Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower in-studio on NFL Monday

Monday, December 11th

Mut & Keefe are joined by New England Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower. Dont'a talks about how his recovery from his pectoral injury is progressing, his thoughts on the rules regarding hitting an opposing player, and how he reacts on the fly to avoid making a hit that could draw a penalty.


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NFL Monday in my case Sports Radio WEB ER drive until patriots and dolphins. There is a huge. Pizza parties going on down the hall here. There are these families and kids rights every two dozen poppy John's pizza I thought they were here frost risk there are other gonna hang out with us now with all of them. Turns out that's not the case much bigger star in the house patriots linebacker Donta hightower is here he's department awesome promotion. With Papa John's here during the month of December. A lot of fans down there pretty talk football is football fans like to ski with you tonight. Look forward to a man you know like decision doses to be piece pointed down there and hopefully they got to the vehicle slices of pepperoni. And I think they probably did you know let's let's also listen it was a it was a couple pieces in there but as these people than there you know of if there's an awful book. We're gonna tell you how you guys involved this is well enough of this pretty close dot these hard that's the one Stanley scholar which will talk about. On the team your team is playing in Miami tonight you're back here obviously wish your with them with the the injury out for the season people on a high of feeling you'll code. I go. We're seen off a cougar don't know can't complain you know where I'm met you know mom my at a scheduled. Noted on wood duck has to do. Is gone in and looking forward to give back from an acute. What you expect this defense yet they kind of a slow start to the seasonal then you look up and one of the best the fences in football did you think that was that potential. There with this group as they get septic on the dolphins might. You know absolutely only you know the word fit in the Mossad they come you know coming in in training camp. Is is is that you know he never viewed them prepare you never come in and work as hard as you do. And expected you know folks who have been a sometimes that's happened in this football. You know this kind of like a slow start you know things can happen and things are important we. Confound our daily a little late but it you know game once we found it and you know we get him started Rolen and you know hopefully those guzzle and you know keep their golf. Was that like watching the team it's every so tough to go through all tray table and you're playing a bunch of games and now you've got to be out you wanna be supportive it's got a really tough. You know it is but you know this is part of full blown another hole in the X-Men of you know monitor whatever it. You know we kind of the stone and in no fell in love live in these passcode reuse and that's what it is you know guys stepped up and they've done you know just that. And a more than excited and and then they are one of them in plays and you know I mean you know a lot of who was seen those those the so little clips lesson screw him on the food and you know anonymous though some doing the exact same thing watching these guys are. You know they're out there and have fun and make some plays so. But couldn't be happier for. You say you're happy to watch them how much U ball still talk and that they got on a week to week basis like and it's. Is it more rehab for you is it still around a team talking about the game that just happened in the game tonight what's that the balance like try to get back get healthy again. Back before in my in my we have put it you know no live Adobe's going to be going to be group says that we go east we're always talking you know lose football. He knows his joking around in. Those Tuesday stay close to a doesn't mr. so you know whether I'm here your home. I've got my parents' home watching films those on takes the thoughts about this idea to somebody about it. You know it's has been a different. Experience. I didn't watch a lot of guys in. Just just watch him a bit more football and kind of effect it was going. In. One of the big stories really the last few weeks has been out physical the game is and always always physical but it all the sudden it's sort of bend under the spotlight Mike Mitchell from the Steelers. You went off while at his locker for a while talking about hate you just want put flags on emily's put flags on that I know we can do. You know what is a penalty or what would lead to a suspension or things like that. How do you feel the game is right now about you how physical bit the game is the big hits are still in the game and yet they're also trying to make it as safe as possible seems Lee is really difficult to do balls. I think he countersued you know as it is hard to do both in. The football is football and come and we noted is when I was forward. Out of this played Peewee and and and even before that demean it at a time it initiated by football later after that but it. Who that we know of what Obama isn't and it sounds you know there's. There's towns there's no defense work. We're kind of fall for a lot of time for for a lot of those big caiso. That was a lot of times. No we can't take or even that was not our fault but it you know it is football and I think you know they're trying to do. There's so muggers but. That it that it is what it is. Is it. Going through your head that when you're in the middle of the field and receivers come and flying through huge reacting to that right or that party had like can hit him up here I can Mary's defenseless like how do you. How do you play at all throughout through your head on the on the on the field. I mean this best towns were you know you can have this you've got to have has been sick and where. He no hit a high and low. You know he's gonna dump them an aide testifies that speaking dollars and but then there's other towns where you know you just happened so fast you know. The UUUV they don't you did it and lot of times. Coleman like that you know yeah glaucoma cost Maryland. No we don't hate him you click on Picchu and not on the continued to get cute friend to all at all all all at a furniture is so. I mean that there's certain there's so Tom Spiller going to be leaving them and it's. Is it happened so fast you know you don't have it astounded so. Not things defensively or are thinking as of the time like. Pick somebody did Michael customers. Coups. I'm a bit on the same thing I'm doing them on a few miles from the moment you know take food of some obvious play for in in the economy do so. But it and are hoping it as a public. I saw you tweeting about it after hapless last week that obviously the Steelers and and the the Bengals it was really physical Reich easier goes down on Bolick a form tackle he's out and we we don't know what his future's going to be. Judy Smith Shuster gets to perfectly Mac game and it seemed like you work you were tweeting about before. There was a still like eight perfect deserves it he's a dirty player. You didn't I don't think you felt that was the case I don't think you believe the guy's got a reputation Alison these you deserve it you want the game we played. A certain way and if a guy plays that way don't deserve to get. What perfect got in they'd hit and space Shuster got the suspension for its well. The year ago I mean I don't. I appeals and legal news that you do it was definitely be here. But. You know our own. I'll only go the dirty it. If you're Michael Bennett play last night the united jaguars game went up on the back in the the center for the jags didn't outings ago jackets those plays that Bowery player and I understand the league is trying to protect. The concussions and play it's the place where you're not paying attention and offensive line Engles your leg or defense player goes and I'll pose the once the player. I'd be scared like I can't do when he thing out your goal one of my legs are not paying attention those. And it would bother me. As a player you have to it. You of the sort offensive line and you know are gonna take some shots like that low shots when you're away from the player not paying attention you know back going into a certain game or certainty playing against. And missed the moment or something that's got to do look extra. Now I would say that without. A lawyer asserted that ignited a person going out there but then I detail what you're saying as far as nomads like those top left a couple of slight. Vote over all the different plays did you know defensively. They know mom that I am aware of this thing that some found a lot of of them you probably know they definitely reinforce their phones and maybe. And Lester consulate. The vote those are definitely looking coaster this you know that's there's definitely you know of the keys to boost. Tech quarterback myself with the Texans defense. One players certainly not dirty is Rob Gronkowski and had sort of dirty play a couple of weeks ago throw on the elbow after the play that you Davis wait what did you think when he saw that play. I think I think we'll touch on that element that. But it was it is what it is you know you know grow group initiated coming grown too you know apologized and voted that it wouldn't him. I've got lost some of them foreign. The news. Is retaliation thing that can be. Obviously guys are all play and full go all the time all their very competitive but two Davis white after the fact said. The whole hood one of those are quoting told Ryan Clark Ryan Clark said that on the run solo show. Put the bills and a couple of weeks is that something they think will be on the mind of of some of the players on on on your team. And almost. Bill Canada Millen ever come close to. But you know are now going into the week on they've been anybody's definitely looking. Can. Alphabet. But you know definitely you know in a way that you might be. Possibilities as you feel where. Whenever game time goes. They'll be be busy bee rated do they would do. You play for a couple of big name coaches here he played for Billy play for Nick Saban that's been your college or NFL career you your defense is now run by guy now Patricia. Whose name has come up can you see him at some point does he have. They had the ability to be head coach is when your defense here for awhile on his names come up already here in the off season is essentially opportunities break. You jobs. Absolutely. I've been asked that in the past couple years. About maybe being. Nothing when government be used opportunity. To be a head coach who's on the he's not really concerned about that right now. They could do I was. But you get a great man a great coach and and a lot of guys would buy equities when he started whom at least on the bill. What does Stephon Gilmore Don is there or are you maybe it's not even Davis everybody else around and it seemed like the first four games the defense. Guys that Gator given up some points given up some open receivers but that sense better and really kind of clamped down haven't allowed over seventeen points. Since week four at seems like two more a lot more comfortable would do is there anything different going on with him. You know our R&R Muster you know I think you might have been you know just just again you know. Personal note of those first couple's first openings in the season you know we. Kind of sick you know we're not playing as well as we suited. You know step to know it was a real Smart guy and he picked up Angela. Pretty quick. You know things happen sometimes and you know whoever eliminate those mistakes that whatever was we got those things hammered out. And he said he's been he's been playing great it'll defense though teams who play great and know whenever whenever bill would just you know Mehdi. In the film room or you know and on the practice to them shouldn't continue to do that in in team this thing keep this thing grow. So Jimmy grapples got to San Francisco. He started two games with their two when no patriot fans are watching him as much as there what I'll admit I'm watching him as well watch and the patriots think. Did you expect him to be Disco right away and it is it is he going to be a guy you think going forward god he's going to be a started this league deposition. Are not on the I don't know wanna put expectations and invited and you know non candidate by now I'll say this I loved him. So you're informed I'm I'm definitely Virginia noted that differs from the when it began and ended the game due to his first as there on. Between them call them to take them that set them that are faced armament. You know he deserves everything he's Gately is he's a great dude I've seen grow since you have come as a routine I don't know he's going to be. He's going to be good record written. If we continued to Britain. How many times do you watch the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Everybody's your play gonna want to play it. Two we are as you know the first time I've seen it was you know probably. And we will we've got to afford. Today approach apartment about a week or two. I've been to a two weeks after after the Su Boca. Surgeon. That we had a great week after so. I was kind of kind of bands of trying to get everything taken care of and that's definitely a bigger from Paris put. What you it was the biggest played. There's probably a Hawkeye showed it on television about the way you see this exit as an element of big catch a great write another comeback for a number of us I sack but he got the the patriots don't want the symbol of that figure you're part of that as that did that sink in in all the we don't have that come back and make them play at that point to not double it it goes. Please go to live by it I don't care as any I. No you know you know I did go in the but it but it the same time and isn't a lot of a lot of ways to incidentally. No matter because of it the right arm in them need to be. You know we're we're coworkers. On the plane was was which Islam with him to give them the game and their prices so. Knows it's really not as deep today. Arctic Arctic Austan that go off but if you take politics out of five and a load it. You know it it is definitely was deeply. I got a pizza party to get its largest curious since he got he's got the extension your your thoughts is a player. On the commissioner Roger Goodell is that a five year deal you've watched from afar what he's done as the commissioner. Doing a good job do you think Donte' with this league right now. Who knows where if there. I. On the glass and I'm I don't know. Were your quarterback had no comment when he's asked about this failure to follow and Brady's lead say no cut area for our own or. Obviously he's a huge copy mentioned Mike Mitchell's comments are in the league it could be better I think that that's. I a lot of players are looking at this and wondering with the direction of our league is in certain cases and I and we've talked about as much we've talked mining else this year is the commissioner because he's the he's a face clearly he's the guy out there are making the rules in handing out punishment and make a lot of what happens for you guys and Dana dale basis. Among them teacher doesn't think that he sir that's solid 200 million dollars over the next five years. If and we appreciate you stopping it was awful all the fans wanna watch this game with the elites appease lets you go down there best sloppy the rehab and thanks so much for certain from a doctor hightower hanging out on a Monday night as we get set for patriots and dolphins more from you guys as well. It till 8 o'clock radio on Sports Radio WE yeah.