Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe 11/28/17

Tuesday, November 28th

We check in with Peter King from SI/the MMQB and he begins by breaking the Eli Manning benching news to us.   We also discuss the fight between Talib and Crabtree.  And Peter is passionate about the NFL’s tanking TV ratings.


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It is time for our weekly conversation with Peter King from the MM QB our conversation with Peter sponsored by. Gridiron glory at the museum of science and by MD Anderson Cancer Center Peter joins us right now hey Peter how are. While I'm I'm just digesting Eli Manning has. I think that's incredible isn't. Help me out here 'cause you may be under this. Eli Manning is not starting there's currency announcement this week and Ben McEntee just said that they're gonna play Gina Smith and Davis where the rest of the year. Not maybe not exclusively but. And and meg could you also said that and Eli confirm that. That. Mecca you do gain. Meaning the opportunity to continue his streak of consecutive starts. Which. You know I wrote whatever a couple of weeks ago when he reached when he broke his Brothers street. That if he played until week three of 2023. I eat break favre's record how well I guess he's now gonna have to if he misses this week elect certainly wanna play until he's sixty. But. I don't know I'm just really taken aback by that but I think it's really a great move by the giants. Is this say out of a a plan on the part of then Mac due to save his job. I don't think so I think he's just doing what's best for the franchise because obviously if you're the giants. You need to know if your quarterback in the long term future might be on your roster and look we all none of us think it's G announcement. But it might be gave its web. And I would think that if David swept it a couple of starts and they like what they see. Maybe who knows maybe they aren't as desperate to draft a quarterback high in the first round maybe they take the bait. And go out and in trade. The second or third pick in the wrapper or maybe the first pick depending on. Or Cleveland does down the stretch but but AJ AM and also see it Francisco but maybe they take debated. And trade. Trade down for a basket of kicks from somebody. And I you know what I still think. It is not that did this a little tributary obviously in this story but I still think buffalo is gonna end up paying. A lot to move up to get one of the good quarterbacks in this draft and they've got four picks in the first two rounds so who knows what might happen but. I'd get a little startled because the giants. Are not usually. A franchise. Does this they're usually a franchise that says. We're giving somebody a lot longer than all other franchises would give coaches quarterbacks everything like that and this just strikes me as. As a realistic. Move. By a team in a loss season. So that in the last five weeks of the season. They can accomplish something other than playing out straight. Our Peter Mike Tomlin sat down with Tony Dungy talked about the first patriots game a second patriots game that he's anticipating. Perhaps the Super Bowl. What are what did you make of it is unusual comments. And unusual for a coach to be that candid. Well I mean. Honestly. I was so surprised. That I made it. Right after a four under word preamble and great Shia. That I made it deletes my column. I mean I guess. You don't hear coaches talk like that. Before. Four week afford gains before the game and then a month before a possible rematch. 888 you know it's you know or six weeks before a possible rematch. I I mean I'm just gonna say this I I love I just I love Mike Tomlin. Because even though that is totally. Count or what almost any other coach would do. I think he shrugged his shoulders and says. You are gonna hide this stuff for your players barreled into it too. So it was like shocked yes but the but it the end of the day will. Beat a reason why. At this dealers. If they beat the patriots by two touchdowns. Or lose the patriots by two touchdowns. You know three weeks from now will that be a reason why I I don't think at all now. Peter with several of the Kansas City Chiefs they've lost far off five of their last six and will Darrelle Revis do anything for them. Well I think the biggest thing that happened at the chiefs. Is that. The year that they get a lot of things if you remember that. Patriots game which you obviously do you remember. A few plays that happened in that game. That's done that I'm sure even Bill Belichick. When they happen. Was. Sending a running back in his first NFL game careened on. All their rights team against the linebacker. 487. I think it's 78 yard bomb. That instead of running the simple legal route and just take in the past two yards out the other line of scrimmage. Eight Egypt kept running. Any any he caught a touchdown bomb which. You don't look EB Greek and imaginative guy even though most people think that he's stuck in cement in his play calling and his beliefs and and all that he's an imaginative guy. And so I think some of that stuff. Teams are looking forward now and I think they have totally. Taken away the deep game. From Alex Smith and they totally muted the importance of Tyreke ill. Playing deep safeties now and not allowing. Alex Smith threw the ball over their heads which she did earlier in the year that's the biggest thing I think I think it's. It's great to look at Alex Smith and say he never plays well late here I think this is a little bit different. And what I think is that they're taking away a lot of that deep stuff for him. And the chief has had a really hard time adjusting. To that not being a part of your game anymore. We're talking to Peter king of the MM QB I yesterday the National Football League suspended Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib for two games each. Without pay for their altercation on the field on Sunday. By the way in the entire history of the NFL before this year there are only been five multi game suspensions in the history of the league there have been three so far this season. What is any re why should anybody believe that Crabtree and to leave won't do this again next year. Well. You know really elect these suspensions. Are lessened. This is. I mean if if you think about it because they missed the last 57 minutes of this game. This has basically. Three games that they're not gonna be their premier teams. And it came toll is the second most important player on that defense next Yvonne Miller an increase Eric juniors close. But but he's the second most important player on that defense. And it Michael Crabtree really. Says he's Serb desert you know bypassed. Mari Cooper is the most important receiver for Oakland this year. So. I mean will it have. Being. I mean I guess you're asking dale and it's a good question. Went Oakland placed Denver for the first time next year it may line up against each other what's gonna stop this from. You know from another conflagration. I and I can't answer that but I I bet that if it happens again. The suspension will be larger. I happen to think that that to get I was surprised to see UT games I thought it would be a one game. Now I think the two gains very much deserved. Because you can't have guys. You know basically boxing on the field during a football game. But but again Woolsey what happens. Wendy. Whitney appeal goes through to see if it's cut down to one game but I think it's pretty significant punishment to. To be missing those two guys. For even in essence a total of three games. Our tell me which part of my statement is wrong headed and you can say all of the above when I finish all of this money to help me out here. The Cleveland Browns are gonna go oh and sixteen. Stop either cannot stop me that are gonna go oh and sixteen I think. They will then be forced to do a another. Front office take up. Which will lead them to come calling on New England again maybe nick a scenario Josh McDaniels may be to Atlanta. Assistant GM Scott Pioli I see the browns. Going winless and and knocking on some current and former patriot doors what do you think. Well. First of all I think you're gonna go all in twelve this week and I think. I think they could beat Green Bay I don't think they will but I am looking at their schedule now. That may play Green Bay and Baltimore at home that error at Chicago if they're owed fourteen at Chicago. That could be it kind of nine to seven. Ten to six. Massive. Ugly ridiculous terrible game. That just like last year in games he's been. I believe Christmas Eve last year I'm not mistaken. They got to win in this game will be played. Maybe at Christmas Day I forget whatever date that weekend is but but I could see them beating Chicago. My eight might pointy that I don't think that they are going to go only sixteen. But let's just say they don't want it fifteen or Owens sixty. And there's going to be tremendous local pressure. On Jimmy have problem to change everything again. And I'm gonna go back to August meeting jedi apprentice in the MM QB set down with Jimmy had a problem and he has woman's life. And I basically went all around this you know I talked to him and just said. Now there's not going to be great year who knows whatever for twelve that was probably be very generous at the time. But three of thirteen whatever. Blood so I mean are you eat pretty sure you're gonna stick with what it. And he he never set directly no matter what happens this year I'm sticking with these guys. But he was very varied. It very very consistent. When everything he said that day that we're not getting continue to just keep Rick in this state now we can't do it it's not the way to. Run a railroad. Having said that Michael. I think he does go after somebody I think your teen. In your ideas. Are correct. But I'll just make this point. Ideally I think Scott Pioli would be very interested in that job he's a traditionalist. He's been in Cleveland. He wants another shot at being a general manager. However. I think that Josh McDaniels. It is just my feeling nothing in any way no inside information. I think the only way just like the unions would lead. New England. Eat it and we have the opportunity to go home. To coach the story Cleveland Browns in his backyard. I think the only way he'd go take another job this might gut feeling now I don't notice but I ain't the only way to go to take another job as if it was a quarterback there. And if he felt the organization was good and solid and it pioli was there I think he'd think hey that's great but. I don't think that he's gullible place that doesn't have a quarterback. That cute aren't they wrote about this yesterday but for those who missed it what was your big take away from the Greg Xian don't mess that that is just happened. That. You know this was one of the most investigated. And hey you know legally. Sifted through case. In the history of the United States. And in a 400 page report done by the former director of the FBI. Great Schiavo whose name is not in it. And even after in a deposition in 2015. Mike McQueary Z. Quarterback coach who was basically. You know he was. He was the whistle blower on everything in this case. All of the grand jury. Testimony that he gave all the interviews he did with attorneys. All the testimony he gave in court not one time he mentioned the name. Great Kia. And so. I think that my belief is that regardless. Of memories. That all our. Maybe about fifteen years old. Or I or however long would be maybe get longer than that saying that I saw a great Schiavo he was white as a sheet. And that he said he just saw. You know the that is very Jerry sandusky. With a boy. I might my first reaction to all that is. It's hearsay. Number one. And number 22. Reaction is here the most interviewed. The most pro or person. In this case Mike McQueary. Any never. Mentioned. What would clearly. Have been dead a hugely significant. Development in this case hugely. And he never once mention it until being interviewed in the deposition in 2015. And again look. And at that time there was still an opportunity for local authorities. To go after Shia now it was still an opportunity for attorneys representing. The abuse children. But of Jerry sandusky. To go after a guy who had a lot of money as a former NFL approach. Nobody ever did. So in my opinion. What this story is all about it's about. Social media and Twitter. And people who don't really know the story. Basically. Becoming a an Internet lynch mob. And getting great Shia fired from head coaching job. In the Southeastern Conference. Hours after he signed a memorandum of understanding. With the athletic director. In Columbus, Ohio. It'd be athletic director at the University of Tennessee so what I think of it is that it's sad day for the United States that's what I think it was. Here we appreciate time is always we'll talk to again next week. Say expert Peter King from the MM QB. And he was scooping us as I got an arrogant on Twitter. While we were introducing. Peter King Eli Manning is apparently over. And in what might be the strangest part of this whole thing. Was the quote from Eli Manning and the giants should be getting pilloried for this quote. Coach Mac if you told me I could continue to start. While geno and Davis are given an opportunity to play Manning said my feeling is that if you're gonna play the other guys played them. Starting just to keep the streak going and knowing you won't finish the game and have a chance to win it is pointless to me. That is the scary thing I was always have the eyes are now yeah like that's like I always have I will be ready to play if and when I needed. I will help geno and Davis prepare to play as well as they possibly can on quote but I keep restrict on yeah Eli Manning is the one guy with any integrity out. I asked how unbelievable how to take the high road and look good when your franchise is in your team looks Taylor Massa largest ticket. Why are enacted this OnStar the one series and you're out and organize search out everything in the new dads geno is gonna commit to play for you thought also preserve your streets and play him but I wanted to play it would started he'd be active. Yeah president did you ever have an active rather than anybody you know there is so so bad. 6177797937. But it elect to Super Bowl wins might inimitable hall of fame. And we know with a two Super Bowl wins arithmetic you know 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.