Paul Gallant - What should Celtics give up for Kawhi Leonard? - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Paul Gallant talks about rumors about a potential offseason trade between the Celtics and Spurs, involving Kawhi Leonard, and says what he think it would take, and what he'd be willing to move to acquire the star player. He also talks about the Red Sox and Patriots, and how he thinks come football season, everything will be ok for the Pats.


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Sports do you WEEI. Let's go. Our three mile no it's not a lot of night Jesus what happens you get into such a habit of saying your show name and Houston Texas that you think that you do go on a night technically still on a night right now I suppose 7 o'clock in Boston what's going on people. We got jets dryer behind the glass 6177797937. Tell you colony could tweet me too. Pack a lot said you heard me going into the break that the New York Yankees. Sheen could be panic in just a little bit. I have no idea how to pronounce this guys name and I'll be honest I don't know a damn thing about Minor League Baseball what I do know. Is that the New York Yankees are calling up their top prospect this is from the New York Post and it was a story that was posted about an hour ago ourselves. A lot labored to pour as is first name is GL EYDER. Interest in first name to labor. Could lead buyer I don't know Torres is right. He was pulled in the seventh inning of a triple a Scranton Wilkes-Barre game and soon afterward he was seen surrounded. By happy teammates in the dugout. Because he was promoted to the Yankees on Saturday. He did a very good job in the minors playing second base shortstop. And third base. And if any of the Yankees in Steelers haven't played well he's ready to connect to play in any of those positions. Before the game he said I'm ready to answer that question I'm feeling pretty good right now trying to stay humble I enjoy every game every opportunity blob wobbled a lot just try to play my game cliche cliche cliche is. And airing Saturday he was hitting 370 with a home run eleven runs batted in in thirteen games. You played eight at third. He's been okay as of the other early to ourselves. Woolsey wary ends up playing but the Yankees are calling a mob then it's not surprising given the start that they've had the the season. I mean. They are in serious trouble at the very least when it comes to hanging with the Boston Red Sox have plenty of time left for them to figure things out but. But the way that the Sox have opened the season seventeen into in with the Yankees right now ten and nine in the seven Haynes back. That is a lot for any point during the season especially if we're only talking about two thirds through the month of April. So. If I'm the Yankees yet it's time to break the glass and bring up a guy who can actually help your offense out. My jumper is. Arbitration clock a little bit but if you're yankees you really care about that when you know you have a pretty good farm system. But they're desperate. So they'd done this and we'll see if that helps them out at all. As far as the Red Sox are concerned. I haven't shocked by this start. And I said this. When I first was talking about the Red Sox this offseason there was a lot of buzz going into the year there's conversation about whether or not. Bringing in JD Martinez. Would. Be the missing piece that would play. The Red Sox on the same level as that the New York Yankees who everyone and their mother was predicting. Did the the American League east champions and the only real threat the American League. To. The Houston Astros the defending World Series champions. So I was down on an even though they won back to back American League east champions because. They sucked in the playoffs they are awful against the Indians they were bad against the Astros I suppose you could argue. They put up more of a fight against the Astros. Like that matters. Seventeen into it opened the year and just stupid numbers at the plate. Which make you wonder what the Helms tapping last year where you couldn't get new key bats to played an MVP level. Where you couldn't get Zander Bogart's to play at the MVP level he was playing at before his injury after nine games. Where Hanley Ramirez would disinterested in Washington perhaps quit playing baseball all gather. Andrew read intending wasn't hitting particularly well either and you got for the most part. All of those guys except for bench Andy hitting at a clip that. You would expect from them when these guys were playing at their best level Hanley Ramirez. Is hitting the way that he hit. In the divisional round of the playoffs. And it's about time that we see something like that from them. Milwaukee bats. He's the MVP right now. Eight doubles six runs. And no PS of 1234. That's insane. And I don't really know what time may give them other than say non. The setting and soon where we go from here how far does this go. Does this team have the capacity to win a 110 games or something like that. Fright out of feels like it because that's starting pitching has also been awesome. We're talking about Chris Sale of callers to talk and about. Rick or sell actually returning to the side young form that he had a couple years ago. David Price is healthy. Your top three are good. What are you gonna get out of your power hopefully more than what you got last night. After that your bullpen yet Craig Campbell you have. The pieces. To put a serious threat against the Astros attempts to reach Pete in the American League. Am I willing to say that they would beat the Astros a seven game series no but I think that they were at the very least make the series interesting where they didn't last year. I mean last year there is no point last year that was that was half mastery. The only guys that showed up on us they were Hanley Ramirez Ann's. David Price. And Dustin Pedroia was awful. By the way and I'm curious as to if Dustin Pedroia is absence. Right now is helping the Red Sox out. It may be it's not just the change in manager. Moving from John Ferrell to Alex Cora. Maybe it's that Dustin Pedroia isn't breathing down everyone's neck and I'm not assuming years he doesn't strike me as the leader of the clubhouse tied he's had plenty of opportunity to become that guy you would think based off of the way that he is portrayed on from a national perspective in the way that he carries himself that he would be that guy but he just hasn't been that which again at the end of the world. But I wonder these young players finally realize you know what we have you all hold each other accountable that's our job to do it. And they've done it. I mean I even talked about our file devers who's who's got seventeen RBIs and the reason to 97 like up and down the line up we're early. But everyone is hitting at a clip of the Astros solve them their lineup over achieve to last year. And if you compare detailed. I think the Astros a better starting pitching but you've got a better bullpen right now. And he got a better lineup right now fortunately got a fast forward to may 31 to see these two teams actually play one another. Which sucks and is one of the big problems of baseball. The regular season is just too damn long. Really wants minimally. Foreign and eighty hours in real life watching baseball the now I I know I covered sports for a living I probably should live. You know no big deal. It's been it's my livelihood now but. Yeah now passed part passed I do not wanna watch under to sixty days luggage at three hours a year that. Football's got a perfect. Basketball's at least heading in the right direction but I think for basketball the NBA sixty games is perfect college basketball's actually have a perfect nine for regular season. We talked in forty games or so. You only have to watch one or two week. He get a pretty good impression of your team from those one or two games a week. Baseball 162 when you're stuck playing teams in the division most of the year. The games against the Yankees yet you you absolutely love those does now there's bad blood in the series. Is this good for baseball it's good for baseball for the Red Sox and yankees to dislike each other world. That's at that's my take on that duck just one more. But I you know. Tony games against the Orioles. Funny games and I mean there's only so much Buck Showalter can annoy you. To any games against the blue jays a mean. Talk about stock he's not there anymore he sees an Atlanta. Apparently. Mean he's not in a flip and bats and try to take everyone off and the rays are tanking essentially. Maybe not to the degree that the Miami Marlins are about. That's that's what bothers me about baseball but again back to the Red Sox they're playing really well and I'm shocked. I think your shock till I know you're shocked him through the seventeenth since 190 wait to start seventeen entail. And I know that there are a few. Naysayers. Just a few. Stories are just not there aren't just not there. I'd like eyeing I know workable we will definitely even waiting but he and I batted there deepen their hearts they note you know a lot. This team. Is actually. Legitimate for once and it's incredible that it's the manager and they hitting coach leaving. That's the only thing that I can really tie this deal that it. As far as the Celtics are concerned. If you wanna weigh on the Sox 6177797937. A blog want to tweet me to back a lot says. I don't think anyone should be mad about them last night. It wasn't a great performance by any means in fact it was a then there was a puppy diaper. You know now I gotta clean themselves. And look at themselves in the mirror and wonder what that all went wrong last night. Does bound to happen sooner or later honestly I I. I think experiences like this will be good for the young players on this team because I think we're just would be easy for them against Milwaukee the whole way through though. A team that. I think is under achieving because. They haven't had a coach all season long first it was Jason Kidd. Who these. One of the biggest weasels and sports. Whether as a player. Or as a coach. Now they have basically attributable of coaches. And you shouldn't expect those teams to be Smart you shouldn't expect those teams to be able to compete with the Brad Stevens coached team. 27 at twelve value down the in the first quarter and I watched this game on the DVR didn't watch it live. Had a radio show last night so I couldn't really watch it. As closely as I'd want him. Bly. It was a waste of time to watch it. I mean you're down two point 712 in the first and you're down fourteen the rest of the game and this is what happens when you don't have the carrier ring this is what happens. When you don't have right now. They guy that can pull you back by himself. I'll like Jalen brown I really do know. But he's not the kind of person you should be asking to score thirty points for you every single night. I like Terry rosy year. Bought it this team is at a 100% health. This is the kind of team. That. Your putting him in there for five minutes. And if he suction pulled out to sea and as bad moments yes he played great game winning team didn't really think he was gonna put together. 456. Consistent gains in a row in one series I didn't. And we had Jason Tatum. And this would I guess be one of those moments where it the Celtics really felt. Strongly that this team is going to be. He is. And high res team in the futures where you say all right young kid. Here's the ball Dennis Bakke and it and then they they still haven't really done that. With Tatum. I'm hoping they will at some point I know I I I was talking with with with with a couple of callers earlier about. The idea of trading Tatum for awhile Leonard I do you think you would possibly be able league Nikolai strip with the spurs do not have. A whole lot of leverage if they're trying to trade. Coli lettered in fact that's probably the best possible return they can get you wouldn't have to give up a couple other pieces. You wouldn't have to give up Jalen brown you wouldn't have to give up her as you be able to have some young players without side on the bench. That can continue to play under chief contracts. And you have a guy and collide and you'd probably put an Al Horford in the deals that the salaries match and all that none of legal and people have a problem with that. I'm not I'm I'm I'm not the biggest Al Horford fan myself. I know that Lou what are Stacey it's like crack at one time he called an average download given what he's getting paid that that's not it's not the meanest thing to call a guy. I think it's more about a liberation there than it is anything else to easy eight day. Makes it very easy to put out there. This game other good I'm not concerned I'm I'm disappointed it's. It's it's like straight a student coming home with a with a with a C minus. New ago which which do their young fellow all I did study this week poker wounds still you know go to room. Figured out next number of it's not it's not some blood monumental issue. Where your honor roll student coming home he's like got a forty occult 45 just walking down the street in his pants are missing something like that. That's ever happened to me before is that grabbed anyone in my life on the like him of that reign of specific example. The pelicans are on the verge of take in the Portland trailblazers out it's 106104. Owns about 756 to go. I just keep on looking up and trying to see. Some playoff Rondo bears' playoff run that he's on the bench days flowering enraged her colleges and I shot from the top of the key. So I brought about the Red Sox I'm not now about the baby Celtics and their loss last night. And when it comes the New England Patriots. I've been listening to WEEI this week nevertheless I you know like I heard the very busy couple of days and parking Callahan. Where they had set wicker sham they had on Adam shaft there they had on Bill Simmons and all sorts of people aboard. To talk about what's going on with the New England Patriots in addition to doing some great expose a worker of the Boston Globe. We all agree at the end is coming soon with the patriots and that this is an awkward off season. And that. Eventually. The patriots. Either Brady Belichick they're gonna be gone or there document be operating at the same. Effectiveness it's gonna happen to like next two years I would say. It's definitely gonna happen I mean this dynasty is not going to last threat that they don't have the next quarterback Brady doesn't seem like he's that committed to playing a law whole lot longer. I think that's understandable that that there's issues among the parties that are. Working. In Foxborough they have been together for eighteen years so. It's not public that's the new thing with all these major disagreements. I still think they're fine going into this year. I still think that they'll they are missing some key pieces that would probably hurt them if they were to make it all the way to Super Bowl and play team like the rams. Or the Eagles. Where the vikings. I know that they will. Need those draft picks that they get what those five picks that they have in the first three rounds. To be immediate. Contributors. Are the odds of that happening are probably not particularly high can you pass structures need cornerback depth. You need a backup quarterback at some point that's got a little bit of upside it's better than Brian Hoyer. Hands off the line until you help there. There have been a lot of stories that have come out and we overreact to all these stories I think because I I think it's natural to assume. That there's discord in Foxborough. Brady has been. The best player. In patriots history the best quarterback of all time. And he's probably tired of Belichick treats them like everyone else and he's been here as long as Belichick. Rob Gronkowski is probably feels on the same stuff. Best tied a Little League when he's healthy you know have good years. I think they both would like some terms of their contract renegotiated and that was reported this week by Ian Rapoport. Brady's looking for new contract and he wants on the day with Alex Cora are competing and being in Foxborough a lot more maybe gronkowski wants out of the part of his contract till. In addition to actual guaranteed money. I don't say dismiss all the stories. Tom Kern ones have been great the set wicker shame stories at the very least are enlightening. But the pieces that are alike. What Adam shelter put out and I think he was forced to do this by ES you know sort of the impression I got. That they put this out they told making look we know there's not a lot happening but what's the latest on what's happened with the patriots. And you probably give an honest answer like OK can you report that banks. But I bet if a man sentiment really really guys you're gonna be do this. But the centerpiece this week I sensibly amounted to in a nutshell. People think he'll be back buddy hasn't told any line. That's that's not that's not flooding to freak out about. Especially when if you actually do a little research Brady told Jim Gray before suitable 52. That he plans on being back next year. And on top of that he's also planning offseason workout programs is not retiring. He's not retiring this offseason. He's not going anywhere he'll be back everything's gonna be less awkward in September when the season rolled around things are testing now the end isn't site. But I I don't think that there are things to beat. Concerned about within the next 6810. Months or so. After that once we get the next February march. Where Belichick might be on. And might be Josh McDaniels coached team with Tom Brady at quarterback. Then I'll start worrying. Right now. Under is looking at the drought toll and get some contributors and I am hoping that. Whoever they play in the Super Bowl this year. That they'll have the guns to match with that team and I don't know that right now. 6177797937. A ball a lot this is WEEI Mike he's in North Hampton Mikey what's going on. Yeah I wanna go back to that trade views suggest where Al Horford. Awhile uttered I really don't they doubt be good idea. I hey I think we are you got a guy you forget about Gordon they were going back about this a bit better than they. Yet John Darby the Packers recovered you know he's not flashy on the stat sheet but either Dell or read. If you're gonna bring it here wrinkle eyeliner and and if you're gonna trade when those young pieces that you have the thing that sucks is yet to find a way to match the contracts that coli would have an Al Horford would have. That's easiest way Derrick if you are really paying anyone along those same lines are you saying like Horford. Horford is not word for what he is paid but Horford does give you a defense. They don't corporate it BP to hit our corporate buddies I mean I think. The doctor players' arms under patent beat dollar where there's. The beat the the the Max contracts that guys can get. It's drizzle like LeBron should be making a hundred million a year probably in some of these other players should be in that scene in that same kind of category. I'm not here to dump on Al Horford Italian and and I idled late bloomer alone he's never been easier to dump on Al Horford entirely. He is a good player in the things that you don't really get paid a whole lot of money for in terms of his being occupying space being Smart communicating with everybody else. If you like Alec a lot Leonard though who can give you all that defensive stop and maybe he'll lose a little bit of that edge on the inside. But do you still need that Ed on the inside to the same degree that you did. A couple years ago when everyone had bigs in that room was trying to post people lot. Because I think the game has changed in the way where. I Gallic Al Horford is nice to have especially when you're going up against a box team that has young isn't and the global Odyssey does not know how to shoot yet. Art but most teams are playing against him going up against guys that to shoot a lot. I think you want more perimeter defenders and perimeter players. Yet that work I don't Olympic bid. Where the games limited storm right now they're very different guys like that there's six and and still players are still are taking over the league and you got out front the Laurie Stewart ducked all day but it. You need to have someone like tech is there's also Agile and be in the Philadelphia 76ers. If you have a bunch of guys on the perimeter that can keep teams from shooting a lot of threes over you. Think that's why you win like on our other two teams that I think are the only teams that have a chance to win the title this year. Our Golden State Houston and I think everyone else they're playing an 8888 game that. They tied the game that it on if they cannot shoot those teams. Even on a night where the rockets or maybe like authority of check that they were thirty like ten of fifty from outside. Twentieth fifty from outside somewhere and that number may be like fifteen. Effort trying to think the dog I had additionally the temples and doesn't matter you need to be able to defend on the outside I think more than you need to defend on the inside. And if you don't think that coli Leonard is still the same player. You're not sure what Jason data will be a need a contract to throw into a match with Tatum like. That's that's the deal that's the deal and and honestly you might be able negotiate down your neck and I don't think this Percival leverage right now Mikey. Appreciate the phone call 6177797937. You can tweet me act a lot says 20. If you're so inclined to do so you let's talk about the rats are through talking about then you can you know how to do it patriots Celtics. All on the table. Rob Gronkowski. What's the latest Whitney hand. Well we've actually heard from him. You'll hear what Rob Gronkowski had to say about his future next our blog a lot this is WEEI. Put a lot on WEEI. On this Saturday night 6177797937. Is valued colleague and you get to eniac alliance says jets dryer back at mission control. Producing forming. Patriots Celtics. And Red Sox conversations are on the table if you got any last thoughts on the Bruins before they take the ice in about thirty minutes or so. How about it. We heard from Rob Gronkowski. Had a super cross event. At Gillette Stadium. And anytime you hear Rob Gronkowski talk. It to delight. But people want to know what his status is for this coming season. Here is the audio version of Rob Gronkowski being pressed while wearing full moto cross here. Bachelor. We you know they've created an inordinately optional workouts last week and a wondering is there. Do you plan on attending the optional workout that are upcoming. Know. What vector points. To counter making skills and work up. It's it's so funny. And here's the thing. He's having fun with this. Because I think he knows that this annoys the hell of a Bilbao attack. If if you are riding motor cross. Instead of shelling out for offseason exercise which are voluntary by the way if you're good enough in the NFL. Voluntary. Does mean voluntary. For most players voluntary now you go. But if you're Tom Brady if you're Rob Gronkowski. Into their value one where they in India they can't find you. They might be and now that you don't show lot but why would you show up what's the point of view shelling out. You're not gonna you Rob Gronkowski because you're not jogging around in shorts with a helmet on for a little bit. You know activity Tom Brady because of that TO. Especially with the commit the psychopathic commitment that Brady has two football you think he's not working out and doing all of his weird liabilities stuff. In his own personal time whether he's in Qatar. Or. Some other Middle Eastern country like there's some credit post that allege that you know I guess. He was he against sign that bomb that was dropped Syria does it doesn't read it posed by the way so take that with a grain assaults but some had a picture of him. From behind and yet you can see his face what looked like he was signing a bomb and it showed him with a couple of soldiers. Would these candidates he's doing wherever he is. Allegedly allegedly were ready to take with all the grains of salt Lake Worth the DMZ but. If you're Tom Brady. You work it out if you're out aren't asking you probably working now to. It's funny joke is grunt was pressed further Kevin Duffy of mass live dot com. Was there for the exchange what's your status for Tony eighteen question was asked status is doing really great. Haven't gotten dip back exchange really hot could brew brew really good. He can ride that bike like no other speed is the I don't know like he sounds cheesy radio talk shows the we're gonna keep this character going. Are you still contemplating retirement from football to kids and I basically skiers can today. What is Gradkowski talked like that would that work with the bro personality that he has I don't think cell. Continues what he had to say to your friends who are wondering about your future. They're going to see a freak a leak when I come back that's one. And then the following question so you are coming back maybe see he's coming back. Brady's coming back. It's part well and the patriots run it's got to come to an end soon. Brady's batted ballots act Crocs mad at ballots checked out sex annoyed with Bob Kraft. Everyone's annoyed with every one. And it's all going to be to gathered next year and they're gonna be in the Super Bowl most likely unless the Jacksonville Jaguars suddenly turned. Blake portals into eight top fifteen quarterback which she will not be. And if they can yet and that no turnovers for an entire playoffs which that is not possible. I don't think. An island's. Well hang on to be any turnovers against buffalo was he just really bad. He didn't allow a rushing yards I've got top my head anyway. I don't expect played portals to carry it jaguars to Super Bowl they need to have him carry them to a Super Bowl that defense played great for a couple of quarters but. We need to have somebody on offense helping you out because still be tired. In the fourth quarter past the jaguars asked the falcons. And then. You look at the Steelers. Can line. The Broncos that case. And remove them. Am so scared. Derek Carr and us and the Oakland Raiders would Jon Gruden who's been out of football for ten years and what he was last day head coach. Sucked and was aided by his players. In Tampa Bay I remember this as I was in high school won in saint Petersburg Florida when that happened I remember reading all these doors is like wow so. Junger and got a lot of credit for being a really good coach basically based off of his face. 83 rounds like Chucky you know the guys look like that. Well okay. But the AFC's up for grabs. And I am concerns. About the ends. It's. Coming to lessen and that's it and and we don't see it coming but. I think now we finally LC coming. We all seen the patriots are very soon going to lose. Brady. Pallet Jack if not both and when that happens. There gonna go fall way way back to the rest of the pack and it'll been a great run. But I don't think that this coming season is the season after this season. Yeah. February of next year that might be where were your carving a tombstone. Life line eight role. Dell's that they don't know anymore point first Tony eighteen I'm not doing it. I'm not freaking out about Adams after saying that even though people that know Tom Brady date that I'm ready we'll play it is having season. He added that. Play. I like that that that kind of stuff that's not making me concerned what's making me concerned is that these guys are talking. With one another and with. Every single media outlet that they can. And that this is all being public. The fact that it's all gone now into the open. Isn't deal. But I don't think it's going to be a distraction for them. If it is I mean I'll be wrong and half profit Ryan a lot of stuff from Madrid time a year WEEI. In particular let's let's let's go through it really quickly what takes have I had that in just in giant bags of crap. There's a one time or another Cleveland Cavaliers after getting all those guys are looking like they have LeBron loving basketball again. Going up against the Celtics and murdering them on Paul Pierce night where I thought the cows are definitely gonna make it to the Eastern Conference finals and win the Eastern Conference finals and move on to the NBA. Finals there will. Is me the same the Boston Red Sox offense is trash terrible. There are a lot of different things. As far as I don't know. This team. Being. Done right now I'm I'm totally fine if I end up being wrong on that because of Pomeroy got that. Huh huh. It's going to be a long long watch for football this coming season. And you guys are lucky you guys don't know what it is to watch that football you remember actually checked that a lot of you probably remember it. But do you remember it vividly. Imagine to remember what the patriots relied prior in 1996. Bill Pryor in 1994. Prior to Bob Kraft buying that team. I don't imagine there are a lot of you ever remember it vividly I just imagine you're like yeah it was awful alleges black kid out of my mind. And good for you if you're able to do it. But 19931. Kraft bought the team and they brought your blood so win to now. There hasn't really been a period where you look at them relate well there just absolute crap maybe 2000. The year after Pete Carroll got fired. Dole sex first year on the job. But you've been spoiled I have not been spoiled. Ever since I left the greater New England area and let me tell you. It will not be fun when things that the fan. That's I bought a lot it's WEEI 6177797937. You could sweet meats you act alliance says. It looks like the Boston Bruins will have a very important piece on the ice tonight. For game five against the Toronto maple leaves we will talk about that next I bought a lot and this is WEEI. Sports station. WEEI. I'll talk a lot this WEEI. Grown up to about eight twining. We coverage for Red Sox and jays takes over. Some good news for the Boston Bruins tonight Patrice Bergeron is on the ice reading a tweet from Joseph Hagerty. And NBC sports Boston Patrice Bergeron is on the ice for warm ups when expect the combined forces of the Toronto army and angry Eddie. In the Conner cannon mounted police couldn't keep him out of the lineup for game five at this point so that's good. And honestly. Go back to Thursday night when the Bruins took down the Maple Leafs three game three to one to lead the series three games to one. It felt like Toronto blue there was the first two periods. Boston was killed in shots 3221. They turn the ball over more turned the puck over keep bouncing ball cheese and plain roller hockey turned the puck over more. Then Toronto sixteen to eleven they had it. To take a laced a two run those eight. They had less penalty minutes and yet they out physical and outlasted Toronto. And in this game I remember early on when crew get that goal wresting it from behind the left circle through the Riley Nash screen I thought okay they're gonna they're gonna. Well the Maple Leafs out of the water crowd was dead quiet there. But after that I mean for about two periods it felt like the Bruins were on a penalty kill. They kept on turning the puck over in their own end. Tuukka Rask was making saves that I don't think he was a 100% aware he was actually making. And it started with probably about. Adam now. Fourteen minutes left in the first period in the last to the very end of the second when Brad Marchand had an awesome shifts. Had a spin move before getting a puck on the net and then he had a one timer from David Pasternak which. I mean how much time left three minutes left herself the crowd was dead. And the rest of the way the Bruins added an insurance goal with Patrice Bergeron back on the ice on cared now as in cut trees back for Toronto. I feel like this one's over the games in Boston they've got Miller died back. They won a game where they probably shouldn't of if your Toronto I mean it felt it really did feel like it was all out those first two periods. As for what's next. I do not know but I feel pretty good about the Boston bruins' chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We do an update in the NBA the Portland trailblazers have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. And you know. It's a shame because this team hyped itself up as so much. But after the pelicans outscored them from New Orleans 4231 in the third quarter New Orleans hung on for 131. To 143 when. Danny and Willard bro. He kind of socked. You played 45 minutes in nineteen point CJ McCollum has been good in this series Damien load out so much. You know people talked about the Celtics making a trade for Anthony Davis and some people ruler grow and our particular Jason Tait inform. Yeah can't beat Davis at 47 points and 9/11 rebounds. Three blocks them. So on. That's that's erroneous. Jrue Holiday had 41 points. This incredible is this pelican team has essentially three guys it's wrought on Rondo setting out. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday who at 41 points of his own and Nikola Mirotic. And that's at. They got nobody else. Yet they just swept a team that many consider to be the hottest in the NBA the first round of the playoffs. And we get another round of playoffs Rondo even better we get playoff Rondo against the Golden State Warriors. Who doesn't wanna see playoff Rondell annoying the hell out of step curry if he comes back for that series. Stepped curry trying to get his footing underneath them. I don't know if they'll be quite Patrick Beverley going out tournament. You guys remember Patrick Beverley in famously injured Russell Westbrook and a game between the Houston Rockets and the thunder. A couple years back in the playoffs. And Westbrook was none too pleased of that I'm Kerry says that Howell. Staff curry will handle. My son Rhonda. Could you know Ron does go wanna put himself on him pretty entirety of that game. He cares about is essentially. Getting under the skin of the opposition and you saw today he's created a little scuffle. Also. A year at Torrey about the Philadelphia 76ers for a long time. The sixers they took down Miami 1022106102. Tonight. And they lead that series three games to one all of recent dole and be. He sucked tonight do we only had used to eleven from the field of fourteen points with that. Masks that bat man mask that he's wearing. Philly didn't have the greatest of games it's just Miami I don't think had date guns to come into this fight and actually come out alive. Dwyane Wade is leading the way I forgot say sell the bench for 25 points that old man. True I'm gonna lie. From those series that they he used to play against the Celtics. Dwyane Wade was my least favorite player on those teams and beyond that includes a team of LeBron James. Because LeBron was LeBron nearly all right he's annoying he's a great player on the court he's the he's someone and knowing off the court doesn't. Day or social media didn't really exist but. He's got this Jai enormous body he flops. But to wade flops it was low key very dirty remember when Rondo hyper extended his son is he basically like bent his elbow back. I wanna say that was during each won eleven playoffs against the heat. Becomes any plays a game on one armies incredible when the rest of the series he wasn't good when Dwyane Wade took him down on that play. It was called charity. That'd take no big Dwyane Wade guy not at all. 61777979. B 37 is that you call and tell you text into. You could tweet me as well act alliance says. We've talked about the Celtics a bunch over the course of tonight's program and they'll be able to hopefully. Rebound from that awful loss that they had yesterday. With tip off at 1 o'clock. That game last night. I was a wasted time. I look at the young players Latina that that they're really only thing that I take away from the game isn't just aren't just bombed out but they didn't continue the hot streak they've been playing but. If they are bound to come back to the pac. You look at what Philadelphia is doing with their young players and and I I honestly can't wait for next year's I think eventual. Celtics and sixers series where the Celtics should have carrier ring Gordon Hayward back we'll see if there's another third piece that they bring in or they decide to roll into next year. With the same exact team. And another year over an offseason with Ben Simmons who I imagine we'll work on his outside shot maybe develops any sort of outside shot. Jules and BTU when. Maybe just maybe Martell faults figures out how to play basketball. As he used to know how to do it. Back to that trade. At the beginning in the year. Where. Going into the draft that. Celtics somehow got. The third pick. And still ended up with Jason Tatum. Of those top three players where Alonso struggled a bed in Los Angeles Alonso ball and Martell fault apparently was broken. And then you think about the trade that the Celtics made with the cavs to get. Tyree Irving. It's incredible how well those traits have what have panned out. And again like at the carrier ring trade the people that bought that one is like a bad deal for the Celtics giving up Isiah Thomas looked only if you really love Isiah Thomas to the degree that I'll Raj on Rondo. But deal that deal is a home run but not only that like. You you have to trades go that well for you. In one offseason. Did did anyone other than Danny Ainge gives general manager of the year I think I think people are crazy. Given what he was able to accomplish this offseason. I bought a lie you wanna jump in 6177797937. You can tweet me too. Act Awad says FaceBook dot com slash blog on sports make sure your following WE DI. On Twitter and liking WEI a FaceBook earlier pricking Boston sports news coming out next. Some final thoughts of what we've seen out of the Boston Red Sox thus far this season as he leads you look to Red Sox and days tonight. Don't go anywhere embargo on and this is WEEI. You we EI from. About ten minutes or so left for me talk a lot on WEEI. Jets dryer back in mission control you wanna talk to be 6177797937. The FB parting shots between these two. Back a lot sets I didn't take a look at each week by Tommy turned it. They could than a wonderful job covering the New England Patriots for honestly I'll blow all all the time I can remember. He tweeted out and their response to a question about Rob Gronkowski being at this motor cross and net. For eighteen years offseason workouts have been seen as bedrock period for the upcoming season. They get 99%. Attendance. Always at the end of successful seasons we hear how important this time was two captains are skipping so far. Demands scrutiny. It's not a good look. For the entirety of the roster. It's not a good look at your Bill Belichick and Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski aren't there. Especially if he wants to continue to treat every single player on the team like they are exactly the same player. He's been through situations like this before during a different time because when he was with the New York Giants as a defensive coordinator. The giants had different roles for Lawrence Taylor than needed for everybody else. I mean. He is let's just say unreliable. To put it kindly. Those two guys not being the air it's not a good look. I don't think it's gonna hurt him in the regular season they can talk about how this is a big key here he would for how this season pans out play. Is this going to mean a better poor for. Tom Brady wins. The eighties receivers could that sounds like he's gonna get together with them this offseason. And that's what I saw pro football talked. Rob Gronkowski I imagine we'll be there are if he's gonna you working with Julian Edelman. I feel like whatever chemistry that needs to happen bill find a way to pass with one another just not when there right in front of Bilbao Jack. Is that a shot and killed Altec. You can make that case definitely. Brady started being treated like he has been for all this time rob grant counties probably feeling the same exact way and wants to get paid as he has never. He has never been paid. To what his workdays in the NFL. That's it happens and you play tight and that's also what happens when you get banged up a lot at tight end position. So. All of those. All of those. All of those things that that I just product. Those things that you can be concerned about it you really think that this season and you doubt one for the patriots but. Given the AFC. Given that the piece is they lost this offseason. Losses but they're not shy enormous losses. There probably get it be right at the same place that they wore. And I just don't think that the offseason programs that the patriots had. Back in 200120032004. Before the new CBA. Compared with the ones they have now which are essentially glorified walk throughs. I don't think that that really is an impact whether or not Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady had a big season I just don't. As far as the Red Sox they've opened up the year. Seventeen in two. Seventeen into. I was totally wrong on what I expected of them this year and happily. I was wrong at least as they open the year will this last all season law I think it's unsustainable but. With the way that these guys are hitting. And the potential that some of those players that war hitting last year hat. There's a shot. Again we're only 21 days into the month of April the first month of the season by. I'm happy how are wrong I was about this team I thought that this was going to be eighteen probably made the playoffs but would be. Absolutely behind the New York Yankees and I was stupid for buying into the Yankee hide the stretching when this team has won the American League division the last two years. Because the Yankees April the panic move today they call it a prospect. Will that prospect. Alternately. Amount to who. And Jason King is name already you know released glider Torres. Weird S name. Tony new kids collider folks on and if you're glad are out there I I'm sorry but your parents did you disservice 'cause this person could be the labor. PDA but a year ID can be a variety different denunciations and I'm too lazy to actually look at the pronunciation on my round but. The Yankees are calling him out because there's that nervous and honestly given the way that the Red Sox have handled. Some of the bad seasons that they have had. In my lifetime. And blaming people. It blamed Jimy Williams for all the problems that they had 2002001. And playing great little in 2000 that that's fair I mean. Game seven in the Bronx. The got to take major earlier. Terry Francona and that's the one that's always rub me the wrong way. Terry Francona and Tony eleven. Who avoids getting divorced that's what other sorts glove student there having marital problems there wasn't focused on the job you on two World Series for you you Jack asses. W.'s zero dollars do you like pain medication. Also pain medication is the reason that a couple of players a bunch of players in the clubhouse that's won two World Series if you go all the way back. That's the reason that they showed at the end of the season because. Things that he was doing his personal life were affecting him. He's the manager. They sucked in September. That's why didn't make the playoffs that year. And ever and and and they made it seem like it was Francona vault LeBron Bobby Valentine and in that any clear now that's not Terry Francona fault. Bobby Valentine bringing him in oh yeah he's art Datsyuk to do things the right way. One Doug would mustache in the dugout when he was ejected from game that was cute. That didn't work they blamed him for 2012. Its point well was worse than what eleven significantly worse. And this offseason all I heard was that John Ferrell was an awful manager and that chili Davis was the worst hitting coach ever. And honestly this the first time where I believe the Red Sox blame game in its authority. Was trailed the absolute worse. Know he just made a bad decision in game seven against the New York Yankees. But in this situation. John Farrell and chili Davis. I mean could they look worse. Could they look wars with this team opening up the year seventeen into. Plays right into the Red Sox fans the roster was fine all along. And these numbers again. Will not last. But they just give you a giant can't stand if you think of this Red Sox team has the chance to win this year. Marquee matches of PS is one point 234. Six homers fourteen RBIs ten blocks. A 382 batting average. Zander Bogart's before he got there he had no PS a lot of normal one. A 368 average and he had nine extra base hit seven doubles two home runs. JD Martinez who did not get up to the best of starts has picked things up since then he's betting 338. Cheney Ramirez's batting 333. Mitch Moreland whose only seeing occasional duty rookie did last night you're Grand Slam he's hitting 333. Heat. Has only 39 at bats on the season. And he's not that far behind and the RB irate for the Red Sox though that. Grants and obviously helped wrap filed Evers to 97. Eduardo Nunez to 81 the Nunez was good last year not you have to wonder when Dustin Pedroia comes back you keep giving unions start Tiki giving him at bats. And your bed and Andy that's the one guy that really hasn't had his numbers jump from last to this. And he did a couple of pounds this offseason so maybe he still trying to figure out his body at the plate with that new bigger frame. All I know is that. When we got everything out. If you wanna point had a reason for awhile last season sucked as much as it did. For the offense at the very least has the team again made it to the first round of the playoffs before they were summarily dispatched by the eventual World Series champions just like the year before they were dispatched by the eventual American League champions. You had chili Davis and say yeah I was back guy's fault. And I think. That that that everyone should believe you you say that and it's it's so rare the you have a neat scapegoat. I need one person scapegoat to people if you really wanna put on John Ferrell has everyone seen the like to kick John Farrell the and that. That the Kenyatta that he was. So they're off to a great start days ago last I don't know. On I've said this a bunch of times like this this series this weekend against the Oakland days these of that and a series where I'm like I want fast forward. A wish there was a fast forward button on the season for any people who might have played the amazing video game. MVP baseball 2005 which I used to store hours and hours and hours when I was but he uses. You could send through this games against teams that sucked. Did this every single time I think I played every single Red Sox yankees game and I was playing in dynasty mode. And I think every single time that Alex Rodriguez was at the plate I would just intentionally hit them. Just click on the right stick. Relative to throw it out Rodriguez whose series there is more fun way of intentionally walking him homicide kgo. Actually what did you lose. I'm not remembering things and they pay interest on the resolution and be viewed baseball too doesn't buy what ever while you're talking about a videotape stick this ports row. Fine. I'm just die and that the blame that was laid a defeat of John Farrell and chili Davis this offseason. Actually ended up being correct. Thank you so much for tuning in for today's three hour and fifteen minute affair if you wanna stay in touch with me going forward you can tweet me. Act alliance says it after me on FaceBook as well FaceBook duck calls such talk a lot sports big thanks to everyone who's called in the make sure you're falling WEEI on Twitter liking WEEI on FaceBook big Danks back at mission control to debts dryer too as well. Red Sox baseball against the Oakland days. Is up next gonna be a whole lot of fun tonight and the Red Sox get to eighteen and soon you'll hear that next I'm brought a lot. Stay tuned to WEEI.