People love what Tomase thinks about players kneeling for the anthem

Mut at Night
Wednesday, October 18th

Mut & Tomase continue the discussion on players kneeling in protest during the national anthem before NFL games, we hear from some callers who agree with Tomase, and others who seemingly hate listen to yell about what a liberal he is.


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It's. Monday night. But whoever it for me as an example I've already. Not nominee and wash my car in the driveway and I'm talking to knuckle heads now. What I've been here I'm going to behave and here's the big decision today and black have one person at the club and then hit balls or to get all that have won. There aren't gonna admit that. You know what I'm hoping I might barbecue go empty. I've got to get back revealed today that alcohol levels smoke and ash and two on the back deck and you like better one for you weren't bad. Around but I doubt I'll fire grilled for a couple of states saw Kathy get me. That will watch designated survivor tonight in the news maybe you'll programs and authorities. Got all you can eat it probably won't now here's my. At night on Sports Radio W we. I think the ballgame pretty right now Jon plus. Alluding to the Boston Celtics only very breaks you know I have to say about a way be open. The fact that you can hear his leg. In that open brutal that is horrific I I read they you can hear it. Like I set I watched it live I did not watch it again because who wants to see that again. And don't please don't play and I don't need to hear it. But that is his ankle sounds like guns yeah it's nap and that our riff that's why the reaction was what it was because. Eight in football it's on the field and guys are in pads you know you build the stadium sound. This is a quiet moment. And the players like five feet away any of you heard it there they all heard you saw Lecavalier bench go absolutely nuts and turning away from it. On that play and that's why they get resonated so much of people last night because it was. And maybe basketball placed a more of these injuries football Paul George in the way it teen USA what happened there but Kenyon Martin's Cincinnati before and get trapped in there. It's on the court who have. It's it's not that the protection of a football field have you ever broken a bone planned anything. I don't think I'd broken collarbone playing basketball and I'm not comparing it to Goran you were the only reason I bring it up along policy we're going to be archived and I can tell you from personally no I am I know that I can speak to Aaron Rodgers be OK gotcha yes he had no it was my left shoulder has going for volleys or less my feet and I landed on top of the guy. All my weight came down my soul shoulder and I just heard transcript transcript crunch like your Crump crunching up like plastic. And that was the sound of my collar bomb that's the one thing I remember more than how much it hurt. Was that sounded like you never get that out of surgery to sling they'll have to do for nose surgery that sling yeah boy dad was bad. Your covered since can you still do deeply. You are darts. Support lefty usually clubs on Friday so I mean team played darts still play pool I gotta do and that's a terrible blow it now is laws that it impacted at all. We will talk about to all sorts up to now at 10 o'clock Patrick Gilroy will take over at that point he is ice Celtics voice here at nights on WEEI easy Celtics so Paul can set a good way. He will join you attend to recap the latest on the Hayward injury and the Celtics we've talked about. John Dennis we talked about Donald Trump we're talking you with 617. 779793. Sevenths phone number Chris in a car we get back your phone calls like Chris. Hey guys Soria good Chris Witty guy. Well look I think the whole. The hole and the moment the trump issue I I think here a lot of people on this the point here. And it it it's a little bit underneath the surface but. I think it's an Arctic the issue and in John. I think if you look at the numbers. And really what the owners try to do the players that got to be seen something that tells them the American public doesn't like. Well the viewing public the people that they are hearing from it's like anything else it's whoever complains allowed it so it doesn't even necessarily and listen I'm not. Gonna sit here and try to claim that it's a minority of the country I think it's probably about 5050. But if those people are the ones who are lighting up switchboards and threatening advertisers and all that kind of stuff. The NFL owners care only about the bottom line they want this to go away because they know it doesn't help the bottom line. I understand it from an NFL owners' perspective but that doesn't mean agreement. So so it is the one who can impact the bottom line. Are our non agreement it. I I think you got Akeelah and act I don't picket date patriotic non patriotic issue I don't think it's a black let's matter Albright issue. Democrat Republican I think it's the optics I. Just want to go. Watch football game. And hours and watch. Yeah I mean does that bother you that much as some people thousands are taking the calls by now I think I Chris I and I think my algo Kirk on the excellence doesn't what does it matter who likes a year at a game. You bet you'd have to first of all you'd have to scanned the sideline and he seen yelling. Is he is he is he kneeling as he just short at it now Mike Womack you're due because the TV networks not show it. Yeah but if I had like a computer act offensive to use you know I mean it's like let them do their thing ignore it. Injured Beers stand preempt and do whatever you wanna do in the watch the game at a lot that is why I get the players have the right to protest at that the fans who don't like it John. You can't hoop would have at say I'll shut up and treat your view or watch the game also aren't so. Like yes and about the players. Shut up and go protest some rods just said that anyone who's annoyed by this or is offended by this I'm not saying shout out there understand like you guys itself out of your dear is essentially say shut up now I'm saying enjoy your beer you know insipid. So sick QB and should be quiet while the players kneeled during the anthem with the players we have an old lady and I yes you just bulk yeah but it can be both. They can kneel and you can ignore them like that that that's my greater point it's not like shout out if Omar what what is so offensive lights so you go to a game. And they start playing yet them be lead you have you have to look around is a lot of people on NFL sideline if there's six or seven guys kneeling you have to like. Actively seek them out to be offended by it. Or are you could put a hand over your heart and stare up at the flag. And sing the national let them do it every oil the players' bodies and they're the anthem and talk about their protest of their cause after the game yet but why does it better than that because it's far less impact let's ideas completely disagree law which where I mean. Where rocket imports still talking about it now dollars a because they're doing it dollars and cents and spending your and your hard earned money doing things in the community. As much bigger impact annually during the to think. I'm not for the change that they're trying to affect. Which gets back to again we have brought his name up I'm glad we have not anomaly an insane because I think is part of at least some level conversation. And that is Colin camper the change there willing to have a big big guy was the face of this I think offends a lot of people myself included and you know we. That is meeting the other day where the players invited to go there he says takes that to pull things and that may be another meeting down the road so that these meetings about the league. And about him. And he's not there apparently doesn't want he's not part at least actually be there is suing a league right now would you be there if you're him yeah ice I would be a good showing up and let the league kicked me out this have to believe that no will not that I think is black following me and won't give me a job and are still show iron and Boston shots of this stuff. Yeah make the ice after a way it's a great look for him as an. He shows up as a colony can be a part of that I'd like and I'll balding candidate retired player could be dampened I'm not part of this league not my choice by nurture Joseph is it not rain on my job. Hello hello. Is Miami FUCL. How are you are I'm doing good that's good. I'd love you I'm glad in a mock democracy you levee to. You. And training on your show me you agonized flawlessly shall eat no I want for a while. Residential. I'll think Greek you'll hoot what you want media people here if you don't you think it's OK you know what. If the plane colonial. And inside. Don't yell it out if you if you go all the National Anthem you should stand down whipping in across. And Clinton national headlines you don't want to look. Gold while you because that's not the age that all of us are you know yeah I. Would argue my exact opposite that it is more than 100%. This stage an NFL wild. That's what they do their job or don't know I can't do that work of art network got fired what I might only make twenty gold and I want I don't make the only way in how much that's hiring as senators I've played I want due to a somewhere else. Yeah it is your work is your work play and National Anthem. Are you wanna be entitled peace march 9 to pick it you don't agree with. It taught but if someone called functional and they don't graduates who you hang up on and make all of you will try. I don't think we actually do all we all know it's time out time out I cannot call out John Allegra does know disagrees all of us the ability to read Joseph say it was me I love Jo to elected. You guys don't make fun of callers team. Now thanks in house to the only guy we made fun of we made fun of one guy called and said he had a Yale education and has listened and so might I got a cough I. You don't sound like a Yale grad mis. Was it tough ads on he said no violence in New Haven. I went to New Haven but one of my professors from Leo Souza Yale education. But we do not. Who cares if we did talk radio we should make fun of dollars more frankly. It is he in your slot you'll I don't wanna listen I'd love Kurt Callahan. The only time I don't wanna listen to it I I would love 45 minutes when our my god to Wear and even though you erotic. Two is yet Wednesday's yet. I don't wanna listen to us because Kurt and challenge in her on the Internet makes all of you I like it like ten way. Let's you know different from what you say and I. You hear what you wanna Joseph here's the big question though I will not here's the big question I don't agree with you at this stage. Say what you want now finally get my. Hey you know let's look at the seriousness on any Saturday call anytime you want a job that millions are any have been known to we will not hang out by and you don't they will finally got a call I'd like Jose something don't calls they spent Saturday is gonna Montague and they show through that hears that Joseph here's a quarter write him to call and it's our jobs tomorrow morning I'll try to. Okay. It's. That it's a problem though a little as those those who is is ahead tonight I had had my eyes liberals yeah I hear a lot up our mind now damn liberals can't show up will you listen to borrow and Alex Roemer returns the morning Asia good question. But what he. Beat him being gay is not an issue. I don't think that was the question oh well I am like what he gates EI. I think you should be better for yet all you want a full year suspension but yet I agree with her. I know that currency had inclusive. While whatever Kurtz says go see a lot of those. Obviously got caught him at liberty got an out of them are on the right who currently play because what to Asia. What do this nation could Chris carted off the he out it kind of guy Joseph Joseph I love you but we gotta get him or shortly gently and iso Joseph was like hey you're Joseph Klein time to. Might you be amiss in the clock looked up at 920 files like bicycles we can surely do and give a battle segment. That there'll be OK. Dan I oriental Ralph Ralph good to talk to your uncle Rel X. And on that for second as I eat this a sandwich and a at 3 o'clock and Saturday afternoon. To his point. About it would have something else yet he didn't really gets auriemma said I don't care of his game which means he does all the way to the station. I was listening alive so we do to Allah quite friendly and this is where I agree with. With Reimer when he isn't Kirk for is our online trial base parole hearing stories like. You know don't go to sanctimonious route on me like Kirk of all people who suddenly offended. That somebody. When after someone for something you know Kirkwood averages that's that was would you admit what he went after him for the with different yeah but he didn't hear announcers. Keep Heath he was threatening on the air. It's good rating to out him at all and I had it on that show supposedly that's all that matters and somebody. Pushes the boundary and all of a sudden notes too far out of area okay see it and they always CU we were you listening when wind he said that on the year. What Alex as they Saturday early show that it would meet Elena said it would mean he airman with one of these shows they split up the shift you left we were trained for two hours. You left and create are endless and on the way down because I couldn't remember prison when he sesno sitting in my car won't police Sadr sunny morning walks at the family and Alex is right at the show up and is I have it's a secret and you think it all what what is it I actually brought opted to Curtis on the year. Not on what was ties us I don't know him gaffe on the air about him being a boost my alcoholic and a because of Alex it's a big leagues. He should not. He should become back tomorrow I disagree Kirk I'm actually with Jerry Jones of its good to get him back in the yeah its with Sony is good for that show. And here's a year a lifetime year ban was too much now and as it is how many months is again and being. Patrick says Joseph from rain in the best call that night and acacia wondering no problem dreamers. To gain it's knowledge to do is what is there. DJ says old bench press that and bill whole areas John tomorrow security. I was alive and I'm you know I think 617779. Just declared himself if not resentment in a phone number I it's my show is your name on the sure that's true that's Wednesday nights in my head and I. I'll get a break come back still wait for Mike to call back Mike had a good call before it's stupid phone and a I'm confidant and I'll get to tell tendon Patrick Gilroy after that Iran WE. We respect our country respect for quite respect our National Anthem. I think you look at our club so what they do. If he faces. A look at our players and what they do and how they anticipated that we all feel very strongly about our country and our pride. We're gonna continue. Mr. James Skinner Roger Goodell speaking out all of the league is going to do they saved they say they're not going to. Change the rules. I'm not. 100% convinced they're not gonna try to slide rule here that says I mean that's one reason I say it's not a win because they haven't changed rules because they know their via clear ovals you know. Yeah I think it's still as they went bigger right it's it's a fair point they have not done it yet. Jerry Jones says he wool. Spend guys who do not respect the anthem there in San Francisco ironically this weekend home account capita will see. What the cowboys do we know Zeke LA's communal play Ian injunction but it is suspensions so. I'll see with the cowboys decide to deal will get back your phones here at 6177797937. Is the phone number Dan as an Amherst. On the anthem in the NFL hi Dan. They are yet again. Yeah I'd. I don't think these players are kind of playing with fire here I think the worst possible welcome would be if people lose respect for the anthem or they take away from the game in general. We. Call last night did he say that to say what you get rid of the anthems altogether I hate. That idea this detention like 2017. A lot you can explain why sec plays that you 2017. We do this thing John where. All right well you're all I got which is get rid of it but there's no. That there's no common ground yet there's been there for innocence 2009 players come out to it. On I think people like hearing the anthem especially in this day and age 2017. Where. Who knows a next time our country and go to war. Hang in wartime it does mean more during these games go back some of these big ones post 9/11 which is not wartime and attack on the country and mine and after oh with the Iraq war in the Super Bowl Whitney Houston. And that's that's. Silva chicken bleep way out to sail we're gonna get to the at the because I think people security at the for the majority of people. Yeah it's you know it's probably covering like. Baseball games Kurt. 1002000. Games in bribes is something that's on the job so that adds ho hum say it is you hear you hear the anthem a lot. And you reach a point your like wait why are we doing this before sporting event slot we've had decided me don't do it at the movies. And play. You know to edit the opera like why do you do it based on games of football games. And you an idea I mean you brought up the good point last year with the whole breast cancer awareness thing out October craven it was a surely to do in. And it was bear looking for a little bit of a get out of jail free card in terms it just didn't feel. He didn't feel authentic. And when I consider the ways the NFL has to use the military over the years turns my stomach a little bit and you almost want to say. You don't deserve to have them played before your game snap. I think definitely made some mistakes with a dead it's been buried them one of the few good things they've done recently last couple years. I think they've changed thankfully back to it's not a pay for play thing anymore and they're honoring people. But I see don't want the at the while giving example now and I'm sure war. This is and wish I you know a ruckus they're sure it's sponsored. But I love the Fenway Park in the fourth inning between the top in the on the fourth when they do that the the hero among us. And they have the former whatever it is it's whether it's. Army navy marine sometime first responder. And they stand up there on that that the right so that's dug out there wave. I don't wanna get rid of that Johnson you know and I I don't editor of the hero among actually guard I had only further here among us that the garden because. It sometimes the military person sometimes the volunteers sometimes that somebody who. You know perform CPR on someone had been a car accident whatever I love it too yeah I like that. When the league's try to tie themselves to the military to be like you can't criticize this where on the side of the troops that to me is lazy and I feel like baseball's doing that would that moment where one stands up of the standing ovation does tell that to me I owes it seventy game I was talking more about football obviously and because football we knew that. Army was paying for these Stanley Arenas and that kind of stuff that I was distasteful it's distasteful. John isn't Dover, New Hampshire John you're on WB yeah. Hey guys I don't jolly guy. When I completed in about a. Trying to get rid of these quote after being pissed off about them. I think what that energy and focus into trying to cure the problem and ending discrimination. That we would have struggled again. I am just at a personal people get so that the police union during the National Anthem and they just ignore that you know. There's discrimination on the left and right again. And what why are why those why they ignoring it by also getting upset that. People are standing are nearly during the at the why can't John you've if you're you feel that way why key feel both ways. Could I just don't think that the people that are on the side of going against these protesters are people that are gonna go out mystery and do anything. The opposite waited and they're they're people they're just happy to put on the TV. Want to football can't dampen my plan because somebody's. Upset because somebody's being discriminated against it has they're not gonna be bad on both sides that there effect. You can look them we have them and I don't think of the same people they're gonna say Jesus it's terrible that women are being discriminated against and used in the job. And minorities are being you know profiled instrument against. Yes this is my issue of the job with the whole trump thing is that he took something which was about back which is what John talked about. And he twisted it for his own game his own use. Into something completely different. This was never about the flag this is never about the military. This was about what John was clearly wrong and sacked Matt it has been co opted and turned into something else. That's the part that's disappoint. Okay so went to the present for speak out about this really dig into it couple weeks ago correct you have it reality and last how would you explain and during last year and Colin cap critic other players are dealing. All the calls we get as you know on the station saying don't Neil during the year that this was not co opted by. The president he relic the football yet but the thought was out there well before president trump. Of course the size of this is really figured out your blame is the president announced that wells was he this was a debate before hand that is true but I think you can agree that. Like NFL owners weren't talking about banning kneeling during the anthem and all that kind of stuff all of that. Came about since trump injected himself and now this and that's that's the part where you're like. This was never about. What we talked about never about flag never about the troops this is about injustice and an and the various issues that these flyers cap predicted a stand this year. All I don't think he was that mean they backed off on. You know it's a lot alike if they backed off cents but the the age at the time the Al and I personally could I ask him and I I don't you theories he wanted to job but it exactly that he thought that was more important then. What is accomplishing with his cause of regulator and you don't you think he's already made its point I mean it's such a if he never kneels again or is that this has become a thing is Dmitri fixed. Now of course of course I'm not saying it is as widely but when you when John whether it's days like rush can't like ball that you can't agree with old sentiments that there's discrimination annual you'll stand unfortunately a lot of the people who knee jerk just say. You should stand for the add them. They don't care what the what the reason is that the players are doing they just. Well that and then it is vicious circle as I would never bring up the fact that some of the players don't really seem to be able explain. What they are are kneeling for any reason a Woburn on the at the protest as well 6177797937. Your phone number any good evening. Good evening Aaron I don't want to remind everybody on I tuned in on average expect out and about. It not a ballplayer they're allowed to in any help but then everybody complaining about it in the standard whatever that that. On all have a right to calm. You don't get out that in their own way and I don't wanna remind everybody that we're all players are doing it people aren't elected checked. It peaceful protest and dissent is patriotic they are not respecting me at some key guys. We're just an outlet about an outlook on their hometown that China. I cannot bring some attention and or good morning mark great cut out. Respecting me I'm not expecting the anthem they are expecting an incentive patriotic they. Well equipped in any I would say your opinion they are you and I would disagree I think that by kneeling or sitting especially. I'd during the at the New York taken away from. What it means I think there are plenty of people who. Feel the same way you do by the way I think to mossy feels that way that they're not disrespect the flag and they are just as many on my side that would say. That in fact it is disrespect so when you say it's not a matter of factly. Other not disrespecting it. Whole other half side of the argument that is saying yes they are stand during the at the minute and BO the protest whatever you want whether it CTE or it equality for blacks or women or. You pick your cause. Just don't to attorney probably you re I mean what that what right when you're saying that what you're really saying is I'm not tired about you specifically that. That line of thinking is basically just saying. Shut up we use shot out due to sit down you don't understand irony youth you think that's what I should do you think that I because I think it's offensive because. Ford ever reason Weathers is that's always brought taxes ahead or that Ivan said the you know much. Don't you are not allowed to say that I I just get the feeling that you believe people like me who just forever the causes we have this click here last week in this came up we had someone call in. And say what if they what's the trade off was you will stand during the world we were dealing for. Getting her article 46. Love oracle 46 get out so stupid the commission has all the power I'd still say. Don't deal during the at. Yes I would say there is a stupid thing to me off I OKC eight and a button and it doesn't mean it doesn't matter what the cause is. It is I don't like anyone to east and during that one half of two and a half minutes whatever it is yeah I do is shut up and let the players do what they want. Shut up strong okay yes I wanna change what I'm now joined in and out into my ear out if you said earlier word of bats heading into our choice shout out yes China. And that's three disagree. Mike's of Framingham on these very powerful meetings the young league is having right now I'd like. There they go about preparing for a spectacular said that if they don't want to panic and they have a lot group or thought they can't fire rule he you have. Sure yes as well article are blue route to say sir that lady called and yeah I think in. Rule five little five. The other thing our commanders here who called football player fund's objective but then we got Charlotte bill. That they're all good people you know that not every of people the wrong way. Not a great and that comes back to what I was saying earlier much like you can't you cannot take the black white thing this unfortunately it's sad. And trump because the Charlottesville and because of birth or ism and because of kicking people out of apartments because of Mexican judge if rapists and judges. And Muslim travel bans and all this. He's lost the benefit of the doubt unease that these particular line 46 beef you mentioned one of the two things you always mention. No matter what show you're on number one you always bring up. Trouble is apartments it's like the mossy bingo. The trump apartment units for forty years ago you always right now and you you and Kirk always say that was a long time ago it wasn't long time again and then I mentioned fourteen other things in the last two bad. They've basically every couple years then it's Central Park five so yeah this stuff it's consistent from the seventies until today. I think that says some what's the other line that you love I would I am a text you about this. It is goat these go to line for so I forget what it but it's rapping in the flag oh yes get days that documents on a nightly news directories regular three. Too well and then you got him wrapping himself in the flag and a need that wraps itself in the flag. The glossy bingo my favorite game what thing a try and take our new Yorker Wednesday what do react whether or not done yet enjoy the rest on your Wednesday one more segment to go double hand the baton to a Patrick Roy's itself let's try to close out the box slow not looking great. In the final couple of minutes is much at night here on WEEI and we come back wall wartime patio. Well throughout the break with the deal list John Dennis today appeared on WE yacht in the big guys the whole list of his day you cannot with the miss that. You hear it next on W. After that I have already. But nothing and watch my car in the driveway I'm talking to three knuckle heads now. When I finish here I'm going to behave and here's the big decision today to I have lunch first of the club and then hit balls or do I get balls and then have lunch. Then I finished with a bat. You know what my propane tank in my barbecue real MP. I've got to get that we feel beginning the welcome home I'd smoke and ash didn't do on the back deck you like that one for you and then. Around some doubt I'll fire up the grill throw a couple of states on the Cappy and me. That will watch designated survivor tonight and the new navy seal program since the authorities called to check out all game the interest meet the probably won't. When he's taken acronym I didn't ideal afternoon delight in there than just cannot be understood in north south Corey my life has been the viewers it sounds that I want you to. That was John Dennis earlier today with the mid day guys Fisher check it out on demand WEEI dot com was that that was not carrier hotel and over here errors area. I'd Celtics down seven or here it's wing three to four point oh Milwaukee lead. I just over 31 seconds to go Patrick can raise a full recap on this game. After the game here on WE you guys or is your call for files to looks like they'll build one couple free throws in medals in at a historically good turnover ice this thing away. Eating get Steve on demand check it out if you didn't see today I. There was no real way to play this today tonight in the show are tied it in either of the afternoon Q producer about this. But if you didn't see the hash tag Peter King challenged today. Well it itself on that belief it's who warm video thing that was a radio thing anyway with that if FaceBook live. And I've sat on the other end of these Peter King answers and anyone who is Donny Peter King interview you you know our pain is a listener. I feel your pain because Peter as the eagles' long Nguyen did drag it out never shuts up answers in the history your radio we used to go back and forth. And when Kirk or fill in for Lou it's a Peter King shows. We could we'd laugh because we deal either our entire launch during a Peter King interview like noon on a Friday Peters says he's huge long answers. And so Kirk ran across the street. Did four reps of 45 pounds or bench press and ran back in the time it took Peter King to answer. One question. The date prior on dale you and care for its form. I was Terrell its arms or hands are way too close together would leave you blotter shoulder it get any real weight on it has only 45. Which is I guess fear for a real way out what this. She now and just see what he can do you really he could he do 95 pounds DD 135. You know I have this then that's when you know is impressive. So he runs across street runs back up the stairs and runs back into the studio. Barely win it kind of impressive. All I would amend my Carty was not worse should be I would have been dragon. Acts are now anyway coupled the wrong way I was grade yet to show that building but he runs on takes a right I'm like where where is he got leash in could have gone out and gone right to the cafeteria and got out that will cite the war yeah right larceny I don't think that left out here. And gone down those steps what you ask him patio I gritty I didn't know where you play pull your pants and show the Europeans. How many of those out there. That's the senate does or did not see that it's on FaceBook live and Allah dresses up bench Foreman there with the guys on Friday URD year tenure this week with the morning show guys. Fox announcer for united here returning to the casting couch to more long overdue and I'm Roemer Roemer fan. Who knows it may cost me shows down there he's he's good for their ship and I would agree with few I am. I guess I'm concerned about. How often is Kirk and play the card of you were Dick to collect singled out whenever he wants to act so I was ready to go as you honestly as Arian rights they so want. So one that's at play you see like Curtis and a dog that dollar you have drugs now dollars and emotion like wait you drove into the alcoholism or topping artists admitted he's not called global for the show yes so is college and listen anything goes on the show what's done is done. What are you want for me that would be in my response of amounts I'll be listening tomorrow at 6 AM the return of Alex free publicity tonight as Patrick your Roy takes you deep into the night taking your Celtics phone calls as they fall. One away to 100 if you left the game early getting your car right now Patrick Gilroy is taking yourself its phone calls at 617779. 7937. We are back tomorrow prior to. Thursday night football hero WEE.