Paul Gallant - Is a manager change all it took to improve the Red Sox? - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Gallant opens up the hour talks about the surging Red Sox, that before the season began, he had his doubts about. He wonders if the team is playing so well simply because of the addition of Alex Cora and subtraction of John Farrell. Gallant also talks about the passing away of former Patriots' broadcaster Gil Santos, and how he influenced his career.


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We EI from. Love what's going on people. I'll plug a lot this is our Q of the plug a lot of experience maybe we should come up with a names up something like that the pulled a lot project. We're rolling Tilley joining with Red Sox baseball all things on the table you wanna jump in at 6177797937. Or tweeting me act alliance sets including. The job with the New England Patriots the red hot Red Sox and their open to this season. And the Celtics. Defense last night. Where they lose game three any game where honestly. If you're looking at this team you expected it to come sooner or later there bunch of children essentially playing in the playoffs against the team that is dumb and no locking no Jason kid no real coaching and all installing taste Kidman about a whole lot of coaching but. Not a particularly sharp and Smart team. I do think the Celtics ultimately will win the series that game was bound to happen sooner or later okay sought prep a solve this by saying I'm a bit of a hockey idiot. I a used to be a die hard fan of hockey when I was living in. Saint Petersburg Florida yes I know that is that is very bizarre right. Growing up in Massachusetts my dad who has a diehard Bruins fan growing up as a kid. Heeded the Bruins I think it was because of the way and take his family and on the team in the seventies and even Bobby your in particular what network. Our ally. This is the guy who grew up basically liking hockey because he wants the tidbit lightly when the Stanley Cup. And went to like fifteen games you they won the cup I now I now I'd honestly it's bad as time wears on I'm realizing I'm honestly one of the worst Boston sports fans of their major the Celtics both those teams are never going to end up dying. In my heart passable always still be there but. I'm trying to check myself second docking so I say something completely ignorant please call in and slap me in the face verbally. But in the game that I saw on Thursday night where the Bruins won 31 in the lead the series 31 with tonight's game at the garden. I was done. I mean. If you as the Boston Bruins can survive what Toronto put audio. In the first two periods where after that early goal by crew. Police really on and I mean they don't it for two periods in a row. Boston got killed on shots. 32 Tony what they got killed on turn 1611. To me and yeah turn over 1611 they had sixteen GE's. And on takeaways. Toronto they they had to. They have less penalty minutes the other is only one Penner penalty yet out physical now last Toronto. And Patrice Bergeron is expected to be back tonight. Bruce Cassidy said of him this morning he looked good. Finding pregame skate I anticipate he'll play. Will make that decision after the warmup he's looking good he's dealing with an apparent upper body injury that's why he did not play in game four. He remains optimistic he'll play you know a play tonight and the leaks are gonna get magazine cute how jury. I know that he hasn't played in a bit since the suspension that he got for game one. Believes theoretically would be more competitive but this games in Boston I just don't see how Toronto. Gets up for this one because they should've won. In game four. They should want. They dominated that thing from start to the beginning of the third period and that's when the Bruins took over. The very end of the second period Brad Marchand had a great shift remitted greats in -- put the puck on net and a little later. He it's a one timer the crowd was just dead right there is a great assist by Pasternak there and I mean even the Bruins try to play it like comes in their own zone kept on turning the ball over Rocco has the ball see again hockey here. Get on turning the puck over in their own zone and Tuukka Rask is basically standing on his head making save after save to save some money was completely unaware of Marshall on played well man moment and then very early in the third period to get the insurance goal you blocked fourteen shots in the third period. It's done it's done for Toronto I don't see how they bounce back from this I think that they basically went through all of their energy in those first two periods. And given that they will not have that Ronald crowd behind him and that they will be going up against a crowd hungry for blood tonight I think that. The Bruins are gonna end up winning this one tonight. So there you go there's my hockey take 6177797937. Of them dumb ass and you think that all of that was wrong you can tweet me to do. Act alliance says I want to get the Red Sox and credit. Not just because of the seventeen and you start that they've had. But how about. The blame game that they have been playing for years and years and years finally working out for them. There are all offseason not John Farrell. You know you get right and he's a bad apple Red Sox players passive aggressively dissing him Dustin Pedroia I think denoting their others as well. Like key was the problem for this team and all of their problems at the plate. And I think back to just what the Boston Red Sox have been in my time following the team a team that I did wants love and sort of started to. And lose the love for star 12011. I hated the way they handled the end of Terry Francona the best manager to that point in Red Sox history and still the best manager in Red Sox history. They smeared him on his way out. And he was dealing with the team yeah I think that he had lost but there is no need to smear him after awhile. You lose the clubhouse. He lost the clubhouse but what is wrong. Marital status with his wife what do doing pain medication. Have to do with. The Red Sox players from those. 2004 and 2007 championship teams. Essentially mailing in and getting fat and happy. What is how to how did those two things a divorce and pain medication. Relate to that I never understood and that was where I first was turned off by the Boston Red Sox. I'm not speaking broadly on the speaking for myself but this is something that I remembered. You know going back to adds a kid seeing Jimy Williams get the brunt of the blame for the Boston Red Sox after 2001 he can't. Grady Little and there's there's an argument that very solid argument to be made that he left NATO into lying in the 2003 American League Championship Series. But he was the blame for an entire offseason. Bobby Valentine gets brought an actor Terry Francona Ali's heart he's gonna get these guys going that was a joke. Many was the blame afterwards all bill orders the Red Sox batters to the Bobby Valentine. Then John comes and they when it's idle but ever since then there have been constant nit picks a guy he's gone Alex Cora comes and and this season all I heard was like man John Ferrell Sox. Chili Davis Sox. Writes it's crazy. I mean just look at the lineup. Who thought that getting rid of those two who is really shouldn't have done much to do without these guys are approaching things at the plate. Or approaching things at the mound. But I have a hard time buying that clubhouse issues. Linger to a point where you're on the outfield nearly July can lead to leave it. Hand reached flirted near the league clubhouse issues like that you're at second base. And a tip a tip lead Jackie Bradley junior didn't flush the toilet click. These kind of things I'm thinking of and yet many guys don't get along but when your the field. Is that is that like a completely occupied your mind not just playing a sport. You would pick it wouldn't but maybe it did when you're at the plate man. Can't believe what. Dennis at Christie said that David Price Shirokiya bachelor doesn't it doesn't matter and again I'm a dispute going here I'm not saying these are things that we're actually going to these guys' heads. The manager. And then hitting coach really helped them. As poor as they were last year and dug up the young guys who clearly under achieve based on the way there any right now and each Davis. Help a bit of Chicago Cubs. As he is there EE he is I I believe they're hitting coach right now. I mean you you must be terrible. Terrible. Bogey bats last year. Was batting 26270s. You think 32 right now. Yes at 1234. Sick about it at that opiates of 11111. Hale your Haley Ramirez. Is he's he's hitting 333. This year. JD Martinez doesn't exactly look like he did when he was in Arizona but he's off to a good start at third. A couple of rough outings to open the year. 3384. Home runs fifteen RBIs. That's a neat is honestly just fascinating. That changing things up. And manager. And hitting coach. Have led to do this. As seventeen in two start. And that's that's really all that's really all I can I can look at right now it has to be that right. Because what else what else does it not in others changed. So I got a Red Sox they they deep they smear deep. All laid blame people all the time it's never their fault it's always somebody else's fault Newton they removed from the reservation. Has worked out for them this year. Congrats yes. Indiana I'm not knocking what they've done thus far I'm I'm I'm still. Wondering how the hell this is happening and I feel like you guys out the details. Wobble and being. This team what will they end up getting TO. 617779793. Said because there have to be some people that do think that this is ball. A bit of a mirage. For the rest December's now there's a job that played just a jet. The Astros aren't just. Adding a lot of the got got more starting pitchers. May and the Red Sox brought it to the playoffs come around. And honestly could be and that's again my baseball's regular season is the absolute work to 162 games as we waited way too long I think it was Anthony Rizzo. On the Chicago Cubs a week or two ago who said. He or like games and I'm willing to take less money to pay to play less games. Food playoff Rondo just didn't occur for a full. Seeing this on the mean streets of Twitter. Area dads. Playoffs Rondo getting announced today getting in a scuffle this is the best. Guys. Don't miss Raj on Rondell not me I'm not talking about Ras on Rondo like being some sort of great player but. Good god that guy was probably my favorite Celtic on to lose. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Celtic teams. Probably makes me an idiot but I don't know I just love I love this this that nature. You such a deep need me easy baby I love it. I it's so the play was over and this giant guy at Portland as the ball in his hand that rod does goes up to coax that out. He does and and Collins just push is out and I and so what's what's happening here Rondo got a technical foul. Ollie income double technical this right before halftime the pelicans could be in order could be about the sweet the Portland trailblazers to 57 of 56 at halftime. Goodness I love Rondo. Zach Collins doubled technically get that technical foul tale. See that's the thing that I love hate double technicals. And yet what what we're taught more time to hate him. You that you hate them so you think that initially be Rondo in this case. Now to mitigate shoved drawn out yeah I think so too lucky he was being sneaky. He's he's he's essentially being the is the Gator and I feel like that's and gains which admit he's making a really weird face right now Rondo. Looks like looks like he's about to. Bigger zoomed United States really quickly and his his mouth and his jaw was Joseph headed out to the left. And he had this crazy maybe we should put him a straitjacket kinda look. But that's what he does and it's a shame that he quit in the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks. Actually with the Dallas Mavericks against the Houston Rockets a couple of years ago because. When that happened I thought i.'s career is done. This is that. We're never gonna see the same runs on Rondo again and here we are in these playoffs. Seeing vintage Rondell doing this day the same called trolling stuff. Just trying to get under people's skin while they sent columns of the locker room right now and he's trying to stare Rondo down as he goes and all that is beautiful. That is the one thing that I I I miss with the Boston Celtics right now and and and Marcus marred its its the media have a guy like that. Make sure basketball team that much more fun to watch maybe this is because I'm that guy when I play pickup basketball. I see the person who's very good and how likely consider myself athletically get to like 511170. Pounds or sell pretty quietly. But at the same time. Quick laterally and played football my school's well like I'm I'm just I'm a little bit overzealous when it comes to pushing people and stuff. And there's nothing like more than just doing those little things and then just saying the excuse of all sideman on what football player. Orton and things like that just explain it that way but also just making able Snyder march to try to get somebody angry. And by the way I do think that's what their blood so was trying to deal with Terry rosier. To get him off of his game. So I got sidetracked I any time that something would playoff Rondo pops up on Twitter I'm just gonna get it done enormous extent I love Rondo I cannot help it. TDs. My spirit animal as oppose that he's my spirit animal that means that I'm honestly a terrible employee someone who's extremely difficult to work with. That considers himself to be some sort of immense or genius. And I'm definitely not that but I just love that god. How seriously do you take connect four because he takes years years very seriously in fact the last time I played I lost despite lawsuit a eight greater and yeah that was the low moment. That was a very low moments yet behind the last night I IE. I don't know of an ever gonna recover and I don't know and are gonna play connect four again until that went down. He apparently thinks he's like the best connect four players in the world is it weird post. It's a cool boast though I mean how many connect four players are there that take things as seriously as draws on Rondo it. Four. Before I like. Man it's. It's amazing that people still play games like that tale I I don't wanna sound like you're just typical average millennial blood. I got to play like a video game I can't do the board games anymore. There's only one board game that I ever played and I'd I'd bet a very very very selective few you might note this game as it was as board king called diplomacy. And when I was that there academy we had this activity class that we would have at the end of class on Tuesday and Thursday. And we are essentially played his board game where there seven countries in World War I Europe and the whole point is that. You're supposed to tricked people on the thinking you're doing one thing and actually do something now select stab in the back and stuff like real cool. Came thrown kind of game. Love it absolutely load and any other mortgage group that now now not there and it. Just give me some just immune video game just let me play elder scrolls lose lose my mind on that. So I know we're tangent he so far to the side the sort of what happens at name among millennial dammit I can't help myself. Paul squirrel. So 6177797937. Is how you call and you can tweet me at once says I think the Bruins have already won their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs if you disagree you know how to get a report. I think it's hilarious that finally the Boston Red Sox smearing somebody asked for the written there as blaming them as the reason. For. Of their struggles. Last year it's actually didn't true like I can't I can't disagree wins the assessment that John Ferrell and chili Davis. Gorgeous complete trash I really can't. I've got a question for you. And the patriots reload in this year's draft to the point of keeping pace. With the Philadelphia Eagles. The Los Angeles rams. And the Minnesota Vikings. And I just retreated Rondo face with somebody. Put out worldwide launch we did its act alliance says if you wanna see what playoff run does face looked like it's wonderful. Then sees not challenging the patriots. Not at all. I mean if the Jack I gotten Kirk cousins. I would think the jaguars. Could and boy led beat the patriots in rematch in the playoffs. Blake portal is not putting three or four games together. In a row that. Would get Jacksonville to receivable he cannot pull a Joseph Flacco out of his sight just don't see it happening. Flacco I in fact it the fact that he did that still makes me question if there are if there is such thing as a football god. Because Flacco doing that. Made me eat a lot of crow and then afterwards when I finally did Flacco credit and he's been pretty much crap ever since that atlas is playing against the patriots in a playoff game. The three at a C teams that the patriots will likely meek is the AFC are better and everyone in it yes the Steelers to deal. They all improves. And you've gotten worse you Los Neitzel he's the biggest loss I think Dion Lewis is your second biggest loss because that guy. Is amazingly. Considering he was on the streets essentially when the patriots Rodham up. An unbelievable. Talent when it comes to catching the football running the bubble between the tackles considering his size. Malcolm Bubba is coming off a down year amassed about losing and I don't think he's going to be the same guy in Tennessee I don't think he was worth sixty million applause like. I mean. Yeah really didn't claim in the suitable at any point I understand the first out I came to understand the whole game. And then Danny Amendola. Perhaps that's not great to lose endeavoring how much he helped the patriots during the playoffs this past year by. In elements all the sin isn't that much Mehmet be NFL. The knicks at the patriots have. In the first three rounds 243314363. In 95. They need right now a pass rush. They need cornerback depth. Mean the offensive line that they can be developed and probably get that later you can probably get that round three years later. And they need speed at wide receiver that can actually stretch the field. Necessarily mean that they need to find somebody along the lines of brain and cooks they just need to find somebody that gives them a little bit more vertical element. So that defense is can't just blocks everything out. Cook's was inconsistent. Cooks that is problems cooks shouldn't have decided to herbal and new land is. Package on top of a guy's helmet in the Super Bowl he should of ran into the corner would have been able to go around the corner. Bly. They need somebody that can take the top up the defense an extent that not not a dominant player but I mean you know what Matt Slater. He had as a a as a Gunner. Malcolm Mitchell has got a court derail Patterson he's a special teams player I don't even know he gives you a wide receiver. Almost all the sudden you can teach in the playbook and teach math to figure out how offense where Jesus that's teams got for you. So you need those four things you desperately need a pass rusher in fact I'd try to get to a fight could. And I know there people out there that think that the patriots should go after quarterback in round one adding that other quarterback in those first three rounds but you and one of those first five picks. You should use it on a backup quarterback that you can hopefully develop in the sun because geez Louise Brian Hoyer does not belong in the NFL anymore. There are two quarterbacks that a new way to hell out of me for sticking in the NFL still actually three checked that although I don't think Matt Cassel has a job. If I'm wrong yikes Matt Cassel. You guys. Because Deanna who signed him. I remember that and don't stick that yeah. On the titans as their backup last year and I remember Marcus Mario who I think is honestly one of those over ride players in the leaves an average quarterback at best. Markets Mario down. Got hurt the game against the Texans Matt Cassel came in and Texas but a fifty burger on on Tennessee and any time capsules in the game you know it's over but. You know an alliance now. Geez of course of course of course. Can elect good luck with that aperture shed as your backup quarterback with Matt Stafford being exactly the well recently he's actually been fairly LT. But what are guys again. Lot of mats yes yes you're right. So the two quarterbacks that I don't want to be in the league anymore and it's partially because I cover them firsthand when they are here in Houston. Brian Hoyer dry or very nice and Ryan or was an ultimate professional. That guy can't play anymore he can't. And I don't know how many do you guys remember hard knocks between fifteen but going into the year. We were spun that. It's true patriot back a former backups Brian horn right now that competition's going to be intriguing yeah that was awful. But the worst the the person that I cannot stand more than anything in life in the NFL rock cost Weiler. Now part of it is because I can't believe that brought us Weiler led team beat the patriots back in there. When he fifteen. And allowed for the Broncos to have home field advantage in the AFC championship game. Which allow the Broncos to win because you go back and you watch that game with that awful offense by Peyton Manning and company. The only reason that the patriots were so slow moving the football. Early on in that game is because Von Miller to markets where playing in Denver they knew that patriots snapped kind of get a quick jump off on every single play that game is played. In Foxboro the patriots are playing in that's admirable and the Panthers I don't know what happens to Cam Newton has had their number the Panthers have had their number but. Brock cost while there is the reason that backing was on a home field game and then watching watching. Sixteen games abroad cost Weiler. Made me wanna quit watching football. Into when he sixteen. Covering and asking him questions I asked a question once the question was is there a theme to all your interceptions. Well in the National Football League every interception has a story. In the National Football League and then I remember hearing that my eyes glazed over and I never asked another question he was dead to me. Bush and have a job but Brian Hoyer should neither he backed company that a quarterback. You cover some bad quarterbacks in the east in your brain and we didn't do its yes believe me it's at the funny thing is so I get crap all the time because people now on from Massachusetts I used to sit up in section 318 at Gillette. In the in the very corner of the end zone and I would like my entire life. Drew Bledsoe. Tom Brady. That's. I mean that's incredible. Like I'm five years old when I first start watching football 1994. Blood so what does in the second year patriots go to the playoffs. I don't really remember much of what happened in 1994 muscle or consciousness probably began in 1996. Or so when they went to the suitable that here. I've only seen good quarterbacks and that one year Matt Cassel. Which was down by comparison. Here in Houston to the sun Watson came it is essential the torture. It is like it is like remember this football you grew up watching that was an anomaly. You'll be punished now you'll be punished anywhere else that you are up late 6177797937. Law. Still protects the pets are. Typically be acolytes that's up next what's going on in the NBA today balance. Is it possible that with LeBron James. There's nothing to criticize it and right now I know it's really tough justice for me. I bought a lot this is WEEI 61777979237. To get and don't go anywhere. Sports station WEEI. I'll talk a lot you're listening to WEEI. If you wanna jump in on the conversation 61777979. 370 tweet me Q Agilent says. If you so choose. Some NBA basketball in progress. Because there's no other basketball in progress but I just want to make sure that you knew was NBA basketball that we're talking about not random Yugoslavian basketball. Portland and New Orleans or died at 58 apiece as we open up the third quarter in just a little bit ago. I was TD over playoff Raj on Rondo making an appearance in this game he's been making an appearance all series long. The blazers what frauds they aren't. I mean they got Damien Lily they got CJ McCollum and this off season. And this year. They always talk about the slights that are against them and on March 9 of may be the Golden State Warriors they said we're legit some people bought them. Yeah. Damien Willard should probably. Think long and hard about how he plans to improve himself this offseason navy playing defense. Would be a step in the right direction I mean even James Harden is playing a little bit of defense these days. Has the rockets and the timberwolves. Play each other thing that game tips off fairly soon. Look. LeBron James gets a lot of crap. And all its deserve it right I know that there was a caller I think at the end of Patrick Gilroy show. Who was saying that. When it comes to you LeBron vs Jordan which is the most tired and stupid debate and sports. Radio sports talking head television it's the worst that never comes to an endeavor once it's subjective. All that stuff. But a lot of people aren't the biggest fans of abroad gain rule includes is bull sometimes. Well you play in the NBA guys open. And you can pass it to them mentioned the NBA player be able to make the shot won't stick the ball so why what is what does he have to take files are always an open broke. Does he I I say passage of the open title at the open guy take the shot. Assuming that the guy can actually shoot from that opens bought. They can make it in practice for the most part but. He's been under criticism over the last couple days for a couple different things first off if we go back to the fairly awkward. Back and forth that he had with Al evil force. After the I believe. This was game too. Forget which game what game do okay game two between the beat the pacers and the cash as the cavs won they won quite convincingly. Allie of force unbeknownst to anyone watching on television had gone to the broad and asked him if it was OK if she could ask. LeBron about the passing. A Gregg Popovich is life. He said yes they asked in the question. He answered it pretty well he probably didn't have a whole lot of time to process what he was going to say some of what he said was a little bit cheesy but I felt like everything that he said. In the moment. Was authentic kidnapped fate of some people. With LeBron they always start thinking early embellished it a little bitty embellish a little bit I don't think he would be the kind of person to a balanced. And that kind of situation and I'm not a LeBron fan he annoys the hell out of me he passed aggressively calls at his teammates he has players traded he has players signed to awful contracts that they're not work like JR Smith interest in Thompson he does all sorts of little. Backstabbing kind of things privately I know all of these things are happening by. In that moment that wasn't bad moment form of people just want to jump on him when there's an opportunity to I think you gotta be selective like I am. When there are chances to jump on them. What the cheesy daddy brought that he bought all of his teammates custom suits before the game to where as a team. A little. A friend of mine who covers the Los Angeles Lakers she texted me saying that is this a lie like the Texans we're hearing the Letterman jackets. There before their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Monday Night Football game I was there for. Now is an interesting scene are sitting with a bunch of Houston people trying not to tackle those covering the Texans technically by the average real images that it. Enjoy things a little bit but as that game moronic people are rules of the two for Blue Jackets. Hollywood obliterated the idea that the bile these customs it may because of his teammates sock now. But he's a great. I mean all of his teammates. Steak and I wanna apologize for my. Very over reactionary take after the cavaliers. Mauled the Celtics. A game that led to my first ever shipped on WEEI. Ugly yeah I cavs are better. Well I don't know it when the series between the cavs and Celtics right now I just know that that cavs team is essentially LeBron James by himself. Well some brave reporter in diesel awkward table interviews that they have after basketball games decided to ask. LeBron James about his teammates with a very strangely worded question help. Try to manifested yet again it's clip of it's kind of pager it. Does for you guys did. And continues in both of them doesn't. Now from them about that does is just a better include muscle a six turnovers tonight. A full 13 quarter could make a shot. I'm not about that life. Also is about LeBron he's very good at not doing it publicly throwing throwing his teammate under the bus unless you are very. Woke and you could interpret news is the grand stories or is is to Graham posed and things like that however. Oh vehicle abroad in that know me and say yet my team basically that I need to be better. Does it remind you a little bit of Peyton Manning. In my time following sports and just being a sports fan. I think most people would agree with me that that two people that you probably have disliked the most. That worked playing for a team like the Yankees or the giants or jets I can New York team it's probably been in no particular order. Peyton Manning. The projects right is that business or that we feel as Boston sports fans like that to figure heads that we look at better for the most part. Beloved across the country we look at those generally screw those guys. Peyton Manning I just go back to so many instances where he Wipro is teammate under the bus of the problems such great joy and really did. I mean in particular. I wanna say it was the loss in the playoffs to the Steelers and Mike Vanderjagt missed a field goal by like seventy yards. I wanna say that Peyton Manning said something about eighty kicker after that game he's blamed his offensive line before too and dozens at the podium. Terrible luck. LeBron as who I'm not a big fan of the very least as do them the podium. 61777979370. Call and you treat me to act alliance says coming up next. Gil Santos is the reason I got into this business and I want to talk about him really quickly before we get to the top of the hour armed bought a lot and this is WEEI don't go anywhere. Borderline WEEI. 6177797937. This Asher Roth. Funny story about Asher Roth and so my senior year at Syracuse University. We were having this party for. I think may fast and I ended up stumbling into some frat and after hours trying to find marijuana. And he went out to a specifically asking us technical arts. Guerrilla. Job we don't know man we have we are in this houses like that. And then he does vanished and never had another song that was could again. That's my Asher Roth story and you're welcome for learning that about Asher walled city find it. I don't know. I guess we will never know maybe looking for it and his second Geithner thing. And Erica I don't know what out about it and every K but those who were like I get away from us as we were it not the biggest fans of him at the time. Okay I I've always been diner mismanaged Gil Santos I think all of us have been I remember. First going to patriots game August 31 1997. When the patriots played the San Diego Chargers and into the wing making 417. And that was the first game where I listens to use the radio call of the football game. I thought for the longest time I was gonna end up playing in the NFL that I think a lot of kids field grow up wind play for the Red Sox quietly to the patriots something like that. But I remembered every single game that I went to either Foxboro Stadium the old dog sitting on the metal bleachers. Or. Watching the game at Gillette Stadium amazingly when the Super Bowl in Jacksonville went to. Super Bowl 39. And they had these walked when's they are handing out and would you would be able to get the call by the Eagles or the patriots. On for the game and I I had to call them. All I was listening in and watching Super Bowl 39 person. I don't think I've ever gonna love a play by play broadcaster the way that I loved Gil Santos. Because I feel that most of my eight. Best sports memories are closely tied them I mean I still every now and then will watch. The 2001 patriots season in review. And to hear Gil Santos on the called for a couple different things and think that my favorite line was before the game against the Steelers in Pittsburg. He says despite the prognostications. Of doom the patriots have indeed showed up. For this game. And it's. The patriots were a team in I don't wanna get all sappy and emotional on you. When I do is going through me really tough period in my time as seventh grade my parents are getting divorced my dad ended up having cancer this is all like that tonight a three month stretch. How to be to 2001 year. That team got me through that's now a year. And I remember being there for the game were Belichick officially wolf first off I was there for the game where. We're Brady or where Brady first came in and Bledsoe got knocked out I remember looking at my dad. I heard. Gil Santos talked about it are on the call and I remember are still pissed about the patriots having cut Michael bishop that pre season. And I heard Gil Santos sale include goals to Olmert and I looked at my data my cock crap the season's over. And it didn't end and I remember later that a year being there for the game where they played the New Orleans Saints and Belichick officially committed to Brady and that's the beginning of something special and to have a voice adds. Beautiful. On the call as that of kill for the entirety of the patriots early dynasty run and for every single game that I went to. I mean it is it something that's gonna those calls are gonna stick with me forever and every single memory that I have. All of that team which is my favorite team growing up and listening to him the way that I did they going to every single game always having the walkman with mes like it here Gil on the call. That's what made me start thinking about pursuing a career as a sports broadcaster I wanted to be a play by play guy. For the longest time I wanted to be eventually the voice of the New England Patriots. But Wecker took me a little bit of a different direction because I realize big play by play person is honestly one of the most thankless. And difficult jobs and there is in this industry because. You do not turn down jobs you do whatever job you can you travel from one place the next the next the next. Yet the cult like high school women's basketball game. Or eight field hockey game things like that and your building wraps building tape and all that. And I figured delays for all that crap could affect a bigger app I use my own ego talk about my cell are talking about sports they'll be a whole lot better. But. I think that we would all agree when it comes to the great play by play guys that this city is out and it's time. That Gil was. Right up there if not the absolute best. And you know I've and the Big Ten Korman and and listening to old clips of Johnny most always makes me smile but. Gil I'm going to associate all my favorite memories of sports as a kid with him and I'm gonna miss the hell out of my right I missed the hell out of him already if I honestly when she was still on the call at times but. I pass a way to eighty. Jet you have the clip of Gil Santos I would love to hear it causes it's gonna. Discuss them bring back all sorts of the styles. Okay. Okay. Snowball correct. I believe that was the Super Bowl winner of the Super Bowl winner. The Super Bowl when I was 48 yards both of them I think unless it was the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers there's so many at a military cakes and honestly. Answer just. I. What a game. What called nick I was awesome I'm gonna miss the hell out of them I think we all them. Or one out. Auld mug wirelessly to WEEI 6177797937. Package we need to act alliance says. The New York Yankees had been struggling. And they did just pulled a panic move we'll talk about that and the red hot Red Sox and their start plus. An ugly loss for the Celtics last night on blog on this is WEEI.