. Because analysts is a physical problem he has not presentation can help he's got a hell of a resident OK but he can't kick right now. And I know I've been at area fifty years old until tonight as they were lining up those last two cakes I should be no additions zero. He will not make it in Malaysia is that they're going to I don't need extra ought at you I'll bet you anything he boom is thinking. A let's go to dirt Turks actually Tampa what's up there. These guys are to go. To be on air it would do come out my body I would rightly came and I doubt the sloppy game and I'm post. You know at night and I beat back that up against you know. Decent team I'd expect the academic at the result. Well you know what that opera that offense was very of the Carolinas off an offense is pretty good kid brother got meg certainly well they certainly have details and get the receivers we have the running back narrowed Martin back. And Janus Winston I think is a pretty good quarterback. And he wasn't that he wasn't tonight he said he wasn't ready for the mall I don't think he was ready for the moment I think the biggest problem he had tonight Dirk was when they dated big place. There were issues now in all. Fairness to him he gets and dropped passes okay. The there was no question break dropped that one in the in the end zone he had dug marked drop Juanita Jackson dropped that one to two so he had some dropped passes out there. But when he needed big plays. Just couldn't pull off on the stretcher discord cubs got a drawn on the field that shares them in the game the last play. Which are your paper tell them one at a penalty though. Tampa Bay had a penalty and then in the apparently they let get out as I know they suitable all the middle of the field than waste it all the time lived you know. Incredibly Jen is an affordable appeals brochure like 1050 seconds that can't throw in the middle of 300 timeouts don't come around and they are what will play should've thrown it on the sidelines in the order had three plays on the first play on the sideline with her like 181618. Yards or jugular moment I don't right. You. Well out pretty you know IPO. That out I don't look at an annual auto returned. I guarantee it tomorrow Turkey he'll be out of a job tomorrow is no way he was the MVP for the patriots as you you know down there in Tampa this has been there's been an ongoing problem for them to Google. And is out. Because I didn't read a lot of LaMont pat they had at that stadium you know that implicate I mean I work then. Outside watching it can't match. Bode well. Is an amazing patriot fans really travel well treacherous war however and and down in Florida would see that Miami go to Miami is the same thing the vacation. I'm an ecstatic like. You enjoyed the game what got him open trophy as the dollar in Tampa probably even. I don't know more that I we weren't there we we you know we couldn't tell but using you know the patriot fans travel well. A turbulent Tennessee hi bill. Wants our stride again. By the Leo hi bill. And you learn how I. I don't know your belt. And how good are unemployment. Ball. How I build up build ultra. Drew first 45 games earlier and I'll do you buy good that a player won. The the students in time I didn't mean to me like he he's not crazy but he's he get screwed by penalties sought out. You seem to. Just a good like. Either have to win 2 o'clock. I can you say that you say that bill and yet I think it to camber we were constantly on the sidelines you'd hear a little bit more I don't know if you read his lips. When Brandon Bolden a penalty and I don't. I. Let's break it wasn't safe and sweet things demo credible which you know if you look at those who bulls with Pete Carroll he was truly got a government down Belichick took and the coach who are. Bill what do you know yours. We've got already had yours don't worry. Again they don't say anything against it again it's. Atlanta and he's writing down the down by point through points he's comfortably write stuff down like us they'll something that we don't know. Obviously you did. Wouldn't we thought. Game glass and you know what we're what are your program. Army begin going out different archive. I mean we are different defense today we've played all in all. Really a little less complicated yeah. And what what happened yet and they and they are beaten up regular. You about ballplayer. A request by tobacco is the best coach in history of the game so I can he's got a history of doing this. You know. As contemporary. Coverage of editors. We'll think about it it is in. A motion this I know you've you've always said this is welcome going to be Bill Belichick. You get a much better chance of beating him in the first 45 get out of the season. Because especially when it's pre season he has a lot of your practice and pulled them correct. Because you're not seeing enough of what the other team is showing you especially would even more so for about the personnel. More so the movement of the coordinators have does a new coordinator and somebody who. Doesn't have a track record somebody that maybe was a quarterback coach before. Another quarter and if he's if he's got a book on you when you're well traveled coordinator. I have an idea what you're doing. But early on in the season you can catch a lot of teams Corey Hart I thought. Got got built off off his game in at first game they didn't know what to expect from all it would promote truth about purposely approached all the if you've got to walk refused. And so we did but as the time goes a long and you get hit he'll want these guys. And you finally have seen a sample of 34. Or five games you pretty much know what a team's going to do what they're capable of doing. And how they like to use their personnel what she does that many can hone in and say okay here's the weak spot right here in this every guy we wanna wishful. The guys are the same page right this theme patriots X acute cane plants in the precision tube timing timing timing. When the time is off early in the season like you said that to the vulnerable once they get into rhythm. It's virtually unstoppable. I think that's where the great coaches come into play is when they get enough information enough Intel. You know that comes in. That's when they can now changed things around and that's why Belichick gets so much better at the at the end of the season I mean it was pretty obvious what they were doing here in this game right from the get go. Tampa Bay had weaknesses at the linebacker spot. Okay they were probably I would say a little bit concerned about McCoy who did have a sack because Gerald McCoy is terrific player OK he's a guy that's gonna cause you some problems. So it is they want right they wanted to put an expert body on him over there. But what they did you stay exploited those linebackers that get the mismatch I think go away within James White James what was key Dion Lewis Kay. Matched up what those linebackers. And they started picking those linebackers support. What surprised me go to on the stretch with a respectable line able disseminate rail line while the bags up and Iran about it. The rigid dates through to drop the put the go go over and took the same match up through your competitive about what to do you watch. Better running backs via white and Lewis and you can spread them out and and have to have coverage with Hulu. You know because you're gonna bring his bigs and so as a surprise they've used that obviously felt like. He was up there on make mistakes and he was tied me you know and on me is usually pretty much on what he makes is this is it's not just. Off the cuff this is well thought out. We are talking about Tampa Bay were talking about the offense and some of the dumb placed in about some of the dumplings the defense of Mike Smith who was the coach in Atlanta and much of in Atlanta. He's the defense according busy yeah so he goes out and he puts a it's operating at a big third down play and you look at it I don't know much about it if you are watching you suddenly see the blitz him all my god they're blitzing and Brady is rifles are right over the a perfectly timed first down. So they don't want that. Well you don't third down situation. Russia for a drop calls absolutely. Put as many guys back there educated and in the patriot offensive line. Was not solid they would get the it was four man rush. So you could easily put four put everybody back in coverage. And you're going to blitz Tom freaking breathe Ukraine had one big great that would risk the rigged up what I dropped the ball probably guidelines at a but just a mistake but normally you would Brady's you get your out of all agree. At my expense should know that she all right we got another hour to go here with a real posted showing your phone calls it 617. Six and 797923. Senate have for the first time we've got a couple of opening lines you can Jonas. So the patriots end up winning it that some of them might have been a little gift traffic issue duplicate it the other way and that is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers couldn't get up and away. Within opportunity. Numerous opportunities. To win this football game and they jobs. Not get it done. Some coaching mistakes as well during the course of the game so the patriots end up taking this funnel nineteen to fourteen. So we had three big games. With Boston teams today. And they end up two wins and one loss patriots went. The Bruins went tonight mineral and all the affordable for all the kids. Now I predicted rule is winnable patriots lose it and Red Sox lose that's what I I said today it's all right I got broken system that. And I now want the patriots barely once it does that count on much of that has certainly count it very disappoint performance today by Chris Sale. And that Houston lineup is an absolute. Killer but. Chris Sale. He's he was so good most of the season virtually all of the season up until Corey clue born of that run in the last. 56 weeks of the seasonal work like Chris it was going to be your Cy Young winner. This is his first postseason game and as he said he just sucked bad time to suck. You finally did you first playoff game commercial pressure yeah how angry blue right now. Pictures Tennessee at 10 o'clock tomorrow they will be a little bit a little bit wound up with this one I think he's good at. I think he's gonna go a little crazy on the idea what sale was made I don't realize now the head nudist thing I think he's gonna go crazy about because. They ended up. Did basically having Hanley said. And nudist ends up starting issued DH now hadn't played in what do months he had been this this he was a real problem. He swings he. Barely gets out of the batter's box and inches basically. Asks going down the first base and literally John Ferrell comes up with a trainer. They do every him off the field. So you see yourself. But that was the medical staff over there that can't run no that your reporting many big game like this. And give it a sick Hanley down and then what would makes it worse for John Ferrell. Is this culture practicing you see if we can run and on they they apparently they've been working them out and I think they wanted to Mitt or Fred. Basically because of his running ability gives you figured that you can run a little bit on her about it rental agreement for any and we Kia Rondo. So but but to me. I wanted to Hanley LT even though him he's been disappointing this year is the one thing hilly British he was the potential. Of power train in a smaller ballpark to ballpark that is known for home runs. Hey at least the perfect guy out there. And what does he and we do by the gets in the gaming hits a double in his first deputy ends up getting two hits in the course of the game and it makes the Ferrell move which is stupid. To stoop so kind anytime you lose your they criticize or if they'll play again tomorrow but then Houston lineup. And he retaliated and it is frightening so good luck to prominence too large gonna need with the lineup they aren't. Their killer they just come at you in weak start the second best record to India yes secondly we care over the for. Second best record right. Six point 777 on 797. And it is that it is represented by a relatively upbeat brown truck and I can't talk on. Also thanks for listening we recently passed through he'll stop. They're audio on the morning talk to the vehicle from a point son you need all male or shall bow or. Oh my god who's gonna go to tomorrow is gonna go. I have doubt John telling our levels that are I'll stick to my guns on this one Lou I've been argue that is what I still think move thinks the Ferrell is coming back. Because he won the division only because Lou's been selfish. And Lou knows that he gives great punter Brad can play the angry look at our big interest of betrayal I tell you if they go down in flames. In this series there's no way jump fails to know a good. We took Pedroia did a third on that they wanted to chew on. That's another one that's another one and Nanette that was bigger. And Andy almost didn't get that run that was very very close it was the right call when he challenged it it was the right call by a man that was right. Incher well a vacuum people though you have the run that O'Leary joke. Well when you okay only two for three I don't move your regular. I don't like you know doesn't look good advice what did you think of the football game. Poll one vote. So the question where to go to the pictures and step up or trip but he took the. A combination of ball now I think the defense played better they certainly made some place I will say this we did not see. A lot of wide open receivers during the course began yourself. But nothing like what we see you know less orderly coverage was better and I think good clinical. Earth to its like mostly dirt here. And I think if Tampa had a brain in their heads they were kept pounding outline Miller got 3456. Yards a carry and I don't know why they didn't. It's which to go to passes the ball as a defensive backs play better at least there was coverage most of time there was certainly a point at each other and I'll run into they'll send last month. The covered group and he went oh. All are run though we're why it'll. Our wide open. They've had a period there I don't look at opening game but they had a period they would Doug Martin was just running willingness at Google are all. This is going to be the Achilles tonight they just don't run Doug Marty got a problem under sixty orchestra you have the middle screen that was him on the middle that was the tournament yes it was a very well designed play in the regular watcher back steps up a trip around probably get it while. But they gave up on that running game that's why would you give up one game. When he was just getting chunks of you go but the everywhere the one thing I think that the the patriots did to tonight. Is a conscious effort. Tuned to not allow big plays the big chunk plays a more not gonna allow those tonight they knew they were there many different underneath him and give you some of the small stuff. And they had a lot of drop passes early on in the game with some of the small stuff the but they were not gonna give you. The big plays and that seemed to be that difficult to drive they had extra DB backed Specter would figure computer get a run a budget cuts they had a mover in the pocket they're just that it. They lost contain. Almost every time got to move the ball I just thanks for the call thanks guys very appreciated. At the jailers was that they to makers and use in an awful lot of kids really improved he dropped all that weight. He came out is is a guy who was playing at a pro system and college. And he is a pocket quarterback. Who when it gets desperate people for some reason think he's a runner he's not really erratic. If he wants using throwing the football he's running to throw a football just to get some daylight but he's not fast but what he does he had pretty good peripheral vision you know in the pocket pretty good. And get to know finds an open spot. And that's like a lot of improvements he was running Woodson kept look at downfield throw gifted tucked the ball. He was looking forward. Got a couple big passes roll out of the pocket and reset and throw they made this out in Tampa beta be like the biggest game they've played in every time is what the projected the biggest show and they think they're pretty good this year. You know so that 211. They didn't play in the first weeks of the got to make up game to play they're gonna get no Bayh there just a mile would allow the truth and how they got to play Miami. And it and play them at the it would have the two borrowing that's why we write write it because of the the Hari came down in Florida. And so that 211 they feel pretty good about themselves down for a though they played what they beat Chicago and beat some of the team that was echoed by. So this was like the big huge game. And I think that she was was to say that he scrapped his pants but I would say there were moments out there. In which he didn't play up to the moment I'm only got a little too big for. In those stats are deceiving his exit most through without going to run a lot of deep soul to make thrown in the fifties and Haniyeh as the fourth quarter. And and it it so but it made some bad briefly go I he see the improvement in his reading about throwing in the coverage like he did before. But what do playing such a a dumb down defense. Put makes it makes. An easier read. It all so he Brayton guys at pro he made a couple good rolls off a pretty good a couple of good silent wrote to adopt a touch that was dropped so. But at immigrant mark for the game subtly using patriots a three and two record but they are looking up at buffalo second place in the in the desert. Because of tea because there with third place going into this. How is she would have with the jets over the jets are two answers he would get a half game because you do. As you've labeled him a psychic but that's what to a game listen I I give up rocked all that I'll give buffalo all the credit the world I like to coach by the way I don't know what you think you like to go to Russ slow. I'll ask you want structure just. I think he's I think he's good coach I like no way he so far. And but Rex Ryan is up there and guys do what they wanted to rather penalties they got knocked themselves out of the games are cheap shot either to me like bill Belichick's team tonight almost like the ultimate official as about the goal you're trying to for the patriot as you say they get what twelve penalties if children drop out they don't really believe Buffalo's compete in the end the you know they have this this is different teams of trusted well I think the epitome of a hundred I want Buffalo's Fred how many times you fall could what's revealed as those of defense Alfred and how many times have we look to powerful the first eight games the first half of the season and let them pretty good pretty good and then in the end what happens. You know what will happen to buffalo. They will start getting a couple of key injuries maybe to the somebody in the defense of front pews they are good pass rusher Jerry it was a terrific list comes up them electable he's OK here they lose and they wanna it was one of those guys. Let's go to their depth chart and you tell me that that the replacement guy you know next man up. It's gonna work next man up doesn't work in buffalo they're never deep enough of it what happens they break I don't care what I'm so much of mr. McWhorter quicker one reason why that winning early. Is because they have a lot of structure not making mistakes a lot of teams early you know that specially thank you for the patriots are on off consolidates illness. Because they haven't had enough time to different did on a power team. There for nest team that they can do pol. But they're team that X acute and I sexes other teams for awhile it takes awhile for that train to get Rolen pretty awful came out to play good defense. They held Carolina nine point allies went nine to six. So as thieves got roll into that defense keeping up Wilson animation they they they clear out their two quarterbacks they trade game BD. End up losing Gilmore is the patriot center for 64 million dollars there better for the quarterback this had happened but it's the best offensive team. The AFC and one of the pros what he was gonna have he has would you make it 65 million put on the paper they expect the fans expect you. To understand defense and play well and he hasn't played better today. But he hasn't played well a lot of mistakes that game it's Carolina he probably give up to custom zone and at the end of the game had to be ago at not a good code. The bad. Yeah I'm not gonna get involved in the divisional race incidence they would have a divisional race when I don't know why not gonna have a division after awhile but now I makes that game did the best case scenario about the tenth best case scenario for buffalo. 978. This case apparently tendency to Wimbley who that the truth of it wouldn't know. Tendency to win this division of Jenna six when the bill the patriots will go priest and it's got to be killed 611 and five. Minimum right. I prepare my my idea predictions or sixteen and yet still in a legitimate music theater in London or eulogized you know what are generally dirty out. Ardea here's Tim and he's Bridgewater hi Tim. Hey how you don't need him to. Outside Iraq's threat you know he thought I'd ask this one I got excellent party knock somebody this season with the way the office July. I agree with this act more as many times in four games as you were all your five games. As you were all Yale last year that's troublesome with the same line as an accuses him the good hoosiers. It's gonna accuser coach and he will have them playing better. If console why I think it's more than that though Tim I really do I think the big problem they're having if you notice when they came out early in a game. Short little passing game it would move reminiscent of what we we're so we Julian element. There wasn't much pressure on OK because he was unloading doubles so 2.5. Right and once they extended the passing game and tried to go a little bit deeper than Brady got. Beaten up back here you can pressured. A lot we're just crowding but he was unloading quickly at least get out of his hands. No. Matter what soldier. He has been terrible. Get out again and he is in pass protection in it and run I think he's pretty good run blocking I think he's pretty he's a beast we're gonna run up constantly guys are very good athlete. A lot of times for some reason offered sublime especially offensive tackles half the set properly. You got to give them the least amount angles they can get so if you set wrong the guy takes a step outside and goes appeal to buckets cup. He does that a lot if you shoot great tackles race set right so they can date Q right through either way. And he's been injured scored his feet I don't know why that happens to grab Canon came in last week you did play while the he had played for awhile. He'll get back and Hitler he gave few April but he made his invest offensively to reasonably good now. It's colder out. So to have another shot today. I did yes they did a penalty that was crap repelled you just what to drop the guys. It was who took the five guys. Easiest part snacks and probably a couple of more it's today wraps up a lot of one. Are his is like site protection we don't. Dalai side backing came and knocked a ball out and that wasn't sold out for some reason. They did a twist on it no picked up the back is coming up the middle I think he's been disappointing for you said this about sold as that he so holes so bank. And if he stands up with the light on with a quick guys and yet all these guys down the deploying an adage. They just ghetto stepped around him. And now he's got to chase them you keep on saying he got Ian Kennedy got push him further out you're gonna bake cassette changes sets up. Your stab animal for guys back up a couple of times to bring them to go the way you want and ago. In a couple times he goes adamant about 82 leans forward. And when a defense of guys make it a bull he has trouble getting back karate movies changes trips so is Pitt hips a parallel to the trivia sidelines and active your it easier you can stay square on it and shuffle he stood up its its feet wrong. In buckets steps on it leaves little break and when you really pick at all like that. You gotta get down the squat position and Jim McKay hands to keep that space between your when he gets caught a lot of guys going under is I'm missing the shoulder. And he gets written to the back out there what you start to get nervous though as you look at that Tom Brady and some of the hits that he's taking. Because using Tom Brady just jumps back up I think there were couple times tonight. He get approves a one time he grabbed. She's older you could see him and he was kind of twisting it it was it was working on even a couple plays after the hit. That's going to be a problem now and then you're going to have some lava Connolly ski I agree with you submit drew whoops and I don't feel that you feel I was empathy. Kale kale what is that we just say keel keel the basic fuel. What is but it scale and it's only if you think it's an area agreeing they had kept like kind of it was that kind of a stronger. They should read it. I have you know the best way of doing it is that was a victim vomit you bake it and it becomes outflow was likely have dropped to sort of potato chip. Yeah but it's without a tornado here without that and all the flavor now without the oil in the solve it but I think the biggest problem they're having right now. In trying to keep Brady up right. Is that there have long extended plays an item or his number is now we're going into tonight's game. He had thrown war twenty plus yard out passes than any other quarterback in the league. Operating wells suddenly wealthy place a team who's been behind pushed that which is unusual. You know until they it they had about the comeback Jim baba away. About the rhythm is not that that's the big things is usually a rhythm. What that people really get that no probably don't know how to they gold how we handle and the Bono Arnold keep the other team from treating now a personnel. In the end they haven't done at a lot today the only guys that are held today I don't think they renewed the Pope maybe once and it would downfield so. Maybe because elements they're ground for a period of 100 up because they need more time go to embassy was opened up at the break that it's got to go. Whose North Korea force actors want to get on that area to exit for so the word and grown kids. That it is not a serious injury what is body injury what what have I don't know I. I don't I rules by appalled by the announcing but I'll tell you what it's gotta be enough to keep them out of this game and I'll tell you why. Because he'd lost two million dollars of his bonus ultimately they restructured shots up your myself they restructured his contract. Andy restructured its so if rock shows up every week. He gets his money and he gets top tight and money. If he doesn't that's the biggest problems craw right now we're seeing that he's too brittle for a at the last minute he every time he gets hit he gets up restructuring of the really goes out again because he's got stop quarters in the so if so they work to contract out. Show already should result. Well because it was the only way he was gonna get big money to a popular programs like he he can't wait until he becomes a free agent because by the time becomes a free agent he may be so beaten up. The nobody's gonna give me everything in the open market. So he worked out a deal. The deal's gonna pay him top tight and money. If he can show up here we're going to wait every single week you wouldn't for the million I don't know what the total is but that's talk about it I Muncie it's an apple pork. Instead now if he misses games like he did today he drops down one plateau he drops it loses two million dollars. So it was obviously a lot of doctors don't read it could go out there imply that is my guess is if it was just proves you fight through it in but if you're issued a die whatever you guys because you could stick the needle all waited for the bruise and headed up. So might have maybe it must have been a poll now if he's pulling like that. But he right you don't hydration proper nutrition beauty boat trickling. Sort of into the electoral plan that he was on the team milestone idols of that to Katherine is a plan that's what he said until this all right the breeze isn't going on. The other team well we'll do this right he got hurt without it. Any dinner with the such as his body a busy boy. And he's such a big. You know frames so he's gonna get he's gonna get hit it takes those long stride guy takes a long stride order means one foot. Is on the ground long time a guy takes little quick steps the street apartment so we get hit. Less likely to have before. And the Trevor get chopped that we've he gets really got to be concerned about him now there's no question about it the right of. I 6177797937. Our phone number right here glad order by Freddy's relish real post game show. We'll be here. Tom Brady who. Only patriots touchdown of the game tonight so they were it is. Wise play of the game which prompts you buy one snag three g.s tailgate classics look for the new buffalo wings my favorite. And dry rub rim flavors ensure local store could've easily given the plate to a guest house he certainly that 48 yards for Google. All we could get when it was several over critics what we're gonna given it to nick focus that he made a couple of those field goals that I wanted to but it was a look at him a socialist miss six kicks in the last two games. There are no way he I don't have an accurate. Yet you find higher across the Atlantic and all us in all I mean like you Miss America if you re so much of romantic or hold a there but talk about miserable at halftime tonight. All staged a used a good portion of the halftime shows so that Cam Newton. Could issue on an Anna and sociology so if you missed fit the the hot what led to the apology tonight. We're apology here this was from two days ago. Winning eight female reporter in female plays a noble whole political will case here by the name of Jordan drudgery. Did what you're supposed to do any press conference she simply asked Cam Newton question. It a lot of pride in being your theaters playing well that bunches if you really embrace the fatality. It's grafts and made in his yard that get you a little bit of enjoyment to see him back. It's funny to hear females talk about. Routes I. So it. But. It's even more popular opera goes into its indoors when you see that it it really is even go to you because he's gotten her hair you know. Humanity in this guy Jim guy. Could easily. If you wanted to knock rook orders which guys to all the time. You can instantly it's amazing that reporters actually asking go vote right he could have done that ball right once UN. Gender into it I follow you cross the line. You're ma so what's that cloud this clown did you have this group which he thought she addressed them after. The the press conference she went over and said it got worse instead of him. We realize you know the blue and it was stupid you know hey I'm sorry to it's funny though is tomato. Throwing bad. And apologizing terror at that point I really didn't mean anything but I was trying to be funny and stupid. As a normal person would do if you spoke out of line he said he's I don't know what you would say can an old person woods but the that would have been a wake instead. He doubled down and basically gave her more crime. Okay and then Saturday and who you wars like it was bizarre arrogant they really are so bad the next. He loses his endorsement of Gannon you know. What they were what they are analysts agree Cuban that the enemy it's not an accurate and it renews Greek Turkish. Pop up on Greek Euro. Not rate. Quick edits of ambulance agree formulas it'll make it well it's great how should I mean it's important and it ended forget the tutorials or loses that. And obviously he starts hearing the bill buzzword. Around ESPN could this lead to suspension. People turning on him and so we decide it's tonight. That he's going to do exist for about an issue from an issue an apology in the aired tonight at halftime. Carol understand. That my word choice was extremely. Degraded and there's certain. So good this. Soon when I sit. I sincerely apologize. I'm a man who. Try to see via a positive role model in my community. This drug use my platform to inspire others. And now home. Take ownership soon. Everything that comes with the and what I did was extremely. Funny except. I'm of politics and you would daughters. At their age I try to instill in them that they can do indeed need the that they. Baghdad. During this whole process I've already lost sponsors that count as experience. Are reluctant until it's revealed me. And I've learned a valuable lessons from this and to whom it. Young people can see it is our hope that you learn something from this is what. Don't you let me. Be better than me. And it. Took the reporters. That the journalists. Soon the bombs. Super moms. Soon the daughters the sisters. And the women all over on the I sincerely apologize and hope that she found reconnaissance. About it all first first first of all first of all if you gonna do something like this campaign you go to the Panthers and you see is this a wake of record this and a good quality. So get it now appears to go play it on national TV and it's gonna really. Be a solid apology. Second of all. Don't tell me this was such a fraud if I don't jump at you don't tell me yours sincerely apologize. Because if it were sincere. Or from the heart. You would realize shortly after you did it a couple of days ago. Instead of doubling down instead of complain again here's what you did do you sincerely apologized you finally realized that you lost a major endorsement. And you also heard rumors out there that the league might suspend you and you said old bleed. I'm in trouble now oil I have to do I could do what people do when they're really in trouble and they put the finger podium finish of the winds blowing in the right direction. I'm going to sincerely apologetic note you apologize tonight you'll apologize if you're hoping to people. Will suddenly extent. I'll one's problems that Donna I'll bore a hole all women public dissent not the people I've friend if I offended by this. I apologize for fear of offending or I apologize for offending that report. Right there wasn't supposed to come allowed I apologize. Not in what I Fred I apologize to the to report but what I said and I shouldn't approve that those terms why would I separate her doctor she's a woman and laughter and I'm sorry it was stupid to schedule to send this guys gonna track record isn't a mean people do not forget his post. Super Bowl press conference which was for Miller's embarrassing dot diving for the ball left. Last week when they when he when he beat New England he's he's he's he's taunting the reporters last week didn't talk to me for the game don't ask me any questions after the game. I mean what gave this guy's got a long ring is the main now. Being in favor. And these tickets are. You let an opportunity. If you sincerely. Apologetic. You would've realized moments after you did it lets you screwed up and and people do they make mistakes and they screw up. Let's say you did this in front of this woman and all of the other reporters none of them by the way the last thing the way. You will laughing because they funny girl was asking you about Roberts I. So you realize a lot of reporters are drove out the appropriate thing you realize that shortly after. That you screwed up and when she comes after the press conference to walk up he had to say you know can you tell me what the issue is what we're why do you have a problem would make. And you double down and and and give her more crap. That's not sincerely apologize that. Sincerely put you're trying to get your ass off the hook right now because you know you're in trouble you're in trouble with the public. Which you're probably in trouble with the commissioner and your show me in trouble. With the endorsements that you have to is one of his already don't you greeted him get up as hypocrites and if you've got others they're pregnant at the B. A bunch of sort. And the way he did it go like you said afterwards he's making fun of new single rocker issue was a woman who laughed at a brokerage agreement. When women admit women know when football hooked. You don't master re about routes. Yeah he shot the first three game you should learn a route is that it's just such a fraud this is the same guy. Who last week when he was asked about the social injustice. That than exists in this country started going on and on election retreat wouldn't exactly. Cook it says so he tells us this last week and then a few days later he's sitting there insulting a female reporter who by the way is simply doing. Purge them but away listening to that question. That was so different. And the questions that are being asked by the mail reported today that you must dinners Israelis closure wasn't quite proud of the guys regard ruptured brokers that got Preston. But forget about embarrassment crew who who's so. The boy do you applaud you apologize to the Girl Scouts. And now people cookies though. Ed that the worst is. Why would you go to the pants you listen to Woody's bogeys were he sounds like he's Neil Armstrong on the moon government announced that it didn't present solemn. It's embarrassing they really respect a fraud is just a video show are gonna buy this amount finest in part Paula. I don't buy apologies. When people wait for two or three days to see with the winds blow. And when they find out the winds now blowing in their direction the City Hall like god I have to auditors and and I believe in women's rights and stop it you don't. Your true actions came out. In the way you dealt with that female reporter duke and you did and usually for area team who can shoot and play and at that time which most reporters from the right way and at that time you didn't real. Nice moments after that hours after that. The very next day you didn't realize all my god I blew it I can't believe I said that to the FEMA report then then you're telling me it's not in your heart. Would you do it right away all of the art right now right shape your Waltz in your wallet. About what their go to its Payne it was those green round glasses stupid like those of us through groups there was a law that their lives. But Jesus and I are all that talk report is why we're focusing on an emergency it's a question. There was regular. So it has to be everything is in order to save that stop and look at the woman that said it. There must be in your mind that you don't think she's she's capable of a reporter present a woman. I Lovato about guys like him that it you know last week election and lecturing us. On how would lighten he has about social justice. And then when he does something that's stupid and saw this for half the population. Will wrap up their real post game show next.