Paul Pierce's Hall of Fame credentials, and who are some first-ballot Hall of Famers in the NBA right now?

Mut at Night
Monday, February 12th

Villani and Ty Anderson of are debating Paul Pierce's Basketball Hall of Fame credentials and if The Truth will be a first-ballot HoF'er, and who are some sure fire first-ballot guys in the league now or coming up for election soon.


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Second hour of the show sons my crystal line with you up until 10 o'clock joined now by time Anderson WEEI dot com I don't but I wasn't on it's been awhile. And out you know it's funny last time we were together adding we're curious yet I was your triumph right yeah I was quite reverently not try out but it was as I absolutely try out yet. I remember we compared every Bruins take you had to something involving the Red Sox. Yeah that sounds like I sure really is the Brian Butterfield of this Bruins team to get right down to it yeah and I forget my answer is probably like. Under bizarre is for someone is no longer with you with the team pick absent sounds about right but you were ready for WEEI dot com course people we check out of stuff there in one of the act was. Just drop dead apparently was ago. On WEEI dot com has to do with where were kicking up this hour talking about yesterday's game the Celtics and cavaliers. I don't keep last hour on buying into this cats team one game I understand that. It's an overreaction. But I am buying into what I saw yesterday as this team is legitimately the favorite in my mind to win. In the Eastern Conference ID just right call about it I don't know what you said I like usual to ski in the headline but I do you feel have to watch McCain yesterday. Metcalf team that cast teens is good I think they're scary and I think the biggest take we have is that they are already this good. Without any sort practiced together and I think that's always a pretty good sci editor Cleveland fan and it's a bad sign here another team in the Eastern Conference hoping that the caps are gonna sort of fall apart this year. I do you think that's it and major concern I think looking at. What they did yesterday for the Celtics. The biggest thing for me is George Hill is an obvious upgrade over Isaiah Thomas. And you know Derrick Rose and even Jose Calderon for that matter like. He is a legitimate point guard in the NBA he's been to Eastern Conference finals he knows what it takes to win I think and and speaking to what he is person. He's up guys can check up 25 shots a game you guys say he's not Derrick Rose and he's gonna facilitate tulip is yellow LeBron do his thing to spew supporting cast member. Well and he said as much when he was asked the bodies that were a bunch of Robin's you know we've got our bat man and we're a bunch around and and that's the biggest thing that that I came away from looking at the cavaliers. All about it and yeah. LeBron maybe oversold the the whole new teams milk thing he had going on there he's the acting out on the court pretty much won the game was going on kinda thing. This is a team that is a much better fade getting rid of ball dominant guys putting in eight a group of guys it'll simply doable Brian watts which is. It's in three pointers hit some shots in general. Placing defense but those part stay out of the way. When he needs to create when he needs to take shots and I know people get frustrated because they don't like LeBron don't like indicating that way but. Just looking at it through the lens of what's best for the cavaliers. In my mind that's it. Absolutely I think. You also talk about the other pieces added Rodney hood is that is a better off the bench gore and and I think that hood you look at him yesterday he plays like that. Every game which you know he's not an issue for 2% every game we all know but if he does come close that he's probably an upgrade or Dwyane Wade. And over a month Shumpert an overt Channing Frye out the other players that they have in there that we were almost saying oh that's a lot of your core or your supporting cast members to move. If he'd play if these guys like that every game they're better there's no doubt in my mind they're better unit is a little dip their pride of apparent than what they were before the deadline. And the biggest thing that surprised me too is just thinking about the the metamorphosis Isiah Thomas last year top five I in the NDP. This year. Anytime of the cavaliers being dysfunctional they work they worried dysfunctional mess. In part before Isiah got their heart really once he got on the court you'd intelligence was not gonna work. With him and LeBron James he still can't play defense and I don't know it's the hip. Or heard just to. Half of his his heart his mind is still here in Boston and he never really got over trade or what he is a UN scored 22 points off the bench his first game in LA that. Is he just was never going to fit in with what the cavaliers wanted to do what LeBron wanted to do. And I thought they would be better team just addition by subtraction getting rid of him which is crazy to think. When you look at the guided single handedly carried the Celtics into the Eastern Conference finals against the cavaliers last year. But that was the that was the change that was the the metamorphosis of Isiah Thomas this year and there's so much better disturbing get rid of him. Yeah absolutely I think he is so behind schedule in it was so obvious watching that teen watching and that he had no idea what he's doing there they did know what they're getting with Andy's at one planting heat for ten shots and gaining meet one and you're still going to have it stop it stop shooting he need to pass you're not this guy you're not in BP candy were last year. You're behind schedule behind the eight bought him a brawny insert himself that. As in never quite caught up to a cavs wanted to do. And this it's remarkable I mean what a calendar year right I think on the day that he was traded a year ago that tape eat dropped 35 on dame Willard. It wakes up it makes it is the sixth man on the LA lakers you know 59 on a class on the Western Conference and just it is crazy to think about. And I think what's crazier he neighbors that the Celtics managed to get carrier ring out of moving what was clearly what is clearly broken Isiah Thomas yeah. He got the better that's really felt good about it even before you saw what he was in Cleveland. And also how quickly he assimilated here in Boston and maybe that's a Brad Stevens thing maybe when Brad Stevens is running the show not LeBron. It's just easier to sort of feed in all though. George Hill and Rodney hood in it and they didn't seem that much of and issued yesterday by it took a three or four games Donnelly for Thomas to. Can assimilate into the Tibet to take over the team to be a leader of the team deceit that that void that vacuum was there and be able affiliate. And then just be exactly the opposite unclear. Yeah I think that's a real I mean you know we talk about this this trade knees teens I mean I think the Celtics are. They're better team with Irving being their their focal point of thirteen vs Thomas being the focal point of their team at the same time I think that they're they're lucky because of the fact that. That it that he heard injury happened in the first game of the season vs the fifteenth game of the season and he was able to sort of take the reins and be that leader. And sort of replicate what Isiah did any more complete package if you will. But then when you when you look at what Cleveland is now I think that this is going to be a real issue Pristina the lack of Hayward and you know I love Irving but he's not he's not that 35 point guy that Isiah Thomas was so that's sort of the difference there I think that. So that's gonna have to find a way to complete especially if we're talking about Eastern Conference finals response semi finals against the caps. And you're talking about LeBron doing his thing and dropping 35 on assault extra need some of the match that our health I don't know if he can match sadly that. A healthy Thomas could last year. And and they seemed to struggle in terms of who was gonna guard LeBron and a struggle in terms of guarding evil LeBron was out of the game yesterday which kind of brings this. Back to the Celtics and their performance looking at it outside the lines of the cavaliers and just like in these last few games will jump back your phone calls at 617. 7797937. This. Artist Celtics are in trouble. I wouldn't be because they feel like we started reading this team on an unfair curve. I always looked out and is an Eastern Conference finals team once Gordon Hayward went down with Hayward at. At that time we didn't know the cavaliers would be different now that they were at the beginning of the year but. With Hayward saying hey let's note Steve pepper seven game series against Cleveland and see what happens but without Gordon Hayward. Kind of thought Eastern Conference finals as the ceiling with the important difference relative to last year of now you feel like you're building something now you feel like. The Eastern Conference finals is in the absolute ceiling of this team that's still how I feel about it I think we got away from some of those expectations when the you know they start winning eighteen out of their first when he won and they start looking like AT&T beat Cleveland may be Golden State. Now it looks to me at least as though. You're you're seeing this sort of the real version of this team without Gordon Hayward now without markets Smart really having to worry about managing minutes they look like a tired team. So to say at the panic button to knees too strong because I think you're just seeing a regression what this team it's. And diligent concerns over the same time I think that this team does not have enough scoring night that comes back to like we've talked about edwards' injury mean if he's truly out for the season. I mean I was scour that I'll market if another player hits it and try to bring an end because he really needs more scoring I think it's a little bit concerning that. You only go about two to three deepen on the bench for four years seeing Shamil delay and Abdullah later taken some of the ugly three pointers you'll ever see. I don't think you you need data you want that when the games matter the most. And it's a real issue for this team I think that they need I mean the perfect situation would be Tyreke Evans getting bought out by the grizzlies and in the south exciting and I mean. It is that gonna happen probably not any really don't know but is one of those things where they need another guy who emerges scoring threat. You know is that is that rouge here doing in our markets this basis you'd hope so but even so I think we need another another Carter got a complete forward as well who can chip in it's more points off the bench player forward. Is Gordon Hayward that. Pitcher missing at that point any and they need Greg Monroe but and I don't really look at him at this point is tied vote heat last hours anybody that's going to. Be eighteen change you can player for them. Max got a few years ago good for him catch again that's lovely crazy lie it is crazy to think about. I just I look at the buyout market you know there's somebody like Evans there and I don't think he's gonna get bought out at this point by. I like the fact that the any Ainge didn't over extend himself to try to get somebody like that the deadline nobody makes you better the Golden State. And for me it is season where Gordon Hayward is not playing. And you you're looking at. Sort of another bridge year only a breach here with some promise you know getting Jason Tait and in getting Jalen brown a year of experience and everything else. I wanna see him over extend to get anybody at the deadline if they get somebody up the buyout market that could help in terms of scoring that's fine. I think a lot of the problems they have though are correct to bowl with more doubt it's already in their organization. Dad thinks and I think I think that going back and unhappy intrigued. Mark is Smart for another first round pick to swing another deal accepting your needs Smart in the playoffs or wrote that last week in that this guy who. He'll win you a game in the playoffs whether it's with his defense or is oddly hot shooting he and he seems to make all ten shots or miss sultan is really gnome to it and so I'm happy didn't do that at the same time though I think that rather seen Cleveland we saw that match with the raptors as well aware that it's a tough time stopping Lorena rose and do you think that you know this is sort of becoming and you point out this team is that they need another guy to emerge whether it's a I mean if it like he said it if Taylor can come back. And I do think we expect out of here though he comes back what are what are you realistically expect fifteen to twenty minutes off the bench. You know blunt as being a spot scorer he's ever what are they doing those 1520 minutes can he can he cut. He do everything we see him do is basically take jump shots so I'm confident he can screw that McKinney county go to the basket to jump to I didn't want into at this point. It I want Gordon Hayward going up and getting undercut stated that this at this juncture and you can see sometimes a little bit of gain. A mental block the players have to get over after injuries like armor Tony Allen going through something like that meet where the ACL. Just the ability to trust OK I can pull up come down and my leg is still going to be where I left it when I went and left Eric so. Those the types of things that I expected to be working the room. I don't expect much from Gordon Hayward people come back and they're pretty confident in terms of his ability to stay healthy. You'll get a few minutes get some experience out there with this guy's been fine to me it's not a priority if it's even a you know 5050 coin toss kind of thing. I'd prefer he just stay on the bench stay on the sidelines keep making the the videos online if he wants to take tease everybody. And they come back fresh taxis because I don't think he puts you past Golden State. With the incarnation of Gordon Hayward you're gonna get not to mention the background wins again. That's sure I mean he could put you. I think through the Eastern Conference finals if he's not the bench guy you're not Ingle and say no matter what I ID with a healthy Hayward it would be a question mark really waterways so. You know I I will say this I think that you're gonna need that punch against Toronto against Cleveland. You on TV against Milwaukee in a gonna need these guys to sort of since her help contribute some points and listen Hayward a 50% and I know this is a major injury he gives more confidence a 100% social or a 100% Nader. And I am not playing not on those guys there but it's a real thing that I think that you know if eakins even due diligence. Maybe some catch and shoot he's that guy they used to kind of hang it on a quarter weight on the wing trying to find him. You know I I think that could make a huge if. This team in the playoffs are at 61777979837. He's Tai Anderson and Chris baloney restarting Celtics this hour how do you feel about the Celtics after the pasting they took against Cleveland. And also how do you feel but the cats do you look at the cavaliers now is sort of the clear favorite Easter conference even though they still. With six and happily Toronto gets no respect in this novel persuasion not the way. DeMar DeRozan and CJ miles a knock down eighteen threes yesterday. When it's never a chance on the road they go down and in beat them not at the quarter it's murdered that's certainly great road pal to add your wall but still. You know credit in this whatsoever I think you're still a tough patch or the Celtics up. Are they athletes that they actually are because they think you're talking about two scoring threats and he realistically have. I think one. Truly a leak offensive term presence on the floor and I think in the browns and good but mark as far as you got it to to put on the use these high bowling scoring guards and you know he can't put Monty guys at once and so I do think that that's going to be an issue for them and the raptors just it there almost the Washington Capitals relayed back to hockey of a fan of of the NBA where the other good every area of his but he never got a second round so who cares about one of those kind of situations and Philly do it or against the Atlanta Atlanta Hawks worked for a long time one trip to the conference finals the other in that never really not too much about it. Islets on your phone calls start with John is that he had to New Hampshire let's talk about the other big story of yesterday it's Paul Pierce guy John. They guys in order. Brown. I kind of wanted to go back. Or about that Paul Pierce and the Big Three in and and Doc Rivers in the hole which. And one of those believers that unity age re entry January all of our reps control it and in almost a look at the I can't but I feel like we hurt we bought that championship they'll. The fact that we needed to the second one words. Reserves are stretching it a I mean we didn't really along network packet of teen populations at turnover machine much of that light ultra as a person I ever liked his scheme he turned the ball over. Wait too much. And. The dirt dirt here knowledge finish out their huge stretches of his career where he had to do everything. Where he had to have the ball in his hands with such a volume. They each are gonna have a lot of new shots are gonna have a lot of turnovers and in you saw that change I think quite a bit. Once he finally did get some legitimate help not just you know into one market chock it up thirty times a game. Wrote I didn't agree with you start shooting threes later and later his little crazier but. I feel like Paul Pierce she didn't know how to run a fast break he definitely don't want Gallup Kiewit. He would have got that one of the fallen back asking he would take shots with a hand in his face off balance and be with local army. They are not on our good shot you know I never would that be treated at a game but I did appreciate him as a person so currency did. Put a stick it out what that's for years and never complain about how we learn how bad we were years. So all of that clip on our bureau virtual internship with what was radar. And without him I don't think we have a chance. And we we really had eight a hollow page Doc Rivers offense that had. Spoke up in it for the clippers. It EU need if you gonna run a certain type of law and you need the right place for a caucus with the raged for Doc Rivers local are ones that just kind of try to folks are deep into half court offense. But when you have guys that can run the floor. That one run the foreign B capacities. Populous and what slug and the court whenever one else was way ahead of a week on the check out. Hallway and an average of phone call Johnny talked about the NBA being a product of being fixed gear that's how you think of it I think it in terms of fit. Not fixed but it. And Doc Rivers was the perfect fit for that veteran group. That they were able to put together and Brad Stevens a much better fit for younger team that plays a different style more energetic style. That's Celtics team was guilty you know I know what I'm more fast breaks or things like that you wanna talk the way they were built they were built around. Defense the kind of permeated from Kevin Garnett out. And you know we're gonna grind it out or show up top every single night you're gonna have to work every single right to score on this team. And that was sort of the way that they that they were. They define that that Arab five or six years I don't discount Rondo at monster games in the post season that guy came up big in a lot of big spots black. I know I feel like it may be John was looking for something out of Paul peers that just wasn't quite. A club in his back I think he did what he needed to do which was be a score. And a half quart score as well as anybody in that stretch of the NBA right up there with Colby jerk you know all the elite scores the last fifteen years. And I think what that 018 the big thing that peers and industry change who was he was always sort of the the number one guy and I think that he became a wonay one B and one C ala Garnett Allen cures all that they all have a sort of buy into it and they did knows. That was unique that was the first time we've really seen now I think now it's it's commonplace in me to see three stars in the same team but. But they ought to read that they work because they are all ball dominant guys that. Yeah we're used to getting 2530 touches a game sometimes you know and and get to change who you are and I think that they all did that and I think speaking year player that the veteran leadership abroad and that is PJ brown and sent to sell and you know even the off the bench guys that weren't necessarily better is the time but Posey and Eddie House in these players actually helped get you to where you go inside and that fit PC you're talking about. I come back dating agency that he was sort of hero of that team I think and I got to find the players out aptly fit what they were dealing. Has a good job of integrating some young players that point to like. Rondo is one of them Glen Davis was one of them as well. So they have the perfect sort of mix there and I think that the biggest thing was that all players bought into the fit you are talking about they were sort of a more talented. Version of what I did the grizzlies ask for a long time nine grizzlies they heard the grind house you know they would do beat you up physically and have a talent to get over that hump as it turned out but. Again another team that that sort of I think the Celtics changed with the teams try to build for a little while after their sort of their rise in 08 or nine let's go to David McCain but not next talking Celtics crystal light time Anderson with a guy Dave. It was gone our guys got a wanna get into this year's team the way you look at the way give poignant. After that London trip they came back terribly this six and eight they came back what I did it deal of the hotel world. Did mr. miserable I missed noted that flurries scorer and cuddly negotiated and scored just as good but just to. Miscellaneous stuff beat goes on wolf. I think they're mr. market Smart a lot in terms of minutes for one you know he's played thirty minutes a game. I think there might missing market Smart on defense. A huge yesterday's game LeBron comes out in the first quarter I can he banged knees with Tice and there's an opportunity right there. Best player on the floor is an out there you get itchy right in it it's a one point game after a quarter you get a chance to pull away. At the start that second quarter LeBron was not on the floor. And they couldn't do in fact cavaliers took the lead and then when LeBron comes back they make it to double digit lead by halftime they can missing market Smart. In that sense as well. They need that depth is eighteen that looks gassed. They are these last few games they played good team that played Toronto Indiana in Cleveland you're playing post season teams teams are likely to play. In the Eastern Conference playoffs. They would gassed every single time in the it's at the start of games two and you're seeing in the shot selection. Absolutely and I think that that sort of you've seen as the warriors as well they use for the they're limping to the finish line they wanna get that all star break the need that all star break. And the Celtics are aptly that team announced yesterday was the third game in four days. And they had the the emotional high of the wizards game I think on Thursday night out there were everyone's feeling good they'd they'd found a way to pull that came out. In on an account yet to disappoint in Indiana and I think it's tough to shake that off I think that this team. You know they need that sort of statement quarter and I don't think we've seen that in these last two games and you know that second quarter you talked about is the perfect point for that team was her turn it on and and take over the game if you will and they just never happened and that's heard Alex heartening to really help because. You're talking about hustle plays and hustle moves and in the sky embodies that you know he is sort of a last pillar. Of the original Brad Stevens model of this team which was we're gonna be a nightmare play against forget pretty opposition and you know I think that you're missing that you're you're missing that heart answer about energy that he can bring you. Any idea that there he's unafraid to take a hard foul against somebody out if there have been a good game he's not afraid to get in there and and set the tone fuelcell. So I think they are missing now and the major way right now. I keep on coming back suited to the managing the expectations. If the Celtics get to the Eastern Conference finals and lose against the cavaliers this year. If anybody realistically coming away from that thing the disappointment I don't see how we possibly can't. I have to realize Gordon Hayward at the beginning of the season and not giving in. The fact that unlike last year's team which maxed out its potential. Maybe you could argue okay Isiah gets hurt they could have been a little bit better in the Eastern Conference finals on the ticket might Cleveland either way they could have easily lost to Chicago. So I feel comfortable in saying they got the absolute most they could out of that team on balance last year. This season. You know they didn't get in there somehow got bit in the semifinals. Which is entirely possible still feeling fine about the direction of the team and that's why. You know somebody beat the frustrations that exists now getting Smart back and he corrects those in the short term. But just getting Jason Tatum and Jalen brown a few are full season of playing NBA minutes and it and understanding the rigors of being. Go to scoring options belief that makes this team better next year obviously getting Gordon Hayward better makes this their back makes this team better next year end. You still have draft assets he still potentially can. You know make something happen in terms of the off season and adding pieces might not be huge splash but something to supplement the scoring. No matter what impact I wanna say this team is playing with house money at this point because I'm feeling good about the direction. Are going in regardless I think the one thing you have to consider is that it's the NBA's just so now now you know I had the solitude and a great job of building football now in the future and they saw a piece of traffic to a closet coming up here but. I do think that there's always that concern that if you don't win quickly if you don't become a finals in quickly. Carrier ring is gonna leave you know Horford sealed for this team I believe and he's he's in his he's entering his mid thirties now mean. There is a window here at the same time while you do with house money. At some point you have to make. Make due with what you have an and I do you think that's a worry for the team because that. That freezing class coming up with with carrier mean. Who knows who knows what can change between now and then and I think that's. If you can win now or get close to winning now I think that there's a lot for the rest of your team and and a guy like Harry willing to stay long term as well. I Bani carries these that unsigned you know beyond this year and and I aid as someone why I think I'm the same ages or pretty 3132. I take exception to the mid thirty's or your not out there and I I take exception to the mid jumping mid thirties now did 32 birthday coming up too so just in case they needed a little bit more fuel to run onto the big player or chair I Aaron got here for a lot. 617. 7797937. We're talking Celtics the Paul Pierce tribute but more self. This year's team. And I do you feel about it at this stage of the season especially after getting paid to buy cab yesterday you packed your calls next. Talk about being the greatest scorer in Celtics history and who that is good to me that's demeaning to. Paul because Paul was way more than a score. He was big great rebounder. He defended the other team's best players often. Especially in our championship season. And he was the winner. He was a complete player that would facilitate Brothers. Run pick and rolls and create offense. See yeah. Rebound everything he does it all around player and way more than a scorer but a winner and a champion. So it's that's only quick break. Photos change. Angel which satellite and yes that Danny Ainge talking about Paul Pierce at the ceremony yesterday. Had to catch most of it in the audio version in the car was certainly. That very well back from work. Quite see what I wanna do that after the game as opposed to a halftime that's I was and I was as they never heard a post game retirement ceremony and as of all it's me an hour and a half on eight does a long one I guess pregame and has gotten people their early in the fans of now no I think I think if it's posting the phantoms at camp I've seen enough nominal lead I think if you pre game. In other stuck and and spent the same time I'm surprised at that a lot of people hung around. Like everybody deep down well you know why am happy side there resound. He posted it was The average secondary market ticket price was something like 11100 bucks to six times the normal cost. Of the Celtics take is the most expensive take in the league I think this year so a lot of people showed up and nothing against the current incarnation of the Celtics or what is aimed. Probable Eastern Conference finals match in my my mind against the cavaliers there there is he peers. There there to celebrate that Erin Celtics basketball I can't play in the especially for. The younger Celtics and I talked about this with key failure. Even higher old man compared to you but the fact is peer ski. The people who hadn't experienced really experienced bird and McHale and parish in that era. Gave the Celtics along with Garnett and along with Ray Allen as much as I know people don't like him right now and we'll get to that and rush Enron on these other guys. That feeling of the Celtics are perennial contenders the road to a championship goes through Boston. It was a five year old Ryan that after watching the Rick Pitino in the ML card days ended watching his team lose sixty plus games I didn't think I was courtesy. Now it's true I mean I grew up around that. You've been there early not the mid to late ninety's helped make first memories. But they were so bad that I sort of follow other teens a few thousand they Iverson camp grown up and loyalty and look Allen Iverson I love Kevin Garnett out there like bumps when he got out. Now lives a real quick they wish I had for solar water but the one in fifteen Dick MacPherson patriots at number I usually checked out I may or may not have had Dallas Cowboys starter jacket but everybody had Dallas Cowboys started Jack I was one of the Orlando Magic starters on a girl out of the Charlotte hornets Aaron Gray color scheme. The color scheme but that was a great. Era another great errors Celtics basketball and the only thing indeed coming out of that I never expect will do things against one the window last a lot longer than we thought members at three year window they somehow pushed to six years of relevance which was creates mean they milked everything. Out of that stretch with those guys like. Also up quickly Celtics have gotten back to relevance that was something I didn't really expect either after a couple of down years getting back. Would sort of a new cast of characters here. There's one square left. Next the 34 is five going there is that it should I think actually issued because I think that you look at he was here for ten years fifteen years like Paul Pierce was but. And his five or six years that he was six years six years. There prided past six years of the 21 century of Celtics basketball fuel they they made it Q2 finals. They arguably probably should've won at least two championships and I think that even when he twelve when they are all old men. And they were going against the superhuman. Miami Heat. They came close they can go to beat that team and make it to another finals appearance so. I'm in on five I'm not in on Tony. I'm not a on Ray Allen but I am and I character and was the impact on me with George Lopez would put you'd censure or the adverse thought I would never do that in a million years ago he had money list celebrity right there. He's hitting it is if you're in what shares lies. He's vulnerable now but I don't know how other people find him funny well I affiliate bulky room places to get one seems a lot back guys' lives and yet I don't think he's very funny at all. Don't get it out there's like beans like hey Ray Allen plays good that ray Allen's play golf public the Obama. Yeah you know you would think it would and I can against a political thing here but. One guys that were present he had it states that would at least be a better look he's playing with somebody like back yesterday as opposed to. George Lopez maybe like hustles celebrities like this and call and here's. Now my my quick Ray Allen ran I don't think is numbered to be retired either. By. I'm not as down on Ray Allen at a lot of other people are to sell the tried to get rid of him for five times before he finally left he went to eat better situation to win. And it's something we would apply any athlete I think any. I aging NFL player James Harrison who. Ends up coming to New England. Brief chance to win a championship that's exactly Ray Allen did it work they won a title he was a big party narc at a huge three in that game where. Although as diehard Miami fans went sprinting for the exits and and tried to beat down the doors to get back in itself. He he was a big part of it. I don't. I know that they have bad blood because of other things like the way it went down and all that I just don't get it from the from the fan's perspective I know we went to Miami by. It wasn't like he was a fifteen year Celtic I just of the thirteen he played for the war green. So he'd better mercenary that's what he had done at various points of his career he came to the Celtics they got a lot. Out of him. And then he went to play three can succeed so we had had the numbers shouldn't go to the raptors. George Lopez may have clinched that but I don't have the same level of hatred and at the. Lot of people do for now our vacation because I think at a certain point gonna get Alford you know it's it's not in the world and he wasn't he wasn't Larry Bird knew he wasn't a career long Celtic I mean it is a real thing that. They add time it sucked because you son go to Miami and legally help Simon. At the same time we saw sort of hold the Celtics emerged when you know coincide with his departure there so. You know I just got time should heal all wounds I mean pierce himself and how we got him. Believe pierced on Saturday I think you know he should be you back in the group if you CAAs may do more mad at Tony Allen burnout jobs Tony Allen's got nothing to do. Sure of that satellite some serious shade being thrown at Tony Allen understandable that planning is to Tony on and what what. Is on golf and with George Lopez is already already dealer celebrity and make an out and it may cut the golf George Lopez I'd six like 77797937. Let's get back to your phone calls John and that Japan is up next John. I need your buddy archer. Now look at this and now she's talking about the Celtics can we have a big problem here that has to be solved and I'm trying to. Describe the problem okay. Now what were rolling. When we were rolling we fiery Tatum brown Danes and Horford right guys. Kyra got the ball and it seemed everybody eating it's beautiful. Now one carry doesn't have the ball cans they won't run any offense to court for is that not correct him. Yet they run the offense through our for quite a bit any OK let me just ask the question I tried to answer then you tell me to hold on. Well why don't you gonna keep going I'm saarc so I was saying bit. The end being watched it in neutral court out of the equation too in other words they say okay we're not gonna live or were rubbing off track what we have left. You've been brown. They're too young and in this they just can't handle it means you know that's not even when we're kind of talk about that. He sealed thing I who's been running up front when car and he's not on the ball when he's off the ball. Now this latest situation we had Terry was erased. That's right right yeah definitely a triple double everybody's happy but still want Harry doesn't have the ball. You know and we're trying to play defense. Especially with you know whatever. Choose sides and tyra becomes the that the weak link in the defense citadel. Yeah I think. You know my last answer now. Well I like about earlier this gold plated cheered time and I don't want our sport car. I had feel like I'm trying to zone interrupting any good flow going granola Carey's always gonna be able nominee guy they do need help in the backward they need. Somebody else. And I don't think markets mark is all of the answer here the market Smart held on defense he helps in terms of minutes he could tell these guys there are taxed at this point. If you're looking it may be you know how this team is constructed next year especially with how markets Smart you're going to need. Somebody else they can handle the ball and Harry's not in the air maybe somebody else the can create to a loud I read decent stuff off the ball. Can I ask you questions sure you honestly think that market Smart of the answer to this question Korean market didn't get it done. He hasn't shown me yet certain markets like hasn't shown me that he can run an offense and still play good defense that he wants to play I haven't seen it yet. But that's not what I'd say it's not about markets are running the offense it's about markets Smart. Providing. Providing gap on the defense and then into providing minute to the twenty to thirty minute A game a game guy throughout most of the season. And now with out that I think is seen gas Terry rouge here I think you're seeing the young guys really struggled to keep up with the pace of minutes that's something mark a Smart helps list. Oh do you understand Lansing in the parliament is is that it's who's gonna play of course and currently illegal tapping into yet there they don't it's not market slack. So that's what I'm saying what date they have to solve that problem. And they're gonna have to solve one or the other to smarts there are playing BO pay him next year so weighing in May be the one positive of Smart going down is you're getting. An extended look at Terry rouge here and I worried a bigger sample size by terrorists here whether he's any kind of an anti like some of the things that I've seen from him. By any checks up eleven threes. The other night against Indiana he could tell you didn't seem a big advocate really getting to any sort of flow without off. It's ads price forcing it is part of that that's forced into it you almost have to look at the same time going back to of the guard to sort of play with Irene there. You know it's been it's been brought in the two for most for most part the season since since Edwards and counting before that so. At the same time via recognize LeBron shot. 29 yesterday he went twenty plus in his low scoring a basket you know I don't think that he's gonna do that every game and you look at his numbers he hasn't done that every game so. He's gonna have some hiccups here when when that happens they're gonna struggle. It's about finding scorers you know when the when the one isn't is getting covered the two is is not the equation you define that other option which is terrible we've talked about. And beginning talked most of these bench options the players they have cap orgy earning. If that's not happening this seems to me in trouble but say about almost anybody yet and I just a matter of it if brown can become more consistent which. Again for the most part he has been there in on this that he's a big reason why this team is where they are. But I think when he gets taken away when carries and double teamed it's very hard decision to find that third option and again a lot of it goes back to the guy just said Gordon Hayward. One of the better two way players specially that that top and then one of the better two way forwards. In the league for a lot of years ago I was really excited to see what he looked like higher tempo offense. Much more so you're getting more touches more opportunities that he did Utah. Alas it was not to be at least at this point but. That helps a big part of the problem on the backcourt but it certainly helps in terms of the score let's go to jolt to touch it up next on Paul Pierce say jump. They had you don't guys do well yeah. You know he's got some of my underwear is it was his commentary but they got a call that was complained about all Peter's gate. Just. If you got adequate jobs you know. I totally not political page appears to Don afterwards well early criticized at all. And even the guys that could have generators on chart and orders except a you're just talking a gorgeous brown chuck and all of a pretty well you have these steps outside the line. You just can't find a spot or get a shot Paul Pierce was a master that those like the one thing at City Hall kit it. He could get anywhere any never had those very rarely did he ever caution he never Egypt generate some off. If you look insure that you'll only get you just a master kept it true that the game in back at a they bought it like it gave an elector but first. I'm like legal while Paul Pierce. And he had tremendous gain in he's a great defensive player he came to play every night. I just I couldn't be any credit like that it is a term sheet where you are well. User greedy I don't think he grew up the only area you can tell you to execute that look it up. Competition all the place you can't play but the Celtics I love the guy. But there's a great ballplayers and what you say these young guys alliger it will use at work and I bet they're really don't have anything else. And could pierce going keep going inside it which approach NT which is a little bit of out of it so in you know all the way don't you have a great record Jupiter was as. There's very eclectic. But he anywhere else we. If you open or in between multiple he's got great outdoors a great ball player. And that is what I enjoy it. Diane and I agree Joseph I mean the the critique of the Colorado about piers was right in the rate which is just an oddly specific thing. They didn't really feeding into the style that pierce played or the style. That especially when Garnett got there. That the Celtics play you're here you're a class size airplane today's metrics Q ten years ago right in meanie say OK maybe peers would be a perfect fit for this team. Now do you agree with that I think the team if pierce through and Edwards prime they would certainly figured out made the play a little bit of a different way in and Ronald bit more half court stuff frankly. This year's team right now the way they're playing right this second could use more Paul Pierce could use more of let's isolate. Run down the shot clock and give. Your best offensive threat a chance to take a shot any chance to make something happen because you're seeing a lot of three pointers put up at sixteen seconds on the shot clock with the Celtics team and I think use a little bit more of Paul Pierce right now. It's funny too because I think this team is is different a sense that they could use more of that. They can also use more. I think they struggle to keep up with the pace of this while the high scoring game. I took a cab is one of the yesterday or the pacers two nights ago exactly I think that this team. Their transition game right now is not where it necessarily needs to be any. It's funny that they are sort of an aunt and needless team made it onto position was which we understand but. I think at the same time now they're developing they're losing their identity in a way it's like they've they're struggling to adapt to what a game can be on any given night will lose your number two scoring option right now. After Carrie I mean it's it's Horford probably eat you'd have to think by I would have thought Tatum for most of the year a portrait of the clippers shot enough. For for me to look at him as number two scored guy potato of blame her. Yeah exactly and then you go to Jalen brown a round. Has been and spotty at times I think he's one of these guys pitched just worn down at this stage sort of the dog days of the season and use. Now the all star break but few were back to backs going forward. So that kind of goes to the the point of not having an identity is none of those guys. Were. Put on these team with the intention of being the number two scoring threat it was always going to be a one and one a with Carrie and he. Yeah outstanding teams three point keenness on office here at senses that since the finger injury and that's very obvious now that why that's happening. That's Muster about that last weekend for our for the website and you know I think that when you look at this team yet remember to it would brown he was relied upon beat the shutdown defender this year they'd that that his role as front line up was to be to shut down so that from the jump. Once Crowder was gone and once Bradley was treated that was sort of his role that that he had to be that guy and and now they're saying okay you know we we'd love it if you could be a score now as well let him when you're 221 years old we'll talk to say to say to somebody hey. You know at this is gray spent all summer worked on this but now we need you do this again so he's still very much learning his Wear out around the NBA I think. So you're gonna expect these sort of walls to happen I think it's it's tough to remember that this is just a second year given the way that he looks at times. But it is a real thing and the teams and a deal with I think Horford has been number two but he has to take more shots that you saw that game against the trailblazers where. You know it's a broken play and he'd in he gets a game winning shot by chance but he connects I wanna see more of that Horford back and take over game. I saw that Horford Atlanta I wanna see more written Boston let's go to Tyler is up in Maine on the Celtics on next hello Tyler. I Elliott great. So you know all of those listening in leading the nation and I mean about the shelter publishing page night Cleveland. Any nerves got to put some aspect and you know actually I think about the Celtics should this year is the waiter there battling adversity you know first in the year and it goes out. Denmark smarter to and then all the happenings like. All offseason they've been down sixteen down eighteen down when he is still managed to come out lately. Yes they lost to two games recently but just two games like that just that. The rest if he can still this little 28 games left received about 11 thing about us can never count now. So address he's never really been a problem so those kind of like upset about it but the way they're like really got. Pasted by Cleveland really did when game collier oh I'm not another agreement that smoke bite it's one game she took X Ers or street. Yes and and like I love the comebacks they're exciting to watch. They certainly make this team interest thing. Which can't live by the skin UT the entire way and not expect to get paid against it teams. And that's what's happened. He very nearly happen against Washington they need a lot to go right and credit they they made the plates are carried draws the three shot file. At the stop on Bradley deal backed down the other way they'll corporate play that you were just talking about a minute ago. They need all the plays they needed to but we've put yourself consistently in a position that everything need to go right. Not just in the last couple of minutes but in the massive stretch is leading up to that just to get back into the game. You're gonna find yourself in trouble against good teams and the other part of this in any coach will tell you from the high school ranks on up when you have to spend a lot of energy. Just to get back into the game. It makes it that much more difficult to execute in those last couple of minutes and it beat you saw that a great example is Indiana you know they come back take the lead. And the pacers scored seven straight points and essentially put the wave of the minutes ago those are the kinds of things they're apt to run into that they keep digging these holes. Yes not sustainable and I think that's the biggest point is not sustainable you can do it. Eager for a little while and you can make it work but it's not the way to live your season you know nations and that's highlighted that it's a little later season if you're an eight seed if you're seven seed. In LA here scrappy team that's right and that's great. This team should be winning these games they should be when in the majority of them I think that they've established that they are legitimate. Contender you know maybe not to win it but to be there so I do think that putting yourself an old 25 points every game and you know be a race that's great we've seen a race of countless times but the same time these last few games Toronto game. I think was the Indiana game as well and and Sunday. Maybe they go down much on those points and make it back that is gonna get back it's just it's too difficult to to do it night in night out this team. Are at 61777979837. Lead to more your phone calls and we'll talk Bruins with Tai Anderson and household definitely do that. Interesting story that popped up from Indianapolis I wanna get too so get to the patriots and you must have Malcolm Boller thoughts everybody has not but I know that we can certainly do that as well we'll get your phone calls along the way again 6177797937. Haloti an Anderson Sports Radio WB yeah. Frist a lot of anti Anderson which is 6177797937. Years till 10 o'clock. Patrick Gilroy a with the late night flying back from Canada and sounds of India there. Analysts. They do they get a big sweet treat them there we gotta dance around little bit what did you think of the ceremony aside. From long they're both cool I'm not big on these ceremonies typically I think that. I mean. You know I I tend to skip them majority of them and the one that I really wanted to wash last and it really want to watch with the Pedro Martinez won just because I was so that was sort of my eight. Idol growing up was Pedro and I watched Allen and the tears when I had a check out action I ended because of its who's putts and fifteen an eagle hunt for like hour an hour plus I got to move on I can't do this on nights out. Inaudible I did see it I was club they had the right guess there are few Oz Agassi Antoine Walker there. Yeah I couldn't believe those Antoine Walker when I signed it's hard to believe they played the same sport at any point and I know what you think wisely on here is how obviously it's one's gonna retire a little bit longer. And piers has by. That too with clearly varying levels of success here by. For a decade of Celtics basketball it was Pearson and wanton. And that was it. At an end that was that doesn't you know that the tandem that you watched and hoped would somehow weasel its way to Adam now. And Eastern Conference first round or semi file that one year where they went to the finals and O'Toole. I was thrilled when they brought back walker let me Brownback or trade deadline one year forget when exactly it was they are out for front anyways but Brownback and I was so happy because that was like that was my dude like. And one was a huge fears that house does huge and I want her guy and then. I like we are players on I like Ricky Davis is well and in I don't know lighting speed equal dunks probably out of a back on it. Usually I get it gives you go on but what yeah they love to just watch in this is during the game. By you guys Garnett sitting there in that weird hood courtside rivers who you know Doc Rivers said. I'm gonna sit here. Drink a beer. You know here for pollen in the price of boo LeBron. And you're a few times were LeBron hit shots and it looked like he was glancing over at them I bet they were working him the entire game. And I love it because that is exactly let Kevin credit to our burgers were when they were actually on the floor they're competing well. On the sideline competing he gets Kevin Garnett I love seeing them do that. That would have been my favorite part of the entire thing. Just watching them continue to give it to LeBron. Even after it neither one of these guys is playing against him anymore. And obviously you know two very fitting choice is to be there to do this. Each is everything else for peers and project senator and I could make me cry with trash shark are back I would like legitimately one of the best trash talkers in NBA history like. Getting it for him is so funny session when he was is finally here he's playing in Minnesota and playing and lose at ease and lose terms and now. Believe you did hear him on the bench like calling you know like the worse names and ever calling another human I it would come across the broadcast in Kansas so funny. You know Garnett was one of those guys you know like. United the perfect player to have there I think that ceremony because of what he did for Paul Pierce and in and out of fears saying it straight up like. I wouldn't have us not for unionized -- real thing because if it'd bring in those pieces there's a good chance that Paul Pierce is one of the greatest and NBA players to never win a title yeah I think that parts through I still think 34 is going in the rafters tomorrow I'll probably but the but the public perceptions provincial different. Spreading weighed differently and and then what it would be any need for it looked at the same light that. Obviously better player I now look at the same light that we Nomar Garciaparra orders a great player for a long time in the city but never really delivered on what. Everyone certain needed and creep out of him or maybe the actual mold on. Yes and the team that did not quite get to the promised land. Let's go to villain mauled the ones that China and on the Paul Pierce ceremony 61777979378. They'll. I mean all important Celtics you know over the years and and you'll just talking about Juan and now. You know every morning he'd sold in the ball hit the side. What the minute trial those guys to sit right baseline that will give us. And that he saw. The betrayed she wore out on beach there was no. He was really excited about it now. Gas meaning he's like yeah like a little kid out there I mean he was thrilled the entire time and that. That it that's a huge difference though just apple attitude for what the cavaliers weren't even a week ago and he played Minnesota. Is Minnesota right are they they win 142. To 140 years some ridiculous like that. So it's not a game where they get blown out or anything like that are kind of a dull game by any stretch the imagination is duty and everybody scoring they win by two. Isiah goes to high five LeBron afterwards and LeBron wants nothing to do with it and Isaiah is just outside of the circle. Like the kid who's not at the cool table can't get himself into the into the mix there. They go from that. To LeBron and the jumping up and down like he giddy idiot on the sideline because righty hoods knocking down three thread dancing I'm in Los impart exactly. That is it and that is frightening to me kind of circling back to where we started this whole thing looking at the cavaliers. Going forward. That's worrisome to me I was counting on and need a big part without Gordon Hayward. A big part of the Celtics getting to the NBA finals in my mind at least he hinged on the cavaliers at least sort of a little bit falling apart. And that was happening that was happening for a couple of weeks. But they jettison Isiah Thomas they get ready Dwyane Wade they get ready Jae Crowder and they bring in four guys who were perfectly happy just doing the bronze beating. And he couldn't possibly be. Happy yeah I think the scariest part about that for me is you know hold dancing thing. He's on the sideline he's not playing in that's the big thing and this team. The way that they are shaping up is that you're gonna need to go on as massive run to put themselves some strong position playoff seeding wise. And I think that that was only happening with the prompting for it in its 45 min tonight right he settled the entire fourth quarter yesterday. If this team can find a way to continue to do that and get LeBron has rest so LeBron is is recharged and focus for the playoffs. When where he mean we know that he can take over a game take over a series we've seen it before that's scary that is what's carried beyond everything we've talked about so far. The atlases and love of a finance and Nance junior and and Clarkson as well as the shooting of hood and the no hollow hill. I rested LeBron is the scariest thing in the NBA it there's no doubt this guy is a monster when he wants to be if he has the energy to do it that's their hypocrisy and yet. 6177797937. We jump back to your phone calls next interesting story at least I got a chuckle from it. I did Indy we'll get to that coming up as well with time Anderson I'm Chris Maloney it's Sports Radio WEEI.