Patriots right the ship in New Orleans, plus head coach Bill Belichick on the communication issues in the Super Dome

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 18th

Hour #2 and we continue to break down the Patriots win and then sit down with head coach Bill Belichick, who was in a much better mood then he was last week.  


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Every day amazing Wendy's new giant junior bacon cheeseburger. New England Buick GMC dealers just wobbles in Carolina votes by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And by your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealers. Bill will make its way down the hall here in just a little bit we'll talk with him about yesterday's victory and up in all likelihood now looking forward to the game against Houston did you guys happen here Brady at all post game yesterday. Yes I was I was listening to him post game and and you know what you need to find use somebody. Who you think is much others Tom Brady thinks of james' wife to listen to Brady's description of James White from yesterday. Well. There. Are. Yeah a lot of it plays and every time Texas football is important he's just so dependable consistent and hard working and tell them. Shows up to to work every agency in his job as best you can. The best attitude in his team's first all the time he's. He's just he's just a great teammate and I've played a lot of great teammates and I've changed right there at the top and I just love this effort will look it's. You know they've got a great room that that backfield and I think there's a great job of them and you know got a lot of lot out of the running game lot of them right back position today. Yeah. I'll listen to Brady talked about James White and you realize you people always say well. You know Tom has to develop confidence in you you know and move heard about and some guys that never happens right. We're learning happily he's got a he's got to fix I mean he isn't the Super Bowl probably do that we have probably probably took him there I mean he goes on and on and that caught. You know dependable tough but dependable probably keyword for him right us via. If they so those were going to be. Knows the plays that you some dill so Hogan colonias or react and how Arizona or Florida added bonus that out and I dig glared at him a little bit Yeltsin got upset. With a wanna Graf prompt had a drop that they doesn't want rocket he does but yet sort of vote what are you doing and where is dropped touchdown with a white. Seems to be in the right place the right time makes plays and you good to see him. It used a lot more to this week compared to the end of the 2000 all of the complaints is over wears white violently toward white more and NC applauded yesterday. And other things football suck this week. Because last week footballs in general let out of that and we're glad we got there was a lot of bad in week two as well but there ought not there's a lot of stuff but since that those pretty good on some entertain young and otherwise of course the around the National Football League Euro. It's time talked to the head coach the New England Patriots build ballot check our conversation with a coach. Brought to buy Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of team work. And at the head coach joins us here hey bill how are you could do. There's a tornado that hit it right right thanks you have said in the past how hard it is to go on the road and win any time in the National Football League. Not to win in New Orleans tough place to play against a coach that you respect and a great opposing quarterback. How did you rank yesterday's victory for your team. Oh well following Nixon on progress ms. improvement from last week I was so along long ago. Headed in the right direction most pundits and cut off to a good start. You know plates and complementary football play on third down defensively. Vote for him a slot opportunities that you have some big plays and played very well in the kicking games. And nine penalties and sonus and some some good things and some things that we. We need to we need to improve on in the coast but it play. When you prepare for any team we're sure that all of you have challenges that might keep you up a little bit. Of looking at New Orleans just there's stats last year on third down staggering. Up 40% third down conversions one. How do you counter that to. What do you think they've had so much so much success over the years offensively particularly on third downs really hearted effort here. Right well the loan. Again good coaching good quarterback. Good players they're very good skill players and they always have. Select Abel is a good backs on those Gus can convert on third down at a good time items. And that a good skilled players good receivers with a slot receivers. And Amazon see it sure that hurt a little bit here last week this week. They still love you know very good group their own Coleman's. Obviously Thomas. You know Tommy Lee and in little groups so. You know they they scheme you well then make it hard to get the quarterback a lot of options. Based on man zone blitz. What every two years ago that you as a pretty good option on the play easily reits are right and get to to America and they usually pretty again it himself. Says. All of those things come in the Paula there and and they stay out of wall ordinary situations to a mean we have am and a couple. Third and fifteens or something like that seventeen someone you know that those cuts that's hard for anybody convert so. You know that you don't have very many options and play well first and second down was option there. Now closing out the first half you guys are driving didn't have any timeouts and Brady scrambles on the last play in are able to get the the whole deal or you're out there and kick as time expires not a play typically see very often throughout the season. Obviously one that you guys work on in practice what's the biggest challenge with that TV 22 guys have to be on the exact same page there. Yeah pretty much a straight. Well you have to make quick decision that you're gonna do you know. Leave the offense out there on fourth down and try to pick it up in the clock and after that play or you're gonna go in there and kick it an and you try to make that decision before. The play if you cam. So that's what we did we said that if the clocks from an. We don't get first downs we're gonna go with the with the no huddle field goal and so once we it's made that call. At the end of the play it and everybody now operated quickly and the guys or on the field in all from us or on go wrong. That we had two or three seconds doubles now to. To get it done so this isn't a good job both units elephants in them and the few million. It is that's on the super ticker yet I'd just house you know for awhile there is that something where those guys that so many times you know they have a time out maybe opposing coaches trying to iso and they have all day out there this is one regular fly out there and then tickets are clearly that's something he's comfortable. Well let's say those guys work on more than anybody this snapper the holder in the kicker sojo and and Ryan and Steve work on that themselves a lot where they run out and it's not just. You know the the kicker but it's the holder getting in the right distance from the from the snapper so that the timing is right and then the the kicker lineup on the holders so you know again bubbles and spotted measure wrong field sometimes you don't know exactly. What that is in his communication from the snapper to the well to the holder where the ball is too Ryan and Ryan. To the spot known Steve lines up on the spot men you know we we kind of to a countdown sometimes accountants fast and disrupt their ticket sometimes it's. More like it was in the game where you have a couple seconds that you just is not write the final buzzer there yeah a couple seconds to packets them. And you don't wanna Russian if you don't have to Russia right so that's. So though those guys spent quite a bit of time on the the main thing for the holder is to make sure that everybody set. So if we have anybody that's still getting senator object when in the stance and whatever week we don't want snap but because then. It. Lose the played half of the overall so. Them was sent them he knows he can let it go after. Or give it another second or two if he has time to make sure that everybody's says the kickers feel. Watching the game it it seemed as though Josh McDaniels and the offense used a wider variety of position groupings than we've seen. We saw a lot of different guys split out wide at different times including James Devlin and others. Was this a week where. The practice week was so crucial because you were throwing it it appeared to me watching. The were throwing more at these guys and even the new wood and a normal week. Well and we usually use quite a few personnel were and so on last week we didn't we hit to tie ins for the Kansas City game. We had three for this game on but only three receivers this week we have four receivers so we just changed the depth little bit that the tighter receiver numbers but on the backs and they were the same and there was still quite a few. So we he's quite a few Europeans I would say it was dramatically different in practice or the game planning was dramatically different from what is then. Agree that probably was a little bit more but not. Not that much. You know Tom Brady was on earlier today talking about the range. Of the offensive playbook the number of plays in there. How do you feel it for a guy like you know cooks is in his first year here dorsett just got here and rookies do you feel like here. It's it's a difficult. Playbook to learn or what would you say it's. What's your commitment level is to put into it you just come in and get it quickly or think it takes a couple of years. Well I think you can get a certain portion of the but. There's still growth it's safer clearly Chris Hogan. He's a lot more. Unfamiliar. And reacts a lot quicker things this year than he did last year. Not because he's smarter but just because he has more experience in the system and he's he's done things. It's that the navy in the first or the second time a year ago on September. You know doctoral training camp and OTA's and or anything else. You know now this year he's a whole year and those situations that come out once or twice men from six or seven times and you know he would react to them. And very quickly here Robert Dion lewis' in about a couple of years. You know witness in the system. An additional player like him slight who started. Didn't didn't play much his rookie year but played his second and thirty years has quite a bit of experience. Don't worry it'll it'll do a few more things with and the we've done in the past just because. You know he's he's advanced more but. It's it's incremental but I think from your one year two there's a pretty good. There's pretty good jump from those guys. And especially rookies from here one year two there's a bigger jump for those guys because that's. Doctors learn the playbook it's more pro football oats in a pro athletes. Training differently it's a lifestyle. How to how deep can you go into the well and felt comfortable with some of these guys for example like you know Josh has been around for awhile Tom. Saying hey you know we played Tennessee five years ago we did this story that jets game in 2010. Is that something you you're comfortable doing with them wars it just. You wanna keep that at a minimum because they know it. Yeah everybody else the other players that have been there sure they couldn't you know you could definitely about the Robinson a gronkowski your carrier. Remember this is the look weak that he set the jets game and tendon and you know upon spore player like raw over com. Julian somebody like that they're alienated they remember that and speakers member how we handle that we we did this we did that that'll. Sure the compact all night you know you and analysts say that. And it Coke's case. He he would call the some of it as a man around and ensured Josh in Manhattan in many coaches and staff were able to do that you know how we can handle this situation in Willis is basically the same thing we saw them. And San Diego back in 2013. Okay so. You reduce the exact same thing or something similar to it because this is just a little bit different yeah there's definitely some. Such an advantage of an experienced staff on hand players experience that are within your system. You're not gonna have 22 players like that but you know maybe some your key ones to have them as an example. You know Patrick Chung Harmon defense guys like. Well Wilfork or somebody like that author here's how the block on the play this way so and so and a couple years ago then you know. Did those guys can handle that then that's what makes a great players. Now we found out after the game that you guys are evidence of headset issues how often does that happen and then how does that that impacts your communication to play college. I was all time. Sometimes more than others but it. Various on the go with her game in either. A press box communication or coach quarterback communication. And environment the tablets and all of that's only the story and the sentiment that communication from the press box to sidelines that coat so. It's it's pretty common. In a bid they're one of the issues is just. You know the rule and so if depend on it's it's complicated set rules but basically if something happens. During the there's two things can happen there's an equity ruling on equity rules of equity rolled his son Jeremiah sidelined them. You're sideline has the same fate if if there's not an equity ruled and you just Lewis field problem and you live well part of that is whether there's an issue. At the start of the game and also before the game starts. It's a non equity things right. But the problems before the game it doesn't happen in events during the game it's tough walk but if that happens before the game. And that's not buffalo that's it is not right the first place so that kind of changes the ground rules of the so. Yesterday. Was an example of problems before the game which is what happened in the Miami game last year at the end of the season. And the neck kind of changes the way that the whole situation gets handled here in the game so. So I talked to them about that before the game. And came up again halftime which is before the game but it's kind of the same thing it's. Before things really get started in and Kate go on that and that kind of brings things under a little bit of a different problem thorough. Rules policies. Now. You make our you know to say aren't you know the intimacy does everything for us. He does a tremendous job and Andy's under you know. Obviously a lot of stress because things happened so quickly in a lot of different components to a there's. Receiver in the player's helmet there's. You know the all the technologies. And then you know those Internet connection and then there's the actual. You know. Hardware that's news. And so he does a tremendous job of organizing and making sure that's all right for Austin working with a Josh and mad at myself. But the Lee handles all. The other things and there's a lot of equipment that we have that is an art equipment mostly equipment that we don't get until the games so there's no way for us to test this hour. Repair everything so. What the functionality of it is you're not sure until you actually get the game and take case and opened up and start using and of course game day. In you have a lot of the events going on with marketing him you know the radio TV even though many other frequencies being used and so forth so. It's a lot lot more going on game days and as he's gotten tested on Saturday afternoon when everything yes sure it's fine but that's that's the stuff going on so. That's that you know those are some of the components that go and hood but. From my standpoint it's is that something's wrong before the game that's a different than if something's wrong during the game and it was right at the start of and so. Felt that needed some clarification. It's it's really. It's really between the teams in the league. Internally. We can control we can control and that's that's. Rarely an issue and battery goes dead or something in them that we fix that that's fairly easy the hard part is the is the networking and McConnell offs and so forth. You know session because she quarterback is if the button if they click the blood and factual off when you think you're wrong. That's a problem you know and so. That's you know that that's just another element of the so it's I just thought that Macintosh and very job of Hanlon multiple situations that came up over the course of the candidates are actually before again so. I thought that it got to work through. Houston Texans come to town this weekend. You practiced with them this summer had some joint workouts together you've played them obviously in the playoffs last year. When you're practicing with the team do you get much. Scouting done in that situation does it help you would all that would help them as well but is there any. Eight that you get OK I know what this guy can do now where am I might not known that before that sort of thing. I think it's an animal that will that mean. I think we know what the hunter Hopkins and do I think you know McCain you can do Olympic and it'll walk and I think they know what Fareed you can do gronkowski can do in my forties and you know the cuts that state secret so. Again the most important thing in those situations. Or like our practices and in the Greenbrier were. First rule it wasn't a scheme thing it was like let's lineup and play against another good team against an eager group of players and see how our guys play who works kinda. Run this play against that play because that'll work. You know here's our group plays they know what they are we know what the errors are let's see how we execute how we get better fundamentally happily. Improve our hand placement route technique our leverage our you know our our angles how can we you know hopefully improve those things that's really what those practices were about not. You know have a dream up some triple reverse the that they wouldn't be able to stop. You know. It did it I don't think at that point we were ready for that you know that we're just trying to. Teach our EU market players that they just needed to have fundamental work against other good player against McKinney in swat against colony against merciless against those guys. The slight. They needed against our guys and you know you get from your own players in the practice setting but you'll also it's good again and against and set of players and maybe a little bit different ski itself. I thought that was that was very helpful Austin and the role they saw us run this play this play before it's you know. That is a big secret they know we have play. But for analysis more about the bigger picture we got to sixteen game schedule we're trying to get your team ready which players were they were trying to. Compete against another good football team. That was the benefit for us and so they know that we. You know run crossing pattern this formation of New Hampshire that's in place fifty times and. I don't I'll start for the coach's job that we got a lot to choose from this week. Rock on the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer is visit MB USA dot com for your nearest dealer today. You pick kids. And it'll. Either between the first one word or the want to half. No worry took the last two and a half minutes off the clock and didn't get on the ball that they have the ball coming out it's our the second half so's this kind of like. You know little like the Kansas City situation where we were ahead in the and they scored before them ethnic affable sort of third quarter. So in this case we got the ball scored in often. And we stop them the start of the third quarter two. But I look first I was a good drive info seven nothing on the road that's always a good place December. The vertical third downs and then it for capital. You know people want that girl question. And an irate area so. One of those two. We always appreciate your time congratulations on the win we'll talk to next week cart's announcement thank you thanks head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio W media. Take. A moment ago ridiculed defense. One person. The word count. It's answered your question about the headset issues yeah the word count was more than all of last week comply interact was with the move properly as long as last week that he was a the difference at the way the wind and the loss. At an impressive win to go to the saints are world leaders the bit they should've gone in there and beat number after a game like they had against the chiefs. You'll actually take it any sort of a factly the heads that question which was one that he was really discussing. All the plays that they were running on offense and if they're having communication issues in the still. Were able to get some place and like I donors upset if that they had nine penalties or wherever else but overall the communication with really good and that was before you even knew all the issues that are out there. And that's why I've ever wanna here any any team talk about the headsets not working. And here are making bringing up and I also is regulars so what matters all the time until now think but you know. If if it happens often that happens often for the patriots happens often for other teams and leagues just have to go into the season prepared for especially. The first day. I game wind is just no excuse. Where you say on the headsets were working so we can't communicate while. You have to that's part of your preparation. For the start of the season you have to figured out that as part of practice he should just hold on that training camp. We're gonna run these all these place with no. Operating as a we have no headset communications how to we do. Then. I do just yet they do that that is how do you explain plan about it they end up to delay games they end up with you know twelve men on the hoddle they have a couple of different stuff but. It didn't seem to be. Problem off now it's as I understood it the issue was communication from coach to coach. In other words from the press box down with the coaches on the sideline. It was not necessarily as much from like Josh to Tom Brady or Matt says whoever had warmed up. As a coach is more critical right because it wasn't too doesn't it yeah personnel groupings you know hey they come and witness in this what it means that there's pressure coming on this play a whole thing. That's what and that's constant as constant communication. Whereas a guy like Tom Brady forty years old. If I can tell something that he and see how he sees warden you do you just kind of neutrality try to give them a little bit of insight a little bit of clarity or hate notes right make sure we you know got a time out there let's run two quick ones. No huddle whatever it is but that coach to coach communication. I just goes on constantly. It was so impressive the out. That the performance of the play when Brady scrambled up the middle at the end of the half. And and they get you know 22 guys off and 22 guys on. And as bill said they actually got a kick away with a couple seconds left him what's it like get the exact moment that that the clock sitting doubles heroes. But the whole performance of that play is is. Now as I understood what they were describing all all every guy on the on the vehicle team was lined up at our guard up there were all standing their with their helmets on. And the minute Brady hit the ground they're sprinting out onto the field oil. It's the president's week to Alexa that's one of those things where that's freshen him concentrating Tampa from these early weeks of practice. But it isn't present you don't see it that often and on third down they elect not the clock it so. Art of Brady doesn't toward a complete pass that you got to mold and Saddam wants air of the past it obviously wasn't QB draw those that pass play. And Brady rods as far as he can get as much room was again gets down they all the entire offense. Knows it on the one hand you similar professionally as they showed that you've seen it out it's still a good product outing as he's out here players in the league words these things is to bond goal and you wonder yeah. And then you never know about kickers and how they're real that that's not exactly part of their routine and then what coach Belichick brought up which was somebody really think of is. The holder how how impressive that is for the holder who soared past due. See where they're spotting the ball in line up at the appropriate distance to get too close they might get blocked you go too far back it's gonna throw off the timing so. There's a lot that goes and that play just for three points but they they made it look really easy. Were you concerned when discount scheme is the first test scores are simple yeah oh yeah they are hearing I held god don't let this be the difference yeah and now as the afternoon wore on you're feeling better and better about it but. He missed three last year. He's missed one already this year. The it'd you had the patriots were in that in favor of backing that extra point up and making it more competitive play this is their rule. An account came back to get a little bit and easy I had no say in a rule I don't think he did know that a he would but he wasn't automatic as they got ya you still holds the record for consecutive extra points I believe that was bull one it was shorter and then go up on six point when they'd when they moved it back but. Yeah I mean he's not he's not automatic but I don't know what kicker in the league is but it just for a while it felt like a scouts key ones in than last year like okay. Now you have sort of maybe he's still in the top I don't know ten kickers in the league or top eight kickers were every wanna put on but. I thought before that was a big advantage that you had and now I don't feel that way. I think the oil competition next year next year next year that there's nobody camp this year with them right has there ever a president next year I think. But then that we did you might lose them to do what they think there's a reason why there's nobody in camp this year and I think that all got you know yet some guys like the competition others perhaps not. Including kickers. Kickers are different kind of that some guys my step up to you might step up and they are gonna bring in. You know bring in another guy like 1000 volt at a cheap suit then what did you who's got no reason to complain they brought in competition for Tom Brady can ever for anybody that. That's Tom Brady I'll. But he used it as motivation and then became even better whereas the ticker maybe if he's. Of those Tom Brady by the way it was only thirty for 39447. Yards three touchdowns no interceptions. First time in his career he's thrown three touchdown passes in the first quarter of the game was no way those right path and and seventy ever threw three touchdowns in the first quarter I guess they deferral the second youngest in the third quarter admitted but this quarter it is the most yards for any quarterback in history above the age of forty ED Warren Moon by a yard. The viewer go get ready for all of these all the every week it's going to be a new for rural road hero guy has done that you always going to be. Brett Favre ever Warren Moon every single one of a previous record holder with Warren Moon producer told Brett Favre I don't want to forgot what. For Greta I'm looking forward to forty ones is just a different just a different metric different status stats. He'll be fine he'll be right the forty year quarterback he's okay. He looked tired at 35 year old quarterback I watched him this morning without L'Oreal said last week does that last sort of reflect kind of floated that you know maybe Tom Brady's losing. I was but you have to admit before we start getting all excited about it saints are the worst defense of the worst secondary that's where it that is an equal broke through our Carol I didn't employer is there a role on this thing. It's not even getting excited over a win over. Defeat of the saints you're you're excited because he got the best player. Yet the best player in football on your side so he still about where complete as the best player football in February. Even though Matt Ryan got the MVP. They got him beat David Tom Brady's better we on that right so. Why would it change from February 2072. I don't know September while he turned this minority dealers are. You heard that his convoy a month ago I turned forty I've watched him this morning he was on a CBS this morning it was of a lengthy interview with Norah O'Donnell. Based primarily on the release of the TB twelve method but she was up here at TB twelve put them and and he was going through some of the work out stuff when he was talking about liability in the band exercises and they actually showed Alex Guerrero you know in their own with a minced up. He is dead. Absolutely dead serious about 45 that. And he told there that's the goal to play to lease 45 and and see how things feel after that though now she said is just LO OK with that. Any set he said well just sell actually said ten years ago you told me we're only gonna play ten more years. And now it's been ten years and any did kind of indicate that there is some ongoing conflict perhaps. Between he and his wife about his goal of playing this game till he's 45. How what he's doing. Will be available in mid October hey it's football season there I don't know how it is can't do it our. Of resources and love it but. And that the guys are yet but I can bring down the guy says he wants to play until 45. It's the flip side. Is let's say he does what she wants a guy in you that you get there purity is a guy a guy or is my wife's that don't follow politics tunnel politics and what's that well but I'm saying if she if he does what she once knew it. He's done a while back he's still has the ability to play football he stops after this year yeah is that OK she's happy now who's unhappy. He's not happy right yeah yeah I used to play to your 45 and you stop five years early. Also in that scenario one person's going to be unhappy. And so she's probably been unhappy left I've had him happy but. She probably wanted him to retire early in the last couple years he's the one abroad and at peace at you know Gisele said you told me ten years ago you're gonna play for ten more years and now has got it in she even that it says so much in that interview that interview. That we've talked about you know forever about the concussions she was saying you know she's opened a do fun stuff for them until there hundred me all this other stuff and have a great happy life it's not just a football that time commitment football. Can also dangerous yes dangerous right exactly majority any time you you look ahead like that and he's doing right now. Looking ahead of 45 into you know it's that's the goal. It's always dangerous to do that. Did you think you don't even know what kind of person you'll be then I mean you have it actor chord you hope you can remain a good person and with integrity and Allison on the same. You your experience. Your experiences. Might lead you in another direction he might have thought. Ten years ago and football won't be on my radar continues to be a lot of had enough and beside globally placed elderly or just don't know all this on a high got to feel what you think about what happens to you what happens to your family members. You know situations will change your perspective so. Whether Bill Belichick and I think Bill Belichick same thing when he's an. Won't be out here in my seventies you might ultimately you might get. You might think you'll you'll feel a certain way it's 6565. Now probably feels better any it would 65. Brady did say one thing he told Norah O'Donnell that he feels better and is throwing the ball better than when he was eighteen. He said even before college he said I've I've I feel better now. Then I felt back if she's in winning your better when your forty and you wore when you're eighteen and you use the who'll go off by a lot stronger at least a mile stronger is the also cities faster. But I know now we've talked about his mobility but he said flat out I'm faster now than I wants. Eighteen is not really that's not a big one is eighteen. He's a diamond in the rough and W I I about how he feels and how he's. If anybody deserves a new article all out of that area are gonna Cilic great all of us who. Cheeseburgers. In yeah. Pete's you know to be different at all times a week about this it Taiwan nuggets Drew Brees now that Drew Brees does the TV twelve but he doesn't. Edith I got no sugar grove gluten all stuff you know build a bit of a picture of Tony Romo hit the Sunday here at that I thought that. 6177797937. Let's get to the calls have you guys is the patriots up. I mean it's their first win since February I don't know the other may have heard to say that it's been a long time blunt gap between wins. 6177797937. We'll talk with you guys when we come back in just couple of minutes of stale on Hollywood keep. At Gillette Stadium Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone numbers we get the phone calls that you guys one side patriots now not a patriot of the football note here. Via the whole situation with Lawrence Timmons is a little scary. Of the Miami Dolphins. He went A wall Saturday night in LA after the the pregame meetings that every team has when a wall. He was missing. The team ultimately after calling family and friends try to find him ultimately filed a missing persons report. Police found him at LAX Sunday morning. He was attempting to fly to Pittsburgh. Reportedly he was telling the mother of his child. That he missed his child and he wanted to go home. He is with the team he is seeing doctors today in Miami. On a return to Miami after their win yesterday. But you know now the whole the whole. Cornucopia of of possibilities are open here is this a CT EU issued Izzy Izzy you know suffered concussions is at bringing about this change in behavior. Is Arab a drug issue I mean all of the possibilities are open here. But it's just kind of scary. For a guy who literally just disappears on a football team. Yeah I was thinking of a repair Robin's you know for the Super Bowl with the raiders up the first of the pops to mind and guys who at that time unequivocal pro and it was a big part of that team the next thing you know. If find out all the things he's doing later on wasn't bipolar that you have charged with the with a murder also stuff and you hear that it's just scares which in this day and age were so easy to get all the people when it's just. Lauren or summary is just taxed on it call whatever and say out Reid not over the weekend that that he won a walled so. There's more of that store for sure and that is definitely pretty scary stuff. I let's get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. As we talk that the pats win over the New Orleans Saints in the Houston Texans come up this weekend. Let's go to Dave on the cell phone debut next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood keep. I hate. I haven't thought during the game that seemed to me that. 'cause you typically puts the ball sort of and zone and excuse me on kick us. And that's the body came out short. Several times in the middle of the game and it's seeing and meeting at this strategy that they could stop before the short side. And if I didn't think it worked out very well and and I noticed patients from August. 1 or soup church seaport security and there and it got me quite certain that. It's been kind of the norm here they they have used that since they moved the kick off point out to the 25. Bill ballot second special teams coordinator here. And have decided now we're not gonna do that and and pretty routinely occasionally they'll have tellem glad ticket through the end zone and he canned. But most the time he's trying to drop it right at the one. And and thinner than ever more certain to bring it out coverage team can I pick him up and not just concede the yardage. Were you when you don't have Slater were Abner. Maybe you should just take you through the end zone right because those guys were tool that component of more tackles than anybody it was a little more likely to hit them. Anywhere inside the 2.5 didn't feel like it's it's a win there. That does also the big series last year politeness counts he missed some mixed with other screw it up on kick off that does kick it short of the fact that flag. Which are that's the case or not without some that a little bit different because the league with an Arabic kicked off really safe. And firfer remove where you kick the ball off from the thirty of the 35000. More touch backs. 90% well would you do better in the twenties that are we'll take that your chance to go until the boot to the 25. The hatred that not. There's still there's so little O'Leary can figure out a way to to make this an actual and you casually I usually they stop them before the 25 they do and that's the pond if you wanna make you return right and then there are doing that they've been doing that a lot ladies of the collar point I don't think it's a the scouts the strength finger like every ticket they're fortunate dome like that he ticket through the end zone every time he wants but they wanna make work world. Brady was asked about the dome situation after the game yesterday and end this morning even with with Kirk and Callahan. Because it you know if you think about the advantages that a guy like Drew Brees has had but it got like Peyton Manning had for years and years and years. Where you know you know at least half your football games are in perfect conditions. It's going to be more than that early season games steal other domes and ala but at least half your games are going to be in pristine perfect conditions. You wonder what Brady would have done. If he'd been playing a dome all these years. Is more perfect conditions for guys that reason Manny Peyton Manning and they let their division. So Atlanta. Brian that are outstanding at an adult dose OK there you go abuse and likely if you're going on the road so in your division one on the road to Atlanta that's a good atmosphere and what a Carolina and Tampa. So it's not just eight games a year it's eleven games a year you know absolutely. Whether it's not going to be a real factor. So I think if Brady played issel created dome this Libyan prisoners to guess. Is yards and touchdowns and be higher but the wins and losses might be a little bit different because he's always so prepared yeah it feels like your always gonna run into. In the playoffs are gonna have to win in the elements not always like this falcons they wrapped up home field good for them so they get dome games all the way there. But the AFC look at all the good teams in the AFC you'd have to win in Pittsburgh in January here in Denver in January obviously here in New England in January. Those can be tough places to play it if you're not used to it I think our patent a.'s biggest issues as a kid from the south plays in the SEC that it plays in a dome. So that when he asked the play when it's knowing he stormed the volatile all night and guys all right those guys are apparently Drew Brees is record outside the dome. Not very good. And it Brady's record in bad weather has been under his ankle is with the is amazing and he's somebody that's obviously taken to a meet and he could do it not everybody can. Yes football. I won't football player in the elements for about that I had a choice and ultimatum bad weather's bad weather city or bad weather region like this from New England Chicago Detroit Cleveland. Give it to me yeah Pittsburgh. I'll take that over dome any time. I can think of and we all can't think of championship dome teams just match in the saints and 09. And the colts won a championship and in St. Louis Rams. I can't let nasty dome team can't think of it a team it just like Ali let's get to the other whether they have personalities into a street fight with this team. You think about a great show on turf at all whereas I always MS colts were offensive first viewed a couple of the defensive players obviously the saints were definitely an offense the first frame. But that also makes sense if you're the GM of team had a dome you got when you want it were left out score people so that's what you would do probably. It is and then turn into a darn darkness that it doesn't but what's also interesting about that is. The Super Bowls with the exception of the one in New York organ Jersey which actually turned out to be crazy good weather ever world but I don't but also with the Mets did the next day to the next day that day it was great it was fine but all those teams they can find a way to get to the Super Bowl. While younger were about the elements than. Whether it's homer California Florida 6177797937. Is telephone number were down here at Gillette Stadium. Talking some football with you it's dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.