Paul Gallant - Could JD Martinez be the difference maker for the Red Sox? 02-18-18

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Sunday, February 18th

Hour 1: Paul Gallant starts the show off talking about the Red Sox and if JD Martinez is the right fit for them as he still remains a free agent. Will the hiring of Alex Cora help Change the Red Sox clubhouse atmosphere? 


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Longer boys died. We've been nice to get my name correct. Mannequin off our own little from the wrong foot already what's gone on people I've talked a lot to get in my back story really quickly might hurt me last Sunday jag and up. Right here on WB EIA station I grew up listening to I was born and raised in Hanover Massachusetts. I went to couple schools here in in in Massachusetts went to saint Paul's elementary school shout out today and there academy shout out to them. Doubt my mom a Florida as part of a messy divorce slip in Florida for four years went to Syracuse for college. Then came down to Houston where I currently work Sports Radio sixty and during the night showed there. And now I had the opportunity to talk with you guys about Boston sports and it is awesome and I can't believe that I'm doing this at 28 years old honestly thought that. Maybe it's to be something that would happen long long way down the road but. Yeah I am and comedy with you until 730 with the NBA all star game I don't know how many of you guys are actually watched that thing I'll be perfectly honest. I can't watch an NBA all star game because. There is no defense played in those things and I imagine so it's going to be almost getting 200 points and this puppy tonight. We're gonna talk about a lot of things on this afternoon slash evening's show. We'll be talking a little bit about the New England Patriots and their offseason we will talk about some interesting comments made by one LeBron James. But I wanna begin by talking about the Boston Red Sox and it's weird because I'm gonna do something that probably isn't the best idea for someone who's only hosting for the second time. On WEEI deflect station the Boston Red Sox. But I have been cheating on the Boston Red Sox for a couple years. And down and I mean drop in Massachusetts man every single team that you root for it's basically part of your DNA patriots Celtics Bruins not. But the Red Sox and it's changed hey I don't entirely know how to. How it all came to beat Watson and try to get get it through to you for a little bit. Started 2011. You know like the way that Terry Francona was made to be the scapegoat for the collapse at the end of that season. I now is that here there's a fried chicken the club that's it wasn't a great look at after awhile when you're winning as a baseball organization. Eventually the message gets lost to get stale I think that's what happened with Terry Francona. I didn't like the way that he was blamed it felt like for a lot of the things that went down in Boston afterwards though. And the team got fat and happy I didn't like the way that Chris by the managers the first strike for me with the Boston Red Sox a team that I had so much. Enjoyment watching as a kid whether it was or just seeing them. The 2004 World Series 2000. In seven World Series and this is a team that there were times where you know it was a great time watching them. And thirteen I sort came back that editorial Ahmanson and start me a bit. But my sentiment was because of the Boston Marathon bombings and everyone was rod rod go Boston after that happened. But now here I am and an I look at the Boston Red Sox and I I heard the conversation earlier with Evan and Penn and Robin they were talking about just this team and and the divide that it. Generates in this city and it's just not the same that used to be I mean I remember times. Back in the day leading up maybe to the AFC championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Where there's a conversation on this very station about how the Red Sox were a month away from reporting to Fort Myers for spring training. And things have changed since then in his football first kind of town now the way that the patriots have and obviously that was a long time ago but the Red Sox lost me. And all admit. I'm not a huge baseball fan I've always liked football more than the regular season is way too wandered too many games. Actually did an article for the station and work in Houston where I added up. All of the game times for the Astros this past season. In an opinion before age fifty hours. It's a long long season and when you're looking at a team that just doesn't have the same. Emotional connection that you might had back in 2004 wasn't just the characters and and and the winning and all that. It just had a different vibe they just felt different and yeah I'd been cheating on them I'm kidding around with the Houston Astros. I jumped aboard that bandwagon elector there young team. They've got all sorts of firepower. Plates they got great pitching as well it was very easy for me to you know achieve in all my long distance relationship here. The Red Sox to me just haven't felt truly compelling lovable or or anything like that 2014. In in a long time. And I think that I'm not the only person that feels that way it may be immune person that's cheating on the Boston Red Sox and admitting bad here in composing your radio show in Boston but. That's where I am. You look back this past season and get your 93 wins they win the American League east as bad at all. But I also think we've kind of gotten to a point now where we here in the city where and the surrounding area were spoiled us fans now right I mean. Wound 93 wins me the patrons are gonna be in the Super Bowl the Celtics are going to be the best team in the NBA and this is 6 union Eastern Conference we'll speak with offers Nana that's illegal say lawyers on him enough protection Houston Rockets but. When we look at this just city and all the sports that that that played here it's very easy I think to get checked out when. You don't really have that same connection when everyone's waiting all the time to. The Red Sox sort of become an afterthought again nightly wins in the American League east that is not a bad season. But you've. Go for it and you look at this coming season are you really that excited. I mean the reality at least the way I'm looking at it is they are chasing the Astros. They're chasing the Yankees. And they are probably chasing. The Indians and those teams don't really draw a lot I think the New York Yankees we can perhaps get back to feeling like. About them the way that we might have done. You know in the early two thousands. But it's just different there's is no you know hate disconnect between those to himself. It just feels the passion isn't there anymore and I cannot I don't blame people for it it's they're just not the same team so. Now people are also fill in the way that I and you know ought to do it on WEEI I'm blog want by the way 6177797937. So you Colin. Again I gotta admit the team on the Boston Red Sox. And it's a team that I feel is gonna win me back this coming season. I know that they've got some compelling players young players talent that could get better and act better seasons than they did last year. Movie that standard Bogart and have been attendee. He still got Dustin Pedroia from back in the day but I just don't feel that excited about this team going into the air I almost feel like this is a bridge year. The next season when they're gonna have going into the year a chance to go after a lot of big names in free agency. So that they can maybe be on the same page same playing field as some of these other teams the American League. I think they're clearly chastened those teams pass on does not that excited and his team at the lending division champions and is not. I just don't know. Why this coming season a team that just struggled to score runs the way that they did is suddenly going to be better because the manager. Change you know. I I just don't get that I don't get that feeling and I think a lot of people was sort of their Whitney. Yeah as Smart you'll know that this team is is all talented and with potential it's. Not the same level as a loaded Houston team that loaded New York team. This is not. They can't score the same runs is those teams. And I know that the Red Sox one of them is an attempt on the Yankees but I mean don't you feel a lot better going forward about the Yankees if your in New York or something like that say grew up in new York and out sucks right. You're in New York down your grownup. And you're you're you're looking at this New York team nearly you know what I can get behind this as I feel like this is turning into something. On all of the threats our team is really turning into something you know. And and I just don't think that that's same passengers air force to. Now. Can I get behind a team that has ticket price I know that something that we've all been sort of contemplating over. His time with the Boston Red Sox it's been a weird weird couple years of this guy. I mean he doesn't really feel. But she's the most mentally strong person as the person to get mad at Dennis that asleep for making what I thought were very fair comments. While that I was on the mount. He didn't handle it well and I know he's said all the right things this offseason they're trying to approach this coming season in a different way I just I don't know you know it's tough for me to buy and a team that's got. This guy on the I just don't feel that same connection died of a page. Or with Manny Ramirez who was a basement Eddie had flooded dad and he was already. David Ortiz I think was really the last time that cap and connected me to this Boston Red Sox team. And an ideal person that feels this. Am I crazy person per gallon on the air and saying he had to another Red Sox at the astronauts. Like crazy for doing that you know out again and again 617779. 7937. They got the players. It just doesn't feel well this gut this season for the Red Sox zack's going to amount to anything and I don't think that an American League. East championship. It's something that we're really excited about. That's not that's that's not what we do here you know we're not the Indianapolis Colts raising banners for almost signing a way to hang on didn't do that down there almost ire adjustment and you know four make in the playoffs making it to the conference championship game again your doors blown off. It's different hair. And I mean I I think that there is a sense of fatigue with this team going into the season just given. What they were this past year. And given. Who they're competing. Because those teams are just better than them. I mean the Astros and yankees at I I think they're they're a step above and I'm not gonna go so crazy as some have. I mean this past week on. Any of the four letter network should you've been watching television. You're gonna see any baseball conversation it's gonna start the Yankees is gonna and the Yankees he gets annoying as it gets old quickly and I don't think that the Yankees have surpassed the Astros at this point but I just feel those two teams. Are at other Red Sox right now. And I don't think that anything's gonna change from now until the beginning of the regular season that's gonna make me feel all of a sudden. But the Red Sox are going to have a chance to do any damage in the post season. Oddly they can get that 100%. But I got to score more runs because they got it. And yet he can win with pitching I mean did pitching wing. There is lots is that they lost eight due to the Houston Astros did what what what about it. You know what what what did pitching do for them in that series and actually did get some you know all the guys and that's it David Price actually had the most juice that was out there. But. You gotta have the horses to score with these two teams. It used to be pitching wins championships the the Red Sox have great pitch. Yucca assail you got reports although you hope will be better than he was is that season and back to that Cy Young form that we saw from a couple of years ago. And he got David Price again like you got a loaded when it comes to pitching you got young town is getting better by. I don't think that does the city has the same. Passion for the seen them once it. And and I'm I'm wondering as to why that is it hit it can be jaws that we're so used to winning here tests and it says that now no big deal right when they're having a season like that ending the weighted dead. And John Farrell's head being put on spike and what it I don't know man. I don't know. Again if you want a jumper and 61777979376177797937. A point along you're listening to W a guy. I just don't feel I just don't feel for the steam going into the air and I think a lot of people liked me and I don't blame you for feeling like me if you do. Seeing your little sick at Boston Red Sox. And it's it's you want them to do more you want him to get your love back. And what is it that they can do. I mean there Friday it if things winning helps winning series I think would of still but I don't know I think it might be partly baseball's fault tip. I mean it's just a sport that doesn't seem to have the same as as that it did. And I know that two decades ago I mean we love to hate to New York Yankees and I think that good old fashioned hate was good for pace. And good for people that like this team but now it's just I just don't think it's fair. 617779. 7937. It's how you jumpin. You can text spent 379%. Council trying to get a multiple via phone numbers as of the dripping and I haven't given out a number for anything in Houston Texas at the very least. He's got that California. 6177797937. On Paula to launch we've got Salem in a higher calling in Sam what's going on. All. Sam you're currently in what's. What do. We do at bats denominator and it's good thank you. I agree B net I think red their noise and a horrible to watch however I will sit on it it's. Billion billion over the summer and it didn't get charged it but it looked on their suites. But. Yeah and and I mean I agree it is they always do well. That now look like enough and not what they're you know this Eric. All console logon data. And I think we all have a little bit ADD these days to you know I mean the Smartphones man were also buried in our Smartphones were trumped to a baseball game on I'll out myself guilty of that. Baseball's so much better. The regular season baseball and you know the Red Sox are playing the Yankees I think everyone does get charged up for that but. It's not the same degree that used to you know and that's the thing that I miss the most and that's why it's a tough for me to sort of get back on the way that I used to. With this team. One more thing I want to add leadership. Joy of your beard finally become an what's. Also order I was in the they do my. We are bitter and my friend is upset. That in the Super Bowl. Brenda could jump over it. I wasn't doing. What was he doing. He is all back there guys. Invade the ballot supported it means if I want to did you that I I disagree completely with the way but I think that the Brooklyn down. The defense kept on let them down too much you know there and and and Sam has always love you my 'cause you have a good one appreciate the phone call. I think in that situation he had to just run through the sideline but that wasn't that the defense let this team down time in and time out. Over the course of that game I mean they couldn't get off the field on third down the sniffles. It's nickles you know. It wasn't a good player though I mean yeah you bring in brandy because a guy would that speed. And that play he estimate that play yet to make one guy messed his speed to make one guy miss why is it may connect Imus. Look I think he's a guy that the patriots can rely on in in in big spots I thought he played well in that game outside of that jump before got knocked out with a concussion. But I thought he played well as well against the Jacksonville Jaguars I thought it was a it was a big part. That comeback to speed that he had was really making the jaguars play off of him he was open a lot but I. I started I'm with you I mean I I look at what over the course this past game and one. Hits back it's not on the sideline and trying to run outside this guy. And jumping into this Eagles defender and basically put this crop Dryden is based. Dollars and the only reason I lost the defense was trash man it was just not good. I bought a lot of listening to WEEI. 61777979370. Colin. He can jump aboard but calling and you tweet me to acolytes that's coming up next given the asked you to excuse excuse me C that was done happened to him. This is what happens when you were confused and all of a sudden star most of the boss and again. You start saying the team that you're thinking you're about to talk about all the sudden you end up saying you know the teams medals at the masters there. The Red Sox situation. I think only one way to approach this JD Martinez standoff we'll tell you about that next don't go anywhere a blog on and this is WEEI. One sports station. Go have W yeah I've always got given me that love is an odd people may talk a lots this is WEEI. As I had a little conversation with my dad apparently my whole family is listening ears of the along those lines and you tell me about. My last name so apparently out even ought to pronounce my last name. This has some as a do I think with one of the reasons and my parents mayors and work out apparently. My real name is pronounced the way that the announcers said it but my mom changed the pronunciation of elastic so it should be gallant or to Lance. But we change it out and out does that make as ritzy does that make as booty who chased you at stake at about its pilots name out and I'll put. Funny thing is you know. That's that never really got under my skin I've got a coach and us my high school football. Piano about to go album. A dual Al Bundy on you. Ideologies of pronounce my name talent and I think you're strategy under my skin is in an instance like not. How is gonna mr. diesel and it never never quite got under my skin never quite got under my skin but it is definitely a little needle there but anyway yes oh and for those who actually care about the pronunciation of some random weakened radio host last day and night out. Do I jump in 6177797937. Again 6177797937. So. I know that there's some friction right now with Steve Red Sox are in in pursuit of JD Martinez a guy you have 45 home runs last season would bring. Some pop to a lineup that is just missing so much of it. And I know that maybe this season there'll be better years from. Guys like the standard Bogart's maybe we'll see better production. By. JD Martinez is he going to. He. The difference that puts the Red Sox in the same conversation as the Houston Astros arise to New York Yankees. Think so. So. Really want to get that big of the contracts. I don't want Scott ports today in the Red Sox over a barrel now. I mean you just saw Eric Posner get a ridiculous deal from the San Diego Padres. Eight years under 44 million dollars. Elect San Diego's trending in the right direction they got some good young players will Myers Connor renfro. That is desperate deal Vanessa canny move that you make when you're trying to generate some traction to fan base or something like that. I don't think JD Martinez is new in the heiress meter up for the Red Sox and I don't think he's making the Red Sox on the same level as Houston or New York. I really need them. And honestly affiliate the strategy this offseason should be just to remain patient again and Martina does upcoming find at all don't get taken to the woodshed. Contract wise you want to have as much flexibility as possible the Red Sox have more flexibility than most. But you wanna be able to go after a Bryce Harper and Andrew McCutcheon. Clayton Kershaw if you were to opt out you wanna be able to go after every one. And I feel that if you were to give JD Martinez a big deal not only are you limiting yourself and act passed the next offseason you're not really making much of a difference on last season this. That's one of the most frustrating things going into this year fewer Red Sox fan it's that they won the American League east. They had 93 wins. It's a good team. Going into the season. It's just doesn't feel like they can actually. Eat those teams and you really wanna go through 162 games. 0162. Games for. Too bad net. We're not doing that. A long long and. Season if you're watching every single one of those I actually added up like a total loser and a first for the red the website to the station port and Houston. Hack at it ala 460. Hours man. The log time. I mean I'd rather I'd rather re watched game of groans or some other television show again and again and again to sit through all of that based on no ball. Your problems and it's not all out yet paid to cover sports. You are such. You sound like such an elitist act right now baseball's not good enough for it all like watching baseball is one for me it's explore it's it's it's a sport that babble. And help lumbering a lot of right now logical like copy of always energetic base bubbles don't form like it's it's it's it's it's been the regular season it just. It's just a tough thing for me don't really feel excited about and and with this team this year. I would not a whole lot changes. I just just feel like they're gonna beat at the end of the season competing for a chance to go to the World Series. Or in the World Series. And I think that they have to remain patient with. But this is this a player. Who. Is going to them ultimately make that kind of difference. That you would be willing to give communal hundred million dollars or so foreign. Is on the ice I see that Eric Posner deal and I'm wondering if that's what Martina is wouldn't warrant. And not remember JD Martinez when he was with the Houston Astros it was a particular regard he went to Detroit figures like Bowden I don't know what changed Detroit he's in great. He was great their for the for four years in the when he went to the Diamondbacks last season as well he's good they're. Old team a lot of potential. Why is it isn't the isn't finishing touch. I don't know about that. 6177797937. Is how you call and 617779. 7937. We've got Larry in Newport Larry what's going on and. Hi hey Dylan I didn't listen to this Martinez so it's like everyone else and my question is doesn't. If you look at. What. Him. Well I mean you want to told. Me. That's the weird thing though because of Ramirez played so well freeing the playoffs don't don't don't you feel like Ramirez deserves another chance given the way that he plays like he was I thought he was the best position a player in that series against Houston you now. Yes I do I'm not a big fan but I saw him play first wave stations for a lot. Yeah before we want to create is the five. I know it's bizarre with them it's weird like I. I always followed Hanley and idiocy at a couple times he's trying to based council which is hell enough. I've I've wondered like this he ever did she think that he's Manny Ramirez the try to be made your mayors I don't know I've always gotten Alou but that done in my mind that I'm. Look I mean. Brought up I think they should get it to Fisher. I I I I think so too bomb and a look at I think if I figured if it up to eighty Martinez somewhere. I I I feel that I mean you you wanna have Jackie Bradley's defense out there are and I think that tricky thing is that that is an interesting question where would you put him but I figured he'll find it out I mean you can you can get them tightly DH you know. I did it but their DH when it was quite a family. Sit on the bench when he knows it. Do you think you do think that there via trade market for Hanley Ramirez. Immediately there be a trade market for. In the middle of the or something like that now. Yeah if you disgruntled then how many teams and actually be willing to trade former something like that and we know that there'll probably be put the rumors you know how the how juicy things got the Boston Red Sox clubhouse. And out of output and a half like coming out and trauma. It. Oh the so much of that it's catcher who can hit as well nobody ever thought. Yeah off and then Vasquez is doing it for me. Hey Larry good stuff man appreciate the small gulf. 6177797937. As I recall in and bought a lot listening to WEE I eight. The biggest change of the Red Sox this offseason have the kind of impact that allows them to you add any difference compared to last season. I'm talking about the hiring about scorers manager how much it actually change talk about that next a blog a lot this is WEEI. My expectation that aren't as. Please. But nothing changes. We don't understand. Businesses that let you said. Sports life is my. Themselves. If he ever got us. When it's contagious. It's fun. And that expectations come into play. Yeah expectations of myself this that decision. From top to bottom they're saying. Got to embrace that as the listed here and obstacles most people see it as it. Something sounded but it's fun it's fun to meet quotas aren't. That makes it a certain days. I know people like let's say that. We're a 160 games are certain days and he. And wasn't. And that's what it is. It. That is Red Sox manager Alex Cora I am on a lot you're listening to WEE nine if you wanna jump in 6177797937. Is now. You call and look. It's nice that John Farrell who it seems everyone hated he's gone by. Is John Farrell's departure and out score being the manager of this team. Going to change. The culture of this team. I go back to 2011 won my first. Big issue with the Boston Red Sox took place which was after the 2011 collapsed with Al everything seemed to be pinned on. Terry Francona. Not getting these players to continue to be hungry. After having won the two championships and all of that. Like Khaled all seemed like it was on campus I just have a hard time. Putting blame for really anything pace ball why is on and a manager Wayne ultimately. I mean your professional your paid millions to play a game. If you're going out there and yeah things are going well in the clubhouse. Is that gonna affect your preparation. When you're trying to get ready for an act that when you're in the on deck circle and like it shouldn't. I suppose it can. It feels like it always happens this way with this team now. When they're not doing well it's always. Oh wild you know the manager just doesn't happen thinking correctly and look at the top list of players very critical media. There's so many different people that are competing with one another just in this city to get all the Red Sox oops they can and it tends to be. A lot of negativity that's a sort of the way we are we're cynical bunch up here. But changing a manager I don't think that that that fixes a lot of issues in their lot that people over the past week and have been talking about. Just attention that was in the locker room this past season clubhouse this past season. OK it's not helping Ghana doesn't fix it. That someone has to step up and clean the whole mess up and I don't really look at any of these guys as someone. Would be able to take on the challenge of getting this team back on track and thinking like adults and act like adults again does feel at times but things are very child is there. Rookie back said it's 4017 Red Sox that they did feel tension in the locker room. There's tension in the locker as far as if things were down we could have had more fun. Well having more fun I mean again it's to me it's it's not just as simple as as saying well all three have been fun out there with that the team is going to play better. Yet the hit that you gotta get morons. Still doesn't do that. It didn't do it in the playoffs when they need until they didn't have the guns to match up reduced. Standard voter it's of their head putts and disagreements. He said I mean we all now we all know what was going on. I don't think I really wanna get into details the quicker we move on is the better for all of us. David Price we've heard from them are gonna handle better last year absolutely but I didn't and I'd move done. Yeah exactly like they move novel. Latest move on is all right or on the next year and your I was gonna blame that on on Farrell Farrell's the reason. I feel like should be kicking everyone's ass because he's the guy that's been here for now to the championships. In Dustin Pedroia but all they. I understand that right now he's he's he's he's rehabbing from and getting scarlet replaced in his knee and and he's going to be back expected in May see it fat 34 years old is still the same player pretty good year. Last dolphins consider what do you still in with those knee issues to 937 homers while the grade the playoffs though. In that series against Houston rejoice that our core group guys that. We say our young it's my responsibility we need them and they need me it's not one meter everyone has to work together I agree that it's not one leader put. I mean shouldn't enjoy have been Milan last year that was making things in the clubhouse a little bit better. And they really all every single day when they are going to work the reds are really think to themselves man John fails really hold me back. That's as. If that's the case that's that's sad you know. Not man I'd play so much better if John Farrell wasn't here look like he wasn't a great manager I think everyone would agree on that. Now he's on now and now everything's fine. These same issues will pop up again I think I am curious as to how out score will handle them. I mean that's the guy that used to play. This is a guy that was you know in Houston for the World Series on this past year this is the guy who definitely has. Experiencing winning and stand and I think as the ability to empathize with all the players that are out their tail. By. Is he to me the difference. And that's the only change from last year to this year and again that's another reason why I just don't feel the buzz for the team and I don't blame people for not being excited are passionate about this team going into this year you and other defending. American League east champions. Part of it's just a baseball problem. Part of its say olive let me down and tonight and sort of sick of just hearing all the gossip with this team and nine actually seeing. Winning product that's also fun. Attending a manager is is is not you know tinian manages that's not bringing people back. Sort itself I crickets out there on 6177797937. At the passion is there. Perhaps the dock but the patriots we're gonna be going real indeed tell talk with you guys about them. But I you know I I I and maybe you guys are just tired he was I out filibuster the Red Sox this year. That's careful czar of them dudes just being a basic sports not just announced job the same stuff you've been hearing over and over again. I'm not feel the juice I'm not feel the energy. And in new managers not make me feel better about this team's chances to compete against boss Jimmy against Houston against New York held in Cleveland. You know those those teams I've killer are armed better run at that players and an ounce either civil more mature. And that's interesting to say especially about the Astros were very young baseball team in Carl's belch on was the leader last season like from eight standpoint but. They have their stuff together. And I mean is it is it's just a product of every single Red Sox seem there's got to be these issues every single year what they just can't help and assistance is something that's in the organizational DNA of this team. Every single year there's got to be a little bit of drama and they're not gonna be able to handle it. They got a battered you know they they they in from that perspective it's I just think it's really sad that we're talking about how there's always tension with this team. And he yeah bring in a manager might make things great for that the first month. Well the second month but. What if it's the same feeling for core that there was for Ferrell. And and and ultimately like how is this team going to be different. As we get closer and closer to the regular season. As the field is going to be different I I I think that you could hold. For some of the numbers last season offensively to jump back up and then the odds of that in just a 168 home runs again I think are loading they'll have more than that. But again seven game series. And a seven game series. I don't see this scene outscored the likes of Houston the lights of New York. And that's I'll feel a lot of buzz for the team going into the air an awful lot of buzz for the Red Sox a lot. I'll think Malone. 6177797937. Again 617779771. Jumpin. A ball a lot occasion no idea an ally and I am a pasty white fellow with they'd be aired right now to try to look less and less like racial Matta O. On Sports Radio six and Houston. And had the pleasure of talking with you guys all the way up till 730. With the NBA all star game knowing how many hot and real surrogate to resolve it really does to be perfectly honest. Next the patriots we know are in a very tricky spot this offseason. And I think that it puts Bill Belichick. The general manager in a really really tricky spot some numbers that the to that the patriots are going to have to figure out. This offseason. We'll album for you next don't go anywhere employed a lot and this is WEE I.