Paul Gallant - Celtics Should sit Kyrie Irving for the Remainer of the Regular Season to Ensure his Health for Playoffs - 3-18

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Sunday, March 18th

Hour 2. Gallant finishes off his Patriots free agency thoughts and transitions to thoughts on the Celtics injuries and how the team should shut Kyrie down for the rest of the regular season to ensure his health is 100% going into the playoffs. 


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Do we TI. I'll talk oh this is WEEI. 617779793. Says if you wanna jump into tweet them to act alliance as one more hours ago. Hope you're enjoying your Saint Patrick's Day weekend. Hope that you all are in a better state and I am like I did have a little bit too much yesterday. I don't understand why the green dye is put into the year I don't know that actually adds some sort of effect to it afterwards. Maybe make you feel a little bit sicker. I'll be honest I was I was not productive more information itself. You're 28 years old behave on Saint Patrick's Day. I had an appearance at a local restaurant to soil only had one beer trinket like OK and I'm going to be able do this maybe a 34 Beers tonight and that's going to be yet. Go to another place you heard there and take it to myself OK you have to you'll find that all of a sudden I got to watching March Madness and died out five or six or seven. Next thing you know how I had a bird home I woke up feeling tremendous. Absolutely tremendous this morning. And feeling all looking at all these young kids that probably have livers and can better handle the days that I used to well. Marathon trinkets it's it's not I'm not bragging or anything like that moon to saying I'm. Someone that's I try to moderate pace myself and next thing I know and ends up being 56 minutes of the like that what ever no big deal. I'm trying my best to keep tabs on Tiger Woods at the Arnold Palmer invitational. And he's hanging around he is just as things currently stand around watching this on Twitter is amendments on this basically in his little closet. Where there's no television for whatever reason. He is one shot off the lead through thirteen holes twelve under five under in the fourth round today he is just a stroke behind. Henry extension and Rory McIlroy and hear from Roy Mack rival bid that dude whining about some of the absolute worst things golfers man get. Can't get a sense that I don't know just being a common man. Just a little bit. I'm also trying my best to keep an eye on a March Madness game between. Eleventh seeded Syracuse and three seeded Michigan State which I would probably be very angry watching full time. In front of a television because Syracuse basketball drives me crazy basically play World War I basketball the game it's fifty to 49 polygamy at last. The place to disgusting brand of offense it's all awful. And yet I haven't trapped watching it every single year paving Gian Dei high marble while but he's probably gonna have the last laugh because of circuit pulls this author of one point in the final minute of the game. And just hit a three a couple of Cynthia due to go up three. He's gonna have the last laugh I guess he's got a territory and as at Syracuse University not the humble Bragg grating like that and a lot of people here 00 it is it is university in the assuming some sort of giant do you afternoon of sorts. And what a lot of people that go to Syracuse University company SI Newhouse school of communications aren't that way. They are. I I I tend to think that I am not part of that crowd but I don't think you can ever really fully removed the the scent of arrogance that comes with the people that pastor that university hope that you think of slightly down to earth. I am all I am millennial and I'm I'm curious as to how Bilbao Tex and Hannibal O'Neill's don't forward. Winning cures all. And there are plenty of players that would love to play for the New England Patriots across national football especially those were stuck in dumps like Cleveland. If you're stuck in a terrible city like Indianapolis the colts if you are. And a variety of different spots you probably look at your situation say you know what I ticket discount I've been playing in the NFL for awhile to go play with the New England Patriots and as if that is something that is not across the league they're always going to be able to find guys that wanna play for the team but I. I'm curious as to how long this approach is going to work because think about this he has had so much success. Over about two years. You have that kind of success for such a long period of time it is unheard of with coaches and sports we saw it right here were Terry Francona yet two World Series but eventually the message gets lost so it hasn't been lost. Would build ballot second there hasn't been a disconnect. Between players and coaches. But amazingly they're going to three Super Bowls in four years for the second time. Being in the Bill Belichick run as head coach in New England Patriots were hearing a lot of conversation about well. Are things changing the guys that are the top dogs in New England the planet players as my yard he describes them. Are they is finally starting to think to themselves you know. Been here a long period of time maybe an exception should be made for me. And then you think about the younger guys that they are bringing in year in Europe and you have to wonder how much longer build oil tax hikes are gonna be able to have the bolts of these guys. Things have changed a lot to one years. Didn't persecuting the land deals but as time has progressed I think that younger generations like myself care almost entirely about themselves. Idol idea. I mean. I care about my career forty much more than anything I care about what's going to help me in my career. More than anything and I think a lot of people in radio or the same line sometimes are divas just a little bit but. I'm focused on myself and if someone comes up to me and asks me to make a sacrifices sorts. Let's stop and ask why. I'm being told to take his sacrifice not just do it without thinking about it. Because I wanna know what the return percent sacrifice will be and if it actually would be worth my time. And that's something that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had been doing for the longest time at the New England Patriots Tom Brady. Is getting paid a significant amount of money. But compared to other quarterbacks in the NFL. Did get paid pennies compared to Kirk cousins I mean Kirk cousins contract is stupid. It's good for quarterbacks going forward. But I imagine Tom Brady sees that. Thinks about all the times he has. Said you know what I care more about winning I'm willing to take less money so that we can win he has done that for years and years and years and years and years. After a certain point maybe you get to do at age forty you think to yourself. How do this anymore I'm tired during the seven doing this my whole life and doing with my entire career in the NFL taking less than what my market value wins. Toski seeing contracts given out to guide like Sammy Watkins who have never been good. And he's probably one in terms of how was this guy getting paid more than may. He's been thinking about retirement he wants more money will get more money well the patriots should give more money though. Because the guy should be paid like a top five weapon no matter what kind of injury history that he gas. He is one of the top five weapons in the National Football League period. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are with the patriots basically on discount deals. And you have to wonder when two guys like that. Apparently are unhappy with the way that they are treated by the organization. The wondered at the guys that are compiling the rest of the roster how they feel about it too. If you are. Player number 461. Player number. Fifty on the totem poll the New England Patriots OK you're gonna do whatever he can't stay in the National Football League but when you get further up. And you get to young players that are getting towards the end of the rookie deals that had been with the patriots for a little time talking about guys that go to free agency like it Dion Lewis or Danny Amendola who clearly are. He with a weighted they had been paid given the actual play that they've given to this organization. Those guys are starting to question it. And I think that's partly because Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski are kinda sick of taken the sacrifice is the way that they DO. This is definitely talk behind closed doors about the deals they have and it probably expressed frustration with the deals that they have. And if those two guys are two alpha dogs in the locker room Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are not as gung ho about sacrificing. A little bit a salary not getting their just do not getting the respect via the contracts that they add. If they're happy with their current situations. That you have to imagine that there are other guys on the roster that are feeling that same way. And as time goes on it just doesn't have the favor I guess of a Brady and gronkowski or what's the rest of the roster going to be like. And look I know there's been talks about Bill Belichick may be walking away I don't think he was particularly thrilled that the he had to Trajan eagle rock while I think he wanted to see what he would have been able to do. With to Rob Lowe as his quarterback in a post Tom Brady world of rock crap and want that. He would want ago and operate. Any world where Tom Brady was on another team being traded somebody somewhere else I understand it. I do understand it. But to get just the second round pick back in return all right the patriots aren't a better situation to continue to win and I mean I suppose that the sacrifice dual Altec mate for the go to Tom Brady for the good. Really from casket all doesn't affect him in anyway shape or form Brady I think with a little annoyed with the competition that he had to. I think in his own mind maybe not in the mind of actual patriots put up with with two bigger applause presence on the roster but a guy like Brady. He must be getting to a point where he's the content every single year and taking pay cuts they saw McCain and keep. Malcolm Butler who want me Super Bowl McCain and keep it. And rocks probably feel on the same way. If Belichick loses the Brady's in the grounds of the world. That's that's not good for going forward. And I don't mean losing them on the roster does mean losing Baird dedication to continuing to sacrifice nada and changes. Players that were playing in 2001. Might have been more willing to buy into team concept and you went a little bit you start the judicial pocket with a winning where where's my money. I've been a part of this for 3:4 years why am I not getting paid why am I getting disrespect it like that's. So now it might be time for a little ass kissing by Bill Belichick and the patriots brass when it comes to Tom Brady. When it comes to Rob Gronkowski. A blog like you're listening to WE EIU wanna China and 6177797937. You can tweet me too. Act one says. My Tea Party story that popped up from NBC sports on Boston in the middle of the week that has to do with. Radian gronkowski maybe not feeling happy. Quote someone who knows he's watching your show tonight source says bill. Is making quote plan players who GRE described as being radian gronkowski definition of planet players. Miserable planet players are miserable here and yes. A lot of this ties back to the Alex Guerrero stuff the players like Brady and gronkowski. Don't feel appreciated for the sacrifice. That they make. Yeah damn right I mean I I would neither. Gronkowski is not getting paid anywhere were close to what he is worth same thing with Tom Brady. And when you lose guys and you lose teammates browsers even if you will. How are these guys going to look at Belichick going forward I mean. Every relationship overtime eventually gets to a point of frustration doesn't it. I mean should just make it about that no one long term relationship that I've seen it for me my own parents. I'm sure that things were great back in the eighties. It'd procreate. Congrats congrats man two guys had sex at least twice Kazaa a and I have a sister and me but especially overtime like. Things didn't work out so well they split up. Not does after sixteen years. Pretty I imagine has gotten to a point where. He knows. All the annoying habits that Bill Belichick has to. The same they were Tom Brady's belting out he's working this quack Alex Guerrero into the room and he's driving in the suburbs of Dallas this guy is avocado water and concussion water and whatever the hell house that Brady does like sales this guy here. The cinema Brady embraced it doesn't penalty even holistic medicine. Lesson don't believe in spirit or whatever that help whatever the hell Alex Guerrero is it's whispering and easier. I'd I don't know. But I I I I do think that when you've been together for a long period time the message gets lost we see we've seen it here we sucked peca. With a New England Patriots are to Ted Johnson who I work with eight in Houston and Ted Johnson said that look Carol. Was not good in times of crisis you see with the Seattle Seahawks right now. And if you are a player's coach and things aren't going so well well the team's gonna mutiny the team's gonna turn on you you've seen it. And this past off season the Seattle Seahawks and they're turning in new leads us to think they might start over. With a head coach there eventually the message from your head coach down to the rest of the roster gets lost. It's not a Terry Francona. And it really liked the way that Terry Francona was blamed for all the Red Sox problems on the way out but clearly after a certain point the Red Sox realize that they can take advantage. On Terry Francona didn't have the put it in the effort that they did. And maybe talk about a theoretical work situation for me you would work for a boss that. Operates in a certain way. For a long period of time. If boss all the sudden. Starts to change the way that he operates and people of gotten fat and happy in used to the way that he normally operates from dated today. All right well they're finally changing that message out of nowhere people are going to be resistant to. The message of problem probably already been lost in the situation like that. And I wonder. I wonder going forward would Belichick is that he can't have Brady and gronkowski on the same page right now I mean. I I I just wonder how much longer this is going to work and and at what point. He will lead to I feel like that's the natural conclusion of this on an out firing Bill Belichick ever. There are young players that are looking at radian gronkowski right now. After three Super Bowls in four years. Feeling probably under appreciated. And if you're a young guy on the roster no matter how great it is to win. When you see all these stories about the misery in the locker room. IE can't ignore it is an and it's going up faster than when you're hearing and probably hearing it from straight from the source. In the case of Rob Gronkowski I imagine if he's talking to any of his teammates during the offseason and he's going to have takes effect this current situation. It was John breach was a writer for CBS sports dot com not a big fan of him as at a post once. On the website that I work for right now Sports Radio six tonight com. And the guy basically took it and posted that his own and didn't give me any name accreditation in it at all and any point during it. But he took some pictures I guess Williams at a bachelor party and I'll say not to say that Chris someone who appeared to be Rob Gronkowski wearing. BC Patrick stay hats and sunglasses. And I guess he approached him later and says hale media what's gone on this offseason. And he says you know I'm still thinking about retirement and apparently told people privately artist John Street character that he is thinking of coming back. He is going to be back. But he's not happy when he comes back if he's not getting paid in the way that he wants him when he comes back like if the patriots go through tough period of time they have a couple times at the beginning of the season. I'm curious if Belichick is gonna be able to keep the locker room for an entire for the entirety of the season yes he is the greatest coach of all time. But eventually I think as time progresses we get to a point where you just cannot lose the people that you're in charge. It it's natural just happens all the time with leaders people of mine to their own the people that you're in charge of they're going to change. Overtime assist how generation to generation stuff port Clinton the average millennial I think is someone who thinks entirely about himself. He isn't thinking about sacrificing for the greater good must have something at four. And and and again that's common sense right I mean I know team sports all that sacrifice and all that but when you're sacrificing money to win. If you've been doing it your whole career. Eventually you're gonna be pissed off about it. And I mean after the patriots are right now. I'm curious I I think that this is something that adult sect is gonna have to remedy and I don't think that he's going to be willing to remedy. I go back to that piece that Tom Karen had on March 6 talking about. The lack of push back in the patriots organization he talks about a back and forth that he had. Without second 2009. He asked an eighty feel like there's not pushed back in the wake of Romeo canal leaving in the wake of Charlie Weis leaving Josh McDaniels to. And he says we need. The carrot row in this piece quote. Is it worth wondering if the mindset that they'll text onto embracing his twentieth season's patriots head coach. The one that he articulated to Urban Meyer adds quote I want to coach guys I wanna be around and that's it. I'm not going to coach anybody else has advanced to a point where he will. Brooks no opposition. Who says to borrow belt excellent continue to earn from January 2010 or you deal are you serious are you seriously considering that. Nick this area just like Daniel Robert Kraft on the craft or is it Belichick basically not being challenged by anybody. And is it palladium Rob Gronkowski that are during the challenging now behind closed doors or publicly past and grow in a passive aggressive fashion which sorts appeals. Like are seen whether it's in commerce is time weren't Rob Gronkowski cryptic messages and social media. We're definitely seeing it now there's a disconnect and it's something that I would be very concerned about a five or the nature. For the season because want to get though. They lost a lot of guys in the last week. Malcolm Butler. Dion Lewis. On top of that you dues. Possibly Matt Slater is visiting Pittsburgh Steelers Danny Amendola. Those those losses I'm not that concerned about. I am concerned about losing Nate sold though and I I don't think you replace him and I do think that at the beginning of the season not having Neitzel are tied. Could really hurt you and what you. Behind the eight ball you're going to be chasing teams potentially in the AFC seating. As far as the playoffs though. That may be would be if you have a competent left tackle the season with an act the patriots I mean I like it had issues during the season I think. Paul Westfield called in earlier brought a fair point in saying that. Look they had issues during the regular season the playoffs for whatever reason however they get it they they put it together. They were a better unit. Sold or wasn't that player in the regular season that he was in the playoffs. You want that kind of play just like you play the Philadelphia Eagles again. Or the Los Angeles rams or the New Orleans Saints I think though one of those three teams in London being. He's Super Bowl 53 this coming season did you get back there he need to have somebody who's going to be able to handle those pass rushers. And Donald and and in Los Angeles do you have a slew of players in the Philadelphia Eagles and and and the saints have guys to Jim Jordan. Those guys are gonna need to be counted for not having any solar oh man it's it's frustrating it's disappointing. We'll see if they're able to bounce back from Miami's cam footage and he's gonna do it. And he's visiting the Dallas Cowboys played in waddle Mickey gonna do it Antonio Garcia got lost forty pounds last year. Forced out fighting an illness. And now manner. Though those guys are cut it at least to me and and that's why sold it was the biggest loss. Is not catastrophic does not the apocalypse like some. Par or. Claiming it to be. But they didn't appear to have a plan McCain debates older and since they didn't have a plan. OK well. Now we're stuck here in this situation that I don't think again out of him. We all Nobel to close to trade back in the first round pick you you you you have you have extra that. You gonna be able move around if you want. I but I'm curious. As did you actually find immediate. Impact players that game yet another season where you're not a 100% sure how much longer Tom Brady's gonna be able to continue to play at this level. You're not into your hand on the kind of contributors that would be lethal to Eagles that would be a new war on saints would be colosio's last yes yes we are paid that's going to be fine he can't seem to teams that are around and the Steelers they're not getting better the jaguars are still up like portals. Those the only teams that I really considered to be challenges of the patriots in the AFC. But. I mean I'm I'm I'm wondering to myself. How do they beat those NFC teams. And are they going to find the immediate impact on the players in the draft that they can plug in day one whether it left tackle on the offensive line in the secondary. The odds are against it I mean you basically have a second round pick with that first of what that first round pick you know there and the IAE EE got you got actress. He had a second round pick from early on from the San Francisco 49ers are you going to be taking basically twice over a period ten picks. You have the ability to move up to if you really wanted to know. Belied. I'm I'm I'm dubious about the ability of them to add. So that would be able to compete suitable puts his body slightly different is the way things. From talking about this being an apocalypse slow it inadmissible these patriots would attract great plus the Seattle Seahawks exodus now. You have Simon on that 6177797937. That I call and talk to me blog want to completely do. After a lot says coming up next on. WEEI. We talked about how much longer bill Belichick's way. It's going to last love and how they feel what is going on with Tiger Woods and when it comes the Celtics approached the rest of the regular season. I think that there's only one way to approach things with. The banged up calorie Irving affiliate in on that next I thought a lot and this is WEEI. Kirk and Callahan. Lots of people like your idea 24 hours or whoever. Once you wind noise we will. It's about a three said that it was too. The photo up out there right now that is Baghdad because of bill and you're gonna have to say I don't disagree with you and Bhutto. Gerry Callahan morning's 530 detail on Sports Radio 937. WEEI and WEEI dot com. Busted. Sports station. WEEI. Yeah I don't know all the way up to 6 o'clock 6177797937. If you wanna jump and say hi tweaking to act alliance says. Tiger Woods in the Arnold Palmer invitational I believe is now eleven under and keep and I and I on this. On Twitter he's in a tie for fourth place I think of Justin Rose. Rory McIlroy leads this thing at fourteen under tiger's got three holes left to be two holes left hand he is at minus eleven so the odds of him. Jackie Rory are low unless Rory has some sort of a meltdown we're gonna talk about Rory McIlroy just a moment though. This part of the NBA season is is definitely frustrating. You get to a point where. The games just don't have any meaning. As someone who works out of Houston I mean the rockets are really good but probably gonna get the one seed but does anyone really care. And now. The issues that they might have at this point now you just wanna know if they can beat the Golden State Warriors. Soared the Boston Celtics are concerned right now. He sort of the same spot I mean just think about the rest of the way. They have the two seed locked up their seven game up on the Cleveland Cavaliers with thirteen games last. The playing well they've won seven of the last ten but their five games back of the raptors who won eleven in RO. The odds of them catching the raptors for the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference that within five games back. Our pre miniscule. So at this point. I think it just shelve carry serving for the rest of the way keep them out he is soul much your offense and you'd can't rely and the guys around him. That. The rest him as much as possible right before the end of the season you play a couple of bombs at home. You play the hawks April 8 he wrap of the season April 11 against the nets. Many Plame and those two gains as as tune ups to work any rust off that road game in between there you don't have the blame and but I love the point right now where when it comes to carrier ring I think you shelled from the rest of the way. Also this part of the basketball season with March Madness taking place right now and Syracuse who was just awful what basketball somehow winning again he won three games the tournament despite playing a style basketball. That honestly makes World War I looked like it was Rose Parade. These guys law. Infuriate me even other wedding. But they're playing in games of that meeting. I hate this part of the NBA season you've got to shrink this thing takes seven games off I'm gonna be in the NBA playoffs right now. How old. Seating battles in the Eastern Conference in the Western Conference. Doesn't really matter because you have too many teams making the playoffs as it is yet Eaton both conferences get out of here with that. They just traded down six or something because I feel eight it's his way way way too many per conference. I know that. You in the Western Conference could have the potential for as far as missing in the pelicans missing in with a Anthony Davis and that that that might make some people upset. And there is such a little ground separating all those teams in the last. I see all these games of March Madness where each game has real implications in terms of do or die. I see the rest of the NBA season at this point but we still gotten polite. 34 weeks left of the NBA season we can't get the playoffs. Eight annoys the hell out of me. And this is the same for hockey is the same for baseball I always get to a point with those sports. Where I want to fast forward to the playoffs. I wanna get to the games and actually have meaning it's really difficult to sit down and have critical thoughts. On a team that has pretty much locked itself and to its currency eating. These seasons are just too long. Basketball college bat well I think as the perfect demanding games like 4040. Games yet you conference tournament. Yet the NCAA tournament as well perfect amount yet to maybe a week that's easy to come on. Three sometimes a week. Baseball 162 games you can't shake that down a 140 something like that I don't care about the old school records I really don't. People and really care much about the records and never was sticking needles in their asses and hidden 500 home runs this season. I don't think anyone actually 500 conference that you get the journalistic point. I want to speed this puppy up only get to the end of it. As far as the other Boston Celtics so mark. A Smart Kennedy back in 68 weeks after the surgery that he had ended torn ligament in his right thumb on Friday he'll be out the rest of the regular season to probably be back in the first round of the playoffs. At that very earliest. Eighty for the second round of the playoffs and luck with the way that the Celtics are playing right now I think it. I don't think that they're going to miss him that much but they do need his presence in the playoffs they're actually gonna go anywhere they gotta have Smart back. Some people are suggesting this could be the last in the plays I suppose the Celtics disappoint but I think Smart can do everything in his power to get back out there. And honestly given the style of basketball that he plays where he is. A quite erratic shooter every on that he had his moments that proposed by the guys trash from outside tragedy shooting. He's an agitator sellers and agitators dealing with a sprained right thumb yet might not be the greatest when it comes to handling the ball or things like that. But I think you'll be fine for the playoffs. I've been intrigued by the conversation about Al Horford I know that I've been reloading jokingly called an average Al. The backlash to that term. And I think part of it has to do with the fact that. Celtic fans can't NBA fans in particular are really sensitive I think there or sensitive than any fan base at their eyes maybe it's because they trained younger. But the online. Vocal majority. Pretty much any fan base whether it's the Houston Rockets were the Boston Celtics is particularly sensitive. Right Al Horford what is the top fifty player top top 4030 player or something like that. But the amount of money he's getting paid over twenty million dollars. And picked last the Austin he's he's not that contact he does need to step up at this point. And he's not and I mean I go back to that big game at the Celtics had against the Houston Rockets are they would have had a chance to stop the rockets winning streak. And in that game Al Horford didn't do anything and you get matched up with a three PJ Tucker the entirety of the game. You have a guy like PJ Tucker back does that down score broke. Just keep on attacking the paint that you did it. He played a sloppy game and he had the worst plus minus for the Celtics tonight where they got great performances off the bench for Jalen brown. Terry Rosie urgent and after that it from jail for Terry rosy year. From Marcus Moore this. That they they got great production at the bench and Horford was so bad neck game. Spigot Dylan brown so per Brad Stevens. His headache was resolved to that faulty took against us timberwolves. Earlier let's just couldn't he see this yesterday I thought at this in front of me about my bad on that but he did say that he said he has been resolved and there's a chance that he'll now start. A physical part of his progression back to being on the court who beat reassessed. Early next week. Upon the law you're listening to WEEI you wanna jump in 6177797937. Rest carrier ring the rest of the way please there's no need to put him back out there. And let's see this news about big baby Davis. Now. I think that there's a post that he put up on instant grand or get to in a moment and a aim at Tommy's run and things back in mission control as was quick enough on the trigger deck to record this and and to have audio of this but. Glen Davis whoa is. Arrested in February I guess on several counts of marijuana possession and distribution. Q staying at a hotel in Maryland February 7 the hotel owner picked up the smell of what he took. So we knocked on the door Davis told the owner of bleep off refused to answer the door and prompted the owner to call the police and the police reports. Statement of probable cause the responding officer wrote the when they arrived at hotel owner gave the police commissioner and the room. Davis was staying in Davis provided written consent to search his terms while. They discovered a quarter pound of we about 90000 dollars in cash any ledger that cops believe lists names and amounts of money owed by those people Forsett week. Through his lawyer Davis maintained his innocence. On Saturday he posted a video to his is grim account and has since been deleted. He is on an airplane sitting next to a briefcase full of cash. And this is how it sounds as he is sitting in this I think private chat with aid. Briefcase of cash to his left while he is eating pot pies chicken. It and then I would have logged in coordinated and active and get them an advantage of Baghdad now. And mine and my. Jobs are classic. Hot pike she can hit the thirty and almighty god one idiot. Posting something like this you know it it went so goes down we air. You've gotten arrested with 92000. Dollars in cash and a quarter pound of weed maybe not 80000 dollars in cash needs is innocent innocuous and there's no there's no issue with that cast. Our partner. Then he had me hit it just isn't out of fried chicken because because of all the jump shots that he had. Maybe that's all he'll be only pays in cash I don't carry cash around I'm always nervous immediate mugged. And that sometimes is problematic because if you don't have money for parking well and you get to donate two units that are that are known cares about my personal life story. They discovered core probably even though. Look. Silence is gold here in the situation like that or talk to anybody don't I don't. Video on is the Gramm like this need to have some sort of you wanna have some sorts I don't know denied building in the court of public opinion. Where all of slate looks like let's wait to see everything play out sweep of the video stupid like this not people are just gonna think you're an idiot and they're not gonna believe your side of the story when this eventually goes to. Whether trial or or or some sort of course we say about it is that this is just the police try to keep a black man down successful. C'mon at the input that stuff up there you deleted it lives forever on the Internet why you thought that was a good idea I honestly do not now. Unplug a lot it was they did WEEI 61777979. B 37. A fan of this sport. I'm not a fan of the players who play in this sport. Because they have to sell a lot of times you'll hear why next. Talk a lot WEEI don't go anywhere. And Bengals running backs Jeremy hill isn't enough to bring key. And here there's not okay. Patriots an off season rolls on. On kwajalein WEEI wanna jump been 6177797937000. Cambridge ball up. Also. You all not bad so I have to agree I think that they do escalate them watered down a little bit over the years and head. If you ask one of these younger guys coalition build teams might be GI BM. So without a lot of these patriots guys in the term and I guess and yeah it did and sacrifice for the greater good of the team and I think it's worked for years since the system that's always work this system has always been. Based on value not overpaying people expect him to able to maybe take a little bit less for the greater good that came. Now I guess he Brady may might not be so much money saying it might be like you want sold more control over I would take care of itself. Looked like that he wants to be daylight now he's best right apple ball which he has. Got to protect Brady and we got to give weapons protection. I just don't I mean there's no way that could takes all the fifteen billion dollars a year he cashed in. Yeah and and looked at that that's a problem they're paying a sold there would have been difficult with the cap situation that they're currently and I think that they should have found a way that you can't cutting a couple of guys. To make that happen. But when I look at the patriots going forward is all that that's exactly where I'm looking at them I just think these younger guys if they're seeing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski dissatisfied with the sacrificing for the greater good gronkowski because he's criminally underpaid you say I am at the top guy at. I think payment the top want weapons in the NFL pay much some of the wide receivers the Andre Hopkins that content that he got last off season. Whatever wide receiver gets the next big contract Antonio Brown kind of deal. O'Dell Beckham junior if he gets it from the New York Giants eventually I don't know because I think that'll cocaine video that got post on the Internet and apparently his posse got the fight. The other the other day tale but I'm I'm I'm looking at those guys about Rostenkowski and I'm pissed off that I'm not making that same kind of money and how. All this eagle one ball but it can help with ego and I guess a patriot test for eagle desolation. And you can expect to appoint yet I'll. But I point eight million regaining Amendola we could could divvy that up on different so ball. OK with them not having Danny Amendola actually and I think he goes to Miami good for him he's finally getting the money that he had earned over the last couple seasons like a little vacation. At the very end of his career Paul appreciate the phone call. But I'm okay with them letting him and dole locked. I would have liked to see Dion Lewis stay here but I realize the price point for Lewis. At running back a guy who has really done anything outside of New England would have been very difficult to stomach for the patriots again in their current cap situation I'm as nervous about what's holders. Departure is gonna do to this team early on in the year and if it may be cost them. When their out of the gates may be playing poorly compared to. The years that we've seen in the last couple years they haven't done so well coming out of the gates I mean that's sort of what you expect there there figuring this stuff out in September. They're going to be figuring things out at left tackle in September. And you hope that Brady isn't in her body whatever left tackles out there as daunting Scarnecchia tries to coach that guy up and hopefully have a ready for the second half of the year. And brought someone you definitely have to think about giving a little bit of extra cash still needs she should he is way way way underpaid it is a joke. The amount of money is getting paid I can understand his frustration even if he is injury prone. This is a guy that should begin paid like the that is absolutely what is work being paid more than AJ green to various Thomas Dez Bryant those guys are worth the context that they're getting. The contract that Sammy locked inside he is at work that I brought compressed about it and the patriots talked about sacrifice for the greater good well Brady and gronkowski are ticked up being told to take sacrifices. That they've been doing their entire careers with the patriots. I mean if they're not feeling that then why are these young players going to feel that that's something that they should fail because there's always going to be the question of why. When it comes to sacrificing for the greater good. With people that are of my generation 28 in younger and yet you can get you can get away with. Saying that our way of doing things is the best way of doing things when these guys are first into the NFL or they've been on a bunch of bad teams for a long period of time. But of any player experiences successes part of the team and the patriots and think that they were part of that success. To ask them to sacrifice continuously going forward. It's one of the reasons why a lot of guys in the leading this team he's at the wonder though how much longer they just going to be able to re load and everyone's is going to buy back into the message. When you're hearing some of the stuff coming out of Foxboro. That you'll are. One last thing I want they had before I hit the road. This golfers and Rory McIlroy is doing well I think he's still leading at the Arnold Palmer invitational. And why weenie. Rory McIlroy. Duke shall we noted that even as successful as this week has been. There have been some negativity from fans and he said this quote there's one guy you. Was yelling my wife's name I was going to go over have a chat with them. I don't know I think it's gotten a little much to be honest I think they delivered the alcohol sales on the course. Or they need to do something because every week it seems like guys complaining about it more and more just and Thomas was the last of which. Look guys. Office so out of touch with the people. It is a sport where you know you take a lot you go diamond watch he got to go back and got to do this go watch Happy Gilmore. This sounds something like shooter gallon would say suitor again who's the villain from them. Watching golf. Paying a lot of money to watching a golf event for an entire for an entire day I'm sorry I'm drinking. A long boring ass time. To be watching golf and probably not having a very good view of golf the entirety of the way. You can't deal the couple tackles in his quiet dead silent when you're there. Someone saying get in the bunker with Justin Thomas the other week. He you Boozer why you why you still affected by someone calling that after your shot actually went. I'm imagining this has happened with Rory to the the issue that. He had where he kept on hearing his wife's name I doubt that anyone yelled at before he made his swing. He probably did it after following through. Why is it an issue then. It's not these guys are total losers when it comes in that's getting get a backbone have a spine. And just swing to your job. Hope you enjoyed this Sunday two hour show. You can follow me on Twitter at the line says you want more hunt takes you may be thanks to aim in Conde back at mission control. I am merely talk a lot have a great rest of your weekends until you hear from me again later rose. I project. Wade Martin movie and 48 and let me he wants to watch what if he's concerned he's gonna get the crap beat out of me. Stop yeah yeah I mean if you've brought. All. Yeah back. Client that would diminish and so that it could ever do to show that you didn't show I don't care manager. And we know there's no longer slow moments ago it's always always put your regular equity guys have a guy they would send our way we're moaning and 48. Ten days to make days fox Sports Radio WTI and WEEI dot com.