Paul Gallant - Lebron James vs Laura Ingraham. 02-18-18

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Sunday, February 18th

Hour 3: In the final hour Paul starts off talking about the comments made by Laura Ingraham and how Lebron James responded to her. Can the Red Sox compete with the Astros and Yankees if they don't add a big bat and should the Red Sox just wait until next years free agency market. 


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WEEI. My unfortunately. A lot of kids and some adults. Take these ignorant comments seriously. Look there might be a cautionary lesson and LeBron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year about the ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin. They're great players but no one voted for you millions elected trop to be their coach. To keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said shut up and dribble. That's fox news's more anger him and those comments have been going viral for just a little bit what's going on people talk a lot. You wanna jump in 6177797937. As we go all the way up to 730 right here on WEE guy. Okay so like I I I understand where where in her hand is is is making some of these points. She's things abroad as a basketball players does he really know what he's talking about from political standpoint. Today it's a hundred million dollar person a year guy vacant lot millions and millions and millions dollars in recent years this person really know what's what's gone on the plight is like for. People that are watching his sport. Adding I. But that's I mean like any one of the things about this country is everyone's entitled to say when they held one. It's just matter of hey are you can expect the and you can respect that take you can expect what dispersants saying out there. LeBron from time to time is very difficult to get behind and I can see Willingham was telling him coming from from old and just a little bit. The same time to end like that. People are gonna blow up this is the way that America is these days you can't get much stick to basketball. I W I don't think you're gonna have good reaction to that anyway LeBron James was. Asked on Saturday about Loring Gramm's comments and here's what he had to say. I asked my first for some reports. The good actor and I watched a video of assault exactly how is put all home. The first ball. I had no idea it was years we'll listen do. Consistency. She won that case does not know who she is home. Business. We'll go up USA which is reversible that is. I wanna have a little bit more respect we'll shoot action locals wounds of sitting right up until the fall. But that's okay. It's. And we're back to. Everything up and talk about last year or so. And as we don't. Know everything about this and this is correct for. That's not a reaction. We will definitely not gonna show of drivel. I would definitely not your I mean too much too little. To society got into my suit and used them into my suit. Accidental submitted to you feel like they don't have a they don't have a way out they need someone to help lead them out of the situation they're in. A home. Also received a little bit more fact checking because guys who didn't finish high school wouldn't leave early I graduated high school. Interesting comments from LeBron. And at times a little humble Draghi noted no issue it's a little bit later. He he's saying oh I finally figured out who she is now. The very end saying that actually did graduate OK and continuing by saying like I mean Jim much of the youth I mean too much to so many kids. Our credit for this. It was someone saying that they are more than an athlete cool yachts that tonight expects you know honestly to to say that these people like don't you can have opinions. Because they play sports. That's wrong can do. He also did you by saying we'll not shut up and dribble awesome and really no sarcasm here right I agree with angry at those sentiments. I athletes like LeBron and like Kevin Durant. To give me something more and I'm not gonna criticize and to the extent that. The war in your hand doesn't basically saying no you can't talk abouts you can't talk about all that you can't talk about the state in the country. What do asking for if there are gonna weigh in on things like this or they're gonna have commentary. I actually want to be point eight I want it. I want to have some substance behind it. Because I felt like when the brawn was. I felt like when LeBron. Was making those comments it has made political comments in the past and hopefully there's a whole in depth. Behind and I want a little more depth. Every time that I hear. Athletes weighing in on something. Political. I feel it and hearing in I don't know how many people have seen the movie forgetting Sarah Marshall and hearing the song. We got kids Islam thing by Aldous snow an infant Soro. We're basically just as we have to do something but they don't actually say what we have to do. Now maybe that's for politicians and that's for people that elect and local government and stuff to figure out. I'm all for these guys speaking up on things. I just want a little more depth behind it and from time to time when an athlete does weigh in on something political. They do make a point you don't call cabinet for start talking about. How all on why he was taking a neat. At first I'm going into what really this guy the guy who took it is to Graham photo of flooding in Houston. And said seven forms coming on and I was like this guy's going to be weighing in on on politics in the state of our country. But that actually was the what he had to say he got some good things that he brought to the table and fortunately sort of got lost their where Fidel Castro shirts decided to make a stand words he's been saying that. Fidel Castro did some good things got he got pretzel. He got to a spot where you're trying to explain an EET chewed awful to more than he can handle. And this is not me say that person is totally ignorant of all I'm saying is. What we see athletes Whalen stuff like this. I just want a little more than well things have to be better we need changes things aren't good like OK great great I get the give me something more. I really feel like a bronze given a whole lot when he's been talking about things he's not been the president. He is probably not a fan of a large number of other things but. I wanna hear more when he weighs in on things you know instead of just the basic generic stuff that he's brought to the table. To the beside the flooring him. I actually side with the athletes here. If you feel passionate about something you feel like yep the platform to actually talk about something and impacts and change. Talk. Throw some ideas out there. Have a conversation and hope that you can initiate some sort of dialogue back and forth as we don't do that enough these days BL each other real one side vs the other side all that stuff. But if he's got to continue to weigh in on politics and and for any other athlete that does that. I just won a little more depth I just want a little more thought I just wanted to beat some of that is not basic. And I don't bronze gonna get that's me in a regular basis I would guess Null. Not a knock him but why feel like Diaz these bots in these are good dots that out. The actual execution of them that's the kind of stuff I would like to hear him talking about. Anyway that's just me 6177797937. Is that you call and on blog a lot Jim is in lol Jim what's going on. And while trust what they say I'm very happy that WEEI has got why what who programming on Sunday while taking my what Powell locked external isn't it actually at nationals are very happy that you guys normalized shocked. Go man appreciate illicit. Checked aren't they give but second of all the war bloggers say first of all or Ingram. And I am not a patriot or purse. But and I don't agree with her criticize them I say well brought change. Did you rent don't have the right too much pressure opinion but by the same token you get it to their opinion order branch off. So not a question surely outlook for second. If taught Brady. In Ben Roethlisberger. Techcrunch site Barack Obama. What do you think the reaction would then put immediately and pop. Consistency from. Gathered a lot of dad's been posts I think about Tom Brady and how he's enabling his make America great again body there'd be a lot of that. You already have that ties of course to that Brady's always going to have the patriots are going to have with president trumpet again like whenever I I I always find. It very interesting that the guys who lean to the right to get the backlash that they do when they share the political opinions. Publicly now again. I try to stay in the middle of everything I also got I think everyone's an idea but that I'm smarter than them. I is generally think that like both sides are completely wrong and and actually both sides talk with one another be better. Put your right Tom Brady. Operates at this about Obama Osce and running and said this about Obama prod with a blown out this is the way that things are. And it is interesting in the case of this president where it does seem like if there's there are more and more and more at least and that I can remember celebrities as well and and at. Athletes and all that. Way out on his performance whether you agree or disagree it is definitely something that I have goes a whole lot more ever since this guy got elect. But you know what while it did double standard me result always bulletin most average people this here right through it but what everybody had to Lawrence opinion. But let's take people what did you work tradition of sorts keep a burglar god I hope you guys stay all I'd really like bright gesture on Sunday. I appreciate that general via OP enjoy the rest your ought. All I'm saying right now again I'm not saying don't talk I just one more substance from these guys when they're talking you know I got that must ask can play it. It looked beings up on the Internet and actually get a little bit more informed of some of the matters that you come that you have conversations about. But politely it's it's really difficult it is to not earlier arrive it LeBron in this situation with the sun quotes. In that that you just heard in that enabled amid in 32 piece that you just heard. For example. I mean do much to society. I mean to you much to the youth I mean too much to so many kids that feel like they don't have a way out okay well. You know even you want it you want them to have a ways out other than playing basketball you know and it's got that they eat it provides an escape led. RR RR you change in the world the bronze. You might want new body numbing actually after data plan when you're talking about this and I understand he's just responding. To Ingram. Apparently different pronouncing their the name correctly of the Fox News host so apologies for that. But. You know what went when I hear this reaction. I I don't feel blight. The broad line. Is bringing more the table here I think he's just saying the same stuff that he all business. And I just want more out of my athletes then hearing the song we got to do something piled the snow and infants are. I got on it it we're gonna have an interesting conversation like that. I. Saying the basic generic. Script president gap but at all. What specifically do you do you not like he's laid it out I mean I know he's he's not a fan of some things the guys tweeted some of the things that the guys said as well. Would become a dumb and boom I forget what he called them and that capital L a while ago. A lot of people are doing that these days it's almost like it's it's it's cool to have to do that go on social media guide double the president again like 5000 likes about. Couple retreats or something like that to maybe some extra followers. Jason Connecticut telling in 6177797937. Hello. I cannot prop Robert Byrd so. It won't pick up view one way here ya go ahead man go ahead of their I'm not a political I quote I ordered the trop I don't care Republican Democrat I'd photo op with. Were threatened we act would get what we got elected I hope you get back. More on oh record. Right exactly yeah I I I want my president to sucks that because I'd vote for that guy like best bet that. I hate that mines that. It is quite. Well Ron you weren't here what up guys. Well and it very well like you've got no oh huge and all of the politicians. At all I want change I want it. It's cute platform and the wreckage well. And they did nothing after don't know once after the script is darn right we run play. If you replicate yourself with Roger. The great political and probably. Totally agree with you on this today I mean I think if he'd he could he easily could do this research and speak up on it and and actually have some sort of power influence and set it just. Approaching it if he wants to be involved in stuff like this. He's gonna have to handle people like Ingram coming after him. And that's how it works in this industry and I I'm I'm sure that he gets it from that perspective to pay if I say something someone else is going to weigh in. On anything that eyesight or about basketball. Or about politics but our public view I I feel. She could do a lot more. If he were actually put a little more thought into it a little more homework into it and all these athletes could pick up. Plenty of time I know that they're training and they're trying to stay in as bad shape as they possibly can and all that. But if you want to weigh in on some of these things don't just go into it casually in sailor go a couple of comments. And then check back out and get back into the sports world you really wanna do something. Impact full. Then stuck up and and and say something real instead of just the basic stuff. That sometimes comes across like it's pandering to dole because everyone's doing it it's a cool thing to do the popularity contest. And you could educate himself as well at a podium our political system. And no doubt I don't like don't call the president disparaging things look at art you know you'll like them or not just what. Took it very well I mean Jeep that the president did tell disparaging some of the players that are taking unique district does it mean to go and sons a bitches you know. He has since he's taught that where. He shot stop at that stop it is it is honestly amazing that it's still happening to him and. I'd order form but I like being popular Twitter and run the country. I now I now. I think it's really funny with his Twitter electors would do if there's a distinct style to it and it always ends of Lago with some sort additive of exclamation point at the variants. I I I always gives I would get a ticket that honesty but I don't particularly affected because to read he'll tell. Take it stockman appreciate the focal. 6177797937. Against 6177797937. And pulled a lot we're talking about. LeBron james' reaction to Laura Ingram in her comments criticizing. LeBron for speaking out on stage every race relations in America. Thomas in the car 6177797937. He dials up Tom it's up. Hey. Eight Ahmedabad or Abraham. Yes don't but don't pop its little hypocritical. Of Earth Day you know that look on day. You know not to let it there's so it was sound like when he was older than Obama cup yet I feel that. She was there a little pandering herself you know she would do little pandering. Right because you know gonna give her parents in exactly what. What are actually a benefit at McDonald's fault yes. Ethnicity is not done well. Maybe you aren't quite as president. Oh god oh god we get we can't have all these guys that like art that that. That on top of all takes at least they think they're on top baltics have not what's next on rock. Yeah I know I I don't like it here and wants. We actually need somebody needed in government now to take over the country because. You know what do you do that celebrity thing is not working. And now not now it's. That's that's the funny thing and like I I would never wanna be apart of Washington is it just feels like there's so much that I mean I don't know how home. How accurate that Netflix show house of cards as an obviously that's an interesting so now given Kevin Spacey and all things that. He's alleged to have done blood. I I I looked at Washington and I just wonder like. How can anything get done there were things that there's so much backstabbing the Sony pockets being. Added and all of that like it seems like it's completely and fix the mess and these people that way on it they also vastly better has to be better has to be better. I'm like let's say. The same time it's actually had suggestions for what we can do better instead of saying. And asked to be better I mean. You know the stuff that went on in Florida this past week as you know with the with it with the shooting and all that. People turn that into like political conversational sudden and it's always like one side or the other ones I ever see. Talk. Well art I suppose maybe people can't sit through an actual back and forth conversation without get not yelling and screaming and calling the person names these days. I'd like to think that there's at least some people there jovial put their own ego and all that stuff aside sit down have a conversation. Is that athletes like the broad and pull a little more effort into these two things they're saying great if you're you're you're you're you're you're you're. You're speaking your mind you have thoughts on the country want the country to be a better place but do more than just saying. We got it is something liquor Elvis now you know. 6177797937. So you call Tony. Tony what's going on but. Just whipped into a summit so I want David to certain city what. He taught you want in doubt that most substance about it but in a yeah yeah. Well I staged his actions speak louder than his words sometimes sometimes you don't you just say everything you need to put the maximum irony in the broader pattern. And nick about making a way out of the basketball player some widget. And I don't think as we say. I think he was talking about education. 'cause you don't put a lot back into the interview this spot to do and that's what you meant quite come to our Auburn aren't that important to our generic. I you know it's easy to let you know on I'll be honest. LeBron always has rubbed me the wrong way and it's just part of the sports growing up in Boston three kids just want to go up against them all the time. I would just poke a little bit of fun and on and say I'm too much is exactly I mean too much to the years I believe me I know he does a lot of things. I I I just I and and actions do speak louder than words but. I nowadays it doesn't feel sometimes like wards are as important as these actions don't you feel. A Mika got the stuff we talked about for whatever reason we don't talk about the actual actions of guys. Well it is a guy creator god no matter what you say I mean you got to tip well what you say you hate because. I developed a 10 o'clock I mean you know be picking 11 thing and it comes out another way and people. Edit an. Oh yeah definitely I. Annika about it you know it's like a four hour show or something like that there's a very good chance that you're gonna stay on the unintentionally. John I don't believe me you can say what you wanna say that accidents be utterly ignorant about it. You do you really don't know I. I'm not denying that and I'm guys spoke up I just wish when he spoke more I wish that we get a little more you know I just does one mobile more substance behind it. And and it's not to say he's doing nothing that made at the very easy thing to say and that's what went on more Ingram if she's not doing our homework. I mean that's the easy layup that licking out sliding down him Bratton and opinion. But when I I hear him talk I just wanna hear only here real concrete substandard things maybe that's not his responsibility. I in out it's just it's it's like white noise everyone had the political opinion these days do something different you know. I don't I've watched FOX News Watch CNN. Politician. All the got to pick the board and I'll tell you write is just it's a problem with everything. About it. I doubt. Well. It beat. Out in that department about I don't somebody's gone. Him. Yeah an and that is a little pandering like get a little vote and it last by an annual day. And they're a little bit delegates and votes in the north base and their guy and yet that nothing actually happens and then the problem just continues to settle town where. And over years and years indirectly it's addressed. Oh yeah as I had to face and knocked out of with the tide. Could stunt men I appreciate the phone call 6177797937. In 6177797937. John is in Somerville John what's going on. John yeah how far it. Good Lipton. You know you're my theory and a and I think you've probably heard that before but. You can point you know I can't tomatoes are inside of the submarine that did not meet get. That at Munich and swept. Right. So. That's the kind of thing that I think about a lot it is our view is that the canned goods complaint hotline. Good complain about life odd elevated. They've admitted it's gone over my head I'm not sort. OK I appreciate the fund go 61777979376177797937. We're good to take your calls on this we're talking about LeBron James being fairly woke his political takes how to we feel about athletes speaking out on matters like this. There is a headline that I saw today. I'm so glad did not take place. And our neck of the void you'll hear about that next I bought a lot and this is WEE. Sports station WEEI. Bomb dog a lot do listening to WEEI I'm with you for another hour leading up to the all star game. Hope you're having yourself a good Sunday MM a great time. Being with you in case you don't know I'm actually living in Houston Texas and worked Sports Radio six in Houston but last week an opportunity. To fill in on the weekends and that's my second weekend doing it and had a great time talking with you guys. The guys bring some great stuff to the table and I know what you guys thought when you saw the store if you saw the story. Before we get back in to talk about LeBron James and woke me as an athlete speaking on politics. I saw this headline and I'd I started thinking to myself I'm so glad just to not take place. In Boston I'm so glad. Just really relieved almost not glad that it happened sucks that it happened. But there's this story. That I solve that has to do with the Chicago Blackhawks 71 victory over the capital Saturday night. For fans were rejected. After making racist comments towards caps forward defunct basements L Smith is black he was in the penalty box in the third period after a fight. With the Blackhawks defenseman he was becoming visibly upset with fans at the glass to his left. At one point grading stick in walking over to tap the glass with. United singer usher the root for fans of the game after the incident. I saw that in this story and and I just thought man because if this if this took place here. People dealers and their minds over a nationally and this one of the things that kind of stinks you know living outside the city you get perspective do you go from one place in the next to the next to get. Yet different perspective when you live in different places I grew up in Massachusetts of their fourteen years. But also in Florida upstate new York and and and now here in Texas. Holidays it's always kind of rub me the wrong way and I know that there was a lot of people the wrong way is that like to have the bad the bad deeds of a couple of people. In our fair city doesn't have lead to the reputation of outside Boston the Boston you know being racist and that's not one. That I agree with I rivals say there may be is a little bit of of ignorance but there's ignorance really everywhere you now. And I. I at I think here you know seen as most the people living in matches at least that my memory and I was living in the suburbs and him are massachusetts' most people in nasty is doing little light at that site and anger is of great deal earns maybe because of that factor. A male beyoncé and not might be exaggerating a little bit here. When I was growing up in Hanover Massachusetts and pretty I always was under the impression that there are more Dunkin' Donuts the minority families you know. Don't fight back to Dallas was down thirteen thousand people I was surprised that there that we don't condone it and just one little town but don't you know it's really had sought understand that from that perspective but anyway. Just let the story and take place in Boston. Because good god people will be running with that and it would be annoying and I would have to deal with my friends giving me crap for something that. Has nothing to do it made it's only a few bad apples in the city. And that's something you know that you guys have probably heard a whole lot of all right I'm Bloglines WEEI again LeBron James from responds to Laurie Ingram and says I am more than an athlete he works and shoes tonight the kennel that she would ask honestly LeBron and he dollar tissue in the says I am more than an athlete. And he will not shut up and dribble which is fine I just think when you talk you can bring more thoughts that tape I think I think he can be more compelling that you get a little research. He actually could make more difference than he's actually making right out and his actions as as one of our previous caller said his actions do speak louder than words but words speak awful loudly these days to you know I don't know how much wilder. Actions do speak in words these days I think and the gap has closed sadly. We lucked out. Apart chest out we like to. Act we light though we were were were just. I think talk that we ever have been just as people these days and we like to say things we don't do well Melissa dual wars of the old doing. 6177797937. Jaw and is in Somerville John what's up. Hey John. Me so I was just wondering if if you have watched the entire. Video of LeBron James and Kevin direct conversation that she reported on. I'll wartime. Had you know in the video that for our news anchor reported on. Have you watched the whole video you're looking for more substance from LeBron. Arm at peace speak out about. If I watched the whole video is there something that I would be getting. What more do you think. I think it is she she played a lot well she put like thirty seconds of the clip and newspapers are the president doesn't care what people part. It. You don't want to talk about. Kind of black experience in America what made you aware of what it straight black men are home. I think you're just. There's something there I mean you seemed what you're speaking about it and get nothing except saying Mike yelled out there we got to do something. There's more in the video achieve reporting on. Then. She met there to the in the end of it if you show. It's a CC received admit she's diminishing what he's saying and and resorting to basically sound clip there or spent or something that if you're right yeah yes and and that's not a that's and everyone does these days I mean that's kind of and the sad thing for you we really lose contacts. And people are too lazy to honestly go into its into DT to an estimated baby that's me that's my dropped but I didn't want I didn't watch LeBron James video that she was commenting on. I saw her reaction to it and then I saw his reaction to it. And like look any athlete they eat eat eat and speak up. And that dialogue these guys do a lot of great things and honestly it's kind of sad that. Maybe we should do more of this and in in in sports rated it's an interesting conversation but maybe we should be highlighting some of these things that these guys do I mean he's got a tweet. What bronze doings play seventy million over the next ten years to pay for 2400 full scholarships to you receive accurate and it's crazy and it's great that he's doing stuff like that. I just what I hear for him when I hear him talking I. I eight just want to hear. More delicate a setting like this and a setting where he comes in front of everybody and he's responding to something like that you know I wanted to be more poignant. So I think those those comments he made. I think it is the only period on on someone who's interested in and what's going on we kind of get or you know I mean my. He got up the question in that it. I had seen the video I didn't think I I thought in contact who comments were. I understood them you know monitoring having seen this side of it meant her reporting on it. And we do you know he's the biggest in the world I understand I I heard you say earlier Dropbox and no not yet. We we we we have a thing with LeBron might I think. The funny thing about it and I've I've are when I went to college at first but everyone was a big fan of of LeBron James and when I first went to college it was two thousands of those and it goes in the big the bought the Big Three Boston celtics' first came together. And I think that we are like ahead of the curve and the city in terms of disliking LeBron James from a sports perspective. Before it was cool to do it. Because now there are a lot of people that don't like when there are people that like complex. We were I think the first to turn on an out before he even left for Miami blood cells because we're passionate if you're crazy about the Celtics and such. He often complex bomb that you elect people I mean yeah out so much these people. They are people you know I think you mentioned it earlier that like just because the place or community and that should never opinion. We want to doubt and opinion I just you know when when when I hear someone talking on these things they have an object needed to to bring more of the table. And I mean I hope the next chance that your daddy as we eat. Lipton Europe Britain's and that's that's that's the other problem yet keep people to not like listening these days people told Mike Reid game. You're out in people do and yeah there can be heard if it's if you're interested in your eyes yeah Lotta people don't want to enter the future of both sides. People on here. I now that's our that's the worst part it's the worst part is like it people just yell me yell on the Allen mean. I I I'm luckily I'd been off FaceBook on what the case for the last two days but ever since it went down in Florida. Everyone especially down in Texas where where where I'm living in my friends from Texas are having huge conversations about guns and all this stuff and ambulances yellen on each on the slate are able to settle at. Things from that person you're arguing with. Their respective. I have ten person that anti conflict same thing like just that it never it's things are never varies as simple as we would like them to be and I think. By and large resorted to go to Wii Wii Wii instead instead just trying to take the shortcut or should not the circuit. So I'm just going like the Smart rally to sitting down having conversation one another and we'd like to talk over each other to bring points up about somebody else to just throw back in the face. And I'm out let's not get us anywhere Africa I mean here we are and then you know a guy like LeBron James the comments that he adds is is is is blown up like this because there's so many people disagree with the idea of an athlete's -- up but. I don't I just want to hear this when her more when they speak up Glenn good stuff a man. 6177797937. Again 6177797937. Taught at New Hampshire Tom sup. Body. I see what you're yeah. W here at the previous caller I am. You know show. A lot of I agree it. The end. I you know might for a most. Well Annan you know I write you. A minute news. Jim Bowden and also. Are what really got me when I listen to him. Read about what happened. I that the U large Ingraham. There you know. Again it was just. Who really disrespect forward opponents are threat just telling him that drivel like you don't get them. Am army and worked as you know kind of thing Obama yeah well you know. Part of the parting shots at the very end of that. And this is how you generate buzz in this industry I mean if you seen any of those late Tammy and things that he does he have to ask some sort of bite. At the very end of that to like make your point come home. But could she just doesn't respect him I mean got that's what I took away from that video she just doesn't hurt she doesn't respect the guy I mean. Let's be honest lady had continued to exactly the same things and you probably doing a lot more research everything basing and you're working in the political TV. Field but. The same time at the end of this I mean that that's that I took away for a I think she could have worded it better but it wouldn't blown up like this and far this is probably got. Charlie writes you're saying I didn't get out our no bias in the united we did yeah. Yeah and you are at least you know I am a retired teacher social studies teacher in. A lot of notoriety you know he'd put out in terms. Requiring a Russian people would empower our resident used to even debate because if you if you want a mile debate. The open and debated and those weighing in and I think it's about retirement to a common understanding. I know but now I think you know I think we have been muscle lay I think now and I know this because of like that the things that we have like on the sports TV morning shows a more or are honest about network like fox and stuff. Now it's all about winning. But it's it's not actually like coming to a conclusion it's like no I want no I want here's my Kaplan asked why I want what that's about the backcourt and. Witnesses and a problem yet people. Even. Retirement at the end but I wouldn't worry you hear us. Did you. Some other random thing and in the end their fast exactly and. America aren't having some you know what you're suggesting some arm. Checked there is discussion. So although I'm glad that he spoke out right right to previous. Callers listen to news. The entire Amazon well that day and just won't that was good and didn't get a lot of their you know talk about bomb. Kind of the actual list of the night when IE you know and went to shoot install. A lot of are all children and young adults are are are working their opinions and emptying this respected. RA. A lot of people in power saying that they just don't know they're not only have to understand all of its search throughout. Yeah. I'm beginning to show how to read about being disrespectful. The acute and you know my advice is right. And I appreciate children and young adults. As beer where you have receptive. It exactly I mean and that's that's totally want you want them to always be asking questions about how things work because. Mean she had been even what is. I appreciate the vote column and you have a Dolan. That's done an answer six on 77797937. I'd like this isn't this great idea for someone mussina not living in Boston hosting a radio show on boss and I've got something to admit. At that and is a bit of terrible idea I don't care dollar we're we're sharing it or show the class of being honest. A blog like you're listening to WEEI. WEEI wanna jump in 6177797937. I tell you call and he communicate between the Akamai says he synergies befallen WEEI on Twitter. As today's. This is terrible idea but whatever you know we're we're already almost three hours into the show. It's my second time doing a radio show on WB I appreciate you guys very much for sticking by. This is this gonna get me some grief. I don't think it actually come out and explain this to a lot of my family. In Massachusetts but. Well I'm Judy on the Boston Red Sox had a Vinci on the Boston Red Sox with the Houston Astros. I took it out of the closet so this past year. To listen more enjoyable on the better team. I gotta say this about the Red Sox innocent say there's going into the year and and and just. Just looking at this team Tina and 93 wins last year and that is the on top of that do you defending American League east champions. Just hard to feel like they got a shot this year against the likes of ba I can slice of Houston against the likes New York with the offense is that those two teams out. And it's been it's fun sort of a process to me in the Red Sox thing you know. You grow up rooting for a team like this 2004 was incredible 2007 was pretty nice tilt. But as time wore on now meant when he eleven was real tough for me not not president did chicken and beer. It is this Tuesday. I felt like it did Tito dirty I thought that the way that Terry Francona got smeared after the nationals personal life got aired out. As if that was a reason as to why the Red Sox collapse Nawaz it was a little bit of everything and while Francona it probably did as G hill he teed up we deserve to be canned after after the way things are gone and the message had been lost. He wasn't still connecting with the players but. Like the way the Red Sox did that knows that the first strike for them as time or not it has worn on even even with between thirteen team. The personnel is that they brought and it's always been something with the Boston Red Sox has always been interesting personalities that just make this team who it is I think the caller earlier said that's the difference between the Yankees and Red Sox the Yankees uniform the Red Sox have always been. A little bit of a dysfunctional mess that RS but. It's just not. It is this may be a product of an ad and nothing ever being able to compare. To. Those 2004 teams this those 2017. You know when you David Ortiz he had Pedro not originally page was the turn of the century poet. Manny Ramirez got the terminal Marley there's there's so many personalities and it was just really easy to get behind. I don't feel that way now. I mean on the outside looking in every single time a delicacy David Price story it's not about David Price dominating people like he used to when he was in Tampa. When you're playing for the race. It's that checked in saint Pete say Pete's better than Tampa bundling case against her and floor are you slid to repeat problem. And I don't know a couple of topical David Price you hear more about him pitch in and out Dennis accurately. Yeah and gall to criticize how long takes and get to the plate. And stuff like that. That's the kind of stuff I hear probably behind. Team whip David Price at the forefront but Joseph is the OJ. But shouldn't enjoy meeting guys that step and up and keep in the clubhouse from falling apart and a couple of callers said that maybe that's just not who is clearly it's not who he is someone else has to step into that role not like we'll keep pets and I'd like. The potential avenged an attendee and and Vanderbilt arts and all these guys going for now they move bats does have a pretty good opportunity to beat that. Centerpiece guy for the Red Sox going forward but I. That it's the the the feeling I have for the team it's just not saying I'm wondering if other people feel that way. As you know if you do a six on 77797937. I'm actually curious as to what it would take if you feel that way for them to get back to a spot where you're looking at them with the same lust and ever. You over there that you might add back in 04. Does for me it suggests. That this is different. And I I I'll think of get that back clearly American backed me and you know Sheen on two on the Sox Astros. They're very sexy voluptuous a thirteen to eighteen on the Red Sox when it's you know you can't blame the right. Mean Mike and stood amid virile man that likes high paced baseball's lot of runs scored. So that's why that's where I met and I look at the Red Sox opportunity to compete against a Houston team that attic Garrett called this offseason and has a very good lineup I'm the best lineup and the Yankees two outings on Karl stand and a young team that's getting better and better the threats us during the same thing I mean I think they have room to improve. But I feel like this this season. I just don't I don't know Manhattan there there isn't a whole lot of excitement and it's probably a bad sign given that they're the defending American League champion defending American League east champions. And stay just on the division 193 gains last year. On bought I want jumpin 61777979376177797937. This JB Martinez standoff is interesting and I think there's only one way to the Red Sox should approach it. As it continues to. Linger and linger and linger some more. With this spring training just about to be on the way in. Everyone in Fort Myers right now we'll talk about that next I bought a lot and this is WEEI. About forty minutes left for me I'm bought a lot this WEEI you guys admin enjoyment. I'm a person from Houston Texas that's where I live currently right now but I grew up in Hanover Massachusetts and it's been a whole lot of fun the last two Sundays. The docks ports with you guys you guys enjoyed it we consider all over the place today. Real thing I'm looking and it with the Boston Red Sox about to. Open up their campaign is. Just that idea this team actually competing for a championship this year while they're good. I'm going to competing for a championship and announced that it's not that excited about them. This year Scots in Connecticut going in at 6177797937. Scott what's going on. We're gonna write about doom. And you know. What you got there are fingered back there are awfully not you are seeing here this year. Block. After this step back where there is ever on loan bogey homegrown Pedroia. All grown tired I hope you'll homegrown. That's. We're all grown pretty well. Bell on quite a while Moran. They were right all all start like. Or what more we could ask or other than awful this year. If not then governor be good enough. So get a good record here. I'd like that going on there even record they're healthy that being that. I liked you better. Yes hi I I think the Yankees and the step ahead right now and look we have those two bats I mean that's expected write record. It's it's it's unfair player budget under combined home runs bodily from the two of them are just. I yeah I'm pumped I'm curious to see how those guys will will. With one another look. That's a great sales pitch floor for going forward with this team lot of young talent it's only going to get better and better and better and theoretically the players will improve based off of last year to this year. It won't matter. It's young Feller always better. I I I don't disagree how. Health so right now I think the Houston Astros are indeed gloom facto favorites with the lineup with a starting pitching that they have they had their goal is all season. I feel like they're way ahead of everyone in fact I'd I'd was talking a lot on my on my radio show in Houston this week about how it's got ridiculous how much IP yankees have been getting. This week but how how. How far do you feel Scott difference lies there how much of a difference are their between the Red Sox and yankees right now how far behind because it's it doesn't did not win the division last year you were talking about a New York. Between the rebels were you expecting I think there's also record on the outside. And I think they're about what actually have a better. Talk for an unfortunate looking yankees have purple and attitude that they're aren't terrified. Yes. That they're pitching is strange because I had no respect for their pitching staff going into the playoffs. But they did really good and I was surprised by that you know. I I thought they held their own honestly all things considered against the Astros in that ALCS in the shot and up practically for three games in New York. I. And they have it there and that's the ads that they have the Yankees have on the Astros right now is as far as things go. I'm I'm does not feel the excitement maybe this is me being just a spoiled millennial. Bostonians. Who sent the light that. Does not excited about this season for the Red Sox even dollars and 93 when dean it's defending division champs. Born in nineteen you appreciate. 100%. 100% believe me. At times and I think rock out like this you know we we we we have conversations with people that made your sports fans of the teams. But my step dad. Yeah yeah if you educate you since bought but you know. So my. Scott pushing the follicle that might mean this is this rant aside tendon that my step dad is is an Eagles fan he's he's from Philadelphia my mom's actually originally from. Philadelphia and the dynamic leading up to symbol 52 is really interesting because there's a lot churkin going on from a Philly fan I used in saving as Janet good who just. And example of its new Adams. Zgonina. Keep quiet and then and then. And after the patriots were going to win which is not 1000 happened I was immature I was gonna open up announced another ex aide to tell you scoreboards corporate scoreboard. But that didn't happen but. They appreciated justice championship in Philadelphia ought to see what was the first time ever won it might my step dad woods was moved by it and you know the seat he's die are Eagles and we went to Super Bowl 39 actually together. We are driving in. And walking in and they're a bunch eagle fans there in attendance there it's probably seventy to thirty Eagles to patriots and has a rockets in the stadium on a more and Troy Brown Jersey. And M fifteen years older so and my step daddies or any Eagles Jersey and I swear like three Philadelphia say. What's the deal with your rookie tufts republic will. So. I IE I thought that was really just strange that all these people were. Think that their real that's the PCB Philly people but anyway long story short logged and his short. I I'm at a point I think now. Where. If you're not gonna win a title almost like what's the point of investing does that make me the absolute worst. I think a little bit. Tough Cynthia little. 6077797937. Against six on 77797937. Nick isn't over nick what's up. Pale light today. While outer I bet they're bright they suck you're gonna be very competitive here in and again they think any market but imminent Salina. And and the planet. It's just that these particular at a town like BA you're not gonna get all the home run yet you're gonna but they got a young team like the guy earlier all grown. And I kind of what I wanna see anyone can go by an added another world spirit throughout this week. Then contend for years and years to come. I'd like I'd like to see it to I'm wondering for bats bit into Indian Bogart's what is there hitting will look like this season because I think all three of them under achieved. And I I I don't I don't know I don't know what was the cause of all that you would think that they should all be trending in in in a better direction that they should be getting better this coming season. But maybe they don't and and looked deep the only change that's party mentioned JD Martinez. I finished be careful. I feel that they're still behind Houston elsewhere if there Ed Martinez Israeli or something crazy. And it might that deal that. That. Gosh you know targeting at the time I had. San Diego pal Eric Posner. Eight years and 444 million dollars. Sorry at JD Hayworth that you know next offseason when Bryce Harper mean it's island McCutcheon and some other guys are available. I would add that money saved for them and I feel like. At 815 is trending in the right direction thought this young talent that that you mentioned the previous caller mentioned they should just leave it as isn't going to and hope that these guys actually develop and improve. And I think that it would be great data validating Martina just because they need to have more. Potency at the plate but I don't know why I. I don't know that Martinez is going to be worth than a hundred million dollar contract which is probably what he's looking for a seeing as he's Boras client you know. While you know you don't win playoffs and estrogen. And ends Yankee Derek yeah I think I got a lot of them come to this. Do you do do you do you feel that's still the case I I think that's changed I I theme. I've looked as though the World Series with the Astros having these people and issues that they had put the offense that they had there offense overcame everything in that World Series and they do have good pitching and their Justin Verlander they doused Michael. Lance what color has some really filthy stuff another reader called to bill. I but I I I think offense I think offense might be what wins now and you know at the Red Sox had a block and they did this past season especially power lies. You got to find a way to get more of it this coming season. What one more are glad. So. Wednesday. That the war in. Spite their race and maybe maybe Beijing's this is daddy that'll. I I think they have either the Sox have the edge in the pitching staff at New York. But what the Astros have a young team that got really angry and one. Now that a lot of players on the Red Sox team that everyone yet. For everyone in this book going to be. This you don't accuse the curriculum then and says OK guys we we need we didn't really want this again we really. So I don't think I think Paco let me be want this as bad as anybody does an indictment that's going to be can take. I think he does too but I don't know that he's the guy I I don't I mean we we've talked to some callers earlier. Immunity look at the joy as if he wasn't the guy this past season where there's all that discord and he wasn't the one that was trying to get everything back contract like what. And then and then you go back in 2007 he was he was he was a kid with that team in 2013 I mean I still David Ortiz is team EEE is is he kinda guy that. Is going to just make all of these. Honestly high school was sounding issues that they have in their clubhouse. Always outscored gonna do that either I. It has to be somebody else other than. Other than Pedroia he's privately back to may. He's 34 years old one of these other guys on I'm betting it would be to keep bats has to step up and take that role lawn and and to get these guys to stop being such a bunch of chocolate creek hints. As the season goes along. Nick appreciate the Faulk opened my losses for second 6177797937. Tell you call and we have got Steve and saw I guess the what's going on. They like doing well Steve. A couple of things mark chart also watched two I don't know why because. Basically it's so early but it. I was gonna say is. It is probably a war probable clocked an airliner. Read what I agree with you about Katrina this pattern correction come around. An apartment or compared the artist who besides price and her. Yeah the Big Three and you know how good they are carrots as w.s David Price all season to body was great mobile plan. Against the Astros I think and Hanley Ramirez were the two the only two guys that I felt more competitive in that series. I think you're right but it bigger and bigger you know what yeah yeah they have to do little. They don't have a pop okay now Wilkie had social year both catchers invisible power wise okay. I don't know why people keep bringing a record of its latest results so that may be a joke and a pardon right now. While Republicans are washed up and got up slowly worked in 2007. General series in the Astros to know you're right I I I think I think I think that's odds clinging to the past Red Sox teams. And look at that this team and relate these unfamiliar young faces who knows what's gonna have global boom. Right but I'll tell you what OK with that misconstrued it's 2530. Didn't get Bogut back appointee occurred yet it will. Jackie is 20/20 two and you'd get some out of about a penny hits like point five protect you missed it up for. He definitely did about a lot of S Theriot out. That's not the problem. He I don't know like JD I love JBJ you are possible article probably is the niche but it was replace the feel like it is critical errors all the but agreed with the Puerto. Yet now the question we had earlier I I I was looking Joan I was like calendar Jackie Bradley had a center field doesn't know how much ground he covers. And I mean since November rookie bats out of right. I mean it. I it I I I it's a great question I mean and and I want and I want Hanley to keep playing I think the way that Hanley played. In the playoffs I think you gotta keep Matt DH I mean he was he was good that's bought. Yeah I agree and you know passes to a culture that I could but here's the deal say hypothetically that art can strike. Portrait project I'd trade I think that's what you do is. That's. Someone stuff yes some again traded if you were to bring in JD Martina has yet been Antonio are set or something like that. Yup what have we can't keep the other thing is. The bullpen because it sounded in the gut it out good opening article one last year you know he severed with the sitting at critical Campbell great night. If they can get established those six server than that like this it was that it goes seven is that I've heard you know. Are you you do to just being nuts I mean and that's one of the things like watching the Astros and I were tortured success in Houston normally so I want to the Astros but the first seven innings of this team. You love the starting pitching but when we're when we were watching on playoffs. Every time every job they went to the open the playoffs. After hunt for its inspectors Wear off tightening the current objective both guys inspired almost no confidence in the bullpen. And it's weird that pitchers to you know you're trying to make sure there healthy for the end of the season for the playoffs and all that. But I think it's crazy how. How willing people or elect turn to the bullpen and indeed in the sixth inning and and and the seventh inning and stuff but if you're gonna do on a regular basis I mean. I am not cattle David Price that's spot in the playoffs maybe that's up and eat if you don't get back to unless it's playoff situation to price in that role. But price and that's why he started his career up without them you know in in against the Red Sox and nationalist 2008 and an M four with a raised before the race and it's the World Series he's gotten that spot he's had that spot in the playoffs. One last point in aggregate what one has put a lot of it is there's always these books look this bad pitch and used it. Have a great lineup they were crazy in the line all loaded right yeah. I sometimes with their with their short people are not on what they are issued a close. Odds they think they're they're going to have a bullpen by committee essentially as far closer goes yeah yeah yeah that's. At that that's true that they've said they're going into this year they got a date that that the was supposed to be better than he's been he's just in consistent and I'll probably get most the closing spots but they're also like they're I think they're trying to make his psyche. To try not to affected as best as they can because he had he had Iraq playoffs so basically this can I think code between a couple of guys. You're called going to be there when he games without this you don't look at it or wants a ghost core rate so mark. They're predicting sixty went without. Yeah he could be any call acute God's sakes had nineteen wins on how well he did that this this taco truck. Two years ago when they has chosen to any fifteen with a wild card team and ended up. I'll lose to the royals in five games. Steve good stuff better received phone call. 6177797937. It's a call and again 6177797937. I don't think that. I don't I JG OJD Martinez is going to make that big of a difference if if if he were to bring him into the point where they're going to be better in the Astros or yankees you know. So once I'm okay saving money this offseason I say let these young guys play see if they improve see if they flip the script from last season. And if they're not able to do it fine but I mean they're young you're not Amidon money. If you bring in a what happens there you know what what what happens in that situation. And I I don't know I feel like there's there's there's room for 888 big time kind of discipline because they're calling it. You know it sounds are cocky to say if there's only there's only so many people that handle it well here. A good job but that could talk about the sucks getting in order and unions back and I I don't know how many people familiar with the Astros more when Gonzales that union's sort of reminds me of a poor man's barn Gonzales. And Gonzales had a career year with the Astros this past season plays a variety of her position that an oil field equipment for space that put him. They put him at shortstop in the tournament's second base they they move him a third I think he played lol that. And yet a great season and there's a point last year where people like Wheldon and yummy. All star push for this guy stuck to make all star prefer to have though that doesn't have done what the list on the ballot in any one position. You know so you voted and a couple of a lot of write in votes but in actually ended up making it the dom. Look I I I think bring in a Martinez type I don't think that makes you closer to the Astros I don't think it gives you much of an edge over the New York Yankees. Either and it's hard outscored goes that's really the big difference between this year and last year and he's just gonna have to get these young guys. To. Be better engage. He's gonna have to get them to realize that it's their responsibility. In house to squash any problems that might be happening in in. In the clubhouse these head butts and disagreements that Zander Bogart's talked about. And congress and I mean we all now we all know what was going on I'll think we wanna get into details quick remove one's better for all of us. Her as a as a player first player or what's this all directed at John Farrell. Does that seem like the easy lay up thing to do last year just blame everything on John Ferrell so all Jon Farrell's fault. And yet might sucked out of managers it's not great at making decisions. Base running lies isn't exactly where you want to be either. Apply at the same time and Delonte at all on the manager I don't know I I just don't I don't like it when that gets done I mean you got ballot Terry Francona Tony eleven Francona was part of the problem because I think his message got lost. But it's never just the manager's fault it's the players' fault it's screwing up in in and and not. Approaching the 162 game marathon. Now with the same. Aggression and focus commitment all those PS cliche you know it's it's not approaching without him and that's I think one of the big reasons and they struggle the way that they did. In this past season. Upload a lots 6177797937. You can follow me on Twitter Africa wants says normally host tonight shown in Houston Texas put on my Massachusetts guy. Grew up in Hanover on the south surely their fourteen years. Very apt to be on the view for the last three and a half hours or so. Wrap up the show some thoughts that we have a rule expanded on a whole lot of then I saw this post on pro football talk recently and again it's another follow up. About Rob Gronkowski future. Really thinking that this is this is just negotiating ploy I do is do people really think he's gonna walk away. I just don't seem walking away like. Yeah he might as an outlets where he can continue to make money that aren't the NFL. Bly. I think he just realizes that his value is way more than he's getting paid. I mean he's is a top five weapon in the National Football League. Top five. And he's Barron AJ green is better some of these other wide receivers Dez Bryant and how these ridiculous contracts attached to them. Much better than those guys I think this is all about ground trying to get more money and doesn't get for MED deserves more money you know. And you know he gets hurt. And he can always be a 100% sure that he's gonna play every single game that's sort of the nature of being a giant freak playing tight end. Everyone's gonna try to smack yeah bomb Pia shove yet. And if that's happening here they're going to be prone to getting lit up over the middle of Barry church to do in the AFC championship game. But I'll thing this is actually something serious you know maybe I'm arrogant thinking that. Made him haired and thinking that Brock hasn't really thought this out but it just feels to me like a negotiating ploy. I go on and it's great negotiating ploy to use he should he should from the walkway he's criminally underpaid. One of the best players the National Football League engaging personality and all that stuff I mean. He is he has his own cult basically. You know of of of prototypes so there have been approved by the way. So. We'll see what happens and I was all plays out but I just think that that he's looking for more money and he deserves it. We'll see you incidentally to weigh in on the whole lots as far as tickets all season goes. And things are gonna get into gear over the next month and I am hoping that I'll be talking about this for you on further and on future Sunday's about. Now all the things that need to take care of but that's a tough spot to be and if your Bill Belichick. And you know. But Tom Brady the age and he is when Bill Belichick dates that he is. And with some of the holes that week. Saw with huge huge huge magnifying lenses. In the Super Bowl lacks pass rush that struggles in the secondary. All of that out. I wonder how aggressive this offseason Dalton is going to be not like cap space to work with. But. Instead at the figure something out about fourteen million net or zone cap space to work with. Are you guys enjoyed today show I a lot of fun it is a privilege and an honor to be able to talk with you guys about Boston sports. Hope the guys all have a wonderful weekend thank you so much for tuning in if you wanna keep tabs on me and all the stuff idea when he sees follow me on Twitter. Act alliance says thank you so much for tuning in big things to pay in Charleston behind the glass write a show. Up in bright and hope you had a good one and until next time lettered rows.