Is the Patriots performance against the Dolphins any cause for concern? And Rob Bradford live from the Winter Meetings

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 12th

Mut and Tomase are still picking through the aftermath of the Patriots-Dolphins game. They talk about the offensive lines inability to protect Tom Brady, and if there's a blueprint to get to the Pats QB. We also hear from Rob Bradford on the latest Red Sox news from baseball's winter meetings in Orlando.


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We'll get to all things. Threefold thanks Tom Brady himself. Baseball game is now hot stove starting to pick up the modified Sports Radio WB I joined tonight by John mossy. A WEEI dot com John good evening how are you longtime no see that wow man and a couple we. ID ninety Saturday heard trying to Ian rob Bradford yet your place we've been awful offer. Awhile well I had a week off and and I needed agents that Saturday OC were you all last look at the guys. That takes and copy of things you wanna say it's it's cadet you'd hear yeah yeah absolutely it's also good we'll get potentially your live reaction to what happens. With the Alabama senate seat and one Roy Moore who Wheeler wrote this force the polling did. Pulling place today he's a cowboy placed his ballot everyone made fun of him on the horse Oakley in 88. And will see I see no early returns. On for more war and Alabama so I will be. And fresh news to me once somebody. First reports with the initial ballots are saying he had New York Times says the polls are close okay and right now in the Fox News says 1% in. 75 for Jones 24% for a more. Yeah evidence let you don't want that so I am sure that's like a democratic you know area or whatever. The other thing I'm looking at has Jones winning 300 votes to 200 votes so I moved I. Think it's gonna be more so now I don't act cast will keep an eye on that because either way it'll be a huge huge. Story tomorrow and it'll be a bigger story if he wins red Roy Moore wins tonight. This could be a it's a national story anyway but it will be a reveal a talker I don't even know what to date if you if he wins or loses and I really don't know which one because if he loses if you go back this to be the same thing I have. But in mass in whatever year it was way and now Scott Brown surprisingly one you know that Martha Coakley whoever he be. And it was like oh my god you know. Democratic Massachusetts went for Republican because people wanted change they didn't like. Obama care you know whatever and that was like the first Bellwether to signal the absolute. Bloodshed they came after that Republicans just a controlled house to control the senate so if deep red Alabama flips. Even if it takes child molester effort to happen is I'm glad he's blue. That is that's aid and that's an ominous sign if you are Republicans for Toni TCI. I have a hot I don't wanna believe that obviously no easy no weary land politically I don't wanna believe that I also think they just. We've never seen any like this is he would write the smack dab middle of what you know Alex Rivera called that and WEEI dot com front the only one. But right in the middle and we meet to movement. This guy pops up as a troll or of high school girls at my school girl and it malls like you so bad he was locked out of malls and kept away from malls that that. As a different animal and Scott Brown more difficult week to meet. So that's why I think if he does win this guy wins and it's all the allegations. And you'll keep this seat it'll be out pretty quickly you know I don't know about that Republicans will I don't know about that. Now I I thought you got the president supporting him you've got Mitch McConnell backing off and now saying elect the people of Alabama decide. I don't think it's a done deal and he's out if he wins it will we will keep an eye on it and surely crazy tonight of talking about it all light and all morning. All across the country that what we've talked about all they did what we got a full fault lines we get them here in the second. Ice patriots last night I was wrong was wrong about the result I was on I was gonna happen. I was wrong about who's gonna play well I was wrong everywhere would you think last night watching the dolphins. Channel the patriots for a majority of backing their in my hand yeah I mean I gotta say like first I didn't see account and I mean I just figured. Even without rocked the way the patriots have played all year they've hit they've hit that stride in a row it's a guy does and they were all but. Having watched any yet as it's unfolding like I've seen this before I've seen this exact story before. Half a dozen times. It's always in Miami it's always in December. And it doesn't necessarily mean anything more than a bad day and that's kinda how I looked like. You've got Pittsburgh looming. Last night's game really didn't matter in terms of standings and all that stuff if you take care business the rest of the way. You beat Pittsburgh UN out is still number one seed so it had all the makings of a trap game this week grunts back. Presumably Trey flowers is back Marcus cannon at some point asked to be back yet. In now I have a feeling we'll look at this on and just bill like gas just wasn't there at night if that planet. Deanna I thought the you're saying what a lot of people said Kirk and Jerry said it today and out the only ones that the game it didn't matter the result did not matter 'cause they still control. On their own fate by windy out there and number one seed the media only caveat is if you had one last night and you beat Pittsburg and you win a week sixteen. You make week seventeen relevant yes that that didn't matter that was an extra week arrest for Brady. Who given the Achilles injury could probably use a right now was it was wrong can bubble wrap for game was the Brian Hoyer show. There are week seventeen again let's leave it out he went out you don't afford yourself the possibility that the play that game. Like it matters at Pittsburg has seemed records. Yeah and you have to worry about suddenly playing a wildcard weekend I know it's remote but. If you lose in Jacksonville and satellite suddenly you're looking at the three seed and that would be a repeat. Although we saw a couple years ago where they seemed to have the number one seed locked up. Then that terrible game in Miami and a year. ID of the game right before that a blanket nine. And then they end up BAC Italians and and that's red as an arrangement that they're the reds goes as the Eagles Eagles Warner assists in the marquee game all of that can act yes you know you blow the Eagles game. You blow the dolphins game where you just run it eighteen times that in nineteen years the courts of Stephen Jackson that whole weird game. You cost yourself number one seed in that probably cost you responsible or ordinances they had that game at home against Denver Dave price and they probably went and so that that's a big swing now it remains to be seen if that at that. This game did not matter in those terms Pittsburgh is the only game that matters and those terms but. We'll see well we you wrote about its. For today we'll have three days to. Talk about it they date. There are different challenge than Miami the other thing I want to ball beside the loss itself was the play the quarterback because I. I don't buy into the national perspective these guys who've said yup he's done brazen and now hammering that point home. After one maybe one out bad games in play well and it's awfully won easily he did not play well. But he looked he looked. Under siege of their time period that team you know looked. He Ian look himself I think a lot of that was the offensive line but if you believe that the innings and come quickly if you believe that forty year old quarterback's I guess you can make the case that. Brady's play last night. Might deacons are going forward I would minutes not for me it may get just bought in Tripoli to. Brady and TB twelve and the ways you kept his. His body in shape and his game in shape but. I've seen it now for two years he's the MVP last year about the suspension. He's the MVP favorite this year that one to five yesterday but bottom animals that he's a lock for the MVP before that game last night so. I added he's allowed to have a bad game and that's how good he's been word he has one bad game John and nationally and locally in some places people or are sounding the alarm for country. Yeah I mean here's my concern so. You think back to last year when the simple as that amazing comeback. Brady got his butt kicked back you know you forget that. Atlanta are really got after him and their defense and Wear down probably ends differently and credit to Brady's toughness for hanging in there and whatever but. You take that game on top of the Houston game a couple of weeks earlier where merciless and those guys were in his face and it made him miserable and you know he was thrown balls down field are basically jump balls and his guys came down them virtually every time and otherwise that game might have been a little different. And so you have two out of the last three games last year where he was really under assault and you think to yourself. Oh my god could this guy have played you know four more games after this no I mean he was done at that point you know and he had those four games that he missed the start of the year which we all hated the time by. Was probably a blessing. So now you look at it and you see him absorbing this punishment again these same levels of punishment you say. He's got to get through Pittsburgh he's got to get through one if not two games to and the season and then you can think about the class and my fear is just that. They just attrition the accumulation all of these hits he's taken Miami. Teed off on him last night. Remember the guy's name the guy from LSU that defensive lineman who. Came through I'm blocked up the middle east conference manager Joseph to any BC fell down right yeah I mean I went right I am. Brady got rid of it as well Brady got up sort of shaken his hand yet but I. I mean he just clocked him you know right up the middle bright where Brady does not like pressure to come from. You see how many of those Kenny Tate and so that's my bigger take away it's not. You that you say Brady's done but it's like how much punishment Kenny forty year old guy take and still be effective in the playoffs in the Super Bowl. When the defense is there any better and better that's the questions will be does Jacksonville. Can get after the quarterback Pittsburgh that can get after the quarterback he's it's changing have to beat. In January and that's what concerns me more than you know just this one bad game and a place where he's not. Frequently play. Publisher concerning then that he might the play in week seventeen and gain that all the sudden matters now debit action they arrest it also the other thing. For get these calls is that. If you there was no sign they could run the football last night I'm not gonna put down on John Daly tried two days could profits of mind at the grass kicked. So these last three games now he's Brady get out the play at a high level. They might not be running games right he might not be able to take that the air out of the ball run the football and priests or protect Brady might need Brady the way he was the second half last night. In shock not in no huddle. Up tempo and so if the health comes in and the hits or are pot pot piling up and the inability to run the football last night at that. That lingers now the next three games in Brady is dropping back and throwing 3540 times a game. That puts him back in harm's way you're talking about about go back to the offensive line. With crawled back at a you'll be different they got to give them on the football and not make Brady throw as much to do last night these last three games. He had I mean for detectable appease of the games to a little bit right finally feel like yeah actually mislead Garret blunt as the little because. He was the guy when you've worn down a defense and last night this doesn't really outward are planned for Ryan's gone but in general you know the second half of the season. He was the guy where you've got rolling you had a two or three touchdown lead and someone and you just let him. Deal to damage you know for the last quarter and a half of game you've not had that so. Every extra drop back that Brady has to take every capacity as that there every opportunity. Where he opens himself up to get hit. You've got to minimize that stuff as much as possible and they don't they don't have. That game closing running back right now they have balls quick shifty guys who can catch the ball. And they can sort of run between the tackles a little bit early on loosely goal line back yes on the goal line outside issue but in terms of you know closing out a game they really don't have that guy. And outs early in my other takeaways from this. You watch Jimmy G from a fire the last two weeks what he's done at San Francisco I love that and you say. Whole week how listen no one's ever gonna question you know Belichick's legacy that is secure our five maybe six maybe seven super balls by the time this has done. However there is a chance. That 510. Years from now. We are looking back at that trade and saying all my god what might we might have been able to keep this thing go on for another deck and how how would you well. Howdy Dunn who cares little kids on Canada UK yeah I figure out our guy okay you figured out right now you figure it out yet a year and a half pay about forty million dot you know pay forty million dollars he would go to Sam's forty million why nots. I again want the salary cap. To the salary cap and three this OK you can marker I'm I'm a firm believer that you could always work around that in some way. The other I'm just telling you if Jimmy G goes on to be. You know a guy who suddenly takes the global gone 49ers to an eleven win team twelve win team perennial playoff team. And Brady leaves and you're just. Year after year trying to figure out who your quarterback is an act guys to a Nat on the other side of the country. You'll retroactively say you should have figured out not not that noticeable it was not an awesome if they if they win one more Brady that won't exist. It will it will linger at Italy's it'll be fun to watch but it they would one or several Brady. You'll say you know what they Brady earned the opportunity. They got one more I think people that rational I do and there in the heat of the moment I think three years after Brady's gone and Jimmy G as racking up wins and lead the 49ers deep in the play out to be peoples that. Brady gave us a more solid one. Because people are greedy they're gonna say you had a chance to make this sort and that is the other thing. If there was no chance of it ever working. Why didn't they get more form white in the deal on sooner like all these questions that we've Eric. They thought they could convince him to take a sweetheart deal or did have a better read on Brady they move on from Brady yet and I Brady I think so well those writings of reasons art. To have taken that deal so they had to sell him for something less than yours were bidding get full value I'll continue to bitch about that. Forever they get enough fortunately enough so that disease or they should traded last year at the draft and gotten. A they would got the number one pick at a first round pick plus Cleveland was desperate for Mary Kay Cabot was writing every day Nevada brown one where you think that came from. That came from the browns the browns were begging the patriots to pick up the phone for a reason I think it was the respect. That ballots cast for Rob Lowe and these two plus games separate Cisco you can see why the kid is damn good they are. Three in ten. The titans are eight and five correct yeah. The San Francisco 49ers I believe our favor over the titans. This week that's insane tendency to spread a dummy double check that I disappointing times or say something on the air. And I and I think that's correct but seriously are you right if you're out that who I would be betting on San Francisco. I'm getting a brothel right now because. He should have he said I should have to 300 yard games he has a one so far. San Fran at home against an 85 Tennessee team goal of the postseason. They are right now a two point favorite. That's great playoff bound Tennessee Titans team so again because they are likely will anyone care about one year of the salary and a what you know the potential salary cap hit if Jimmy G turns out to be the real deal and let's just say that Brady hits that. 41 year old cliff all right everyone talks about OK yeah like max's that's mentioned once or twice. You know if if that comes to pass do you really gonna say well yeah we couldn't have made it work for the salary cap they want a Super Bowl yesterday when a suitable they don't. That there there is going to be. More of what you are saying then I'm willing David goal right now because people will be pissed that this is all they get they get I would Brady all of again. They only get five. And drop logos on that makes him Briscoe accuse any contender. That's going to be. See I would argue now even if they win if they win this idiot yet it's if they win this year Brady's gone. Then you say why couldn't you kept both because you still would alumnus on the Brady anyway. And now you still have to DG because they know Brady's not going right that's the other thing I minorities and weighed more convinced of that and I. Way more like I see him taking these hits and I say at some point. I don't and allegedly gaunt as he retires or gone is not the same player I just mean no I mean gone missing and injured career over whatever yet. I don't think that Tom Brady will ever be not the same player I don't think we'll ever see him. You know Peyton Manning unable to throw the ball twenty yards downfield on anything other room like a lollipop. I don't think you'll ever see that from Brady I think what you will see is the one hit that just stands. I hope he's in a car title of the patriot defense your calls until 10 o'clock at 61777979237. OP good evening. Did add about forty minutes. Werth hit. OLPOB thank you so much for being so patient on hold tonight thank you. Your walkman. However I gotta say this. They were playing into weren't scoring there or apple on 400 yard game. I mean valujet. I mean do you think that really got shut down Pittsburgh. Powerball bent the need to shut down one got two more racquets while there I won't let them down Aggies got a yard or not I you know it. I made. It very very bad very very very good office in Pittsburgh. Adam tonight it juggernaut though. And they're good they're very good offense they're very they're very this is not we're not talking about you know the 49ers in the day in the eighties or anything like that like there is solid offense not a great announcements. Doesn't let them and that's and that's a bad the second burden the pleaded not accord disposal well I ankle sprain a. There are two guys and guys are high there's two guys in that offense it's scary. You know that's sick in other adherents on our right side for a cornerback Ayman. To skill guys the running back in the receiver you say they have six receivers pounding the patriots a word about anyone other than Antonio Brown. And Levy on bell. What about JQ what about market is Brian Bennett got the tight end it wasn't a McDonald's and get two games. Yeah those guys are SA a clearer now by at nine point insulting or opium. LOP your. York clearly steeler fan which is good we've got acute injuries this week. So view if you want. You talk now that the steeler offensive players I guess so it's been an on you you're right they'll be heard that the stop on on Sunday afternoon. How are they gonna see if they couldn't stop Joseph Flacco how to install Brady in the patriots off and. Another thing I could say conditions out. I'm not stupid disability as it does that bother the terrible last week. That tradition got no doubt in my mind like that to date and the patriots stop that and that's the question of the dead back in the Steelers stopped the age. The I the bigger question opium thank you for your call is you can't really you're never stop the patriots audio as well Brian inches a year. Slowdown the patriots the history says they can't they history says that. The way to Pittsburgh Steelers Brady play defense plays right into Brady's hands John Tomas he wrote about this today a little website and you've heard of it. WEEI dot com urge you to. Read not right now keep listening to John's here but after the show. Goal during commercial gold re Eden and right yet but it's fine on the app all the commercials all the way that's fair. You they they play solid defense that Brady lights up year near route whether it's low blow or whoever is there now it doesn't matter. He lights that group up and I saw Joseph Flacco and outs Collins. Where the hell that is light them up on Sunday night. Watch specifically don't say okay how little about lives easier they sucked so yeah patriot defense it'll look great last night. They still came into the game number four in the NFL in points and I act honestly I have more faith John in the patriot defense stopping Pittsburg. I do the Pittsburgh defense stopping at the patriots given the personnel and given the recent history between the two teams yet 100% I'm sorry and I know. Listen Pittsburgh has the weapons in the last couple times the teams have played. Let him Belda heard one game brown was out the other game of the concussion so you understand you haven't seen these to a full strength in awhile. But they've. Bill Belichick defense is can take one or two guys away and that's what they're very good. The calls up there on the defense on crawled the play calling one open line for you at 6177797937. Pat. And Brady the Steelers all the table Mott and to mossy Sports Radio W media. Yeah. I was an excuse is seen in happen. Wallach and all of this all the stuff this'll be it won't know last year no wrong I know Paul Blair. I Corso and Ottawa without craw when a suitable comeback from 23 but that is out long forgotten by many many people who planted their flag already in the past on the there's a cliff coming for Brady and so when he doesn't perform well. You got to be allowed us went out their money people that eat a lot. I said America following years ago or five years ago. But I called the Tom Brady is no longer the best quarterback and Ian don't you worry though every time he gets it that this is the one he's not mean you know from I watch every game and like it especially the end of that I was stupid kid it's of the in his mouth and running round and that's not a worse is all worried about this is all relative it's all relative. But when you lie. In the game like as I was on the phone my brother last night late in the game. And at one point lol check it like watching these crazy in comeback Newton basically. More we have the patriots in the pick and you did not crystallized yet no patriot that married one of them. That was the Oakland thanks but anyway but it at one point he got drilled in both of us at the same derelict get a I you know it's like to just get up Tom Tom Brady's career is gonna and now it's gonna get out your side and not finish and says Ricky not getting hit. And late in meaningless came against the dolphins you know where you didn't show up as a team there are those hold your breath moments slippery F a cup or more. Ironically it's the dolphins two weeks ago buddy took more vicious hits in that one name but he did even last night lights it did was he good restaurants lies. Last night we'll get used to these forty years old mag where every doing that a lot of this offensive line. Does not gonna I'm telling you eat he can be. For all of you know the avocado ice cream in the liability training and on that stuff. To meet that will keep you in shape to throw a law that will keep your arm in shape that will keep you mentally sharp. I don't think that stuff is ultimately gonna protect you from. Father time when it comes to punishment when it who do it via email yes you could begun Baghdad in late the night you. At age 4142. Can you really envision him continuing to take shots like that and getting up in and playing like. But I know you're all land I'm I'm skeptical on that front I don't think his arm lever leave him but I think his name. Just all looking in my hours Achilles or whatever looking in my new app. I heard about her time about that yeah video there at the B inning it's on I feel different already let's oil and political moderate your cell. The let's go magazine by the way our old friend now a spears to work for. The gas thing mentally trap tiger's traveled guys at shock of the ballots were for that growth snapping its it's a higher moral related thing my Villa in Spain was of what a beautiful place. Guts go to Caesar in Tampa at 6177797937. We're talking patriots Brady. Last night and going forward Caesar is in Tampa I season. And again. Are stored under lightning rod Parker I have no idea guy and or. I mean. Well I don't know I let adding that strictly. You know I get it. Hackensack. I don't debate but the court Atlantic or credit. A ball. Out with a lot. Albert an Olympic PD and nick they later. Right now you know which aren't you know ready to make the highlight Eckerd it. Well. I'll tell oppose it all out to shell whatever. Which but it Almonte off but then again you're mixing it up and run it all and you know what I mean. It was clearly John and got cleared it out and cool and technical. Why would he be what what what did you wrong call on the game last night because the offensive line gave brain know try to do anything. I. Just wanted. Go to the short passing game he tried to an article. Here and there. But you know as other animal I don't want to try it. Something's going to start on. I don't look at shotgun and then I'll let you try to go back shall fade. You know outside and I still like to Q could not get completely on. It is a snapper is a lot is Cesar isn't that Brady like Josh is not telling word from a football. But I understand that I look at the play. I mean you don't. Gordon budget or anything like that ought to let met so what you. It all why aren't taken it cannot go to get nominated by the bags supplemental that you know they got traffic on the Atlantic. Quit Arctic Parker. But what would it kill all. Well if you wanna I and I and the big entity to aid the dolphins' offense Caesar you bring up a lot of great points and thank you for your call. The dolphins had a better coach Knight the patriot state medical currency the whole thing offensively they'll have to get it offensively. I've heard this couple times in that Josh McDaniels that fall I have been more critical than Josh into the a lot of people. Last night was on the offensive line and on Brady they tried Iran to try to run screens they try to run different plays. Wasn't there Brady enough time they didn't execute animals on the play call yet Brady was missed by an ally and and the idea of you know bunching receivers in this and that he had no gras. You have Dwayne Allen who we can now say with certainty is useless. You had a limited Hogan you don't trust status Phillip are said even dress to receive an on the I have no idea dressed but did not play okay. So you start looking at their receiver core are these the guys who won a bunch will who is it. Ammann Zola cooks. Who else. You know you know you just you didn't have the personnel that's why they signed Kenny Britt today we were not talked about a lot I think it's as a flyer lottery ticket but although Ian Rapoport says it's a two year deal signed through next year without a lot of guys right where they they give nets' second year like to convince them the play like this the couple teams looking Kenny Britt so they say is uncle guarantee. Some portion the second year I'd be crazy money many countries. Op they did this flash of Michael Floyd just feels like the same sort of thing where it's ended the year. Note that receiving corps Malcolm Mitchell slow to come back from injury fill or set useless Dwayne Allen useless. Let's take a shot came brits they think they need help there I'm not sure which came brits can help but. They obviously began a benefit of history I mean obviously we know Floyd last year before that time having to history. Of receivers brought in mid season or late. Who made an impact I guess to buy gas. Asked me would be one he came on pretty sure he was in mid season yet a second yarder after that again he was better that I mean he was kind of a decent third or fourth receiver for them. But outside of him on them blanket you know who who else has come in here. Off the street. Having no familiarity with the out offense and then click to break societies and they've done with light and Steven Jackson again they brought him in an Indiana has not allowed to making. You know. My site as Michael although again Michael Floyd rich what is out earlier his biggest impact was the blocking in the Miami game. Here made a big catcher big play where using god as Reagan moved on and that's it I'm not. Kenny Britt Asif like the same sort of thing. Think every day became brits gonna commit here and on the same page as Brady and take half snaps from Chris Hogan he brings a lot course lays out records estimated. Rockers connection forgot that. 6177797937. The former years I played in the courting those guys that Rucker could job by you. John I will talk about the NFL network story top of the our staff 9 o'clock because. Yet the experience of Heath Evans UB UUU. Body and I did years that I got to admit this one hurts just a little not her Hertz isn't the right word that. The song was a little bit demoralizing. Will get John's thoughts on that your thoughts after 9 o'clock we'll come back and switch gears for a couple of minutes in check in with rob Bradford WEEI dot com. He's in Orlando the baseball winter meetings with the Red Sox apparently. Have found their target and signed him yet. But they found their offseason target we'll talk to Robinson what's next for the Red Sox will talk to you guys as well it's mud at night Sports Radio WEB. Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI I'll get back into the patriots we'll get into. The NFL network ugliness that was reported early today it has I think Heath Evans. In some hot water rob Bradford WEEI dot com reporting from Orlando part of baseball winter meetings where things he'll be picking up. Potentially for a Red Sox perspective rob month to mossy howry. I am out there and you quote merely among all you can eat seafood well that way but I didn't do anything for you guessed it. I see you a couple times NFL MLB network. I saw you and Ian Browne cynnex each other I saw you today stepped into the live shot of one Evans relic. NBC sports Boston and I definitely emperor I would just suggest that they maybe you don't. Robinson is night may be vocal all you can eat tonight. And the senate who Buffett that it that the team that TV is not doing him any favors he was in now or where it's winner counts well. Oh what was what all sitting at the little the kick stable picked yet that was a weird setup that. I assume that's the Red Sox wheat that is weird. It yet about the radar or but read quite Sweden but you have played five rows of chairs 330. On the side and you know it's just we're dealing with all host well you do that your number out yup they're like the last couple years I think you guys. Well next door now record next Norman. And in accordance with everything he's sort of prepared to erupt yeah all the questions than it is total regard for the artists like dependence on. You can't Patrick likely exactly. Our city get the impression here that as your colleague Evan is reporting that JD Martinez indeed rob is the target the Red Sox are. Can a potential enemy within tonight try to get something done here at the winter meetings. Yeah I don't know period will be done here winter meetings. You know it's been described it goes back to. When we were at the GM meetings then you'd conversational Obama gimmick they're about saying that. It might not go hard after the big guys accorsi always Wear out because that's what they need. Whether they you know Telemar you will remain BC but I think it'll gave you Martinez they. I picked it seem to get a cooperative oil that it out of money that we're talking about. And into the roads are so motivated to get you the guy that a lot of them boot mated. And when the talk today drop into the whole thing about well yeah how how do you opposite our whole month the opposite field home run or hit. Intent to do it a go by Wright did it hitters. Read that that's a direct shot on patient and don't you wanna try to dictate Martinez. If so what I got the save you a much better they opted and another thing I will say that the other back garden street. Because it is this report of a mile in the last half hour or so that they are popular rages about bumping back right. If they don't cranky that go to Korea at the money it will be able to make a legitimate rule on. Mikey did him I also order earlier they've also hired JP mark uses Ursula maybe church because every little bit helps. So how do you think this ultimately shakes out do you think he goes back to Arizona. Now all I tell you why if if they are able to pump their cranky money. I wouldn't be surprised I now as we sit here right now the it was shot and all we can match the money. I know that you like you're there there's that bit this relationship where they're hitting coach is really really. Really a tight body sort of well it's hard way to give the yeah actually de power him every single day they have video taken up to him during batting practice and send that guy. So it don't mean to something sounds like talents or. You have all your life that criminality actual. Well what I heard it so. The only by I think they're gonna have the freedom of money into getting rid of Greg he's the only way to do it. Well there's other moves the Red Sox can make here at the winter meetings Robin you've talked about this before when you go to these things are sort of you're isolated right in the real world do down there in that baseball circles thought I won't give me the impression here from Red Sox fans last couple days you tell me. If that's the oppression of baseball and that is a frustration. With the Red Sox and I guess other executives won't be frustrated but here locally I can tell you. That we bring them up the calls to ban it why have they done anything in the Yankees are getting better what's dumb browse keys move. They don't like Martinez that much they don't like Hosmer. Is that do you feel that thanks at all at those meetings of the Red Sox have not done anything as of yet. Not really embarrassed in what people back almost bit about why it did nothing really happened so. Why it's up for the Yankees so why the Yankee make their movement that's what give everyone a good guard play and fired up. The reality that nobody's really done any thing goes out like you guys are coming up or on the road charge aren't getting up that's what we have to keep in mind. Now if you do it we don't understand now that there was really really likes quite being. Why pay it is a reminder that guy might not wanna go to pot and that's what we have to keep it not help because of their party free agent. Also that marking only go to Oscar de Brito is in Canada and dope. Didn't start the merit of guys really don't wanna come to Austin that's for the one of the things that I sort of been circulating always you're going to be. You really worry about that though especially like. Next year in the big free agent class sits in the Red Sox are one of the few teams. With the kind of money to go see you know spend two or 300 million dollars and someone that people are still gonna be turned away about Boston. Our job because this is the one way to look like have been getting creative. Let me just same old book today they'll they'll be outbid everybody else that was the same way we've David Price based they paid a lot more money in. I think about and about the continue quite you know and saying you know we hear all aren't that different story but at the heart of it. It's if you can go low placed in government have the outside drama that you did that he may third grade in the about a great. Every in the passionate player but billion I drama bit players in baseball talk about it they can get that. Two is complete without that they've been in the money at this same gonna go to that place. Broad leaf like there's a realistic plan B right now that if JD Martinez goes back to Arizona or separate Cisco but the Red Sox have a plan in mind to still. Add some sort of middle be ordered back to this team. Yes and then you are driving the plan the hardware. In enacting the plan B you know maybe Santana. All right. There's a trade I think period each played out there to be made. That we don't know about it and talk you talked about it debate page you have boat that's sort of options. But we just can't say what it is right now as far at least as far as I know why are you the year where you think you know reality. So you cross that awful lift at least for a right now. I'd but I mean he really has received here that the ticking Martinis and this makes all the sense in the world because. Well again the team they're gonna bid against them are not gonna have right now are gonna have that type of money the rest are well. What does he can again but I what is the U what is the rob Bradford acceptable. Price range write this down student call Brad for all later. Okay ready yes now brace yourself. Our five years 2728. Year. Knights of five and 135 symbolic that on forty. So that I mean that's that's more reasonable to me than you know six and 200 or whatever bore -- 200 wherever Boris Said he wanted. Because of his might be my fear is you go into an off season when there isn't an obvious great freeagent. And you overpay for one just to get somebody and then next year comes when Machado and Bryce Harper all these guys are out there and you're sitting on the sidelines. Or you can still sign one of those guys be got to get rid of somebody you like because of this contracts are like Hanley Pablo. You just you just fear that they're going down that road again and you know Martinez had a great year I'm not. Saying that I really good three years he had just one year it's been three years we've been pretty two parable the stand. Yeah go to court so that is a few more months of no no no matter what year it is if you think that's the guy. They go up to that guy so maybe Mikey did do appreciate it next year. Then I'll buy you go to Dave. There that you could make BKQ did you Martina at her Beck you're creating. Would be he's still a pop up of old very very impressed Turkey. Same thing we go back returned back on the could not be on. This is where we got that million part they've screwed up because they did that. Then they wouldn't have to be worried about this particular right now if you dropping Cora you're on in the middle to create a class or even next year. You know you know like eight if different guys that they should go so are you guys. Then ordered about one juror is together amend our Keller could modern. You don't know enough over the last three years they did this to portable one line why can't you are you eat the. Rob last hole for me one of the guys who was there to report your sources told view. That the Orioles getting a lot of traction on Manny Machado will the Red Sox beat in on a Manny Machado trade. All right I would not. I don't excel in the armed wives be. Because no one KG if they're assuming he'll play shortstop. Play our claim a third a move devers the first I'm not I'm not worried about that. Yeah why did I open one year as well it is going to be this has played its others say that they actually will deal with the Yankees. Then the Yankees quickly ate great Clint wager one of the best young prospects in baseball game which the road parks or commit these data are portrayed to room. Point one year Manny Machado they just aren't gonna do that to be here though and doubt. No I just I just don't need to ever out there. Rob we're gonna keep following you on Twitter and every time you pop up and one of these live shots on TV and in Millen a worker NBC sports will keep and I'll forward and by the way I think you look great box I don't know what he still shot up the food NASCAR you. You know why you might might bipolar very. See things. Our let's go to other tight holding today is that it's is that. And our go to Baltimore tomorrow where there are you buried. Whether a European cannot close are you by. A very good idea we will talk to you which saw at some point or sell older in the hot Scotia Amare rob thanks. That's rob Bradford WEEI dot com checking in from Orlando and the L winter meetings I've. How do you think gave to browse he's come across at these meetings school I am I think pretty much like people are glad he's in here like. I I look at Stanton they clearly did not want the plane is an essay called and selling wed there checking you know whether or not. That's the right move that's how they feel and so you can listen there are reasons not to once again injury history in all the years on the contract. Will he fit in Boston might all of these things are worth asking so I get that so. We when he won this when he wanted to say it was in one way or another plans a meeting at this compounds that we didn't Abby gives you cancer we want the player but. It is not our plans this offseason we respect him as a player we like them but the we call back late you know what they were already down the row one on the list of we know those things were true we know that box then they go to. The agent that's not how or just what have you played ID thing luckily it was probably had her by pretty good idea of felt that he wasn't coming here. You know and what he's already. Said no one deals today you know San Francisco. Saint Louis whatever was. Probably you have a pretty good idea where you stand with Kevin again if the tide you want the player but don't pretend you came back and try to get involved late when I agree with you that it while the player and I think it's the right move ten years and thirty million dollars a year. I'm OK with it. As for last couple days for the Red Sox fan this is not the browse these fault. But the back to back days you know they get stand the Yankees do not back to back days called Saturday Tuesday. Saturday at the Red Sox Twitter account with the rivalry. Fire Mozy firearm OG firearm OG when they signed stand yet which is just stupid and tone deaf. And then today in the midst of again the Yankees do all these moves and Red Sox are waiting. The Red Sox announce on social media is there they've signed. Sam Adam which is great by as they sponsor I I was surprised does not Sam Adams was already the official beer different sides and you feel like if that earth thing that would happen like fifteen years ago. I knew was a different year I'm not saying it. It's a war or throat they got a sponsor deals but don't treat it like it's this. Yeah we had a wired Sam Adams like that now he's got Jon Karl Spaniard brag about. Jim in our sponsorship where that says that is a view. The official beer of your club were not knocking and announcing de beer it's a giant hearted beer that we would never turn I once accidentally shot and advertise his beer on the on the air and got a little bit nervous about it or not I was not. You know CBS I would turn down a beer any. Porphyry. Cats and Sam adams'. A very good beards one of their there. There one at the gate in the brown pub and it's my father's absolute favorite so 11 there slavery as a result of the comedy it's that Samsung's name's Andrew. So that's it's it's all drink all summer the beach so I. And I'm just saying to treat it like a big signing to your fans on social media like again I I sell this horse sales and advertising people sit down and all gonna do is be great for you Jim cook would be great for us and that. But then when you put it out there and it's it's technical bench Arrington. Sam Kennedy and Jim cook with the beards. The Yankees of Stanton he's still no power in your lie yeah but it's on our right Josh Ryan and a higher quality beer at the park as they watched as they watched the home runs for I. Over the monster yeah like a runs a National League Red Sox I'll Ralph and Cranston on JD Martinez Ralph here on WB yeah. No no go back actual global that that's how it was generally eligible to be the ship sank this guy. Doesn't hit those kind of all went in the last three years piece less or what but last year. What into the witness who left footed I'll play it would be stuck with that not a contract yet you're playing the. DH is gonna hit. That that gripped the morning it's sitting right in front of them personable level. It's a load up your basement you can cripple this race and how you can get him out here it definitely get adequate they're they. Well I don't know that putting it also when he asks why is turning years of Ralph Ralph Robby is 21 years old. What he thought. But he's really not the case I think technical side that was where as basic. In pockets you find this you would do two things you're gonna at forty Holbrooke that didn't get thirty homer of the chair persons car. He is gonna get forty tool but given the battle that lineup. If you're gonna get so much better we have to act effectively on the left side of the field. Can meet if they do and exciting adequately yet might pick it globally extra I looked at. I car stock Arab area not aligned with stock is to me is a bigger risk as a power hitter at that JD Martinez's and any clothes yet he won't cost as much amendments was not because he's had. 320 home run seasons in his career he's pointing to add me last year was as always I hear our 3885. In a contract year and he slugged. Still we slipped 521. Last year JD Martinez the last four years. Slugging percentage 6985355355. 4520 to 3822. Twenty theory. RBIs 10468102. And 76 and that one year that Saddam sixteen. We'll put 120 games still it 22 and drove in 68 was no PS also thousands there he is the much more likely guy. To continue what's fascinating about it now stock is. If he doesn't go to Arizona and hit 26 homers and 62 games or whatever was. Are we looking at him the same way and he did it so accounts but. It's like you went to a new place he basically did what Manning did in LA and I'll wait well here's where in just went crazy in Detroit if you paid attention. John like those those who play a healthy as a baseball term. 57 games the tigers this year sixteen home runs and a slugging percentage over a thousand. So he was on OPS over a thousand he was already questionable for Detroit it help they went to Arizona they went to the playoffs and he did that. But if he would. He had been a lawless they are it's stayed in Detroit and hit you know 35 homers instead of 45 and the rights I just will be targeted in the price to be less net. That's. I'm 6177797937. Is the phone number to mosque he's here welcome back get back and as of football putting the NFL network in the allegations that have three. Former NFL players including four patriots suspended all of their football coverage at the network usher calls until ten or WB yeah.