Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Tuesday, September 5th

We check in with Peter King from SI and the MMQB for our first weekly visit and preview the season opener and other NFL topics.


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Peter King from the MM QB joins us right now hello Peter howry. I'm doing great how are you happy football season thank goodness not yes it is you know out. That I it's it's crazy exceed the longer the Osce and every year and just last week end it. I mean there's more news this last weekend. And areas than most skiing weeks it's unbelievable ever heard like an 8400 word column and I keep saying I got economize but so much crap happened over the weekend that. It just you'd go and go so put. Yeah let's start they're actually because it would eat and you wrote about this so let's start there. Though the way you reported that somebody from the patriots I'm gonna guess it was nick his stereo texted somebody from the colts. And said would you consider. Jacoby Brusett for Philip door set an at 7 PM Friday when that text happened that was the first time anybody had mentioned it right. Well that's the first time the colts had heard about it and I have absolutely no idea. What went into that thought process or anything like that but the colts. Basically had had had quite a few feelers for sure there are set it talks season. But many of them you know dale a lot of this things that it happened is. And I think the patriots could sort of perfect is. The the art of war move down eight draft pick 88 draft slots. You give us coney equally you know that's that's sort of what the patriots have done and it worked danger of them but there were other teams. Asking. The colts per cylinder set because they figured things sending nude it. The colts probably almost certainly were not an exercise. His three year option later this year and being in a bit. That he probably Federer decent offer was available and I mean this is just my gut feeling Berkshire colts here I a little bit. Winds at Jacoby percent gets it's turn around because obviously. He played such a good game Thursday. He played. Greek statistical game but in had the presence in the face of a real good pass rush. Against the east and Tex in the last September and onion Eric one game. Played well in the second after the Miami did quite well against buffalo. But I think that when Nicole saw that. It said we got to think about this so they watched a lot of tape by guests Friday night Saturday morning and decided yet we definitely would do so. I don't have any idea where there was much negotiating beyond their. I honestly think it's the kind of trade that could end up being good for both teams. He saw what happened last year Peter patriots beating the Steelers and AFC championship game it was clear they were. Had head and shoulders above their competition. You look at the same way going into the 2017 season. I think Baird easily the best team in the AFC but. You know all and I know how much crap Bill Polian took firm saying in whatever was the patriots aren't unbeatable. Are the patriots are beatable whatever crazy (%expletive) But you know lower the patriots are not. Are not without. And there are flaws and not without their questions going into this year but I think without any doubt. They have the fewest questions of any team in the ANC now. That also means that. That. You know clearly. You're gonna have to beat some you know like air twenty force seven chemistry class between. Greedy and ward could be yeah if you think about it Michael. And any. Any particular play imagine if they're snapped. On Thursday night let's say dorsett played I don't know if he's going to be active or not but let's say he attacked it. What appears snapped that that ground has he would get a break and there's a sample where. Blaine talent in the game where you know to murder receivers split YR. Cook. Endorse that you've got Rex Burkhead in the back field and may be let's say he's got Hogan in the slot well. Get five receivers on your team who a year ago and and a year in Africa inaudible more on the team. And eight months ago for the tribal. So that's as being one of those things that forgive him. And I. Did podcasts and Brady after this season last year and one of the things when our national values. You know what is his Serbs. It's our chemistry where it. With Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell to rookie receivers. Who were exactly where they should be when Brady threw. Curl routes late in the game that against Atlanta and Brady said right out at 811. Practice. And so now he entered exceed and yet have a hundred practices in that maybe. And you that maybe biking I mean these three wood short course so it's going to be interest in early in this year. To see. You know whether it's whether it's offense. Is going to be as finely tuned as it was at the end of last year actually the obvious. Inference would beat it bid it would be it. Maybe it'll be December before they really start like a well machine. Or you say it may be it is that but what do you think the patriots biggest weakness is going into the year. I think it's that. Rich I really think it's the fact that so there's so much new in that offense and including. The basically. Of the running backs who. You know we don't really know how well they're gonna plane mesh in this offense or expert you really look in them. You know in the exhibition season like he was seamless meshing well Mike you loosely. You know it is the same way that. You know wanting to take crap we don't have that same as they I mean. You know there would air quality is just hammer the goal line you know they probably don't have that Wednesday's settlement feature for some clothes. And they might. I think what I say when I look at the patriots seems always said this about Belichick and to a lesser degree. You know the way just like the angels calls. On offense. I mean every game plan to snowflake. And you'd never see the patriots play the same weight two weeks admiral and so. I guess I say to myself I think they'll figure something offensive chemistry is an issue. I think Pat's or should in the issue. Mean. Stunning is that that right away six days after he treated for they're gonna meet Cassius marsh assuming he can play on milk. They're gonna need somebody to. Could be Ninkovich. And so we'll see that's going to be. Real quickly before we let you go hurricane Irma is bearing down on the Caribbean right now South Florida on the weekend it appears nearly impossible they'll be able to play. That dolphins Buccaneers game mark Dominick is said. He's hearing that the bye week November 18 that would mean both teams and at the plate. Sixteen consecutive weeks is that the only option open to them. I think it's the option right now that the NFL sabres the most. The reason that the teens who really don't want to do that is that they have set it no team wants a place sixteen straight weeks. And heavier buying now what everybody's chomping at the bit to start airspeed. So. I mean I in my opinion. I think both teams. Wish they could play crede who neither Miami here and honestly. Glad I don't think Vienna so let that happen I think the other coast currently typical. The portrait back and see what happens when know that it click to take it day to see what the best werder. Forecast we're gonna tell them for. You know for like urgently urge the right. And because of an absolute total pinch. They'd be willing to play. Thursday night that they are of course they don't wanna do that they don't wanna take some of the money in that somebody fla. You know TV sets no way from. What's going to be great opener in Kansas City knowing him so my gut feeling is what you what Mark Dominik says exactly what's gonna happen. But I think it's going to be at least 24 hours before trying out for sure. Hard is it pure Elliott. How many games are pinning your opinion. If I had to guess right now with safe for. What. Again Arab Anderson ass. You know told somebody today he may be inside the NFL office that he doesn't know what he's gonna have a decision by close of business today he doesn't. And it regularly play against the parents. And NN I've always felt. Six games as an artificial limit. Is an artificial number that Roger Goodell just court. On the domestic violence. That they wanted to make it seemed like were taken seriously. But I'll see any reason especially when there is so much. Work logically you would be skeptical about. Would this. You know the woman's involvement. With this and again I'm not casting. Aspersions on either side and asserting that there does seem to be even though. You know I'm not I'm not making any judgments on the correctness or lack there of of the suspension there does seem to be a lot in that thing Nintendo. My gut feeling is that credit them for games are. Double latency hard for me to imagine they get the ever restraining order because if they do. Our friend Michael McCain is fond of saying it ever restraining order has some supposition. That you would win. You know after the temporary street moderate given. And I just can't figure away. That somebody and they're pretty record they'll doesn't need. You. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt he just mean this is all that. And for the good of the game that kind of stuff so I don't think he's in the women's tempers screening murder I think. They're best hope quite honestly. Is for him to be able to play against the giants. And then they have the suspension cut four weeks. Peter we always enjoy talking what you will do it all season long thanks for the time. I thought they are you care narrator. Peter King MM QB. Sports Illustrated SI dot com. We will take quick break we'll get back to the calls that he will talk to Matthew Slater will find out if he's special teams kept in the top of the hour. And talk some football as well it's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.