Patriots win but the injuries mount, plus Heath Evans breaks down the game for us

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Monday, September 18th

Hour #1 and we're all Patriots talk to start, including Heath Evans from the NFL Network.


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Well it. Celtics hadn't won a game since February you know I guess the pre season doesn't look healthy after all but he does not mean nothing at what gates February what it was sort of good but another big game from the think the times. I. A lot of national light errors off Vernon throughout the you have to give the Indians have won between then and now it's been that the outlets are rapper I think you know god god mighty. We OK now I've it is patriots patriot nation OK today that you take a breath the I don't know that it nope I'm all long haul I'm OK hello. I know the seven the. I'm out of step with the game and was wondering when it. I just want people to come out of what I want I want the people who were who were upset last week to. Stay with don't just be so. We saw impulsive. May have sent one week well I'm an affidavit impulsive last week. Yeah may be returning to all does that well. I think you could feel good about last week right by what you've spoken about last week elemental and so they've bounced back and that's great but I guess if you wanna play the the consistency game. Let's not brought parades her throne biology yards against the saint wrecked everybody does that Sam Bradford did that this year. The next guy that the saints play it will do that again it might not be for 47 in three. But I that'll be over 350 that's what happens every time a team plays the saints so is one of those. Tough spot to be in because if you beat the saints convincingly. Good you're supposed to do and if you didn't that's when people were who lost their mind. It's what happens every time the patriots lose a game images give you that you what the story I know what happened to overreaction Friday that we sad but now days ago I'll give you specifics. What specific certainly not so anyway and Wilbur who. It did a good Jamie Collins today Jamie Collins enable come up today Charles Taylor bonus defense would tailor Jones won't come out today. If they lose the next game is going to be Belichick the personnel man that GM is hurting Belichick the coach. I really miss Jim Jones. There arrogant. You try to outsmart people they think they're smarter than everybody else I'm just close. My point I think you're right. There's nothing to feel good about that Kansas City game got dominated and they did get out coached that game got out everything Nanking but. It was it was the first game of the season and not any. Our retrospective in the last five years or last governor this year I lost his turn to ease long like he's someone on a panel discussions. Oh you are to be just that goes with the next week you know five days between college aged between and Terry I think it's okay here until that there's no more meat on that vulnerability for that team right. But it while we go quietly go back three years four years on on a win but let's say oh yeah I'm gonna get OJ that sought to say that they won this game. They won this game that means that. You know. A breading cooks is better the red box that's equivalent I read read it don't make those critical is battered and David Patten hit I agree I don't know I don't know if David that once the game he loved his Chrysler but standardize it. You know that's what they told me in Geneva this week and about retarded now that at all our football player not as Blair the bicycle I'll take that compliment Rick is and I was Heber coach was the head coach of the of the team that played against whole Barton homecoming game this week of the basketball world the guy well he got -- he got a head chopped and I ordered at least I mean doesn't rich transported into a head coaching job right they arrive one of these guys and you know now he's coaching that's brought to school in Florida they got. Hit and West Coast in shenandoah which we had to look up I'd ever heard of that State's junior that's a pretty good home field advantage now that not a lot of teams go to Geneva New York they're going to call that never got to go to the U. I'll follow suit but bowed out there. That's a pretty good home field advantage like the black hole Amanda as a rabid I've watched the shenandoah kids. The two buses pulled into that that place across this week. The eight hit the middle clocked over with a thick heeled part of their own little golf shirt on verified shenandoah cute dog I hope we I hope we can argue back on the bus after the commentators believe that the arms and be careful. But I did hear a lot of rich keep nice players but he also noted you didn't you know a nice player you lied. The patriots got some nice players today there's a lot of years. Chris O'Brien back this week actor to run and adds that there. Touched down there to Birkhead. Chris Hogan got open. Yeah a much better Hogan game and in I thought it gonna take a test out away from them that was good passenger fares offered to pass interference from the guy that went so if fellowship. Argued his way out of a couple calls there and I enjoy Brady yeah right right well and that weren't available both on that it usually doesn't always work but. But there wreck the pick play stuff is something else. The edit pages doing this forever this isn't new. But they'll be one play that'll via a pick play at that even Tony Romo. Who who is great but even he was there at their asking of it pesos that what do you think about playing that well getting right at the last scrimmage in the mission of the reply it's clearly a yard pass it. It's on him though he knew the role or both what are the same Slater called for one in it it's all the same stuff right. You really should run to play every single time I think the defendant to the patriots do post that I am and I have a single I think both teams do. Yeah most amazing I don't know plane may end and we'll go. Or as you saw it last night in the Green Bay Atlanta game yeah I'll Martellus Bennett got called for want of it on a really big one does a big Gainer. But they look at the replay you can really see it Michael yo. How's this different than everything also watch. On Sunday and Monday and Thursday. That's the tough one I think I still think pass interference is the toughest call for that I fell rough to make. Whether it is or won't other than what's the catch what that they can't have gone now on that's on the short list and then to pick play it would have to be three trifecta for tough place to figure out. But when you saw them when you saw the patriots yesterday did. Look let's start the offense is there anything in their offense that made me just say okay this is their back yet the first activity. Outward that would disable the number of an 81 of those things I wanna ask bill about and he probably won't give us much especially do you eat yeah it didn't fit I mean we went when I saw the list of guys that they had split wide glass in yesterday's game. I mean Josh McDaniels cramped three weeks' worth of work into the ten days he had between games because boy it they have to get. Creative the other I loved it Aaliyah Phillip or set the back field you have Jim Devlin lining up out wide you start out ticket halls are making his debut get three tight ends to start the game. They did a little bit everything and how for the big criticisms. As soon as Thursday night and it was. Well what was that offense why why weren't they doing more stuff I did and maybe. Part of the answer is hate filled doors that just got here are some of these other guys are new to the offense we we try to put the stuff of war grade ago. They seem Grady goat in a million different things about but the pace that they played with was good. And just keep him guessing like there're there're so many different plays that they rolled out there out of those query. Yeah and also the the accuracy of Brady. That that's. That's usually the reports of his demise I was gonna say mature that's usually not headlined Tom Brady accurate passer but after last week when he was drawing it deep a lot in. I'm not a lot of success the one and receivers not getting all our Brady missing them but I yesterday he was. You throw money what do you think him and cooks. That's the one guy I think there's that one play that if Brady led coax a little more would've been a touchdown the it it took caught it right around the two yard line Revver but he had to stop and turn around it was a lot of it seems like he's the one guy. It they've completed passes shore but it's not. Saint it's not locked the infield hoarse that seem to be in the right place at me and was run in the right plays and obviously Hogan this week compared to last week wrong you know no surprise Birkhead. But which would coax it seems like. Maybe they're just off a little bit stale. Look like the patriots may have dodged some injury bullets here too based on initial reports and these things always change it seems like by the minute. Are reportedly did wrong first of all grunt was in the locker room and didn't talk. But did kinda give a wink can set I'll be fine him and walked out names so you it's an okay he's all right and the reports are they dodged a bullet without one. Even the Donta hightower stopped now it appears that it's possible what I've read is that he could even play this weekend but at worst it's a two to three week thing. I mean gambling and a kitten back in and you know Ammann dull I don't know the situation as once during the concussion protocol. Who knows how long but it looks like they may have dodged some bullets here. I mean if grunt goes out for any extended period of time with the lack of weapons and other places you worried about that if high towers out for an extended period of time you're worried about that. That I think I tower will be out for awhile. And I know you know he could play with the I just assumed with let's say a worst case is two to three weeks yeah absorbs about Houston offense given yet another take him another without due in week three. But if they key is drunk. You know clock back yesterday in looking like the guy who he looked lumbering and slow at it again exactly the key is that you feel like that's your football tequila. Oh look I don't you are you're doing that right now I mean you're all right Murrow all birdies yeah that's. Key to life. If you can survive the hot cakes you'll be okay sir why the hot takes and you'll be. Why the T shirt huts or five. Survived but I don't live I am not an object however claim there would not play god and oh yeah the Calgary Flames logo by remote I survived the hot. Because last week all having young damage on the look at who emailed Glock has done talking by sources my scouts. I don't Iowa this what are guys out I don't know 1 o'clock done. Is done. I. I. Hey let's say it you know it was the talent and it's surveillance and that's enough for me it won't. It is it is just ridiculous and so. That they're back the fine there but he. He's so chronic leaves the game with an injury Tony romo's day it was that bad economic health of the groin is that all that's good news is that the book and I don't look back injury but Bronx though and hauling more into the locker let him do that but he what that new little tent bubble that they have on the on the field Chris Hogan lived off at one point Philip Purcell was left off during the during regulate. There were there weren't at a guys the true it's unbelievable they're being tested with right now I don't know. Look at the injured were on Wednesday and we've all heard that John asked you know check what's at play in the house grunt card today no but it'll pop up there a month there for sure it'll probably say groin and you'll probably limited the new agreement with. Have you do you think you're by hired. On the rapidly moved into a lip reader yes do you think the company would reimburse me. There. I got Ollie for dale here and I guess that's enough now held not at all I'm insulted that you Brigham young children. If it for us Oprah likely that because if you had a lip reader yesterday. On I thought about this person Kevin Garnett. Wanted to end. It irony about it I can't tell you where a lot of stuff that most other but not everybody at a lip reader who watches in the entire game yeah the column and ever wrote. This this Kevin Garnett and an evening with players sit with us now underway in evening with Kevin Garnett in Philly destroyed a year's first quarter the fourth quarter with her they played a growing okay. There's a whole time. So a reader yesterday would have been valuable. To have somber note Tony Romo tried to try to do little bit. Where you can hear you can see Brady how's ground apple goes right at the assistant trainer and says outcry jump out at ground as Joba out on the gas. And then to get my own answer. Yet in the premiere yet to be in suit he's losing out on alum put the plate cars full of (%expletive) I don't and you read over the side you got that turned a little bit yeah it. Enough for you with this great idea how to act accurately you guys don't think the company would back me up nice idea but you're darkening yet not going to be out of pocket. Out of pocket you're right for you out of poverty and helps the show unity if you put it towards your next book though maybe there's some men maybe not but he we yeah I knew the publishers say there's value here very good value area you know I'm a market but what about next week. We have the lip reader reports well David had anything to receive his rock was laying on the ground you could see more of the replaced Bill Belichick saying there in just insane activities or read on a space jet the thought bubble then you have other off it would go. Like not again you gotta you gotta be kidding me we get this thing sponsored through. The liberator via boats on the ball at that borrowers almost as if I was using my network straight to there it is rather Promos simply confused by it too good then they have that there are you could be a lip readers that yeah I could be a ventriloquist. Yeah. And he is alert is not saying. I gotta say I will say this I I was driving home from New York yesterday so I listen to the whole game on satellite that when I got home I'd flipped on the DVR started watching. Tony Romo is crazy ideas he's he is already two weeks it was Corey the best analysts in the NFL. He's that good oh going after all I will. It was both of those OK okay and Edmonton. Aikman and I think Ronald glory in the conversation I'm I don't know these deaths are the best yet I'd like to hear more on this is obviously the first game of teams start to finish -- about. Look for the fate to sixteen well I think touchdowns I can't comment. He's the only criticism loud out of Romo after yesterday's game maybe there's an idol got Igor obviously he's clearly got a good relationship with Sean Payton. So every decision Sean Payton made. As the good call here is the could call whether their goal or not north ordered really aren't any of the crowd I like what is still an area. I know you is what are your first coaches to help get you into the league you gotta you gotta question in my little. And as he has not enjoyed the same school as they've already got a whole relationship but he got his stuff would look to elect a lot well I think that was one of yesterday in particular with that because every every. Analysts has that thing with somebody whether the former coach or former team is kind of kind of back off a little bit when it's clear they should be criticized them. I think he is he got a lot of attention last week for guessing for forgetting predicting it. Right so you you know it shouldn't be guessing game was what I mean I think he's got what are our objective is gonna be around here passed. But I don't write he gets most of them right yeah up look for a run to the left here bull run to left to mean. I like committee had like an get energy he's not expect as an out about oh yeah as I always tell me it sounds in the Booth Mary's. Got a good. A good spot going the other thing and this is because of the team that he's on that broadcast him talking about. So make up for another weakness that think the hasn't figured this knowledge of the AFC. It's been an an NFC his entire career so he's talking about late in the games. You know why how can a patriots even like who's gonna win matchups. My dude just the beginning of the game a reminder of the 2001 patriot has taken a game plan back six Pena went there Credo we're 101 not to let that they've done that. But they did in 2001 with the cast of characters that you weren't really crazy about they've been they've been doing this for a. And I guess they got kind of lost the mountain activities and how all of this all the thieves played man like for cooks but you're one of those men beaters that that the pages have had a long time. So like you and yet he's there he's hurt than you do one guy but. You also he was very. About the. Guess the rockets is back all you have god got there yet at the back notes. I might you know actually it might be nice. But it is did you see and we were talking about this earlier the groin did you see the shot when he was on the bike from behind and all the back had seemed to be all the our next I think it's absolutely yeah shocking it patriots misled you don't have to go there could be it could be is back but it. Just that guessing leftists you don't like Tony Romo I do like room I think it's apparently does not I like very clear I'm not there where Phil Simms god I have met a lot of I don't know. I'm not well isn't old and I wouldn't say he's the best in the NFL yet but I didn't hear more maybe after we gate. We'll see we gate that's my big list that I think he's doing the patriots now Buccaneers game blue and red over the next pats game. And we're talking about stretching giving up in the morning before you go to bed at night all the things you try to do to keep things loose and supple what's helping false. Kristen goes down towards the back. It's twisted. It was back to report this woman's. Twisted fault you hear you right away. Yeah roam on those back injuries. He IE Bravo does I think he knows his own back I think idols. If it it's a outback yeah that you sniff that out. So we can I think he thinks he's he's that while he's got a lot of picks right so far and you don't want of you know agree that all you have you have I don't know they go to that other side I am willing to go there. I mean I I think quite honestly he's right more than Aikman is what I think. Well Collins worth is and is willing to it to tell you what's gonna happen before it happens is Romo is eyes or your role build more critical. That they could still. You know he know if that relationship but it clearly was Sean Payton but even the other guys it's a relation where it was actually a funny it's that somebody had. Romo's younger than both Brady and Brees who are out there in the game so it very much his peers who were always out there with and so. Yet that on respect for Brady would you be and belted white women and I might win they show and he talked about it we all study in the wood and article work style they were look at that now he's different what what separates them so that's an insight. That you weren't getting before I just feel since Betty quarterback that may be retired in the eighty's or ninety's. Gotta be a lot is just the insert simulate their from a bullet out Roma. I think you're just really tired of Phil Simms and his nonsense of I think at you have somebody who who is competent which he is coming in with a little energy. Guides the greatest ever. It's just a lot better than Phil Simms what you say and I agree with. We'll talk to Heath Evans in just a couple of minutes NFL network former patriots fullback. Are build out a check is scheduled to join us just after the top of the hour at 3 o'clock. Will work in a bunch call for you guys as well we're down here to let stadium and patriots Monday at dale Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI. A. He certainly was Rob Gronkowski with a big day yesterday did leave with some sort of an injury as as you guys all saw but. Is being downplayed somewhat will wait and see. You know going forward as it does always seem to be the case with him that there are issues. I'll we'll get to the culprit you guys in just a little bit as we always do when we're down here on AM patriots Monday we talk with former patriots fullback. I now and NFL network analyst Heath Evans is brought you by the New England who bought a tractor tractor dealers. And Benjamin Moore and he joins us right now hey Pete Dario. Good morning and good guys it was. What better to talk after this one in the a week ago Thursday. Overreaction Friday as what we called it after the season opener in and you get to calm back down after the second game. What are the things that jumped out at you that the patriots have obviously changed from week one. Well you don't have cut every week when Hoosier drawl maybe you heard even rowboat talking on the the broadcast about oh my gosh this is a complete different offensively wasn't talking about one that was producing a one that wasn't he was talking about how they were going about their offensive game plan. Betty they came out early and so they would spread and then a bunch of four and five wives. Castel young inexperienced. Blue let's call a spade a spade a bad defense is ruled in. Their understanding of the concept that you're trying to throw a lot of between the ship's emotions and a lot of that for five lives. It stressed to me even early in the first drive and so you sold some of those same concepts come back throughout the course of the game that. It will lead to a thirty point first half. You play for both of these guys you Sean Payton and build college art. What are some of the similarities between these guys differences that you see and you experience. Yeah well the differences Siegel built hands on everything you know don't don't take if you're. Belfour on ticked off that the bill doesn't know what text your responsibilities are if you screwed up. Chances are he'll he'll probably consult for the special teams coach is going to be about halfway off the field to tell you what you didn't didn't do. You know Shawn is is always a guy that's focused. Piper on the offense in the and that's his pedigree and he's always had a decent recorded this kind of let it run the ship form on that side of the of the field. You know it doesn't mean that the Chavez and nobody has to start the ball just a difference in the style of coaching and in obviously. Bill goes about his some very differently I think one thing that. One night. Left New England. And it went to New Orleans since there was a word it would be you know hyper accountability you know everyone's got to take ownership of not a good place ever want to take ownership of those but its ownership of of the bad plays and I think sometimes proved. The lack of details for such a count of offense in New Orleans over the last couple years was less left me frustrated you know and I don't frustration on and drew as well but. They've got to find a way to get those things are now. You think this could be the beginning of the end for Sean Payton it's another all once you start they've been below 500 the last three years been awhile since that made the playoffs do you think this might be his last year there. I think you know. No mr. Benson and even VO Mickey homeless. At the end of the year guess what there their compatriots are going to be in the one of the top three offices and so we're going. Do we get rid of this coach that knows how to put up points and any yardage. That hasn't been notified the defense coordinator really run the ship since. 201112. Now at this point you know. It's hard to to move on from a coach today has a ring on the trigger that helped push for the Marty. And then on his side of the ball produces over and over again a lot of times we move on from those head coaches better defense of monetary coaches who can't get dirty and super insult. John is it is the US you can ask Bill Belichick about shark that dolphins is hell on wheels and it's. Who win. They have things going. If there's there's obviously not one better. We're talking Heath Evans NFL network analyst former patriots fullback. As a fullback in the NFL it must excite you to no end to see James Devlin split out wide in all over the field you must beat they get man that's what I wanted to do. Is what I saw yesterday detective Antonio Cromartie that AFC championship game of 2007. Brady's would be out there with Josh in view of civil war. Two game plans specific to that gave mobile we're trying to do this in Diego defense couldn't. You know who crow was out of football and have his own run another got thrown the ball that your student. Brady hits me a little leg hitch route might turn around and try to break crows that my shoulder pads so it's always good to see. You know. Brady just spread the field you know you always try to dial into. Are what are what are your soccer rules of political team what formation they get into there just trying to that you would be something else and so a lot of times you see those. DB's safeties Cadillac inside couldn't not a of the Rhett to throw to a pullback or even some running backs and it's. It it was fun to watch it's always good put on tape as well. Are you said that New Orleans offense is hell on wheels and a quarter from a defensive perspective. You know what what what are some of the challenges. It puts on you what what did the patriots have to deal with yesterday that maybe we didn't see. Because they would look we don't have to stop that we just have to watch it. You have well obviously love a lot of what Josh and then Tom do you know personnel groupings and in the shift in the motions throw China bend and break the rules. They're always trying to do you know try to second guess what's coming you know Sean is big on the self skeletons. And I learned with with the patriot Cilic if you start resting on tendencies. The good coaches are gonna arrest in your activity back and then we'll when you think you have your give me player your go to play in the red zone on third down her goal line. That was good coaches. Hey you've gone to buy two they're gonna know where your top two we're replay should come on the three by one or certain personnel groupings. And do good defense of coaches as well as. Vested veteran well studied players are gonna start called out your plays and I watched. You know great bulletin mcginnis student. All those crew you don't do it for years in the new England and so I think where Sean stresses you. Very much like Brady and their job issues. That they're constantly forcing your defense to not only just personnel but to. You'll really capture rules than him and obviously when you have a a break here breeze. There's no past it's off the table and so do you just try to find wide receivers and tight ends and backs. That can get on the same page middle leisure quarterback Denard was joking around her production meeting earlier. You that this thing from the Seahawks should just go back to the table and say we both screwed up. We're gonna give you Max Unger back to Seattle. Jet programs and go back to New Orleans neither of us know how to use these two weapons. One's better in Seattle wants better in New Orleans in the let's just redo this straight altogether so. That that altered to New Orleans did despite lack of talent at times around breather in them. An offensive line that struggled again we'll get to the end of the year and they'll have a probably of the 12 or three next to their name on the offensive side of the ball. You know it's good to see and hear you talk about plays like that and you get to the point when you're studying enough and you're paying attention. You know what other people or are gonna run or what they're likely to run and it is interesting to hear certain players. Talk about some is gonna be sick something sinister is happening they know our plays well sometimes you know your plays just because they're paying attention right. All and that's will be coaching isn't good teaching you are you with guys here all the time with the network about. You you patriots figured you guys are playing chess football that supposedly you know will the united rebuttal is no that's what we should be all set in every year to you all played chess and we are your play checkers when you're playing chess and to the amount of scrutiny and be tilted goes into a week of preparation would bill is there's just. I just never been around anything else in the united plates are still out coaches you know Holmgren. I'd Lombardi Sean Payton had the Lombardi. It's just different and we're willing to learn. That you will literally diving into. Not just learning your position but that everything fit that bill staff is trying to teach used to create disk. Overall brand pictured your mind so that. When you are running a million miles a minute then in a and on the opposite side of the ball linebacker does something there's something to cooks in your head that tells you how to improvise and just in that milliseconds window of time. And and I assume it takes you time to get there but I learned very very quickly that there's there's always. Play and the despite maybe sometimes be overwhelming madness that's thrown out you wanna given film study and when you buy and you will sacrifice and put the time in the learn at all. It did that mean for a player like media picked it gave me an extra security in the NFL. Digesting the patriots Belichick way. I think branding coax this fit in with the Patriots offense obviously is very successful with Drew Brees and a head full seasons with the state just two games with the patriots but how do you think he looks. Honestly I love every aspect of the media even though. That he had to play yesterday were Brady had to all the rest the rules and they get get that touchdown back you cooks is lined up there in the tight slaughtered those separate window in the slot. Slammed down their for Hogan to get a touchdown and those are the aspects of the unselfish style of play despite him being an the freak of nature speedster athlete. You'll and he he gets his positioning in the assault and it's only gonna get better you know in what we've seen already. There's no way he can possibly have a full grasp and understanding of of everything it. Assault and is capable of justice hasn't been there long enough so. We see this beat UC to catch ability you see. Brady just being able to throw the ball the spot knowing who's going to be there already which excites me with. I don't mean we're just scratching the surface would be the unselfish they let me give him were I considered tight plays what. It was a former players were really excited too because he's unselfish and he's just buying into what this office demands of all the players. Final question before we let you go Houston Texans come to town this weekend we hear a lot about how close it was when they played in the playoffs last year when Houston came here. They get beat 34 to sixteen. I wish we talk about how close it was out. Yeah for the first step that was can Houston Texans coming here and do anything that will surprise the patriots. Sure I mean let's that's. I mean week one surprises ready reads surprises this Korean what surprisingly there's that you were we who we constantly kind of you forget just how special this game is and win when you're not ready and when you haven't studied separately or war would you get beaten game planning. You just get beat and so there's a lot of known commodities between these two teams. The one thing that. Most teams have no answer for his system operating. And then and I think that's what type. It always comes down to and so home. This defense says is weak one it wasn't much of anything you'll just chalked it up to. Too much emotional output with the hurricane that everything else. Their ownership as well JJ watt that he put into raising funds to to do what they needed to do. We too little bit better we'll see what they bring to the table weaker. If we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week are our tremor take care. Heath Evans NFL network analyst former patriots fullback talking about yesterday's win and of course the game coming up this weekend. Bill Belichick scheduled to join us after the top of the hour. We'll get the calls that you guys in just a little bit as well at 6177797937. Were alive until I don't patriots Monday dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. The peace coordinator from Patricia field about his team's effort today. I feel right. They've pretty much neutralized running game. Nonexistent he got fifteen carries he got like 51 yards and it's just over three Kerry. You Brees who normally has it not the highest and have no. Right Gary seventy. Well there. He was right about all that stuff. Romo talked about your and the Adrian. Fail and before the season. Would survive with. To your question that is that'll be it if their bye week is is coming up soon. I'm gonna take the bye week. Alex I'll take the bye week in our end of the commit treat them like what was the market like form when he was available didn't have a lot of teams beaten down I don't Jordan signed him as a weird place for him ago. Partly they throw the ball at tonne in the order of Mark Ingram so what's your role going to be in his upset last week that really at night snaps this game. Didn't get a whole lot more than that. Who wants only a couple of carries through it looks pretty good it looks like a bit then for the most part. Nothing Sony Open team's gonna want them but I'd be surprised if they hung on normal season. So yeah. You actually don't Wear. That's the San I don't know there there are higher straight and say yesterday on the pregame show it to the giants giants it makes instead threw it up Paul Perkins is there lead back started maybe they would want somebody. There they would actually give him the ball. And you got to give a much about a one of those trades the patriots I was due to a cable trade you. A fifth round pick for the player in the sixth round peck here Reggie just like you go down thirty slots or whatever it is in you get the player maybe something like. You guys your Brady this morning on with Kuerten Callahan. I mean at some of the stuff that he said shouldn't surprise me but the numbers did. He was talking about past place in the patriots playbook quote. I would say there's a pretty core group of place that you have but we have I don't know the numbers. But there's over the course of the season pass plays there's probably anywhere from 500 to a thousand. That are designed will probably call five to 600 of them and there will be repeats within that. So it's a little different in the remember the titans offense we. Two plays to the right it's really a lot about when you get did not learn those plays but. Yet the number I don't even have thought what would the number would be what are you want yesterday we should look at all the different ways the mechanized line and. What he even had the the pass play and it was the one to James White. They stole from the chiefs it was the Korean hunt play from the first game Romo well they scored on. And they end and Brady said yeah that was that the play that that Kansas City ran you know and scored on that's what they'd throw when there. OK let her right there you know we talked about earlier in the game. About copycat the last play right out of the backfield gets its Bulldog. Got a big play the same thing. Just anything. But I think you what do you Michael tiger that was that was a running play that won the when he was talking about right there. So I. It calibrate it I don't know but this allows the white. This what would we're Brady where Romo just that yeah yeah I was a class play I that that was a run he would describe. No rules app that big there was a running play right after that I've and he was telling the story but you for for a guy who's an artery on touchdown and and storm now from the embrace it. Today with with Nigerian and curt yep that's that we got from there that I heard Roman they'll that it meets the chiefs and their own plays out here but there's a lot of them right and and data point to me that at the saints right next week they are rather at this hour. I never I mean I knew that the playbook was pretty voluminous and would have guessed a thousand pass plays perhaps. One of the catalog and let us all right. Well over and over. There isn't over seventeen years ago. Is that about it and and also to you could write a play at then number plates and years ago he probably does. But the obtuse and go learn. He had to let seventy and 88 hit it at the top. They're gonna let a slight variation or maybe a different guys lining up in that spot or the personnel differed but it with a more play but either way. And it so. If you told that a thousand plays in the playbook. After the chiefs game but widely used for but that after the Thanksgiving and then they probably do other place because it really looked like they did yesterday. And the way they were mixing things up personnel groupings. I heard James why don't go MF earlier today and and they were try to get him to. To give up how many personnel groupings he's not going there he sees me and nobody gives up anything around here. But he also different variations and split in this guy widened that guy and a slot and I mean it it it was is almost like in the sand lot but I'm gonna Hugo here in the new you get to the fire hydrant and you cut to the left. And you need you need all those two particularly with all the injuries that they're going through the there are times where you start the game with only a handful of receivers anyway events a year activating all your tight ends. And then at certain times Hogan's limping around. Doorstep flip it around so sometimes you have to say are we have won a healthy receiver we have to look healthy tight and demand for healthy running back so we better. Get creative with a personal because we have no Detroit. And that's like rockets Oki he come down to it. Dwayne Allen isn't tied in. Grunt is Italian plots. And so we have three healthy receivers but you still have grown so it's almost like he's got four. But of rockets out there and value focused on Dwayne Allen has the croc felon. And you have Philip doorstep in branding coax in and Hogan then okay. It's not great Glock makes everything better and yes we we can talk about cattlemen and his importance he is very important but. Not having cattlemen for an entire season vs I haven't cracked for enticing we have this conversation beginning here. I would if I had to be in that position I'd much rather have that element on the side and just do it rocked the entire year it's just when he's to a missing some possible matchup with. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number next hours the coaches our Bill Belichick will join us we'll talk with him. We'll get into the called that he was well we're down here to let patriots beat the New Orleans Saints 36 to twenty. It's dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio W media.