Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe 10-10-17

Tuesday, October 10th

We check in with Peter King of SI and the MMQB for the very latest on the Patriots and the NFL.


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It is time for our weekly visit with Peter King from the MM QB our conversation with Peter is sponsored by Honda north. And gridiron glory at the Museum of Science hello Peter aria. Everything's going well failure. I'm doing fine thank you let's start with this rather convoluted memorandum sent out by commissioner Roger Goodell. To the chief executives in club president's. The word is that Roger Goodell wants to put a rule in place. Requiring players to stand for the National Anthem no where in this memo does it say that. Well that's because I think the memo is mostly. The health club owners with what I what I read that memo. I didn't get. That. I got I didn't get it here's here's our final decision. I got that being ready to make a decision. And we're gonna have some very strong recommendations when you commit next week. Now in my opinion. Dating back to September 12 four weeks ago today when Roger Goodell went down to Philadelphia. And met with Malcolm Jenkins and several players leaders. From the Eagles and went on a bunch of troops in the inner city Philadelphia. To look at some of the projects that Malcolm Jenkins in these players were important. And it delicate to meetings since I have thought that the end game. In this thing all along has been that Roger Goodell and the owners intend. To say the players here is what we are willing to do. To help in the inner cities and the United States. Some of the some of the causes that you guys have identified as causes that are important to you. And that any change we want people to infineon them. And so that's where I believe this memo. That's right believe the Z. You know that the the essential point to this level all our. That Goodell is gonna have something next week a plan in place. In which he basically says that the players OK here's what were willing to do now we want you guys to stand and so. Wolf CI I've got to think that he's gonna have further conversations. We it east player leaders before next Tuesday. And then we'll see what happens when they get here but I I don't view this really as a as anything that. We have something in place. Absolutely with finality I think he wants to hear from the owners all the owners next week and make it in the or. Peter what do you think of what the vice president did in San on Sunday. I thought it was reprehensible. You know Mike Pence knew going into this is a guy who. Has been a gigantic Anna Nicole. Lived it was born and raised lived that ever lived outside the state of Indiana until he became a congressman I think in 2000. Into. And but was very authentic colts games. And just my opinion. He knew exactly what was gonna happen on Sunday. It's San Francisco 49ers urban pioneers. In protest. During the National Anthem and so what did Mike Pence do Mike Pence showed up knowing that. He was going to walk out and then knowing that all of the attention was going to be hate to walk out and not. This guy who he claims to be. I gigantic you know Peyton Manning on the day that he. Had his number retired so I thought it was a pollution Lee spent by the vice president. You see their costs tax player repairs 242000. Dollars as a day. It's what they calculated. You know what I think it's more than that actually because. I don't think that that includes. That cost. On. All of the extra security. In Indianapolis. I think that's mostly the airplane and all the associated costs. But what about the estimated twenty secret serviceman. And women I am I'm assuming who have to be. In Indianapolis and we'll have to do all the extra security from sweeping the hotel the sweeping the stadium. That cost has to be included in that too and so I I don't know what that number is all I know is that. They eat they knew right along they knew all along before it is that they were going to walk out after the nationally at them they know. And yet they still did this and I don't quite understand why they did it. Also laws are about we understand what he did yeah right we know exactly once again. Court did its political but what I mean is that you know to me. If you're Mike Pence and look a lot of people keep the major crap because I said Mike Pence is gonna have to leave with his decision. Mean that you know it found all. And you know all you got to live with yourself over this and and clearly there are 500. More things in the last two week decisions that important people like Mike Pence have to make. I understand that this is a blip on the radar screen of Mike Pence is legacy I did it. My point is. Peyton Manning obviously it's a good friend of Mike Pence. I guess we'll tell you that I'd be a little bit pissed off that my good friend if he upstaged his days it was so important to me. The weight Penske demanding. And you know and also he can say in peoples' and oh yeah he's got more important things to worry about what you are more important things why everybody wouldn't escape alcohol out. Yeah I just weeks old if if if if if it's more important. If this is a small lit forum treat it like a small blip but he didn't. Yeah I I I agree. I I think look you know everybody always says to us Michael don't they always say to us hey stick to sports and and all this and we go to football for Netscape and I think. Look I partners and advertisers last week about all of this stuff all the fans that stuff. And you know they're biting their time there sir to sit on the sidelines had to bite your nails what he how many calls the a unit they'll get so that is indeed Anheuser-Busch. And Miller and all these people get over this I mean thousands. I mean I am told that the NFL has gotten tens of thousands. Of calls about this. At and so if that OK so if that's true they've gotten more than 20000 phone calls. And so. You'd think the NFL doesn't know what's going on here you don't think the NFL even though. You know we Monday as Sunday Night Football on him for all these readings being. Down you don't think they they understand that this is a part of it I think it's a very layered. They now as far as the reading the reading they'll let. They understand that this is a part of it. And there's no easy answer to it as a matter fact one of the people I talked to in the advertising community for a huge huge company. Told me in the last few days we don't have any we don't find fault. What the NFL is doing because we are reading these positions sometimes. We are company in we have to let. We have to let things ride. We did that we don't like because the alternative is worse and I think that's weird he advertises in the NFL find themselves now. Also on the issue of players sitting or kneeling is Jim Gray did an interview Dern Westwood one's coverage of mine at football or talk with Mike Ditka I don't know if you. Caught any of this but it. Amended the big quote out of there that might Dick as saying that there has been no oppression in the United States in the last 100 years. And what you thought his comments. I mean it's totally absurd it's it's just beyond absurd. And I feel bad that. That unfortunately. You know what I really like it got. That I mean he's seen he's always been. A good. And he says he's been a good bit colorful. Person in the NFL that's great. But they are sometimes. Lynn good colorful people later in life start to speak about so many just feel like. The easiest thing in the world they say it is an idiot I've more honestly a little bit more sorry for it and then. I feel like I need to be mean caller in this case. Final question before we let you go let's assume that the the the NFL. Outputs this rule in place requiring players to stand for the anthem what are they then gonna do to inevitably the player who doesn't. I I already saw that is Daylon in my opinion that I think Marshawn Lynch will continue to sit on the cooler on the sidelines. This is just my opinion. I think they'll start with a fine. Give that lady to retrieve fines and if he keeps doing this they'll try to suspend them in the union of fighters that. That's my gut feeling about what will happen but. You know hole and Marshawn Lynch is a Uga right now is that totally kind of collapsed. And there are many people like him in sports period. And he'll in my opinion I think you'll just take the fine. And whatever they do and say go ahead do it and I is just me I'd be surprised if Marshawn Lynch gains this year. Peter we appreciate time as always we'll talk to next week I take there. Peter King from the MM QB joining us we get back to the calls that you. And Obama check just but two hours from now on our final drive 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media.