Paul Gallant - I’m not mad at the baby celtics, just disappointed - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Paul Gallant takes over the airwaves, and opens up by talking about the beat down incured by the Boston Celtics courtesy of the Milwaukee Bucks in game 3. He breaks down some of the latest drama with the Patriots, including a strange press conference by Rob Gronkowski, and talks about how surprised he is by the Red Sox thus far on the season.


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We EI. I am this morning and yeah. Quarter. This banking laws that. 11692. Of the Milwaukee Bucks took out the Celtics last night those babies Celtics. What's going on people on blog wanna guy you all the way up to H when he right here on WEEI. We're gonna have a lot of fun and plug it. Things to talk about. Even though we're only in mid April we've got to Boston Red Sox team that is playing out there skills. We have New England Patriots drama every damn day and the Boston Bruins of course Republican I put out the Toronto Maple Leafs later tonight I didn't wanna start. By talking about. Those babies Celtics but if you wanna get in 6177797937. Is Heidi Collins can tweet me too if you want. At the line says I'm not mad. I'm disappoint. I think that we saw a Celtics team in game one in game two against meanwhile gay over achieved I mean there's no carrier ring. There's no Gordon Hayward at a bunch of children essentially out there and I don't wanna knock Terry rosier and knock Jalen brown honestly that. Stuff that they were able to bring to the table the first couple games of the series were out of this world. Marcus Moore says been so good this season to apply at some point we're gonna crash back to earth. They are going to go on some sort of playoff run where I feel like they would be able to take out. A Philadelphia 76ers team that is looking to go up three games to one on the Miami Heat the final middle of that game I feel like it's the sixers. And heating cans anymore but. That's their conference to lose essentially and LeBron James is still looming. This up Eckstein wasn't gonna go pretty far. So a loss like last night on the not worked not even playing with house money essentially ever since carrier Irving was shelved for the rest of the season. And if you really re. Lee wanna make excuses for this season go back further Gordon Hayward is out for the other doesn't there your next year will say. They are do. The loop in the pants they were before and that's what they did last night. As a waste of time for anyone who watched I ended up watching and on the DVR of last night after finishing my shell Houston Texas and I a. I wish I'd spent my Friday night a little bit better. I'm a couple Beers or something like that not know why I decided to watch this game and could John was 2712 at the end of the first quarter. Again it was telling a bunch of young players. Against one of the top players in the game and on since and to whom blow. Whose name is very difficult to pronouncement is right there he only had nineteen points in this one Chris Middleton 23 points. And her play itself. The guy who didn't know Terry Rosie was. He showed up he backed up is trash talked. They got great performances off the bench and on maker to Ari Parker to look for a list they were over one of those games tale. The Celtics team isn't good enough to go three series against a team like Milwaukee and sweet but it's not so. I'm leading up the show with honestly quite warm take but. Outlook the Celtics team. Not that concerned still feel like they have a chance to win this series. I don't know what can end up happening tomorrow I do feel like a loss is definitely in the realm of possibility and that this could go six or seven or something like that. But. Not really got worked up about it curious ST how you guys feel disappointed because these young players were playing so well. And you want them to continue to build off that and build off of it. Jalen brown. Terry rosier to be specific and of course Jason Tatum who we know has all sorts of star power down run right. And maybe you don't know that Patrick before me had been talking about the possibility of trading adjacent in some of these other young pieces for awhile Leonard. But those guys and they didn't play particularly well Jalen brown I mean he was due to come back there's thirty points to you know expecting out of him every single night. He had eleven points last night. And there are there yikes. And I I I'm curious as to how you guys feel about the way he played because I think there's a cause. I remember having talked about this last week. You know. What Eric Bledsoe said after game two was so why nominally stupid. After what rosier had done to him in game one essentially broken his ankles may make him look like an old man and in game two playing the way that he did. You don't know to hear the box the only one thing you can do yes effort these guys confidence in some way shape or form. Somehow some way you need to make them start thinking a little bit longer about why they've been able to do what they're doing. And lets him down two games that nothing you look at this in retrospect maybe he was playing some sort of veteran gamesmanship here maybe you're saying you know lot. This kids young I don't know if it's super pissed off if all the sudden I say. Yeah is that guy. Who hasn't gotten out. Apparently there's a little further back story I was reading a write up on last night's game on WEEI. Apparently Terry rosier might have confused or. Putts of for Drew Bledsoe that it is real thing. Marginalized little lazy didn't do the actual background digging on that it too rosy a confused Eric Bledsoe for Drew Bledsoe honestly I feel he's one of much right. Mean that's in the first thing at the doctor it's a thing of the crappy page pictures of the used to Wear to Foxboro Stadium there was like one of those unofficial ones was back during the starter Jersey Ara. Think my parents got an. She too long even exist and have governments to step down and Ali was their man but anyway I had the patriots Jersey at Eric Bledsoe and templates Terry Rosie is one of us but. She's nine points or Terry rosier. Nine A says NATO's five turnovers. I mean that's that that's the kind of performance that. You know what data nudity and say OK well he might have been in his own head there. And what's it was able make that happen honestly get for him well some veteran gamesmanship. And. Who who. Taylor. Love that. Good assist by jet right there not good assist by Terry rosier last night again I think I'd gotten is that good job by Eric Bledsoe cell open it up 6177797937. You talk patriots don't talk Red Sox still there and you're more than welcome to jump then. Dennison Cranston he wants to talk about the Rob Gronkowski situation damn what's going on man. Hey game that they think this team he won a one on one Nobel check authorization. Rocket on the block and I think it's a matter of value if someone makes an offer that and we'll. Italy and Belgium in this world he's gone. On the yet at it depends on what they get a value if someone makes him an offer. Yeah what. Value in return for Rob Gronkowski right now here's the thing the patriots players Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski out. That Bill Belichick doesn't happen they have leverage there to show up for these offseason program deals. And they don't show up. All right it makes it seem like they don't wanna stay there if they don't wanna stay there what what are patriots really gonna get in return for Rob Gronkowski who gets can cost as much he does who is for a lot of teams I think a guy who you'd be concerned about being hurt we'll know that Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end of all time but the injury factor that kind of tones down what you could get. I don't think Belichick's putting him on the block I think he's crazy he puts him on the block they do not out of right now as far as weapons are. They don't necessarily have a great arsenal for Brady to work out an old Julian elements going to be. Rob Gronkowski running straight down the middle to feel that's the one thing I know that I have I don't know commit to is going to be a two missing most of last year I don't know so. If if if Belichick's putting gronkowski. On the trade block right now. I think he's crazy I think that's a bad idea by M and I don't think he's doing right now. Well you know what you don't know what you don't know it is what another team who might want to win now. And then the window would be people and get up for Ricky get the world around them and then he's gonna then I'd be I would do it told me. But here's thing here's the thing Dan here's the Indiana I don't jump on your third or anything like that I I I hate how we are all torn to graphics. Which are essentially. Glorified lottery tickets we have turn these things which we don't know what ball turn into we've turned them essentially. And sue these. Unbelievable assets Rob Gronkowski is a real physical asset. You're trading your best offensive weapon for a chance to draft somebody I mean do better do your homework yet better nail that draft and honestly. I don't even trust. I don't trust any general manager in the NFL to hit on every single draft pick. It's a crapshoot. None of these guys are particularly good if you take a look at their track records going way back usually they're shooting about 50% you want more draft picks rock. Maybe gives you more draft picks but does Glock trading him give you someone back in return like crock. No so. I think the idea. Of trading Rob Gronkowski. Is insane weather help adults act held by anyone here could you get a first round pick need elsewhere that wonderful. What you gonna do with it. I can help you get back past the jaguars and Steelers and the AFC this year. Let alone the three teams looming in the NFC that at all improve this offseason the Eagles. The vikings are guard Kirk cousins. The rams who have really been aggressive this offseason brainy cuts forgot about him but they got markets Peters and a key to lead. Man I'm not I'm not giving up any of my assets when I know that there's a limited window Tom Brady. Dan appreciate the phone call 6177797937. Again 11 and anything. Will work couldn't even if it is slightly off topic. I also wanna talk about the Boston Red Sox the last time that I was on these airwaves. I had I think ten hot cakes based off of two games of baseball because we know that's way too limited of a sample size to actually feel. Conclusive. About anything at that team's doing. Holy smokes. I'm shocked that her seventeen TO really. And and I was drunk thinking that this team was. Definitely chasing the New York Yankees. In the American League east going to seize on jas I bought into the hype. I bought into the high outside of this out outside of the city. Everyone's talking about New York John Carlos Stanton if he can figure things that oil. And need to work on that front and an errant judged that offense is great. And you look at the astros' offense in the American League west seems like you need to have that kind of offense. We knew what the Red Sox pitching could be for healthy and Parcells back to form it seems you have Chris Sale being Chris Sale. David Price is healthy I mean you got the top three great. But the wide it was a thing I was most concerned about going into this year because I think. All of their players under achieved. And I know they outage eighty Martinez and I was expecting a lot of Judy Martinez because I still have a hard time buying into JD Martinez has this incredible power hitter that's putting up Barry Bonds levels slugging numbers. By. He's been hitting well Zander Bogart's was hitting well before he got injured. Milky bats looks like the MVP right now. Fans Hanley Ramirez even as his head on straight. This offense. I did not see coming. And you go back to last year and how difficult it was for them to score months. And you just wonder what the hell is different it's a really changing the manager Alex Cora getting a bit of chili Davis dating goat that really. Is why all of a sudden the Red Sox are heading to the degree that they're getting right now. I mean like we I didn't got a degree at seventeen into his unsustainable to her hotel and under in sixteen TO. 140 and twenty not just kidding that's unsustainable. What are they ultimately going to be and I I honestly I can't I can't put a number on it because I'm I'm still sort of in shock but the seventeen since 1908. To start a season at seventeen into a better. They hit five grand slams before the end of April. It's April 21. It's it's it's bizarre and I'm in I'm curious as down how you guys are feeling about them like do you think this is real or if this is fool's goal. 6177797937. On Paula go on if you do wanna talk about that. I would be a little wary of the last two playoff disasters. I think the Astros are tougher team. I think that the Indians have proven that they should be a tougher team. I don't know what the Yankees are other than hot mess right now but plenty of time for them that figure that out but Europe American League. Where you're really not going to play any teams at challenging for quite some time. Take a look at the schedule unless you think the blue jays are frisky and he got a pair of series against them over the next couple of months or that the Yankees are just an an early slump. You're not gonna see this team challenge and a legitimate measures that kind of series or game against. Great playoff competition. Until the end of may against the Houston Astros in Houston. So I know some of you might be thinking that this is fool's gold I know that certain people and other radio stations sorry they're just not there. They'd like I think there are some other people in town that are still being skeptical about it but I. It's is anyone at this point like any other year and resurrected the right. I think that's what happens when you sadly listen to that so that's what's his idea of going up but. You note apparently Clinton plan you discovered by them by accident to press that he pressed the wrong but debt and happens I get some from time to time it can mixed signals up or something like that. Having Jack how do you feel about misty seventeen into. I'm I'm looking at these guys and I am waiting I'm waiting for the office to cool off a little bit I mean I feel like. They could be a ninety win team easily they'd been at the last two years but could they be the best team in baseball this particular flight like right now. If you're not there but this is that it did Sheen is that they're legally wrong. Before starting their line line yes no one a one expect it I mean go back on March and I feel like a lot of us are like baseball season and I've always liked that by the way I I I've gone on many rants about this and I work at a Houston a cover the Astros you'll get mad at me because I bring the double talk. I hate regular season baseball it's awful for half our games. And an especially when the Astros played many games in the West Coast as they do I I actually did it because I'm this much of a loser. A web posts where I added up all. Of the hours. Of the games that have been played in the regular season something like. 470. Hours Yasser of regular season was last year. And then I added up all the hours that they played against worthless crap that teams like 300 hours and I was thinking to myself I'm a Red Sox fan and I've seen this team. Go to the playoffs but the last two years only to get completely. Destroyed. In the divisional round of the playoffs do I wanna invest my time. There anymore tuners and boom. You know that all of a sudden this is gonna make me. Come back when this team has. Very often in the last six years seven years eight years gone out of its way to be unlikable. I mean whether it's the 2011 incident at the end of the year smearing Terry Francona on his way out of town. And yet here they are and marquis bats might be the best player in baseball I think rob Bradford an article up on WEEI dot com. Opt out you've got Zander Bogart more. Right now. It's insane. But people weighing in 61777979. 37 threat isn't Maryland Fred what's going on. And lately. I. Where are under achievers this year they're doing what I thought they would do. And their mission has been excellent reports now I'll start a round I don't believe he's given up a home run this year. Ourselves turnaround but David tried to turn around I said a couple of weeks ago when it comes David Price. As long as he deserves a lives I'm I'm I'm cool with anything that he does and I think that he is a good major when he is healthy I just owning your take. It's a negative here I I don't wanna hear any of that in out. My we're Salo bouncing back the way that he has thread that is something else. I've had pictures. I believe that Rodriguez's excellent one he's on. And I believe that they. It you know and Marcelo and sudden that the got a pitch last night after the first inning he'd he'd he'd turn that on pretty good first curse climb back. He did he definitely did Fred and and and appreciate the phone call that you look at their starting rotation and he knew knew it was good going into the year and I mean if you stack the Red Sox up against the Astros who I think do you have the most horses but ours somewhat had been someone underachieving from the line perspective. There were the Astros starting pitchers they go about five deep he got ver Lander you've got tight all the guys that have won the cy young's. You've got Jared Cole who they just brought in this offseason pitching at a ridiculous level. Where he was at one point leading the American League in strikeouts with a star less than all the other guys who were leading. And you also have Lance what colors to when he is on has filthy stuff and Charlie Morton that your hero of the World Series. They go about five deep. The Red Sox you know the top three are good what's pom rants gonna get view. What's been and and and what's Rodriguez can give you an and then you know you have in the bullpen if you're comparing the Astros pitching to the Red Sox pitching. The Red Sox a leg up because they have Craig Campbell. I want fast forward to may 31. They want you guys might think that way to 06177797937. Christian isn't anybody Chris what's going on rock. Com regarding the Red Sox so just a thing is that states chemistry. On my I work at a hole what you just simply Jewish and it applies to being human. Where you get to change the car. Regarding the manager. What happened wars there was chemistry or facts that changed a little bit of something and everybody that was there. And that chemistry is what it is were witnessing we won't happen seated at nine under ball because that's just it happens I'll be your first in the history of baseball. Yeah. But that big issues that. Something you can't put your finger on science why is it something that being human why waste. Bring throughout the past and each review and at all. Because more than they are at there's some that there aren't individual parts. Then walked. Christian and and you look at the new manager Al score who who who came from Houston last year. And then he compared to John Farrell I mean John film has been real label right I mean teased that this. The craziest thing about it is that you go from one man to another I don't think editors really. That much of an impact on what these players elected they can't write it was they set the line and in the. Go back it's a domino effect as which has cystic you know look at the stats but the that burst all. It's a dollar total wreck there just everything seems to keep falling into place right and that big risk of bringing and the youngest manager we've ever had. It's it's worked out great and interest and appreciate the phone call to us he body tease he but he. You know it's funny when I was growing up this is a weird story but when my dad and I would be driving up towards them is doing which is where his mother used to lift. We were we drive by that and I would read the signs of the time and I would say he body I don't know what I think is 'cause I was obsessed with T like most little children are. I don't know. So six point 777979370. Colin unclog a lot to tweet to act a lot sets up next. I understand the concern about the patriots and finally feels like the end is in sight. But shouldn't we be losing our minds over silvery little tidbit. That pops up this offseason. The latest of which we will discuss next it is. WEEI and I am Paul block. I'll talk a lot this is WEEI 61777979371. Come talk to me. Hope your pasty white guy that has appeared so he doesn't look like Rachel matter you can tweet me to go after a lot says. But in Cambridge has been waiting a while you must talk about why Leonard trade Bob what's gone on bro. It's. A nation to Tokyo on during his show. I'm home. I call the bucket topics this Sunday and just. I'd I'd like to move to mention the Yankees you. Brought them up like it's real when they get Craig bird can. I think it will burn up tourists. Who cruiser really outstanding rookie pro life that's going to be. Good not to challenge to let silent so I think we're trying Cashman made a mistake. Is going to have to stand and they're pitching is suspect. Period. What where I am with with New York I think the pitching is gonna hold them back like I would take I would definitely take Houston over them with the way the Red Sox have opened up especially after starting pitching. Back to form especially in the case of Rick Marcelo that's the biggest edge that they have on New York right now. I agree it and it and it's a shame because they've got a lot of chips and they couldn't really treated for the number two number. Prehistoric or would have made it different not that. Yeah you know I don't think any Q that's going to turn bounce it and that they didn't really need him they needed pitching more grip. But but to be fair if the Marlins and I'd trade him for absolutely nothing essentially you make that trade happened. Our fault then confirm that but regarding the Celtics and I would trade I would trade. Jerusalem. June ground that would trade I would trade anybody except. Case in case I think Jason David is that it is in its return to formal. Slater I think he's going to beat. Another Paul Pierce may be even better than Paul. Here and that's not taking it didn't argue Brothers really good player and I think earlier is the greater player book. I think the one guy that I would make untreatable. In that group of people that they're talking about treating. For him with DJ and chase him I wonder what he's. The thing with tears thing rotator and I liked him a lot sooner and I'm with you I feel like he's on the right path but. I I I think in this case I don't in the spurs are gonna get back a 100% on return what they did what they were electrical like is that when those collide as wanna be there so. I think that you if you were to make a trade with the with San Antonio and in your curb your gonna send somebody over there. You be able to get away with just sending Jason Tatum and maybe something else and you'd be able to keep rosier. And you'd be a rookie Jalen brown may be like I think you if you make a trade with the spurs right now unless there's another team that has a better offer. And Jason Tatum I mean you might be able to get away with just giving him up now Taylor might turn to this great player. But we know look at why is when he's healthy and I think Nikolay the reason he's not there. It might be due to injury I think it's more so because he doesn't trust the spurs medical staff. And now Gregg Popovich seems to have burned the bridge and obviously sucks for Gregg Popovich having his wife. Pass away just in this playoff series and he's not going to be coaching for game four against the Golden State Warriors but if on the Celtics. I think I'd you know you are. What could be trade. Growth this year and brown and somebody else and keep debate why why why should peak eight and that goes embroiled in rosier than it's state. Do you wanna do you wanna have the kind of depth that these other teams in the league do because. If you trade Tatum yes you're losing you losing Tatum obviously. But if you have rosy year and Jalen brown. I think with that with the corps of Irving Hayward and Leonard. I'd rather have more pieces after that I wanna have a really deep team. I think the reason the warriors were as good as they were couple years ago was because of their depth. Third depth has been waning the last couple of seasons and we'll see if they're actually able to get past Houston and the west got files I would bet that they would. But I think as time goes on. You or your depth sort of leaves you. And I think if the Celtics. Ward to make a trade they would probably be able to do something where they would get Jason Tatum for coli strain out. And you wouldn't do that I. I would I would rather give up one piece even if they guys transcend it for transcendent piece in Kauai. Then to give up a package of pieces you know especially when we note items. Trending towards something like. We're not a 100% certain on that and we know coli is right now. And are well I. What he'll do it like to think he still wouldn't I don't support it I think he's got the confessed to a cuter Jason Brown he do you number only really good player I don't kill efforts really be a good outside. And you're in rosier. It's I think it'd be that he eat he plays good defense and all he can score from from every now and then and Rosie I mean Rosie is basically a great could be a great sixth man for you. And and and I I mean he's inconsistent and we saw last night you know you don't expect him to be good every single night. Oh well you're gonna appealed an occasion for acute well I'd. Critical call Bob. David ought to sell calling in 6177797937. Dave what's up man. Yeah they actually had been a successful. Then they get a good coach and you know you have got to expect to coaching and he's got a point to prove. No money at it again and I wish they were Olympics world. Nobody Victor and out and using it and Miley play giving everybody an idol of veterans. Nine iron complaining. That ticket is analogue out. I hope so David appreciate the phone call look either you look at the Sox. Core approaches things differently the Astros last year who he was with the approach things differently. And I like that new perspective that they have. It is amazing though that going from John Farrell. Today ads has has with with largely the same roster outside of JD Martinez. Has resulted in these changes would I I am still. Minds and beliefs of blindness because who could've seen that coming really. You're just she hit the manager. And JD Martinez isn't someone that inspires. All whole Lotta confidence as a power hitter and for a team that had so many guys under achieved last year in their lineup. I mean. It's been it's been more than nine day they are on another planet right now I mean. Both rookie bats and standard Bogart's have opened up the year in Bogart's obviously he's banged up but they opened up the year. Hitting it MVP levels. Hanley Ramirez seems to enjoy himself again and honestly I was feeling pretty good about Hanley after his playoff performance. Against the Astros he was great nets series just like David Price was both of those two I thought going this year you know what those guys are probably on the on the right track. But the question was is bad intending gonna bounce back from a rough you're last year. Is smokey bats get a bounce back from a comparatively poor year last year Bogart same thing. L half. And then sobbed and it's really debacle rang out to point any specific part. Of the Red Sox lineup and say. I am I'm not a big fan of this coming year even getting cell production out of Eduardo noon yes and honestly I I I wonder what happens with Dustin Pedroia when he comes back. I dale I I don't know what his role. Would end up being I I don't think that he's going to end up being the same player. I don't doubt we remember from years and years ago. And honestly I. I don't know maybe. Eighty in still working back from injuries is working wonders for this team maybe they realize you know what the young guys on this team. They realize this is their team this isn't Dustin Pedroia. Or David Ortiz is team anymore this is this is our team we see. Are the ones that the kick our own masses and we are the ones that have to make sure that. We're not bickering over dumb stuff in the clubhouse. Apparently they all the data John Ferro let's that's the weird thing about all this at least to me 6177797937. On Paul a lot. You're listening to WEEI up next we'll finally talked. About the New England Patriots I'm amazed that one story turned into what it did nationally. This past week with the patriots we'll discuss that next don't go anywhere. Sports station. WEEI. Thought this WEEI. 6177797937. Jets Dreyer and mission control. As I'm in a closet in Houston Texas right now and Casey guys wanted to know where I am point. I originally am from Hanover Massachusetts. South sure wasn't me. Lived there for really long time and then months of life families stuff you and a million dollar in the country classic voices and I I. Speaking at the course is hail of a New England Patriots. And feels like one right it's not feeling great. I do say though. While understands that. Any little juicy tidbit of information comes out about the patriots means that. There's turmoil there. I think that we have to stop go. Or a doctor. Every single one of these stories and and and explain why his second. We have to agree on one thing the end of this it's coming sooner this is an awkward offseason. As it is I think they got at least one hopefully two years laughs. Being a competitive team and I know that this offseason wasn't a good one. Nate sold are leaving. That might cost you a couple of games early in the year Dante Scarnecchia is the best offensive line coach of all time but he's not a miracle worker. We'll see what he's able to do over the first couple games with whoever they end up putting in. At left tackle. Dion Lewis is gonna be a tough one to replace but they volley seemed to do a good job replacing running backs Danny Amendola I think you'll be fine without him even though. Not been done to rescind certain Julia Ellman losing welcome Butler herds in that. Maybe of Butler had a contract may be Butler wasn't wooden oppressed as much as he did this past year. We all have their grid Boller struggled would Butler have been the difference in the Super Bowl. Nobody is an option that was not use. It's hard for me to say that Butler being out there may be in the second half when nothing was going the patriots way. What they've definitely given the patriots want her to played against Philadelphia. Because honestly and is needed a couple of third downs fourth downs with the way Philly was moving the ball and on the field the second half suitable for detail but. I don't think that the Malcolm Butler that Tennessee is getting its gonna be the Malcolm Butler that the patriots hat. If that makes sense. I do you think butler's a little undersized I think he's a scrappy player in his biggest strength is that he fights until the end of the play he's gonna try to once the football out. And any wide receivers hands. Almost like he's Charles Tillman if you wanna go a little further back to Chicago bears' greatest punch in the ball out. Anyway I know that they've lost pieces. I know that there's tension. But I still feel. That one's. Sick Hamburg. Once late August rolls around. We're gonna be looking at this team the same way that we looked at them. Going into last year hopefully. Also looking at some draft picks that are going to be contributors. Right a away. I understand that whenever there's a story about drama whether from Seth wicker sham or Tommy coloring and those stories I mean they they're they're not hollow that's not TMZ it's not fake news or anything like that I get that that people are gonna. Get concerned. About the relationship between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady which I imagine is frosty. At best right now. But I I do want to go back to the shaft or piece this week that was embarrassing. And I think that was even chapters fault I think that ship the was told by ESPN hey give us up and for our car wash so that we can have some content today. Because this this story was he could hear talk about easing while the accused used practicing everything with. All sorts cabbie lots of people think he be he'll be back. But he hasn't told anyone that was essentially the nuts and bolts of his report and and that turned into a big Eagles story and he has told anyone definitively that he's going to be Becky hasn't told anyone in a press conference form. That he's going to be back playing for the patriots is coming season but has he done in the past. A that he told him great for the suitable that regardless of the outcome will be playing next year he's gotten off season workout program after offseason training except exercises. Are done with patriot players. Should be back next year if we're talking about actual retirement this off season. And the possibility of that happening. It's not happening he's playing next year. And we wanna play. Hypotheticals sure cool we can we get. It on but. Right when we had these stories that continue to pop out. Yes it's symptomatic of the to the patriots having discord in the house having pieces that are unhappy. And discontent in some way shape or form to the degree that we had never seen before because they've always kept an in house and that does make me concerned about what happens. After this coming season. I'm not concerned about this season they're gonna be inseparable I think. Who else the AFC's gonna beat them Jacksonville played portal still a quarterback now. The stupid ass Steelers and Mike Tomlin it's gonna coach those those guys to just a point where they'll be talented. Or make some sort of bone headed decisions and a big time game he's not doing it either. To me to be in the NFC and it will get to that later on. The reason that I'm not as concerned about just the discord these have been together for eighteen years. And we all did turn out turned off at some point my parents' marital it lasted I think sixteen years geez it was ages ago. After a while you were the same person for a long period of time it's human nature to get sick of it especially if you're Tom Brady your Rob Gronkowski. Because. You could best that your respective position period. And if Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady is getting crap from Bilbao checked. I mean. You're going to be annoyed even if you realize that what Belichick is doing has made this team as good as it's been for such a long time because. After awhile I think you wanna get a little better respect a little bit a preferential treatment that's not the way about it operates. But I'm not. I'm not freaking out about going into this year I'm not. I I I I even even what the shot to pieces and don't know wicker sham pieces in the Tommy turned pieces and also to peace is what's there are some credence to some of them I mean. I think some of them are. Being fusion greens say yeah that's happening not denying there I'm not denying there's discord there. But I think going into this year and I I I feel the level of concern. Right now. Is overblown. For this season. If you guy still otherwise 6177797937. The latest update. In. The patriots as the offseason to parents story lines. Has to do with Bob gronkowski. And a super cross event. At Gillette Stadium he showed up. And any spoke with the media and people tried to figure out whether or not. Rob Gronkowski will be back to its driver has the value of that packet mission control let's hear Rob Gronkowski talked about dirt bikes. You know they've heard that you weren't at the optional workouts last week and a wondering is there. Do you plan on attending the optional workout that are upcoming. Know. Why after. It's fantastic. And the the the whole exchange that Kevin Duffy of mass live transcribed. What's your status or to any team status is doing really great about Dirk Bucs traded really odd and go from room really good. I can run that I'd like a lot of and I speed is up there. Are you contemplating retirement from football depended on the racing skills go today. What do you say to your fans are wondering about the future the deficit. When I come back that's what. Your excellent and rations are really good. Do I sound like rocket. Almost exactly like and what exactly like up the bill itself like some sort it eerie Travolta. And at at. So you're coming back and maybe. The union have you been in communication Belichick just must've caught that worried about dad means to be great writing that there would don't get the big air. Yeah. Look. I think he's gonna be there he does not sell enough for OTAs. Which are voluntary. These happen a lot you know that is contract negotiations. Lead to guys. Skipping voluntary work out often if you're good enough player you can do it. Brady can do it gaga asking you do it the odds of them actually being affected by not showing up for those. Minimal. Really like that that's not gonna affect what happens this season on our campus aussies and they'll be fine. You also need to mention that he was in full motor cross regalia during this press conference that he needed to be patted we don't want inert. I mean for all ego. Yet if he was riding on a dirt by. There's a very good chance that he goes over there on bump and he goes flying over the handlebars and next thing you know another concussion his career is done. I think also that there is something to Rob Gronkowski continuing to do all these things that have just a tinge of possibility for him to suffer a serious injury. It's like he's Bemis rebellious. It's as if he's. Some kid that was supposed to go to college has parents somehow made him angry decided I would go to California and instead skateboarding and surfing and I'd be mixing brew reduce all sorts of stuff that you shoot these back. The northeast did do and he's trying to be rebellious and like get really old fashioned. 1970s. Kind of place sticking it to that military industrial complex man of that time. That's that I feel like he's doing right now it is amusing to me but I think ultimately wants August rolls around on September rules around these guys are all gonna show lob. And they're gonna put the stuff to the side as best as they can and I don't think it'll affect them on the field because it has never affected them on the field before. It hasn't. They're not the Steelers this stuff from Pittsburgh it affects them on the field until I actually seeing an activity of the want to predicted. And while I do feel like things are coming to a conclusion New England eventually. And science and eventually I really want to feel like fighters on the road seven years 20000 years down the road but. It's probably the next two years where this is on gonna dramatically changed Belichick might be on Brady might be on who knows gras by begun to. Frogmen tweets and the act alone says do you think of bill and Gregory the sixth round. That anyone would have taken bold Bill Polian were taken in the first round but you remember that. Bill Polian also wouldn't have drafted Aaron Hernandez even though you got to breakers that one time that's no big deal frogman also tweets. He wasn't there for football questions that's like rock is doing this of the question I'm not mad at undoing it with the questions he he's he's having fun with that. We got on the he's doing and in some sort of angry way but he was when he was doing that sixty minutes interview and someone was asking him. About Aaron Hernandez. He was having fun with this he's a blasts growing would ballots like right now and I imagine Brady is to some extent tea. 61777979370. Call and to talk let me talk a lot you can also tweet me act alliance says coming up next really does feel. Like the Bruins have this one in hand right and I'm really happy that finally. The Boston Red Sox strategy. That they've had with so many guys after a season where they under achieved is finally paying off we'll explain that next I bought a lot this WEEI don't go anywhere.